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  1. All these subscriptions for what is a very short video of his statement of intent.
  2. Yuzu in the Frozen Soop (BTS reference).
  3. Have you moved on from tea and are now on the gin? Looks like tomorrow now...unless they want to really abuse us and do it Mon.
  4. Totally caved and bought a ticket last night in case Yuzu goes here. If not I'll try to resell.
  5. Mentioned earlier the Arena looks to be booked for ice hockey for the dates. The other rink only has 1,500 crowd capacity though.
  6. He's staying with Karen and I in Sheffield in her one bed flat. We are giving him the bedroom and providing tomatoes for breakfast. Ps Karen's flat is olde worlde and 1000 times nicer than this picture.
  7. I don't think Yuzu would go but the Arena appears to be booked for ice hockey for the GP dates at the moment. So other than the other small venue don't know where they would host it.
  8. I think the perm rink only holds 1,500 so too small. They may use the Arena. Not sure. They used Sheffield Arena for Euros 2012 apparently.
  9. Yes lots of events in Buxton. We were up last weekend for the Carnival and had a great time.
  10. Oh I used to go skating as a teen there too. Well more falling to be brutally honest! I come from Buxton so 45 min trip.
  11. I'll probably go regardless as my Sister lives in Sheffield and I can pinch a bed!
  12. Re seating. As I said things will possibly change so there is no point second guessing until the seating map is out. To decide where to sit you need to have correct information. For example placement of the glass panels, whether front rows of benches have backs, placement of K&K (last time Torino turned it on it's side so some of those who paid for a good view of it certainly didn't get one!). I think last time VIP tickets sold out very quickly (some booked by tour companies) but it wasn't the bloodbath everyone thought it would be due to the high cost the of tickets. Re costings this time I think the prices will be higher but no idea by how much. Again we have to wait until we know for sure.
  13. I went 2019 but sat mid long side opp judges. Not sure what they will do in the arena this time. Wait till the map/tickets come out as they could change things. Also don't rely on the 2019 ticket prices ...think they will go up! Remember these are the idiots that gave in their programme another skaters bio (think it was Shun's if I remember correctly ..... but I refused to buy it after that stuff up) to Yuzu's picture. Organisation is not their forte!
  14. Harry and Yuzu in the same conversation. British FS is, as you say totally underfunded but there is zero interest in UK for FS. You are quite correct, if there is no ball, the public aren't interested here. I'm just hoping for a European GP for Yuzu never mind a tour!.
  15. Yes...you are just dreaming. UK at this current moment in time does not know FS exists.
  16. So will I. Always love his performances. Great guy.
  17. Booked the Air bnb I stayed in last time I went for Turin GPF. So staying 4 - 12 Dec. About 30 mins walk to the Palavela past a great little coffee shop where I can pick up breakfast. Coming a few days early as hubbie coming too and we want to have a look around. Fingers crossed no Covid issues as we go into the Winter months.
  18. Wow....these two are fantastic ...... Flying around the arena.
  19. Cutest fluffy topped outfit for Mai and lovely spiral. That was sweet.
  20. But that colour makes his legs look shorter.
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