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  1. Omg guys? 7 posts to 100,000 right?
  2. And such a simple change, too. Just hire more people. If you give them less things to focus on, chances are they're gonna be more scrupolous about it. Maybe? Some of them?
  3. Oooh I see, I didn't listen to Yuzuru's words carefully and listening to bits of the translation I was a bit shocked hahahaha like TRIBUTE AGAIN?
  4. And didn't Yuzuru say that he would like to do programs like Winter (Yagudin) and Don Quichote??? WHAT??
  5. Same And after that we'll have Zhouflation for the next 5 years
  6. Weirdly, me neither... I've surpassed the point of lack of sleep, my body is adapting and will last like this for exactly 20 hours before collapsing completely
  7. We're gonna "see" 4A if we don't go rest soon...
  8. If he does, I would love to see the faces of all of ISU when they discover that.
  9. Yup, just under 4 points... and Yuzuru skated an improvised Free. Already they were starting to get tired of him. Oh, how many years after he'll be retired will they regret themselves...
  10. 4CC 2017 was my first time following an event live and my first competition being a Yuzuru Hanyu fan, and I remember it very clearly. Nathan's total was 295 and Yuzuru's was 290 or something, correct? And those 5 points of difference could have been easily overcome by fair PCS scoring, since Nathan had even worse SS and programs than now.
  11. So I got saved in the end by Russian VPN, and I might just lean on to that for the future. This time I was really afraid that I wouldn't be able to see Yuzuru live streaming! Terrified, but in the end, he did it. HE GOT THAT GOLD MEDAL. That's the only thing that matters to me today. SUPER SLAAAAAAAAAAM!
  12. Guys I cannot watch on any stream panda guy abandoned me help 😭😭😭
  13. Guys do any of you have alternative streams fron panda guy, Isu and Russian stream?
  14. Thank you, perfect setting my alarm at 5.30 so I can have a good shower before work and Yuzu. I will probably leave my house around 6.30 so that I can watch Yuzu calmly from the reception desk at work lol. Everybody's sleeping at 7 am!
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