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  1. Great news: Joy, Fukuhana and @amyuzu1012 all joined the team! We created a group chat on Twitter to introduce them to the project. It's never too late I added both quotes to the draft. I hope, it's okay that I used your English translations? Truthfully, the translation from OC did not make much sense to me...
  2. With some help from fellow fanyus we managed to expand Yuzu's article to an impressive size of + 36.000 bytes within a week! Thank you so much I think, the time has come to review the notability of the quotes that we already have: Please feel free to suggest quotes for deletion, where you think that they don't quite fit the page and give a short reason. Especially the "quotes about"-section has to be cleaned up, it's more like a container at the moment. Which quotes should be highlighted and chosen as picture captions? I've done that a bit randomly so far and I'd like to hear your opinion. Here is the latest version: Draft (updated) When we're finished with that, the draft can finally be moved to the main article space! I'm really looking forward to that!
  3. Definite big yes. We can and should only include quotes from that book, where we know the exact primary source like an interview, press conference etc. (with date). And yes. We can and should mention the quotation book as an important secondary source. The existence of a printed quotation book is a very strong indicator that Yuzu is a quotable person in general and it's legit to create a page for him on Wikiquote. This is not a given. Also, every quote that is included in this book, can be labeled as noteworthy. But you're completely right, we must not copy the whole book. We have to make a smart selection and I like your suggestions. The less annotations are needed, the stronger is the quote itself. Amino Vital CM: this is a typical quote that belongs to the section "attributed/ disputed quotes". It's a quote that everyone associates with Yuzu, but it's not clear, whether it's actually from himself or not. All we need is the CM source, the original Japanese wording and an English translation
  4. News: A member of the small Wiki monitoring team has taken a look at the draft page and gave a quick reply: "First off, the draft is already at a very good place - so great work so far, especially with the translations. Note: I think some of the quotes in the "Quotes about Yuzuru Hanyu" section may need to be reviewed. I would mainly suggest taking out the Instagram comments. Even though those comments come from famous actors, they don't stand out to me as a general reader who is unfamiliar with Yuzuru Hanyu." When the first collecting wave in the "quotes about"-section is finished, we should have a discussion about the notability of the quotes and drop the superfluous/unfitting ones. I have an important meeting this afternoon and lot of work to do this week, so I updated the request board:
  5. @cereus @sweetwater Thank you so much! Typos and wrong sources fixed. It was difficult to separate the quotes from Aoi Hono because of the extensive bibliography and translation source. So I decided to re-group the quotes and give Aoi Hono an own section. There might be more quotes that we want to include from that book and by chronological sorting it would get chaotic very quickly. Do you like the new solution? Edit: I left the "interpreter" to make clear that it's not a written but spoken translation live at the press conference. So it's natural that it's not an exact word-by-word translation, but it contains some paraphrasing.
  6. @Veveco @sweetwater Thank you very much for your quick help I included those quotes and additions in the draft, but it would be great, if you took a quick look at the changes: Draft (updated) PS: That picture from Chopin SP 2015 is only a placeholder at the moment. I contacted Phantom Kabocha already to upload a more fitting picture from 2019.
  7. Thank you so much for the thread link on Twitter! I scrolled a little bit through it. The biggest task will be to select noteworthy quotes and search the original sources. We will probably need some help with that. I put a request board here in this thread, so that we have a quick overview of things that should be added to the page:
  8. I'd like to thank everyone, who has contributed something to the creation of Yuzu's page on Wikiquote so far. You were a very big help! The page is still far from being complete, but it's a very decent collection of quotes already, especially for this short amount of time. For those who are interested to read the latest version, here it is: Yuzuru Hanyu on Wikiquote (draft page) I will not be able to do much in the next couple of days (weeks) due to work and other commitments, but if you have suggestions or additions, please share them in the discussion thread!
  9. I have contacted kaerb/@axelsandwich via Twitter already and she allowed me to use her translations, if her work is credited somewhere. Usually non-professional translators don't get cited on the main page, only in the view history. So I don't want to add her translations in my draft, but I'll ask her, if she's willing to add them herself later in the mainspace. Thankfully, I found an article on Absolute Skating with reliable English translations of some quotes from Aoi Hono I and put them in the draft: Draft (Update) However, it would be great to have the original Japanese wording of those quotes, too (ideally with the number of the page in the book).
