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  2. I follow her on Twitter already but I didn't know about the "sea of flags from Japan... " mention in her book. Great choice
  3. Oh, i love her! I started following her as she frequently tweets and does live commentary during competitions (including posting great yuzu content, of course!) this past fall and i had no idea she was such a prominent and successful person at the time (even now before reading this i had no idea to which extent). She's super lovely and makes me want to chant "one of us! one of us!" everytime i come across her c: My favourite thing is locals under her tweets going (paraphrasing) "oh it's that skater boy you like again, i'm growing rather fond of him" or "i was never interested in figure skating before but your enthusiastic love for that skater boy makes me want to watch" etc, she's a great ambassador for Yuzu haha
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  5. Yeah, and Denney/Frazier seem to be another victims of karma...
  6. Has anyone heard of Courtney Milan? Courtney Milan is the pseudonym of Heidi Bond and is a highly successful historical and contemporary romance novelist. However, she is much more than that. She is a very intelligent woman and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School. On graduation, she was a federal circuit court and later Supreme Court of the United States clerk. They only pick the top law graduates for these prestigious positions. They basically do all the research for the judges. She later transitioned into the position of a law professor at Seattle University School of Law for three years before becoming a full-time novelist. She is an advocate of inclusiveness, diversity and the Metoo Movement. Her allegations of sexual harassment by Federal Judge Alex Kozinski brought his retirement from his lifelong appointment and a review by the Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts of how sexual harassment reports are handled in the federal judiciary. She came to my attention because I received a Google Alert for Yuzuru Hanyu for the following article: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/exclusive-constance-wu-celeste-ng-prominent-asian-americans-endorse-elizabeth-n1120721 Constance Wu, Celeste Ng, prominent Asian Americans endorse Elizabeth Warren More than 100 Asian-American and Pacific Islander creatives, activists, and academics endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate on Thursday. I thought WTF has any of this to do with Yuzuru Hanyu? I looked at the list of prominent Asian Americans and came upon Courtney Milan: Courtney Milan (CO), New York Times best-selling author; Former SCOTUS Clerk Turned #metoo Agitator, #1 Yuzuru Hanyu Fan This is a very interesting person. Read the Wikipedia article about her. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtney_Milan Courtney Milan is listed in the 30 Romance Authors of Colour You Should Be Reading. http://twincitiesgeek.com/2019/12/30-romance-authors-of-color-you-should-be-reading/ Author, advocate, attorney, and dinosaur emoji connoisseur. Milan has written both contemporary and historical romance, including the recent Mr. Martin's Incomparable Adventure and The Countess Conspiracy. She also sews replica figure skating outfits for Pooh dolls to throw onto the ice for Yuzuru Hanyu. She was at the 2019 ACI in Oakville. Her Facebook post of September 14, 2019 about “some thoughts/feelings about the experience of seeing Yuzuru Hanyu in person this week.” facebook.com/courtneymilanauthor/posts/okay-some-thoughtsfeelings-about-the-experience-of-seeing-yuzuru-hanyu-in-person/2943886545625634/ OK, some thoughts/feelings about the experience of seeing Yuzuru Hanyu in person this week. 1. He is much more magnetic in person than I can describe. It was physically hard to look somewhere else. And it’s not just because I’m totally in the tank for him. I wanted to watch Junhwan’s run through and started doing so, but “bam” back to Yuzu. 2. He’s “really” cute, and I don’t mean his physical features (although that, too) – he has a sense of humor to his physical movements in practice, when he messes something up? It’s like his body expresses what he’s feeling. He tells jokes without words. 3. He’s probably the single most expressive person I have ever seen. His ability to communicate clear thoughts with facial expressions/line of his body/eyes is not paralleled. There was a point where he pushed right up against the hockey glass, back to it, and stared down at the ice, and just the way it...felt. I knew he was waiting for there to be a clear path so he could to his step sequence, and lo. I’m not sure “how” he communicated this, but he did. Yuzu came and leaned against the glass on this side of the arena and the entire audience leaned toward him. Courtney Milan's Tweet January 8, 2020: Courtney Milan dedicated her novel Mr. Martin's Incomparable Adventure to Yuzuru Hanyu. https://books.google.ca/books?id=UCuODwAAQBAJ&pg=PT3&lpg=PT3&dq=courtney+milan+Yuzuru+Hanyu&source=bl&ots=z68R3_wPOe&sig=ACfU3U2ZomhmsLRAUxdca17yfYMkfV7tgQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj5_9q-3JrnAhVOgp4KHWbLC7wQ6AEwEnoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=courtney milan Yuzuru Hanyu&f=false For Yuzuru Hanyu – the eternal proof that not all men also a very good source of calming videos (again the sea of flags from Japan what can he produce lying in fifth place?)
