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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much. I think it’s definitely a filter that makes his jaw tiny and his eyes huge.
  2. Oh no. Will you be in Tokyo long? Perhaps you could contact them and request a change of dates? Ekaterina moving to TCC has been the best thing for fanyus! (Did she use a filter? His face looks tiny!)
  3. Sorry if this has already been posted but it’s so good I’m sure you all won’t mind watching again.
  4. Pia handled Sendai but iirc the other stops were Lawson? But good news about the name! I think there’s a way to transfer tickets to friends via Pia Cloak so they can collect them at a convenience store but I’m not sure.
  5. @meghannfh Hello The app will have a separate lottery for foreigners/foreign mobile phone numbers. It’s impossible to enter the Japanese lottery if you aren’t a permanent resident as you need a number linked to a Japanese mobile phone contract. I remember someone tried entering the Japanese lottery with a foreign mobile number in the past, won the lottery, but couldn’t claim the ticket. A screenshot won’t work, unfortunately, as they use an electronic stamp on your screen that interacts with the app to verify your ticket. The problem with paper paper tickets is PIA requires you to have an account to enter the lottery so the name of the person who owns the account will be on the ticket. I think there’s a way to transfer it to a friend/change the name but that probably also requires them having their own account. The errors people are getting are just your usual bugs, I think, and the company can usually help manually set up an account if you encounter any problems signing up. It’s unfortunate that it seems people can’t even trade tickets legally at face value anymore without going through the trading systems being set up. If they would allow foreigners a chance to trade as well, even just among other foreigners, it wouldn’t be so bothersome.
  6. Yikes. Thanks for the info. I guess we can only hope they allocate a fair amount of tickets for the foreign lottery...
  7. @paperatoms Long time no see! Unfortunately JCT seem to have shut down. Several other services are no longer offering ticket purchase/lottery application services anymore and some have stopped dealing with figure skating tickets specifically. If you can find a proxy who can apply for tickets for you in your own name then there shouldn’t be a problem. Personally, I don’t feel okay risking getting tickets with someone else’s name as NHK is the first competition since the introduction of the harsher laws so it’s too risky imo. As for foreign tickets, they’ll probably be through EMTG again. You’ll have to create an account and download an app which is used for both applying and receiving tickets. We’ll have about 2 weeks from ticket info coming out until the foreign applications open so plenty of time to work things out. I’d create an account ASAP, though, as I and another Australian had errors setting one up and their customer service is suuuuper slow to respond.
  8. Waka’s new SP! She was skating sick with a cold, said it was hard to breathe with her nose running non-stop and she hadn’t been able to practice this past week. Hope she gets well soon!
  9. Kazuki is aiming for 2 quads in his SP this season.
  10. There’s TCC UA footage and interviews and loooots of SEIMEI! I’m sure someone will upload it for us soon.
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