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  1. Pino uploaded on youtube the Yuzuru s parts in Makuhari just aired tonight
  2. Thank you, again, for your translation! Such a merciful endevour to the benefit of us ignorants!
  3. Thank you sallycinnamon for rabbitting the broadcast! THAT was something else, wasnt it? Snd thank you Planet!
  4. Good morning, guys, is 3rd day already started?
  5. I guess the 2nd day show started half an hour ago...
  6. You may have a point, but also word is out that Lee Barkell is leaving TCC, and Gogo with him... so, ho knows... Sorry for maintaining the OT here, but frankly, I am so comfortable in this thread!
  7. How creatively formulated! Happy Hanyu Planniversary it is from now on! Great choice of wording!
  8. I am not going to persist in keeping the GOAT theme discussion here, nor am I eager to develop it in the special thread, but I am quite surprised that Yuna Kim was never mentioned, not even as a passer by . God, no female skater, even those who, thank to the interpretation of the judging system (euphemistically speaking) managed to break her records, but never her magical performances, was able to match her. Or it is just me...
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