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  3. Oh, true! Thanks for letting us know, it went straight to the spam folder
  4. oi ru the dude from the flying chat thingy?

  5. Here part 2 Thank you to the Axel with wings team for the translation. There are also new Yuzu pics: Seimei pose Credit Credit @by Sunao Noto [NEWS]
  6. Yuzu knew things were not right when he saw that he had been awarded almost Max PCS points (98.56) for his Seimei free skate at the 2015 GPF, but found his PCS dropping in subsequent competitions despite improvement technically and artistically. For example, the PCS for his perfect Hope and Legacy "best free skate in history" at the 2017 Helsinki World Championships was 97.08. "Scandalous!" shouted Max Ambesi.
  7. ...actually, there has been a photojournalist who tweeted around his going pro announcement that Yuzu screamed the lyrics when he saw him in his warm up sessions in comps (he said nothing on whether he was in tune or not though...) I sure hope he was in tune
  8. @Anabel i have sent my msg for Yuzu to your email. 😊 Thank you @Anabel @Perelandra again. ❤
  9. They better ... JK's bday vlive means 10M+ ppl showing up lol
  10. And Sept 1 is his birthday - maybe a "live" - they better get their sub function operational before then.
  11. marika translated it in full: [NEWS]
  12. I bet JK would be fascinated by the process of blending their faces on a computer
  13. This is strictly my personal opinion, but I have always thought that Yuzu lip-synchs Kimigayo on the podium. I have no opinion about the quality of his singing voice, but have always hoped that he does have a good voice and even wished that he would someday be a singing idol. Having said that, it's been my belief that Yuzu is lip-synching whenever we see him "singing" in public. Maybe he is purposely hiding his singing voice, Ninja Yuzu-style, so that he can blow everyone's minds one day by coming out with a recording without any advance notice. Is that his secret post-professional athlete ambition/career? If there was one occasion when you would have expected Yuzu to actually sing out loud, it would have been the time they had celebrities singing Hana Wa Saku; however, you can see at approximately 20 seconds of the following video that he is initially lip-synching with his eyes closed and then silently looking at the camera for the remainder of his appearance. I think that a lot of Fanyus had looked forward to seeing this video in anticipation of actually hearing Yuzu sing. For better or worse, Yuzu does not wish to reveal his singing voice.
  14. 7 pictorials.... my wallet will be crying 😂
  15. We all already know that, it's great to hear Yuzu confirmed. His decision was well thought all the way.
  16. Vegatta, the mascot of Sendai's local professional football team Vegalta who couldn't stop caressing teenager Yuzu, did the same pose. Detective fanyus at work:
  17. Oh, so everybody is doing something like this not only JK ... I wonder what's for? they do this only when they release new music/albums ... obviously, It's not the case now ... hmmm interesting. What about a new story line? ... yeah, they call this a break/hiatus ... lol and we literally couldn't catch breath this summer ...
  18. More info on the photo and what's to come here
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