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  1. For quite a lot time I thought that whatever-music-TAT-gave-him is quite a strong option, but Zu recycled and he for years have at least one program with Japanese music.
  2. Now I can't wait for ISU official stream to get copyright strikes in the middle of competition because of skaters music.
  3. THANK YOU XYLITOL I like both outfits. Teal and gold work so well together. International Angel of Xylitol
  4. Rika's I-spin and bielmann are better. About steps, I prefer to look at previous season (couse she isn't healthy now) and she had entries in basically every jump outside of 3a and if her preparation is too long, then 90% of entries aren't entries. And I alsolutely don't know where you see so much tilted axis on her jumps. This is tilted enough to deserve any criticism? And Alena has leg wrap on many of her jumps, so she shouldn't get good air position bullet and sometimes even deserves a deduction.
  5. YAAAAY, predictions game! 1.List the top 3 of each discipline. Bonus Questions 2. In ladies, will there be more clean (positive GOE) 3 axels or quads? 3. Who will have the highest PCS before factoring? 4. Who will lreceive the highest GOE on a single element? 5. In ice dance, will anyone who was not top 3 after the rhythm dance end up with a medal? 6. Which disciplines will have a new season’s best? Grand Prix Finals Qualification - to be scored after NHK. 1.Who will qualify for the finals. 2.Who will be the top qualifier in each discipline? 3. Which disciplines will have a new world record by the end of the series?
  6. Is Alena really that much superior on elements? Because on spins* and StSq (not SS, but StSq) they are quite equal. On other hand Alena's lutz is flat at best and her leg wraps on 2a, 3f and 3lz are still there and should get deduction in GOE. And euler looks like step out. Alena on other hand gets more hight and distance on jumps. And has more speed going into everything outside of axel where it's Rika who needs to be really fast before 3a. *On spins Alena is faster, but Rika's positions are better. Especially I-spin and bielmann.
  7. I think Rika has by far better SS and CO than Alina. Plus at her best she is definitely better in PE. So in PCS there should be clear gap between them.
  8. For sure, but without Eteri listed as her coach this would get at least 10 points less and low-mid 8s in PCS (in senior debut).
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