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  1. We can change Four Continents Championships to "A" Continents Championships.
  2. Looks like Shizuka is enjoying Hyoen rehearsals.
  3. Ahhh, Tomoe, Nana and Alena! Strong true lutz team! I hope Azusa will be able to get at least one spot later. And Yuma-kun in boys! Go go, my son! Kao-kun is in substitutes. Please, skating gods, let him have one spot this year. And two spots to Browns, pretty please. And come back of the best comentator and the only valid person in this hell sport, Ted Barton! But also, I DON'T WANT NEW SEASON TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME
  4. I think pudding and candy are a return to good old Zuzuru and HYK last year was a pink unicorn that showed up during his honeymoon with 2OGM. Last season he wanted to come back to his roots and he definitely did. @Bunnybash , this can help you.
  5. I'm a day late, but happy birthday to the holder of the only valid WR in ladies, smol axel lord, Rika-chan.
  6. Sofia already betrayed me. You know what would be more funny than tango? Nutcracker in sparkly, pink costume. FOR PURE CHAOS
  7. It's only a joke competition. Vince is there only thanks to kinoshita.
  8. Nobu is only a guest?! Wow Now big question is: Dai or Koshiro?
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