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  1. I'm not gonna buy SC tickets hoping he'll go again this year. Fell for that two years in a row I'll have the page up and ready the moment GP assignments are going to be announced...heh.
  2. Lol all of the submissions to the banner competition are way better than this
  3. OMG I really wish maybe Scandinavia is lucky for Yuzu but all the events just happened to be in Finland? AND it's the WC before the Olys
  4. something something fanyus ruining the sport by charging exorbitant ticket prices .. oh wait
  5. Vincent got injured during an SOI show
  6. if they think they can keep charging these prices, they're in for a rude awakening after Yuzu retires. lol
  7. Yup, and tbh without an OGM (yet) I think there is no way Med could be considered the GOAT right now. Even less so with various flaws in her skating, like her technique. It's not just about medals and it's certainly not about scores. I also think that without OGM, a skater cannot be the GOAT (but can be one of the GOATs although it's a very subjective title anyway). In the case of Michelle, especially in 2002, the OGM was within her reach and she did not have the mental fortitude to claim it due to her own mistakes. That is the difference between someone like Michelle and someone like Yuna, who always rose to the occasion. One could say that Sonja Henie is the GOAT because she basically invented the sport. I think someone who invented the basics of the sport (the father/mother of figure skating?) is distinct from someone who is the greatest skater of all time.
  8. True, there should be at least one category with reasonable prices (it looks like many seats are not being sold?)
  9. To be fair, Japan was way more expensive but the tickets were so ridiculously hard to get that I feel many people who went to Saitama might prefer being able to choose their seats and purchase a ticket early on and be certain they have a seat than go through 452345123 rounds of lotteries (with flights and hotels already booked) to ultimately not even get tickets.
  10. In Saitama it was about 100,000 Yen for S level seats which are all ice-level (randomly selected) other than Premium which were the first ~5 rows(?) on the long sides. So I guess it's about 1.5-2x as expensive for Montreal?
  11. Yuzu is always in Japan for like half a millisecond, sigh lol I wonder if it's just hard for him to be there due to being so ridiculously famous that he no longer enjoys it
  12. This is probably more suited for GSC but I don't know anyone who really considers Katarina Witt the GOAT unless you're only going by medal counts.
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