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  1. Yay, Yuzu is back with us and is looking nice and healthy and apparently enjoying himself! Quite a crowd there!
  2. Tomorrow, Russian junior test skates are starting - let me remind you, they will be streamed, but you’re going to need a VPN. But if you’re curious about the Russian junior field, there you are! They’re starting with Rhythm Dance in a few hours. https://www.1tv.ru/sport/predsezonnye-kontrolnye-prokaty-po-figurnomu-kataniyu-sredi-yuniorov-2019-20/pryamoy-efir the schedule is RD August 1st, 14.00 (Moscow time) FD August 2nd, 14.00 Women SP August 5th, 14.00 Women FP, August 6th, 14.00 Pairs SP August 8th, 14.00 Pairs FP, August 9th, 14.00 No information about men so far.
  3. The second Lake Placid entries are out. Utana and Shingo are in! https://mobile.twitter.com/InTheLoPodcast/status/1156188476133392385
  4. Going on with Origin might be a mistake - but whatever, as long as he’s healthy, I don’t really mind.
  5. Some footage of Hyoen 2019
  6. so I am knocking off here - can't watch the pairs. I was afraid for all of them yesterday enough. Call me a weakling. Ekaterina's LP
  7. Hannah Dawson nice dress 3Lz handdown 2A3T 3Lo fall 2A 3F tight 3S 3S again? lacking in combos again.
  8. Kim DeGuise Leveillee 3F handdown 2Lo 3S 2F2T 3SEu2S 3T2T 2A ok, no falls, finally.
  9. Olivia Farrow Parapluis de Cherbourg missed the combo 3T 2AEu2S 3Lo2T 1A stepout 3Lo fall 3S downgrade
  10. That 3Lz was ur. But her takeoff is not pre-rotated. Well done!
  11. Ekaterina Kurakova wearing a pink meringue. 3LzEu3F 2A3T 3S 2A Y-Spiral - where I see that? LOL 3Lz fall 3Lo2T 3Lo A nice program on a junior! a shaky finish LOL. well-done, she's likely to have won this
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