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  1. Talking about historic markers... I thought about starting a little history series on Twitter under the hashtag #FigureLegends. There are some really funny and surprising parallels between Yuzu and Dick Button, Axel Paulsen, Gillis Grafström and other skaters of the "ancient times". I would create profiles for all these skaters, including the most spectacular stats, trivia and, if meaningful, a head-to-head comparison with Yuzu. Do you think, that series has potential? If there is general interest, I will try to upload one or two profiles per week.
  2. I posted this breakdown of the historic markers in Notte Stellata on the Planet some time ago, but since it's the anniversary of this magical performance, I share it here with the annotated video again
  3. I actually had the same thoughts, when I watched Sasha Cohen, but I didn't know that David was her choreographer. That explains a lot. What an irony that both Sasha and Yuzu fell on their opening jump and stumbled on the Flip. This program is really cursed (for Shun as well btw) PS: I occasionally rewatch Finlandia, too (Tessa and Scott are priceless), but the program just doesn't get me. It's probably the music itself that is not my cup of tea (sorry Nino). @ZuCritter Thanks for recommending the Oly practice. That's a nice version indeed. A bit sad that he only skated half o
  4. To close this day: I got tired of searching single YT videos on TV with the remote control. So I finally made a playlist with my personal favorite Yuzu programs. The mandatory "daily Yuzu meal", as my mom says. I tried to pick one performance of each of Yuzu's senior programs (both competitive and gala/show). To be honest. With some programs this is simply impossible, because there are too many great ones. Like... Seimei made it to the list 3 times. My personal favorite is probably MOI 2019, but I just didn't have the heart to leave out NHK '15 and Oly '18. In
  5. Mom and I just did a little nostalgia hour and rewatched the Torino Olympics 2006. I will never complain about telegraphing again. Some performances were really painful to watch... However, it was really interesting to see Shizuka in the ladies' event and Stephane, Jeff, Plush, J*hnny and Dai competing against each other. Yuzu's skating today feels a bit like: he took the greatest strength of each, elevated them to next level, added own features and created the ultimate super fusion of it all. I think, the different strengths of these skaters are distr
  6. Honestly? I am highkey crying. But I couldn't agree more with the cancelling. Health and safety first.
  7. To be clear: I really hope that Worlds gets cancelled and everyone stays healthy and safe. However, I just realized that - if it takes place and Yuzu decides to compete - he has the chance to rewrite figure skating history once again. If he makes the podium (which is absolutely doable for him), he will be the second skater after Jan Hoffmann in men's singles to win 7 medals at the world figure skating championships in the post-war era.
  8. I'm not sure, but I don't think so. There are two big problems with the music licensing: When you skate a program in competition, the music is aired a) live in the arena, b) on TV by various broadcasting channels and c) archived/ uploaded on different platforms (official ISU YouTube channel, archive of national federations, broadcasters etc.) Technically, every party has to ask for permission individually. Otherwise the audio track gets muted or deleted, as it happened with some videos on the ISU channel recently. Skaters usually have to re-edit the music piece for a 2:50
  9. I've just taken a look at my Twitter account after a week break and I'm a bit in shock tbh. People have added me to various petition lists and protest campaigns against Worlds without my knowledge or agreement. Of course, I agree with most of the complaints and I'm very worried about the health of the athletes, teams, officials and staff members, but I'd like to build my own opinion and decide myself, which protest movements I want to join or avoid. I have my doubts that we can reach anything by forcing people into protesting. This can backfire very quickly, especially
  10. I rewatched the NHK documentary with Dick Button, Plushenko and Javi. This is what Plushenko said himself about the Sochi Olympics, his thoughts about Yuzu and his withdrawal after the warm-up of the short program: It's hard to tell, how much honesty there was in Plushenko's words, but I somehow believe him that he really WANTED to compete against Yuzu in the individual event. I think, his will to challenge Yuzu and increase the overall level of the field with his presence was bigger than his fear to lose. Also, Plushenko knew that he pretty much 'robbed' Kovtun of h
  11. My prayers to all the people affected by yesterday's earthquake. I don't even dare to imagine how it must have been like, especially so late at night with no electricity in winter. Also, with the horrible memories of 3-11 in mind, so close to the sad 10 year anniversary... I hope that Yuzu and his family are alright. Please stay safe everyone
  12. I just realised that there is an exhibition gala planned at Worlds in Stockholm... Personally, I have zero understanding for holding an opening ceremony, gala and closing banquet in the middle of a pandemic. The competition itself is risky enough. However, if Worlds really happened and Yuzu decided to compete there, I somehow have the feeling that he would skate to Requiem in the gala. It's been 10 years since 3-11 and... I don't know how to describe it... "Requiem of Heaven and Earth" feels like an echo of his new free "Heaven and Earth". Also, with no audience there wou
  13. According to Wikipedia and Wiktionary, the official Hepburn romanizations and IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcriptions are as follows: Voiceless Voiced (with a dakuten sign) す/ ス su with a voiceless s Hepburn: su IPA: su Phonetic similarity: superb /suˈpɝb/, soup /suːp/ ず/ ズ zu (or su with a voiced s) Hepburn: zu IPA: zu Phonetic similarity: zoom /zuːm/, presume (Am) /pɹə
  14. EDIT: So Yuzu is an official fulltime athlete now oha Who is Shoitirou Tuzuki? Ten to chi to has no composer. In other words: accoring to the ISU the music basically fell from Heaven to Earth. They're still ignoring Plu-san as his idol lol. Also, it sounds weird to mention the 300 point bareer only, when he's been the first to surpass the 100 in the short and 200 in the free as well. But hey, it's a start.
  15. Official press conference after the men's free in Beijing
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