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  1. Summary of this interview: Lady Lutzifer takes away the pressure from Yuzu's other quads. 4Lo's reaction: "Thank God, I'm no longer in the spotlight. It's so stressful to be no. 1 in the quad arsenal." 4S' reaction: "Oh yes, the music in the second half suits me much better. I'm so happy with my new home in the layout!" 3Lz' reaction: Wow! My big sister, quad Lutzifer, is so huuuge!! I want to fly that high, too!" 4T's reaction: "Our new nakama 4Lz gives us so much energy and confidence!" 3A's reaction: "That's all wonderful, but what about me?"
  2. Yuzu NEVER disappoints as the greatest meme king of all time Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/Wangxiaoya115/status/1203773001315078146
  3. Welcome to the Planet and thank you so much for sharing the lyrics! Whoever had the idea to put Yuzu into the video, it was a great idea and the caption fits perfectly. I don't know, if it's a coincidence, but I REALLY celebrate the fact that they picked Yuzu's triple Lutz. In an era where everything's about the quads and Axels and technical development, it's so iconic to choose a top quality triple Lutz. It finally gets the recognition and appreciation it deserves. You don't need quads to fly high. You can fly with triples, too, if you do them properly. So yeah, well done, Google.
  4. I just scrolled a bit through the comment section of the "Google Year in Search" video on YouTube. It's so nice to see people, who didn't know Yuzu before, watching his old performances and showing their excitement and appreciation. I wouldn't be surprised, if his fandom grew today once again. This is really great
  5. I can't listen to the never-ending complaints about the Pooh rain anymore. Seriously: If the ISU himself has no problem to make a gigantic ribbon rain in the EX gala, which is like a 100 times more dangerous for the skaters, they cannot say ANYTHING against the Pooh rain. Full stop.
  6. This is the biggest problem in figure skating at the moment. The judges are presented as impeccable experts who's decisions must not be questioned, no matter what. Any complaint about scoring is equal to 'whining', legit or not. Western countries always pride themselves of being democratic and open to people's opinions. However, figure skating judges are untouchable. Seriously, this is nothing but a dictatorship. ISU refuses to split the panel into expert groups, ISU refuses to develop and implement objective measurement tools, ISU ignores any kind of complaint about scores that violate their own rulebook. Instead they put judges, who were banned for biased scoring in the past, back into the panel. Excellent. In Tennis every player can challenge the referee's decision. Not only once but trice. Does that mean, the player is a whiny loser? No, it's just natural that errors happen in realtime judging. That doesn't undermine the referee's authority and reputation at all. On the other hand it puts a judge into very bad light, if he or she notoriously over- or underscores certain skaters in every single competition and the skater has no right to defend him- or herself.
  7. In fact Shoma has landed 4Lo more often than 4S so far. His first successful 4Lo was in the second half of the 16/17 season, when LOCO was his free program. In Helsinki 4Lo was his opening jump, too. If I remember correctly, Shoma changed his boots and positioned the blades off center to land the Loop properly. In the 18/19 season he gave up on the 4Lo for whatever reason. Maybe the unusual position of his blades caused him problems in the long term. Does anyone know? Folks, I just found out how the ISU headquarters look like
  8. Thank you so much for sharing this link! I agree with pretty much everything being said in this video. When I edit a clip myself, the most important aspect for me is the movement itself. In my opinion it's a crime to change the camera angle or zoom in and out excessively during a spin or Ina Bauer etc. It completely kills the move. I wanted to punch every official cameraman in Torino this week. What they did to Notte Stellata is... well, no comment. My impression is: the better your technical equipment is, the poorer gets the actual camera work. In many cases. Very few filmmakers can make something great out of all the gadgets and features and special effects they have compared to the 20th century. In my opinion the good old hand drawn and painted pictures in classical Disney films beat any kind of new pixar movie. When I rewatch The Jungle Book or Snow White, I can feel the love and attention to detail in every single frame. I'm very happy that Japanese animation studios didn't give up on hand drawing until today. You're right that creating a figure skating program is comparable with the creation of a film. When you compose a skating program, you have to take care, how it appears to the audience. How can I translate the music into body movements? Which gestures and facial expressions should I use to transport my message? Which movements are meaningful, which ones superfluous? In which corner of the rink should I land my jumps to leave the biggest impact? How can I build up suspense and make the program visually appealing? Yuzu pays a lot of attention to such details and that sets him apart from the rest. The costume choice is one part of it, too. It makes a huge difference, if you wear an actual COSTUME that visualizes the theme of your music or just a casual black shirt. Yuzu's costumes are real eyecatchers and thoughtfully designed. Program and costume belong together.
