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  1. How do you guys skate in july, every rink in my region is closed until september
  2. They will confirm later, probably in more than a month or so. But I am friends with the lady who is in charge of all the volunteers in Italy, so... it's a given for me, plus I gave full availability for the whole week and they always like that! I'd say if you apply now you should still be within the first two thousand people so you should get a spot granted, especially if you speak a lot of languages or you can skate. (Edit: I should specify that this lady is a lawyer and she knows me well so that's why she trusts me. We're not really friends but we know that we both are very passionate about FS.) My advice is: apply for volunteer if you are really really willing to go. We had so many people applying two years ago in Milan and then so many dropped out because of personal reasons and also because many skaters didn't show up... that was a bummer. If you do it only to watch the events live, don't. But if you do it because you honestly want to help and participate (and believe me, we had lots of fun in Milan and I made friends with some people!) and do something new, then it's the jam for you!! It's lots of fun and also very tiring.
  3. Yes!! I don't know Turin very well but being an Italian I feel like I should treat every PH member I find to nice aperitivs and lunches in delicious places!! I will study and investigate the best dining places near the Arena LOL.
  4. Just hopping by to confirm what I was already anticipating in other threads, I applied to be a volunteer so I am in; not sure if I'll work in the customer service department or the sports one (I hope the second one, which I requested), but I am sure I will participate since I applied two days after the volunteers questionnaire was online LOL. A friend of mine also applied and it might be her first time seeing Yuzuru (and big skating competitions) live We don't have any accomodation yet in Turin but I will go couchsurfing all the way. Travelling light and bringing protein bars around!! Also it will be my first skating even which will NOT be a Worlds event LOL.
  5. Am I the only one getting hype over 4A having "20% more" landing percentage like, 20% more than WHAT. Was it like 5% before? So now it's 25% landing ability? He lands one in four??? HUH??
  6. Skate Canada and NHK, just like 2015-2016. A good omen for me, surely Yuzuru will feel the same
  7. I would have been crying so hard in there, Masquerade piano solo?? Ahhhhhhh
  8. I'm not sure how you people are able to see the outside edge lol. I only see the skate from the side, so depending on the perception of depth it could be outside or inside edge? I mean, the quality of the photo is not even that good, or maybe I'm just not an expert but I know what's outside and inside and I just cannot see it as clearly as you guys
  9. Please admins do an icon with that face, it is a perfect reaction pic to every bullshit ISU does hahahaha
  10. Yeah, that's exactly what Johnny has probably been thinking as well, so, again, he has every right to vent.
  11. But it's understandable to want to know what was wrong with the photo. He's not inviting speculation, he probably just honestly wants to know why that photo is not okay and others are. Honestly, I would like to know the same and I don't think Johnny did a mistake with his remarks. It would be fine if Yuzuru was the one personally asking to delete the picture, I am sure Johnny would have done it right away without questioning it. But since it's Yuzuru's management, which means people who make decisions about Yuzuru's public image, probably without even talking to Yuzuru about it... I don't know, someone already said in the comments what I am thinking so I am not going to repeat it. In any case, it was his photo and he has every right to vent about it. (not withstanding that I do not like the guy at all)
  12. Please do a 10 minute video of Yuzuru's yelp of embarassment during the Nobu interview when he's covering his face with both hands. I need it for research. He sounds like an actual goat.
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