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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work! I'm not an expert of figure skating either, but I agree with many things you mentioned. Regarding the rotation speed I'd like to add one aspect: I've noticed that Nathan and Boyang pull their arms very tight and cross them in front of their chest, while Yuzu's elbows stick out to the side a bit, so his radius and momentum of inertia is a bit bigger and he needs more force to increase his rotation speed (I don't know how big that effect is, though). Some time ago I shared a paper about the biomechanics of the triple Axel in the general chat. That could be a very interesting read for you: By the way: I can 100% understand your worries regarding analytical posts like this. When I was new to figure skating myself in 2017, I wrote down my thoughts about Yuzu's Lutz and the result was that many fans blocked me on Twitter. It shattered my fan heart into pieces, but I loved Yuzu and his skating too much to give up on him and the community. Today - honestly - I don't regret it. I think that an analysis like yours is very valuable. It might turn out be wrong, but you never know. It might be the key to success for Yuzu (if he's truly lurking here). With a different viewpoint you might see things that athletes, coaches and experts don't see (in a positive way). People wanted to bury Galileo Galilei for his theory of a heliocentric system, but in the end it turned out to be true, aye?
  2. It's funny, right? Yuzuru Hanyu is too good. We have to stop him. Alina Zagitova is backloading too much. We have to stop her. Papadakis and Cizeron receive too many 10s. We have to stop them. ISU is acting like a desperate kindergarden teacher, who completely lost control over her group of super talents.
  3. Exactly this Only correction: The point of a jump is to do it in the air, otherwise it's a ©marked jump and only Yuzuru Hanyu has the authority to bring that troll in competition.
  4. I think Yuzu would rather follow in the footsteps of Dick Button. He knows 100% what's going on in the sport, he has the authority to criticise the system and the strong personality to speak out the truth. Unadorned and honest. He would never feed some made-up narratives but stay true to his values and his image of ideal skating. Just like he does today as a competitor
  5. I can picture every skater shivering from Yuzuru Hanyu's honest and ruthless commentary: "Ouch. That 5T had no exit curve at all. The landing foot hit the ice like a meteor. Someone has to check and fix the hole."
  6. Unpopular opinion: I really liked Otonal and Origin from the beginning, because I'm a fan of the easy music genre in general. Easy, soothing and memorable. On the other hand I had very bad experiences with Ballade No. 1 in the past. I tried to listen to it in my car and nearly crashed into a dumpster during the crescendo. From that day Ballade was cancelled for me (sorry Frederic) However, Music with Wings turned everything upside down. While the interpretations of Otonal and Origin were a bit underwhelming for me, Ballade No. 1 gave me goosebumps from head to feet. It was my absolute favorite performance of the entire concert and I'm listening to it in 24 hours loop now. Thank you, Kotaro Fukuma-sama!
  7. I celebrate these four votes for POTOWWAC so much I'm really curious, what Yuzu will pick for Worlds... Save the best for last, aye? It was so much fun to create all these polls this season! The results and the comments were a joy to read. Sometimes we even got something right. Yeeey!! I hope, there will be more occasions in the future for polls like this
  8. Wow! This interview is really promising! And it must be pretty new, aye? Yuzu is wearing his feather necklace here.
  9. Also allow some good artists from second class with right passport to enter the deck and encourage others to jump in cold water. Literally speaking.
  10. Andrew as Tuxedo Mask and Jason as Kunzite. OMG MUST SEE
  11. It's like insisting that Yuzu has white hair. With a very strong imagination absolutely everything is possible. To be honest. It makes me chuckle, how desperate some ubers are. The harder they try to find flaws in Yuzu's skating, the more ridiculous it gets
  12. Don't count out Yuzu at the 2050 Winter Olympics in Antarctica He will outlive all skaters, ISU officials, their children and grandchildren and won't age at all, I tell you.
  13. This montage is spot on in so many ways: 1. 5T instead of 4F is so Yuzu-like 2. Keegan was one of the brave heroes who joined the 4A madness after Pyeongchang, so... yeah 3. Love the shade that 5T and 4Lo are the highest and 4Lz the lowest ranked jump (sorry Lady Lutzifer, it's nothing personal)
  14. Well, Yuzu will definitely hold the unbeatable, all time record for most recyclings. No other human being will be able to listen to the same music tracks so many times in practice. I bet my salary on that. I wonder, how Team Cricket can bear to hear Ballade No. 1 everyday in 24h loop since 2014
  15. The smartest insult: The I in ISU must be written/skated on flat edge.
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