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  1. Did Alison decide to just not do a combo at all on that 2F?
  2. Maiia KHROMYKH blew way past Kamila's tech score at any rate, if she gets the components she might go first. Brain glitching a little because she seems tall for a Sambo junior?
  3. Lara Guttman, she was lovely. And I kinda liked Noemie Bodenstein and Jogaile Aglinskyte too. And Kamila Valieva, mindboggling spins.
  4. Ouch fall, no combo again. This ice has not been very kind. Ice, learn from Ted!
  5. What a good fight from her. Wow she's so pretty! Personal best for her, too, awesome!
  6. Well I liked that skate despite the fall, she's only 13, I hope she keeps skating and keeps improving. Jogaile AGLINSKYTE, gotta remember that, her 2A was very nice.
  7. Is this the first Greatest Showman of the GP series? Fall on the combo but got the combo before the fall, so good job on that?
  8. Unusual dress, I like it, it looks nice for a young teenager.
  9. Calista Choi. Ouch landed and then went down, no combo. But landed the 3Lo. Gonna lose a level on that combo spin, and yep she did. Nice 2A, nice skate the rest of it.
  10. Oh, had been having trouble on the combo during practice too according to Ted. Felt nervous right from the beginning, though, rushing a bit to hit all the Daniil moments. She's so flexible and has such control over her limbs, please let her hold a spiral, Daniil! Please!
  11. Ah, nerves, I guess, lost the combo. But what flexibility, incredible.
  12. Lovely sit spin there though. Jumps aren't there yet and I hope that toeloop technique was because of the off landing on the 2Lz.
  13. What a pretty dress she's wearing, it's so sparkly and blue!
  14. Italian girl, Lara Guttman. She was very good. Tomoe is second.
  15. She was very dramatic throughout, though, kinda fit everything together.
  16. Very dramatic, I think they chose the right music for her.
  17. Third group on, you just watched the last of the 13th performer, lucky or no?
  18. Ouch random fall, she was doing well on her stsq until that! Ah, it was entry into spin, damn. She has soft knees, really showed in her 2A landing and flow. Nice skater.
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