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  1. Good job. Just pickly enough for crunching now.
  2. Boyang has had a 4Lo before, so maybe he'll bring it back? It was a good one in practice...
  3. I mean even accepting everything they've said and done till now, how does it make sense that two jumps with same BV have the same error and end up with different BVs?
  4. So I thought that the 3F and 3Lz << values were different because of table errors from ISU, which has happened, but now it looks like it's not? DG jumps get BVs corresponding to the lower no of rotation version of the same jump, so the 2F and 2Lz have different BVs, so the 3F and 3Lz DGs will have different BVs despite 3F and 3Lz having the same BV, what on earth kind of sense does this make?
  5. My, my, sparkle, you are in fine form, aren't you! I've been missing out, mining for salt in ISUngard when apparently you've found it all and have been flinging it around with wild abandon!
  6. Honestly we can all have opinions about the direction in which the sport evolves, we'll agree or disagree. We can debate whether they're good changes or bad changes. But the problem I have with all the changes ISU make is that they claim to be addressing one thing - BV of quads being too much of a determining factor in who podiums - and then come up with "solutions" that explicitly feed a much bigger problem - how much fed influence, incompetence and corruption from judges and other non-performance-related factors determine who podiums at competitions. I mean look at the things they have and have not done so far: Cut BV of quads Cut repetition of quads Increase judges' discretion to determine the value of quads different skaters do, with no accountability Pretend that an entirely new jump that completely ignores the mechanics of the Lz, that is now being called and scored highly as a 4Lz, does not exist Make no effort to use technology to determine amount of pre-rotation in jumps How can we look at that little list and not see the truth - that what they want to do is shift IJS and CoP closer to the 6.0 system where judges' discretion (and therefore federation policy, since judges are chosen by and answerable to their federations) decided everything? And this is not even going into how TES increase, in practice, automatically means PCS increase with the right backing, and that baseline PCS for skaters do not reduce until they want to push them to retire.
  8. I think Yuzu has got really good at looking like he understands when he doesn't
  9. This is amazing. They're so amazing. And the little Boyang cameo doing the choreo with them is the cutest.
  10. It's very sad that this was necessary but I think it was necessary. Feel really terrible for all the people who've been planning and dreaming for so long, the skaters who've been training so hard for so long.
  11. Honestly, even with the precautions for people other than the audience (there seem to be none for audience), it's still putting skaters, teams and officials at so much risk. Even if they check everybody's temperatures and stuff at the venue, it still means that they've had to risk exposure multiple times by traveling there. I mean so far I don't see anything that gives me any confidence that they actually have a plan in place if somebody does have a temperature. They might be isolated then but what about how many people came in contact with them? What if they were in contact with a competitor? Do you say 'no, you cannot compete because you sat next to person A with 101 degree fever for the SP draw'?
  12. There will be an announcement today, apparently.
  13. I'd be surprised if it was sooner than the 14th. I'll keep checking and update the info post when it does.
