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  1. Just watched Alena’s program. Oh my. What an atrocity, sorry for being candid about it. Just a mash of barely related parts.
  2. I wish Tuk had done this years before because it would have given Medvedeva no chance of dominating. Now it may be too late - the technical progress has caught up with her.
  3. Thanks. The matter is, I can understand Russian and I hate what I hear there.
  4. what really matters is that they get points to their standings for this. And Shoma is 3k euros richer now!
  5. Now how come they didn't call Shoma's 4F? http://www.figureskatingresults.fi/results/1920/CSFIN2019/CSFIN2019_Men_FS_Scores.pdf
  6. Sota Yamamoto 4S2T 4S fall 4T fall 2A 3A<< fall 3LzEu3S 3F fall ouch. 6 points of deductions are there. Shame, really. But thank you for a great short, step by step, Sota. Too many UR. a beautiful program on him. He's visibly upset.
  7. Shoma Uno 3S step out 4F 3A 3Lo 4T fall 2A3T 3AEu<<1F I like his new free, have to say.
  8. Roman SADOVSKY 4S step out 3F 3A 3Lo 2Seu3S 3A fall 3Lz fall sigh, Roman, it's such a beautiful program, but you skated it well once. Last ACI.
  9. Sergei VORONOV 4T 3A 4T step out, looked << 3Lo 3A<< fall 1Lz don't give up! 3S2T2Lo well done, Uncle Voronov. shame about the mistakes , but you're a great inspiration to the others!
  10. Andrei LAZUKIN 4Lz 4T hands down,<< 3T3T 2A 3FEu2S 3Lz tight 3F you could have done another combo, honey. What's the point of trying that 4Lz, if you can't skate the rest of your program after it?
  11. Luc ECONOMIDES 4T< hard fall 3A ouch, another fall did he land something, I missed it. 3A<< fall 3F3T handdown 3Lo 3Lz fall oh boy, that's six points of deductions for falls...
  12. ice resurfacing and then we go for the top men in this competition.
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