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  1. Has this been shared here already? Full transcription of Yuzu's K&C scene in Saitama after Origin. I Love it *I don't like the name Toe-Axel for the 4T+3A+seq though*
  2. Henni147

    Fan project

    Here's a link to the public PDF version of the book. Some messages are blurred to respect the people's privacy, but there's still a lot to read and I love it
  3. Henni147

    Fan project

    Thank you so much everyone! The letter is on the way (the lady at the post office said 3-7 days). I hope, everything goes well
  4. @Yuzu_legend You can't imagine how relieved I am now I accidentally wrote 'over' instead of 'around' at the end of the letter and I felt so kuyashii... *gomen* @makebelieveup I hope you can forgive me Thank you everyone for your suggestions!! They were really great! I posted a photo of the full letter in the fanbook thread. Now it's time to go to the post office.
  5. Henni147

    Fan project

    Here's the letter for the fanbook I found some cute Pooh letter papers with envelopes that I haven't used for ages and I thought, this is a good occasion to take them out again. For the text I used dark green ink and a calligraphy pen. I hope my handwriting is easy to read? I tried my best to introduce the project with all major aspects and ideas behind it and speak for everyone who participated. I really really love this fanbook, so again: THANK YOU SO MUCH @Veveco !!!
  6. Henni147

    Fan project

    This. Is. So. Awesome. Can't wait for your detailed report!
  7. Henni147

    Music talk

    Oh, now I'm curious who the other one is To be honest: her skating style is not my cup of tea either.
  8. Lol. Ladies will be a bloodbath even in the Challenger Events Love the men's line-up with Yuzu, Aymoz, Donovan, Jun, Keegan, Pulkinen and Conrad. Sad that I can't be there and watch it live, but I hope for great broadcast with Ted Barton again
  9. My wishlist for the 19/20 season: 1. May Yuzu stay healthy and injury-free. 2. Fingers crossed for a performance that he's happy and satisfied with. 3. Wish him appropriate reward for his efforts.
  10. Henni147

    Music talk

    Trusova will use it as her FS music next season. I hope that she can do justice to this amazing piece... This weekend I made a trip back to the 70's and 80's and discovered THIS Rocky Sharpe & The Replays: Rama Lama Ding Dong Imagine Yuzu trolling us with TWO SUNGLASSES like Rocky in the video
  11. Agree, agree and agree. Thank you for this positive and healing comment
  12. EDIT: I decided to put this comment into spoilers, because I don't want to destroy the good mood
  13. I really gave up on any kind of skating score calculations after Worlds and WTT 2019... [funfact: my auto correction didn't know the abbreviation "WTT" and suggested "WTF" instead lol]. Possible mindgames right now: If I skate two perfectly clean programs and the judges give me 0 GOE and 8.00 PCS everywhere (worst case scenario), I need a BV of ~53 in the SP and ~167 in the FS to win with 95% probability and a combined total of ~340 points. If they capitulate and decide to give me +5's and 10.00's, I could score ~390 with the same performance. *yeeey*
  14. Now I'm really curious how Otonal and Origin look like without jumps at the moment...
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