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  2. It is a pop up - which is kind of disappointing. I, too, am not wild that Tae was used for any kind of military promotional deal. And Jin has no grey hair - that's a glitch from the lighting. And I got my phone back after dark last night- but it''s not back on line yet - BTS_official ⁦‪@bts_bighit‬⁩ BTS POP-UP : MONOCHROME 🌎GLOBAL POP-UP SCHEDULE SEOUL: 04/26 - 05/12 TOKYO: 05/03 - 05/26 JAKARTA: 05/09 - 06/23 BANGKOK: 05/10 - 06/23 LA: 05/16 - 05/27 MANILA: 05/24 - 06/30 #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_POPUP #MONOCHROME #MNCR pic.twitter.com/o3YW8P8vcZ 4/17/24, 5:01 AM
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  4. Estopolis II on Yuzuru's official channel [NEWS]
  5. Latest Monochrome thing. Looks like there'll be a pop-up in Seoul (and possibly other Asian cities). I really do hope they also offer something for ARMY who can't get to a physical pick-up location, too.
  6. Awww, look at his grey hair 🥹
  7. His hair is growing out! He's getting ready to come back to us!
  8. If it was filmed by the corps themselves and uploaded only to a channel they run, then how much of a promotional video is it? Sounds more like a group project they came up with themselves.
  9. soon he will be with us ... lol look at his hair so cute
  10. Faster, please ... we miss our Hobi ...
  11. hmmm ... I don't know if I'm okay with this ... only if he was okay with it ...
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  13. FYI - I've been phoneless all day and still am. Stunning to realize how much I have on it, like numbers and addresses and music. An Uber driver has had it all day...long story.
  14. . As I don't have twitter, I was a bit lost but found a good YT video explanation😁. Armys are such detectives, lol. It is so cool 😎 , what a great idea. Whoever thought about this needs a raise. And did you see that with every step the hint to what it is changes😃.
  15. Beomgyu is a dog person, pretty sure he is fine with it and hopes for a meeting some time😉. Now I'm jealous of Beomgyu for having even the faintest chance of getting to meet/pet/play with Bam. I might need a dog in my life. 🐶 About MNCR Logistics: if you scroll Twitter, you'll find the clues for the password etc but since ARMY's have already figured them out, here:
  16. Beomgyu is a dog person, pretty sure he is fine with it and hopes for a meeting some time😉. Ok, I don't get this logistic thing... https://www.mncrlogistics.com/ I've been to the website and have no idea what to do. Do I just put random stuff or what is the invoice number and log in? Or do I have to go to a different website? Where do I get this pass thingy and the member pictures that was shown?...I'm confused😅
  17. Best news in a long long time- I hope it has teeth and that it doesn’t take years. Live Nation/TM are such thieves. also good news we get all seven-
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