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  1. I'm honestly amazed at how much support his sponsors give him. I'm not just talking about financial support but how they are able to 'get' the essence of Yuzu. Reminds me of the ANA newspaper ad post Boston. I'm not familiar with sponsorships with athletes / celebrities and whatnots but Yuzu's sponsors seem to have more than just a business aspect to them. Perhaps the effect of limiting the number of brands he promotes or it's just the Yuzu effect that he has.
  2. My first time commenting on a comp and it's for pairs... C/L first?! Over T/M (whom I'm not even a fan of but no denying their individual elements are top notch), and P/J???
  3. At around 2:32:30 you can see a document with $100 USD (that's Benjamin Franklin right?) attached.
  4. Only recent case I can remember was Euros 2017 ID. C/L were first in the SD then I think hours after the event finished, RusFed complained about their lift. The panel reviewed their lift (they performed an extra little lift, which is considered an illegal element) so they received a 1 point deduction and the 1st place went to B/S. Luca's reaction to the deduction after the FD
  5. According to ISU rules (can't link right now because their website is a mess). SP jump requirements for Men single senior skaters must have the following: - a double or triple Axel - one triple or quadruple jump - a jump combination consisting of either a double jump and a triple jump, two triple jumps, a quadruple jump and a double jump, or a triple jump So if Yuzu wants a 4A in the short he can put it in as his solo quad. This is essentially what Mao did before. Her SP jumps were 3A-2T (jump combo), 2A (solo axel) and 3F (solo double/triple).
  6. Try searching pamigena's tumblr. She's got a good collection of wallpapers. https://pamigena.tumblr.com/
  7. Maybe he was laughing at both I do love that he takes time to read the fans' banners.
  8. Not to be bitter again but I see why the phantom ur's were called now...
  9. There's so many new and subtle details to Origin 2.0! The violin, the bow/arrow, his hand movement during the SE-3A, new hand variation for the hydroblade...
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