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  2. This is really nice! Too bad I can't read figure skating terms in Mandarin
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  4. Delurking after two years to say hi. I just want to say that I am sure whoever edited the Google video must be a Fanyu. Someone suggested that the BGM of the piece is a song called Superheroes. Here is part of the lyrics: All his life he's been told He'll be nothing when he's old All the kicks and all the blows He won't ever let it show 'Cause he's stronger than you know A heart of steel starts to grow When you've been fighting for it all your life You've been struggling to make things right That's how a superhero learns to fly Every day, every hour, turn the pain into power The fact that the caption is “superheroes that can fly” when Yuzu appeared is definitely not a coincidence. The impact this dude has! Just as the moderator said during the post PC FCCJ press conference, in a world of fake news, alternative facts and nonsense, Yuzu’s skating is the truth. Let’s just stay positive and celebrate the joy and inspiration that his skating brings to us.
  5. He could have graduated to mimosas already and we would never know.....
  6. Yeah, it's easy to have great sportsmanship when you're winning. Not saying he doesn't, but it's just way easier.
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  8. by this logic, saying that nathan and alysa get candies for being american is also racist. well, racist or not, it is the truth. not sure about alysa, but nathan does not seem to enjoy much fame in china. part of the chineese are upset with him for his program a couple of years ago to mao's last dancer. yuzu has many fans in china and nathan beating him with inflated scores does not sit well with them. so i don't think he'll have it easy with the public in beijing. scores related, he's always fine, no matter where he skates. they gave him as much as possible in PC, but the short program was hard to recover from, otherwise he would have at least podiumed.
  9. I love that they have Johnny Weir playing a pairs skater. I don't love that this article doesn't even mention the skaters who are in this, just the actors. Actors, who cares? We're all going to be watching for the skating anyway.
  10. I know, right? I'm always torn between wishing I had that much fitness myself, and admiring what he has going on. @Geo1 So to sum up, as far as Tourism Kelowna is concerned, Yuzu is welcome back any time. I picture all the nice old ladies working in the tourist information center doing this if he ever shows up again.
  11. I thought he was alluding to the fact that the next Olys are in China, but it could also be interpreted the way you have. hard to know, I don't follow Max usually so have no idea what his attitudes are. ...and I see I'm late to the discussion as usual
  12. I would typically agree if we don't tend to see a boost across all sports for athletes of the host countries at the Olympics. Nathan and Alysa aren't Chinese nationals and I'd be willing to say the inflation has more to do with them being American and the US' lack of singles champions at the Olympics in the last 2 cycles. We'll just have to see how things play out as we get closer to Beijing but I am willing to bet that we will hear more and more about their Chinese ancestry as PR in some way or other leading up to the games.
  13. I don't think anyone is arguing about that. The OP clearly stated in their tweet that "USFSA would have pushed their own skaters regardless". It's just that they are willing to play the fact that they're of chinese ancestry to their advantage to attract Chinese sponsors and maybe get a more invested Chinese/Chinese-American audience and the Olympics taking place in Beijing is the perfect stage for that. Edit: Also, I guess I'm just not for accusing anyone of anything over an ambiguous comment and just go with the most neutral interpretation. Especially since Ambessi has always been supportive of all athletes regardless of their nationality/race. (Although he is harsher on American skaters in general haha).
  14. I don't think this is how it works. IMO the Olympics being in Beijing has nothing to do with the inflation at all. It would be the same if the next Olympics were held on Mars. I also don't see how the olympics being in beijing and Nathan being Chinese-American would be bigger $$$ in the United States than if Nathan were White or any other race. In fact, the $$ would be much more if he were a photogenic ice princess like Gracie Gold for sure. Anyway saying Nathan and Alysa get candies because they're Chinese-descent is pretty racist, even if I agree with them on other things.
  15. Except that this fact is presented as the one that determines the specific treatment of mentioned athletes in their favor.
  16. Simple person that I am, I only thought he was saying they are both American with Chinese ancestry. Facts. My mind just doesn't seem to go towards other reasons other than the obvious.
