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  1. Thank you, didn't know that they softened even this GOE bullet... I honestly hate these huge ranges like -1 to -3 without any further explanations. I agree that the overall quality of Rika's 3A is really good and deserves GOE around +3/+4. Personally I'm very strict with the bullet 'element matches the music'. For me the jump has to match the music 1. exactly in timing/rhythm AND 2. in composition AND 3. in dramaturgy/narration I don't like that "effortless"-bullet tbh. For me a jump is effortless, if you don't have to fight for it in any of the five phases: 1. Entry: Minimum preparation/ no need of a visible interruption of the choreo 2. Take-off: Solid edge/clean curve and minimum pre-rotation (ideally delayed rotation) 3. In-air: Rocksolid body position and controlled axis 4. Landing: Deep solid outside edge and soft knee bend without any push 5. Exit: Immediate resumption of the choreo/ no need of visible recovery time At least the first 4 phases are covered by other bullets already. So this bullet is superfluous imo. It's too vague anyway.
  2. I think that you have to draw a clear line between long preparation/telegraphing and difficult entry. According to the TP Handbook (since 18/19 season) you have separate GOE bullets for (a) Long preparation (-2 to -3 reduction) (b) Steps before the jump, unexpected or creative entry (+1 addition) #Footnote: difficult entry is not mentioned in particular anymore LOL. In Rika's case I would NOT reduce bullet (a), because her entry is relatively short (definitely not telegraphed across half of the rink). BUT I wouldn't award bullet (b), because the jump is neither creative/unexpected nor are there 'steps' (plural) before it, only backward gliding and one Mohawk, if I saw it correctly. In Alena's case I would give her bullet (b), because there is a sequence of steps and turns before the jump. I think it's rocker, counter, change of edge and mohawk? Sorry, I'm really bad at telling rocker/counter apart... To sum it up: if I only look at the jump entry alone (not the take-off, airtime, landing, exit or global matching with the music), I would reward Rika 0 GOE and Alena +1 GOE. Would you agree with this scoring? I cannot speak for Max, but I think, this is the difference that he tried to point out between Alena's and other girls' 3A. His choice of words is a bit unfortunate, though.
  3. Aye. 'Haru Yo, Koi' was the most beautiful proposal of all time. Ice-chan must have melted and said 'Yes' immediately EDIT: And Ice-chan did not only get one ring but five golden Olympic rings. Twice. That luxury...
  4. I really love his thin, transparent, dark colored gloves. They look so elegant and impactful on him. EDIT: His fingernails are so healthy and polished as well.
  5. This is a bit OT, but looong long time ago I edited a YT video with Javi skating to Innuendo It was one of my first skating montages.
  6. It's one of my favorite Queen songs particularly because of the Flamenco part. It's a brilliant piece of music imo and BLOODY 7 MINUTES LOOOOOOONG
  7. I would cry, if Ted Barton created a YouTube channel for the senior GP series as well. But that's too unrealistic, I guess... #Footnote: Is this ISU's latest move to silence Max Ambesi on television?
  8. Yep, that's exactly how judging works today. 1. If the skater is in your favor (right club, right flag or right face), you value all positive aspects and ignore the flaws. 2. If the skater is absolutely not in your favor, you punish flaws twice, 'create new invisible flaws' and ignore all positive aspects. 3. If the skater is not on your radar, you roll a dice, toss a coin or judge according your current mood. Yuhana was soooo amazing yesterday. I fell in love at first sight. You could take that performance as a tutorial for the GOE bullet 'element matches the music'. It can't be done any better than that. Her reaction at the end was so cute. I'm still furious about the 28 PCS... After Worlds 2018 in Milano I really celebrated the idea that clean performances should be rewarded more than skyrocketing BV with many errors. But now my big problem is: skaters who skate clean regularly (in nearly every competition), either lack in quality or skate like machines... (with some rare exceptions) Retrospectively I'm not sure, if I want to see clean skates all the time. Sure, it's a huge physical and mental achievement, but it totally kills the magic moment for me. Hope and Legacy was a program that slowly grew on me from competition to competition, but it needed six attempts until I really fell in love with it in Helsinki. I cried like a fountain that day and I need these emotional outbursts as a fan. In that sense I can't wait for the first clean Origin performance. I have prepared some tissues already.
  9. Yuhana's musicality is incredible and the program was absolutely spot on. 28 in components is a joke.
  10. Agree, they are all superb Slow start with the contest this year, but now we have some really really awesome banners to choose from. I have 3-4 favorites at least
  11. You know, whenever a public figure praises Yuzu's total package, my brain turns into a harddrive. It's music for my ears and it must be saved immediately.
  12. You probably mean Daniel Weiss, who does the commentary for ARD and ONE, aye? I think, he invented the term "Eissprunglauf" during Worlds 2018 in Milano. Daniel was a competitive skater himself (German national champion 1990) and he amphasizes well-rounded skating with balanced technical and artistic quality in every broadcast. I remember his commentary in Saitama, where he said after Otonal: "Yes, Hanyu lost some points with the popped Salchow, but LOOK at this mindblowing step sequence! The beautiful edges and turns. He literally FLIES across the ice!" In the gala he was top informed about the meaning of 'Haru yo, koi' and praised Yuzu's sakura costume, how well it visualizes the famous Japanese cherry blossom in spring. That was a very positive surprise for me.
  13. Well, Nathan said himself: "If something you really want to watch is artistry, go watch ice dancing. I think with what we're doing now, we're bringing such an athletic aspect to the sport." I think he is very aware of the current judging madness and let's be honest: he would be a fool to change anything in his strategy or skating style as long as it works out for him. The only question is, how long it will work. His entire skating stands and falls with the quads, literally speaking. @Yuzurella Agree with your whole post. I feel exactly the same. My biggest problem with any kind of comparison between real life people and fictional characters is the following (this is not only a YOI related issue): Every fictional character has a creator behind him, who can write his story line, armor him with superpowers and control his fate in a convenient way. If Yuri is meant to get a happy ending, he will get it. If he is predestined to land a 5T or surpass the 400 point barrier, he will do it. A pencil and sheet of paper make it possible. I was really pissed that Yurio scored 118 points in a short program with a layout that numerically should not be able to get more than 116 under the old +/-3 system. That was not only inaccurate but an insult to Yuzu's achievements, who had just set the 110 WR around that time. Yuzu has no creator, no prewritten storyboard, no one who can control his fate and make sure that he gets his happy ending. He has to fight for his fate and create miracles himself alone. That's why no anime character in the world can ever be compared with him really.
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