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  1. ZUZU IS BACK AND SO AM I. (while working)
  2. What are the date of Faoi guys WHAT ARE THE DATESFJDBCKF needed something to do this summer besides exams and work
  3. In a recent interview regarding ladies trying out quads, I just know that Ambesi did say that most of them if not all were prerotated or underrotated, but since those quads are, as of now, the only attemps, and are an attempt to push the sport forward, one must recognize the courage and the greatness of what these little girls (because they are all so young) are trying to do. He thinks from a very sportive point of view, so to say... they are not perfect quads, but they are an attempt, and a not so bad one. For example, if Yuzuru were to attempt 4A but underrotate it on his first try, it would still be historical if he didn't fall. Less epic but still pretty epic. Of course the PCS inflation that comes with quads is a whole different topic and not suited for this thread.
  4. Uh... naaah. Just no. The Catholic Church has money up inside their ears, to put it courteously. It's just their typical behavior that they never have to be the ones paying anything. If you have no idea how many money they steal from Italy each year, you better look it up. In any case, as it was explained to me Notre Dame was falling apart since some time ago. It was given in custody to the Catholic Church by the French government. But it was under the Catholic Church's responsability, because they were the ones using it and making profit out of it.
  5. Well guess who just bought new skates and actually got her foot measured properly so that the boots are made especially for their shape... no more skating in pain and getting distracted by it. I wanna get it going!
  6. With a history of eating disorder tbh it's a miracle that she is able to skate at all. I guess that mental health is my area of 'expertise' or interest so to speak so that is my priority. Of course, a good skating coach would not hurt her at all. But the inability to adapt to harsh environments and situation, or better, not being able to cope with it well (thus changing coaches frequently) is an indication of a fragile and unstable internal emotional situation. Maybe these words seem big to you and you think I am exaggerating and thinking Tarakanova should be hospitalized but I don't think that at all. I don't want you to misunderstand. I'm not calling her crazy. I am saying that she is full of signs of mental instability, but I would say the same about many many athletes, I would also say the same for Eteri (which has a whole different diagnosis lol) and maybe also Plushenko. So I am not taking the side of anyone really. I was just doing a deeper discussion regarding the mental side of the issue.
  7. I'm just gonna say my 2 cents about Tarakanova and Plushenko's comments because my opinion differs from others I've read here to maybe it could be useful for some. I obviously agree that Plushenko is tactless to say kindly, and childish to share probably private things about one of his students. But I think that what he shared should not be ignored, it should be taken seriously. Tarakanova has a history of eating disorder. Now we know through her coach (doesn't matter that she might deny it) that her mood is very unstable to say the least while she's training. Since she is young, her parents still have the responsability to decide how to help her the best, and to me it is obvious that this girl needs mental help because it seems that she feels a lot of internal pressure that she manages in disfunctional ways. You may say this about every teenager, but everyone is different and some people are more fragile than others, and this is perfectly normal. In Russia, as in most countries, there is a taboo regarding seeking mental help, so I don't think that no one will do anything. But I think it's superficial to just say "Oh, Plushenko is mean and undelicate, and Tarakanova is a mature, dignified teenager that did a good thing by changing coach". The situation seems more complicated in my eye.
  8. Russians love him so much I am soft, also Kovtun good luck with everything and wish your injuries to recover completely!
  9. Guys, a really long and interesting interview of Max regarding World Championships: in the first 10 minutes he speaks at lenght regarding the Men's podium and the biggest issue regarding scoring: no, not talking about corruption but about the imbalance of TES (which can go up to 130 for men) and PCS (which can go up to 100). He speaks a lot also about junior ladies and I suggest everyone to listen to him closely because it's just enlightening. The video has English subtitles!!! (I will post this in the Gen Skating thread because it is more pertinent there... but also I wanted to give max visibility to Max, LOL)
  10. Nathan dances while he's on skates. Yuzuru skates. I would say this is the first difference. Nathan does things with his upper body that have nothing to do with the act of skating per se, which, contrary to this, Yuzuru uses to express himself, his emotions. The performance result is completely different, even if it's hard to put it into words. One would say that the dancer is the better interpreter, but I disagree. Nathan disregards his feet and legs while he's performing his choreography, which I wouldn't go as far as to say that it corresponds to his emotions. It's not that it's an upbeat program so it cannot be emotional, I just... don't understand how he's feeling and what he's trying to say. But, for example, I understand what Yuzuru wants to convey in LGC, pretty clearly: I am the rockstar of skating, and the things I do on the ice are crazy, and y'all love it. (which is true hehehe). But Nathan's programs always leave me like: what was that skating for?? What's the meaning of it? The answer is: there is none. Because the idea of performance, the idea of interpretation, is completely different. Nathan is a good entertainer, I would say. Yuzuru is not an entertainer. Yuzuru becomes expression, emotion itself when he skates, like listening to a musical concert or watching a painting, because he's put so much effort, so much study, so much thought to each and every movement until it became natural for him to skate like moving art, every time with his heart on his sleeve. These are two types of skating that just... cannot be compared. And the fact that most judges still don't aknowledge this, and don't think that it's important to highlight this difference... well... I always knew the world was full of morons, so it doesn't come as a surprise. It just makes me angry because little kids with 0 knowledge of skating would probably be able to see more than these judges. I would love to send Jackie Wong that tweet by the way.
  11. Go Woofing! Google it up. It's volunteering work in countryside in exchange for free bed and food, but you can find really good hosts, good places and lively people. I've been in Hitachinaka, which is a small city in Ibaraki, and I would love to come back one day. In Tokyo, you don't really get a lot of chances to talk with locals. Everyone is too busy.
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