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  1. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva new program, music by Bhima Yunusov choreo by Yuri Smekalov
  2. Happy Birthday, Kaori! Wish you many smiles next season! x
  3. That explains a lot.😔 I'm glad that she is taking it step by step. Thank you for clarifying.
  4. 1 and 4, but 6 is also nice. you're welcome
  5. 1. They try to save worlds so hard, it will be even sweeter when again it will be cancelled. 2. We will have folk polka at Olympics.
  6. PIW Sendai cancelled. PIW Yokohama postponed.
  7. Allegedly Kodansha denied that they invited her. But this is "my friend called them and they said" kind of rumour so take it with a grain of salt. That said, considering circumstances, I wouldn't be surprised if this was true. She even says in her explanation above that it was her decision. And even witout pandemy, for what she would came to Japan over 2 months before show? She most likely is there for on ice training. Still not all rinks are closed. Considering that Japan (like any other affected country) have their own problems right now, traveling there for your own gain is really not nice, to not use stronger words.
  8. But I like Believe costume. :<
  9. Maybe something like that? x This can be good because his legs are close to each other. x crazy swan >___< x
  10. Zuzu in TOP 10 while still in juniors.😘
  11. here also says that congress is postponed https://www.sports.ru/figure-skating/1084766417.html
  12. Whatever you do, don't think that Yuzuru. Yuzuru in Japan. Yuzuru training in Japan. Yuzuru training in Japan without coach. Yuzuru training 4a in Japan without coach.
  13. From Hersh's site. http://www.globetrottingbyphiliphersh.com/home/2020/4/6/coming-soon-isu-decisions-on-2020-figure-skating-worlds-very-likely-no-and-timing-of-discussion-for-bigger-future-worlds
  14. I don't think fun program is a good idea. Not when he is under so much pressure. -___-
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