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  1. I dunno what Yuzu's English writing skills are like but I'm Very Confident saying he will know how to spell Olympic forward, backward and sideways. He'll have noticed.
  2. Coffee is breakfast, right? (You should be having lunch lol)
  3. Look at that ankle, all supporting him and everything. HEAL, ANKLE!
  4. I'm just like... What was I thinking, of course he can overcome anything he wishes to overcome!
  5. Amazing how half an hour of Yuzu is like sunshine breaking through the dark clouds that have shrouded my perspective of the whole sport for the last few weeks.
  6. Ahh I'm so squish right now. How charming is he? Be happy, Yuzu. We will support you no matter how much you worry us.
  7. Well I hope the photographers have quick fingers and caught that!
  8. He is so loved, this boy. Take that with you when you go back to the cave, Yuzu!
  9. I've no idea what she's saying but I assume she's saying wonderful things about Yuzu so I'm nodding along in full agreement.
  10. I don't think I've ever experienced a soundless string quartet as performance art before...
  11. There's already more people on the live stream than so many figure skating events without Yuzu.
  12. Tat (and I think BOrser) said it, too - that what we see as artistry is often a matter of getting superior extension and developing blade skills well enough that you can allow your musicality to show, or something of the sort. But getting the extension and getting the skating skills means perfecting your technique. I can see where that's coming from. What Jeff and SLB have said about choreographing for Yuzu reminds me of that, too. That they don't have to water their artistic vision down in any way because Yuzu has the technical skill to make it work, or something along those lines. ETA: But I do agree with the using 2s and 3s even among seniors. A 2 in senior does not mean the same thing as a 2 in juniors, like a 50% in algebra isn't the same as a 50% in calculus even if it's all math. Just because you get 7s at a lower level doesn't mean you keep those 7s when you move up a level, standards are supposed to be different and higher there. ETAA: I think this is what Xen was talking about, not factoring. I wouldn't mind if total max PCS was put at total absolutely maxed out TES with the most insane highest point-getting layout (instead of an arbitrary 100), even, if scoring actually reflected the reality of what we see?
  13. Oh yes, absolutely! My tangent was basically going off like this: Well some of PCS is actually tech score, would it be possible to get those high TES if your SS, for instance, is not high enough to get at least 8s, and remember what Yuzu said about artistry coming from perfecting your technique. But then jumps are so highly valued and everything else is not, so you don't actually need to work extra hard on the tech skills that get evaluated in PCS, so high tech now just means proficient (to a point) jumping. And maybe if everything else was valued, then TES would reflect technical ability beyond jumps and then balancing TES and PCS would probably happen naturally. But also, yes to everything you said about smaller fed skaters and the standards they're held to. I also do not buy the whole judges can't evaluate everything because camera and slowmo and so on and so forth quite as much because they seem to be capable of doing a far, far more efficient job with smaller fed skaters. I think when I have some free time I'll take a look at scoring for smaller fed skaters across different competitions with different judges to see if the whole 'you can't compare different competitions because panels are different' thing actually holds up without big fed politics, too.
  14. Actually, very unpopular opinion, I think jumps in general are overvalued and stsq and spins are undervalued. Right now, if you have kinda-quads and you're below average on everything else, you will still beat everybody except the most extraordinarily skilled skaters, like Jason. The only way to keep younger skaters from prioritising learning to jump over everything else is if everything else comes with at least some kind of comparable reward. If a good StSq with speed, coverage, deep edges and so on could get as much as a 4Lz could, more people would be inclined to work on those skills. But you need to work as hard to get that, maybe even harder and longer with more drilling, as you do to get a quad and a quad gives you points, so... No-brainer.
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