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  1. I agree. Tbh, Alina has been propped up. There's no reason that Rika should have such a hard time outscoring her even if she lands everything, or why Sasha has to land 3-4 quads to out score her.
  2. unlike most Eteri girls she actually deserves her PCS, though. actually she could have gotten more and it still would have been completely fair
  3. Tbh if it was any other Sambo skater skating to this it would not work. Only Alena has the skating and artistic skills to sell this one
  4. anyway, so that's as happy as Mishin's face is ever gonna look Gratz Liza!
  5. if you're gonna have Christine singing in your phantom cut, use Rebecca Caine please
  6. she popped two jumps in the middle, then rallied. think it was a flip and a loop
  7. huh, I seem to remember Starr Andrews looking like a little kid last season, she looks much more grown up now. oof, keep it together
  8. Figure skating appears to be quite popular in Finland. Pretty good crowd, and they can field synchro teams for days
  9. yeah I figured that out afterwards. still quite a weird construction, awkwardly draws attention to the crotch region final group!
  10. uh why is this costume constructed so that the underwear part is bright orange but the rest of the dress is much more muted? it's really weird
  11. Writing up my judge bias project while watching this. Already 2800 words long, still have a lot more to talk about. Maybe I should figure out how to produce a decent youtube video since ain't nobody want to read that much Anyway, biased judges who are judging/have judged today: Ladies: Elisabeth Louesdon (FRA) - J1 Tatiana Sharkina (RUS) - J3 (new! updates to her judging record from earlier Finlandia events have put her over the red-flagging threshold) Karen Howard (CAN) - J6 Samuel Auxier (USA) - J8 Ice Dance: Nicole Leblanc-Richard (CAN) - J2 Claudia Stahnke (GER) - J4 Virpi Kunnas-Helminen (FIN) - J6 Gyula Szombathelyi (HUN) - J7 Igor Dolgushin (RUS) - J8
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