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  1. Yeah!... It is all over the twitter that no one really thinks that the JSF would do more than lip service about it...
  2. I think that the "wrap him up in cotton wool" thing should be a reference to a precious jewel more than to the protective instinct, but that could be only my perception. What impresses me the most is the exquisite quality that Yuzuru puts in everything he does. On ice and off ice, too
  3. Thanks to ElenaC, an Origin commented by Max Ambesi and Angelo Dolfini and with subs for everybody!
  4. Oh, God, so sorry you will have to be thrugh such a difficult time... I will keep my fingers crossed! And sursum corda, be optimistic an we will be waitting for good news from you, no doubt!
  5. As you can see, the hanyuconomy is striking again... Unbeliveble! I mean, not ecocnomy per se, but, goodness me!...
  6. So, guys, this season has come to its inevitable end. I really feel salty and sad, not just because we are going to face a desert for a few months, but because of the way the season ended. I really wish for a silver lining of the mess we just whitnessed, but my usual optimism is kind of in a coma right now. Eh, tomorrow is another day, if Yuzuru is still fighting, there is probably a light at the end of this tunnel. Nice weekend to you all, satellites! So happy that you exist!
  7. Guys, I propose you to do what I am going to, i.e. watch some Rostelekom Otonal for cleansing..
  8. Ah! That was it, then! Anyway, thank you, dear admins, for all your great work! You are great!
  9. Guys, thank God the Planet is functional! I really missed you!
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