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  1. That's a point. The first show is the great 'reveal'. Hopefully though we might get more footage of kohl eyed red n black Yuzu today.
  2. Don't worry.... reports will probably be coming in soon and if yesterday was anything to go by we will be hard pressed to keep up with the thread.
  3. Gosh you could almost believe that hand was a mask. Well done Yuzu. Xxx
  4. Definately better body language from the bits of the programmes we've seen. Yuzu always skates so expressively to live music. Can't wait to see full versions.
  5. Could it be that his ankle always ends up underneath because of his deep knee?
  6. Love your cute little red n black ears.
  7. Can I say purple pants of sin slay me more!!!! He he he!!!!
  8. You n those pants!!!!! Have to admit he looks gorgeous in them.
  9. I have seen this but didn't realise it was the original. Lee Yi -Kyung still funny but not as manic as Waikiki. Nice to see that all the young cast have done so well.
  10. Surely if they are out in May we would have some details re seating and costs of tickets by now?
  11. Prob got too many requests. Why don't they just say. "We hope to sell tickets on........ approx, but we will try and keep fans updated. Honestly, buying ice skating tickets is so cloak n dagger!!!! I'll try n wait patiently.
  12. Didn't think it was done maliciously at all. Perhaps like you say over-optimistic. Probably a bigger job than they realised.
  13. I wonder why some of the were given info that it would be Mid-may from an info desk at a competition. Can't remember which ones but do remember they asked.
  14. Any way of double checking this @katonice I don't do twitter. Many thanks LOU XX
  15. Oh my giddy Aunt....come on Torino...stop the angst n get a shift on. I do hope we are going to get some notice 're seating and costings and it's not gonna just be.... Tada!! tickets for sale!!
  16. How interesting. I've a very old addition of the book from when I was young but never knew this story.
  17. Well I'm listening to "You Lost Me" by Christina Aguilera on a loop thanks to this thread. Great song. Hope Starr interprets it well.
  18. I've been rewatching the K2 since you wrote about it. Currently watching "The Secret Life of My Secretary" and enjoying it more than I thought I would but struggling with "Abyss" not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Our Chan.... What's amiss!!!!! I watched "Dream High" a long time ago. Stand out is definitely Soo Hyun.
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