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  1. @Yukok congrats, we are all quite jealous and looking forward to your impressions!
  2. KAORI!!!! MY LITTLE GIRL GREW INTO A POWERFUL GIRL! Congrats to Loena and Alyssa!
  3. Oh Lord, watching the whole debacle in so much detail is just painful. I can’t remember a single time there have been reaction like this.
  4. I did watch it since I was very curious to see whether Nathan’s public behaviour would change. First, it has, he looks way more confident now, second, his speaking habits haven’t - he mumbles, rushes through words and is generally incoherent. Third, the whole thing looked incredibly short and shallow - a few words of how Nate’s program was the best thing since the sliced bread, then Yale, then teaching Fallong to jump a single Axel. Well, if Nate’s fans are happy with that, I don’t mind that very much. Let the boy have his moment.
  5. He removed his like, guys. Please, stop this. It’s not worth it.
  6. I must be the only person totally relaxed about Yuzu-Javi situation, just wish people wouldn’t react like that.
  7. Olympic Gold Medalists through years and their reactions to their win
  8. Riku and Riyuchi nice twist 2T ouch They gave away lots of points nice throw looking tentative
  9. Vanessa and Eric what a dress a heavy twist 2 twist? 2T for Vanessa they still don’t gel ,,
  10. Alexa and Brandon nice twist a bit tight for Alexa in 3T nice throw they will be very high and they deserve it nice sbs spin A bit chunky in StSq nice lift. That was cheesy, but good! I am quite ready for that scenario. Get ready for the worse, unfortunately. The shitshow must go on.
  11. Starting to watch the pairs. Nothing could be worse now, could it?
  12. I am so happy for my baby Kaori! Have loved ever since I first saw her on the ice at Rostelecom 2017. So good for her to achieve this!
  13. He’s just enjoying recalling those historic skates of his! Let him refresh things to his heart’s content!
  14. so watching Yuzu speaking Japanese. Some things never change. What a beautiful voice!
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