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  1. so much happened on today's date in yuzu world
  2. nah, that's a very old photo of him -- this is getting more mysterious...lol
  3. I can try helping putting translations onto the videos too! It's actually easier to stream them if the subtitles are already on the video. You can add a subtitle track when playing VLC, but it's hard to stream from VLC. I don't know Japanese so can't translate 😅 But maybe we can note what timestamps we need to translate and find someone who can help us there adhoc?
  4. Wonder how it's like being a "chosen one" in russian ladies skating. Must be some extra pressure to deliver every time. The rewards are large but...when they say you're done, you're done.
  5. Anna skated well, tho. She has her "4lz" back (or flip?)! That hammer toe is getting worse tho.
  6. thank you everyone for joining! this was really fun! here's the chat from the twitch stream!
  7. Anna S. looks like she has grown quite a lot!
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