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  1. I start to find these "We don't have another Mao/Yuna/whoever" sentiments beyond ridiculous. Is Mai's career not dramatic enough? Was Satoko's career really so short? (in fact, it was longer than Yuna's - 9 senior seasons) Isn't Kaori world champion? Is Wakaba really so forgetable? Don't we have a lot of European ladies doing very well recently, like Loena or Eva-Lotta? Have anyone tried to find interviews with them? Or are Russian ladies the only ones worth following and celebrating? Especially when some of the examples Brian gave really aren't THAT spectacular. Sumners - 4 seasons in seniors, 1 WC gold, 1 Olympic silver. Retired right after Olympics, when she was 20. Fleming - 5 seasons in seniors, 1 bronze and 3 gold WC, 1 Olympic gold. Retired right after Olympics, when she was 20. Hamill - 5 seasons in seniors, 2 silver and 1 gold WC, 1 Olympic gold. Retired right after Olympics, when she was 20. Hello? Kaori is supposed to be worse next to this? Besides, of course there aren't one or two dominating figures anymore like it was decade or so ago. The ladies field is too deep for this. Now one misstep too much means that someone else will take your place. And it's good! What other sport complains that they have too many athletes?
  2. Kazuki Tomono new program(s) choreo by Misha Ge https://nonno.hpplus.jp/article/85443/05/ He wants fast-tempo SP.
  3. Sorry for late reply, but: Moa in France. And Ayumi Takanami remains in TCC. And Fukase/Zhang in Gadbois.
  4. Maria Egawa recycled SP The Last Emperor, choreo by Kenji Miyamoto recycled FP Les Miserables, choreo by Kenji Miyamoto
  5. Sakurako Daimon recycled FP El Sol Sueno / Oblivion / Escualo, choreo by Cathy Reed Rika-sama FP Titanic, choreo by D. Wilson EX You Raise Me UP, choreo by D.Wilson
  6. Mai Mihara new program(s) choreo by D. Wilson https://www.instagram.com/p/CdHI-A7uFqB/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  7. Ikura Kushida recycled FP Samson and Delilah, choreo by Cathy Reed
  8. Ayumi Shibayama new SP The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli and Céline Dion, choreo by Cathy Reed Sakurako Daimon new SP Amethyst by Yoshiki, choreo by Cathy Reed Ikura Kushida new SP Concierto de Aranjuez, choreo by Cathy Reed Kei Yamada new SP Zigeunerweisen, choreo by Cathy Reed new FP Funny Girl, choreo by Cathy Reed Haruna Murakami new FP Australia OST by David Hirschfelder, choreo by Cathy Reed Mao Yaguchi likely new SP Mission Impossible II Ikura's so tall!
  9. TEAM SPECIAL men ladies Yuzuru Hanyu Kaori Sakamoto Shoma Uno Wakaba Higuchi Yuma Kagiyama Mana Kawabe Kazuki Tomono Mai Mihara Kao Miura Tatsuya Tsuboi TEAM A Sena Miyake Rinka Watanabe Shun Sato Rino Matsuike Sota Yamamoto Rion Sumiyoshi Nazomu Yoshioka Mao Shimada Mone Chiba TEAM B Koshirou Shimada Hana Yoshida Lucas Tsuyoshi Honda Ayumi Shibayama Takeru Kataise Yuhana Yokoi Kosho Oshima Azusa Tanaka Shunsuke Nakamura Ami Nakai Ryouga Morimoto Ikura Kushida Ryusei Kikuchi https://www.skatingjapan.or.jp/common/img/info/2022FS220421.pdf As always goes a reminder that first list is always based on junior and senior JNats results + other special international achievements from last season and will be updated in upcoming months when junior/senior GP and challenger assignments will be announced.
  10. I think it were just Japanese media blowing it out of proportion, because hype about 4a is ENORMOUS since JNats 2020. Iirc Yomiuri first called it "first certified 4a". Or maybe it was nikkan? Whatever. "First certified 4a" is clicking and selling well.
  11. I actually find it a bit funny, because 2018 - We need to implement -/+ 5 scoring system, because only this way we can properly evaluate our #sophiscated sport. 2019 - (ice dance) But it's hard for us, maybe consider -/+ 7? 2022 - Actually, we are too dumb, let's reduce components to 3. spoiler: It won't change anything anyway.
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