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  1. ... Thank heavens that's not just me lolol
  2. Please refer to @yuzuangel's post regarding taking this off-topic conversation to PMs if you wish to continue it. We do not condone fetishization or racism, and sexual content is against the rules. @senemgencerplease do not police what others may consider racist based on your own experiences. Your experiences are 100% valid, but others have other points of view based on their own experiences and those are also valid. Please respect what we asked earlier about not continuing this off-topic conversation here. If you wish to continue it, take it to PMs.
  3. I don't feel comfortable with anybody taking my reply to mean "don't call people racist". Sometimes racism is unintentional. But intent does not decide impact. Fetishizing is a form of racism. Even if that was not the intention, the result was the same. It is important to center the impact and hurt caused to those who were harmed, even unintentionally, and prioritise that over the feelings of the one who caused harm (even if unintentionally). Ideally, the person who caused harm would see that the harsh language comes from a place of hurt that was caused by them, and focus on the co
  4. No, there is nothing wrong with considering Yuzu attractive. However extrapolating how attractive Yuzu is - or rather how attracted you feel to Yuzu - to a generalization about your attraction or lack thereof towards Australian/Japanese men, referencing your own race and citizenship, and then indicating that you might now extend Yuzu and his attractiveness towards other Japanese men because Yuzu is now attractive IS fetishizing, and also possibly crosses a few lines we've always had about how much sexual content is allowed on PH. According to our rules, NO sexual content is allowed
  5. Please do remember that we do not condone fetishizing any race of people on the Planet.
  6. I disagree with you on almost every single count, beginning with your definition of hatred, till the end where you say the pressure put on Yuzu BY FANS is the expectation to win everything and skate clean every time. But since all my attempts to detail how and why I disagree has been a bit like talking to a wall, I will not repeat myself. You've also contradicted yourself a few times, which makes this discussion particularly unpleasant for me. Also - almost nobody ever tags Nathan in anything on Twitter. He is not being told anything. People are talking amongst themselves. Twitter
  7. I agree with you, but try saying anything I said here today on Twitter and you'd be called a hating basher fanyu and anti in about two minutes, and get about five invisible qrts from these fans who believe in *looks at notes* love and respect. Outside of a handful of trolls, what's said about him on sns is really no worse than stuff I said here today (just worded more rudely), it's just that any hint of anything negative about him gets some people very, very agitated. And they're not shy to show it. Last week one of his fans said they're now hesitant to say a word about his scores
  8. Did you say undeserved scores? Medals he didn't earn?!?!? Oh you hater! You anti! You basher! You bashing bashity basher!
  9. I'm afraid saying 'life can be unfair' does not, to me and many others, mean that we just do nothing to fight the unfairness, even knowing our voices are small and probably ineffectual. Better to try and fail than to pretend not to see and feel okay about it, in my opinion. This is a very optimistic point of view not supported by the number of people on this forum vs the number of people on other sns. This can be your point of view. That doesn't make it true. Nobody who reads and believes US media that says Nathan Chen is the best is going to go looking for
  10. I'm just wondering why fanyus keep reading medias and/or accounts like TSL when fanuys know they're not reliable, they're biased against Yuzu and they stating stupidities. Because those are the biggest English media channels in figure skating? Those are the ways in which casual viewers and new fans get their opinions? And if we do not read/watch and point out how they are biased/wrong, casual viewers and new fans will accept what they say as truth? And that is how opinions and narratives are formed, especially when the Olympics draw close? I used one as an example and I was informe
  11. My dear, here are your own words: May I also ask why you do not follow your own philosophy and simply... ignore what Max (or anybody) says when you disagree with him? It sounds rather hypocritical when you're on a forum actively criticising how he handled it. Isn't it as immature as Max asking his followers what they think of a comment made to him on a different forum?
  12. Lynn Rutherford is a noted US journalist who covers figure skating, not a random girl, and yes, she was, literally? She literally asked why he promotes Hanyu and not figure skating as a sport. An international colleague questioned his motivations for the technical analysis he does of the sport, questioning scores, because he used Yuzu's 4S to do so. How is it that you remain staunch in your belief that a win being called 'undeserving' is hate, but the only figure skating mediaperson who does any technical analysis being accused of promoting Hanyu is not a problem, and a much bigger
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