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  2. well of course, but as you say the artist made it much more obvious with their choice of drawing style for him.
  3. I went and looked up the whole article, and it well and truly is a hit piece, like a club to the knee kind of hit piece. Not only does the article-writer dismiss the content of BTS's speech as unworthy of note, but they then go on to imply that this is the second time BTS has delivered a speech at the UN not written by them - by referencing that earlier speech and their newspaper's unsuccessful attempts to get further details from BigHit about it. It's really a nasty piece of work even though it's brief. This Korea Herald newspaper seems to have had it in for BTS for quite a long
  4. I know right?!! The things they wrote were totally in line with things they said many times before. And of course they would have been bouncing ideas off of each other, and it would have been reviewed and revised heavily by the officials. Like they are trying to make it seem like the guys are mere puppets, and the only things they offer are their visuals and fans??? UGH. Whatever, they more than achieved what they came to do and much more. Yoongi said it best in the last VLive.
  5. ....the heck...why would anyone cast that into doubt? It's crystal clear that the guys each wrote their own, some of them probably with help from RM. And then the Blue House people probably vetted the speeches to make sure they were suitable...but the words are so obviously the members' own, there's no one else who could have come up with some of the things they said. And also, why is it even an issue? Every single world leader that stands in that space and reads a speech has had it written for them by hired speechwriters. So even if BTS didn't write the speech themselves, so what?
  6. Lol we panicked for no reason. It was wild time on the TL. This will also air this Fri.
  7. The Vlive has subs now. And they re uploaded the deleted ones, too. yay
  8. Today
  9. Wow - these seven have been fighting an uphill battle since their debut. There are so many negative forces, in Korea and beyond, that want to tear them down because they have succeeded beyond anyone's predictions. They have more influence than any other Koreans, probably more than any other Asians. Certainly Asian artists. And their influence goes so far beyond just music. To me, as just a fan and an admirer, I would think that all of Korea would be proud of how the status of Korea has been raised globally, solely because of these young men and their hard work and determination. But, “Yo
  10. Sigh ... why is that this f ppl can't just let them be ... why ... stupid idiots ...
  11. Ok... mood dampener so be forewarned that this is another rage-inducing piece
  12. We should know by now that we're never gonna get them shirtless except in our dreams LOL...
  13. Here I am again : I just stumbled upon this and which dates from yesterday 09/21 and it talks about Canada and the opening of the borders and Rika and, of course, Yuzu and his "return"? to TCC (well I write what I understood, sorry) and you will understand better than me and that he is alone in Japan and Japanese comments translated and also, it would appear? that there is an incident at the 2014 Olympics gala, between Yuzu and P Chan and that the anti-Yuzu attacked him ..... : must see the video and read the "show more"
  14. This was fun. I really need to watch some of these old interviews they did in the US. Maybe they filmed their part in Korea and it will be mixed with the part Coldplay did🤷🏼‍♀️ hmmm.....don't think so. Why should they say "two". It would be all seven or none of them. Wait WHAT?!? Did they really renovate a whole villa, including the garden????? Crazy, but so looking forward to it🤩😍🤩. And Jimin gave a tiny spoiler in the Bangtantv today for in the soop😁 That makes sense as well.....if they are allowed t
  15. I think they may well be doing a MV today with Coldplay - it's not like Coldplay is into intricate flashy dance moves, so it could be relatively simple and they already have the music recorded. And Son Sung-deuk is already there. Are they leaving tomorrow? I'm just way too frazzled to do two weeks in a row wondering if they are going to be on a late-night show.
  16. LMAO yes I can see the Tannies doing this. It may not be Bangtan Village but it could be Bangtan Compound. Ohh noooo I'm laughing so hard my tummy hurts...
  17. noooooo I wanted recycled The Piano nuooooo good luck to Kaori for new Free, I didn't love Kaorix (contrary to many) but it had its iconic moments, so I hope she inspired Benoit something at least as good for oly season.* About 3A... tbh I'm doubtful on the chances of a cleanly rotated &somewhat reliable 3A at this stage. idk, it looks very hard. It would be great if she succeeded though, the BV increase from a single 3A isn't much but it could still compensate for some selective edge call on her Lz. But only if she can rotate it semi-cleany and execute the rest of the program.
  18. I'm sorry but it's hilarious how Twt is going feral over potential Soop gym and swimming pool content.... Now they're pull up all kinds of relevant old contents. I'm enjoying all this chaos very much
  19. About the In The SOOP #2 location: was the place purpose-built for them? Wow!! ...no wonder Jin was talking about them building a village to live together in when they were old..
  20. I'm hoping so too really. They'd probably work right until they have to leave if need be. Not that they haven't done that before.
  21. Hell yeah!!! I mean they visited Megan so why not?!! I'm so giddy it's ridiculous! Pics coming soon!!! Probably when I'm asleep....
  22. You know, I bet they're filming the MV for My Universe with Coldplay these couple days, especially if they can't perform publicly. It seems strange to me that they're not releasing an official MV on the exact release date of the song and what it implies is that they don't have the MV ready to go yet. I hope I'm right. For some reason I'm very taken with the idea of BTS and Coldplay filming together and starting a professional relationship.
  23. Honestly the joke was in such poor taste, and he obviously knows ARMYs are not a bunch of 15 year olds. I have seen the ARMY in the audience, they look well into their 20s and 30s. His staffs even passed out cupcakes to ARMY waiting in line before. He knows better, yet still made poor decision. I closed the chat because I cringed so hard, no denying that. JC is no stranger to BTS and ARMY, and their achievements and impacts. Again, coming from him, it was simply a short-sighted and downright bad decision. I mean when he promoted BE, the only song he knew was Dyna... Jimin subtly
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