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  1. If Juniors are included, Kamila Valieva’s beautiful butterfly dress from her FS. Also Evgenia Medvedeva’s SP costume. Wait... both used the same music!
  2. Waka has the highest jump of any lady recorded by ice scope (2019 Japanese Nationals, 3lz FS combo) so height wise I’m not sure she really has a problem. She also has 3A but is yet to land it in competition. I’m sure we would have seen it at Worlds if it hadn’t been cancelled. Her main weaknesses are her flip edge (or federation, depending on how you look at it) and lack of transitions, especially in her FS this season. I’m still holding out hope that she’ll switch coaches. There was a rumour after 2017-18 season that she would train at TCC but nothing ever came of it. A lot of people rightly point out that TCC isn’t a cure all for every skater but I think she’d fit so well there. She’s so so so talented, I wish she’d take that next step.
  3. Wakaba There’s no skater in ladies closer to Yuzu in dynamism and a natural feel and understanding of music. She and Shae Lynn are a match made in heaven, too.
  4. I think no ACI for sure and likely no GP series, either. A vaccine is 18-24 months away, I wonder if Beijing Olympics will be postponed as well.
  5. I honestly think all stops will be cancelled this year. Conrad said TCC rink won’t open until late May the earliest so how would Yuzu even prepare? Not to mention the poor skaters form Italy and Spain. It’s impossible.
  6. I know this is OT but please everybody watch this video. This is advice we should be getting from out governments but thank goodness for this man.
  7. Stars on Ice Yokohama has been cancelled.
  8. This person contacted the Kinoshita Group to ask about possible cancellation of the Hachinohe shows and they said they’re considering the situation with the virus and will post an announcement on the website in the next few days.
  9. I just saw a tweet that the Takarazuka performances in Tokyo just restarted with a packed audience so... social distancing doesn’t seem to exist right now in Japan. Please, SOI, don’t make skaters travel... please don’t put Yuzu at risk... ETA I’m so glad Yuzu wasn’t chosen as a torch bearer. ”The flame arrived in Japan to a scaled-down welcoming ceremony on Friday, but on Saturday more than 50,000 people queued to watch it being displayed at Sendai station in Miyagi. Some had to stay in a 500-metre queue for several hours, local media said.” https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/mar/22/tokyo-olympics-organisers-considering-options-to-delay-reports
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  11. I got a full refund because I booked my flight before the end of February and it was between Japan and Canada. I think if the country you’re flying from isn’t on the list / you booked after that then you can get a credit or a change of flights fee waived.
  12. yup, keep falling sleep every 2seconds but I don’t want to wake up to shock so
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