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  1. Did anyone with the red EMTG ticket thingy have a problem getting in? They never responded to me.
  2. SparkleSalad

    [2019] World Championships - Men Short Program

    I haven’t checked protocols but watching that live, there was no joy. An anguished skate. Nathan getting the same PCS as Jason is a crime. Jason was the absolute star of the night. The difference between the two is as black and white as Nathan’s costumes. Good job Nathan for going clean, though, and he’s either improved or just looks better live. He was very entertaining and lovely to see him smile but not on the same level as the others yet. I’m praying for Yuzu. I just want his health and happiness. Side note: SOMEBODY DRAG MY PARENTS AWAY FROM THE GODDAMN JOURNALISTS! THEY WON’T BLOODY STOP GIVING BLOODY INTERVIEWS!
  3. SparkleSalad

    2019 Fantasy on Ice

    You should go. ・enableenableenable・
  4. Another confirmation that ticket transfer works if you set language to Japanese on receiver’s iphone. You can change back to English once you’ve accepted the ticket. They should have tested this before they sold tickets to foreigners through this app. I’ve had such a stressful few days what with the staff messing up chairs for my mum and me having to follow her around every time she needs to go to rest or use the toilet. I’m skipping ladies completely tonight because it’s been too stressful and exhausting. They should have worked this out long before the competition. Thank you you so much to everyone who’s looked out for me this week.
  5. SparkleSalad

    [2019] World Championships - Pairs SP & FS

    Can someone please tell me what time sui/han’s group are on?
  6. I think you can send them your Lawson ticket and they convert it to an e-ticket to be redistributed? I’m not sure.
  7. On the left side (216 side) @yuzurahanya EMTG tickets are only smartphone tickets.
  8. SparkleSalad

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Part of me hopes he has yet to arrive just because I want to hear him casually say “I’m going to win decisively” as he speed walks past reporters at the airport. WHO ARE YOU CRAZIES THINKING HE’LL LAND 4A?
  9. @Murieleirum Making sure you saw this. Thanks @sweetwater as usual for being so helpful providing us info!
  10. Not sure what kind of ticket it is, though.
  11. @jt_dano Thanks for your response. I would suspect data SIM would be fine but I’ve asked EMTG twice to clarify and they insist (via copy and pasting the FAQ over and over) that even for a data SIM you have to follow a procedure to register a new SIM card and I don’t want to risk it, especially with strange things happening to my tickets already and no response from EMTG about it after 2 weeks. As for passports, they were mentioned during the domestic sale on the Ticket Pia website which was pretty full-on about scaring people with the threat of random ID checks at any time inside the venue during the week but there was nothing mentioned about it to foreigners until yesterday and still it wasn’t mentioned publicly. So much of this could have been handled with a few customer service contacts made available to foreign fans. To go weeks without anyone answering our questions, to actually arrive in Japan before anyone from EMTG can sort out the technical glitches with tickets that people have obtained with their own account, it’s unbelievable for such a major event. I guess we’ll know on Monday morning what happens. Thanks for your support.
  12. I don’t think there’s a cloak room. There are coin lockers. If you’re worried maybe see if you can store your camera in coin lockers at the train station. ——— Just got another email from EMTG saying the start times and door open times have changed again but no notice on the website yet so I’m not sure what changes have been made.
  13. SparkleSalad

    2019 Fantasy on Ice

    Second round for Makuhari
  14. Just a recap of the mess One lottery for foreigners Smartphone tickets only, requires expensive roaming charges to use Weeks and weeks to get a response from EMTG No customer service or contact information provided One hour’s notice for practice tickets, Japanese fans got 3 days notice Not able to trade tickets, Japanese fans allowed to Likely have to accompany everyone in and out of the venue, Japanese fans can redistribute tickets once inside the venue Iirc no wheelchair tickets sold to foreigners
  15. I only have e-tickets for practices and one for gala and they’re all from my own account, I’m just worried about others. I hope so but to instruct people to go to the desk first is a bit much. I don’t even have an all event ticket, they just sent me this info.
  16. They didn’t say but I think so.
  17. I want to make the biggest fuss the world has ever seen...
  18. Why can’t the people at the door just verify if they have to? Why do we have to get banished to the seats at the back because Japanese fans can just walk through with no ID check?