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  1. And here I thought this would be by far the most boring and predictable city. Yuzu, take a rest after this, will you? Can you? Do you know what the word means? Rest?
  2. Sorry, does this mean Masquerade AND Origin?
  3. 6 types of jumps? Lutz was there too?
  4. I LOVE the opening costume. You can blame me for my bad taste as much as you like. It’s outlandish, but striking!
  6. I hope someone can post it anywhere. Everyone’s being very secretive today...
  7. Ok, seeing that magical quad lutz will make me make peace with having to go so long with little else but cave paintings fan drawings from Kobe!
  8. I give up. The boy is unstoppable. Hold on tight, everyone, don’t forget your prayers.
  9. In an onsen. You dream big, I see.
  10. Yeah, right, training without a coach is what is likely to help you, Shoma. Consult Michele Kwan whenever you can...
  11. What’s happening, why does she look so unhappy in Yuzu’s company? How dare she? Lol oh, congrats, we’re over 1000 posts in this thread with no real tangible material to discuss apart from TWO Yuzu pics?
  12. Those who complain about boring bowling shirts, consider your luck - shirts with NO BIBS! When did we last have that?
  13. Could Japanese publishers cater for international audience at least for once?
  14. This is from back 2016.
  15. I embedded it!
  16. It was the same broadcast severely abridged to two Japanese girls, Satoko and Rika, three Russian girls, Liza, Zhenya and Alina, and Yuzu with his two programs. Only non-retired athletes, I guess...
  17. Nobu! Lol https://mobile.twitter.com/nobutaro1001/status/1137770090626203648
  18. Eh... not really. Just a few frames, I guess.
  19. we aren't getting any more Yuzu, right? Can I switch the thing off now?
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