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  1. If he has halfway decent financial manager he'll be fine. He's almost certainly made a lot more money by 24 than your average person would in a lifetime, even accounting for the skating expenses. He also doesn't strike me as someone with extravagant spending habits--the only thing he might have to cut back on are earbud purchases
  2. oof, there are no year round rinks around you? I want summer to be over soon too. because of my summer work schedule, I can only skate during crowded sessions now. It makes everything a billion times scarier and makes practice a lot less efficient. But at least I can still practice
  3. Yeah, is it not called that when you step RBO to LFO? *googles* huh apparently there's some discrepancy in terminology and “mohawk” and “choctaw” officially only applies if the feet cross? Didn't know that, I thought it was just a description of which edges were involved in the step. Uh oh, I don't know if my forward inside open mohawks really fit that description. Looks like I have to practice those more too
  4. My coach finally taught me the waltz jump! He seemed impressed with my fearlessness attempting real jumps for the first time. Then he made me do it from a back outside mohawk entrance, which definitely made it harder Now if I could only translate that fearlessness to inside 3 turns.
  5. I think it's best not to speculate on what happened. We can't really know anyway.
  6. If we take those words very literally, it does sound like a rules change. But Lakernik gave an interview recently where he said the first place skater at worlds gets to pick, and then the 2nd place, and so on? Plus they're still "seeded" which should mean they're still being kept apart from each other?
  7. I like to imagine that at this point Brian has found inner peace and ascended to a new level of enlightenment. Nothing can phase him any more. If Yuzu came to him and said "I want to jump 5T" he would just nod his head serenely as if all was right and normal in the world.
  8. Yeah they'll let you in with individual tickets. Only difference is you have to get a new wrist band every day, which means you're slightly delayed in the rush for seats. The rink is pretty small though, basically every seat is a decent seat.
  9. 4F with wrong edge (e is used on protocols to indicate an edge call). Yuzu used to lip in the past. speaking of edge calls, did they also get their impact on BV reduced with the reduced UR penalty?
  10. wow all event was gone in 3 seconds. whatever, I already have tickets for individual days. was just going to make it slightly more convenient for myself, but that's fine.
  11. Okay, yeah I've caught up, and that's definitely a flip entry. Hopefully his edge is alright and people were just saying lutz because that's what they expected. So if he lands it tomorrow...does that mean 4A on Sunday?
  12. Yup. What happened? Did we figure out if it was a 4Lz or 4F or not? What if it was a 4Fe and that's why everyone's confused btw ACI tickets go on general sale in a few minutes, in case anyone has forgotten and needs tickets
  13. Wow it’s somehow even more dramatic than last time. No wonder he says it’s so difficult. Looks absolutely exhausting. His footwork is just crazy.
  14. How can kobe and toyama be so different? I feel like there are several clandestine organizations that would be interested in Kobe's methods of maintaining secrecy
  15. Sometimes the kinds of surveys these programs come up with really amuse me. What an oddball question
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