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  1. This is a day to remember - Elizaveta Tuktamysheva wins in... PCS.
  2. Kamila Valieva 3A 4S fall 4T step out 3Lo turnout 1.47 GOE lol 4T hard fall 3F3T 3Lz3T Will she keep her lead. I bet she will.
  3. Yep, level 4 stumble, you know.
  4. Darya Usacheva 2A 3Lz2T 3Lo 2A 3LzEu3S hand down positive GOE lol 3F3T 3F
  5. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva 3A2T 3A stepout 3Lz3T 3F 3S 2A 3Lz 3Lo
  6. Anna Frolova 2A 3F2T 3Lz 3F 3Lz3T 2AEu3S 3Lo
  7. Maia Khromykh 4T 4S 3Lo2T 2A 3Lz3T 3FEu3S 3Lz
  8. Kostornaya 2A 3Lz2T 3Lo 2A 3F3T 3FEu2S 3Lz< tired towards the step sequence
  9. Elizaveta Nugumanova 3Lz 3F fall 3Lo 3Lo2T 2A3T under 2AEu3S 3S
  10. Ksenia Tsibinova 3F 3Lz 2A 3Lo Rippon 3LzEu3S 2A3T 3Lo2T a fun program
  11. Sofia Samodurova 2F 2Aeu3S 3Lo 2A 3Lz2T 3Lz 3F2T
  12. Maria Talalaikina Malecifenta 2A 3Lo 3Lz step out? 2A2T 3Lz3T 3F2T2Lo 3S a great program!
  13. Kamila Sultanmogamedova Skyfall Wakaba flashbacks 3Lz stepout 2A Quite a lot of noise 3F 3Lo 2A 3Lz3T 3Lo2T
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