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  2. Yes! The details are beautiful! What's better than a starry sky and a Yuzu face moon to represent a watch called Yuzuru. Naturally, the Yuzuru watch is targeted at ladies. I can easily imagine tons of Yuzu lady fans loosening their wallets. I might be one of them. Rest in peace, wallet.
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  4. Well, either way Yuzu looks damn fine in those pictures. Can we always have that hair style, please? I can settle for the soft-Yuzu hair, but, please, no more of the old-fashioned one he often wears for sponsor events
  5. Hello!! I am looking for a Saturday Ticket for 1 person!! Please DM me!!
  6. The Yuzuru model appeals to the ladies just fine 😂seriously I feel sorry for the poor person who leaked the video but it’s so worth it ...hopefully tho this person will still have a job at the end of the day Our lord is coming ISU is better to hold on tight on those seats😂😂
  7. Who wants to tell ISU about all The Signs? Wheeee more content for us! Wow there's a little starry sky in the Yuzuru watch?! With what looks to me like a cute little trollface moon!
  8. for those who want to see it I'm letting this one up for 1 hour and then gonna take it down since it's obviously a leak
  9. If they don't know that by now, they haven't done their homework properly I'm not sure about the Chinese branch - which I think already exists according to their website - but I think Japanese companies treasure the moment of a big announcement too much to spoil it by test-leaking stuff.
  10. Maybe Citizen is planning to expand their market to China. I do wonder if this is really an unintentional leak. Or is the PR team trying to gauge how far Yuzu stuff are gonna explode in sns in a matter of seconds.
  11. Honestly, with all the China stuff lately, it wouldn't surprise me... but I still think it's more likely he'll decide depending on how this season goes... Currently, I tend to think that if he stays injury-free this season - proving to himself that it is possible to do so - he'll start preparing for Beijing. I would find it weird, though, if this turns out to be a deal with just Citizen China... given that Citizen is a Japanese brand... Something like Kose makes sense, but a deal with just the Chinese branch of a Japanese company would be weird, IMO. And if it's not just the Chinese branch, the Japanese branch will probably not be happy about the leak... (even if it is just the Chinese branch, they might not be happy altogether...)
  12. I love it, he looks so good and happy. Good job on the chinese pronounciation. My delulu self is whacking my brain that this is a sign for Beijing. Keep calm self, there are 2 more seasons to go.
  13. Honestly with his looks and reputation he could have built an even bigger star power in asia if he does more endorsements not just in Japan but also in china. Tension among east asian countries aside, his looks are universally appealing in asia and he has a fanbase in china willing to spend money on him. he could have attended tv shows or just do ice shows world tour with just talking sessions and im sure he can still get a sellout. but he chooses to compete even when he already met the finish line and im soooo grateful
  14. Yes i saw the video a few moments ago on Instagram and Twitter ! He is so cute !
  15. Why does something as exiting as a new endorsement (it seems like premature leak?) have to occur when it's time I have to sleep? (Now I can't sleep, ahhhhh, LGC hair!)
  16. Citizen happens to be the ISU's longest-running sponsor.....Yuzu out there laying the groundwork for his takeover, I see how it is. Step one: infiltrate. But you didn't hear it here.
  17. I found this pics! wow he looks great!! and the clip!!! edit: yep ... all the clips are down ...
  18. My twitter timeline is going crazy over a video of Yuzu as Citizens ambassador but it got deleted after 5 minutes.
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