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  1. Yuzu, I am getting really scared now...
  2. Looking forward to some fresh bits of information!
  3. And we were wondering for what felt like hours what it was they saw. Because first reactions actually resembled death throes, something totally incoherent. Choking on too much beauty and passion.
  4. I’d actually get this watch rather than the first one. My wrist isn’t thin and this one feels a bit more casual than the previous one.
  5. I never did, as a matter of fact. I just even don’t know what you mean. I’ll remind you about staying constructive in your criticism of any skater or coach in the future. Pretty much please. Thanks.
  6. After you turned my words about Yuzu’s injuries in the past and their getting treated in Toronto into my speculating about his current injuries, this is just hilarious. A moderator can speak their mind. Accept it.
  7. What a lovely list of random facts, thank you!
  8. And your criticism should be constructive when it comes to coaches and skaters, as a matter of fact. Is it with you? It’s funny you should feel imposed on, whereas in fact you are the one who keeps repeating the same message over and over, as I said without the bother of listening to anyone. I am not trying to impose on you, but you are clearly not interested to know there might be different points of views from yours.
  9. Exactly, they injected some steroids into him in January 2016, but that didn’t help. Hope it taught Yuzu a lesson not to disregard pain...
  10. No, but it’s you who have difficulty admitting people can have different points of view from yours. You carry on repeating the same message for around dozens of times without the bother of listening to anyone who objected to your point of view. Who’s being aggressive?
  11. I was in no was speculating, my friend, I was speaking about his past injuries - how on earth did you turn them into something present? Don’t try to read into my words something I never intended. As simple as that. And don’t grow too aggressive, please, a moderator’s warning.
  12. No, he stayed in Toronto after his left foot injury was revealed in 2016. He stayed off the ice for good three and half months then. The same with the ligament injuries, he stayed around ten days in Japan after the first one happened, then went to Toronto. The same with the second injury on the same foot in 2018. It seems that he stayed in Japan for his rehabilitation after the Olympics, but this is Yuzu, no knowing where he was exactly. Why are we so hung up on where he was? Because someone wants to gloat at Brian?
  13. It’s a long protracted story. I was there at GS when Boston happened, and god, did Brian get his share of hate! Most were certain Yuzu would leave him ASAP after his defeat at the Worlds. He never did. In fact he started spending most of his time in Toronto - before then he had been a peripatetic student sharing his time between Canada and Japan. Then in autumn 2016 the story went like Tracy was the supportive one (since Yuzu said Tracy talked to him), Brian was an unfeeling git pushing his favourite Javi in front of Yuzu for that Olympic gold. And so on, and so on, so on. After years of th
  14. How come you didn’t realise you said exactly the same thing I did? Yes, he does need Toronto-based doctors at the very least. And whatever you say, Kikuchi wasn’t the one who treated him for a number of injuries - which was the way you made it sound. Possibly without realising you did.
  15. It wasn’t Kikuchi who treated him from that injury in 2016, it wasn’t Kikuchi he turned to when he had two ligament injuries. Stop contorting the facts. Kikuchi was very helpful as a physiotherapist at the competitions, but the core of medical assistance Yuzu used during his latest years was Toronto-based. Kikuchi was never there when Yuzu trained at TCC.
  16. Excuse me, I’d like to remind you about the rules. No mud-throwing is allowed.
  17. No, Masquerade has nothing to do with any anime.
  18. Just as I did after Yuzu skated. I just switched off. At Skate Canada 2019 Piper and Paul, the winners at Dances, skated later than Yuzu, because they were locals.
  19. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  20. I was shocked in the morning, so ran here to give the gist. His nonverbal language is even louder.
  21. Yuzu'd still very loyal. One of the reasons why we love him dearly. I wouldn't be surprised if he keeps his allegiance to Johnny.
  22. Excuse me, did he really change his idols?
  23. The interview is just freshly out, Mishin speaks at around 16.15 about Yuzu here. No doubt it will be translated, but unfortunately it won’t be me. Gotta work. Work sucks. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
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