  17. Well, I don't agree...it is easy to show sportsmanship when you are gifted more PCS and GOE than what your skate should show according to the rules!
  18. Entry list and results page for Four Nationals (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary): https://www.czechskating.org/files/calendar/2913/vysledky/index.htm The competition will be on 13-14 December in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Live stream for Friday: Live stream for Saturday:
  19. Israel Nationals Final Results Senior Men Name Total SP FS 1 Mark GORODNITSKY 240.07 85.29 (2) 154.78 (1) 2 Daniel SAMOHIN 220.65 87.59 (1) 133.06 (3) 3 Alexei BYCHENKO 212.82 61.87 (3) 150.95 (2) Protocols SP, FS Senior Ladies Name Total SP FS 1 Alina IUSHENKOVA 156.02 49.11 (3) 106.91 (1) 2 Nelli YOFFE 151.43 56.24 (1) 95.19 (2) 3 Taylor MORIS 146.47 56.40 (2) 91.87 (3) Protocols SP, FS Pairs Name Total SP FS 1 Anna VERNIKOVA / Evgeni KRASNOPOLSKY 165.37 57.10 108.27 Protocol SP, FS Results page -- I have found something interesting on the results page - there was something that was called 'jump competition" in the Sr/Jr Men and Ladies. I wonder what could that be? Because it's not only the TES of the SP or FS, these numbers are lower.
  20. My guess is Max is implying that there will be (and already has been) an attempt to build a media narrative leading up to the Olympics that draws on the fact that both Nathan and Alyssa have Chinese ancestry and that the Olympics are in China. If that's the point he's making, then I agree with it because we've already seen it clearly in play with Alyssa after she won US Nationals. I think ESPN or Sports Illustrated did that entire article about her and her Chinese father. I would assume a lot of Chinese people in China could care less, but from a US audience perspective I am willing to be they will be building up a story around it as we get closer to 2022. I'm sure something similar will happen with Nathan as well, and Vincent too if they all end up in Beijing. I'm sure NBC will try to play up the Chinese American competing in China angle and that Max's tweet is more about money and advertising in the US around Chinese American athletes competing in Beijing.
  21. A new film of skating in Netflix "Spinning Out" coming in january 1.
  22. I wish more events published reports like this. I know Yuzu brings in the people and the money, but to see the actual numbers is just mind blowing.
  23. More details of Hanyuconomy at work in Kelowna. https://globalnews.ca/news/6288882/kelowna-skate-canada-international-economic-activity-report/
  24. Swiss Nationals Final Results Senior Men Top 5 Name Total SP FS 1 Lukas BRITSCHGI 205.98 73.58 (1) 132.40 (1) 2 Nurullah SAHAKA 185.71 68.30 (2) 117.41 (2) 3 Nicola TODESCHINI 177.91 65.52 (3) 112.39 (3) 4 Tomas Llorenc GUARINO SABATÉ 163.99 56.53 (7) 107.36 (4) 5 Micha STEFFEN 160.80 57.34 (6) 103.46 (5) Protocols SP, FS Senior Ladies Top 5 Name Total SP FS 1 Alexia PAGANINI 177.18 61.19 (1) 115.99 (1) 2 Noémie BODENSTEIN 156.05 47.37 (4) 108.68 (2) 3 Yasmine YAMADA 149.97 57.90 (2) 92.07 (4) 4 Anais CORADUCCI 149.77 55.76 (3) 94.01 (3) 5 Shaline RÜEGGER 136.44 44.60 (6) 91.84 (5) Protocols SP, FS Pairs Name Total SP FS 1 Alexandra HERBRIKOVÁ / Nicolas ROULET 129.87 46.36 83.51 Protocols SP, FS Ice Dance Name Total RD FD 1 Victoria MANNI / Carlo RÖTHLISBERGER 163.23 63.87 (1) 99.36 (1) 2 Arianna WRÓBLESKA / Stéphane WALKER 154.06 58.92 (2) 95.14 (2) Protocols RD, FD Results page
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