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  2. I wonder if this can also detect a possible bias when the judge scores a skater who trains in his country. Russia (Russia related countries) scoring Lilbet or Morisi. USA (and USA supporting countries) scoring Young, Yelim, Christy. Canada scoring (some) TCC skaters (especially with someone lower ranked like Kurakova or Utashin this could be interesting; or maybe they are too much out of radar for judges?).
  3. Zu did HYK many times at FaoI, so I don't think he will recycle it. Candy seems to be the most likely. Y-spiral for Shizuka in Torino.
  4. I voted for Masquerade even though i know that's nothing but wishful thinking .-. I realistically think he would choose to go full on environmentally friendly and do Haru yo koi (which i don't mind since i loved that program), and if he doesn't then i think he will go for Crystal memories (which i would rather he didn't because i can't stand the vocals and pronounciation, sorry). Maybe if i had to be slightly delulu but still realistic Let's go crazy would be an option (i still remember him saying during some olympic(? around that 2017/2018 mark at least) interviews that it was still unfinished business). I really don't mind any of the options though i would prefer it if he did crystal memories without the vocals.
  5. I voted for CM but, please, Zu, change your mind about Masquerade ... that would be a totally breathtaking EX.
  6. Unless the ISU youtube channel sets up a channel membership and holds the competition streams exclusive for the members, the stream on youtube is by default free. I don't think music copystrike is that big of a potential problem either, since the competition streams (and the skaters' programs) usually remains uploaded on the channel. So that leaves geoblocking. I think...vpn should solve that problem. ...and let's just hope the steam goes well no matter what :p
  7. I was paying through the nose to keep my cable so that I could watch figure skating on tv... but now I"m thinking ditch the cable and upgrade my internet... I"m hopeful that CBC doesn't cut a deal so that I can get the youtube channel... we already know we'll get skate canada on tv here... the only thing is, I feel badly for some older or less tech savvy viewers who just like to watch it on tv. now it will not be easy for them to access and they might not be bothered to ask someone to show them how to get to youtube...
  8. Adam Rippon just gave a talk at my firm! Why on earth he's speaking about his book at an investment bank, I have no idea. But hey, it was a nice break from work, and it's the only time I've seen him in person. So that was fun! He didn't talk about anything particularly substantial, or that I didn't know from being in the figure skating fandom, but he was pretty funny. I guess the most interesting bit was when he talked about the team event at the Olympics. He said that when Nathan bombed his SP, he looked at Mirai and they both thought "Oh shit, we might not medal anymore." And he really tried his best in the free because he figured that if he didn't, no one was going to take him seriously, ever. Because he knew no one had really been waiting for that "almost 30 year old" to come save the day, especially given that his team was made up of teenagers. I guess he has a point And it really seems like he's not going to be very involved with skating anytime soon, but he says sometimes when he visits the rink he'll help with choreography and stuff like that. Unfortunately it's back to work for me now, so less fun...
  9. Oh wow, I didn't realize that they did not have the rights anymore too.
  10. I voted for CM and I really want it to be the one probably the only one who does
  11. I honestly have no idea how things work but I surely wouldn't be happy to pay just because I live in a certain country....I don't remember if I read it here or on some other places but people were pretty upset and trying to get their money back. And about archiving,latest JGP comps are all there so I assume it will be the same with Seniors?In any case one can always record and share later
  12. I trolled and voted for Bohemian Rapsody ...but a girl can dream right? If I could,i'd beg him to skate one last time Masquerade (Maybe at NHK so there won't be problems with the japanese lyrics?)but it will probably be CM(y spiral and sparkles )or HYK ....Teo Torriatte is very tempting too as it is LGC....can i vote more then once?LOL
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  14. The fact that ToshI is releasing official tracks of the FaOI versions of both CM and Masquerade points to one of those. I'm getting Masquerade feelings - Yuzu surely didn't miss how popular it was, it's a lot different from both his competition programs, it's Japanese but it translates easily internationally. Everybody knows that PotO riff.
  15. HYK or Crystal Memories, but he may have a completely new program too I voted for Haru Yo Koi though because he didn't have many possibilities to skate to it last season.
  16. I would LOVE Masquerade but voted for CM...because that costume didn't look to be only for FAoI...If the keeps HYK I would also feel very happy!!
  17. I would like Masquerade (not an option) or new one. Realistically it will be HYK or Crystal. I love Y-spiral and last stsq in Crystal but as a whole I think I like HYK more and in comps he skated it only two times. But that's just my wish, I'm not making any predictions cuz I'm really bad with them))
  18. For the sake of recycling trinity. With Haru-chan Yuzu would set a new world record of recyclings per season, aye?
  19. I want it to be Masquerade, but realistically I think it will be HYK.
  20. One more question: would this data set show whether there's any statistically significant bias difference between disciplines? I.e., is ice dance judging really more biased than all the others?
  21. I think something with Japanese music. Or Let's go crazy because the vibe is really contrasting with the two competitive programs. But I would DIE for a BoRhap EX (or any Queen music at this point )
  22. From the discussions I've seen people aren't sure about whether Worlds falls into the CTV/TSN deal or not? But I did forget about Worlds, I can't be dealing with thinking about 2020 already... Honestly, as pleased as I am that we've finally got an answer and will be able to watch events there are still some questions about it for me. Some are the obvious ones like, will there be commentary? What about archiving? Will the videos still be uploaded to Eurovision Sports or will it just be YouTube? How are they going to deal with the copyright claims?* (* I assume the same as the JGP tbh, which means the men's SP for at least IdF and NHK and probably Europeans and Worlds is doomed from an archiving perspective) There's also the side of things that we probably won't get answers to - was this always planned? It seems like they were negotiating with broadcasters up until fairly recently so is this a panic response to deals falling through? How is this going to impact future attempts to monetise the streams? I can't imagine they're going to get much revenue from this* and after having a free stream I imagine there'd be an outcry at moving to a paid service unless the paid service offers a much better experience. (* does the ISU actually care about monetising the broadcast, or have they already been paid from the Infront Media deal and now it's Infront's problem?)
  23. Sheesh! The number of countries with all or most judges tested showing bias! It might be quicker to list the unbiased ones, but at this point I'm wondering if, over time, a larger data set would just show that all the judges are biased to some degree. Also, as a Canadian, I'm profoundly irritated by the Canadian results here. For a country that has suffered unfairly from biased judging in the past, and was a big contributor to the supposedly less biased IJS, to have 9 out of 23 judges fail the bias test is a disappointment. We are a country that prides itself on fair play, for f**K's sake! On the other hand, this evidence pretty clearly shows that almost all feds have bias, so it would be hard to resist the temptation to pad your own country's scores a little. Here's the thing though: just because a skater benefits from bias, doesn't necessarily mean that skater is a terrible skater who doesn't deserve international titles. It just means they should be judged by a neutral party.
  24. For quite a lot time I thought that whatever-music-TAT-gave-him is quite a strong option, but Zu recycled and he for years have at least one program with Japanese music.
  25. Yep it’s a good idea to bring an empty water bottle. I was asked to empty my water bottle into a bin outside of security at GPF Vancouver, although it was just plain water. I guess it’s understandable if meant for security reasons. There should be water fountains inside. And if not, tap water is technically potable in Canada unless otherwise specified (Only if you are comfortable with it tho)
  26. I made a MAD about figure skaters, idk if i can post it here if it's not 100% Yuzu related
  27. As we've got two recycled programs already I'd really like something new... Unless it's Masquerade, but I don't think it will be.
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