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  1. yuzuangel

    General Skating Chat

    It would really be nice if they could provide actual feedback to skaters about levels and URs and stuff. Like I heard Satoko still has no idea why she keeps getting StSq3 this season?? Look a GPS can calculate detailed street-by-street driving directions from NYC to California in less than 10 seconds. Google can crawl the entire web in milliseconds and Amazon can tell you what you need before you realize. It's totally possible to measure stuff like rotations and steps but nope, it's still a struggle to allow USBs for music at competitions And somehow I feel like there's got to be a few figure skating fans who would do it all for free or a low cost
  2. yuzuangel

    Skating on the Planet

    I have no idea how you could be on an left outside edge but rotate counterclockwise. It's basically the CCW counterpart of a loop but you rotate clockwise instead. Maybe you launch straight into the air and rotate your shoulders while in the air to not only counter the rotation of the left outside edge but then rotate CCW
  3. yuzuangel

    Skating on the Planet

    That's....how do you rotate the correct direction??
  4. Does anyone have any extra tickets for practice on the 20th-22th? I would love to buy them
  5. Can someone sell me one? 😍 Jk I arrive on Tuesday afternoon.
  6. yuzuangel

    Skating on the Planet

    YAS! What's PA and TOC tho ?
  7. yuzuangel

    General Yuzuru Chat

    sorry i don't have anything more substantial to say
  8. yuzuangel

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    OT but tbh mistakes don't really take away from a program for me the same way they do for others. For example, Yuna's programs at 2011 Worlds are one of my favorites of hers, and that free skate is hands down my favorite free skate. But she didn't skate perfectly in either. Skating skills and good performance ability are more important IMO.