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  1. There's no ticket info available unfortunately. In a normal year tickets would have been sold already but there's still no guarantee of an audience. If you sign up to the mailing list of your country's Olympic ticket retailer they'll let you know as soon as there's any new info. Would have loved to have gone but we're not allowed to leave the country and there's no plan to open borders until mid 2022 at the earliest.
  2. Poor Zhenya has tested positive for covid. Why would they be testing her regularly if she wasn't a close contact of a confirmed case? How are any members of Sambo allowed at CoR? They should all be quarantining right now. I'd be surprised if yesterday's WD was due to pneumonia.
  3. They're already not healthy. They're over trained and underfed to delay puberty.
  4. I don't understand Russian so I'm not sure if this is accurate but if it is then
  5. they could have done GP series this way and we'd be seeing Yuzu's new programs soon but ISU is really that dense
  6. Not sure if it's been posted here but the Australian National Championships scheduled for Nov/Dec have been cancelled and won't be rescheduled due to the uncertainty of domestic border closures and quarantine measures. https://bddb0f3c-5b25-4fd8-b64c-5ae09e0c4567.filesusr.com/ugd/b5945d_2dae37622bff4dc1ae5b0d464ec781d2.pdf ISU really is crazy to think 4CC could ever happen.
  7. Are you considering the audience or just the athletes? Because if you've seen the lines for toilets at FS events...
  8. Iirc the extra monitor at Nats was an asthma monitor. I think he's only worn a monitor during competition that once but he's worn the usual monitor during galas.
  9. It's just cruel to advertise 4CC at this point. It's impossible. Yuzu won't be there anyway even if there is a miracle.
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