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  1. Lol, this doesn't try to make her look too good. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/winter-olympics-2018/2018/02/23/winter-olympics-skater-mirai-nagasu-attempts-walk-back-shocking-remarks/366273002/
  2. Omg I can't believe the olympics are over. I miss skating already
  3. To think that Yuzu winning gold was predicted to be the least likely of all the disciplines (in terms of world champions winning the OGM).
  4. meanwhile, the American ladies will probably lose a spot....
  5. She's always said that yes, I'm glad although I wonder if she will improve her jumps. Lots of russian babies aging into seniors in the next quad >_<
  6. Why does she look so pissed
  7. What. An. Olympics. Can you believe...it's over? Somehow this ladies' OGM doesn't seem as...monumental as the last one or the one before it.
  8. If only one of the Japanese ladies could have medaled
  9. poor gabby after the first mistake she looked completely defeated.
  10. https://www.olympic.org/pyeongchang-2018/results/resOWG2018/pdf/OWG2018/FSK/OWG2018_FSK_C77B_FSKWSINGLES-----------FNL-000100--.pdf
  11. at the end of the day Alina is so talented and has so much potential tho. i was really impressed with how she kept it together, being 15, the leader after the short, and having to do that technical content. honestly, i think backloading is more taxing mentally and physically than the 3-4(?) point advantage it gives, although clearly every point was necessary here. she made do with the shitty choreography she had i guess, that she was always struggling to catch up with bc it was just SO. DAMN. PACKED. i guess we'll never know if she can ever become a more musical or entertaining skater, but i think she has a lot to be proud of. she got the job done. so did zhenya. she was saying after her score that she did everything she could. she did. she should be proud.
  12. i agree, it was the only time i really enjoyed her skate in terms of the performance since worlds 2016 tbh
  13. SO MANY 10s in evgenia's PCS...alina didn't get any 10s but still very high PCS lol lol kaetlyn got a 10 in performance. and 71 vs 77 pcs for satoko vs evgenia is just