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  1. The pancake sit twizzles made me emotional...
  2. This is so beautiful oh my gosh... I miss drawing Yuzuru, he is such a good model with his perfect body lines and his spirit surrounding his body with such intensity
  3. It's not that he doesn't know it, I think what he meant (maybe I didn't convey it properly) is that it's hardly justifiable. One thing he always says is: when in doubt, you judge in favour of the skater. But with Yuzuru, different standards appear and usually the most severe decisions are always the ones that are taken.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/massimiliano.ambesi/posts/1768160613346709 Max's post in English translated by me roughly: Yuzuru HANYU (103.53),for the sixth time in his career, sixth in his last six National competitions, he is first in the Short Program. The performance, considering it was his first after such a long time, was more than satisfying. It has highlighted great potential, but he will need to work on some details. In the first part, Yuzuru gave the impression he was understandibly tense and less fast than usual, but from the 3A onwards, he let
  5. Definitely martial arts initial pose imo. Or not. I don't know I'm so excited.
  7. Tbh, covid-19 has ruined one thing in the small list of things that relaxed me and kept me passionate thorought the year, skating. No real international competitions, no Yuzuru Hanyu, no nothing. I am so bummed. This year has to be deleted, skating wise.
  8. Totally support his decision, although at first I suspected that the JSF might have decided for him and was angry... but if it's his choice, then it's the best one.
  9. *peeks at the general thread pretty quickly* Well, I said Yuzuru needed romantic love way before anyone else. *scoffs* No, jk, but seriously, I do agree that love enriches an Artist's creativity and expression, I think Yuzuru always had the capability and the desire to love and be loved (and thus skated wonderful, full of love programs) but maybe now it would be a good time to take some time to actively pursue real life koi, because 25 years alone is hard. I've barely survived 20.
  10. Just asking for a friend, but my friend wonders if she´s the only one who´s very very curious about Yuzuru´s new programs for the 20-21 season. Ps: that friend might be me
  11. Omg I've been off this forum daily for such a long time. I miss skate-talking with you all but on the other hand, we're still three months away the first skate competitions, so... I miss skating! I miss following Yuzuru's competitions and everyone else's!!
  12. Italy was like this two weeks ago. Give them two weeks time and it will be too real for them to continue ignoring it. Sad but that's how humans work, we only understand by living it on our own skin. Although, I don't want to sound too gloomy, it's not so bad staying at home. If you focus on the fact that it's temporary and you'll get to see all your loved ones again, of course if they'll also be careful, then everything's gonna be fine. There has to be a middle between complete apocalypse mode and not giving two shits.
  13. Just a few days ago French people gathered in thousands in squares to either follow the football game live or mock coronavirus dressed as smurfs. They (the people who participates) are seriously idiots. We started up like that and now everyone's locked up in their own homes. No one is working and who knows how we'll pay for all the expenses.
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