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  1. Happy birthday Planet Hanyu!! 7 years wow
  2. I confess...I haven't watched ANY competitive skating since Yuzu! I'm not even sure I'll watch the Olympics when they inevitably roll around again. It's just not the same, and it would make me miss Yuzu too much
  3. Been watching old Yuzu videos lately and...I miss watching him compete 😔🤧 and there won't be a competitor like him ever again. You never know how good you had it until it's gone. 🥺😢
  4. The first tweet I see is from 2022...maybe it's an X problem?
  5. @Yuzu_legend works now eta: videos work now
  6. Sorry, it's because we upgraded and things are no longer compatible. Looking into this now!
  7. test! yay, x.com embeds work now!! :)) @Yuzu_legend thanks for pointing that out! edit: oh no, it seems like tags don't work anymore? do they work for anyone else?
  8. Gonna run an upgrade in 1 hr!
  9. Thank you guys, especially @fuzz_ball_21 for continuing to post news If you could be so kind to use the "[NEWS]" tag, then the post will be quoted in the News and Media thread for all users!
  10. I thought it was an april fools joke when I first saw the tweet, had to check today's date. WTF?! I hope that they can find some way to be together, even if that means lying to the fans/press about being in a relationship or not... although I don't see Yuzu lying about this because people will find out anyway and then shit will become worse.......... I'm sorry Yuzu
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