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  1. Hi everyone! I finally finished my composition analysis of Yuzu's Rondo SP I hope, you like it I wanted to distract from the tiring 4A debate and light up the mood a bit, remembering what a great program Rondo already is. Footnote: the loops that I mention here are neither loop jumps nor loop turns. In this case it's loop-shaped skating patterns that are used in the first half of the program (Introduction part). You can see them nicely in the first sketch.
  2. Happy Easter everyone I have to tell a really nice story from today: We decided to celebrate Easter together with the neighbors from our house who stayed at home this weekend. Many live alone and have no family to visit, so after the long pandemic it was nice for everyone to sit together a bit and turn the grill in the backyard on To my surprise, two of our neighbors (both older than 60) asked me how Yuzu is doing. I was completely baffled at first, but later found out that my mom had told them about Yuzu some time ago and even showed them some of his performances So they tuned in to watch him in Beijing and were very impressed by his skating, Rondo especially. They asked me when he will skate next time, and I offered them to stream FaOI from my computer if possible It's so great to see that people of all age groups are hooked by his skating and I hope that he knows how much love and support he gets
  3. Just wanted to post it too!!! YEEEY!!! Thank you so much for everyone who helped and sent messages to the ARD Sportschau team. I don't know how much of an impact it had on the final decision, but I'm super happy that it's back anyways
  4. I just realized something. If Gabi and Cizo retired after this season and Yuzu decided to continue, he would be the only active skater on this entire wiki page: World Figure Skating Championships cumulative medal count - Wikipedia
  5. Very big Yes to everything in this post! Yes to taking inspiration from nature. Mother Earth is the greatest artist of all time and the best teacher we can find. Yes to trying out different dance styles (maybe even take a trip to the origin country and learn the dance from natives). Yes to visiting art museums as well. My suggestion specifically for Yuzu would also be: This last Olympic cycle was all about looking back at his life and skating career thus far. It would be a very nice bridge to take the next cycle for a look into the future. Take a pen and piece of paper and do some brainstorming, writing down - all things you plan or wish to do - your predictions for the next few years about yourself - things that you are the most afraid of - things you're looking forward to the most And then build your programs around these topics. Programs that help you to overcome your fears, to realize some of your wishes and be "ahead of your life" (on a meta-level).
  6. Update about Yuzu's LMEY video from the ARD Sportschau team:
  7. Some of you might have noticed it already: The Stockholm LMEY video on the ARD Sportschau has disappeared. I checked the video link and it's still there but private. My guess is that there must have been a copyright strike or smth and they have to fix the issue first before making the video public again. I don't know what impact a video lock has on past view numbers. Would be really sh*t if those 3.3M views were gone Anyways, it's the one year anniversary of the video upload, so let's celebrate LMEY's success on the Sportschau channel in this one year
  8. I usually hate crossovers, but these two are really a blessing for my eyes: What I love especially about them is how Yuzu doesn't need his arms and hands to keep his balance during the stroke, but can use them freely with a choreographic value. In the first crossover slomo he puts one hand gently on his chest, in the second one it looks like he wants to grab something. The little leg kick is also nicely timed with the music in the original performance. I do believe that Yuzu's skating skills have reached a level now that he could cross the long side of the rink on one foot with multiple turns. His strokes are so efficient and cover so much distance, it's a joy to watch.
  9. Great additions! A fellow fanyu on twitter reminded me of these two TV segments here: The long jump world record by Mike Powell has a near 1:5 ratio of height and distance as well: 895cm : 180.8cm = 4.95 Also, Yuzu's jump that was used as example here has a near 1:5 ratio of height and distance: 322cm : 67cm = 4.80 In Saitama 2019 he was even closer to the ideal: 362cm : 70cm = 5.17 And Yuzu said in that one interview that for the 4A he needs a height of 80cm and distance of 4m. Ratio here is exactly 1:5 again. So he probably knows all this already. Please note: that 22° is not the take-off angle but the angle between the ground and the peak height. For the take-off angle you need a modelling with a parabole and different calculation formula.
  10. This is a bit OT, but it might be very interesting for Yuzu and his 4A quest: I always thought that these 45° take-off angle are crucial for figure skating jumps as well, but apparently the golden number seems to be 38.7°. If your jumping distance is exactly 5 times as big as your peak height, your chances are very good to achieve the biggest trajectory overall. I don't know if this is still true for quads and quints (I need more stats to check that), but for triples or less revolutions it definitely works.
  11. Ghislain be like: Coaching is a job. Coaching Yuzu is the jackpot.
  12. This only has indirectly to do with Yuzu, but the chart I created this weekend shows how strong his 3A compared to other skaters is: Especially the height and distance went through the roof in this event. And we know how difficult his entries are. Fun fact: I was actually a bit disappointed by the placement of that particular 3A in the Otonal choreo. He hit a note with the landing, but not the one I hoped he would I liked the placement of his Otonal 3A better at SC 2019. It was a bit more impactful. Anyways. His 3A deserves that +5 if landed well and I fight all judges who refuse to give him that mark.
  13. He really is that type of captain who refuses to leave the sinking ship, even if the sea level has reached the upper deck already. This. Sport. Doesn't. Deserve. Him.
  14. Never. His delayed single Axel is an absolute beauty of a jump. What I love most about it is the open body position and lightness throughout. This particular jump also has an almost absurd deep running edge and crazy knee bend.
  15. Kurt is an interesting case. He's one of the very few commentators who used to point out and praise hidden technical difficulties in Yuzu's programs that casual viewers usually don't recognize like - the back counter entry into the 3A at Skate America 2012 - the expressive forward crossrolls in Seimei at NHK 2015 - his huge control during a backward lunge in Requiem etc. These comments showed that Kurt DOES have a deep technical understanding of the sport and DOES respect Yuzu's skating abilities. But then there were these moments when he let his guard down and showed his preference for macho skating. I think, Kurt really wanted to like Yuzu's programs, but those deep-rooted prejudices and stereotypes stopped him from jumping over his shadows.
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