  14. Official website ISU Event page Time Schedule Practice Schedule with Music rotations Results page Entries: Men Ladies Ice Dance Pairs 1 Slavik HAYRAPETYAN (ARM) Anastasiya GALUSTYAN (ARM) Tina GARABEDIAN / Simon PROULX SENECAL (ARM) Miriam ZIEGLER / Severin KIEFER (AUT) 2 Brendan KERRY (AUS) Kailani CRAINE (AUS) Holly HARRIS / Jason CHAN (AUS) Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS / Michael MARINARO (CAN) 3 Maurizio ZANDRON (AUT) Olga MIKUTINA (AUT) Mina ZDRAVKOVA / Christopher M. DAVIS (BUL) Evelyn WALSH / Trennt MICHAUD (CAN) 4 Vladimir LITVINTSEV (AZE) Ekaterina RYABOVA (AZE) Piper GILLES / Paul POIRIER (CAN) Cheng PENG / Yang JIN (CHN) 5 Larry LOUPOLOVER (BUL) Viktoriia SAFONOVA (BLR) Marjorie LAJOIE / Zachary LAGHA (CAN) Wenjing SUI / Cong HAN (CHN) 6 Nam NGUYEN (CAN) Isadora WILLIAMS (BRA) Carolane SOUCISSE / Shane FIRUS (CAN) Feiyao TANG / Yongchao YANG (CHN) 7 Boyang JIN (CHN) Alexandra FEIGIN (BUL) Shiyue WANG / Xinyu LIU (CHN) Lana PETRANOVIC / Antonio SOUZA KORDEIRU (CRO) 8 Michal BREZINA (CZE) Emily BAUSBACK (CAN) Natalie TASCHLEROVA / Filip TASCHLER (CZE) Cleo HAMON / Denys STREKALIN (FRA) 9 Aleksandr SELEVKO (EST) Alicia PINEAULT (CAN) Juulia TURKKILA / Matthias VERSLUIS (FIN) Coline KERIVEN / Noel-Antoine PIERRE (FRA) 10 Kevin AYMOZ (FRA) Hongyi CHEN (CHN) Marie-Jade LAURIAULT / Romain LE GAC (FRA) Minerva Fabienne HASE / Nolan SEEGERT (GER) 11 Morisi KVITELASHVILI (GEO) Eliska BREZINOVA (CZE) Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON (FRA) Annika HOCKE / Robert KUNKEL (GER) 12 Paul FENTZ (GER) Eva-Lotta KIIBUS (EST) Maria KAZAKOVA / Georgy REVIYA (GEO) Zoe JONES / Christopher BOYADJI (GBR) 13 Peter James HALLAM (GBR) Emmi PELTONEN (FIN) Katharina MUELLER / Tim DIECK (GER) Ioulia CHTCHETININA / Mark MAGYAR (HUN) 14 Alexei BYCHENKO (ISR) Mae Berenice MEITE (FRA) Lilah FEAR / Lewis GIBSON (GBR) Anna VERNIKOV / Evgeni KRASNOPOLSKI (ISR) 15 Daniel GRASSL (ITA) Alina URUSHADZE (GEO) Emily MONAGHAN / Ilias FOURATI (HUN) Nicole DELLA MONICA / Matteo GUARISE (ITA) 16 Matteo RIZZO (ITA) Nicole SCHOTT (GER) Shira ICHILOV / Laurent ABECASSIS (ISR) Rebecca GHILARDI / Filippo AMBROSINI (ITA) 17 Yuzuru HANYU (JPN) Natasha MCKAY (GBR) Charlene GUIGNARD / Marco FABBRI (ITA) Riku MIURA / Ryuichi KIHARA (JPN) 18 Keiji TANAKA (JPN) Yi Christy LEUNG (HKG) Katrine ROY / Claudio PIETRANTONIO (ITA) Daria DANILOVA / Michel TSIBA (NED) 19 Shoma UNO (JPN) Ivett TOTH (HUN) Misato KOMATSUBARA / Tim KOLETO (JPN) Aleksandra BOIKOVA / Dmitrii KOZLOVSKII (RUS) 20 Deniss VASILJEVS (LAT) Alessia TORNAGHI (TA) Maxine WEATHERBY / Temirlan YERZHANOV (KAZ) Daria PAVLIUCHENKO / Denis KHODYKIN (RUS) 21 Julian Zhi Jie YEE (MAS) Wakaba HIGUCHI (JPN) Aurelija IPOLITO / J.T. MICHEL (LAT) Evgenia TARASOVA / Vladimir MOROZOV (RUS) 22 Junhwan CHA (KOR) Rika KIHIRA (JPN) Allison REED / Saulius AMBRULEVICIUS (LTU) Laura BARQUERO / Ton CONSUL (ESP) 23 Dmitri ALIEV (RUS) Satoko MIYAHARA (JPN) Natalia KALISZEK / Maksym SPODYRIEV (POL) Ashley CAIN-GRIBBLE / Timothy LEDUC (USA) 24 Artur DANIELIAN (RUS) Angelina KUCHVALSKA (LAT) Yura MIN / Daniel EATON (KOR) Jessica CALALANG / Brian JOHNSON (USA) 25 Nikolaj MAJOROV (SWE) Niki WORIES (NED) Victoria SINITSINA / Nikita KATSALAPOV (RUS) 26 Lukas BRITSCHGI (SUI) Alisson Krystle PERTICHETO (PHI) Alexandra STEPANOVA / Ivan BUKIN (RUS) 27 Burak DEMIRBOGA (TUR) Ekaterina KURAKOVA (POL) Tiffani ZAGORSKI / Jonathan GUERREIRO (RUS) 28 Ivan SHMURATKO (UKR) Yelim KIM (KOR) Olivia SMART / Adrian DIAZ (ESP) 29 Jason BROWN (USA) Young YOU (KOR) Victoria MANNI / Carlo ROETHLISBERGER (SUI) 30 Nathan CHEN (USA) Alena KOSTORNAIA (RUS) Nicole KELLY / Berk AKALIN (TUR) 31 Vincent ZHOU (USA) Anna SHCHERBAKOVA (RUS) Alexandra NAZAROVA / Maxim NIKITIN (UKR) 32 Alexandra TRUSOVA (RUS) Madison CHOCK / Evan BATES (USA) 33 Matilda ALGOTSSON (SWE) Kaitlin HAWAYEK / Jean-Luc BAKER (USA) 34 Alexia PAGANINI (SUI) Madison HUBBELL / Zachary DONOHUE (USA) 35 Mariah BELL (USA) 36 Bradie TENNELL (USA)
  15. ISU World Figure Skating Championships Montreal / Canada 16.03.2020 - 22.03.2020 UPDATE: The 2020 World Figure Skating Championships have been cancelled Read more about it here: ISU Statement All pre-comp discussion, practice reports, as well as fluff and other in-betweens during the competition goes here! Competition threads for all disciplines will be opened separately! Instructions for Streaming ISU Official YouTube Channel Competition will be live streamed on YouTube Videos may be blocked depending on your country Live QQ Hosted and commentated by Hua Hua (also formerly known as pandaguy?) Good quality the user comments flying across the screen can be turned off with a toggle on the bottom right of the video Other links will be added later on All OPs for individual disciplines will contain links for streaming too for easy access
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