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  1. Wow, this is amazing, thanks! Thanks for your detailed summary of Junior JNats
  2. good question. i would really hope not. cuz it's like an asterisk saying the jump wasn't completed correctly, right? but then again they ratified some really bad jumps (*cough* brandon mroz 4lz). plus nowadays the tech/judging panels are all skewed so it should not count just like WR, SB, PB, etc. IMO. i don't get why they go in and ratify jumps done at non-ISU-sanctioned competitions (this includes Shoma's 4F). Seems unnecessary... i just started a new job so i am only just starting to save! i can roll over 15 days at the end of every year. and if beijing ha
  3. i can't believe the weekend passed so fast i need a physical and mental break too, so thank god next week is thanksgiving week. i feel like bc of COVID no one wants to waste their vacation days so we just never take breaks p.s. i also did a lot of roller skating today including up and down this long road near the ocean which was nice. feels good to do physical activity bc it was raining too much / i had too many deadlines to do so all of last week.
  4. If it was not COVID, they would say so. 3 weeks is a long time, sounds longer than the avg of 10 days for mild cases, so a bit worrisome. But she says she's feeling much better, so let's hope that's the end of it...
  5. Love the new ones. Origin Yuzu is so beautiful and Yuzu is so cute. Thanks for sharing your art!
  6. Thanks for joining!! Here's the chat from last week: And here's the chat from this week:
  7. Wishing a speedy recovery to Zhenya, Anna, and the rest of Sambo if they got the virus... I think Zhenya's been showing symptoms for a while (she posted a story a few weeks ago iirc of her hanging out with a friend? And then went radio silent) So that's why she's been continuing to be tested...? Anyway she's young and fit so I think she'll recover, but with how many people in team russia getting it you'd think they'd be more careful instead of holding competitions without audience, skirting rules to hold their competitions, etc. just hoping none of them get lasting symptoms, that would be dev
  8. wow!! Nice art!! Love your watercolors. Thanks for sharing!!
  9. Sasha could rely on her quads in the FS to pull her ahead, but it's great that she's trying to challenge the 3A in the short, too. It's really disadvantage for her that quads aren't allowed in the short.
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