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  1. KOSE obviously have done the marketing into Hanyuconony....
  2. Such a pity about that costume... the poses are lovely.
  3. Is there a festival at the minute? Or some other reason for these beauties... and someone needs to create a book/anime/film about the ice prince and his white dragon.
  4. I cannot, no simply canNOT be expected to choose between Origin 1, Seimei and Etude.... and Notte Stellata. And LGC, and Origin 2, and Otonal 2.
  5. They're pushing Yuma as the next big star; I doubt it'll work, he has the developing skating brilliance but doesn't have the charisma and personality (to be fair, I don't think Shun does either) to be the next Yuzu or Daisuke Takahashi. Maybe the next Shoma if he can get a place and a podium spot at Beijing (if it's put back, this is possible but no one knows) I wish them both luck.
  6. Mai and Mana have the most gorgeous dresses....
  7. Yay for 6000 pages, the Wikiquotes page (thank you for all that work!!) and the watch! All making a rather tough month a little easier...
  8. We may not see the graduation, but he gave us the monthly appearance... so proud of him.
  9. Both of mine (BArts and honours) were loooong, and so were all too many at the university I worked at. The number of graduates is one thing but the biggest problem was that the keynote speakers sometimes could not be shut up.... I honestly dozed off at one and the person next to me has poke me when it was time to get up and go and get my award. If there is live chat, people could amused themselves by counting the number of "is Yuzu on yet?"
  10. Can I say I am fretting more about his graduation than I did about either of my own??????
  11. Just a glimpse...? We can hope. It'll be all over the web if he appears for a nanosecond
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