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  1. https://www.ifsmagazine.com/donovan-carrillo-blazing-a-mexican-trail/
  2. Of course I can't say for certain they won't check but if any ticket limit is more that one per person, checking ID is useless unless they want a half-empty venue. I wonder how they could possibly enforce thousands of people to go in and out of the venue with their friends over 3 days? Lines for these competitions are already crazy enough as it is. ETA Ughhhhh. I still think this sounds crazy. I guess Japanese fans have all those ways to trade and resell that they don’t allow foreigners to use, though.
  3. Not sure but there are links at the bottom for previous NHK websites so you could check there?
  4. Deniss added to team Europe Nobu, Davis & White added as guests
  5. Iirc, yeah, and S was a huuuge area there as well but ETA It appears that S category will be about 16 rows on the long side, maximum, with around 5 rows of arena seating in front. There is a gap in height between the last row of arena and first row of S, though.
  6. Arrrgh they’re making foreigners wait until the end of August just for information? ETA Seating map Only 3 kinds of tickets? No separation between long and short sides? That’s crazy!
  7. Info on the domestic lottery. Seems harder than ever.
  8. @sweetwater Thanks for the clarification. Sorry! Didn’t realise I posted in the wrong thread! So much info coming out.
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