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  1. Yuzu’s Notte Stellata in on! March 8-10, the same arena as last year. This post has been tagged by Yuzu_legend as [NEWS].
  2. The videos are splendid! He’s getting better at choreography and film-making! I fear some of the cameras might not have survived!
  3. Dear Yuzu, Happy Birthday, and thank you for making my life bright and exciting for nearly a decade now! I will always support you!
  4. They can well harass him anywhere, that’s the problem.
  5. Oh Yuzu, wish I could think of something comforting to say in this situation. How horrible to have your life invaded so blatantly. I am angry and sad.
  6. Gosh, of all places this was the last I expected to produce a review of Re_Pray. Goldenskate, everyone! https://www.goldenskate.com/yuzuru-hanyu-re_pray-ice-story-2/
  7. There seems to be a good discussion of what is happening in the first half here. It’s in Japanese, but google translatable https://vitaminw.livedoor.blog/archives/53463938.html?continueFlag=61118081bb4007ba346881df33091fb2
  8. That was the scariest moment. I nearly screamed “DON’T!”
  9. No one, I repeat, no one is like him. There isn’t any other showman like him on ice.
  10. Well, it’s a good thing we have subtitles at all. So not complaining.
  11. He fell on 4T, 4S behaved this time. The whole concept is much darker than anywhere in GIFT so far, but it’s so fascinating to look into his mind. Hope our satellites are having fun over there.
  12. Oh cool, that’s a computer display. (Watching an illegal streaming, sorry)
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