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  1. No other way to explain the comparative GOEs on the 4Lo/4Lz and Nathan's 4F3T yeah I was worried too. I had a suspicion going in that NHK would be more reflective of how the judges would actually behave
  2. PCS wise, he's better than almost everyone.
  3. oh yeah, the feeling of livestreaming is entirely about anxiety about whether or not someone will land their elements, very little room to actually enjoy the program
  4. At the end of the day though, the ISU is what creates the incentive system all skaters are forced to work with whether it benefits them or not. Going after an individual skater for gaming the system won't really change anything. It's the system itself that has to change.
  5. As someone with an American passport the ISU is losing my market
  6. all aboard the ready for Yuzu to land 4A and retire and take 80% of the ISU's revenue with it
  7. good news is now that I won't watch anything but Yuzu's shows live I'll save a lot of money
  8. someone tell me when the VC is so I don't have to watch the rest of it
  9. wait did samarin seriously get 93? I honestly just closed my eyes for that
  10. what is with all these jumps not getting -5, is this some kind of ISU scoring guidance change?
  11. yeah credit where credit is due, he does have explosive jumps. the other stuff isn't there though. although you could tell he was clearly trying with the step sequence
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