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  1. WinForPooh

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    Wow the tech boxes are so detailed.
  2. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] Other International Events

    Yes! Wow that's pretty amazing.
  3. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] Other International Events

    There's nobody here for me to appreciate Julia Lang and her... layback lunge, I guess.. with, is there? ETA: Thank you @Fay for posting the link!
  4. WinForPooh

    General Skating Chat

    So both Vincent and his coach have just straight up called them 'bad calls', huh? Well that's nice, good to see they're getting the right takeaways from all this. ETA: Also an excellent example of how a lot of US media just basically does PR. If the headline is an indication of what the report is supposed to be about, talking to a skater and his coaches shouldn't be the primary part. It should have comments from multiple judges, tech panel, and at least a record of attempting to get a comment from an ISU representative. Even if they won't comment, putting it out there repeatedly that ISU did not respond despite requests for comment is part of how you put pressure on them to step up their tech assistance for judges and tech panel. Here, there's a comment from one US judge in the second half of the article and that's it, the primary narrative comes from Vincent and his coach. It's sloppy journalism but then I don't think actually delving into the issue was the intention here anyway. Also, hilarious how it was not a problem at all when their skaters got away with dodgy 3As and 4Los within the 90 degrees were called.
  5. WinForPooh

    Random Thought Theater

    Figure skating as a sport is so weird sometimes. I mean it's so cut throat but with this veneer of niceness that's sometimes so shallow... Like, right now, there's a football game going on between two teams, let's call them A and B. I can honestly say that I don't give a single, solitary f*ck whether B wins or loses, but I sure as sh*t am rooting for A to lose. And I'm not being unusually petty, this is the accepted and overwhelming sentiment among all people who support the team I do (which is an entirely different team C)! Because A and C are traditional rivals who are supposed to hate each other! It's so odd, how different sports are seen so differently.
  6. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    No no you're right, they were wrong, but you should be drunk and yeah it is!
  7. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    Yes, I understand that now but my textbooks said otherwise and I'm gonna go after those writers with the broken bottle after I'm done with my current mission.
  8. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    My geography textbooks lied. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australasia They specifically said the country was Australia and the continent including all the islands Australasia. Ha!
  9. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    I give the prize among continents to Australia. Is the continent Australasia? Obviously I did not ace geography. Anyway. Shout out to the skaters who brought those performances and definitely made me happy and to J9 Peter Rankin who judged at least some part of the same competition I just lost my sanity and my diet to watch.
  10. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    *breaks bottle* JUSTICE FOR KAZUKI'S PERFORMANCE!!!!!
  11. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    Guys. Yuzu is usually scored by the same standards that Boyang is scored by, and he still gets those scores and wins all those things and we're so lucky, he is just so incredibly amazing.
  12. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    Yes please take it away from me, I'm looking at protocols.
  13. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    Yep. This is honestly the root of why we all get so angry and angsty over judging.
  14. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    Yay carrot cake and lots of rage, my favourite! Keeps those demons away, salt.
  15. WinForPooh

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    This is the thing. Because everybody else is overscored, Boyang's score might be correct but it's usually not fair because fair is relative to what happens to others and that's just really anger-making.