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  1. Or he might've been trying to say the points were downgraded from the BV and got mixed up. Even so I prefer him to Chris!
  2. Is Dima really second with two DGs? Were they really DGs or URs? I need protocols.
  3. I think Matteo was inspired by Yuzu's UA from that Seimei media day, huh?
  4. Well with how it's been going, deniss really lived, putting things in perspective...
  5. The same as what Deniss got with one step out? Yeah well that is not fair.
  6. RusFed is writing even as we speak. Wow Kevin did not live, what happened?!
  7. Ah he might not get that last spin, he did not get into position within two revolutions for the sit...
  8. That's a bit weird but the bar is very low so I'll take it. Wow the height on that 3Lz! And on his 3F.
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