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  2. My IG notif is acting up again. I didn't get any...
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  4. This was making the round yesterday. Oh Jin, if you you knew what Super Tuna would have become Even fish candy joins in the fun! The dramatic headline, they know Jin well haha You gotta start them young
  5. I love their interactions with each other 💜
  6. I don't like IG but gosh their joining Insta has made the TL so happy and vibrant, it's like Christmas came early!!! Still waiting for Christmas Tree. This snippet can only sustain me for so long!! McD is really getting their money's worth out of this collab!
  7. Joonie has museums all over the world whipped for him!!! I love this!! Squid game Tae is going viral everywhere!! Netflix should really send him a high quality costume lol
  8. Hobi's shirt!! And the admin of this PP acct is an Army haha
  9. Yuzu's birthday is over in Japan.....but not in Canada yet Happy birthday and thank you for inspiring us all, through good times and bad. May Ice-chan treat you sweetly and help you achieve everything you aim for.
  10. For those who are interested. The CITIZEN X YUZURU watch is released on the Tmall website now. 西铁城日本官方新品羽生结弦限量签名款羽昼光动能手表女EM0918-tmall.com天猫 I have already received my watch, it's very beautiful, the watch belt is rose golden (not that yellow golden as shown in the picture), I like it very much. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  11. Thank you for the reply! I read on the Invision community support forum that they had removed the custom member titles due to the upgrade of the system and that there is an option to restore them
  12. The Russian Pairs skater Panfilova answered questions in her instagram stories Source: https://instagram.com/panfilova__a.s?utm_medium=copy_link [NEWS]
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  14. Namjoon posted on IG again! Looks like he's really enjoying his break.
  15. using the last few minutes of December 7th in my part of the world to send a big hug and thank you to all satellites and fanyus for always making this day special and bright, no matter everything else And once more, happy 27th birthday Yuzu! may this new year of yours be a joyous one for you, and may you make all your dreams come true, one by one @Henni147
  16. Another birthday wish The KISS & CRY postcard book will be released on 4th February 2022 Source https://honto.jp/netstore/pd-book_31375389.html [NEWS]
  17. A not Insta chaos post Just think its faszinating that there are still BTS songs out there, that I have never heard before........like crystal snow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Fs7dlZ7WY I think they have enough songs to make a whole christmas album. Have you heard "a typicall trainees christmas"? Was a bit surprised that they were allowed to upload this........shows how different BigHit is/was
  18. Big thanks to everyone who sent their birthday messages in!! We're still collecting them all, and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of love and talent of this fandom! We really received A LOT of wishes So I'd like to also remind everyone again that we're still looking for satellites who can video edit and would be willing to join our team and help us finish this monster of a video by Sunday! If you can video edit, or know some other Yuzu fan who can video edit and has some free time in the next few days, please message me or @Yuzu_legend If you're just a beginner, that's ok too! It's mostly just adding text to images and videos, no fancy transitions are requied, and we'd give you advice and help you throughout the process! ^^
  19. Birthday wish from Tatiana Tarasova (TAT) in her Instagram stories. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  20. Joyful 27th birthday I am sure you had wonderful day and wonderful year ahead of you. Thank you very much for all the great, magical, fantastic, spectacular, epic, superb,brilliant, awesome performances we have seen over the years and I hope to see many more
  21. I'll look into it! Thanks for your feedback.
  22. Dear Yuzu, maybe a little late but it comes from the heart. I wish you all the best and love for your birthday. May your dreams come true and you be spared from misfortune. You know that your figure skating gives us fans so much more than the pure athletic event, but I hope that you don't feel pressured because of it. Skate, because you enjoy it and find fulfillment in it, not to meet expectations. You are the King, you have nothing to prove to anyone. I hope you can approach all your projects, whatever they may be in the future, with a light heart and a lot of joy. Thank you Yuzu, for giving us so many great experiences. Hope your ankle is healing well and wishing you a ton of health.
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    • lalaleiii

      Happy 27th Birthday to Yuzuru Hanyu !!! Thank you for being our inspiration and I hope you inspire more people. I hope you're doing well these days and get well soon! I can't wait to watch you skate for the first time now that I'm a fanyu^^ I wish you all the best and more birthdays to come. We love you❣️
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    • birnasan

      “There are a lot of hardships, but if you have a grateful spirit that can say thank you amidst all that, there will definitely be good things happening one day. I believe that.”
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    • majo

      “If you can’t do it,
      practice until you can.
      If you can do it,
      practice until you can do it perfectly.
      If you can do it perfectly,
      practice until you can do it perfectly every time.”
       -Yuzuru Hanyu 
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    • Snowflakesong

      Im a baby fanyu, discovered Yuzuru around December 2020 and now i wanna learn as much as I can about him. So whatever knowledge you have LAY IT ON ME!!!
      Im easy to talk to so I cant wait for so many new sistas!!!
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    • holyhartanto

      Yuzuru performing white legend and hana ni nare again is just.... literally everything that i need right now
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