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  1. It is awesome, thank you! ... and a picture, just because it's so beautiful...
  2. I guess we can console ourselves with the fact that our Overlord is probably the only skater (and one of the few sports stars) to even have such a high class DVD/bluray put out... there are others (Javi for instance) I would love to get such a thing, but if I had to choose...?
  3. That happened to one of mine a while ago, it clears after a while but waiting on Yuzu is hard....
  4. It's nice that he understands the LGC love we all have, and his respect for Yuzu is clear
  5. Oooohkay, it's not for another month and I already have half a dozen men I would like on the podium (gold being reserved in my heart for our Overlord, of course)
  6. I am glad Yuna got votes too, but if anyone thinks the Olympic Channel didn't know full well what the result would be.... If Yuzu does get a role in the start of the Tkyo games next year, they are REALLY going to milk it
  7. And Nobu is making me all heartachy... his gift for connecting emotionally is very special.
  8. I think it's the other end, mine is too - I'll put up with it and hopefully download afterwards
  9. Well that's a good sigm, I logged into isakura and it immediately brought up a show about Yuzu! - it's Chopin. And he smiles.
  10. TallyT

    Music talk

    Oh is she? Damn. She is one of only two skaters I can say I really, truly would rather listen to nails running down a chalk board than watch.
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