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  1. nice! loops don't travel as much compared to toe jumps, i think
  2. I'll try to get to it later but if you have a 100px cropped gif from this I can upload it faster
  3. Selling Skate Canada Section 111 Row R All-Event Ticket. Paid $168 USD but offering for $75 USD or best offer. Thanks
  4. http://www.uscannenbergmedia.com/2019/10/10/gracie-gold-isnt-ready-for-a-comeback/
  5. I wonder if a local charity or children's center can send wishlists of what they want beforehand, and fans can package it up and throw it on the ice in support of their favorite skater, but afterwards be collected for the charity. Toys, books, packaged food, baby stuff, diapers, holiday gifts, etc? This way, lots of gifts can be thrown on the ice for a skater, but it could be what the charity/center actually needs (instead of say, a thousand poohs and bouquets, which is nice but maybe not exactly what children want). Of course people can still throw stuffed animals, but this might be a way to fill up the rink after your favorite skater and help out local charities
  6. Selling one ticket: section 114 row M, purchased for $180 but best offers accepted!! Please PM me if interested
  7. Sad. It honestly feels like she just got here (to the senior ranks, to the collective consciousness of the skating community). She was a rising star in Pyeongchang, but then a year can go by and suddenly you're a veteran and thinking about retirement. The skating gods spare no one; they giveth and they taketh away Anyway, I wish she can get her world medal and have no regrets, but it's only gonna be an uphill battle from here.
  8. Thanks for your input! I can try to put together something soon. I won't have photoshop on me this weekend so I'll try to do it early next week.
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