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  1. As long as he is safe (we worry about him, don't we?)
  2. My first vote would be for Satoko's bodysuit, absolutely stunning. Also, I may be alone but I adore Eunsoo's Sabrina, it's sooo.... Hepburn.
  3. Me too, except that my stuffie of choice, is not really very Poohlike.... It's the monster Gossamer from Looney Tunes, Ive had four different ones for years and love them dearly... I weakened and ordered it from cdJapan, the expected delivery is 1-2 weeks, the cost with postage and my govt's GST was not pretty (but had I ordered from the Sydney Kinokuniya it would have been even more, before postage, and an unknown delivery time!) The things we do.....
  4. My dodgy knees and hip - plus having to stay home - means exercise is limited but I'm trying for some gardening and other stuff a couple of times a day, plus fruit/veggies for lunch (I am lucky, I like a lot of veggies more raw than cooked). But oh yeah, there is going to be a rounder population when this is all over...
  5. I do miss him... even though I was a latecomer to the fandom, Yuzu is special, he's made a place in my life. I made up a list for another forum for the best of my recorded ice shows, and put them on google drive.... and promptly spent the last two days watching the lot. Especially CiONTU and Fantasy on Ice. But though I miss him, I want him to stay safe, so stay away from aby risk of infection, even from his public...
  6. Hey, I loved the idea of your woolly hat!!!
  7. Beijing really want Yuzu there in 2020, I suspect they'd happily if metaphorically sacrifice half the field for him. But it's his decision, not ISU's, not JSF's... his. I hope he doesn't feel his self-imposed obligations override what he wants to do, either way. Oh, and I ran across this amazing Seimei-inspired makeup and wanted to share...
  8. Ohhh... what a glorious picture... I will say, my favourite was the black and gold, but I love the purple as well...
  9. The difference might be in the fact that these Olympics are meant to be in honour of the victims of the 2011 disaster (and if they end up in anniversary year 2011... well). I can see it being pitched to Yuzu that he would be doing it for those people and the province, and given that he had not been named as one of the torchbearers even when Shoma and others were, I really do think the OC had plans they wanted Japan's greatest Olympic hero involved with. He wouldn't do it for himself, agreed.
  10. I still have thos dream of Yuzu skating to some of the best of the Tokyo Ghoul music - maybe not in competiton, but gala/shows, oooooooh, yes.
  11. Agreed, how does he DO things like that????
  12. How lovely to have something to cheer right now... I love Elladj and am wishing him and his fiance every happiness.
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