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  1. Imagine this. 600,000 people view your first YouTube video in less than half a day. Every 6th of them likes it and every 3rd even subscribes to your channel. In reality the ratio is probably even better, considering that many of us watched the video more than once on multiple devices.
  2. I can't believe that Yuzu listened to me and opened a freaking YouTube channel. Now cinematic figure skating when Update: I still can't believe that we can officially watch YuzuTube now
  3. Unpopular opinion, but I wish that Yuzu will never have anything to do with Netflix or any other American streaming service. I don't want to see his career being butchered or romanticized in Hollywood style. He deserves better than that.
  4. I share this little fun game here as well: This is indeed an empirical research study. I will document the view numbers at the end of each day until Sunday 14th, and take a closer look at YouTube's view counter algorithm. I want to know how powerful our fandom really is if we attack things seriously
  5. The channel looks really promising: 1. Video quality up to 4K resolution and 60 fps framerate! 2. No annoying text boxes in any corner!!! Pure video footage The camera angles are completely different from the television footage. Many distant aerial shots, a fixed front view close to the ice and some of the usual cameras that follow the skaters. There is no real focus on anyone, it's rather the group performance captured as a whole, but it's not bad. I'm curious if they will upload all individual programs by the skaters as well.
  6. Drop this one here too, because I'm really serious about it: If there is any skater on the planet who has the creative mind, skill, professional production team and financial sources to realize something like this, it's probably Yuzu. And I genuinely do believe that his programs deserve exquisite settings and filming quality that are worthy of his heavenly skating.
  7. I'm straight honest here: it's true that I regularly take a look at Yuzu's bios page and update tables and navigation boxes there, but I leave the prose part mostly to fellow author Yolo4A4Lo, who does a sublime job and I don't want to take away the credit from her. My main works are: Yuzu's career achievement list and Olympic seasons sub-article on English wiki Yuzu's page on the wiki sister-project WikiQuote English wiki article about Fantasy on Ice [NEW] Of course, if you have any wishes for additions or changes, feel free to ask and I can forward it to our team. However, please refrain from making edits on Yuzu's bios page yourself, especially in the lead section. It took us lots of time and work to figure out a solution that satisfies all criteria of the wiki MOS (manual of style) for "good article" status and we don't want to lose this status
  8. Update: today is the launch date of Yuzuru Hanyu, the greatest virtuoso in performing art of the 21st century. You heard it here first.
  9. Can't believe that I have a mutual in 2022, because same. iPod yes, smartphone nope. I outfanyued myself without knowing.
  10. Yes, now even more than before. Yuzu has officially retired from competitive skating, so we will no longer be labelled as "crazy fanyus" who are only interested in his success. What we write now, will have more weight than before, and I think Yuzu would be very happy and proud to see that we fans genuinely care for the sport that means so much to him. If we are able to change something, it may not help Yuzu anymore, but it may help to create a competition setting where another incredible genius could prosper in the future that we can wholeheartedly enjoy like Yuzu now. But if figure skating dies within the next decades, we rob the future of young talents to enjoy and live "real figure skating" as it was meant to be.
  11. If anyone was surprised why I didn't post anything recently, it's mainly because a part of me prayed with all toes and fingers that he finally says bye to competition. However, with respect to him and to all fans I didn't want to speak it out loud. But now that he's dropped the bomb, I feel that I can finally share my thoughts openly without having a bad conscience. As much as I wished Yuzu to get the 4A ratified in competition and finish his competitive career on a high note, it would have all come at an enormously high cost that I no longer wanted him to pay. What we never get to see are the endless hours and days and months that he has to prepare himself physically, technically and mentally for a competition. And whatever his image of ideal skating is - if he wants to prevail in competition, he is forced to follow what the sport dictates him, and it's inevitable to spend 80-90% of the practice sessions on drilling quads. With the latest rule changes even more than ever. This is not just an enormous health risk, but it also limits him to evolve in other aspects of figure skating. It's like a heavy chain that suppresses a virtuoso from flourishing. Now that he is free from these massive limitations, he can focus on whatever he likes. He can discover and challenge completely new, uncharged territory, polish his existing repertoire of skills and find a new, fresh approach to skating. I am fully convinced that from now on, we will actually get to see him much more often on the ice than before and we will be over the moon from excitement and joy, when we find out what incredible things he will come up with next
