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  1. But wasn't it all just wonderful? I am just remembering that first glimpse of Masquerade.... and discovering Toshi. And screaming over the black and white costumes. And chewing my nails over every jump. And giggling madly over the way Patrick's mate Scott has followed Patrick into the Yuzu club... and the hugs. And the Lutz.
  2. We all are.... our ninja will disappear, and Masquerade with him. On the other side, I just went into youtube and there are a million and thirty three clips (okay, slight exaggeration, thirty two) from the last three days' tv offerings of all sorts to sort through for best...
  3. Going on previous years, pretty precisely at the time fans are ready to tear their hair and declare that it's too late, we aren't getting one....
  4. This does emphasise just how long and slender his neck is... no wonder he relates to swans
  5. The Lutz and the hug! They all looked so genuinely thrilled for him....
  6. That exact cut to the ad had an inspired level of klutz... But here we are with the full CM!
  7. Whoah..... That Masquerade again was just.... whoah. And his face at the end, you can see how intensely he got into it and how hard it was for him to come down, his eyes were wild. I think he's right that it would be too much for competition. But we now will have quite a few clips to savor...
  8. I have no idea what they are saying, but I could watch Yuzu and Nobu forever anyway....
  9. That would be stunning - or to one of Morricone's 60s film/Tv scores, which are the ultimate coooooool....
  10. Oh if he was standing there offering it to me I'd drink it happily.....
  11. I still really REALLY want Liza to do a 60s Liz Taylor styled program, she has such a lovely period face and could carry it off gorgeously.
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