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  1. Yeah, it's easy to have great sportsmanship when you're winning. Not saying he doesn't, but it's just way easier.
  2. I don't think this is how it works. IMO the Olympics being in Beijing has nothing to do with the inflation at all. It would be the same if the next Olympics were held on Mars. I also don't see how the olympics being in beijing and Nathan being Chinese-American would be bigger $$$ in the United States than if Nathan were White or any other race. In fact, the $$ would be much more if he were a photogenic ice princess like Gracie Gold for sure. Anyway saying Nathan and Alysa get candies because they're Chinese-descent is pretty racist, even if I agree with them on other things.
  3. Well, apparently 30 seconds of actual program time was too long for them, I doubt they'd accept 5 minutes to the k+c. Or maybe they could play more ads during broadcasts?
  4. He had a 4Lo during olympic year. So Shoma has landed 5 4 different quads as well.
  5. I can't help but think Yuzu might have felt for the first time since joining TCC that he had a coach who cared about him above all else and anyone else and that must be a great feeling, so I am not surprised that he became so attached to Ghislain so fast.
  6. JSF only submitted the name, but clearly Yuzu gave them the name I think.
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