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  1. Wait. Rocketman is not nominated for the most entertaining program? Also. Daniil will not be the best choreographer? Plus. Origin 2.0 nominated for best costume? I seriously consider to watch the str- No. I don't.
  2. I don't know what is the biggest clownery in this whole story: 1. The fact that Nathan beat Yuzu with +40 points in Torino. 2. The fact that JSF watched this travesty in silence without doing anything. 3. The fact that of all people it must be G***haguet who speaks up for Yuzu and questions JSF's sanity.
  3. I think Dobby, the house elf, would be delighted to see Yuzu keeping his greatest treasures in socks.
  4. Well, actually the short program is something like an artistic program at the moment. There are only three jump elements in 2:50 minutes, so there is enough room and energy left for a well-rounded and artistically strong performance. Truthfully, I enjoy the short program much more than the free at the moment. There are more clean skates and also more polished programs overall. The freeskate appears more like an obstacle course with 7 jump elements in 4:00 minutes. You just try to get through and stay alive. I think, what will actually happen after the introduction of the new system is the following: 1. The order of the current short and free will be flipped. 2. The freeskate will be another 60 seconds shorter. 3. Skaters with only one quad or none will be sorted out after the first round and only the jumpers will be left to battle for the artistry crown. Maybe skaters like Jason, who get high GOE and PCS at least, might qualify for the second round, but the stellar gap to the top will be impossible to close. I can imagine, if Nathan goes into the artistic program with a +100 point lead over Jason after the technical, Jason's motivation is... well. Skaters like Deniss Vasiljevs or Donovan Carillo will probably not make the qualification at all. I recommend the ISU to listen this one single time to the wise words of their greatest skater: "A solid technique is the foundation of artistry." There is no art without a technical basis, nor is there perfect technique without artistic value. It's two sides of the same medal and it always will be. Trying to separate them is a contradiction in itself.
  5. I just stumbled across this clip on YouTube. I've seen Yuzu hanging his Olympic medals around other people's neck, who are special and precious to him. But I think, it's the first time that I've seen it with Shuzo-san. He looked so touched and emotionally hit. It just made me tear up, too.
  6. I did in 1080p and I could upload it on my GDrive to share it here on the Planet, but I want to ask the creator/owner of this fancam record for permission first.
  7. Let's pray for the tragic loss of another +1 Mio Yuzu-video on YouTube... I just don't understand the copyright policy of YouTube. The existence of this videos hasn't bothered a single soul for the past two years. Why the deletion out of the blue? Seriously: A video that survives more than a year without any copyright claims should be frozen and saved from future deletion waves. I cannot imagine that the IOC profits from this action in any way. But the person, who pushed the delete-button, successfully ereased another great memory of figure skating history and lowered the number of +1Mio Yuzu-videos. Again. I want to scream.
  8. I mean that 4T that Yuzu jumped in the group number to "I'm a sex machine ready to reLOAAAAAADD" Exactly here (with time stamp at 01:45): Other important part: Yuzu kneeslide + air guitar solo at 05:30
  9. How on earth could the camera miss Yuzu's 4T AND his epic air guitar escalation? This is footage for the history books.
  10. Probably not, but it's worth a try I just decided to rewatch Yuzu escalating to Don't stop me now. I cannot be grateful enough to all these wonderful people who bless us with all these fancams
  11. Sorry, but I really want to challenge the ISU this time. My petition goes to the first ever World Championships 1896, Saint Petersburg in HD But first I want to rewatch the Barcelona gala WITH Yuzu's epic air guitar escalation to Queen.
  12. I cannot explain it. For me this is still the most beautiful Yuzu program ever. I watched it 134 times now and I'm still emotional.
  13. Valentina and Ondrej included nearly all illegal elements I know. In competition they would have broken the world record of deductions with this, I guess And yes. I'm waiting for Ondrej lifting Yuzu for bloody 1 minute
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