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  1. yeah, he drills 4lo. I have war flashbacks.
  2. But we have Rika's stats from Japan nats.
  3. https://ok.ru/live/1197732994720 no commentary
  4. They got less PCS than T/M djgvhbj.vfkytsdx
  5. It worked at 4cc. At least she won overall.
  6. I mean... to some extent of course. In later groups are skaters with higher world standings so better achievements so better scores. But then SUI/HAN ROBBED BECAUSE THIRD GROUP!!!! COME FIGHT ME JUDGES FEWHBATRSMAeGAEWS
  7. I'M NOT SLEEPING!! I'm not. I'm not. Oh God, Rika had nervous practice. Ahahaha.... ahaha.... ha.... I need to open my special yuzu tea.
  8. Paskud

    Worlds Prediction game

    I'm not brave enough to predict podiums. :c 1. Which country will win the most medals? Japan 2. Will we have an all Japanese/Russian ladies top 6? lol, no 3. How many of the gold medalists will win with at least 1 world record? every discipline will have WR 4. Which skater/team will win by the largest margin? wow, hmmm... men, hehehehehe 5. Which disciplines will have no falls from any of the medalists? ladies, ice dance 6. Will there be a +5 Final GOE element in the competition? yes 7. Who will get the most points on a single element? Nate 8. Will anyone get a Final PCS of 10? yes 9. Who will have the highest total TES score? Zazura 10. Will the US increase its world team for next year (currently 9) no 11. Will Canada or Japan have the smaller team next year or will they tie? Canada smaller 12. Will Russia qualify for 12 entrants in next year’s worlds? no