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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Weird! I feel like if someone else pulled my leg up for me, it would actually complicate the job! I don't understand anything about these things, but I did pull the Biellman position off (off-ice of course) a couple of times (which reminds me I have to restart my stretching routine... eventually), and it feels like the strenght of the different parts of your body has to find a sort of balance. I'll never understand how people pull it off WHILE spinning of course, that's just crazy for me. (FS is so hard lol). Also, how Yuzuru changed the dropping of the leg during the years? Incredible! It almost seems like putting that leg down that gently is even harder than ENTERING the Biellman. I don't know. Amazing.
  2. I'm so happy for Carolina! It's crazy how this is her last competitive year, and she's actually reaching the highest she's ever been - not only for PCS going as high as ever, but because she is still challenging herself with technical content. Now I want her to defy my predictions and win a medal.
  3. Random Thought Theater

    Thank you so much! The trip was crazy, literally, craziest month of my life probably... eventful and intense and lots of Chinese food! Delicious, really, I kinda miss it almost. (ALMOST). For travelling suggestions, mmh... bring a hand sanitized wherever you go, and a face mask could help deal with the smog if you are going to crowded cities... also, learning some Chinese survival sentences can't hurt, since communicating in English will be close to impossible.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Yes, this was also just posted on the Italian skating facebook group today. If Brain says okay, then I believe him. If he says first pancake, it's so it MUST be okay. But wow, if it's not Brian who decided to keep everything top secret... is it the Jap fed... or... the Evil Overlord has taken over as Supreme Leader of Media interactions??
  5. Fan-made Videos

  6. Oh yeah, I remember there were even some whistles in the Arena when they saw he was off podium! But, I mean, they all saw that Free, it was a disaster. So... *sighs*
  7. Yeah. And he also said, after I don't remember which competition, "the judges didn't like my short because my PCS were low" (and he got 46 for PCS)... I guess our standards of humbleness, being Hanyu fans, are too high...
  8. Well, honestly, I don't think even Javi would be happy if that were to happen, in these circumstances. (or maybe I don't know him enough and he would actually consider the possibility of deserving that score )
  9. It's all Mikhail's fault for me... I am still somewhat saved.
  10. These are my first Europeans, so I wasn't prepared xD Those PCS were like Chopin's PCS at NHK 2015...
  11. The more all the others fall/pop, the more the uncles left standing are thrown candies at...
  12. I always forget how much judges love Javi until I see the GOE of his jumps LOL
  13. We know a skater that could make a comeback with that score... and take a medal.
  14. Oh no. Trauma attack. Rizzo's Italian music is one of the medley I played 14 times in China. I have the shakes. *mutes*