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  1. As if Doug Haw could stop TSL from gossiping. Brian and Ghislain have been friends forever - Brian nearly lost his life because of Ghislain when they were both young, and he held no grudges, Brian was best man at Ghislain’s wedding, so this breakup over jealousy for the best student’s affections and preferences is just too petty.
  2. I’d rather you didn’t. I am getting fed up with that question of how Hanyu likes Russian ladies and their quads.
  3. Yeah right, Yulia Lipnitskaya and Evgenia Medvedeva would agree. Along with Alina Zagitova right at the moment. She’s a mastermind at having PR which serves her own purposes, and she has no qualms about casting her skaters under truck wheels if needs be.
  4. I hope for fancams. At least this isn't Japan, right?
  5. We enjoyed Yuzu's performance, but we did NOT enjoy the coverage, thank you very much, Chris!
  6. This is the worst finale ever. Or the shooting thereof.
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