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  1. What?!?! Didn't he skate that at uh....the last olympics?!?
  2. Agreed! I think it is harmless! But a bit weird and potentially some may take it the wrong way.
  3. Do you think they will sell tickets to locals (or say, people who are willing to undergo multiple tests/strict quarantine), or not at all?
  4. Haha I think photoshopping someone else's face on Yuzu's body is very weird. Thanks for deleting it though.
  5. omGAWD he is absolutely stunning here! wow! and that shade of navy is amazing on him
  6. i think we should go with evening! sounds nicer
  7. Thanks for starting the thread I don't have a set of questions rn (maybe later) but thanks for sharing yours!
  8. posting clips and full events from DOI here: https://planethanyu.com/video/browse/107-2021-ice-shows/ thanks @Wyell for uploading
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