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  2. wow busy weekend for us all ....can't wait!!!
  3. See who features as No 62 among the best male athletes of the 21st century in a Spanish language newspaper. https://especiales.marca.com/100-deportistas-siglo/yuzuru-hanyu.html?fbclid=IwAR1uqzebC9j0HKN8SB4uzgsJ-9WKkjP5HdkKMM-Dy8plJKosy7XPuIYk45A
  4. Both Canada and the United States permit dual or multiple citizenship, so it is possible for you to be an American and Canadian citizen at the same time.
  5. I just stumbled across this article on the Chinese website globaltimes.cn: https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1172638.shtml Here is a very interesting quote: 290 million views This equals the total population of the USA minus California lol. China knows how to support Yuzu. I have the feeling, if the judges dare to rob Yuzu in Beijing, they won't survive that day in one piece.
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  7. They won’t because they are afraid of running out of stuff to tease us with before the millennium is out.
  8. Sometimes we also get a couple of seconds of new videos from Japanese TV archive! I just wish they'll dig deeper and more often...
  9. @Sombreuil it's really borne out of necessity — before I moved away I usually just went to a hairdresser as well, but now that I cannot afford hairdresser as easily I have to do it myself, it took a while until I nailed it 😂. @sweetwater I put my hair in an updo too, up until to a point when the weather become just too unbearable for my scalp (my hair is just that thick 😅). Also I just use a normal paper scissors to cut it 😅😂🙈 — works well enough for me 😃😂
  10. Yeah, I know some magazines (like In Rock) are sold out there, but some things got restocked, so I'll check closer to the selling date. Sadly Amazon doesn't deliver here, though there's always proxy shopping (only harder to find delivery options now).
  11. Pandas sold out within few hours of releasing the Citizen photos... First koalas and now pandas...but we'll never run out of poohs... https://www.visualistan.com/2019/08/the-25-highest-grossing-media-franchises-of-all-time-infographic.html I'm curious what percentage is fanyu's contribution toward the sale of winnie the pooh merchandising worldwide...
  12. Hey, the stuff we get otherwise is from 2015 or 2018. Consider your luck to get a set of pictures which are under a year old!
  13. Try going to the google drive itself. It won’t show anything right here either.
  14. and here I was hoping for fresh Yuzu....
  15. Given the trouble it took me just to find a few things, now I understand why they get upset!
  16. How come I can't play any video. It keep saying an error has occured
  17. I am not sure if it will be back on CDJapan, usually things sell out fast there. I'd also prefer CDJapan but will probably order it on Amazon if there are no other options. I guess the same time when the other Citizen pictures were taken...a very long time ago.
  18. The pairs free skate video is blocked so I couldn't rewatch it. But I searched for Stolbova and Klimov's video because it was such a great skate.
  19. Sota's old-new programs: In other news, Rika still not decided anything, but Hamada team will do their programs this month. Kaori considers recycling.
  20. I would prefer if he'll reuse his SP though. But as he's abroad from current coach and a lot of uncertainty about season, recycling is understandable really.
  21. It seems Shoma is back on ice in Nagoya (Howa Sports Land). YAY https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/413f297df2758e79ea6aab3c57b801d929b136fa He has not decided yet about the new programs, so used the last season's program this time. I love this program, so I don't mind anyway
  22. it doesn't exist and is very very annoying however SkatingScores compiles many of them into their own format and it's way easier to use, although they get very mad if you download their data
  23. Any indication when these were taken?
  24. So... TOMORROW at the same time, 11 a.m. GMT, we are having Men’s SP. Expecting a lot more people to post tomorrow, please, come! The entries http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1516/gpf1516/CAT001EN.HTM Last time so far when three Japanese male skaters made it to the final.
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