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  1. I would have been crying so hard in there, Masquerade piano solo?? Ahhhhhhh
  2. I'm not sure how you people are able to see the outside edge lol. I only see the skate from the side, so depending on the perception of depth it could be outside or inside edge? I mean, the quality of the photo is not even that good, or maybe I'm just not an expert but I know what's outside and inside and I just cannot see it as clearly as you guys
  3. Please admins do an icon with that face, it is a perfect reaction pic to every bullshit ISU does hahahaha
  4. Yeah, that's exactly what Johnny has probably been thinking as well, so, again, he has every right to vent.
  5. But it's understandable to want to know what was wrong with the photo. He's not inviting speculation, he probably just honestly wants to know why that photo is not okay and others are. Honestly, I would like to know the same and I don't think Johnny did a mistake with his remarks. It would be fine if Yuzuru was the one personally asking to delete the picture, I am sure Johnny would have done it right away without questioning it. But since it's Yuzuru's management, which means people who make decisions about Yuzuru's public image, probably without even talking to Yuzuru about it... I don't know, someone already said in the comments what I am thinking so I am not going to repeat it. In any case, it was his photo and he has every right to vent about it. (not withstanding that I do not like the guy at all)
  6. Please do a 10 minute video of Yuzuru's yelp of embarassment during the Nobu interview when he's covering his face with both hands. I need it for research. He sounds like an actual goat.
  7. Because someone is being a good VERY BAD INFLUENCE
  8. Wow we cannot leave this boy alone that he goes and does things what
  9. Is there a channel with which to follow the live broadcast?? At what time?? Oh God please let me see it he will attempt 4FLIP again I am sure
  11. He's doing it. He wants to get those 6 quads. He is the only skater existing right now who can do it... AND HE WILL DO IT OH MAH GAD SAVE US
  12. Double three turns is FLIP!!! I KNEW ITTTTTTT
  13. Omg thank you!! I'll watch this all day.
  15. Omg this Masquerade is a gem... the power in his eyes... the way he uses the hand as mask is superb... No, sorry, I think I have something slightly controversial to say (very not unusual from me lol) so spoiler it is!
  16. Tbh the passage is pretty fluent, I mean, it's not such a big leap, it's just vocabulary and grammar and familiarity... I don't even know when exactly I got to a point where I could read N2 tests and say 'Yeah, I could give it a try if I studied a little bit', when actually I never felt sure about my own Japanese. I think there were just a hell lot of Yuzuru interviews, tv series, movies and kanjis in between. This is to say that if you were to ask me I would say do it!!! You can do it if you have the motivation for it.
  17. Are you sure about that... Uh, you reminded me that I wanted to do the JLPT this year but totally forgot to send the request in time. I would really like to do the N2... but that means studying grammar seriously and I am so bad at it lol... After my 1-month trip to Japan this year, and my discovery that I could indeed talk with Japanese people about everyday stuff with no problem, I got so lazy about pushing my limits with grammar and vocabulary... plus I've been distracted by Chinese class which required more concentration from my part. But maybe I should just enroll for N2 and be done with it.
  18. Look at that effy landing tho. I'm thinking he might have messed with it... maybe tried 4F a couple o' times...
  19. "What the heck is prerotation?" Other 4Lutzers out there... study from this.
  20. Guys I bet we will reach 5000 pages before the start of next season. Probably during the Media Day crazyness that will happen in two months
  21. I can't believe I am lucky enough to live in the Era in which the first 4Axel will be landed with positive GOE... and Yuzuru will be the one to do it.
  22. I would give away my kidney for free in exchange of that perfect 4Lutz ;__;
  23. What?? Two months from now? ;______;
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