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  1. I agree that "cheater" is a very problematic and often inappropriate label in figure skating and sport in general. Especially, if you as an athlete don't violate any rules. You are not a cheater, just because you have less transitions than others in your program. So, how are you supposed to react, if you still get 9.50 for TR? - Include the hardest transitions of all time in the next competition and terribly mess up the whole program? - Speak up in the press conference that you don't deserve 9.50 for this program and wish to be scored accurately next time? - Retire from skating? All three solutions would be an own goal for the skater and I have my doubts that it would put an end to the corruption and bias in the long term. Maybe a spectacular retirement could cause some temporary change, but after one cycle ISU would return to 'business as usual'. I bet my money on that. Also, you cannot expect a skater to sacrifice his or her career to save the sport. This would be too much of an ask.
  2. Yuzu's career is so special, because everything came together: 1. Talent and dedication: Yuzu is gifted with an incredible talent as a skater and that lovestory between him and Ice-chan is unprecedented. Skating is his life and fate and baby and everything. Like he said himself: he was born to skate. 2. Convenient timing of his career: Yuzu was in the lucky situation that he could grow in parallel to the technical explosion. He wasn't forced to jump multiple quads in his junior and early senior seasons, so he could bear the physical strain of practice and competitions for more than a decade. I have my doubts that Yuzu would be still competing, if he had to jump five quads in the free from the beginning. #Footnote: Actually it didn't have much to do with luck. Most of the drastic changes in men's skating happened, because the field couldn't beat Yuzu with conservative methods, aye? 3. Opportunity to combine highest technical difficulties with mature adult skating: However, these circumstances put Yuzu in the exclusive situation that he could continuously develop his technical and artistic abilities side by side over 10 senior seasons and become a skater who now can perform mature adult programs with multiple quads AND highest artistic quality as a grown man. I don't think that any of the current juniors will reach his competitive peak at the age of 25. They might be still competing, but not for medals anymore. I hope that I'm wrong, but that's my fear. 4. Diversity among his rivals: Different rivals with entirely different strengths (Patrick - skating skills, Javi - performance, Nathan - jumping) pushed Yuzu to his limits in all departments to become the most versatile and complete skater in history. I don't say that Yuzu couldn't have become a total package without them, but I'm sure, the diversity among his rivals played a key role in Yuzu's balanced and universal growth as a skater. 5. No candies: He managed to succeed in three Olympic cycles and two different judging systems with no backing from his federation. This is quite something. It's cruel on the one hand, but retrospectively the best thing that could happen to him. He earned all his titles rightfully with quality skating and nobody can take that away from him. He is not brandmarked as an overscored cheater, who needed the support of his fed to win. At the same time the unfairness that happened to him, forced him to evolve and go beyond his limits. That makes him even more popular and a champion to be respected.
  3. I can't believe it. ISU managed to write an article about Yuzu without mentioning NC. Hands down.
  4. I start to get really annoyed... Why does everyone make it sound like the MVS award is NOT a given?! Why do Tarasova, Orser and others have to speak up for Yuzu to win this?! Is the MVS award not about money and popularity and biggest fandom anymore? I don't know why I care about this clownery award at all, I really shouldn't... but it makes me angry and sad. Sorry for this rant. It's nice that TAT praises and worships Chopin, it's a legendary program and deserves every credit. Gomen, I edited this post like 10 times now to calm down a little. This MVS debate is not good for my blood pressure
  5. Sorry for the delayed response. My internet was down this morning I added both versions now in two different tabs (part 1 and part 2). Is that a good solution? I don't know how strict GDrive is with copyrights, I didn't have any issues so far (phew).
  6. This is extra ridiculous. According to ISU's own definition MVS it's literally the only award that can be measured and justified by numbers at all. Biggest fanbase, most klicks, likes and views on SM and YT, highest search score, endorsements... yeah pretty much everything that ESPN puts into account when they create their 100 rankings. And I don't see any other figure skater in that list except Yuzu. I'm really curious how they wanted to explain/justify that decision (if it's true)...
  7. Thank you sooo much!! I have been searching for a full record of this program like since forever @sweetwater Do you mind, if I exchange the video that I shared here on the Planet to this version?
  8. This version should have been in the bracket, too, for maximum chaos: Clean Chopin 3.0 with opening 4Lo at FaOI Makuhari 2017 (I'm not sure, if a complete record exists. This one looks like an edit of different broadcasts, but it's the only one I could find in my archive.)
  9. This is a record of Yuzuru Hanyu's only clean short program with a 4Lo so far.   I couldn't find it anywhere on YouTube (without geo-blocking), so I uploaded it here. You can find another (edited) version in the second tab.
  10. I'm a bit surprised that Brian has to remind him of that regularly tbh. I mean... How many times has Yuzu talked about his goal to become a total package skater? That the balance of technique and artistry is very important to him? That quality elements with difficult transitions are his selling point? That he doesn't want to bring a new jump in competition, until he can get positive GOE on it? I think, it's pretty hard to find an interview, where Yuzu didn't mention at least two of these things himself
  11. ACI 2017 vs 4CC 2020 in the first round?! For real?! Gosh, this is so cruel. Historic WR vs current WR. I guess, this is some Yuzu-like thing again. Chopin challenging Chopin and 6 other Chopins for the #1 short program in figure skating history
  13. Most of you probably remember that iconic edit of Yuzu practicing to Muse, aye? Today that user uploaded a new edit. It's great!
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