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  1. More Like LGC's older brother... look at him all dark charming. LGC's like the happy don giovanni cousin HAHAHA.
  2. Everybody low on the Pcs today... sorry but I don't think that's a coincidence somehow.
  3. Yes Going back possibly the coming week tho I am hella ready
  4. I kinda like this new Yuzuru. 'slike, he says "Oh you playing dirty? Then you bet imma slap you in your face with your own dirt"
  5. The only fear I have now is that ACI bullshit scoring might get a repeat with Skate Canada. SC has always been very hard on Yuzuru. I wonder if the US Fed will put so much commitment there as well to form a team counter-Yuzu. Or maybe they just wanted to use ACI to break his spirit at the beginning of the season. In any case, we'll just follow Yuzuru as usual and be by his side.
  6. I'm all for filling Isu's and Phil Hersh' and Jackie's and everyone's feeds on twitter and youtube and instagram with videos of those Toeloops as proof that they were not UR at all and thus nobody takes their shit. Brainstorming for hashtags. #notretiringyet or #notretiring might be good. #URwhere might also be pretty straightforward. #biasedISU for the bravest.
  7. I want him to land 4A in their dumbass faces and peace out. I'm gonna go and do my boxes now.
  8. Besides, my work boss would say that also probably the reason Yuzuru's been so unlucky these years and has battled with injuries almost every season, is probably pretty connected with the fact that so many people in his field want him gone and cannot accept his objective superiority. When people send you bad omens, your mind and body feel it. Yuzuru feels a lot of love and strenght from millions of us. But he also feels all of the opposite site.
  9. I think technology is gonna develop for sure. New systems and methods to record jumps and rotations in the air. But if you are born a square you cannot die a circle so if the ISU is a cave of brainless, incompetent, clueless, corrupted poor fellows with their heads up their asses they ain't gonna change all this shit. Yuzuru will have to keep skating for himself, to prove to himself that he can do what he set himself to do, gold medals or not. He only needs the 4A and then he can go home.
  10. With the excuse of Underrotating them and the 3A he lost about 12 points of GOE he deserved.
  11. Yeah he sniffed But had that fake smile plastered on his face the whole time obviously... I wanna see Shoma's, Nathan's, Vincent's first competitions what kind of PCS will they produce. Yikes.
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