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  1. Why? It will be perfect! Rose, pudding and trashbag pants.
  2. Pudding of the Opera Okay, this year sweets and desserts are theme of FaOI!
  3. OR SA: Nate SCI: Yuzu IdF: Nate CoC: Vince Rostelecom: Yuzu NHK: Vince
  5. New era in Japan so Zuzu skates completely new POTO in trashbag pants.
  6. Ahhhh, so much content! So much content! Zuzu 3z! Zuzu SE! Zuzu's kitty smile!
  7. Only at the beginning. Then was popping it in competition and finally dropped at WC. Disappeared Anna's and Alexandra's -3lo combos in SP. Iirc Alyssa tried "4lz" in early competitions last summer. In summer there were rumours about Young You's and Yuna's quads. Years ago Yuna had -3lo combo. Marin tried it in past. And Rika. And I think Yelim too? And Yuhana trained 3a? And Kaori? I can remember something wrong. This isn't easy stuff and skaters drop it more often than not.
  8. They only talk about it. For how many years Wakaba talks about 3a? Or where is Bradie -3lo combo?
  9. This whole quad thing will bring me nightmares.
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