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  1. I've personally never sent a letter but I read nonchan's account of receiving 2 replies from Yuzu/his team here and here. The first letter she sent in 2012 and got a response post Sochi 2014. The second one she didn't elaborate when she sent another letter but she got a response prior to Pyeongchang 2018.
  2. Also, RE: the music list with him saying he liked Asian Dream Song. This was way back in 2011 so I don't know if that particular list influenced Hope and Legacy but we at least know that he liked Asian Dream Song as far back as 2011. It might just be pure coincidence but it gives us a glimpse of his taste is music (I noticed he never marked anything as dislike).
  3. Music choices. 1. NDP (Per the TSL episode): Yuzu wanted to skate to POTO but David Wilson had just choreographed a POTO program for Chiddy the previous season and was reluctant. He suggested NDP because he knew Yuzu loved Weir and it was a lesser known Johnny Weir music/program so there wouldn't be too much comparison. David even gave Yuzu a cd/dvd(?) of the play but Yuzu said he couldn't understand it because it was in English (probably why he had a bit of a disconnect to the program). 2. R+J 2 (Per the TSL episode): Yuzu wanted to skate to R+J because R+J 1 was special to him. He wrote a letter to David saying he would do anything for David to choreograph and R+J program for him. David was reluctant to choreograph 'another' R+J program because he's done so many (including Sasha Cohen's iconic R+J). But Yuzu was very passionate about it so David relented. 3. Hope and Legacy (Per yuzusorbet's tumblr): In 2011, a Japanese fan gave a CD of a selection of music to Yuzuru, together with this sheet for him to mark down his feeling about the music. Circle = Like; Triangle = Normal; Cross = Dislike. Yuzu filled it in and sent it back to her that year. (WOW!!!) Note the last song… ‘Asian Dream Song’…. part of his free skate this season! He drew double circles, meaning he likes it very much. So he has already loved this song from way back!
  4. Ah... unfortunately I don't have instagram.
  5. Artist: Rhythmic Toy World Song: Boku no Koe Anime: Yowamushi no Pedal Evidence: Video/Song:
  6. Artist: Bump of Chicken Song: Stage of the Ground Evidence: yuzusorbet @ tumblr Video/Song:
  7. Artist: Saeki YouthK Song: Dancing Anime: Yowamushi Pedal Evidence: Video/Song:
  8. If it's PW then it's revenge since he's never done well with it in Canada (Worlds 2013 / SC 2013)
  9. This was a wonderful skate canada! I love the podiums (except for ladies.. sorry)!
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