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  1. I don't even know where to start, lol. 1. I wasn't even talking about actual corruption. Just recognition of someone known that subconciously influences all of us. But if you want to talk about corruption: 2. Chanflation existed, Gadbois bonus exists and there are MULTIPLE examples when Canadian or related to Canada skaters got VERY generous treatment from judges. If it''s not as much visible right now it's because for unknown reasons to me Canadian figure skating is falling apart everywhere outside of ice dance. If you don't trust me, here you have articles by Martina and shanshani. Pure math. It doesn't cover even half of the problem and lacks nuance, but better this than nothing. And I'm pretty sad that we don't have numbers from before 2015. It would be quite a goldmine. https://planethanyu.com/topic/1062-comprehensive-judge-bias-review/ https://sportlandiamartina.wordpress.com/2021/01/13/national-bias-all-the-bias-1-from-maira-abasova-to-yury-balkov/ https://sportlandiamartina.wordpress.com/2021/01/15/national-bias-all-the-bias-2-from-diana-barbacci-levy-to-oksana-dolgopolova/ https://sportlandiamartina.wordpress.com/2021/01/16/national-bias-all-the-bias-3-from-igor-dolgushin-to-deborah-islam/ https://sportlandiamartina.wordpress.com/2021/01/17/national-bias-all-the-bias-4-from-limin-jao-to-elisabeth-louesdon/ https://sportlandiamartina.wordpress.com/2021/01/19/national-bias-all-the-bias-5-from-joern-lucas-to/ https://sportlandiamartina.wordpress.com/2021/01/21/national-bias-all-the-bias-6-from-sharon-togers-to/ https://sportlandiamartina.wordpress.com/2021/01/22/national-bias-all-the-bias-7-from-doug-williams-to-kadi-zvirik/ 3. Junhwan is not a "crappy" skater, but yes, he did not deserve this score just like 99% of the scores these days are undeserved. Kazuki didn't deserve his score either - his 4s< wasn't called. Junhwan got 44.5 PCS and Kazuki less than 42 and I don't think it's a coincidence because nothing in FS is a coincidence. That's all. 4. I could give stories how some rinks in Japan where closed last summer for few weeks (good that Yuzuru trains outside of rink's working hours), but why would I? Everybody struggle right now. It's not a competition in who has it harder. EDIT: Uno is rich af and trains at private rinks, ffs. Am I really not allowed to talk about URs anymore? Wtf is happening?! I don't understand.
  2. Mai was always so harsh on herself, I'm so glad she is finally happy and satisfied.
  3. Mai said the problem with spin was just a silly mistake (placed foot wrong during change of leg) and she is salty about it. She was really nervous today. https://twitter.com/SponichiF/status/1484899491774099460
  4. Mai said she was crying from nerves before FP. She wanted to prove herself here and she thinks she did. She thanks everybody for support. She is impressed by how much clean snow there is in Tallin. She says that the view from her window is beautiful. https://twitter.com/figure365/status/1484889078134755331
  5. I'm not sure why the response is so emotional.^^" When I said that Junhwan's SP is my favourite this season it was 100% honest. No one here insults skaters more than judges. Tech panel was lenient af during whole competition. Almost nothing called. Kazuki had 4s< too, not called. Otoh Junhwan got 44.5 PCS and Kazuki less than 42 and I don't think it's a coincidence. Also, please, do not assume so easily that Japanese skaters have sufficient practice. Only few get to train at private facilities. Why this back and forth about who has worse even started, ffs. I know Junhwan had hard time during last 2 years. And everybody train hard, that's not an argument.
  6. I wouldn't be so sure about this one. P.S. You really think that whether skater is coached by / gets choreo from known or unknown person doesn't influence judges? Tbf, I don't think Brian takes part in any behind the stages shady shenanigans. But I also think that Junhwan wouldn't get the scores he got today if he had Korean coaches and not Canadian.
  7. I mean, it is planned 3lze3lo<. He can't rotate it and he can't lutz. But I like choreo around this very flawed jumping pass. Otoh I agree it's very clear judges already decided who should win here. And I still think that ladies event is Young's to lose.
  8. Junhwan has easily my favourite men SP this season. The rocker-walley-double choctaw-3lze3lo< -cantilever-knee slide-flying camel part is just *chef's kiss"👌
  9. Kao is Attack on Titan fan. https://twitter.com/sputnik_jp/status/1484507114441789441 And B/Zero. What is B/Zero?
  10. results: 1. Rion Sumiyoshi 185.04 2. Mone Chiba 162.61 3. Maria Egawa 152.02 4. Kinayu Yokoi 138.17 5. Chikako Saigusa 131.26 6. Azusa Tanaka 129.94 7. Sae Shimizu 128.36
  11. Mai says 4cc is her favourite competition. She was sad after JNats, but now wants to win against herself from nats. She thanks for support and letters and says that it's thanks to them that she is here. https://twitter.com/figure365/status/1484227360803094528
  12. Young You 2a<< 2ft 3lz(<?)3t<(or <<?) 3f(<?) Young's growing nicely into this SP, but I still wish someone more polished got it.
  13. Yelim Kim 3lz<3t(<?) such quality? flutz quality 2a 3f another one injured who shouldn't be here, but at least survived
  14. They could send Rinka/Rion/Hana/Mone to any senior B competition, so they could get min tes, but why would they, right?
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