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  1. They are resurfacing the ice now, can't you see? No, just bring the cameramen from over those times. They might be yet alive and remember how things are done!
  2. don't know, ask admins about it? why do they show Rachkova once again?
  3. Viktoria Dimitrova (BUL) Another colourful dress missed her first jumps 3T step out 2Lo 3Lo eked out 3T2T 2A2T 2Lz2Lo She's definitely fond of jump combos - another convoluted one with 2AEu2something2Lo
  4. Yulia Vorobieva (RUS) Another stunner in dresses But she may be skating something Hungarian. 3F 3Lo 3S 3T Combos weren't necessary back then? 2Lo 2Lz 2A 2F2T Not bad, I quite liked it!
  5. They combine anything. Joanne Conway in one colour only. Pale pink Prokofyev, Romeo and Juliet 2A great 2F not a great take off 2Lz 3Lo fall 3T 2A an d so on. SS not bad, Where did I hear of her?
  6. A very young Mishin telling her to smile! Telling her off fro skating on wooden legs.
  7. Tatyana Rachkova another horrible dress 3Lo great 3T2T Is it Bond? 2S a split no success on axel 3S on the whole, she isn't doing that much apart from gliding and jumping - I lost track of her jumps. quite a sound technique, on the other hand. But the program just doesn't seem to make sense.
  8. Marina Kielmann, I think - I failed to hear the name the worst offender among dresses so far 3T2T 3Lz the kick off is horrible 3S 3Lo< the spins are just a second or two long the music is mishmash she's landing her stuff How many loops were there after that 2A? four?
  9. Patricia Neske (GER) Westside Story again? Or not? Nice dress, but the skirt is too short 3T 1AEu3S< 2A 2F 3S nice spins 2A on the whole, nice SS! 2Lz they all jumped like thousand times. well, it wasn't very bad! was there one?
  10. Gosh, the dresses make my eyes pop! By comparison, all dresses now are quite demure.
  11. Krisztina Czakó Nice dress, comparing. PInk Floyd was a thing back then too.. 3Lz nice take off fall off a comvo a series of jumps. 3Lo<< 2A off a spread eagle 2F I think they jump more than they do now ouch, a pop
  12. Alma Lepina (LAT) don't tell me it's Malaguena huge 2A 3Lz nice 2F 3T fall a bit hurried in her spiral sequence a slightly messy combo getting tired and starting to fail her jumps - 1A? 2A? AND it turned into a Latina! the arms look stiff by our standards now. Don't show this to Daniil indeed!
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