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  1. Random Thought Theater

    Maybe a few strategically placed pillows as part of your special skating costume? Also, more than skating skills, I wish my antenna would pick up his disinterest in food. *sigh* I've been dreaming of desserts all day. Dammit.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Guys, prepare for a complete, total flubbering meltdown from me, with bad internet because I won't be in the city, for JNats if Yuzu does compete. I'll need reassurance, updates, and a lot of handholding. A lot.
  3. Random Thought Theater

    Congratulations! I'm very happy for you.
  4. Random Thought Theater

    Nothing like having something taken away to know how much you need it. Feels like everybody is going through the cold thing - when you suddenly realise how much you took being able to breathe normally for granted. This is the blocked nose time of figure skating. Yuzu appreciation is going to be through the roof when he comes back!
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    Sorry. That's really funny.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    He said he's much better, too. I feel like I'm just saying and saying that, but we shouldn't focus on just the pain part of it. He's much better and his recovery is progressing. That's good, he has time.
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    haha I assume having limb chopped off is a 9 because 10 would be the ultimate pain and who can possibly know that! I only know about fracture and internal bleeding, I thought around 8 would be much much worse. Yeah I wanted old Seimei too, but well, all that's water under the bridge, I guess. As long as he's taking care now, he needs to be fine in Feb.
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    I approve of being cautious and not rushing! Good, JSF is doing it right this time.
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Ah, it's a physical condition vs how you feel thing - like we underestimate or overestimate what we can do in a particular moment, even if only that person can know the actual level of pain. (Completely OT, the pain scale of 1-10 drives me mad, I've said fracture and internal bleeding hurts at maybe a 5 or 6 because I think, well, if my limb was chopped off it would probably be a 9 so relative to that, this has to be a 5 or max 6, but apparently I should've said at least 8 but how can I judge accurately unless I've felt 10, what sense does that make...) Interpretations and misunderstandings! I would guess Brian probably knew that the easier layout for Seimei might not go so well, but it was preferable to doing the 4Lz and 4Lo with his knee inflammation. He should have had muscle memory for old SEimei, too, though, so it might have gone well on another day. Between injury and popstarring, I'd take popping and offer him a mic and a stage to do it on, too!
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Ah, of course, it's just a discussion. About semantics, mostly lol. About Helsinki - isn't that where Yuzu trusted Brian's words about trusting his training, and not pushing himself too hard during practice, after that SP? That sounds like the kind of impact I hope Brian is having right now - trusting advice, being honest about how much pain he feels, listening to what his recovery plan should be according to that, instead of going after that 4Lz like a man on a mission and risking injury before he's healed and conditioned enough to do it. And the watered down layout might have resulted in pop-Seimei, but it also resulted in WR Chopin and more importantly, his knee didn't get worse. So that's a win in my book. Plus we got the angsty-longing-gold-medal-gaze, what would we do without that every season. (Could have done without it at CoR though. ) I was thinking about the level of understanding they have now. They had trouble obviously at first - like Yuzu's mad dash after the loop, which he got in the end. He was confident in his skating ability enough that he went for it despite Brian's misgivings. In cases like that, he does know best. But they have a much better understanding and relationship now, so it seems like he listens when told that the soreness means he needs rest even if it doesn't feel that bad right then. That's what I feared he might do in his desire to be back for JNats, that he would push himself too hard before his ankle was really ready for it. But he's listening, to his body and to his team, apparently, so that really is great improvement from him! Yuzu is great with long-term goals, bolder than Brian, and it works for him. I'm thinking of condition as what his body is like... You know... Like when you wake up right as you get over the flu and you feel great finally, but the doctor will tell you to stay in bed one more day because you need that extra day no matter how fine you feel or you will get worse. I read 'he knows best' as more of a comment about what Yuzu is like. He's clearly the 'I can do it! I can still do it!' type who needs to be sat on firmly with a 'You can do it tomorrow' instruction from somebody he'll listen to, sometimes. And if anybody at TCC really considers Javi a better Olympic hopeful than Yuzu, it must be because of the gold-on-costume superstition.
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    He did say he's much better, you know... Just that he does still have some pain.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    You'll forgive me if we have different interpretations of what 'he knows his condition best' means. I don't see the 'obviously' about it being in regards to this instance, too, because that still reads like a statement about Yuzu as a person and his judgment of himself in general, not about what he has said in this particular instance. Other people can know better about his condition and his body, that's why he has trainers and physios and doctors. He knows best how he feels. His condition is what state he actually is in, of which level of pain is one indication. I don't think he's the best at judging when the pain/soreness/illness means he should stop and recover. It's the downside to how hardworking and focused on his goals he is, and it's why his team is very important. You can't be the best at something from just one instance. Again, Yuzu has excellent instincts and knowledge about his field of competitors and what he wants to achieve. In those things, he has often been right, over Brian. But that's not what I was talkng about here, I was talking about Brian's importance in him knowing when to stop and take a breather, when not to do something, how to pace himself while training and practicing, spotting what's going wrong and fixing it. Brian not being there was a factor in him getting hurt at NHK. It might not be the sole factor, but it was a factor. Brian knows how to rein him in when he needs to be, especially with the level of understanding they've had since the build-up to Helsinki. I didn't say it all depends on Brian, either. I said Brian knows how to rein him in when he needs to, like making him stop training for a week before ACI and convincing him to do an easier layout. It might have been about Sochi, then? Because it's hard to believe they said anything of the sort about 2018.
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    Really? Is there somewhere I can read that interview? I'd be really interested in reading that! Or watching it, if it's a video.
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    I disagreed with the part of the tweet that basically said Yuzu knows his own condition best? I disagreed because to me it didn't sound like it refers to this particular instance only, it sounds like more of a general statement? And as a general statement that is not entirely right, he pushes himself too much and too hard very often, that's why he got his knee inflammation before ACI, too? So he doesn't know his own condition best generally, because he pushes through pain a lot, and he is injured right now because he misjudged his own condition during NHK practice? In this particular instance right now, he is acknowledging pain and not overtraining, so that is great improvement from him, and long may that improvement last - that's pretty literally what I said? I didn't argue against that at all, so I don't know what you're doubling down on lol. As for Brian and TCC - I'm not implying Brian would ignore other skaters for him. But he split Javi and Yuzu up so he can focus on each during their training as much as possible, so I'd say Yuzu will be observed very carefully as he gets back on ice.
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    The desire to get be back to his old condition can, let's say, make him a little too enthusiastic and ignore pain he should listen to. Overtraining is something Brian has to keep him from doing, remember? That's just part of Yuzu. That's why being with a coach who knows him very well now is important. Remember practice during CoR? Brian called him over to the boards every time he looked like he was getting frustrated, giving him instructions or just making him take a breath. He needs that, unfortunately. The famed kuyashii can backfire, as it did during NHK practice - fever, what fever, he can jump the lutz, he'd show it. Withdraw, what withdraw, he can ice it and still do it, he can go back out and do his run-through anyway, including spins. I'm sure his body lets him know what he should do. And he's got better at listening to it. But not yet good enough, so he does need Brian. He's the biggest Olympic hopeful at TCC. I'm sure that is taken into account, and reflected in the attention he gets from Brian and Tracy, especially because they know his inclination to overtrain and rush better than anybody else right now. That's why I said the fact that he's admitting he's still got pain and needs more rehab before skating is good. It's improvement from him. Long may that improvement last.