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  1. You're overestimating me. Too often I can't understand ISU's word salad, too.
  2. If Olympics do not count as ISU Championships (and I think they don't), then yes. Don't worry, this score is super small and just a formality . Oh, and Yuzuru has 2 gp. 1 for SB and 1 for WS.
  3. Please, they never did it. Nor top 10 at JNats guarantees you any assignment.
  4. Ami galaxy brain with Mao and Satton tributes😌✨
  5. Haruna Murakami new SP Just Wave Hello, choreo by Mihoko Higuchi
  6. Kao Miura recycled SP Winter, choreo by Noriko Sato Sena Miyake new FP Titanic, choreo by Kohei Yoshino
  7. Lucas Tsuyoshi Honda new SP El Choclo, choreo by Cathy Reed new FP Exogenesis, choreo by Mihoko Higuchi
  8. Yuto Kishina new SP Bad, choreo by Cathy Reed new FP Primavera, choreo by Mihoko Higuchi Koshiro Shimada new SP Sing Sing Sing, choreo by Jeffrey Buttle
  9. Yo Takagi new SP Sous le Ciel de Paris, choreo by Akiko Suzuki recycled FP Mask of Zorro, choreo by Kenji Miyamoto
  10. Azu-nyan new SP Carmen new FP Liebesträume both choreo by Cathy Reed Ami Nakai new FP Miss Saigon, choreo by Kenji Miyamoto
  11. Ayumi Shibayama new SP Song of Aeolus, choreo by Cathy Reed new FP Turandot, choreo by Tom D OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  12. Yes, we are sure. She has 1 obligatory gp for top 24 WS. The question is about 2nd GP. She either will be invited by nhk or skate canada out of mercy (at the end of the day it's invitational competition, many weird things happened🤷‍♀️) or she will use come back rule (bad idea imo, even if it means she would stay with 1 gp only). But anyway, she doesn't have gp minimum score. So if she wants to go to gp, she must go to challenger. So JO will be another competition on top of that. Which means that either she is confident in her condition (then indeed it's better to compete as much as possible). Or IMG sucks the life out of her. Could be both.
  13. Quite busy schedule. She has to do challenger too.
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