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    looking for Olympics men's FS ticket!! very sad ;_;

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  1. Oh yes, THIS picture! Muahaha, how can he not be fired up after seeing this? His kuyashii smile is sure to be a sore sight for his own eyes... Sigh, how are we gonna survive February, if ACI was already A-level nerves for us........hehehe *laughs nervously to conceal my inner hurricane*
  2. Jump Faces Yeah!!!

    Does anyone have the exact clip he is looking at here? xD
  3. Jump Faces Yeah!!!

    She looks like she's side-eyeing you and judging you on your life choices
  4. They are still available -- everything except A, unfortunately. I'm keeping a lookout for A level tickets for Gala.
  5. Wow! Thank god for decent people really really hoping it works out!!
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    WAit I love it!! No weird gold gussets?? I didn't like those...otherwise I love it.
  7. This is totally not what I'm doing.....totally..... Oy vey that's a hard problem... I don't think NHK will be any less amazing than Olympics. It might be even better, actually he usually skates very well there. too bad those FS tickets are so hard to get for every damn competition eh...
  8. hopefully cat c is not too bad why not go to team event (cat A tickets are readily available)? he'll probably skate the SP and it'll be nice to see Chopin
  9. what cat for SP? <-- literally me right now. can't function, spent all my adrenaline
  10. congrats on SP! so sorry you didn't get the FS i'll try to buy tickets when cat A comes out and if i am successful then one of you guys can can certainly have mine, ofc i hope you will all be able to get one yourself too... holy crap i am literally shaking right now this is the most nerve wrecking thing ive done in a while
  11. YES I GOT A TICKET THEN WHILE IT WAS IN MY CART I WENT TO ADD MORE AND IT WAS ALREADY GONE the only reason why i didn't try to buy the max was i was afraid it was going to give me an error saying not enough tickets which would waste precious time T_T also my bank card rejected my suspicious transactions twice and i had to log into my visa acct and confirm it good thing there was a timer
  12. So it's in an hour eh?
  13. Mascot Fest

    Has this been posted?