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  1. Johnny never apologised for his offensive BLM tweet so why would he apologise for this?
  2. Agreed but it makes it so so much worse that it's such a young sport and one in with commentary isn't completely removed from judging. I hope they both lose their jobs.
  3. My eyes skipped over "Russian"
  4. Worse than stupid. They're two people in a position of power humiliating a skater and encouraging the sexualisation of ladies' figure skating knowing full well how many senior skaters are literal children. To hell with them both.
  5. Apparently Jason somehow made his way back to Canada!
  6. Not that I know of! More 4Fs in the world than back counter 3As
  7. Kevin has been doing this in competition for a few years now
  8. "Piseev: it is necessary to explain why Zagitova is not nominated for the ISU Prize"
  9. I take it all back. These awards are the most glorious thing to ever happen to FS. Simplest fix for no pairs nomination, which we've all said from day one, is to have different awards for each discipline. That would have the bonus of providing the illusion of diversity among nominees rather than just the USA/RUS/FRA +1 they've got going now. But that wouldn't fit into the broadcast schedule for all the "glitz and glamour" so...
  10. In Victoria we're currently experiencing another outbreak (20-30 new cases a day) and they're bringing in the defence forces to doorknock and test 10,000 people a day in hotspot suburbs even without symptoms and have them transport massive amounts of tests to other states to get the results ASAP so we're going pretty hard after it. Imagine how it is for us, finally getting a comp here, probably never getting one again, definitely never ever having Yuzu grace our shores...
  11. 4CC Update: As I said before, it’s unlikely that Australia’s borders will be open in February. In the past couple of days the government has updated their prediction of “December at the earliest” to “will remain closed for a significant time” Today Qantas has announced that they won’t be resuming international flights until July next year (I expect that might be pushed further back as well) and are expecting it to take 3 years to get back to pre-covid levels. So 4CC won’t happen here. It’s impossible. Maybe ISU will foolishly push forward with another host but no Australian athletes will attend.
  12. Even worse than trashy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sputnik_(news_agency)
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