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  1. shanshani

    Skating on the Planet

    I did a forward crossover! Yaaay! Thanks @Xen for the advice on the half swizzles on a circle--I think that helped Snowplow stops are finally coming along, thank god. Not sure how I was doing them when I first started out--probably super soft ice + blunt blade. I think skating on the hard ice in Vancouver helped. Though it took like half an hour to get used to the ice at my home rink again. Also, apparently I started on Oct 22, according to this thread. So it hasn't even been 2 months! Considering my unathletic, out of shape self, I'm happy with my progress haha
  2. shanshani

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It's also possible that Brian is just too busy with senior skaters this year, considering that Evgenia and Jason have joined TCC and Jun is now a full time senior. I'm all for Rika as Yuzu's successor
  3. I'm not planning on going around looking at if any random group of nationalities over or underscores skaters collectively, since obviously that would run into issues with false positives. But I think looking at Soviet bloc judging is actually worthwhile--it's a belief that a lot of fans have that is more likely to affect final standings than a single biased judge. It's possible the data will show that former Soviet countries don't actually have correlated scores, in which case that would be useful to find out since it means a popular fan conspiracy theory is wrong. But, on the other hand, I have noticed that there does seem to be some interesting alignment between, RUS and GEO/UZB/UKR/KAZ scores in particular competitions, and it would be useful to know if that's systemic or if it's confirmation bias.
  4. Yeah, once the data set starts to build up for an individual judge it's pretty easy to ferret out bias. My method actually probably understates magnitude of the problem, since cases where judges underscore skaters who are directly competing with their own get kind of drowned out because they're averaged in with cases where the judges don't have any incentive to underscore. The data is all there and publicly available, it just has to be put together into one easily accessible and usable format. Once that happens, you just have to determine what you want to test for and what metric you're going to use and apply it to the data set. Plus, a lot of the process should be able to be automated (I just don't have the technical chops to do that). You can look for stuff besides national bias--for instance, once I'm done putting together my judges database for this season I think I'm also gonna take a look at bloc scoring. Based on my impressions, it should be pretty easy to establish that former Soviet bloc countries' judges scores are correlated with Russian judges' scores (or something a long those lines--might be easier to look at whether former Soviet bloc judges overscore Russian skaters).
  5. Sheet for GPF (going to edit opening post to include it too). Spoilers: lots of bias.
  6. shanshani

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    I just meant on more than.one occasion
  7. shanshani

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    ahahaha 2/9 judges scored Alina above Rika, and guess who they were? Julia Andreeva (RUS) and Salome Chigogidze (GEO). Predictable. Meanwhile, Japanese judge Tomie Fukudome actually scored Russian skaters more generously than Japanese skaters. Also, Andreeva and Chigogidze showered love on Alina and Liza, but not on Sofia. Poor Sofia, working so hard to make it to GPF against all expectations, but the biased judges from your fed and its allies help the two other Russian skaters but not you. Also, I'm not convinced the Finnish judges at GPF know how to judge. More than once they gave a UR fall more than -5 GOE
  8. Data is from skatingscores.com (which I'm pretty sure just scrapes the protocols and then runs a formula to get each judges' total score). I'm currently working on importing GPF data, so I would be looking at pages like this. I don't look at TES, TS is total score (ie. the number of points the skater scored in the competition, except according to each judge instead of the official score). But you basically have it right. I take the total score for each judge and then subtract the average of the other judges to get the score differencess. But I don't do that by hand--I record each total scored based exactly off what skatingscores.com tells me, and the excel sheet does the relevant calculations. For GOE I write down all the raw GOEs for each judge and then the excel sheet calculates the average GOE the judge gave for each skater first, and then does the same set of calculations. For PCS is first de-factors them and converts the PCS score to an average component mark per skater per judge out of 10. (The idea here is that total score differences aren't that comparable across disciplines, but raw GOE/PCS differences should be more comparable.) Basically, in terms of feeding data in I just feed an abbreviated version of the protocols (total score per judge, all the GOEs, and then the total PCS). The sheet then processes that to produce score differences per skater per judge, the mean score difference across the competition for each judge, the mean score difference for same nation skaters, and the mean score difference for different nation skaters.
  9. shanshani

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Starting to look through these protocols in order to add them to my judging database and what are some of these judges smoking (well, I guess it is Canada ), Nathan #1 in PCS, seriously? and the french judge put Shoma 5th in the SP for PCS??? and the finnish judge gave michal brezina -2 for a 4T< fall? this better be a mistake, that's just incorrect
  10. Junhwan was adorably sheepish about the flower crown
  11. First half gala thoughts: I really liked Yelim Kim and Peng/Jin's performances. Yelim is the right age to portray Juliet, the program is well-constructed, the costume really works, and R+J is maybe my favorite warhorse because the music is beautiful. Might actually be my favorite R+J of the competition, actually, and there were several Peng/Jin's program was just beautiful, and it's nice to see their cultural heritage represented. Figure skating is still a really Western sport in many ways.
  12. shanshani

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Hm, well Re: Jun honestly it might just be because I only started liking his FS after I had already seen it live, so I associate my positive feelings towards it with a tv performance and not a live one. Now that I think about it I was more impressed with his flow in person. Honestly though, the random disco cuts are way more distracting live
  13. a) Yes, judges scores were averaged over multiple competitions both within and across disciplines if a judges more than one competition, although I'm still debating whether averaging over multiple disciplines provides any value. Only senior grand prix data was used for the spread sheet--I might add juniors at some point but I'll have to think about how I want to handle that data. Right now the focus is on finishing the judge's database with all the grand Prix data and then adding other senior international competitions like Senior Bs b) If you click the judge names, the raw deviations for each skater in each competition are available on a separate sheet for each judge. You can also open the competition spreadsheets and find the same data there, in addition to the protocol data from which the deviations were computed. last thing: that's great! you'd probably do a better job than me since I'm a mere amateur (like...I have to enter data by hand because I don't know how to program a scraper that could input protocols automatically). what qualifies me is the motivation to think of and do the project and the willingness to put in the work more than any statistical or technical background, haha
  14. shanshani

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    I was more impressed with live Shoma than TV Shoma and mildly more impressed by live Nathan over TV Nathan I think I like everyone better live. Although I might agree about TV Jun being better.