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  1. Hi everyone! I finally finished this special analysis of GIFT, which happened to become about three times as long as originally intended It was so much fun to dig in the history books and find out about all the little details. Two little notes: My inner math nerd just couldn't resist, so I created a 3D model of the arena setting and calculated the sizes of the screens I stumbled across the connection between the show's first half and the Five Elements Theory in Taoism completely by coincidence. When I was learning the kanji for the weekdays in Japanese, my learning app noted that the kanji for Tuesday to Saturday are based on the Five Elements. Then I remembered the programs of the first half of GIFT and suddenly ... it clicked. When I later found out that Mansai Nomura drew the connection as well, I was over moon I hope, you enjoy the article
  2. I drop this news here too, I hope you like the remastered edition Note: the illustrations are missing at the moment, because I have to wait for the response re copyright and licensing first. I hope, it will work
  3. Hi everyone! I have exciting news! I finally managed to set up a website where I will publish old and new analysis works about Yuzu's skating. It will probably take some time to transfer all my analysis threads from twitter to the new site, but I hope to be able to build it up bit by bit: Yuzuru Hanyu Legacy (wordpress.com) It's still a fetus website, but the index page should give you a rough idea what it will be like when completed. I hope you like it
  4. According to a hint in the trailer, we may get to hear something in this upcoming TV show on NHK with Ogen-san. But my guess is that Yuzu may only talk about the marriage in general and what it feels like being married. If they kept it all secret until now, they very probably wish to keep it private in the future, too.
  5. Yes, this is horrible beyond imagination. I pray that our fandom will be supportive and never cross the line in this regard.
  6. Personally, I pray that they don't or at least keep respecting their privacy. Yuzu made unmistakably clear that he wants a clear cut between his public and private life. I fear that some will ignore it, but I hope that he has people around him who can protect his private space.
  7. Anyways. Very big congrats to Yuzu and family! I'm so happy for them
  8. It's so funny to see how AERA and ELLE try to best each other in serving the no. 1 Yuzu photoshoot Imagine the madness if Vogue, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Bazaar, An An, and other magazines join the battlefield as well ...
  9. Agree. The main purpose is to enjoy the videos and especially Yuzu's great skating. The numbers are not really the goal, but rather a reflection of how popular and appealing Yuzu's skating is. Both old and new content alike. However, I make a bold claim this time and say that by August 2025, there will be at least three videos with +50M views. There is a strong feeling in my fingers that this first pro year was just the introduction to the real madness that is yet to come ...
  10. You're welcome. I hope to be able to post here more again Today, I updated my stats list of Yuzu's +1M videos on YouTube. It's sad that a total of 8 videos has been deleted or turned private since last year, but on the upside we have seven newcomers in the list! Mostly thanks to Yuzu's own channel and Nippon TV. It's also lovely to see that older videos are still watched and rewatched by so many people. Some videos literally doubled in view numbers since 2021.
  11. Hi everyone! I just want to take the opportunity to thank the whole Planet Hanyu team and fellow fanyus for keeping this wonderful forum alive It's especially times like these when social media platforms are going wild and their future is uncertain ... to have a save place to return to ... to have a home where you can find your moots ... to have a room where we can all share our love and support for Yuzu together. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart Also very big thanks to @fenraven for the new banner! The design is absolutely gorgeous Exciting news: Yuzu's LMEY video on the German ARD Sportschau is about to hit 4.5 million views! I am really happy that we managed to bring it back every year. Currently, it seems to be the only figure skating video on the channel that is still publicly accessible.
  12. !! BREAKING !! Apparently, GIFT seems to be available in all partnering Disney+ regions! I already have confirmation from Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Romania, and the Netherlands! MENA seems to be included as well! In Latin America it's distributed via Star+ and in some countries/regions of East Asia, it's streamed via Disney+ Hotstar.
  13. I updated the map today. I missed to color UK in dark blue and Venezuela seems to have confirmed GIFT too, but the rest should be there: For fellows from Germany: I contacted the info chat of Disney+ DE today. They do not have an official release date for GIFT yet, but accrding to the chat "a big event like this will be announced in their newsletter first". This basically confirms that Disney+ DE has GIFT in their schedule of planned programs already, there is just no official release date yet.
  14. What is especially exciting: I scrolled through Yuzu's official twitter account, and many of his posts have between 10K and 15K likes. So these 10K people who have left a vote in this poll so far, may cover roughly the same group of people who regularly interact with Yuzu's twitter posts. It's not far-fetched to say that about 50% of Yuzu's current interactions on twitter may indeed be with overseas fanyus. Given the fact that twitter has been quite a mess the last days, I'm really stunned that 10K people have left a vote in less than 24h. Never expected this many.
  15. Hi everyone! I share this little poll here, too. The main motivation was to find out how many fanyus are active on twitter and how powerful that SM platform is to promote Yuzu's projects. But since it turned out like a really fun head-to-head race between J-fanyus and overseas fanyus, I'm very curious now how this will unfold ...
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