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  1. SparkleSalad

    Team USA

    Goddamnit, I really like it, especially the almost skipping rope bit.
  2. Oh no. I'm a terrible bad influence and enabler so I'll try not to convince you to quit your job but I hope his SP and FS are just as breathtaking this season.
  3. SparkleSalad

    Team Japan

    ETA Shoma! What is this Pooh erasure?!
  4. Congratulations everyone who got tickets! Don't wear yourselves out too much in those crazy long lines! You'll be the first to lay eyes upon his new shinies.
  5. SparkleSalad

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    Made me wow out loud. Those eyes. What a treasure of a magazine. Gorgeous photos.
  6. I doubt anyone here is crazy enough to go through the ticket battles when Yuzu won't be skating but just in case you're thinking about it, it will be the same as last year with an undiscolsed number of tickets put aside for foreign sale and no all event passes for foreigners (smartphone app and Japanese phone number required.) On the plus side, you might actually have a bit more chance this time.
  7. SparkleSalad

    Japan Open 2018

    Wait, what?! Nobu semi-un-retired?!
  8. Do you hate cherry blossom fairies or something? Of course stay for the gala!
  9. SparkleSalad

    Remembering Denis Ten

    So suddenly... this can't be real...
  10. Well that's a relief! And huzzah! Another day of lining up! Silly me was looking at November flight prices when I committed to this. What a shocking and outrageous difference a month makes.
  11. Uh oh... Can you change your bookings around? Otherwise you can get yourself some of these super cool puppies. ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses I wonder if we couldn't just sleep after practices and wake up before the comp and stay up all night. Probably a very terrible and useless idea. Does anyone know if we can expect open practices before the 6th?
  12. I'm hoping to arrive a couple of days early to get over whatever jetlag is and then leave the day after the gala.
  13. SparkleSalad

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    O hai, everybody's new desktop background. Giant cherry blossom fairy for you all From Digital Camera Magazine ディジタルカメラマガジン