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  1. I can be here, so good luck Yuzu!!! Just... be you, the best and brightest.
  2. I agree, but we don't know the hows and whys, we can't judge and have to wait as patiently as we can for news - and hopefully, Ghislain.
  3. It may be my wishful thinking and fondly rose-coloured glasses but after the nerves of NHK, this practice just seemed more free and... joyous. Than he's been for a while (there has often been joy, but not like this).
  4. TallyT


    Great! I've just sent it, let me know if it doesn't arrive This weekend, I've been reminded how much this place and everyone in it has helped me with enjoying my only ever sports fandom... and surviving it.
  5. We are here, and there will be PLENTY of other fans there to share the excitement with...
  6. I like that she clearly admires him (just as I do that Yagudin does, even if recent events have made me side-eye him) but we've always known Yuzu and Eteri would be hysterically disastrous - SAMBOwhatsitsname wouldn't survive...
  7. TallyT


    can you confirm that the address to send donations through paypal is still [email protected] ?
  8. I imagine that's true of everyone except their ow hardcore fans... even from the twitter vids, it's clear who was the magnet.
  9. Look at the crowd... is there anyone else who can bring this number to a practice???
  10. Have read the thread, sounds like we might not survive the GPF, he's fired up!
  11. On the ISU feed, I believe this is Javi (sigh... I miss him), and it's nice if eyerollingly cynical to see him and Yuzu so prominently featured, but I couldn't help wondering why no Shoma (okay, crap year, no GPF) or even Nathan (no Olympic medal? no inspiring story? what??) and even my biased mind thought at least one of them should have appeared if Adam and Johnny did... But again, the ISU show by the sheer amount of Yuzu they know who their gold standard is, even if they let the judges pretend otherwise. (I laugh that just a few days they put up the GPF lists, and cheerily said "who will you be cheering for?", they must have expected the replies to be 99.999999% for one person....)
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