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  2. I prioritized sleep last night since i return to work today after time off and i am surprised to see VM ended up winning, which i am very happy to see. And Shibs got on the podium, also nice to see... I will watch it later when I return from work...
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    SO AFTER MANY REFRESHES LOL this is what I got Here: 1, 2
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    He didn't get hurt because it was the 4lz, he got hurt because he jumped when he wasn't fully recovered from a fever and probably had less muscle memory to save the 4lz landing, due to less experience with it. (Although I think he fell on other jumps as well and it was probably bad luck his foot slipped the way it did, just on the lutz, but that it could have happened on any jump.) Javi is probably not going to retire after worlds. In his latest interviews, he says he wants to do more competitions. He probably won't commit to full seasons, though and maybe not to the Grand Prix Series - or at least not very seriously. But I think he really wants 7 or 8 Euro titles and he doesn't really have big enough rivals there, so even without quad loop he could, maybe, do it. Javi probably won't do quad loop for health reasons, too. He's revealed he has trouble with his knees, too, so he probably doesn't see much point in risking it. Especially now that he achieved his biggest dream. But yes, he will be missed. However, we'll probably get years and years of lots of Javi in ice shows! And he's probably going to be awesome in them, as he can perform freely and have fun and not stress about anything. IMO, Javi is second only to Yuzu in FS right now. IF he'd kept up the technical aspect as well, nobody could come close to them. But I can see and understand why he didn't.
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    over the last few days i've seen 3 different yuzu posts featured on tumblr radar (this was one of them),he's quite popular there
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    dang I'm trying really hard to experience this..
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    Shimizu-san got the medal look at yuzu beside him
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    It was such a pleasure to watch all the PC practices footage! I feel like their coach-pupil relationship has got on a new level. I am not referring to trolling or mind games, just their interaction is much more open and relaxed now and they talk a lot.
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  10. Ah, this is 'judging skating while american'. Overall, this judge put Zu in 5th, Zhou is placed 3rd. In what world?! And if this, in any way, reflects how the US view skating, either they are doomed or FS is doomed (depending on how much their politicking can influence ISU).
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    I'm hoping that Yuzu and Brian's "new" approach to skating can carry over to the next season and beyond even after Yuzu is completely healed. Being relaxed instead of intense, holding back on doing too many high-risk elements during training, trusting your foundations instead of over-training, trolling the heck out of the media and psyching the opponents with your carefree attitude - I'm 100% for it. It seems to have worked really well too.
  12. I live for more Yuzu-Boyang hugs But imagine how awesome it would be if Yuzu just appeared at the gala, did the spiral with Misha and Boyang, and then disappeared again We must have some kind of a connection. I dreamed Yuzu landed Nessie and 5T.....
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    Yuzu will probably go to see doctor after gala in japan and then get healed for 2 weeks before deciding to go to worlds or not. I will really miss javi when he retires after worlds. I hoped javi stayed 2 more seasons because hes a treasure to the sport. If javi jumps quad loops during competitions im sure he can keep up with nathan chen and boyang jins scores since they usually fall in big competitions while javi doesnt. Theres a reason javi beat yuzu 2 times at worlds!! I worried yuzus gona be lonely losing his biggest training mate...
  14. Ok, finished watching the top teams and my favourites. M/R of Japan - I love how much they've improved. I hope they continue, and inspire skaters from Japan to consider and take ID seriously. Outside of the podium finishers, my favourite FS was C/L of Italy. C/B - the fall was devastating, not only does it cause them -2 deduction, but it also invalidated their spin. I am so so sorry. I think the placement is fair. V/M has the exact same BV as P/C but was scored lower in GOEs and PCS, which (apart from SS in particular) is about right, imo. P/C just had a bad, bad luck in their SP. I personally like the more subtle but enchanting routine of P/C's FD, but understand completely the appeal of V/M's FD. I have the complete reaction to their SDs. The Shibs were wonderful, too. But come on, those who said they were underscored. Is this the case of 'watching skating while american' again? I check both the protocols and the judges scoring from skating scores. Look at the US and Canadian judges. I mean, it's the most colourful scoring so far (as in judges are so divided in this event), but the Canadian putting W/P in 3rd (actual rank: 7th) and the US putting C/B in 7th (actual 12th) are just wild and screamed 'I panicked!' P/C and relatively the Shibs are still young (I am actually rather surprised that the Shibs are the older ones I mean, I should know better, but). I hope they stay around longer and broaden their style a bit. Once again, congrats to all the medallists!
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    He went back to Spain on Sunday to celebrate and he will return for Gala.
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    I'm laughing at brian opening up that the guy who was doing harness said he wasnt really doing anything lmao also he almost spat out his drink when quad axel was mentioned! Pray for brian's hair
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    The problem is you can't have the harness guy on ice with you during official practice and that's where he got that nasty ankle injury... Basically he should NEVER skate with a fever ever again and I think he understands this now, he nearly lost his biggest dream because of that fall.
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    I reckon he shld do every quad practices on harness except 4t 4s 4lo because he got hurt doing 4lz. Seriously no more risks. Yuzu is world treasure and his safety is top priority
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    Figure-skating should be less stressful than football, I thought... What a fool I was.
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    It’s still a required element so he should be okay (also, he loves that 3A I can’t picture him ever not doing it)
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    With the way this season and the Pyeongchang Olympics have turned out, I think if we made such bets we'll all be rolling in cash right now. Too bad the antis will never pay up. As for 4A, I honestly believe that his axel technique is so stellar and outstanding that he is fully capable of it. Indeed some of his 3As in practice look so huge, I believe he already has landed one or two 4As, not perfect maybe but he has landed them.
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    Who wants to bet he hasn't done at least one without the harness? I think it's a decent get-rich-quick scheme, bet the most outrageous stuff about Yuzu with his antis who say he can't do anything. Decent odds that a video will turn up somewhere sometime, really. Really, he is the only one with the axel technique to do it. And it WASN'T our imagination that some of his 3As looked like there was some delay. No wonder. Well, when he does eventually get it, he'd better not lose his 3A like he lost his 2A.
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    I think it might have been a compromise. Yuzu: I want to try the quad axel... Brian: No way. It's Olympic season! Yuzu: But... Brian: No. Yuzu: Brian: Yuzu: Brian: Well... Yuzu: Brian: Only if you use a harness! Yuzu:
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    I think I actually saw Brian's hair fall out. I'm not taking my hair out of my ponytail ever because I think it's all falling out too, I might lose all my hair as the scrunchie comes off. ETA: Lol @ Brian basically ignoring the Flip just like we do, like pishhh not happening.
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