  9. I sput my tea over my desk, when I read this. Is it mechanically even possible to have a deep running edge and long exit curve with a stiff landing? I thought, deep knee bend is a key quality feature of figure skating jumps and proper stroking in general... Seriously. It's long overdue that the top skaters from past and present gather at the round table and discuss the entire judging system from A to Z and Olympic Channel streams that discussion live. I want to know what skaters like Yuna, Javi, Patrick, Plushy, Lambiel, Carolina, Tessa and Scott, Aljona Savchenko, Midori Ito, Michelle Kwan, Ilia Kulik and couple of others have to say about technique and quality. I'm really curious now. Whoever is responsible for this vandalism, is definitely NOT a fan of Yuzuru Hanyu. A true fan would never dare to demolish the skating venue that is holy to Yuzu. Especially not the Olympic wall. It's like putting the shrine of Seimei on fire. @Umebachi Thank you very much for the link! I will take a closer look at home
  10. I promised you to upload a compilation of Yuzu's performances at CiONTU 2018 before the GPF, but totally forgot about it in all the excitement EDIT: Get that. +22 minutes pure skating without a single jump. I can watch it in loop. Well, here it is (720p):
  11. As promised: Here is a compilation of all 9 programs that Yuzu skated at Continues With Wings 2018 plus the show finale of day 3.
  12. I second this. If I only look at their body movements and pure skating, I prefer Roman and Camden, too. They are really amazing, when they're on. However, there are currently two male skaters who's movements cause me goosebumps and difficulty in breathing. These two are Yuzu and Guillaume Cizeron. They are totally different types of skaters from different disciplines, but they equally mess up my emotional household, when I watch them stroking
  13. Sure, the risk of injury is always there and he will need the time to prepare at TCC. On the other hand: 1. Yuzu has to "prepare" his scores for Worlds. Ideally he should skate at least one program (perfectly) clean and push his PCS back to high 9s and 10s before facing Nathan. 2. If I remember correctly, Yuzu wants to adjust his jump elements in Otonal. The timing/rhythm of the 4S and 4T+3T really seemed to bother him recently. He doesn't have the time to adjust them until JNats, so he has to test the changes somewhere else before. 4CC is the best competition to do so. No home crowd pressure, no birthday, no prestigious venue with hero memories, no Nathan. It's the most stress-free environment he can get. 3. If Yuzu wins 4CC, he becomes the first male skater to win a career super grand slam of Olympics, Worlds, 4CC, GPF, Junior Worlds AND Junior GPF. That would put him into a much better position before Worlds than he is now. The media wants to see results and he can't produce results at home behind closed doors. Footnote: Do you really think, JSF would not nominate Yuzu for 4CC, if he wanted to go and win his first ever title there?
  14. I'm totally with you. There's just a tiny little problem. Yuzu probably can't do it. It's not like: I need a quint, here we go. Not to mention embedding it into a choreo that is already packed with four or five quads. However, I agree that the situation won't change for him, if things go on like this. Scores will probably get even worse, if he doesn't come up with something really earthshattering soon. My thoughts: Advice #1: Yuzu, listen to the wise words of Kaz Brekker: If you can't beat the odds, change the game. Yuzu has three incredibly powerful weapons: 1. He sticks 100% to the rulebook. At the end of the day his correct technique and highest quality of execution are indisputable. 2. Yuzu is the no. 1 topseller and clickbait in the skating world, who fills the arenas and pockets of many officials, institutions and big companies. 3. Everyone wants him to compete in Beijing. Yes, I think even ISU wants him to be there (winning the title is a different cup of tea). Make use of these weapons. Advice #2: Follow the key rules of chess. If you want to win, it's not enough to bring your most powerful pieces into position. They will be slaughtered, before you even get the chance to attack with them. 1. key rule: Read your opponent's thoughts. Not only the next step, but the next five or six steps. 2. key rule: Never pull out your biggest trumpcard too early. The right timing is everything. 3. key rule: Lure your opponent into a trap. Attack, when he feels the most confident and becomes careless with his next move. Ahhhhh... I love playing mindgames... This is Henni's favorite territory...
  15. I lost all my hope in Chris, when he blatantly said during the men's victory ceremony that EVERYBODY gave thumbs up to the award ceremony. Yeah, everybody except... well, everybody.
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