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  1. Who's still crying w/ me? Show of hands??
  2. I'm sad for myself. I'm not sad for him. My figure skating experience as I've lived it since 6 years is over. An era is over. I've been lucky to live and experience watching the GOAT of figure skating competing irl. And now it's over. I've been crying all morning at work without being able to tell anyone what it was about lol they were probably worried. The truth is, I'm stupid and I've been too dependant of Yuzu in my last years. I've got a degree in oriental languages for him, I've travelled the world for him... it feels like a love story coming to an end, in my heart. Oh, well. It will pass. I know it will. But I'm still in mourning..
  3. Some please excuse my French but what the fuck kind of prices are these?? LOL rip me... I usually take the cheapest places in the arena which can usually be found at like 50-60 euros... but this makes it impossible to go
  4. I agree with who's saying that Yuzu may be announcing that he won't be going back to Canada and he's ending his partnership with TCC and Brian and Tracy and Ghislain... probably because of the extended period of border closing that Japan's been going through, and also because long distance coaching might have become obsolete for Yuzu? I dunno, I'm smelling something like that. I was panicked thinking about retirement for only a second, but I don't wanna think about that at all, nor I believe it is about that. I think Yuzuru might retire at 40 years old lol
  5. Omg. Seriously? Does this mean that Nathan could potentially retire before Yuzu does? LOL, very comical.
  6. Totally random: I had a dream about Yuzu tonight for no particular reason about him skating in an Ice Show and I fully did not remember today was Ice show day. I guess my subconscious did remember though hehehehe.
  7. Absolutely I am. NOT ready I can only hope that Yuzu is ready for me as well. I mean as in. Ready for ALL OF US. Also lol gonna have to tell my boyfriend I'm not sleeping tonight
  9. HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT (sorry for cursing but holy shit)
  10. Well of course of course we cannot separate music and performance - it was just a work of imagination, for me, to put the new music and old coreography together because I just cannot wait to see the new coreography, but I agree with you!
  11. Talk about rare stuff in the Skating business...
  12. Yes, I love how Shinya plays the piano and how he arranged Haru yo, koi, so I believe he can do Saint-Saens justice, even if it's like a holy piece for me so I guess there would be absolutely no way of it not being absolutely amazing in the end! Yes, I've noticed it too! Otonal's beginning is so beautiful and underrated... few movements, but perfect. Honestly, the fact that they fit almost any music you put over is because they're just amazing to see, no matter the musical context.
  13. And here it is. For those wondering what this is: a fan edit of an arrangement of Saint Saen's Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso for two pianos and Yuzu. Enjoy!!
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