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14 hours ago, BWOZWaltz said:




I also think it has to be Yuzu. The body shape and posture...

Moreover, who else could it be when the ice is completely clear? No one else is skating except from the skater who wants to shoot a video. I think it has to be someone quite workaholic.


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4 hours ago, SparkleSalad said:

Transcript of Jason talking about Yuzu on Ice Time




Not surprised at the bits about Yuzu. And to think, this is already an elite level athlete talking, compared to somebody like me who can't even stick a diet and procrastinates like a champ, Jason must have the kind of work ethic that would make me faint at even the thought of emulating. He seems to feel about Yuzu's focus and hard work the same way I'd feel about his. Amazing, our Overlord. 


(Also squeeeeeee Jason's 4S is coming along!)

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11 minutes ago, kaeryth said:

Nice compilation of Yuzu's most beautiful jumps!

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I am so torn, I'm not ready for Worlds and also I cannot wait to see him again. His edge jumps are so wonderful, there's such little pre-rotation on them even with the mechanics of the jumps. His toe-pick is so light and quick on his toe jumps. I want to watch everything all over again now.

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7 hours ago, SparkleSalad said:

Transcript of Jason talking about Yuzu on Ice Time



Meanwhile, me practicing ice skating:

"Ugh swing rolls are so boring, I don't want to practice them." "Backwards 1 ft glides are so uncomfortable, I'm going to quit after 1 minute" "Do I have to do these on ice one leg squat things?" "I don't understand how mohawks work. They must be fake." "Why do I have to learn two foot turns? What if I just skip them." "9 am is too early to wake up for ice skating, I'm going to go back to sleep." :13877886:

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