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  1. I don’t think anyone is entitled to damage the children who come into this world and into this sport by telling them that they’re less important and should hide who they are because it might bore or make uncomfortable the more manly, ”dynamic” men. People should keep such opinions to themselves.
  2. Well if he’s changed his mind about “gay” and “effeminate” skaters since that interview then I hope he takes the chance to announce it publicly.
  3. Tickets don’t go on salt for Shizuoka until May so the ticket sites probably aren’t up yet. If you check a bit closer to the date, the links at the bottom here will take you to where you need to go: https://www.fantasy-on-ice.com/#shizuoka
  4. Ticket info out! Every stop has Lawson and Pia as well as other options: Makuhari Kyodo Tokyo Lawson Pia ePlus Kobe Pia Lawson ePlus LINE ticket Niigata Lawson Pia ePlus Hokuriku Ticket Sunrise Promotion Shizuoka Pia Lawson ePlus
  5. @sophanyu I’m not sure the details for the sales are out yet so I can’t advise the best ticket site to use but generally Pia doesn’t accept foreign credit cards but they do sometimes allow you to pay at a convenience store within a certain time limit after you’ve purchased the tickets. I haven’t used Pia before but you might need a VPN. For Lawson you will definitely need a VPN. Lawson also has a captcha that might throw you if you don’t understand Japanese so you might need to get your friend to help.
  6. @sophanyu Good news is you already have a much higher chance than most people with a friend like that looking after you. If you can buy the tickets before Yuzu is announced (the past two years they’ve only announced his participation about 2 weeks before the first shows in Makuhari) then I think you have a good chance. Kobe is always the worst to get tickets to but I think Shizuoka shouldn’t be too bad, fingers crossed. The better seats will probably sell out extremely quickly but if you don’t mind where you sit it’ll be easier. Friday tickets are always the easiest to get, too, and you’ll have more chance of getting a better seat. Also, keep an eye out for any lotteries. I’m not sure if there are any now but that’ll allow you try for tickets without a bloodbath.
  7. Also the ridiculousness of holding voting before the season is over. How many of us voted for a costume and program that doesn’t exist anymore? Lucky for them their “star studded panel of judges” can just pick the least embarrassing option for themselves because our votes were meaningless anyway.
  8. They’re still not telling us the details. So far all we know is they’re probably only inviting the medalists to perform and will fill the rest of the time with an awards show with a stage that will take up room on the ice as well as performances from non-competing skaters and acrobats from Art on Ice.
  9. Unfortunately it’s affecting the entire network now. You can see updates on their website https://www.viarail.ca/en
  10. Is it really a good idea to line up so early in such cold conditions, especially with the virus worries? No doubt fans still will but...
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