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  1. It's okay haha, he made up in the free by placing first :))
  2. Lol, maybe they'll make Chinese Nationals in Beijing and act as the test event instead, if no international events make sense. That means no one (except the Chinese National Champion...Boyang??! ) will suffer the Olympic test event curse (the winners of the last 3 test events were off the podium at the ensuing Olympics). Although that's a curse with a short history (Plushenko won Europeans and then the Olympics after in the Palavela) so who knows
  3. So you're saying they only left the bit of the rule change that was nonsensical? Okay.
  4. That sounds so sad I know any retirement is sad, but she has been so successful, especially in that cutthroat field, and exceeded so many expectations. She should be proud of her career! Too bad about the health problems, I really hope she gets better. It sounds serious
  5. you know i wouldn't be surprised if they were gonna give it to yuzu, but then bc of all the fans (whom they perceive to all be fanyus, of course) hating on it ari decided to give it to nathan (along with pre$$ure from nathan's team/fed)... LOL. goes to show how legitimate this "award" is
  6. Does anyone have screen caps of the before and after?
  7. Yup, if for some reason we can't stream CiONTU, we have lots of other videos not owned by TV Asahi etc. that we can stream.
  8. Welcome @Hope_and_Legacy, love your username Hope you enjoy it here!!
  9. Mao prerotates so much in her triples. As much as the Eteri gang. Not good jumps.
  10. Yes, but somehow it kinda works for her, I think!
  11. The front of Akiko's dress looks like a prom dress to me, lol. I don't like it much
  12. she is quite light on her skates, too bad zijun never got scored well (and was prone to chronic URs)
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