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  1. Is this a picture of what Tokyo Dome will be? If so... holy cow.
  2. He's made a commitment to Yuzu, and at the time he made it he must have known there was a good chance for Worlds as well. They are both in Japan, so I think he'll honour it - and not just because his standing among Japanese fans would suffer! - and give it his all.
  3. But even at US Nats, the home of the overinflated, they couldn't manage to give that FS over 200... and you know they wanted to.
  4. Still hoping for a stream, even if not live within a day or two pretty please?
  5. I always think of the moment at the start of this video, with Yuzu waiting for the flower ceremony at Sochi and Jason coming up to give him a quick hug. There's always been that respect there. Plus there must be a fellow feeling about the last quad and the way certain fs quarters kept hounding them both to go away...
  6. The sheer fact that - even with the probable size of the TD audience - they are expecting this sort of demand for the cinemas is amazing, even for Yuzuru.
  7. I haven't seen this picture before...
  8. For some reason my computer is refusing to add likes today, so I'm posting this to say thank you to Henni and the others invplved for all this wonderful, complicated work you've done.
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