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  1. Update: Page is moved to the article mainspace now and accessible for all readers! The lead section still needs to be polished, but overall the page has a much better and more logical structure now than before. It's no longer a bare fragment of the bios page, but stands on its own with many new infos that will be valuable for the new season. It was very important for us to include his quote from Stockholm, where he made his main goal clear for the 21/22 season. His words have been butchered and twisted by too many journalists, broadcasters and news agencies.
  2. A very kind soul translated this interview with Keiichi Yano, which was released in the February 2021 edition of the Number magazine. Keiichi Yano is the music editor, who cut the tracks of Seimei and Ten to chi to amongst others. This interview is focussing on the development of TenChi and Yuzu's special requests to Yano regarding arrangement, use of instruments and other musical aspects: [NEWS]
  3. I want to thank heaven and earth for this interview. It's perfect timing, because there are many important quotes included that we need to complete the Wiki section about TenChi, so that the draft can finally be moved to the mainspace. It's been quite a delay with the re-structuring and expansion of the Olympic seasons article... There was a lot of discussion whether it's appropriate to talk about "Olympic season" or "Olympic programs" in Yuzu's case at all, since he's not confirmed his participation yet, but eventually we agreed that an Olympic season is an Olympic season, with or
  4. Okay fellow fanyus. It's time to pull my little crystal ball for alternative future scenarios. What if this absolutely sweet stuff is actually going to happen:
  5. Quick news: Pyeongchang Ballade No. 1 has just reached 3.7 M views! Congrats Since we're in another drought until November, let's take the opportunity to bring these videos to the next level: Stockholm LMEY is less than 50K away from 2.5 Million. Sochi PW needs less than 200K to reach the magical mark of 10 Million. And c'mon fanyus, we need less than 2K views to bring GPF PW to 1 Million! Last but not least: this Chinese broadcast version of Worlds H&L pretty close to 1M too with currently 940K views:
  6. Yuzuru Hanyu being really and truly satisfied with his performance means: K.O. win Stop the competition Be grateful every single day for having witnessed that miracle with your own eyeballs.
  7. This is what I was thinking, too. "Something very good" can mean pretty much everything, and Yuzu has won the SP after all. So it's a correct prediction if you want to. I'm not worried about this Olympic season really. At the end of the day we are always the winners, because watching Yuzu skate is a win by default, no matter what the scoreboard and result table looks like. Every Yuzu performance is a jackpot for us.
  8. I asked her, but since Stockholm she's somewhat paralyzed and doesn't dare to make any predictions anymore. She still feels that her last one cursed Yuzu's freeskate, so from now on she just wants to pray in silence for his success and wellbeing. It's sad, but I understand her very well.
  9. It's hard to say, but I made the experience that - at first glance - the costumes of Notte Stellata and Haru yo koi are often perceived as weird or grotesque by many people from western countries with conservative education, and it's difficult for them to disconnect from that image when watching him skate. Thankfully, in case of our friends yesterday it didn't matter, but one of our neighbors was irrevertably shocked by the HYK costume - to an extent that he wasn't able to enjoy Yuzu's skating. That made me very sad and a bit desperate, too. So, when I introduce Yuzu to people who
  10. I share this thread here, too, because it made me really happy and emotional yesterday: Also greetings from my family to the Planet
  11. Yeah, I tried to include most programs and Axel variations, but sadly my video archive is a bit limited at the moment, so I was forced to leave out some nice ones like CoC Etude or GPF R&J 1.0, and GPF LGC fell victim to the strict copyright rules. But I'm very happy that you like it
  12. Finally!! I found a way to upload a combined version of my two triple Axel compilations on YouTube without any copyright issues!! It was really tricky, because the max length of copyright-free audio track is 15 seconds, even if you repeat the same 5 seconds three times. So I had to reduce the number of LGC and PW Axels to 2, Masquerade to 1. My heart is bleeding, but that's how it is. At least I could finally put up my favorite solo triple Axels on my channel!! Yeey!!
  13. With this video experiment I tried to test two things: 1. Do people feel the mismatch between Yuzu's skating and the overlay music? 2. If yes, do they have the courage to speak it out loud? I have seen many music overlays with Yuzu's programs on YouTube and other platforms already (some of them are done pretty well) and I read many feedbacks how perfectly that fits his skating or how great it would be if Yuzu skated to that piece in the future. Even if we try to be polite to the creator of the video edit, we also have to cherish Yuzu's incredible interpretati
  14. Yes, exactly. It's like Yuzu said himself: Ballade No. 1 is like good wine and cheese that needs time to age. In the pamphlet of Fantasy on Ice 2017 he mentioned that, back in 2014, Jeff and him had a clear vision of the program in mind already, but he lacked the maturity and technical skills to realize their vision at that time. And he took the time. He didn't throw away the program that had so much potential, but took all the effort to get the absolute maximum out of it and perform not one but a whole series of performances that will be remembered and rewatched for decades.
  15. This is exactly what I hoped to hear Remember my post about the PCS scoring of Yuzu's programs? The last months I spent a lot of time on analyzing Yuzu's different programs, focusing on the compostion and especially the interpretation of the music which includes: 1. Music genre and vibe 2. Tempo 3. Timing and rhythm 4. Volume 5. Range and tone sequences 6. Keys and tonality 7. Chords and harmonies 8. Timbre and set of instruments 9. Use of vocals (optional) 10. Story or message behind the piece (optional) In danc
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