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  1. WinForPooh

    Team USA

    I know, I like that. I was prepared for the full ice princess crowning thing this season, but she's doing something different. If only Mai had done that too.
  2. WinForPooh

    Team USA

    That looks like it could be nice! She must have worked hard to get that -lo combo.
  3. WinForPooh

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Oh that's really nice! That's a very nice wish, too. I hope so for him as well.
  4. Folks who're getting refunds for the lounge tickets should keep an eye out in about twelve hours. The 48-hour limit for picking up reserved tickets will lapse then, I bet quite a few nice seats will show up then.
  5. WinForPooh

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzu. Sweety. Our dearest and most beloved overlord. Great Alien Space Kitty. Troll who rules our sanity. PLEASE GIVE US MEDIA DAY!!!!
  6. WinForPooh

    General Yuzuru Chat

    This is where the finger-wagging began! Yuzu and Stephane just took their cue from Brian.
  7. That should be right above where the skaters come out, which is right around where coaches stay, so that should mean lots of Yuzu!
  8. Okay, my basket is empty. I think they're keeping some back for the single event tickets, though. I hope everybody got what they wanted, more or less! What a day.
  9. C2/C3 is right at the skaters' entrance, so is that where you want to be?
  10. That doesn't sound great if you want to watch FS.
  11. Make that Ложа №13, Row 1, Seat 3. And 13 minutes. 28,000 roubles. plus whatever fees.
  12. Guys what is this super duper expensive Ложа №14, Row 1, Seat 3 because I got one in my basket.
  13. No wait I have an Трибуна A4, Row 17, Seat 25 and seven minutes still. Weird site.
  14. Is Smultron around? I have a c4 and seven minutes.
  15. Give it a few minutes, it must have happened to loads of people and you should see good tickets again after the 20 minutes tick down.