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  1. admittedly I find it funny how, as uninhibited a performer as he is in pretty much every other respect, this is something he seems a bit shy about. sorry for laughing, Yuzu, but it's cute I mean I would have the exact same inhibitions and then some
  2. pretty sure many fanyus have an entire arsenal of pictures which would disprove this
  3. When I rescored the LMEY performance for fun, I deducted 0.25 PE for failure to properly shake ass. You are not the only one who noticed this flaw in the program. Yuzu is fully capable of deliberately making girls (or boys, or anyone really) go crazy though. He blew a kiss toward the part of the stands I was sitting in at the 2020 4CC gala, and not in a particularly innocent way either. (True fact: I'm actually a ghost because I died then.) We just need to encourage him to expand his repertoire of moves.
  4. I agree that if toxicity on twitter is affecting your mental well-being, you should cut out twitter. The relevant stuff winds up being posted here anyway. I also agree that it would be better if people ignored the haters and the drama-makers in general--engaging with them just lets their awfulness reach more people, and many of them thrive on attention. It's never worth it. At the end of the day, none of their petty views will change the fact that Yuzu is 2x Olympic champion, nor will they prevent him from landing 4A. Having done my share of time in toxic internet environments, I
  5. Nearly all of Japan's currently internationally competitive senior skaters are billed for SOI Yokohama. The only glaring omission is Satoko. It seems unlikely that so many of them independently said yes without some encouragement behind the scenes. But who knows what's actually going on.
  6. Based on the website, I don't think 4/8 is part of the schedule. From what I can tell using google translate, I think the original dates were 4/8-4/11 and then it got moved. I guess they never did cancel SOI Yokohama last year...wasn't that the only one they didn't officially cancel, because it was the one that Yuzu had signed on to? Faintly remembered something weird and annoying happening surrounding it.
  7. still the best figure skate ever...with maybe the exception of JNats H&E
  8. JNats was several months ago, yet I find myself sucked into the mystery of why Yuzu's SP spin was invalidated once again. I had a good theory, until I found language in one of the rule books that strongly suggested it wasn't true. But that language also means that there's no reason it should have been invalidated. My brain hurts. Maybe the most logical conclusion is that the JNats tech panel was incompetent and flat out wrong to have invalidated it. One thing that is clearly true: the ISU is garbage at writing clear rules. Oh dear lord why are you encouraging him.
  9. Ok, well, the GOE/PCS book says: which really seems to imply that what I wrote is wrong, because it specifies the there must be "2 revolutions in basic position on each foot" for spins in one position with a change of foot, but only 3 revolutions (doesn't say basic) for "all spins with change of foot" ...but then I'm at a complete loss for why Yuzu's spin was invalidated. There is no way he didn't do 2 revolutions of sit sideways even on the strictest standards possible, and he definitely did more than 3 revolutions in total. The theory that the tech panel messed up
  10. no, the GOE/PCS handbook. don't worry, I found it. it was just hidden in the depths of the ISU's website, mysteriously missing from the rest of the collection of rules documents
  11. ...does anyone have the judging handbook for singles and pairs skating? it seems to have disappeared from the ISU's website edit: found it. it hasn't disappeared, it's only become hard to find
  12. That doesn't make sense though, because he definitely did hit 2 revolutions on his sit sideways, and also his sit behind unless you're being really, really strict. I was pretty strict about what counted as being in position, and I counted at least 2 revolutions for each of those. He spun for more than 3 revolutions, but the question is how it's counted. Because what he didn't do was stay in sit position for 3 revolutions after the change of foot. My reading of what happened after the change of foot was 1.5ish revolutions to get into sit sideways position 2.5ish revolu
  13. Yeah, like if you're not going to count the part where Yuzu rises out of his sit sideways position and switches to sit behind as part of his rotations for the purpose of fulfilling the SP spin requirements, fine, because he technically is not in sit position, but then no one should be counting Nathan's not-parallel-to-the-ice "sits" as such.
  14. He definitely held it for two revolutions. He didn't hit 3, however, which is what the technical manual says is required. I don't necessarily think invalidating the sit spin is wrong on its own--except no one else's sit spins are held to this standard at the senior elite level. Honestly, they probably should be. OT: omg people on reddit are so annoying. asked some clarification questions about the SP spin rules, got something that a) didn't answer my question b) assumed I knew nothing about spins, which is just ridiculous if you read what I wrote. I can identify an illusion entry
  15. OT: I am now 100% convinced Nathan's SP sit spin should have been invalidated. It literally does not fulfill the requirements on single position change foot spins laid out in the technical manual, because he does not hit a sit position after the change of foot, even if you squint. The standards on sit spins need to be stricter in general, and not just for people named Yuzuru Hanyu wonder how Yuzu feels about going to WTT
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