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  1. I think it's entirely possible to hold it without an audience if they provide a paid live stream for all days, as they did today. If they make it available internationally, as some other events in Japan have, they'd make a fortune. They could sell merchandise by mail order as well. It could be really successful. I really hope they'll do this in future instead of taking the massive risks they're taking with this tour.
  2. I believe people from Tohoku were given priority for tickets for Hachinohe, but Miyagi is in a quasi-state of emergency at the moment as well. Afaik Japan is like Sweden in that they can't enforce lockdowns so it's only a request for people not to go out unnecessarily. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.') 50% audience is safer but still unsafe. We only see everyone sitting apart on TV, we don't see the congested lines at the entrance/exit and for the toilets, then there's the matter of trains and hotels and cafes etc that audience members go to. People who went to WTT said it was ver
  3. Unfortunately holding an ice show in a less affected reason means bringing people in from harder hit areas and spreading the virus to the local community. I think perhaps he's missing the bigger picture here, jobs are certainly not more important than health, especially when the virus can leave people permanently ill or worse. IMO a lot of people involved in this show and with competitions in Japan don't deserve to keep their jobs for creating such dangerous events, anyway. What a shame fans didn't pressure organisers to hold it without an audience. Beyond disappointing to see tens of thousand
  4. Reports from today were that there were lots of people eating and drinking and talking in the passages in the arena even though all three are prohibited. The person who reported it said they were scared to walk through them. The same person who said there were no paper towels reported that people we running out of the toilets without washing their hands at all because instead of moving the start time earlier so it could finish in time the organisers only gave people a 15 minute intermission, and people cared more about watching the show than proper hygiene.
  5. Four days of this... This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. OT for this thread but Shoma has bad jump technique which has never been punished (in fact ISU ratified his "4F" as the first ever despite not being a flip at all) and the GOE in particular he received at 2019 Nats for extremely wonky jumps was indecent. I didn't see any "hate" after that competition, I saw valid criticism of the judges and tech panelists who were not even pretending to do their jobs properly. The only "hate" I've seen directed towards Shoma is from women simply returning the hate he's said he has for them.
  7. That doesn’t fix the illegitimate world record problem, and even if placements are correct, those outrageous and undeserved scores become a baseline for his scoring in other competitions which leads to him receiving placements and medals he doesn’t earn.
  8. Yuma is a very good skater but he's not a star. Stars can't be made, which is why competitions and ice shows remain empty in America despite USFSA fixing Nathan's scores. ISU will never see another Yuzuru Hanyu and I hope they go bankrupt for what they've done to him.
  9. Well there wasn't a dominant US or Russian man for awhile. Those two federations ruin everything they touch. The only reason the US hasn't completely destroyed Ladies, ID, and pairs is because Russia beat them to it.
  10. Off the top of my head? 2017 4CC. Yuzu should have won his super slam at that competition but he had to wait 3 more years because of US corruption, and now that he's finally got it we have US fans saying it's a fake title and he only won it because Nathan wasn't there (to be overscored and take another gold he didn't earn). Maybe you think if Nathan criticised the judges his scores would go down, but his coach has pointed out in several interviews and on camera what a joke the judges are and how Nathan doesn't need to work for his scores because judges will give them for empty prog
  11. Not just the PCS is too high, the TES is too high as well. The GOEs don't reflect reality.
  12. Usually at Nationals during Olympic season. World Championships just determines the number of Olympic spots each country gets.
  13. Bubbles burst all the time. We have an outbreak in Australia now because 13 members of an international flight crew decided to wander outside of quarantine. Several times international cricket teams have done the same in New Zealand. Russia doesn’t care about covid. Sweden doesn’t care about covid. A bubble involving both countries won’t work. SkAm got lucky. It’s not enough to test once on arrival the day before, especially as many flew in and could easily have caught it on the plane and not tested positive for several days after. It’s even possible some got infected and we
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