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  1. They did not mention Yuzuru as per se. It was obvious they avoided any direct refference, which, by the way was a little dissapointing for many, let`s be completely honest!). I dont quite get why try to pinpoint Yuzu`s location, when he is continously placing himself in front of neutral white walls, telling everybody how much he does not want to reveal his current whereabouts... Well, it must be the normal human nature, after all...
  2. How on Earth would anyone know he went to Sendai, quarantined himself, and trained via zoom (or oline, whatever) with TCC staff? If you had any proof, then you are the only lucky person on the planet and show it to us, poor ignorants!
  3. And to think about the fact that his name is his real one, and there are so many people in show biz that invent their stage names and not alwways very inspired, though! The guy is something else, that`s for sure!
  4. Yes, I know, some times I visit them, I find it soothing, I dont know why, but my favorite one still remains the Oly 2018. The feathered one is also just so full of magic! it says everything!
  5. Hi, guys! I like the `Yuzu in bloom` theme the best, is it the new one? Thank you for creating the wonderful themes. boy, you are really talented and hard wokers too!
  6. I vividly remember to this day watching the warm up, then the Eurosport cut the broadcast for the stupid necesarry commercials, then when getting back to live, the commentators being confused and not really knowing how to break the collision news to the audience. I remember the images from the stands with people horrified and in tears, then after some frugal explanations from the commentators (the only available footage itself was by then property of NHK IIRC, the other tv stations did not catch the horrible moment!), came the free skate. I was speechless! Much later, in an interview, Yuzuru cold as a cucumber explained that he was sure he had no concussion, that he had had concussions before and there was no way someone could hold him back and not going out to skate, and his only thought was - and I quote - ``I have to rotate those jumps, I absolutely have to rotate them``! You might recall - those who were watching, especially Japanese tv posts - how Yuzuru, during the second warm up, with his bandage wrapped around his head, was shouting out to the ceiling ``Kobe!`` (I fould out later that this meant ``Jump!``. I must confess, I tried several times to rewatch that perfrmace, and still got no stomach to do it.
  7. I am so sorry, Henni147 for your loss, these are moments in our life which we very well know would eventually come, but we are never ready to face them. Hope you and your loved ones will be ok.
  8. What the fresh hell was that?! It`s true that internet is home for way too much stupidity. I`m speechless!
  9. But why broadcast it some 11 days later?
  10. I really dont know how this kind of things work, but my guess is if the broadcast rights are bught, the stream should be geo-blocked in Japan? Any thoughts?
  11. Oh, God, I really miss Mai and her beautiful skating! I hope she gets well and gives us the privilege to see her again!
  12. Actually, the history Yuzuru made is so rich that is so hard to keep track! The guys in charge with making the bio descriptions are not familiarized with so many accomplishments! You realise this is a joke, I am SO not going to cut them any slack, believe me!
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