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  1. I don't understand Russian so I'm not sure if this is accurate but if it is then
  2. Can somebody please tell me who the pair were before this pair with the hilarious old couple mime? The pair coached by Morozov?
  3. Ted bragging about ticket sales while people sit close in groups with no masks... screw this event.
  4. they could have done GP series this way and we'd be seeing Yuzu's new programs soon but ISU is really that dense
  5. Not sure if it's been posted here but the Australian National Championships scheduled for Nov/Dec have been cancelled and won't be rescheduled due to the uncertainty of domestic border closures and quarantine measures. https://bddb0f3c-5b25-4fd8-b64c-5ae09e0c4567.filesusr.com/ugd/b5945d_2dae37622bff4dc1ae5b0d464ec781d2.pdf ISU really is crazy to think 4CC could ever happen.
  6. Are you considering the audience or just the athletes? Because if you've seen the lines for toilets at FS events...
  7. Iirc the extra monitor at Nats was an asthma monitor. I think he's only worn a monitor during competition that once but he's worn the usual monitor during galas.
  8. It's just cruel to advertise 4CC at this point. It's impossible. Yuzu won't be there anyway even if there is a miracle.
  9. EP's entire career is based on painting celebrities which imo is the only reason her work draws any attention at all. I agree that her paintings of Yuzu capture nothing at all of his essence. I personally have no qualms about purchasing fanart/fan goods so long as it's actually *art* and not just a photo printed on something. It's not an either or situation when it comes to buying official goods vs fanart so it's not like it's taking money from Yuzu or his sponsors. I wish more fan artists were okay in selling their work because I'd love to own it. Imo there are far more talented artists on Twitter than EP but she's made more money than any of them would see in a lifetime even from selling small "mass produced" fan goods.
  10. Though I can’t see a situation in which Sweden completely shuts its borders, if they do the championships will be cancelled rather than held with a local audience.
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