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  1. Starting with Fenz I switched from PandaGuy to the national television just to check if it is bearable and I had a stunning surprise hearing the commentators speaking about the subjectivism of the GOEs and the PCS at the mercy of the judges. I remember the guy commentating (who is himself a coach) is the same who commentated during the PC Olympics and he was quite ok by then.
  2. This! I would not hold on to my hat to see the unseen. Cheating has become the rule and as long as the feds are politicking as usual, there is no danger to see UR calls or edges, or even full blades instead of toepick takeoffs. I like Dima Aliev, but his lutz is no lutz but something with full blade takeoff. And this is the least of all bad examples. Oh well, dont mind me, just ranting, but some times I just cannot take it, there!
  3. Hi! Guys, any info on streaming the practices yet? I tried the official site and I couldnt find any.
  4. Actually, he also mentioned the Pooh bears thrown on he ice for Yuzuru when referring to some plushies for the Swiss skater, so he might benefit from some of our indulgence.
  5. I dont kn ow if this was posted yet, but it seems new to me.
  6. Maybe it was the choice of the entity that bought the brodcasting rights? When I hear Chris or Barton`s commentary and the way they bust their arse to make it fabulous and extraoedinary for every single stroke on the ice no matter how boring might be, I cannot help to think it might be a struggle to make figure skating appealling in the most Averbuch-ian way possible. Or it`s just me. Anyway, meh!
  7. Happy New Year 2020, dearest fellow satellites! May the coming year bring us all health, more wisdom, and the stenght to cheer louder for a happy, healthy, and successful Yuzuru!
  8. Merry Christmas everybody, may this Planet be cheerful and happy because of the success and the happiness of its Lord! I wish you, dear fellow satellites, health, love, optimism, and many seasons of watching Yuzuru dancing on his magical blades, healthy, happy, and always challenging himself and the future with a proud head held up! And once again, thank you, guys, for being here!
  9. I cant stop wondering why people keep comparing Yuzuru with Medv... He is certainly in his own league, her fans could try, but there is no way a comparaison possible, I am really sorry for the kind hearts that feel for her but one needs to keep it real.
  10. Thank you a million! He seemed so exhausted, breathing with so much difficulty, thank God it is ove for now, and he can have a good rest! I really am suspecting he is still in the middle of an asthma attack.
  11. Enjoy the edited verion of the two practice of Seimei at ACI 2015, when deebuted, with the mqagical crossrolls!
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