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  2. That is what it said on the web that Paperatoms shared. As long as the ticket application and sales period remains open, there is still hope!
  3. Soobin talking about Jin and then Namjoon in his birthday live, starts around 6.20min mark. I would really like to know what was going on with the boys, because they have mentioned a few times that they where going through a tough time and all the members thanked Soobin for beeing such a good leader for them. And this because it made me I love how absolutely unbothered Soobin and how casual Yeonjun is about it. For Yeonjun like its the most logical thing to do and for Soobin just a "yeah, I'm used to it" situation. Lol
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  5. Hope the subs will be up soon. Was so surprised to have a bangtan tv video without subs. I'm so glad they finally join the international age system. It is just so confusing and Namjoon saying he turns 30 next year didn't help at all, because my mind was screaming at him "no, your not, it's simple math"😅🙈 Well, it's what we expected, isn't it?.....I hoped it wouldn't happen, but I'm realistic, so not surprised at all😤🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😑
  6. Kao is nicknamed "Lamborghini" for his speed https://number.bunshun.jp/articles/-/855499 I'm glad his spins have been improved. They used to be awful. Yuma called Kao "potential monster"
  7. https://w2g.tv/li84p3q32hdetzkysb RUN BTS ep 16-19
  8. 🤣 Well I watched 90 minutes of Brazil vs Croatia and I was hoping they'd finish in time because I had to go out for a birthday I couldn't miss...so I missed the extra time and I watched the penalty shoot out under the table. 🤭 Croatia played well in the game, their playing is well organised and they are such a physically fit team. It seemed to me it broke Brazil's confidence by the end of the second half (and probably in the end of extra time when Croatia scored the goal). I am happy for Croatia, they are again in the semifinal! And I am sad for Brazil because I thought they could reach the final and even win this World Cup. Perhaps next time.
  9. I might ask my friend to pop in while FaceTiming with me and show me the goods 😅 I can’t justify a 3 hour train ride down to go shopping
  10. Oh look! BTS Pop-up Store in London! (Still probably not going to be cheap, though). https://www.karnivaljoy.com/
  11. Selling 1 ticket to the gala Gold category Feel free to contact me, I will sell it at a low price.
  12. Came across this on twt. It is a very well done fan edit. The voice over is from a documentary.
  13. Welcome @YuzuJay If you have any questions regarding the Planet, feel free to post these. [NEWS]
  14. This is very cute. Years ago at JNats 2017, Yuzu could not take part but because of his prior competition results Yuzu was announced as being part of the Japanese FS team. Yuzu was not present at JNats due to injury. At the press conference the team had a group photo taken and a cardboard 'Standee' Yuzu was placed beside the team members for the photo. It was very amusing.
  15. My first post so still trying to understand the planet. CFanyus take a bus ride with Yuzu.
  16. Ah I see. I saw a thread explaining the reason. Apparently WV uses volumetric shipping, and they do (grossly over)estimate for each item, then just stack them instead of combining them in the true sense of it. Hence the ridiculous pricing. Maybe you should look into forwarding services. Some of them hold onto your items and combine them all into one shipment to save you money. The intervew with Dia museum
  17. Does anyone have a link (unofficial)? Like a live qq or some other?
  18. I put it to the test and checked what would happen if I put the four books already released, in one order. You can do it, but they still don't combine the shipping - so you get four books in the box, same size box, but pay 4x the shipping as one book. Someone at Weverse Shop is simply corrupt. Or incompetent. Or both.
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