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  1. So, the forum is no longer a toddler! Happy anniversary! We are still alive and kicking hard!
  2. Rino is there, Kaori too. Just check the skaters list on the event site. At least ths is what I found out when checked.
  3. Guys, isnt it supposed to have another practice in approx. 45 min.? It says so in the schedule, unless something changed...
  4. Thank you! I was going to ask about it but as usually, you got the job done! I started to become anxious..
  5. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=back+number+suiheisen Here`s the yt version. Enjoy!
  6. Thank you for the translation! So grateful to all the satellites who make Yuzu`s words accessible to us ignorants!
  7. I thought Rika will be travelling from Switzerland, maybe the photo is just geneeric...
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