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  1. ... Thank heavens that's not just me lolol
  2. Please refer to @yuzuangel's post regarding taking this off-topic conversation to PMs if you wish to continue it. We do not condone fetishization or racism, and sexual content is against the rules. @senemgencerplease do not police what others may consider racist based on your own experiences. Your experiences are 100% valid, but others have other points of view based on their own experiences and those are also valid. Please respect what we asked earlier about not continuing this off-topic conversation here. If you wish to continue it, take it to PMs.
  3. I don't feel comfortable with anybody taking my reply to mean "don't call people racist". Sometimes racism is unintentional. But intent does not decide impact. Fetishizing is a form of racism. Even if that was not the intention, the result was the same. It is important to center the impact and hurt caused to those who were harmed, even unintentionally, and prioritise that over the feelings of the one who caused harm (even if unintentionally). Ideally, the person who caused harm would see that the harsh language comes from a place of hurt that was caused by them, and focus on the co
  4. No, there is nothing wrong with considering Yuzu attractive. However extrapolating how attractive Yuzu is - or rather how attracted you feel to Yuzu - to a generalization about your attraction or lack thereof towards Australian/Japanese men, referencing your own race and citizenship, and then indicating that you might now extend Yuzu and his attractiveness towards other Japanese men because Yuzu is now attractive IS fetishizing, and also possibly crosses a few lines we've always had about how much sexual content is allowed on PH. According to our rules, NO sexual content is allowed
  5. Please do remember that we do not condone fetishizing any race of people on the Planet.
  6. As long as the watch isn't bigger than your wrist... It really is a nice one, I hope the planking champion fanyu managed to buy one.
  7. The Origin watch really appeals to me more than the Swanyu one, though I guess technically my wrist would be considered too small for the Origin one. But on the other hand, it is my wrist so I get to decide what should be on it and if I like big, strong, hefty Origin, well then...
  8. Well considering how he got really into Call Me Maybe, I'd say he enjoys his pop music!
  9. One of the facts is that Yuzu said he loves taylor Swift and Lady Gaga and I did not know that
  10. Are there any facts here in the replies or qrts that might be new to satellites? I think not! We could probably add to them?
  11. This is a request to please let this drop now. Everybody is allowed to have their opinions about TCC coaches, or any coaches. If you wish to criticise any of them, it needs to be constructive: based on facts (that you can point to with reference if asked to). We do not allow baseless criticisms of, for instance, Raf or Eteri either. Criticism has to have basis in fact, or at least if you can't find a specific reference, acceptance within enough of the community that we can be reasonably sure the citation is out there, just needs some work to track down. Yuzu said in his
  12. The recent news about Euros: Plus a few soft whispers that a fed has unofficially told their skaters that they can expect Euros and Worlds to be canceled (this is unconfirmed and a rumour so far) makes it very likely that Nationals are fairly irrelevant this year anyway. I think holding Nationals is a very bad idea, without audience, as well. Looking at the numbers in the area right now, even without audience, how would it be a good idea? Organizing an event on that scale cannot all be done online, setting it up cannot all be done over Zoom, and that process
  13. Considering Yuzu has asthma, I hope he does WD. Even if I would sell a piece of my own soul to see him skate again, I would never want to risk even a piece of him.
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