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  1. Exactly. The core of the problem is that many people in charge in this sport share exactly his attitude and way of thinking. They openly push this agenda ever since, both in the judging and the media narratives. To paint himself as a victim for his "straightness", is downright tasteless, especially after all the blatant favoritism and candies he gets. The pinnacle of audacity is to push for more "masculine" and acrobatic skating, while scoring a WR with Rocketman. Of all possible music choices. My condolences to Elton John and the message he wanted to convey with that piece. It tak
  2. Oh yes!! Finally!! I refused to believe that there is not a single Swanyu performance on YT hitting 2M views. It was THE program that brought me to this sport, that turned me into a fanyu at first sight, that helped me to overcome so much grief and a program that made me fall in love with the roots and ancient history of figure skating. The best thing that ever happened to me. Ever. Yes, it really is time to celebrate this special moment that was long overdue! This is so awesome that in the presence of the UEFA EURO and Olympics 2020 Yuzu's video managed to s
  3. Yes, I shared this quote from the Stockholm press conference too, as it is a paramount example of how to give a proper answer to all these annoying gender-related questions in figure skating. This is one of many reasons, why I do not only enjoy watching Yuzu's skating, but also have highest respect for him as a person and ambassador of the sport. It baffles me that Nathan sat right beside him, when Yuzu gave this answer to the journalists, even nodded to him... and now this big mess of an interview. From a three-time world champion I expect the absolute bare minimum, to represent t
  4. We're getting closer to the crucial part. In baby steps, but steps nevertheless
  5. Okay, this is funny. Indian sports news account "Tentaran Sports" tagging Yuzu in a promo tweet for India's archery team at the Olympics Seems like the Yuzu clickbait machine is rolling full force at these Games again lol.
  6. Well, if everything else fails, they may improvise a rink in the stadium and beg Yuzu to skate Seimei, TenChi, Haru Yo Koi and Masquerade without jumps and 5min breaks inbetween. That would be the most Japanese opening show you could possibly get Joking aside: I still hope that Yuzu doesn't need to be involved in this circus, if it's avoidable in some way. But I fear that he as THE face of the Tohoku 3-11 charity events and reconstructions will probably have to make an appearance. Even the Emperor will be there in person, if I got it correctly.
  7. Off topic, but quick update on the flooding: The people in Euskirchen can take a deep breath. The dam near the city has been stabilized and it looks like it's no longer in danger to break. This all happened thanks to one incredible person, who risked his own life to protect the life and home of so many others: "He is the hero of the storms in Euskirchen. Civil engineer Hubert Schilles used his excavator to clear the outflow of the Steinbach Dam, possibly saving the lives of hundreds of people." (English translation from the German 'Express' online newspaper) It reminds me
  8. To lighten up the day a little: I thought I read all articles about the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics already, but I somehow missed this one Business Insider: 'The olympic village is stocked with 110000 condoms that is 37 per athlete' I wonder what Yuzu did with them In the article there is also a picture of the athlete's rooms in the olympic village, which looked simple but pretty comfortable actually. EDIT: On a more serious note: I'm not happy about the jokes with the cardboard beds at the Tokyo Games at all. Under different circumstances it might b
  9. Yes. In case of the luge track at the Königssee, Felix Loch (two-time Olympic champion in men's singles) fears that the reconstruction will need years, as the track has complex architecture and is almost completely destroyed: The nearest luge/bobsleigh track is 400km away and most athletes do not want to move from their home in Bavaria permanently. This will be a massive setback for the whole German team, they have been very successful in this sport for decades. The loss of this track is comparable to the destruction of all ice rinks in the Kansai or Tokyo area in one
  10. @sallycinnamon Thank you very much for creating this thread First and foremost: I wish all athletes, teams, organizers, staff members, volunteers, spectators and everyone else involved to stay healthy and safe. In spite of all the controversy around the Games, I will support the athletes from home. They are not responsible for all the mess, they prepared five long years to be here, to get the chance to compete at the biggest sports event in the world and make their Olympic dream come through. Of course, I will root for my current and former home country Germany an
  11. Quick update on the floodings in Germany: The clean-up and reconstruction in the states North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate has started. However, the dam near Euskirchen is still in danger to break, so the whole area has been evacuated. In addition, there were heavy floodings in Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony this time. The luge track at the Königssee near Berchtesgaden is completely destroyed and many German athletes, who were in the middle of the preparations for the Beijing Olympics, lost their training base. At the Nebelhorn there were heavy rainfalls as well, b
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