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  1. Have fun guessing what is what!
  2. Well, the way we. survived without knowing anything about HYK for days!
  3. We might be reduced to fan pictures of the show yet again.
  4. Welcome back, Yuzu, Keiji and Nobu! Have fun in Nagoya!
  5. It’s on a local TV channel, right? Which means we won’t be able to see it?
  6. That’s live Show Must Go On, right? No, it is not, but it is a live record, nonetheless. A hard song to pull off.
  7. A Rippon lutz was nice. And spoofing the girls’ obsession with it!
  8. Mana, I could have done without Billie Eilish, Keiji is just fantastic.
  9. My stream is obstinately showing the Olympic Seimei.
  10. Stephane. A piece of art.
  11. Shizuka. Beautiful dress Why show a shadow rather than her? Exquisite. Stunning. Timeless
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