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  2. Nah, I'm following it as well here and there. And normally I don't even like soap opera.
  3. I've never seen this before! I love those jumps at the end that were timed perfectly to the music as always!!
  4. A baby Yuzu - the jumps were off, but he skated his skin out otherwise
  5. Today
  6. haha i have been practicing pivots exactly like that for toe loops but then when i try to jump mid-pivot, i can't lol. but i don't try to jump after pivoting for a whole 1 or 1.5 rotations like he does...i'll try that tomorrow...
  7. Haven’t tried this yet but it looks like it would help!! Hopefully this will fix our toeloops haha
  8. Yuzu is on the IFS magazine cover!!
  9. ...is it bad that I popped by this thread tonight just in the hopes of finding more Russian tea?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Sorry for being so late on this thread. If you don't mind a German version (and don't be afraid of German reputation of a "guttural language", he has the softest pronunciation), you may also like Fritz Wunderlich, who deserved very well his name (wonderfully). He recorded it in 1962 (here I think) and in 1966, the year of his death at 36.
  12. i think i do toe waltz jumps too. it's way easier to do a toe waltz than a toe loop lmao. but i can't do a toe waltz on pic skates (it's really hard to prerotate your jumps on rubber/cement) so...i feel like if i learn how to do them on pic skates, it'll help on the ice
  13. Priscilla Ahn - Fine on the outside Takeuchi Marika - Found There are quiet contemplativeness, strength and hope in Takeuchi-san's Found that I don't think are easy to show. But perhaps, if this song is ever used in FS for show or competition, Yuzu will be able to show them.
  14. I had already sent a link to graphs showing excess of deaths in many European countries : https://euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps (European Mortality Morbidity is an European Union net of entities researching epidemiology, who have agreed to a same method of counting.) I found eventually the graphs for USA : https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm CDC is also an official entity. We can see the epidemic may be past in US globally, but a surge two weeks ago gives some worries, a few more weeks are needed, at least one. One can also follow it state by state. I had a look at Nevada, where ACI is planned to happen, and I see only one week with a strong excess of deaths, but also a trend, in the last months, to a rather higher number of deaths, without reaching the threshold.
  15. Haha true But thank you for making such an easy to read summary of all that's happened!
  16. I think Alena being expelled for Eteri's pettiness makes sense. And now she has no choice but to go to Plushenko, when before she might have only gone to him for advice. Wow. Tbh I've always been surprised she hasn't gotten sponsors. Both Anya and Sasha have them and she is just as if not more marketable than them. Alena seems headstrong which is great but when you negotiate you have to expect the other party might walk away.
  17. Nam has posted an extremely cute puppy pic:
  18. My hunch is that Eteri found out about Alena having negotiations with Plushenko and threw her out of Sambo70. Why she had to invent non-grata skaters’ lists is another matter. There are too many contradictions and unknowns in the matter.
  19. I fear for Tracy's hair... she's the only one of Yuzu's coaches who has any left!
  20. I see. If that's the case, then yes, I would assume Plush has the better connections for such purposes. That being said, if this were the issue, then why leave so suddenly. Surely this kind of conflict could be handled more smoothly and with official announcements? My own guess is that Alena realized she'd be stuck playing Medvedeva to Scherbakova's Zagitova in a full repeat of the lead up to Pyeongchang, and that she decided not to go along with it. But there's a lot of other possibilities, from needi g specifically to work with Rozanov on 3A to some kind of triggering incident (ie harassment, etc) having happened. And we'll probably never know for sure which it is.
  21. Yeah, it's not translated, but the very first tweet in Japanese says this is an excerpt from an article published in 2017. Kind of an important detail for the translator to have left out.
  22. I think so! Can’t read the Japanese text but it says 2017 so it seems to be from that year haha
  23. The mention of Patrick (Chan, I suppose) and of the quad Lutz makes me think this interview dates back to the beginning of last Olympic season. It would be one of the earlier mentions of his attempts at 4A.
  24. Our Yuzu, always so hardworking... I wonder what does "he hasn't landed it well yet, but has landed it on one foot" mean though...
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