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  2. his hydroes are not only textbook but pure poetry ❤
  3. I love these ice-kiss hydroblades so much. Phantom Kabocha has contributed two pictures to Wiki Commons as well that are really great. This is one of them (from Torino gala 2019): And also: Congrats to Parisienne Walkways for reaching 9Mio views! @micaelis Regarding all Olympic routine-videos about figure skaters, this is what I've found on the Olympic Channel so far (sorted by date of upload): Yuna Kim (Jan 2019) Yuzuru Hanyu (Jun 2019) Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (Sep 2019) Alina Zagitova (Mar 2020) Mao Asada (A
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  5. Yuzu and love of his life https://www.instagram.com/p/CQXLsBUJgr7/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. I leave this here since it is kind of related to the current conversation. Finlandia Trophy will be back and with audience in October.
  7. Thanks for your translation. Actually, I had to hunt a little for ElenaC's uploads. They used to be on her YouTube channel, but I guess it was getting deleted, so she started moving the videos to Dailymotion and Vimeo.
  8. yes, the fb version I posted it's the complete chat but it has no subs:( I didn't know about ElenaC uploads (luckly I can listen to max in italian). thanks
  9. Is this the video? This one has English subtitles: ElenaC uploads Max's videos with English and Japanese subtitles. She also uploads Yuzu's videos with Eng/Jpn subs of Max's commentary: https://www.dailymotion.com/elechicca/videos Dailymotion plays commercials before starting the video, but the commercials always get stuck for me and I have to refresh and watch the stupid commercial several times before the video actually plays.
  10. It's an excerpt from Imishin, first aired in October 26, 2019. The interview is from 2019-2020 season.
  11. @Yuzuwinnie massimiliano ambesi is an italian journalist specialized into winter sports commentary. his commentary gave its name to planet hanyu for he stated " welcome to planet hanyu, inhabitants one: him only" :)
  12. I love all of these! But I'm just gonna venture a guess you can only get them in Japan
  13. Yuzu WILL do it. I have no doubt
  14. Finally i had a sweet dream of yuzu kun In my dream, 16 year-old yuzu kun was my classmate. He sat next to me. Omg i couldn't do anything. I was so happy.I smiled whenever i think about that dream
  15. Tui vừa làm một bài thơ yuzu haiku bên poetry thread đấy
  16. hình như có mỗi tui với cô sống trên thread này thui huhuhuh cố lên sắp đến tháng 7 rồi!!!!
  17. New Nishikawa clear files [NEWS]
  18. for having translated the comments of these 2 people to us and I am with them : YES Yuzu is exceptional and we are not talking about "judgments" , but who is Max Ambresi? GOE + 6
  19. https://fb.watch/6fD4mJzhfv/ this is the link to a long video with max ambesi commenting on stockholm (unfortunately in italian with no subs) he is basically stating how "wrong" and not correclty applied the new judgment system is , pushing FS to become more a (quad) jump competition than anything else Towards the end of the live show, however, while discussing the male competition, he gives us some "gems". "hanyu teaches us that a jump must be loved" (talking about the 4a and the quality that yuzu surely wishes to deliver) " if i have to tell you what i will
  20. Honestly an upgraded Otonal, I think, would be his best bet to take command of the short program. If he jumps a 4Lo or even (dare I say) a 4A in the short program he could easily win the SP portion of any competition. Though because even with his 2019 version, he was inconsistent I do not think this is likely... (Plus: I do not want him to skate a program tribute to Johnny Weir) Personally I would love if he brought back Let's Go Crazy for the Olympic season. That program is so fast! I think there is so much speed and excitement in that program, Yuzu would have audiences eating out
  21. Earlier, while looking for a chans on on Youtube, I came across the famous : "why i'm crying" and cries on and he gives an explanation on that and, also, to see Javi again at his home in Barcelona in 2015 and it's always a pleasure for me , because Spain borders France with the Pyrenees chain
  22. In fact, knowing ALL Yuzu over its relatively original costumes and suit him like a glove, I expect a style yukata "YUZU" !!!!!!
  23. I... I don't want new competitive programs. I don't want new program with CoD. Not in Olympic season. LMEY works so well...
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