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  1. I just did my predictions... And they're a weird mix between wishful thinking and what i think is most likely to happen...
  2. Anna


    To me it looks like Pooh is wearing a Mickey Mouse costume...
  3. And I just submitted my predictions for Helsinki...
  4. My predictions for Skate America were better than I expected them to be seeing as they were the first predictions I ever made. So I just submitted my predictions for Skate Canada hoping my beginner's luck continues.
  5. Anna

    MADs: Fan-made Videos

    Today I found these two videos on youtube:
  6. The german commentators said Ruben had a training accident at the end of August and couldn't train for 4 weeks.
  7. I just submitted my answers, even though I believe my predictions are no good. But it looked like all of you had a lot of fun last season, so I wanted to take part this time around.
  8. Anna

    Our Server

    Hi. During the SP (I'm not sure anymore but it was either during the warm up of Yuzu's group or shortly before Yuzu did his SP) my browser showed me for a few minutes "Error 522 Connection timed out". After that I could reach the site, but it was pretty slow for awhile.
  9. Anna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    As kids... all the time, Now... only sometimes
  10. Anna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I don't think he's trying to kick it. I think he's just trying to get it to fly. As kids we did that all the time, when pigeons were just walking lazily right in front of us. All in good fun.
  11. Anna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    There's also this version: I really like that song, but everytime I watch this video I get teary-eyed