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  1. Finally... the gender is right. But the ages... is that fishnet-magic? Poor Javi couldn't be detected by the program xD [Uploaded by myself on imgur]
  2. Yep. It's the maturity that you simply cannot have at such a young age. I realized that at FaOI Sendai and Makuhari, where Shizuka and Rika skated right after another. It's like watching two different worlds. Shizuka created an incredible aura and atmosphere around her, she really filled the arena with her majestic presence. Rika cannot do that yet. And no matter how good jumpers these youngsters are, without adult skaters and their mature performances a senior competition is not much different from juniors. But I think, Plushy did not only mean young skaters. He adressed older skaters like Lysacek in the first place, who won his first Olympics and said goodbye right after. He didn't even leave Plushy the opportunity to take revenge for Vancouver 2010. That must have bothered him like hell.
  3. If I remember correctly, Plushy said in the NHK documentary from this winter that he couldn't really understand skaters who immediately retire after winning their first big title. If everyone leaves the stage at his or her peak, there are no champions left for the seasons to come. There is a hole that the youngsters have to fill. After every Olympics Plushy asked: Hey, where are my opponents? I need challengers! I think, Plushy has huge respect for Yuzu that he still competes after 2 OGMs and risks his no. 1 spot again and again. Just like he did himself so many times. In Yuzu Plushy has found someone with the same mindset and attitude of a champion with longevity. He's not the only crazy skater, who is always hungry for new duels and challenges. Eventually. That creates a strong bond
  4. My overall reaction to today's jump battle: Sorry, I couldn't help but create this meme from the Kobe broadcast. It's just too fitting for this ongoing madness
  5. OMG our biggest fanboy has reached the next level I celebrate this so much
  6. I think this happy familiy gathering motivates everyone, especially the warmhearted response from the cast and the crowd, when something works out as Yuzu's 4Lz in Kobe. That must be infectious.
  7. Toyama 100% delivers. We're blessed with an insane number of pics, clips and great news. What a jump battle!! #fanservice
  8. I wonder why Olympic Channel became so silent about Yuzu. There's quite a lot to report at the moment
  9. And we must not forget that 4T, 4S, 4Lo and even the friggin 4T+1Eu+3S combo all work on this mediocre ice. It's really crazy. Yuzu outdid himself this time. Sure, it's another cup of tea to land them with +5 in a 4:00 FS under competitive pressure, but he has 2-3 months time to prepare now.
  10. Okay, so we're going the same road with 4F like 4Lz? Many fail attempts, 3A randomly affected too. Only difference: there's only one show left for a clean 4F
  11. Btw: I think Yuzu included that choreographed fall in the opening to comfort us. That falling is not that bad actually and we don't have to be worried. But I'm worried anyway
  12. Nah, Yuzu won't give up on his sequence baby 4T+3A My bet
  13. Yuzu: "I've never landed that combo in competition with positive GOE, but now it's no problem to go for it spontaneously at a small rink with +30 skaters around me at dimmed light and yeah."
  14. To be honest: If Panini ever decided to publish a Yuzu-sticker album in Europe, I would be the first to buy it @4Nessie We now get to see the full magnitude of kuyashii burning that has been unleashed in Saitama...
  15. Again, thank you so so so much for your great reports, Katja!!! Arigatou gozaimashita!!! Yuzu is collecting quads like I do with Panini Stickers
  16. Okay, so we have a streaming date in 7 1/2 hours then? Goodnight everyone and thank you so much!!!
  17. Just that I don't get the wrong time: Tomorrow's FaOI broadcast is scheduled for 11:24. What does that mean for the CET timezone?
  18. This. Is the attitude of a real superstar. When you really care for all the fans, who brought you this fame. No matter what a great athlete you are - without loyal fans, who spread your greatness in the world, your achievements will remain unknown. Sometimes I stumble across a fringe sport and think: Why have I never heard of this incredible talent before?! That's really sad actually. Figure skating and every other competitive sport is an entertainment event as well and the audience wants to get something for the money. Of course you're disappointed, when your fav (and everyone else) is doing some halfhearted stuff, especially when the ticket prices are skyrocketing and it costs you a monthly salary to watch a competition live. Yuzu always gives 120% and you can be sure that he delivers. Even with mistakes there are so many other things that make an event worth its price and that's why he's so special both as an athlete and a star. I'm sure, when he injured himself and had to withdraw from so many tournaments, it shattered his heart twice. It was the physical pain and uncertainty of his own skating future, but also the disappointment of all the fans who bought tickets and travelled around the globe to watch him
  19. To be honest: for me the 4F news is less shocking than Yuzu's new black pants of sin https://mobile.twitter.com/yuzu_kyun_mami/status/1139351261046661120 PS: I think this is the first time that we can actually see Yuzu's skating boots not being covered by his pant legs?
  20. It totally makes sense that he did a 3F in Masquerade. He practiced it in this clip from today, aye? PS: Edge looks fine to me here
  21. Yeah and first 4A is successful because it's the last day and it has to be, aye?
  22. Why do I have the very dangerous feeling that the Quad King debate's going into the next round in 19/20?
  23. Yuzu's stamina must be crying rivers already... the mere thought of a FS with all 6 types of quads plus 4T+3A sequence plus total package... He must be skating to the Jaws Theme Song or I don't know
  24. If they are just as mean as Kobe with holding back the 4F/Lz footage, this thread will reach 160 pages with ease
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