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  1. The person who did the interview with Joseph Phan said that Yuzu read her blog!
  2. Ahh... that's why he's been writing a lot about Nathan lately... (no more daily Yuzu's?)
  3. English translation of Yuzu's congratulatory words on the Heisei Era to the Emperor
  4. Funny thing about Caravan... in my opinion, besides him shaking about during the starting pose and doing upper body transitions (clapping), there is no choreographic move or steps that stands out. I know everyone prefers his SP to his FS and rightfully so because the FS is even emptier but I don't actually see any justification for the praise of Caravan besides the fact that it's 'fun'. I think Nathan himself knows how empty Caravan is because for all his encores he has been doing Nemesis. Contrast to Otonal where everything is memorable. From the opening pose to the SE-4S-counter to the counter-3A. There's the mini Stsq going to the 4T3T and of course the highlight of the whole thing is the spins on the piano note and the step sequence. People actually roar in applause for that step sequence.
  5. My poor Nastya... She's just 15. Please... I want just want her to be happy
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