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  3. Get well soon, @Fay! My sister had it too, she recovered, tested negative about a month and a half ago and her smell and taste are still not 100% there yet. Thank God, she didn't had any permanent pulmonary damage or God knows what other things some unfortunate ppl remains with.
  4. Even when you haven't actually heard the piece yet. You can tell what the music's like by looking at him. The first time I saw Change was with the sound muted and it was obvious what kind of music it was anyway.
  5. Guess it had to change, tattoos have become so commonplace now. Even if they're still generally frowned on in Korea, there's probably a good number of people who get them anyway
  6. I said 'hockey gear' as a shortcut. His sweatpants and shirt have a hockey team logo on them in that photo. Not an NHL team, though. Not one I recognize anyway
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hockey Gear? Where? Sorry, I don't get it, what did I miss? Edit: added this second part, but have no idea why it split in a seperate section........... If I understood correctly, then this downgrading no longer exists, it seems like there was some law change recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAXm12pdtJk
  9. [NEWS] New photos from Jnats https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/special/athlete-words/article/article_122.html
  10. Often, my impression is that the music is skating.
  11. From what I've read, hockey isn't a big sport in Korea, but it's increasing in popularity. Maybe the gear was part of a promotion to increase the popularity of the sport. It doesn't get as cold there (Seoul) as it does in most of interior Canada so I don't think that it's the kind of sport kids would naturally gravitate to in the winter because there would likely be no frozen ponds (or improvised rinks, like flooded playgrounds). It's interesting to realize they were the location for Winter Olympics but you have to get up into the mountains for most winter sports - most of the country is to
  12. I would hum along even if he skates without music. He’s a radio.
  13. I pray for your speedy recovery!! It will be fine Take careee!! Tbh I’m actually so scared now, so many people I know got it....
  14. Yuzu is that type of skater, if you mute the music, you can recreate the notes from his body movements. I just have to see 3-5 seconds of a practice run-through - no music, no costume, just his black training gear - and I can tell which program it is. It doesn't even have to be the step sequence, just a random part of the choreo. His movements are so characteristic in their vibe, expression, energy and speed that they translate almost 1:1 into the music piece.
  15. In a novel I have been writing the main character who is a very young world class ballet dancer, expresses his goal as a performer - He gestures with his hand sweeping down his body from head to toe - "I want to make my body sing". That perfectly describes Yuzu's pursuit of perfection.
  16. Thank you for the link! I don't read Japanese but I found the automatic translation by deepl.com quite understandable. Like all automatic translators they tend to mix personal pronouns though. Midori Ito, Shizuka Arakawa... A program arranger from the past talks about Yuzuru Hanyu: "Why does your 'SEIMEI' fit the sound so perfectly? Hanyu performed "SEIMEI" for the first time in two seasons at last year's Four Continents Championships. Mr. Yano was also in charge of the arrangement, which was shortened by 30 seconds to fit the new rules. Keiichi
  17. This article seems to be very interesting, but google translation is rather vague. May anyone translate it, Yuzu part at least? https://number.bunshun.jp/articles/-/846755
  18. Shiika, Mana and Moa WDed. Mana posted that her leg(s) hurt her after JNats and she decided to recover first. She feels better now and came back to training, but there was no time to prepare properly to this competition. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKROfBfp0Dx/
  19. @liv it seems so weird that they would hold back the second dose just because there's an outbreak. But nothing about the vaccination program in Ontario is making sense to me anymore. My cancer clinic has been pushed back in priority while, so I hear, UHN was able to vaccinate all kinds of non-front line staff...and now we have to wait because of the production slowdown at Pfizer. I have all kinds of questions and feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster now. Sure hope things get organized soon.
  20. Both are so great but if I had to pick one it'd be season 2019-20. It has photos of Masquerade and purple Origin (+Otonal v2) and because of the program change there are also pictures of Seimei and Chopin from 4CC 2020.
  21. Glad to see that you've mainly recovered. COVID has so many bizarre side effects. I hope you get back to full health as quickly as possible.
  22. What I find jarring is the fact that he's wearing hockey team gear...is ice hockey big in Korea? As for his abs/face dichotomy, it doesn't bother me as much because this is what all my male teammates looked like back when I was a competitive swimmer in my teens. Except for the fact that none of them were this handsome, he could be any one of them. I don't really mind JK's tattoos although I do wonder if he'll regret them later. In general, I tend to consider tattoos and piercings to be relics of barbarism that have no place in modern society, but to each their own.
  23. **ahem!** Excuse you, but they are not "trashbag pants" anymore. Because of the superlative job they've done in LMEY delineating every inch of Yuzu's amazing leg lines with gleaming reflections of the arena lights, this sublime garment is a 'trashbag' no longer! Hats off and a moment's acknowledgement for our new costume best friends, the Gleaming Pants of Ascension, or GPOA. Because how could a humble satellite fail to ascend to heaven, upon observing Yuzu's gorgeous gams swathed in slick black fabric that clings like sweet on sugar?
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