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  1. I keep my expectations rather low to be honest. Figure skating without corruption would be like... fish and chips without fish. But yeah, it would be very nice, if Yuzu's inventions were used one day.
  2. During the COR live broadcast Hungarian commentator and official ISU judge, Noemi Stipkovits, mentioned Yuzu's graduation thesis and talked about digitization in FS: Here is my English translation of the Hungarian commentary (please correct me, if I got something wrong): ' [Samodurova's] jumps have no height, so I can hardly imagine her to do a quad. We will see in the replays - there you can see the height and distance of the jump better. There are endeavors... I don't know how far we will go in the direction of digitization. Hanyu, too - Yuzuru Hanyu
  3. I think, he will start with a 5 sec White Wall appearance so that we can acclimate step by step.
  4. Thank you so much for organizing this nice project Here is my birthday message with a fanart - my first drawing of Yuzu Sadly I can't edit new videos at the moment, but you're free to include any old one from my YT channel or GDrive, if you like. I made them for Yuzu, the fandom and occasions like this.
  5. Yup. My personal highlight of this season so far.
  6. I'm not sure, if someone's posted it already, but another Yuzu-video has just reached 1M! Congrats! I think, this is a very nice occasion to rewatch
  7. I think, one of the most convenient things about Yuzu's skating is: You don't need to imagine his abilities, you can witness them.
  8. Okay, there are four options now: 1. The Ice Scope had a truly big bug the last two seasons 2. My glasses need an urgent upgrade 3. I can't read numbers correctly 4. This is some very blatant fake news.
  9. Oh man... I really like Misha's skating, but this... is disappointing indeed. A skater who's compared with the top of the world and aims for the highest program components, should take the effort to vary the choreo at least a little. This is not my vision of original composition and interpretation of the music... I will forgive him this time, though. His pure skating and jumping technique is a blessing in an era full of sloppy and cheated elements.
  10. Yes, I remember that special tribute, too. Usually it's the coaches who support and comfort their students. It's always great to see that the support can be mutual as well, especially in such hard times. It's very rare that a skating program can touch my soul this way. Requiem and Haru Yo Koi, Keegan's tribute to his deceased brother or Jason's Schindler's List. They could do that, too. In different ways. Creating this moment of silence and peace. This is something that is immeasurable in points. I guess, this is only possible, if there is a personal, life-changing experience
  11. I cannot say often enough how much Notte Stellata means to me. It is the program that brought me to this sport and made me a fan. It is the program that inspired me to create so many artworks. But above all, it is the program that helped me to overcome the grief of losing my grandma two years ago and my aunt this summer. This week we got the phone call that my grandpa probably has only few days left, but due to the strict Corona regulations we are not allowed to visit him in the old people's home for the time being. It makes you feel so helpless, when there's nothing you can do, just pray
  12. I'd like to share my thoughts about Yuzu's new programs and the general mood: More than anything, I wish from the bottom of my heart that Yuzu can truly skate for himself again. I wish that his new programs will highlight his strengths, suit his skating style, rhythm, stamina and - above all - his personality as a skater and person. I hope that Yuzu won't let himself down and will be able to enjoy his performances regardless of the scoring. No matter what they take away from him, that they cannot take away his passion and love for this sport. I hope that he will pu
  13. That would be allowed, yes. Fun fact: If he used that layout and included the stag leap (1-foot-Axel) in the step sequence again, he could theoretically jump all Axels from quad to single in his SP
  14. No, it would be a totally valid solo jump. The solo jump can be any quad or triple according to the rulebook, it just has to be different from the Axel jump and the two jumps in the combo. The Axel jump must be a 3A or 2A, but that doesn't interfere with a 4A as the solo jump.
  15. Oh, I can totally see Trollzuru trolling at his very best, doing only Axels and Toes in his SP. It would be a fully valid layout after all. 4A 3A from a standstill X 4T+3T
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