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  1. Fans From The Planet And Elsewhere! 😜 (Slightly tongue in cheek!) Fans From Around The Globe
  2. Olivia and Adrian first. Great! So glad they are getting good results. Really seem to be going all out to have fun with these two programmes. Of the two I much prefer the free. Not a 'Grease' fan. Hope they continue to do well in the coming season with these programmes.
  3. Been waiting to see how Starr would interpret "You lost me" as I adore the song. Shame the video was at such a distance but it gave a taste. Like the twizzles at the start and her spins seem good but she does a lot of 'swooshing about' with sometimes little content in between. It has potential and I do like her... Perhaps later in the season she can develop it a bit more.
  4. I thought it was Ewan McGregor too. Was he lip sincing? It sounded like his voice I thought. NB. Apparently both he and Nicole Kidman sang their parts in the movie.
  5. Love this programme and the unusual moves. That back bend whilst on Adrian's knees is something else. Anyone know who choreographed this? Looking sharp guys.
  6. In a bit of a Kdrama slump I watched "Go Go Squid". In all honesty I'm much too old for it. Some moments were so cheesy I nearly reached for the crackers. But three episodes in and I was addicted.
  7. It's Chinese rather than Japanese. Edit: Sorted now.
  8. Help... Half my txt has gone Japanese. Must have pressed something. How do I get back to English please. I keep getting a Japanese/English quote. I press English but part is still Japanese. Cheers. Edit: Found the icon for language settings at bottom of main page. All back to normal now.
  9. Really made me chuckle with this pic. So true!!!!! Next season's designer for Nathan's costume is Zandra Rhodes. What a scream that would be!
  10. Love these but ... Pretty please could we have a version with the pink bow!!!
  11. Epic effort Veveco and all those who worked on this. Well done - it's brilliant. I'm sure he will love it. Xxx
  12. Shouldn't we hear in the next couple of days what Challenger's team Japan and of course our best honey (See what I did there... term of endearment and Pooh reference combined!!) will go to. Or have I got the dates mixed up. Nice early one - Lombardia or even better - Oberstdorf. OK, OK I know it's not happening. One can pretend!!! Dream on Louitunes!!
  13. Sadly I don't think I'll be able to attend the streaming party. I have guests and am cleaning for England before they come. If I can sneak away I'll join. Hope the stream works well for you all.
  14. Good luck to all those trying to obtain tickets in tomorrow's sale. Hope you get the ones you want.
  15. Adorable... But too short. I need more footage!!!!!
  16. One of the few who loves this music and these vocals. Go Han Yan..... Lovely.
  17. That's the one I got given at Helsinki railway station. Gotta love Japanese fans.
  18. Search www is very good. Three strong women and three dishy men!
  19. On hols in Helsinki so may miss the rabbit goodbyes. I really enjoyed those streaming parties. @ZuCritter appartment opposite yours still as nice. Just sad there is no ice skating to see this time.
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