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  2. I like this. It actually makes a lot of sense when you go back and watch the MV.
  3. I really like this interpretation of the 3D video. It makes the ickiness of Jack's verses make sense:
  4. Good decision. Come back stronger next year.
  5. Gotta agree. He's giving strong Vanilla Ice vibes, honestly. I can't help but think of JK saying in interview that if it weren't for the rest of BTS being a good influence on him because they're good people, he'd be a bad guy because he's such a sponge and absorbs the influences around him.... I feel like this is what he meant. It's not even that Jack's verses are all that out of line for American hip-hop. It's just that it's icky by contrast to JK.
  6. Yes to the first, no to the second, is my guess And regardless of the intent of the term ABG, it seems pretty clear to me that a white man should not use it in a song he does with an Asian artist.... on the other hand, neither RM nor Suga are strangers to controversy. If they listened to the song and didn't ask for any wording changes then I assume they don't see an issue. I still don't like it.
  7. I won for Sat 4th, maybe try to meet up in days following show? ( International ticket thread )
  8. Today
  9. I won a ticket for SS seat on Sunday Nov 5th show!!
  10. Now this would have honestly been so much better. A lot more dimension (no pun intended).
  11. 3D but Namkook collab version would have had me on my knees
  12. sorry but based on his songs I can only say ew. I don't think he will since we have alternate part, which is suitable for performing. JK's verses are very sexual without being in your face. I really like them. Jack's verses ruined the song tho, both lyrically and musically. I don't mind it if the songs are like JK's verses, respectfully sexy and sexual. And honestly the people on twt saying whoever has the problem w this rap has never listened to real rap.... I don't know about them but there are plenty of good rap without the objectification of people. BTS rap is a great example. This version is so good!! I love JK's vocals in this song, even more than Seven. This is the one I'm listening to. I stream the featured version on my trial streaming accts with earphones plugged in. I just search 3D Alternate on spotify. I think that version is linked incorrectly to another artist right now. I don't understand how they fumble so often with BTS releases this way....
  13. Looking forward to the Spotify charts tomorrow. I know it's too early to judge, but feeling good about this song for the Hot 100 and I think it'll push Seven higher again as well The MV is already 3rd on most viewed videos in the last 24 hours after only 5 hours. And it looks like Jack has been following random Army. Someone said that he even DM'd her
  14. Yuzu wears high heels https://twitter.com/5clouds_7gems/status/1707672245014053311
  15. I was thinking it reminded of Justin T as well. Which is unfortunate because I always got the impression that JT is a giant douche. I don't like that he felt a need to publicly talk about how he and Britney had sex when they were dating or that he let Janet completely take the fall for the Super Bowl nipple gate. JK's dancer bragging about getting to grab JK's boob
  16. Make sure to search for the alternate version on Spotify. It’s just JK with a lot more adlibs and no Jack. You won’t find it listed on his profile I think, they basically hid it. ETA https://spotify.link/PEMUGOc4tDb
  17. And I hope JK won't perform Jacks parts..... I understand him experimenting and trying different things, but for me, this was a step in a wrong direction. Just my opinion though.
  18. Credit https://twitter.com/kaguya4a/status/1707662200272478579
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