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  1. I love seaweed!!! and that romeo+juliet 2.0 pose is indeed iconic thanks everyone for the suggestions
  2. i love this picture, just wish it were a different costume l
  3. thank you! i like them all those arm positions are beautiful! i especially love the second one!
  4. GUYS HELP. What are some iconic photos of Yuzu in costume that aren't tall and thin? I'm trying to make keychains and stickers! From some art that I'm literally learning to do digital drawing for just for this haha. But the tall and thin photos of Yuzu aren't space-efficient on acrylic keychains and cutout stickers. For reference, here are two that I've drawn. the Swan one is much more space-efficient than the otonal one xD
  5. Depending on where you live, you can still go outside without breaking social isolation
  6. btw the photo they chose f or this stream is perfect
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