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  1. I need to watch it at least about 199 times more
  2. OMG was moved by Yuzuru's performance... too perfect for this sport
  3. It's understandable to be worried but we have to try to not jump to conclusions and not assume the worst. When we feel sad or disappointed because we wanted Yuzuru to win, I see this very often that a lot of people project their own sadness or disappointment in Yuzuru, but we cannot really know what's going on inside his head, plus he said he's been training 4A since 3 days prior to the competition, so I bet my ass he was tired! Maybe he just overtrained these past months, understandibly so since he was without a coach and this has been a hard year for everyone. It might be that the pandemic h
  4. Yeah I know a thing or two about this. I can't play anything musical in public HALF as good as I do without a public. With singing I do better though.
  5. Well, his body can sustain only a certain much. He's been a pro athlete his whole life. His life is going to continue even brighter in the future, even if he retires. He has still so much to give to figure skating, to Japan and to other human beings.
  6. Yes, I'd translate with "my sense of balance" or just "my balance" instead. In any case, what Yuzuru is describing, I think but I'm not sure, is general anxiety while performing. When your mind isn't at easy, you jut lose control of your body. It's usually what happens to him when his heart is too heavy.
  7. Does anyone have a link for the press conference? I would like to listen if Yuzuru had any trouble that caused the bad skate.
  8. I think the latter would have been worse. At least, like this he is the master of his own destiny.
  9. Retiring after a bad loss isn't really Champion-like. I mean, Yuzuru can do what he wants of course, but it doesn't sound like something he would do.
  10. Everyone, remind yourself that it would be a dream for most skaters and athletes in the world to get a world medal for so many years in a row. Yuzuru is still at the top after so long, and stays at the top even during his melt downs. It's incredible nontheless, even if he knows he could have done more. But competitions are like this. So try to see things positively!
  11. Well to be fair Nathan knew he had to make up for the sp difference so I think he had that pressure as well. Simply, I think Yuzuru overcharges himself with responsabilities and duties, had too much on his mind while performing today.
  12. Yes, it's good to think about it like this... I think it was a tough year for him, both for the pandemic and the anniversary of the earthquake...
  13. Well guys I dunno about you I'm glad he got a medal with that LOL he was definitely lowballed on PCS but... I'm glad he's going home with a medal nontheless.
  14. I think that Raf is not the kind of coach who would reveal to Nathan that his jumps are mediocre and should improve them. Because changing the technique might imply a change in his consistency.
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