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  1. There's no ticket info available unfortunately. In a normal year tickets would have been sold already but there's still no guarantee of an audience. If you sign up to the mailing list of your country's Olympic ticket retailer they'll let you know as soon as there's any new info. Would have loved to have gone but we're not allowed to leave the country and there's no plan to open borders until mid 2022 at the earliest.
  2. I think it's entirely possible to hold it without an audience if they provide a paid live stream for all days, as they did today. If they make it available internationally, as some other events in Japan have, they'd make a fortune. They could sell merchandise by mail order as well. It could be really successful. I really hope they'll do this in future instead of taking the massive risks they're taking with this tour.
  3. I believe people from Tohoku were given priority for tickets for Hachinohe, but Miyagi is in a quasi-state of emergency at the moment as well. Afaik Japan is like Sweden in that they can't enforce lockdowns so it's only a request for people not to go out unnecessarily. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.') 50% audience is safer but still unsafe. We only see everyone sitting apart on TV, we don't see the congested lines at the entrance/exit and for the toilets, then there's the matter of trains and hotels and cafes etc that audience members go to. People who went to WTT said it was ver
  4. Unfortunately holding an ice show in a less affected reason means bringing people in from harder hit areas and spreading the virus to the local community. I think perhaps he's missing the bigger picture here, jobs are certainly not more important than health, especially when the virus can leave people permanently ill or worse. IMO a lot of people involved in this show and with competitions in Japan don't deserve to keep their jobs for creating such dangerous events, anyway. What a shame fans didn't pressure organisers to hold it without an audience. Beyond disappointing to see tens of thousand
  5. Reports from today were that there were lots of people eating and drinking and talking in the passages in the arena even though all three are prohibited. The person who reported it said they were scared to walk through them. The same person who said there were no paper towels reported that people we running out of the toilets without washing their hands at all because instead of moving the start time earlier so it could finish in time the organisers only gave people a 15 minute intermission, and people cared more about watching the show than proper hygiene.
  6. Four days of this... This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  7. Poor Zhenya has tested positive for covid. Why would they be testing her regularly if she wasn't a close contact of a confirmed case? How are any members of Sambo allowed at CoR? They should all be quarantining right now. I'd be surprised if yesterday's WD was due to pneumonia.
  8. They're already not healthy. They're over trained and underfed to delay puberty.
  9. I don't understand Russian so I'm not sure if this is accurate but if it is then
  10. they could have done GP series this way and we'd be seeing Yuzu's new programs soon but ISU is really that dense
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