  7. The nbc commentators actually mentioned the Zimmerman problem and the Cipres accusations, color me surprised!
  8. According to the practices, this will be first time Anna will have highest BV. Sasha is doing "only" 3 quads (4Lz, 2x4T) and Anna 2x4Lz and 4F. Interesting how it will end... Also interesting who will end up on second, non-Russian podium lol (4-6 places)
  9. I'm on the same page. I support some US skaters, but I'm ignoring USnats because of scoring absurds, uplifting to the sky the chosen-ones and media hype which is unbearable to me. I will only check the results and performances of those who I like, don't think I can stand watching any event. Hope for a satysfying outing for Gracie. Also, I still have trauma after last year JC defenders circus.
  10. Joosep made some beautiful pictures! source (x, x, x)
  11. I tuned up but probably going to sleep in a bit... Of course I already heard ravings about untouchable Nathan who recently beat two-time Olympic champion with a huuuuge margin
  12. Aliev won PCS (86), Brezina 82, Deniss 81, Matteo 80. Quite fine tbh, first time from the very long time I see some decent scoring, which reflects what I saw on ice. Although still nothing is done about massive prerotation on some jumps. At least they didn;t get heaven high GOEs. Don't get how underrotated 4 lutz still has higher base value than 3 axel. It's really easy money for those who has bad lutz technique (with PR) and do not risk so much by attempting it (good technique with no PR means much bigger jump and higher injury risk). That's so annoying.
  13. Ok, but they have all the names already printed out nicely on their own results page... copy paste shouldn't be that hard (I could understand switching names, but not a totally new hybrid)😅 From scoresheet you would think everyone has nice correct edges on lz and f, only a couple of ! On flip (,in the sp iirc it was one ! on f and one on lz, but with skaters having the chance of putting only their best between lz and f it was more understandable) But it's kinda refreshing to see UR calls were made for every skater, no matter if top of the field or not, or regardless of nationality. Probably there should have been more, but I think it's good enough that this time Euro wasn't an inflation festival (Mayve they are keeping that for ladies... or US men lmao) Curious if they will send Artur to WC. He certainly has made an excellent case for himself both at Nats and here (especially since Sasha on the contrary didn't make a strong case for himself this time) Anyway men field is as volatile as ever just looking at gpf vs Euros...
  14. Not me that's for sure. Had Dima in second.... Morsi n Artur..... Errrrrr????? Feel so sorry for Brez too. What a wasted opportunity.
  15. Judging was quite fair at the men's competition. I mean if we look at that Samarin got 88 PCS at least Europeans and Dima got 86 today for a decent skate and judges knew they'll give him the gold medal here...It could've been worse. URs were called, even though not for everyone - Dima's 4Lz got called, at least, but Daniel could've got more, I think all of his quads were short. I've just realised Deniss zayaked the 2T in his 4th jumping pass. Oh dear, he's already done it at Nepela this season
  16. In all fairness, there are a lot of Arturs and Dmitrys in figure skating, especially among the Russians: Artur Dmitriev Artur Danielian Dmitri Aliev Dmitrii Kozlovskii Dmitry Rylov Dmitry Yalin Dmitri Soloviev and Dmitry Epstein of Netherlands Dmitre Razgulajevs of Canada The last six are all pairs or ice dancers though. So, 2 Arturs and one Dmitri. Wait...
  17. http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1920/ec2020/FSKMSINGLES-----------FNL-000100--_JudgesDetailsperSkater.pdf Protocols
  18. The biggest hockey star in every small town in Canada is the Zamboni operator, you know.
  19. France lost the 2 spots for next year, right? Adam just missed it.... I'm happy for Arthur, I really hope he will improve his skills in the future, as he seems to have decent technique - at least the jumps they showed on replay. Yes, there were some URs (i believe they were called), but he usually tries to control the take off with good edges and toe picks where necessary. I see some improvement from the JWC. I think it's important for skaters to show they put some effort. Dima put quite an effort today also and it payed of. I was upset for him back at COR when Samarin was propped up more with PCs. it felt that he was told he's not yet the favorite there. But now, after winning nats and europeans, thinks might change for him.
  20. Gee, one wonders just how close to the date of Worlds seating will be set. No one seems to know where a platform or stage will be set up for the "awards" - but it will definitely block views for many sections. No one, even CBC, seems to know where their crane camera will be - again, at least "partially obstructing" a couple of sections - someplace between 104 and 110 - and we can expect the athletes entrance someplace in front of one of those sections - where the crane camera is not. Answers to FAQ probably haven't been updated since last May - and they've changed a number of things since then. The original "venue map" has K+C in front of both sections 107 and 108, but the seating map shows only section 107. I am, at this point, only nearly certain that the Zamboni tunnel is between 117 and 118 - I figured that out from the Montreal Canadians seat map and also some Zamboni operator footage (now, that's exciting stuff).
  21. Proofread before posting, ISU. Proofread!!! On another note, I'm pleased for Paul Fentz, these scores were a PB for him and he finished in top ten.
  22. I predicted Dima for gold ... but what a delightful surprise was Artur's silver!
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