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  2. Oh my goodness sound terrifying. Look after yourself @KatjaThera hope all is OK now.
  3. The Tsunami warning has been lifted. It seems some light casualties have been reported so far, but no serious ones, I hope. Thanks for your concerns for Japan, guys
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  5. About the earthquake, I wouldn't worry too much. For one, it was off the west coast of Japan. Sendai and Tokyo are both on the east coast. Secondly, it was in the mid-sixes in terms of strength. That's like comparing a conventional bomb to 2011's thermonuclear bomb. There is, of course, a danger from tsunamis but they won't be anything like 3/11 and the Japanese seawalls there should handle things. The problem in 2011 was that there had been a miscalculation about how strong an earthquake Japan could have from the subduction zone there. The strongest they thought could occur was an 8.5. Thus the seawalls had been constructed to handle the tsunami from an 8.5. Instead they had a 9.0 or 9.1 and thus the tsunamis went right over the seawalls. All in all I don't think anyone need worry. Things got a bit shaken up but there's probably little damage (considering Japan's very rigorous building codes). We have to remember that earthquakes are a part of the routine of living in Japan, just as tornadoes are for those living where I do. As such the Japanese start really taking notice only when the quakes are stronger than a Richter 7.0.
  6. Tempted to make a Super Saiyan Hair Squad badge thingie
  7. Yes!!! And I will fight anyone hating on The Hair
  8. I don't know anything about it sadly. The right part should be practices. I've looked at ISU website, but there is nothing as well. So, just hoping at this point, we will have ANY INFORMATION SOON!!!
  9. Who has published this in Twitter? And, what is it the empty right part? Thanks!
  10. Every one of you hating on The Hair™️ has no taste and that's that on that
  11. Don't know, if it is valid, but it seems we have an estimated schedule...? Edit: If this is the case, I have no chance to see tha Gala.
  12. I actually worried for her spots since she withdrew from JWC, but eh, will see soon.
  13. Hoping for no casualties and everyone is safe! Japan is a prepared country to minimise casualties. There is like 1m tsunami, so people are still at their evacuation zones waiting for it to pass. @KatjaThera hope you're safe - there are also warnings of the residual earthquakes (??) so remove any hanging items in case it drops in your sleep.
  14. Do you have the SB list? EDIT: Got it. http://www.isuresults.com/isujsstat/sb2018-19/sbtslto.htm Kosto is 11th on the SB list, far behind Tukt. Yes, worrying for her might be entirely valid. I'd rather save the energy for a couple days down the line though.
  15. I think he may be both physically and emotionally drained. Something like 24 days, 4 cities, 12 shows, his own high expectations to please his fans, the 4Lutz.... I'm actually amazed by his stamina.
  16. Top 12 from Worlds has guaranteed 2 spots, so from this 4 only Liza could lose a spot, and she had second best total last year... Would they do this to her again? I think more probable is they will think of something so one of the girls who should get a spot because of SB or world standing, will... not get it, lol. Maria oraz Serafima, who really had only this one good competition last season which earned her top 24 SB. But I'm really curious actually what they will do. I just know I want Alena and Liza with 2 spots and Gubanova with at least one.
  17. Aside from getting a hotel from downtown montreal any alternative areas accesaible by subway too? Most of the places available near bell center are hostels with no cancellation policy dorm rooms. Plus the double deck beds don't look comfy. I saw a packaged tour 348000 yen all in and flying in from Japan. Is it worth it? https://twitter.com/echotpe/status/1140909911552827393?s=19
  18. From the news I have see everyone is safe. The nuclear powerplants too see intact. But people are being advise to evacuate to.higher ground. About the insta luve does it mean we just need to follow the official IG account?
  19. Reading it, it's easy to see why Scott was cheering Yuzu on so emotionally! https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jun/18/virtue-moir-canada-ice-dance-winter-olympics
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