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  1. Reading it, it's easy to see why Scott was cheering Yuzu on so emotionally! https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jun/18/virtue-moir-canada-ice-dance-winter-olympics
  2. Here's the part that refers to his family: And another bit: Here's the link to the translation: https://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/threads/vaytskekhovskayas-interview-with-arutyunyan.103449/ Somehow, I don't think that if Nathan had managed to land his jumps, Raf would've been giving interviews saying it was all because Nathan listened to his family. And it was apparently Raf's assumption anyway but he happily gave the interview saying so!
  3. She was ill before 4CC and lost weight then, she said.
  4. His 4T is also very good. His 4F was the best in the current field and still might be despite the recent flat edge, I can only think of Shoma (perfect inside edge but everything else is ) and Samarin (a seriously corkscrew axis) who jump the 4F other than Nathan? Even when his edge goes flat his technique on the 4F is probably better. ETA: It's also remarkable that Nathan is comfortable putting all his quad toe jumps in combo. On a good day he can do 3T with any of them.
  5. Nathan has all the basic quads, but his toe jumps are more stable than the edge ones. His 3A has got drastically better. But I think he's only attempted 4Lo a couple of times and landed it in competition once or twice? And his 4S is not very stable, he usually doesn't put it in the second half when he does include it. His 4F edge was going towards ! last season though, I think he had trouble with the inside edge when he was a junior and worked very hard on fixing it, and he did fix it, but maybe the training change last season made it wobble a bit again. ETA: His 4-quad layout is usually a Lz, a F, two Ts. When he wants to do five he adds the S before the Lo. ETAA: Nathan has the 4Lo pretty much the same way Yuzu has the 4Lz tbh, got it landed and then, for different reasons, left it behind. Though maybe Nathan is working on his 4Lo again like Yuzu obviously is on his Lz!
  6. That photo or video has been removed from instagram?
  7. lol @ the edge descriptions. Still, improvement even if he fell! I guess he's gonna really wanna land it tomorrow.
  8. What the flippin' flip, Hanyu! Again?
  9. I'm telling myself 'no news is good news' but there's an annoying voice inside my head going 'is it though? Is it really?"
  10. The Flowy Do-S really reminds me of the Eva on that flowy side when Yuzu is moving like he's battling everything in his way towards the end, the silhouettes somehow work that way.
  11. I want to get everything I have to do done in the next week and then settle down and watch it all again, I've only watched it once so far. I love what Michael Sheen and David Tennant did. I have loved that book forever - I keep having to get new copies because every time I meet somebody who seems to appreciate the same kind of humour that I do, I give them my copy of Good Omens.
  12. I don't think he was much of a football fan either, if only skating was more of a thing in England... If anybody had given him a heads up on just what it's like inside the sport, he might have considered it maybe. Ah well. Good Omens was done well. He would've been happy. How did your piano exams go?
  13. I honestly haven't paid that much attention to individual flips from men (except for the obviously and exceptionally beautiful one Jason has) because I thought it'd be at least a year before we had to look for Yuzu's 4F edge! But yeah his 3F is very nice now, not a deep edge but very little setup, very light and landed beautifully.
  14. I think people would've recognized a 4T, he does jump it in the intro every time. Can't imagine him being not too fussed about a fall on a 4T either. I think he did go for the 4F. But we won't know for sure until we get footage. And I don't think he'd have a 4Fe anymore but I've always kind of expected it to be 4F! when he finally got around to doing it in front of an audience.
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