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  1. Ahhh I remember your tree from last year! OR year before? I admired that spot you have for the tree then, too! I got some Christmas decorations done, too. Lights are up on the tree, the rest tomorrow.
  2. Ha sometimes I go back and look at the highest scores Stephane Lambiel ever got for components and I just don't know how to cope. Nobu's career highest components. Two of my absolute favourite skaters of all time.
  3. Why tf is Liverpool-Everton trending, Chelsea are playing Everton today, I swear Americans make no sense!
  4. If his self-interest in winning despite knowing how unfair it is and how he doesn't deserve those scores is so much bigger than his niceness, then I question just exactly how nice he is and why we're always expected to take how he's so nice into consideration. So far his niceness has been limited to not being like Chiddy with the stuff he says? That's a pretty low bar. ETA: If he actually said his PCS was out of whack, then I'm being bitter and ungenerous here.
  5. Anyway, this ends the prevailing theory: that GOEs and components depend on BV. They do not. Yuzuru finally showed that he is so close with 4A, landed the 4Lz and 4Lo, and it got him no inflation anywhere. GOEs and Components depend on the flag and politics, and they only depend on BV because federations politick for their skaters with the highest BV.
  6. Even fanyus were pretty nonplussed at his components towards the end.
  7. Function Name Nation Referee Ms. Margaret WORSFOLD ISU Technical Controller Ms. Yukiko OKABE ISU Technical Specialist Mr. Jan CEJVAN ISU Assistant Technical Specialist Ms. Natalia LEBEDEVA ISU Judge No.1 Mr. Anthony LEROY FRA Judge No.2 Ms. Wei SHI CHN Judge No.3 Ms. Elisabeth BINDER AUT Judge No.4 Ms. Olga KOZHEMYAKINA RUS Judge No.5 Ms. Mami MAEDA JPN Judge No.6 Mr. Walter TOIGO ITA Judge No.7 Ms. Wendy ENZMANN USA Judge No.8 Ms. Salome CHIGOGIDZE GEO Judge No.9 Ms. Deborah ISLAM CAN Data Operator Mr. Frederic AVOT ISU Replay Operator Mr. Alexander KUZNETSOV ISU
  8. I'll save a lot of time. And my liver will thank me. I won't even watch whole competitions. Just Yuzu. Why bother? I don't know if protocols are up because frankly idgaf but here's the link: http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1920/gpf1920/FSKMSINGLES-----------FNL-000100--_JudgesDetailsperSkater.pdf
  9. I do hope that Yuzu will land the 4A and skate off the rink without finishing his programme at Worlds.
  10. I watched the entire thing on mute. I unmuted for Yuzu and quickly muted again when I heard Chris's voice.
  11. Nathan was presented higher on every single component: Pl. Name Nation TSS = TES + PCS + SS TR PE CO IN Ded. - 1 Nathan CHEN USA 224.92 129.14 95.78 9.57 9.39 9.68 9.61 9.64 0.00 2 Yuzuru HANYU JPN 194.00 100.36 93.64 9.39 9.21 9.36 9.50 9.36 0.00
  12. And finally get into archery. Maybe a few violin lessons.
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