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  1. General Skating Chat

    If he's only worth 2m there's something seriously wrong with the world haha (or he buys too many earphones )
  2. General Skating Chat

    how do we know that? i ffeel like that's so low for someone of his popularity haha
  3. General Skating Chat

    oh ok. that makes a lot more sense! haha

  5. General Skating Chat

    Wow! 30 million. How much do football stars make? I mean I know it's not salary but also training costs, travel costs, etc, but that's a lot. Yuna was listed at Forbes for being paid something like $10-$14 million: . Of course all of these numbers are speculation. Yuzuru also has other endorsement deals and prize money too. And sometimes ice shows. Also, he is so poetic! Sometimes I run out of superlatives to describe him, but then he surprises me
  6. Team USA

  7. Team USA

  8. It was a difficult season to watch but thank you all for joining! Here is the link to the chat transcript:
  9. Here is the link!
  10. Japanese study group

    Ah, pity maybe one day when I learn French
  11. Japanese study group

    Oh, thank you I'm open to buying books too, do you have any you'd recommend?
  12. Programs We Remember

    Haha when I read this I was like "How horrible!" I could never imagine a Western coach doing this without the student or his/her parents getting upset and taking the kid to another coach. But Zhenya herself says that after that she never wanted to fall again which gives me great respect for her for being able to take something so humiliating and turn it into something great. Actually Zhenya's mental strength might be unparalleled in the history of this sport (although we'll still have to see her at her first Olympics but for some reason I'm not too worried).
  13. Programs We Remember

    Yes, the media attention certainly didn't help and my impression is that Yulia had to sacrifice a lot to get to Sochi. She was 15 and growing and they made a conscious decision to push her through Sochi. I think afterwards, her not-ideal technique + growing into a woman + maybe the health repercussions she suffered during/before Sochi probably hurt her skating career and health a lot. If you read her account, she was already recommended to quit before Sochi but she did everything she could to get there. Since then she's had a lot of health issues, and it's very unfortunate but I don't think we can just chalk it up to bad luck or media attention which puts the blame solely on no one. Of course, no one would really know the answer except her and her doctor. Regardless, Yulia is a very determined, very talented, and very special skater that I will miss so much when she decides to retire. I don't think anyone would have expected that little girl in the red coat, the one who was so young and so talented, to just disappear from the skating world so soon I wonder if her fans from Sochi might look for her at Pyeonchang and be surprised that she is not there. And I think Yulia's jumps during Sochi were worse than Medvedeva's, but the recent performances at Rostelecom they seemed higher/better (the ones that she could land, ofc).
  14. General Skating Chat

    Some ladies have started to do it, like Elena Radionova. Noooo!!!!