  10. Thank you SO much for this huge and detailed collection of great quotes! I put some of them into the article already (I hope, that's okay?), but the translations need proofreading. I tried to compare different fan and machine translations and choose a wording that is as close to the original as possible but still gets the meaning of the quote. This is much harder than I thought Making screenshots of the draft has become too complicated, so I decided to create a user sandbox on Wikiquote and update the draft there. This is the current version: Updated draft page on Wikiquote (This page is not published in the article mainspace yet!) Regarding #3: “For the sake of this dream, we must go through innumerable trials and hardships.” I really like this quote, but the translations vary a lot here and I wasn't sure, which one to pick. @fyere0 I included some of the NYT quotes, too. Thank you very much for the links! @SitTwizzle I just added some quotes from the Olympic Channel, yours included. You can find them on the draft page. It would be great, if someone knew the primary sources of those quotes. Request: There is a book full of amazing quotes about Yuzu and a thread with English translations: https://planethanyu.com/topic/516-eng-translation-yuzuru-hanyu-quotes/ I would be awesome, if someone could type the original quote in Japanese, so that it can be included on the page, too.
  11. Don't worry about contributions, your post has been a big help already I added the "since 1952" in the introduction text. That definitely makes sense. I think, you're right and we should choose the characters according to the person's origin. In this case it's simplified Chinese then, aye? About the quote itself: I just found out that the Canadian author Jake Remington wrote a book (Wretched) with exactly this quote on the first page and he used the following wording: “Fate whispers to the warrior, 'You can not withstand the storm.' The warrior whispers back, 'I am the storm.' " In a Q&A section Remington answered that he made a lot of research regarding that quote. The original author is unknown, but the quote is often attributed to Genghis Khan. Maybe we should use the translation "withstand" for 抵御 in this case? The rest is pretty close to what we had as well. I'm not sure about past/present forms, though.
  12. First of all: Thank you SO much for your help and suggestions, everyone!! I totally agree with you that the single quotes get visually lost in the mass of text. Personally, I would prefer, if the font size of the source was smaller than the quote. However, the current layout guidelines say that italic font is reserved for the original wording of non-English quotes: "Quotes should be formatted as a bulleted list, each quote on its own bullet, with no quotation marks. Citations and any notes, such as translation or context, should follow in a sub-bullet. If a quote is not in English, it should be italicized. In that case, especially for non-Latin scripts, a transliteration is often useful." And yes, I agree that those two quotes you mentioned only work in the context and do not really fit the page. I will remove them PS: Thank you very much for your long list of quotes!! Thank's for searching the Chinese wording and offering a better translation. I found different translations of this quote in the "interesting comments" thread as well. Maybe they can help to find the best solution. Thank you very much for the exact publication dates! I will add/change them in the list. The quote from Amino Vital would be a good one for the category attributed or disputed, what do you think? @SitTwizzle @Veveco In a way "Vamos, Javi!" is part of the quote from the farewell speech already, just in reversed order: "Ganbatte, Javi! Vamos!" It might be a bit repetative to put that in twice, what do you think? It's an iconic shout out nevertheless.
  13. Aye, it's from Roman I wasn't sure, if I should include it or not, but I remember many people quoting him on Twitter, so I put that in, too. Sadly, I don't know the time stamp, because I don't understand a single word of that video xD Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake. It's updated in the draft already (shame on you, Henni...) The thing with pictures on Wikipedia is: I can only insert pictures that are uploaded in Wiki Commons and I'm not sure about uploading other people's work on that platform. If that person would volunteer to share his/her photos on Wiki Commons and create a gallery there... THAT would be amazing. Wikipedia would be extremely grateful, too, because the current archive is... not overwhelming. Footnote: I don't want to upload the draft, until the section with Yuzu's quotes has a decent length. 4-5 quotes are not enough by any means.
  14. I took this weekend to expand the draft of Yuzu's page on Wikiquote, mostly with English comments about him. I shared it in the discussion thread already, but it tends to get lost quickly between all the new posts, so I put it here in the general chat, too (I hope, that's okay?) I would be very grateful, if someone took a quick look at the choice of quotes, if they are appropriate/worth to be included or not (Maybe it's best to reply in the discussion thread, so that the general chat doesn't get flooded with this topic.) Here is the extended draft (just click on it to enlarge it):
  15. Well, according to the guidelines of Wikiquote, the only parts of the article that should be explanatory, are the introduction text and optional subsection headers (which should be as short and objective as possible). The entire rest of the article should consist of a list of quotes only. I would really like to write a paragraph about the depth and impact of Yuzu's quotes, but I fear, it wouldn't fit Wikiquote's requirements... I took this weekend to expand the draft by a number of new quotes. Since my Japanese skills are... well, you know... the section with Yuzu's quotes is not very long yet. Thankfully, there are many quotes ABOUT him from commentators, skaters and coaches in English (or other languages with Latin alphabet) that I could include easily. Two quick questions: 1. Does anyone know, on which date this interview with Brian was aired on ABC, exactly? https://www.instagram.com/p/Be7AmuABSDY/?hl=de 2. Can someone help out with the original Chinese wording of this quote from Chen Ying on CCTV? " He reminds me of an old saying: Fate wispers to the warrior: 'You cannot stand against the storm.' The warrior replies, in a low voice: 'I am the storm.' " Here is a video source of this commentary: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av40993266?p=28
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