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  1. I know that many fans are not very happy with the page split, but you have to see the great upside of the change. Now that we have a separate article for his career achievements, we can even expand the database and so I did today From 7 current and 7 historic world records Yuzu holds 10! Absolute king shit Footnote: It's unforgivable that Yuzu was robbed of the historic world record for the TES in the free skate (knowing that Helsinki H&L exists) the current TES and TSS championship record at Worlds (knowing that Stockholm LMEY exists)
  2. I can't comprehend that they managed to list all his major achievements, including the seven world medals, super slam and his 19 world records, without mentioning any US skater. This feels surreal. But yeah, I was gently reminded that this is only part 1.
  3. I'd like to share this little collection of stats and quotes about Ballade No. 1. I just realized that Ballade indeed holds the all-time SP top score in all major senior competitions except Euros. Just hands down to this masterpiece and I'm ready to fight everyone who dares to say one bad word about it
  4. Yeah, Saitama R&J and Helsinki Origin were CatZuru mode from start to finish. These two programs alone would have provided enough content for a whole video Actually, I wanted to add the 4S, too, but somehow forgot to cut it. It's funny, because the 3A+3T combo was from that performance, too LOL EDIT: I just realized that The Weeknd, singer of Blinding Lights, is Canadian and was born and lives in Toronto. I wonder, if that's just some funny coincidence or a hidden "I love Canada" tribute by Mr Galaxy Brain
  5. Gosh, it was so much fun to edit this one But also... omg what Yuzu's ankles had to endure already... I bet that I missed some good neko saves, but my current video library is a bit limited, so I had to take the crumbs I had. I hope, you like it anyway
  6. Okay, so here is part 2 of Yuzu's triple Axels! And if you have a twitter account, please vote here
  7. I share the little voting here, too Happy Mother's Day to the Planet!
  8. The irony is: Yuzuru Hanyu is trending on US twitter. Yuzuru Hanyu is included in Google Search in Year. Yuzuru Hanyu appears on the big screen at Times Square. Yuzuru Hanyu is literally everywhere and his popularity has long surpassed that of figure skating as a whole. I bet that a CiONTU tour across the US would be sold out within 24 hours and Yuzu could even fill ice hockey arenas like the United Center in Chicago with a capacity of almost 20K with ease. I would love to see everyone's dumb face, if that eventually happened.
  9. So there was another proposal at the latest ISU congress again to raise the minimum age limit for senior competitions. I have to quote the reasoning, because it makes my skin crawl: "Since 1994 four different Olympic champions in ladies figure skating were 15, 16 or 17 years old when earning their title (1994, 1998, 2002 and 2014). Neither of the champions were participating the following season at the World Figure Skating Championships. There is an immense pressure on the skaters on a top senior level and to debut on senior level at 15 years old does not seem to motivate them
  10. My favorite headlines of 2021
  11. Wow! +4000 additional views on a casual Monday afternoon in less than an hour?? The power By the way. This official tweet by the Sportschau account got a fine boost, too. Yesterday it had something around 40 retweets and 200 likes This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  12. This is really peak entertainment at this point: Japanese media celebrating German media and fans for celebrating Yuzu's SP on YouTube My Japanese is not the best, so I'm not sure, if I got everything right, but it seems like they are stunned by the huge number of views in this short amount of time, also pointed out Daniel Weiss' appreciative commentary and translated some comments from German fans under the video, too? Anyway. It's so cool that this video blew up like that. Already in the top 3 of the Sportschau channel (top 4, if you count that one geo-blocke
  13. Well, actually Yuzu's video is still in 5th place at the moment. Maybe one of the other videos is geo-blocked internationally? But well, anyway. This video going viral is so awesome
  14. To celebrate the 4 year anniversary of the Planet properly, I did a bit of statistics escalation with Yuzu's +1M YouTube videos By the way: I also added the full table with all video links to our Wiki so that it doesn't get lost here in the general chat. I hope that is okay
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