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  1. In order to make it to the Wiki TFA "Hall of Fame" (TFA=Today's Featured Article), a featured article must be viewed 100,000 times on that one day it's pinned on the main page. The most-viewed TFA in the history of Wikipedia is the biography of Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, 2022, with more than 1.73 million views on that day. Who knows. If we manage to elevate Yuzu's article series to the first featured topic about an athlete in Wiki history, that might be a great occasion for another challenge. Next time, we will make sure to inform people early enough about the TFT, and translate the infos to more languages. Yuzu's main biography should create more traffic than one of the sub-articles, too. Let's see.
  2. I wanted to thank you all again for this wonderful Yuzu birthday streaming party on YouTube, especially team PH who made this all possible. It was so well done, with so much love Also very big thanks to everyone who gave our Wiki article a visit and contributed to our little challenge Despite all the exciting birthday news, messages, and many other things going on, we managed to achieve 60,000 views, which is amazing - especially for a sub-article like Yuzu's Olympic seasons. It will probably take some time until the next TFA. Wikipedia aims for as much diversity on the mainpage as possible, so they try to select featured articles in a way that the same topic doesn't appear twice within a month or so. Articles about the same person usually don't get selected twice within a year. The same article only gets pinned twice if it has undergone sufficient changes like the bios of Queen Elizabeth II. Yuzu's Olympic seasons summary is not expected to change much anymore, unless he decides to give a competitive comeback... The other articles have to be written first, and this will take some time. We are currently working on a brand new page that covers Yuzu's self-produced ice shows. If all goes well, we might get it ready for publication until Christmas. We will try our best
  3. The thought of Yuzu reading this is so exciting and spooky at the same time
  4. I share these ones here, too: The article should be pinned on the main page in about 4.5 hours. Make sure to access the Olympic seasons sub-page. That's the one that counts for views. I was told that it improves the article's traffic, when you not only read 2-3 minutes, but also click on some images or blue links. Regardless of the 100K view challenge, we would be truly happy to see people read the article. This Olympic seasons page has no equal on Wikipedia. Especially the sections about the background and making of Yuzu's Olympic programs are pioneer works. Very big thanks to the whole team who worked on that page over the last year - the researchers, translators, editors, photographers... everyone
  5. Really cool news everyone! It would be really nice if we managed to get Yuzu's article to the Wiki Hall of Fame on his birthday Info: On Wikipedia a page counts as viewed if you have clicked and scrolled through it for about 3 min. Ideally, you read a bit of the text, so that it doesn't appear bot-like. After ca. 30 minutes break, your view should count again.
  6. Two news that I'd like to share here too: Henni147 has finally made her way to Instagram: Henni (@henni147) I don't know where twitter's journey will go, but I plan to share some of my major analysis threads on Insta as well, so that they don't get lost in worst-case. I have mentioned our author team on wikipedia many times already, but it was never really clear who we are or how our collaboration looks like. Eventually, I have created the "Yuzuru Hanyu task force", a project page that lists all articles of Yuzu's wiki series, their current assessment status with detailed to-do lists, our manual of style, and of course, the list of participants of this collaboration project. You can find a link to the page here: WikiProject Yuzuru Hanyu task force The main purpose of this task force is to complete and maintain Yuzu's page series properly in the long-term. It might happen that Yolo4A4Lo or me are not able to contribute one day, so we want to have a detailed guide for others to continue if needed. I'd like to express my gratitude to all active team members and also invite new authors to join this special project 🌸
  7. Hi everyone! I write here too, because it's a tricky issue: Please do NOT change Yuzu's current profile picture in the infobox of his Wiki bios page without previous discussion. Wikipedia has very strict rules for images (profile pictures especially) that must be followed. This includes: It must be an image from the Wiki Commons archives. Our archive for Yuzu basically ends with 2020 due to the strict photography restrictions at events in Japan. Our team also had no opportunity to attend Worlds in Stockholm or the Olympics in Beijing, so no photos from there either. According to the Wiki manual of style, people in images should generally face the surrounding text, not look away from it (in our case facing to the left). Profile pictures should show the person's profile. This means, the focus must be on the face and upper body, no full-body images. The image should have decent resolution, the face should be properly lit and the profile picture should be as recent as possible. This includes that the image should capture the person with his or her current looks and characteristics. We searched our full Commons archive for suitable pictures from this Olympic cycle, and came to the conclusion that among all options this one is the closest to what we need. Yuzu in "Haru yo, koi" could have literally been taken at Prologue or the Beijing Olympics gala, so it's the most recent one in that sense. I am aware that the picture is not ideal, but that's how it is. But I have good news: I might be able to get a proper profile image of Yuzu in TenChi costume if the licensing procedure is successful (fingers crossed).
