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  2. I've been thinking quite a bit about next year in Beijing. The first thing is that Yuzu's pursuit of a third consecutive gold medal will be THE big story of that Olympics, since the last time it happened was nearly a century ago. Second, because of that Yuzu will be the sentimental favorite, meaning that there will be far more people HOPING he'll win than those hoping someone else will. Assuming that most will see the competition as being between Nathan and Yuzu, except for the American media, the spin around most of the rest of the world will see Nathan as the evil usurper. I hope that Na
  3. Yeonjeong Park new (SP probably?) Ballade No.4 in F minor Op.52 by Frederic Chopin, choreo by D.Wilson https://www.instagram.com/p/CNkOtJBLmhx/?igshid=ephpeq19fi7v
  4. Seehyeong Lee new SP Prince Igor, choreo by Yeaji Shin https://www.instagram.com/p/CNkI6XfAI3F/?igshid=1iy19rfxjlxvv
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  6. Oh dear... I think, I figured out now what happened with Yuzu's free in Stockholm Yuzu, please don't take this line of LMEY THAT serious next time "YOU GOTTA GET HIGH, BEFORE YOU TASTE THE LOWS!"
  7. The figure. The plan is to basically put the Origin 2.0 costume onto the current figure with the PW pose (Yes, not even the weird face is redone).
  8. Has this been posted? PS: The drunken texts were from Sashida-san
  9. It's coming!!! Also, LOL at Shuzo-san's white room. Such a good match with Yuzu's ever white/beige walls This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  10. The International Skating UOnion tells us we don't have to worry : By the way, searching for their messages I found this site, did you know it? https://skate-the-onion.tumblr.com/
  11. Maybe Japanese govt is erring on the side of caution because ISU can't be trusted to contact trace properly and a negative PCR test can just mean they're infectious but not detectable by PCR? But if that's so they shouldn't be pushing the declaration of emergency till after WTT, so I agree that in the context of what they've been doing so far, it makes no sense. Especially because the same restriction doesn't seem to apply to those who have symptoms but test negative - so if you're infected, a lot depends on your luck on the timing of the test? Altogether A Mess.
  12. Teams get 12 to 1 point(s) in the men's and ladies's in both the SP and FS, and 12 to 7 points in pairs and ice dance, both SP/RD and FS/FD. The final standings are the sum of team points. Tie breaking is more compliacted so I'm copying it: There was only 1 substitute for this competition, Frangipani but he posted there were some setbacks so he can't participate at WTT. So the Italian federation couldn't send someone else.
  13. How the winning country is determine?Is it by the total scores of each skaters?or by placement?
  14. I'm at work and unfortunately can not watch the competition live. 😪 May everyone stay safe and healthy I hope you can see this video. Team Japan 🇯🇵💪
  15. Yuzuru Extra Hanyu. Why take off your gloves the common way if you can do it the Yuzu way?
  16. Great! Looking forward to the translations
  17. That's a bit weird, isn't it? Why can't they send a substitute with the condition that they test negative and haven't been in recent contact with the infected person? That's a huge disadvantage for Italy if they have one less team member... Of course safety should be prioritized over results right now, but surely there must be some Italian male skaters who haven't been in contact with Rizzo and could show a negative PCR test
  18. This But you know, with a whole bunch so gung-ho on taking Yuzu down, who knows?
  19. Uh oh... What's next? Yuzu's Axel is problematic, Shoma's 4F is textbook and Nate is the king of TR?
  20. Looks like it will be possible to watch Bloom on Ice on paid stream. https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000032.000070592.html
  21. In Japanese, but we will have english fan translations/summaries soon after.
  22. Is it just in Japanese or will there be English subtitles? Also, where can we watch the interview?
  23. Looking forward to some fresh bits of information!
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