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  1. and there is 0 doubt that Yuzu is the cat and Jason the puppy
  2. well he can enjoy his effect on me anytime lmao sorry not sorry haha maybe they're taking it again to save the rest of Canada from us. this time they should know how to handle the tidal wave, right?
  3. the ticket prices are amazingly reasonable though. I told myself I wouldn't go again this year, travel to Canada is too far, I want a gala too, etc., but it's so tempting
  4. but when did he get flirty??? it feels like he is suddenly, uh, owning his sexiness and I am not okay lmao I can't believe I just typed that
  5. hm, I have to second freaking out at Origin 2.0. I have literally never lost it that way in my life also Yuzu blowing a kiss towards my section of the audience at 4CC. am still dead from that
  6. wait, that's what that is? I've been trying to figure out what that jump entry is supposed to be for ages but I keep going over it. probably because the curves are usually unclear for most skaters
  7. ...great now he can put all his time and energy into mastering 4A
  8. is it this one? https://www.lesoleil.com/sports/evenements-internationaux-au-quebec-patinage-artistique-annule-mais-pas-le-ski-de-fond-dd1e262327cd32d8f920ea17bda7fcd2 the headline says it's canceled, but the body seems to just repeat the quote from Legault that there's a chance it may be canceled. don't think it's new, seems to just be mis-titled
  9. lol I know this is gonna make me stay up too. still it's important to get enough sleep and take care of ourselves, especially at a time like this
  10. Michal Brezina speaks up edit: @SparkleSalad beat me to it. lol are you obsessively refreshing Twitter too?
  11. In my case I have already played with fire by taking the train and then flying out of China during January/February, and then going to 4CC. But ironically, if I have been exposed to the virus, it was almost certainly at home. There was an outbreak in my neighborhood, including in the apartment building next to mine, about a month ago. (Don't worry, it's under control. There haven't been any cases recently, nor has anyone I know gotten sick.) So I don't feel as though I'm playing with fire by going to Montreal much more than I feel like I'm playing with fire by stepping outside my own apartment. There's necessary precaution, and then there's refusing to live life out of fear. That's not to say other people should go. These are my own risk calculations based on my own situation. Everyone should make a careful evaluation of their own circumstances. If you do choose to go, you should do whatever is possible to minimize the potential spread of disease. Maybe I'm being selfish. After all I did just spend a lot of time emphasizing how serious this disease is. But at the end of the day, it isn't my responsibility to make determinations about what is best for public health. That's the government's job, and if they determine that the risk is acceptable, well, I'm not letting thousands of dollars and the first opportunity for me to see my best friend in years go to waste because I think people who are ostensibly experts and whose job it is to make these types of determinations might be wrong.
  12. Read this: And this: This is what is happening in Italy right now. It's the same as what happened in Wuhan several weeks ago. Hospitals overrun, doctors unable to save people due to lack of resources, patients crowding and dying in hallways. This is what happens when the disease is not controlled. Countries don't shut down over seasonal flu. China didn't kill its economy over seasonal flu. Death rates depend heavily on whether the outbreak is adequately controlled. In places like Chinese provinces outside of Hubei and in South Korea that are controlling their infections and aren't overrun? Yeah, maybe it's 1% or less, although that's still one out of every 100 people and several times seasonal flu. If 100 or so people you know get it, on average one will die. Somewhere like Wuhan or Northern Italy? It's a medical disaster zone. It's not just people dying of coronavirus too, it's people unable to get medical care for all the other medical emergencies because the hospitals are overloaded and have to prioritize. Even people who survive are often hospitalized for weeks. As someone living in Asia, who has relatives who were put under lockdown, who was quarantined for two weeks inside a 10 sq meter apartment, the West has been far too complacent about this virus. The reason why Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and China (eventually) are able to keep this disease under control is because of serious commitment to social distancing measures (as well as widespread testing, contact tracing, and quarantines). Schools were closed, businesses told people to work at home, large gatherings are canceled, in Hong Kong at least everyone wears a mask outside and washes hands and disinfects frequently. There are widespread temperature checks. It is not business as normal here, it is serious, everyone is doing their part to prevent the virus from spreading. Our authorities are not downplaying it. It is possible to keep infections low, to keep deaths low, but not if people proceed as though it's business as usual. That's how you get Wuhan. That's how you get Lombardia. Sorry if this is a bit ranty, I'm just tired of people trying to downplay this epidemic, and I'm tired of how sclerotic and business-as-usual the response in some countries has been until it's too late. Like, maybe your individual chance of dying isn't that high if you're young and healthy, but what about the elderly, the immunocompromised, and those with pre-existing health conditions? Covid19 doesn't have to be a disaster, but it will be if people go on believing that there's not that much to be concerned about. Anyway, as long as Evenko isn't refunding, I'm still going (I'm young, live by myself, and don't have regular contact with high risk groups), but I'll come with a supply of surgical masks and hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and I encourage everyone else who is showing up to do likewise if at all possible (though obviously don't buy masks if your area has a shortage and medical workers are having a hard time getting them). I also think that fans should avoid doing things like sharing meals as that increases the chance of disease spread.
  13. Seasonal flu doesn't overwhelm hospitals and cause 4-5% death rates in badly hit areas. This is far more dangerous than seasonal flu. Read up on the experiences of people in Wuhan or Northern Italy, and remember that what they've experienced can happen anywhere. If this virus achieves the same spread as seasonal flu, especially within a short period of time, it will kill far more people. Whether it does so isn't just some fact of nature like a natural disaster--it comes down to how we react and what measures we take to stop it. I recognize that you're just trying to keep people from panicking, but the idea that covid-19 is comparable to a bad seasonal flu is not correct. And at this point, belief in that comforting lie will result in failures to take adequate measures to prevent the disease from spreading.
  14. at the very least they need to force evenko to start offering refunds for people who are skipping because of the disease and shut down this red carpet nonsense. no one should have to choose between their own health and safety/the health and safety of others and letting thousands of dollars go to waste.
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