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  1. I thought exactly the same when I saw that clip He's totally aware of that antenna, aye?
  2. In short: Yuzu is the only skater, who can land a fully rotated 4Lo with good quality at the moment. He can be really proud
  3. I know that he landed it in Saitama, it's not as 'new' as the 4Lz, but it's great to see the amazing quality of his 4Lo now Question: Which skaters did a 4Lo this season beside Yuzu? I remember Daniel Grassl and Sergei Voronov, but is there anyone else...? Shoma and Nathan jumped it in the past, but I didn't see any recent attempts. At Worlds Yuzu was the only skater with a 4Lo, aye?
  4. Yep. For me the best news of the week. This 4Lo deserves to be celebrated. And I mean: COR was half a year ago, many people had their doubts, if he tries that jump ever again and here we are. It's incredible.
  5. That 4Lo was really really really awesome. Maybe the best I've seen from him so far (and he had many great attempts already). Beautiful air position, landing and flow out with high free leg and he made it look as effortless as a quad can be. If he can reproduce that in competition, it really has to get a +5.
  6. So, it makes sense for him to stay in Japan this week, if that's a livestream, aye?
  7. Hahahaha, everyone's belongings are randomly spread everywhere on the floor. Yuzu's suitcase and backpack are exemplarily stowed on the chair
  8. Oh, aye! And actually the Hotarek family has to be there, too Other honorable fanboys and loyal fellows this season: Sasha Plushenko, Vadim Voronov, TAT, Edvin Marton and the two Max: Ambesi and Kovtun
  9. My conclusion from this season: Next CiONTU definitely has to feature Javi, Stephane, Nobu and his new diehard fans Yags, Scott and ToshI
  10. The best bros in the world who never age it seems 2016-Yuzu is so lovely!
  11. We had yesterday's local broadcast in Toyama and there will be another one at 5th July. I hope that they will pic show #3 from today in full length
  12. Yep. Everything is completely uncertain, especially in this quad-madness going on. However, Yuzu has my highest respect to go full force and face all the horror from the past. First he got his 4Lo back, now even his 4Lz. Alone the fact that he goes for these dangerous jumps again and doesn't give up on them despite the fragile ankle, is incredible. I can totally understand everyone's excitement and emotional outburst, when he landed that 4Lz in Kobe. That was way more than simply a quad.
  13. Whatever happens. I'm prepared for another epic 15/16 like season. It's halftime between two Olympics again.
  14. POLL Your FaOI 2019 highlight: Flirting and rolling around and escalating with quad Toes in every variety and top quality in the openings Reaching new heights of performance skills and switching between emotional extremes with Masquerade and Crystal Memories Practicing his 4Lz and 4F in the finales and celebrating the developments with the FaOI family Finally skating Origin live for Plu-sama ToshI becoming his new die-hard fan and sobbing and bowing and poetic blogging around the clock Ultimate joking around with Nobu in the interviews
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