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  1. you know it could only be a dream when someone actually get penalized for prerotating
  2. his eyes look unusually large in that photo though, think there's some filter going on
  3. Huh that's actually not so far away from me, and I used to live in Shanghai so it might be a good excuse to visit. No chance of a certain someone, I would assume, but that's an interesting enough list of competitors to make it worthwhile. If only I had more vacation days.
  4. Kevin Aymoz for podium! Fight me Lol jk. No Jason is a little sad, but happy with the lineup otherwise. Ladies especially way exceeded expectations. Now I just hope my flight doesn't get canceled
  5. after all, the ROXAAAAAANNE guy has a musical career and no one could accuse him of having a beautiful voice
  6. She's very brave. It must have been very difficult for her when so many prominent people in the US figure skating community were defending Coughlin, and she's probably putting her relationships with some of them at risk by coming forward (though I hope this is not the case). Hopefully it'll get those people to reevaluate their actions and be more circumspect in the future.
  7. I don't think Otonal has been skated to full potential *ducks* His landing on the combo at CoR was a bit off, and his posture could be improved, especially in the step sequence (and tbh I think the waistline of the costume accentuates this--I hope there are some costume alterations). Overall the program is not at the level of Chopin yet. Plus he could always upgrade the tech content, though I'm not sure it would be worth it from a risk reward standpoint.
  8. On the other hand, cats are good jumpers and always land on their feet. Plus they have a killer instinct and can go from adorable to murderface very quickly wow that's amazing! I've seen a surprising amount of older people practicing figure skating here. I wonder if I've ever seen him train.
  9. Even if he does recycle, he’s had what, like 4 performances of his programs? That’s only half a season. So it’s not like we’ve seen him perform these programs over and over again, they’re actually still fairly new in terms of the number of outings they’ve had.
  10. too bad I can't cancel my work for the same reason oh well. it'll make ACI even more exciting, at least
  11. Yeah, Yuzu definitely likes to jump. I mean, based off my own meager experience jumping is really fun haha
  12. Yeah, the trade off is it’s SUPER crowded. I skate in a tiny mall rink and tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if there were as many as 80 skaters on the ice at any given moment during peak hours. Fortunately the high level jumpers tend to skip those times, but I had to move my lesson time to a peak hour and I have maybe enough space to practice a small waltz jump with no entry. I’ve really been neglecting backwards edge work because I have to keep stopping because of the high chances of running into someone since I don’t have 360 vision. Not to mention when center ice isn’t being used for lessons, rec skaters with very poor control feel the need to skate through center ice where people are practicing elements. Half of your brain space is being used on monitoring other people to avoid collisions, so it’s hard to focus on practicing in those conditions. I obviously have no advice since I’m only working on half flips (current status: lol how do toe jumps work, I don’t get the part where I jump after picking into the ice), but good luck! I also feel like I’m extra cognizant of certain jump qualities because of Yuzu. Sort of relatedly, I was watching a video on how to do a flip and the instructor specifically said to pick only with the toe and not to let the rest of the blade touch the ice, because getting on the rest of the blade would make the jump more like a loop. Pretty sure the video was made before the blade-picking issue got attention, so that was interesting.
  13. No, I just over trained, I think. It's mostly better now, but I have to be careful on how much I jump. Also I have to be careful about jumping only after I've warmed up/gotten my joints loose. Landing on a stiff ankle seems to aggravate it. Inside 3 turn improves by the day! (Well, RFI anyway, LFI still sucks). Still can't do a drunken sailor though. One problem is that I can't figure how to exit a mohawk on a flatter edge. The place I live is hot all year so they may as well keep the rinks open in during the summer
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