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  1. Japanese Nationals 2020/21 Nagano / JPN 23.12.2020 – 27.12.2020 GALA discussion *times listed hereon are in your local time Instructions for Streaming The event will be telecast as follows: live on FOD from 15:45~17:45 JST Channel 5 on iSakura at 15:45 JST (not live) Re-airing on BS Fuji on 30th, 21:00~22:55 JST Since live telecast is only on FOD, regular streams may not be
  2. It depends - if you got it via japantv you should get it immediately. The other direct purchase can take up to 12 hours, unfortunately.
  3. Kao has soft landing knees, all three of them do. And I love the accents in that StSq, he needs to grow into it some more and not be so tired too. lol spins
  4. Folks, apparently iSakura had an update and that's why people are having trouble. Wiping cache and cookies, and restarting should help with it. If not, I can only offer the tried and tested 'turn it off and on again' solution.
  5. It's unlocked! My bad - I had wifi outage and was scrambling to get my data plan working again. Sorry!
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