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  1. Yuzu, the trashbags are calling...
  2. I'm stuck in bed with only a crappy phone app but I had to try.
  3. Yuzu, please wear a pudding for your Pudding of the Opera program!
  4. Prince? Two princes? What is this?
  5. Looks like there won’t be a chance to compare prices before all event tickets go on sale.
  6. Of all the things to change, after all the criticisms over the past season. This just stinks. Whether or not it makes much difference, it just stinks. @hoodie axel Yes, really. He hit the talk show circuit after PC and it was raised over and over again by the hosts with no clarification from Adam that it would have made 0 difference to his chances to be on the podium. The Twitter storms were huge. The comments section under news articles as well. Then he retired to be a celebrity so that was fun.
  7. Good or not isn’t the point, the point is that because America had egg on its face after hyping Nathan so hard only for him to predictably fold under such extreme pressure, they instead pushed the idea that if those who fell on quads were penalised more, America would have a medal. It was pushed hard and parroted back by people who don’t follow or understand figure skating and probably only watched Adam’s performance on YouTube after getting patriotically outraged on Twitter. Now we see the progression from “it’s not UR, it’s the crappy equipment!” to “it’s not UR, it’s ballerina ankles!” to “it’s not UR, he’s trained for a few weeks with a Japanese coach and has magically fixed his technique which wasn’t even a problem in the first place because A and B” and now we’re at “eh, so what if it’s UR? Here, have some more points.” They shouldn’t have this much power when they can’t even fill 50% of seats for an ice show in a small venue.
  8. Well, the extra harsh penalty for falls was introduced after the US media manufactured that controversy over Adam Rippon not winning the Olympics with a clean* quadless program (he’s still referred to as “Olympic champion” and “Olympic gold medalist” every now and then in US publications) so I don’t think it’s unbelievable that they would have such influence over the rules. We all know who the quad repetition limits and no steps before single jump in SP were brought in to benefit.
  9. FS stopped existing after Pyeongchang and this is all just a collective bad dream, right?
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