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8 hours ago, Old Cat Lady said:


Awww. Shoma's a perfect piglet 


I always thought Yuzu seemed more like a Tigger type - feisty, energetic, ultra competitive. Maybe Javi can be Pooh - he seems to be a better fit for Pooh's easy going personality

I thought Jason Brown was Tigger...so bouncy! 

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6 hours ago, Neenah said:



The FS starts at the exact time as my lecture :gaah:... Anyone knows how long does the competition usually take? Can I make it for the last group if I rush back home  :sad4:

Every group of six skaters takes roughly half an hour to get through, so it depends on how many groups there are. 

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14 hours ago, ruruzest said:



Both lady's and man's comp begin at the time when I shall go to sleep.


Being a fanyu is such a compromise of my body.


But who cares!!!!! I am ready for staying up late for four nights! Good luck to myself lmao

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5 hours ago, BWOZWaltz said:

I've just found out today that one of my Japanese friend who also lives in Perth is a fanyu!!! I can't believe I've known her for about 8 years but didn't know anything about it. The funny thing is, my husband had ran into her in a shopping centre so they've had coffees together. And my husband must have complained about me binge watching fs and that's when she's said it's the same for her. She's told him that she watches anything and everything to do with Yuzu. What a small world!! Or birds of a feather Hanyu together!?



If I were you, I would have a waltz dance with her

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2 minutes ago, Anzi said:



If I were you, I would have a waltz dance with her


I've only sent her an email with few links to my fav Yuzu sites and ISU live streaming (she didn't know that's existed). I'd like to lead her into the Yuzu pond slowly as I don't want to scare her off but you know...I'm jiggling in my head like a crazy woman possessed with dancing fever. YES I HAVE A FANYU FRIEND WITH WHOM I CAN SHARE THIS FEELING!! 

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