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  2. And here is our birthday girl! https://www.instagram.com/stories/junya.vv/
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  4. I am sure he was advised not to swim in a chlorine-rich water, very bad for his asthma. I am not sure he's had a great many occasions to really try swimming in better water. He is said to be too dense to float? But even if it is true, what about sea water? Floating in is easy, though one must get the habit with the eyes before enjoying it.
  5. Well, it seems to have been in two waves, one in March and the other at the beginning of April, the first one was at a restaurant and, if I suppose Yuzuru Hanyu may still be practicing (with great precautions, though not bleaching the rink ;-) ) I very much doubt he is going to restaurant, or gather to crowded hanami walks, or any irresponsible behaviour. And we can be sure all his family are prudent too.
  6. It depend on these governors now. Tokyo's seems to have closed skating rinks. :-(
  7. Which would be the best editions for the figure skate magazine and the kiss and cry (not from the 2017-18 season) ? Cause now that I see how many there actually are it’s even harder😂
  8. So, Evgenia Medvedeva could have come back to Russia, in spite of the border closure? I thought she couldn't. I really hope we will have more complete explanations later about her travel.
  9. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva new program, music by Bhima Yunusov choreo by Yuri Smekalov
  10. Happy Birthday, Kaori! Wish you many smiles next season! x
  11. The boy's getting really jacked...
  12. Kaori Sakomoto turned 20 today! Happy Birthday, you sunshine!
  13. Some info about Origin 1.0 design from Satomi's book:
  14. I hope Maia is fine now and that she has left the worst behind her!
  15. Those are not great pictures of 1 and 3 and a particularly good picture of 2. But my favourite is 6. It was such a Yuzu thing to create a special hairstyle just to be used for Olympic Seimei Day a.k.a. My Second Olympic Gold Medal Day and no other day in his life. I don't think his bangs were ever styled *exactly* like that before or since, even for other Seimeis. Decades from now you could see a picture of him from the neck up with that hair and you would know exactly what the date was.
  16. I am grateful for that, and the fact that Trudeau is also easy on the eyes. But Chrystia Freeland is my hero.
  17. That explains a lot.😔 I'm glad that she is taking it step by step. Thank you for clarifying.
  18. "When I stay home, I mostly watch TV, fall asleep, wake up and watch TV, fall asleep. This is my favorite place in my home. Where my family hangs out. Time passes so quickly here. Although I can't practice, I work out as much as possible to not let my body get weakened. I know this doesn't sound convincing paired with these photos. lol While asking everybody how they kill their time, I searched for my own way, so I would like to share it/them next time. # in purple again" On Canon article posted above: Wakaba had a plan to make new programs right after Worlds though she couldn't due to this situation. She is hoping to do so when the time is right. As to the jumps, she is aiming to master difficult jumps step by step, like, first, be able to land 3A solidly, then start practicing quads. She named 4Lz and 4Lo because; 1. Salchow isn't her strong jump. 2. Since she had suffered Lisfranc injury, she may sprain her left foot if she practices 4T. So I don't think she was overly ambitious or impatient when she gave this interview, though, at the moment, no one knows how everyone can prepare for the next season...
  19. 1 and 4, but 6 is also nice. you're welcome
  20. 1. They try to save worlds so hard, it will be even sweeter when again it will be cancelled. 2. We will have folk polka at Olympics.
  21. 4 - I do love LGC/Origin hair.
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