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  1. The only good part about catching a cold is eating lozenges like candy. But a stiff neck and a cold at the same time is cruel torture, sneezing makes me see stars.
  2. @fyere0 Thank you for the recap! Much appreciated.
  3. Time and Practice Schedule Entries: Men Ladies Ice Dance Yakau ZENKO (BLR) Iliya KOVLER (CAN) Aleksa RAKIC (CAN) Yudong CHEN (CHN) Lucas STRZELEC (DEN) Francois PITOT (FRA) Corentin SPINAR (FRA) Denis GURDZHI (GER) Mark GORODNITSKY (ISR) Yuma KAGIYAMA (JPN) Douglas GERBER (NZL) Jakub LOFEK (POL) Andrei KUTOVOI (RUS) Egor RUKHIN (RUS) Leon AUSPURG (SUI) Micah Kai LYNETTE (THA) Omer Efe SAYICI (TUR) Hlib SMOTROV (UKR) Maxim NAUMOV (USA) Matthew NIELSEN (USA) Paula MARGARIDO PEREIRA (AND) Stefanie PESENDORFER (AUT) Alison SCHUMACHER (CAN) Hengxin JIN (CHN) Giorgia Isabella SECHI (CYP) Nikola RYCHTARIKOVA (CZE) Catharina Victoria PETERSEN (DEN) Laura KARHUNEN (FIN) Lorine SCHILD (FRA) Sophie SPRUNG (FRA) Alina URUSHADZE (GEO) Nargiz SULEYMANOVA (GER) Cheuk Ka Kahlen CHEUNG (HKG) Regina SCHERMANN (HUN) Viktoriia IUSHCHENKOVA (ISR) Lara Naki GUTMANN (ITA) Nana ARAKI (JPN) Tomoe KAWABATA (JPN) Anete LACE (LAT) Jogaile AGLINSKYTE (LTU) Anne Marie JORDAN (LUX) Morgane CRAUSAZ (MAR) Lindsay VAN ZUNDERT (NED) Ruth XU (NZL) Julia KIERUL (POL) Jihun TO (KOR) Seoyeong WI (KOR) Maiia KHROMYKH (RUS) Kamila VALIEVA (RUS) Alexandra Michaela FILCOVA (SVK) Noemie BODENSTEIN (SUI) Guzide Irmak BAYIR (TUR) Kseniia KLYMENKO (UKR) Calista CHOI (USA) Hanna HARRELL (USA) Karina SIDARENKA / Maksim YALENICH (BLR) Emmy BRONSARD / Aissa BOUARAGUIA (CAN) Olivia MCISAAC / Corey CIRCELLI (CAN) Xizi CHEN / Jianing XING (CHN) Angelina KUDRYAVTSEVA / Ilia KARANKEVICH (CYP) Loicia DEMOUGEOT / Theo LE MERCIER (FRA) Celina FRADJI / Jean-Hans FOURNEAUX (FRA) Lou TERREAU / Noe PERRON (FRA) Lara LUFT / Stephano Valentino SCHUSTER (GER) Villo MARTON / Danyil SEMKO (HUN) Carolina PORTESI PERONI / Michael CHRASTECKY (ITA) Olivia OLIVER / Joshua ANDARI (POL) Ekaterina KATASHINSKAIA / Aleksandr VASKOVICH (RUS) Elizaveta SHANAEVA / Devid NARYZHNYY (RUS) Sofia VAL / Linus Colmor JEPSEN (ESP) Sofiia LYZOHUB / Danylo YEFREMENKO (UKR) Elizabeth TKACHENKO / Alexei KILIAKOV (USA) Katarina WOLFKOSTIN / Jeffrey CHEN (USA) Index
  4. ISU JGP Courchevel 2019 ISU Junior Grand Prix Courchevel / FRA 21.08.2019 - 24.08.2019 The thread for JGP Courchevel-related discussion. For discussion of the skaters in between events, please head to this corresponding JGP thread in Igloo! Date Event Location Other Notes August 21–24 2019 JGP France Courchevel, France Aug. 28 – 31 2019 JGP USA Lake Placid, New York, USA + Pairs September 4–7 2019 JGP Latvia Riga, Latvia September 11–14 2019 JGP Russia Chelyabinsk, Russia + Pairs September 18–21 2019 JGP Poland Gdansk, Poland + Pairs September 25–28 2019 JGP Croatia Zagreb, Croatia + Pairs October 2–5 2019 JGP Italy Egna, Italy December 5–8 2019–20 JGP Final Turin, Italy + Senior GPF Calendar Day 1 Ladies Short Program Men Short Program Day 2 ID Rhythm Dance Ladies Free Skating Day 3 Men Free Skating ID Free Dance (There is an official YouTube streaming channel.)
  5. Figures that I'd wake up too late, I was looking forward to Keegan!
  6. At this point I just want her to be healthy.
  7. Good, last thing anybody needs is another injury caused by skating when ill! Get well, Wakababy.
  8. Congrats Kazuki! Apparently his Moulin Rouge really got people cheering. 4T+3T 4S 3A+3T(fall) 3Lo(2ft) 3A 3F 3Lz(2ft) for Kazuki 2S 4T3Tうぉぉお!! 4T!! 1A2T FCSSp ChSq 3A(fall) 3Lz1Eu3S 3F FCCoSpバラけ StSq CCoSp - unlike SP, popped his 4S and landed 4T twice for Sota.
  9. I love the idea of Waka's SP! Hopefully she's getting the worst over with already, it'll be pretty spectacular when she pulls it off, especially the step sequence, she just bursts into it with the three difficult turns and it's amazing. The 2A is underwhelming with that setup so fingers crossed she gets that 3A when it's time for bigger competitions. Waka's programmes usually have too many crossovers if you look for them but she's just so fast and dynamic that I find it easy to ignore that. Rika is really, really ambitious, isn't she? Reminds me of Yuzu that way. Knows just how much she has to bring her jump and transitions game, and the dramatic interpretation part, considering the programmes she'll be going up against. I hope she pulls it off. Feels like one fall could derail the programme. I'm a bit uncertain about Kaori, her skating skills have improved and they were very nice already but some of the things that were charming and endearing as a first season senior begin to feel like maybe things she should work on now that she's in her third season as senior. But with this 3A and quad arms race, I guess it's not going to be a priorty, who can blame her? Nathan... Well, he is putting steps before his jumps. His SP 3A, his FS 4Lz - he's not going straight into them. Long setups still but getting better. That's good. That's about all that's different from last season's programmes. Or the season before that. Other than a couple of specific different hand wavy thingies, it feels like he could skate any of his SPs and FSs over this and the last two years to any piece of music he used now and in the last two years and it would take people who've watched him a thousand times to even tell that it's not the 'right' programme. And the knees are beginning to really bother me, surely it's time we should see some improvement on that. And his edges are still shallow when he has any speed. Not that it'll matter, +8GOE and 11.5PCS across the board. ETA: More people should've gone to Stephane. Yuna's programme is gorgeous. (Under cut, I think it was posted earlier but I can't find it now)
  10. I have original suggestions for what Jack can do with his scoops, tbh. But I stand by my statement that Nathan has to increase his technical arsenal to compete with Yuzu now. And soon Vincent, too. Nathan's only got three very stable quads right now and one of those has a flat/borderline wrong edge now. And Samarin, forgot him.
  11. Did I watch it and cry and then watch Saitama Origin and bawl like a baby? Yes, yes I did. And I'm not ashamed. @mercedes Thank you for the translation!
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