  12. Oh, this is excellent! Thank you very much for your offer!
  13. This is a special (mostly text element-free) edit of Raison, using clips from FaOI Kobe and Shizuoka 2022 (both day 3). The snippets are selected in a way that you can see as many movements from the front as possible.   You should be able to select a resolution of 1080p in the video settings, but the recording quality is not the best (so it may not have much of an effect).
  14. This is not directly related to FaOI Shizuoka, but if anyone knows a source, that would be awesome Can't wait for the final day of the tour tomorrow. I wonder if there will be an encore performance again...?
  15. Created something for us fanyus to warm up for FaOI. Hope you like it
  16. I share this thread here too. It might be interesting for you to read something about contemporary dance and why Yuzu's single shoulder flip on the ice in Raison is much harder than it looks at first glance.
  17. OMG I can't stop rolling on the floor and crying from laughter ISU and feds spending tons and mountains of money to advertize "athleticism" and make FS more attractive for masculine audience. Mission: flopped. Meanwhile at FaOI: Countless men queuing in line for the bathrooms in the arena and cinemas in Japan and Taiwan
  18. Sorry, but I couldn't not share this little gem here This explains so many things... on the B tour especially
  19. ISU, feds and media do their utmost to turn figure skating, what was supposed to be a sport for intellectuals and connoisseurs, into cheap mass industry for the low-demand consuming society. The one that gives 0 about quality and longevity and that more and more dominates every other branch of entertainment and daily life. It's a cultural regression in all departments.
  20. Fun fact: The last Olympic cycle (ACI 2018 - FaOI 2022) Yuzu has attended 15 competitions and 8 ice shows* in total (3.7 comps and 2 shows per season in average), showing: - 4 different short programs (3 new) - 3 different free skate programs (2 new) - 7 different EX gala programs - 9 different ice show programs (5 new incl. Blinding Lights) * counting FaOI tour A and B separately, SOI, DOI and the 24H specials Even if he brings Rondo and TenChi back next season, no one can complain. Who would throw away two masterpieces like these, where so much time, work and effort went into the creation process (doing even a special arrangement with a renowned pianist), when only having skated them once (Rondo) or trice (TenChi) in international competition without a clean skate (apart from Nationals). Yuzu is free to do whatever he likes, and I'd be happy to see new programs, but it would be such a waste of potential and great material.
  21. I know that tastes are different, but it's a mystery to me how you cannot not love LMEY, Rondo and TenChi, the last two especially. TenChi is the objectively best composed figure skating program in history by a landslide (and I say this as a die-hard Ballade and Rondo fan). I can't recall anyone hating on TenChi except Y*gs, but the opinion of a terrible creature like him doesn't count, so that's that. Whatever, let's focus on the bright side of life and celebrate FaOI This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  22. I think, it's really good for him to be in an environment again, where he isn't the oldest competitor or cast member. In fact, he's one of the younger skaters here at FaOI. I always had the feeling that last year at SOI and DOI he was like the exhausted duck mother who's responsible for the little ducklings and has to be a good role model all the time. Of course, he tried to have some fun, but there was always this bit of tension in the air. Here at FaOI he can completely enjoy himself and flourish as a performer.
  23. I still try to process the amount of arm choreo we've just seen.
  24. Finally caught up with all the FaOI news after a busy week. That was a wild ride yesterday By the way: I thought, it's long overdue to create an article for Fantasy on Ice on English wiki, so I've spent the last evenings since Wednesday on reseach and editing and this is the result so far: Fantasy on Ice - Wikipedia The page is not completed yet. The second part of the history section from 2010 onwards and the list of acrobats are missing, but I try to finish them this weekend Footnote: the maps with all the tour stops were an awful lot of work to edit (with all the coordinates for the dots), but I think it's really cool to see all cities together with the table of venues.
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