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  1. Murieleirum

    Qui si parla di Yuzu in italiano :)

    Ciao virgola! Io ci sarei voluta andare tantissimo! Se non fosse che lo stesso anno (a marzo) tenterò di andare in Giappone (ho già comprato il volo aereo) e quindi tenterò di andare ai mondiali di Saitama, ho finito decisamente i fondi annuali per le competizioni di pattinaggio... xD Se ci sarà una super offerta e troverò voli a meno di 150 euro, potrei anche considerare l'opzione però u_u
  2. Murieleirum

    Remembering Denis Ten

    Ouch. It's hard... his absence is so loud.
  3. Murieleirum

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It's healing! It's healing! Ring the bells! I am so happy September 20 huh? it's actually... pretty soon!
  4. Murieleirum

    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    Uuuh let me see what my agenda says it says "fuck yeah"
  5. Murieleirum

    Music talk

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I can already imagine Yuzuru doing unthinkable difficult entries and exits and perfect elements, amidst the most peaceful and relaxing performance ever. The amazing thing about his skating is how easily and effortlessly he does things, right? he would be one of the few to be able to pull this off.
  6. Murieleirum

    Remembering Denis Ten

    Although it is a little thing compared to the pain of the loss, the skating community is really showing how close and how intimate and how much respect everyone feels towards everyone else. They are a big family and I can't imagine the shock they must be going through. With this kind of network, I hope everyone will feel the support and strenght to carry on. These are the moments that everyone needs to get closer to one another. As for myself, I find it hard to come to terms with the stupidity and absurdity of the incident, and I am not even one of those people who feel comforted by things like punishments or sentences. It's just sad that such a precious thing as human life can be lost over literally nothing.
  7. Murieleirum

    Music talk

    I've been thinking lately MJ and Queens. There are so many Queens hits I see fitting for Yuzuru... and he would interpret so well! Maybe some of them are too warhorses though? (For example, Machida having skated to a medley of them...) This is so beautiful I actually don't see this fit for Yuzu so much, maybe with another skater... (uh, I wonder if Nathan will ever be given this type of delicate music to skate to... it would really help him to work on his IN!)
  8. Murieleirum

    Remembering Denis Ten

    What the fuck. This is terrible. He was too young. Five months ago he competed at the Olympics... this is a huge loss for the skating world. I feel a little shocked.
  9. Murieleirum

    General Yuzuru Chat

    They didn't quote anyone directly. They first used an old quote from post-Olympics, if I'm not mistaken, which is this: "嫌われたくないって思うし、いろんなことをしゃべるほど嫌われるし、書かれるし、うそみたいな記事も出てくるんだろうなって思います" (Which is the quote about people saying things about him, writing things about him that sometimes are lies, bad translation but it was already previously translated sorry haha) And then they added 最近では、プライベートな時間や空間にいても、写真を撮られてしまうことを気に病んでいるとも聞く。 Which to me sounds like "We heard that", but saying no names like this makes it suspicious. Like the usual unconfirmed tabloid stuff.
  10. Yes, I just became jealous for a little that most skaters have SNS, so they can communicate with fans from time to time xD
  11. Murieleirum

    Random Thought Theater

    My heart jumps for you and you being in Sendai ice rink!! I think I would def tear up if I went there (when I will go there...).
  12. Wow... a fan asks the skater directly and the skater replies... what kind of weird world is this...
  13. Murieleirum

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I am obviously a bad Fanyu as well. I didn't know he was so loud during his Gold-invoking moments, it's amazing xDDD
  14. That was not the original version tho so to me it doesn't count