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  1. Murieleirum

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Verdict: 2018 Oly's 3A in Chopin is the best ever! Look at the height on that!!
  2. Murieleirum

    Team Russia

    I love her. She looks so frail. She needs protection from this world! Masaru, protect her! xD
  3. Murieleirum

    Random Thought Theater

    Now THAT'S saying something. Glad you enjoyed yourself in the best possible way And you get ACI 2.0 this year!!
  4. Murieleirum

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    I just had a rush of adrenaline reading this because I remember that moment as if it were yesterday! Gosh how many things happen in a year
  5. Murieleirum

    Random Thought Theater

    That sounds like every kid's fantasy dream!
  6. Murieleirum

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    He jumped 4Lz at WTT 2017. He jumped 4Lo at the Olympics. So maybe he'll jump Nessie in a few days... and give us a sneaky landing like that first 4Lz? xD (and we will replay those 5 seconds for the rest of the season?)
  7. Murieleirum

    General Yuzuru Chat

    me neither
  8. Murieleirum

    Random Thought Theater

    If it happens, the Planet will be the first place to know it
  9. Murieleirum

    Team Japan

    I guess I should say it here, I really love Satoko's Free Skating music! It's something very hard to interpret and if there was a Japanese lady I would give the music to, it would be her :333
  10. Murieleirum

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    Sorry, I did a typo, I meant the only way it "wouldn't be valid" xP would be if it were UR or downgraded. (lol I surprisingly sound like an American President but I swear it was a typo) But since I believe 100% that if Yuzu brings it to competition, it means that he CAN land it FULLY rotated (he rarely ever UR's his quads honestly, unlike many other skaters, so) I wouldn't worry too much about his first attempt not being valid. And if it's not valid because, say, he falls, it doesn't matter, he has the whole season to succeed at it c:
  11. Murieleirum

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    That will never happen! 4A is already recognized as a possible jump with the according Base Value. The only way it would be 'valid' is if he underrotated it (it would still be 'valid' but the bv would be lowered and it would not be a true 4A in the eyes of a lot of people, Yuzuru included) or if it was downgraded (even worse than UR). But they will never say 'it is not valid'! Maybe I am jealous because I have already lost all my hair
  12. Murieleirum

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    What if we see him attempting it and landing it in practice but we don't see it in the layouts
  13. Murieleirum

    Random Thought Theater

    I leave my bf alone for a couple of days and suddently he links me a video with Korean subtitles of the Italian ESP (yes, there was Ambesi too) of Sochi's ladies Free, especially the moment right after Yuna's Free Skate and when it is discovered that she lost to Sotnikova (everybody was shocked, surprisingly the calmest one was Ambesi himself). I never listened to Italian Esp of that moment and it was really enlightening. I'm glad he's silently getting dragged into this world. Without even noticing. Bwhahahaha.
  14. Murieleirum

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    There is a survey like this in the Italian facebook group and a lot of people actually voted 4CC because it's in the second half of the season and because it's preparation for Worlds I voted cup of Russia... I kinda think also Helsinki but not knowing how far is Yuzu's progress with 4A, I want to keep it down a little with the anticipation. End of november is reasonable enough for him