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    Piazza Barberini, the Champes Elysées of Rome
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    FS, Yuzuru Hanyu, Music, Japanese, Food, Mental Health, Therapy, World Peace.
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  1. Damn... damm... Yuzu it's okay!! Just skate for yourself. Still proud, you already won two golds... who cares!!!
  2. Why, why, why violin synths. We violinists are so cheap. (Sorry about the program bombing Mozalev but... I guess the music doesn't help?)
  3. LOL sorry I just thought "why is a girl practicing next to Yuzu" and it was Denis
  4. I set my alarm at 3.45... then I woke up spontaneously at 3.20 so I just said heh let's go earlier while I'm at it (Also, can I just say this is the SECOND olympics I'm following during the night, I am sooo happy next Olympics are in Italy LOL) (But also since no Yuzu in the next olys probably so... I won't watch it live anyways??)
  5. Man usually for skating events I'm always watching from sketchy streams. Yesterday I just automatically and without thinking subscribed to Discovery + and now I have live commentary of Max Ambesi and Dolfini. Can I die happy? I think so.
  6. Oh yeah also love the DJ who picks Rihanna's best hits in the meantime. LOL
  7. Aaah, ukranian guy skating to very Frenchy French 90's song. And people ask me why I watch figure skating.
  8. I am awake and ready to get this party started in Rome. Friends who are just up from a night nap?? 😂😭 it's so damn cold in the middle of the night whot??
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