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    The best spinner in the world
  2. Wait has there been news or...? Did he say he will show This is so cheap? How does this compare to All-event...cuz that's pretty good seating for $20/day not per day, per event, but still, compared to the $700+ AA earlier....
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    General Yuzuru Chat

    She didn't even seem to know it was Yuzu LOL people are overreacting on her insta...
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    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hi all, I've moved the latest posts about Kozuka to the Hey, remember us? Thread! If you would like to continue that conversation, please head here:
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    Team Japan

    Well whoever the national champion is, will go to both 4CC and Worlds I guess. And that could very well be Rika (& should be). SIGH, why aren't there more championship competitions? LOL.
  6. yuzuangel

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Alina is a fighter, she has great mental strength, and she has been very consistent despite all of these changes and the extra pressure from being the OGM, I agree. Compared to anyone in the world except for herself, she has been absolutely top notch. However, this loss is big for her as it shows a changing of the guards, just like it did with Zhenya, where she is no longer the gold standard everyone else is chasing. If she had fallen, then it would have probably been fine, but she skated nearly clean and still lost by a lot, including in the SP. This inevitably means more tempered PCS and GOEs, which I'm sure her team is aware of and wanted to avoid. Which, IMO, is great for skating because she was getting pretty inflated scores. But it means an uphill battle for her, just like for Zhenya, to regain that cushion. And it means she might ultimately become a victim of the system that benefited her for so long. Alina's jumps right now remind me of Elena Radionova's during her post-puberty few years. She fights for all her landings and does the best that she can, all the time, but her skating is not effortless anymore.
  7. BTW they once yelled at me for scraping their data. So lol. Pretty sure they scrape their data from ISU anyway? Just fyi in case you mention scraping or anything to them
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    Team Japan

    Oh I forgot Yuna, she was lovely too ;_; btw moving this over to TJ thread
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    Team Japan

    yeah tbh Japan's depth is greater than Russia's rn (although next year that might change), with 6 different ladies winning medals on the GP, and then there's also Marin who is a beautiful skater i wonder if they will send different skaters to Worlds and 4CC just to get them all more competition experience. like rika/satoko/kaori to Worlds and kaori/mai/wakaba to 4CC or something. although mako is also a shining talent, too bad about completely bombing CoR.
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    General Yuzuru Chat

    *squeal* It's my nth time watching but I still squeal