  8. I share this thread about Prologue here too: Wish you all a nice Sunday and good start into the new week This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  9. Hi everyone I want to share this news here too: I think, it would be a good idea to make some special hashtags trend on that day like: #YuzuOnWikipedia #ウィキペディアで見る羽生選手 #HappyWikiBirthdayYuzu And also link to these two pages: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuzuru_Hanyu_Olympic_seasons This would increase chances that a) more people will see and read it and b) that Yuzu himself will find out about it. What do you think? This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  10. Thank you very much for the kind wishes.
  11. Hi everyone! I just wanted to give another update: the last treatment was a success, I will be able to properly see again. I am truly relieved and hope that it will stay like this now, at least for a while. There is always the risk of worsening, but I will do my best to take care and put as little burden on my eyes as possible. I also finished the recording of a spoken version of Yuzu's Olympic seasons article: En-Yuzuru Hanyu Olympic seasons-article.ogg Before we add it to the article, the recording will undergo a review, which is good because English is only my third language. This is the first time that my voice can be heard online (I'm a little nervous), but I hope it's decent ^^ Wish you all a nice day Henni
  12. Dear Yuzu, I wish you a wonderful 28th birthday. Your skating has always given me joy and happiness, but also a lot of courage, especially to overcome the hardships of the past few months. It is an honor to follow your skating career, both as a competitor and professional. Your dedication and work ethics motivated me to improve your page series on English Wikipedia over the last years, which is on its way to become the most thorough encyclopedic compendium about an individual athlete across all sports. It makes me very happy to present you this very exclusive birthday present, with your latest article being featured at the top of Wikipedia's mainpage today: Please keep up your amazing work! I'm looking forward to your next performances Henni _________ *Note: The blurb text in the green box might be subject to change until December 7, but I think it should be fine to use this version regardless.
  13. Happy news that I'd like to share here too: One more week to go. Then I have another medical check, and hopefully things will will turn back to normal after that. I'd like to thank you for your kind and supportive messages everyone. It really means a lot to me. Best wishes Henni
  14. I wanted to share the news here too, but I just realized that you linked the tweet already. Thank you very much! This promotion of Yuzu's Olympic seasons article to featured class really means a lot to me and our team. The page was created in April last year and has grown by almost 200,000 characters since then. I cannot count the hours of research, prose writing, formatting, and page reviews that went into the creation of this page, but it was an insane amount of work. For me, it is the first ever article on English Wikipedia, where I wrote most of the prose part myself. I was very nervous, especially about spelling, grammar, and punctuation, since English is only my third language after German and Hungarian. So it's a huge relief that the page passed the language review. This is the first ever article on Wikipedia specifically about the Olympic seasons of any athlete from any sports, and also the first with individual sections about the background and making of figure skating programs. It can be said that it's a Wiki pioneer project in many aspects, and we are very happy that it got promoted for FA class. It is also nominated for "Today's featured article" on December 7. If successful, Yuzu's Olympic seasons page will be pinned in the top left corner of the Wikipedia mainpage for that one day. I selected December 7, since it's Yuzu's birthday and hopefully a great present for him. About my condition: Treatment went smoothly this week, I'm back at home now and recovering. I will find out about the result in a bit less than two weeks. If all goes well, things will hopefully be back to normal. For the time being, I will try to relax and take care of myself as much as possible. Very big hug and thanks to you everyone for your kind wishes and support. It really means a lot to me. Best wishes to you all Henni
  15. Share this news here too: Another good news: My condition is getting better, and I'm slowly returning to work life. Wish you all a good start into the new week Henni This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
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