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  2. I have a pocket sized copy of Walden (""We need the tonic of wildness... We can never have enough of nature.", "What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives with in us.") in my suitcase at all times. That, and the Little Prince ("What is essential is invisible to the eye."), are two of my favorites. And I have been to Walden Pond multiple times.....
  3. My zipper gets stuck all the time but I know half a dozen ways of unsticking it, none of which involve asking my friend's significant other to zip me up. I mean, whoever said "Better than unzipping!" has a point, but still!
  4. Zippers can get stuck. But they usually get stuck at the bottom and that would definitely not be cool. Though, as an adult, I can pull that puppy over my head and fix the zipper, then put it back on. I am an adult (Yoongi: please talk note).
  5. Of this list, I've read The Little Prince, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Kafka. I'd say that I have some catching up to do, but I'm not that motivated. Interesting that Joon's read Somerset Maughan though. And that the only biography on the shelf is Steve Jobs. I'd argue that Jobs is a fine example of what to do as a visionary and what NOT to do as a leader. Wonder if Joon has read Wilde. Seems like it would be in his wheelhouse, based on this.
  6. The parka one is triggering my inner Yoongi: if they can't zip uo their own parka, are they even an adult? And they don't deserve to go outside in winter .
  7. Article about Namjoon's bookcase - I copied the list of books and deleted the book covers and cost (in some other currency). I have stars next to ones I've read, and I love that he's read Walden and The Little Prince. Also, I need to track down Haruki Murakami. He seems to like that author. He''s Japanese and, according to a bio, his "Genre: Fiction; surrealism; magical realism; postmodernism; Bildungsroman; picaresque; realism. Hmmmmm. Very Namjoonie. Kitchen Banana Yoshimoto *Walden Henry David Thoreau When Breath Becomes Air Paul Kalanithi The Courage To Be Disliked Ichiro Kishimi *1984 George Orwell *Demian Hermann Hesse *The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupery 1Q84 Haruki Murakami Norwegian Wood Haruki Murakami *The Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger Killing Commendatore Haruki Murakami *The Unbearable Lightness of Be... Milan Kundera *Men Are from Mars, Women Are f... John Gray *Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson Stories of Your Life and Other... Ted Chiang Haruki Murakami Guns, Germs and Steel Jared Diamond *The Hitchhiker's Guide to the ... Douglas Adams Into the Magic Shop Dr James Doty Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 Cho Nam-Joo *Me Before You Jojo Moyes *Metamorphosis and Other Storie... Franz Kafka Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari Almond Won-pyung Sohn The Noonday Demon Andrew Solomon Please Look After Mother Kyung-Sook Shin *The Stranger Albert Camus The Moon And Sixpence W. Somerset Maugham Human Acts Han Kang The Midnight Library Matt Haig And on a vastly different topic - Jimin. From his "proof" mini-video -
  8. Another short compilation of their Music bank performances, just uploaded today.
  9. Some more funny debates from K-side. They're so imaginative I'm 🤣 Tae is also not having it. He's like, yeah, I'm coming along lol I like it when my boyfriend shows a bit possessiveness as I sometimes can get weirdly possessive too, so it really depends on the situation and context. But over all I'm quite free-spirited and adventurous so I don't like being tie-down/control. Anyhow it all boils down to communication and boundaries. I'm okay with some weird quirks if it's reasonable enough and communicated clearly.
  10. Gosh these Proof of Inspiration clips really bring up many emotions. Especially if you connect them to things they've shared in the past. Edit cuz I posted the wrong link lol There were quite a few for Tae's and Jin's clips too but I'm a bit lazy to dig them up again now.
  11. This is one of those 'context is everything' things. It's definitely possible to steal cake flirtatiously. 'Here, I don't want it, you can have mine' is not flirtatious though
  12. Hmm.....if its not a friend of ours, nope, no go. But if its a mutual friend and she is no longer hungry but my boyfriend is, why not🤷🏼‍♀️. I wouldn't care. By the way: if some guy I barely know would steel my cake - not sure if he would leave the location with his pride intact.....
  13. 😂 Had the same reaction. "Shouldn't it be moon?"
  14. The perilla leaf and shrimp debate is so funny. Seems to be a korean thing and a hot topic. In all recent Vlives it was a question that was asked. I dont really get it, but I think with the leaf its the famous "indirect kiss" one would give through the chopsticks to the friends girl/boyfriend? But just a guess.....And its so funny, because they all share food and feed each other with their chopsticks as well and noone cares😂. Ehm....who were you staring at😂.
  15. It must be a photo transfer. Apparently you can get them done for your own nails, too. One of the YouTubers I used to watch got all the BTS members put on her nails once for a vlog - but I can't find the video back now. Jk is the classic possessive bf. I could never date him longterm, he'd drive me bonkers with that nonsense. I was reading about the perilla leaf thing and the idea is, sometimes the perilla leaves stick together so separating just one for yourself with only chopsticks can be a challenge. Sometimes you need someone to help you by holding the pile down with their chopsticks while you peel one off the pile. So that's what they're talking about - are you ok with your bf doing that for another woman. Perilla leafs aside, it's actually a discussion about what are the little behavioural danger signs in a relationship, and what constitutes cheating, and how far do you trust someone? Me, i'd be okay-ish with perilla leaves, but let's say my bf starting stealing a forkful of cake from some other girl's plate...that'd be a 'no' from me. He can have my cake, or none at all.
  16. I did, only to realize he's wearing extra layers...
  17. Ah YES, a touch of Yuzu when you wake up, I say OK and to make this long-awaited FOI 2022 wait, here is a compilation of Yuzu and other skaters and focus on slow motion and "WAKU WAKU"? and also to be able to admire the SUPERB photobook "Be the Light" from 2011 to 2020 YES our light and I take up a comment: "these are ART photos" and ALIGATO to you Yuzu to bring us dreams
  18. Hello, I have been lurking on this site for a few weeks before finally making an account and I just wanted to know if you guys could tell me what TV channels faoi will be broadcasted on? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question
  19. Yes me too. For me it is also the first FaOI. By the way Harumi tweeted yesterday that she had already rehearsal for FaOI. Maybe we will get some footage of Yuzu's rehearsal next week before the show begins. Yes, unfortunately the site was blocked for some countries. I tried it at home on the computer, with VPN it works.
  20. I like it, waking up with these daily Yuzu videos. If Yuzu wants to continues to pursue his dream of 4A, I will of course support him and keep my finger crossed for him. But the important thing is the complete healing of his ankle. With English subtitles 🙏 [NEWS]
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