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  1. Usually at Nationals during Olympic season. World Championships just determines the number of Olympic spots each country gets.
  2. Bubbles burst all the time. We have an outbreak in Australia now because 13 members of an international flight crew decided to wander outside of quarantine. Several times international cricket teams have done the same in New Zealand. Russia doesn’t care about covid. Sweden doesn’t care about covid. A bubble involving both countries won’t work. SkAm got lucky. It’s not enough to test once on arrival the day before, especially as many flew in and could easily have caught it on the plane and not tested positive for several days after. It’s even possible some got infected and we
  3. ISU can’t even work a USB, I wouldn’t trust them to operate a bubble, which are prone to bursting, not to mention that any bubble without a 2 week quarantine period and repeated testing is useless.
  4. Poor Zhenya has tested positive for covid. Why would they be testing her regularly if she wasn't a close contact of a confirmed case? How are any members of Sambo allowed at CoR? They should all be quarantining right now. I'd be surprised if yesterday's WD was due to pneumonia.
  5. They're already not healthy. They're over trained and underfed to delay puberty.
  6. I don't understand Russian so I'm not sure if this is accurate but if it is then
  7. Can somebody please tell me who the pair were before this pair with the hilarious old couple mime? The pair coached by Morozov?
  8. Ted bragging about ticket sales while people sit close in groups with no masks... screw this event.
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