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  1. Megabus is definitely legit but you won't get the low bus fares unless you book really far in advance and are the first N number of people to buy it. Otherwise it's $20 usually.
  2. Oh, I think it is, but I think I've just not heard it called that haha. I think we just call it a step from backwards to forwards..
  3. ファンタジーオンアイス2019 羽生結弦、紀平梨花が神戸で舞う[字]
  4. That's cool! What do you mean back outside mohawk? Like turning from a right back outside edge to a left forward outside edge and then jumping?
  5. No, but I heard revolution blades are lighter than normal blades (and I think feeling them, they are?) but while skating you really don't feel it at all, lol. Unless you're doing quads probably? Or triples.
  6. Yup, let's move on from this discussion now.
  7. UHHHH IMO this is definitely not the reason the photo was taken down. Because Johnny posts photos that are 100x more flamboyant than this, and he does nothing to hide his flamboyance. And neither should he hide it. Plus Yuzu has said, openly, that Johnny's style is an inspiration to him because Johnny does not conform to traditional masculinity and does so with confidence. So I really cannot see this to be the reason at all. And as we can clearly see, people embrace Yuzu and his style of masculinity in spades. In Japan and in the rest of the Asian countries. Yuzu is one of the most popular athletes in many countries other than Japan. So it really isn't a problem.
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