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  1. This may be off-topic but it came up on my feedly, and I couldn't help thinking of little Yuzu all those years ago... An absolutely terrifying clip from Sendai airport of the 2011 earthquake which is used in disaster prevention information. We really can't fathom wat it must have been like... https://www.boredpanda.com/biggest-earthquake-tsunami-japan-2011/
  2. Happy anniversary Yuzuru! The day a legend became the Legend of the 21st Century in figure skating....
  3. If the way to bribe him to come to 4CC next year is cute fluffy Australian animals... we'll line them up
  4. It's like his reponse to criticism for repeating programs is "yes? let me show you HOW to really do it..." and promptly brings back everything in sight.
  5. The koala puppet, I will firmly believe is an omen for next year in Sydney... if he is there, with any luck I will be too....
  6. And how many of them also have WRs in every competition as well...
  7. Maybe next year... in my capital city!!!!!
  8. And even if someone else does it - which is no guarantee? - Yuzu remains the first ever. His status as a living legend, already in the hostiry books, jst got another golden line added...
  9. We should tell him to do Tokyo Ghoul. He loves it, he wouldn't mind 'eating' the opposition, and some of the music is faaaabulous.
  10. I can be here, so good luck Yuzu!!! Just... be you, the best and brightest.
  11. I agree, but we don't know the hows and whys, we can't judge and have to wait as patiently as we can for news - and hopefully, Ghislain.
  12. It may be my wishful thinking and fondly rose-coloured glasses but after the nerves of NHK, this practice just seemed more free and... joyous. Than he's been for a while (there has often been joy, but not like this).
  13. TallyT


    Great! I've just sent it, let me know if it doesn't arrive This weekend, I've been reminded how much this place and everyone in it has helped me with enjoying my only ever sports fandom... and surviving it.
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