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  1. That was coming for quite some while now. She gave an interview that she cannot jump still.
  2. Ah, Yorkshire! And a very young Yuzu with Adam Rippon
  3. I couldn’t quite place it, it was clear it was close to the North of England. Northern East Midlands?
  4. Riku and Riuchi 3Tw, 3T2t2T, nice lift, 3Lz throw nice, 2S, 3Lo throw, clearly out of steam, very nervous, but they surely won this?
  5. Vanessa and Eric 3tw, 3T combo fall, 1S, sorta tentative, 3S throw, stayed on her feet, the lifts are great, 3F throw fall,
  6. Ashley and Timothy had a messy and hard skate. But they're good.
  7. Deanna and Maxime 3tw, 3S fall, 3T combo messy fall, nice lift, 3Lo throw nice, a very weird death spiral, 3S throw hand down,
  8. Katie and Nathan 3tw, 3T< tf, 3Lo throw, 2A2T2T, 3Lz throw?, death spiral, etc. Nice skate, over all.
  9. Jessica and Joshua 3tw, 2T2T, 3S, 3Lo throw fall, a lift, 2S throw?, lifts work very well, looked better than the first pair.
  10. 3tw, a lift, a bit clumsy, 2T2T, 2S fall, throw - 2F?, a fall off a loop throw, sorta tentative throughout the program. A new team? nice gliding though. Lori-Ann and Therry?
  11. The pairs are on. I'll watch them and head for bed, a stressful day ahead tomorrow. Meagan's got a cold, hasn't she?
  12. sorta going to be very hard to get involved into RD this season for me. Absolutely not my cup of tea! Any more performances today?
  13. I've no idea what Marjorie and Zachary were skating about. Hated the music, sorry.
  14. What I find surprising is that Kolyada at 26 doesn’t have clue what he skates to. And doesn’t seem to have any ambitions to skate a program which would become his trademark program.
  15. Gleikhengauz is true to form https://www.instagram.com/p/CTrqkOaoCTw/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  16. Trusova 4F 4S messy, but stayed on her feet 4T3T? Didn't see the first jump. 4Lz3T? 2A3T 4T<? 3Lz3T tight - turned out to be 4Lz3T 4Lz 3LzEu3S Wow. If she skates like this, she's unbeatable. And I don't mind her winning any competition. She looks on fire. The program suits her.
  17. Valieva Bolero, gosh... 4S fall < 3A good 4T2T combo messy Another scratchy jump -3Lo? still out of music 4T fall 3F3T 3Lz3T slowed down towards the end. even one of the spins got slower. well, she has the time to improve, but this was messy.
  18. Tuktamysheva 3A stepout 1A 3Lz fall 2F Don't give up! skates small, but sells her program 2AEu3S 3Lz2A 3Lo The jumps are beautiful when they work. ON the whole, a usual Tuk program. But kudos for not giving up!
  19. Shcherbakova 3Lz3Lo 3F3T Med's spiral 3F 2A< frontloading her content 3LzEu3S 3F 3Lz - three lutzes? Lacrimosa here? Usual Anna program.
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