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  1. Jun Hwan Cha 4T < fall 4S turn out 3Lz3Lo 3A2T 3A 3LzEu3S 3F He didn't give up after the first mistake. Let the strongest win here! I liked his program too!
  2. Kazuki Tomono 4T2T tight hand down 4S 4T fall 3Lo STSq2 again 3AEu3S 3A 3F2T well done, you at least get a silver!
  3. Kao Miura 3A 4S2T 4S step out 3A2T 4T 3Lo 2AEu2S Ran out of steam at the end. Ok, will he keep his lead?
  4. Brendan Kerry SS are worse 4T 3S 3A2T 3F 3Lz2T 2A 3Lz+2Lo what was that? fighting for it, but should lose to Sena at least. Most likely to Shaidorov as well.
  5. Sena Miyake 4S2T tight 4S tight 3AEu3S 3A 3Lz2T 3F 3Lo So... will he lose to Shaidorov now? His SS are way better? Should be ahead!
  6. Sihyeong Lee Carmen 4S hard fall < 3A 3Lz step out 3Lo 3Lz3T 3F3T 2AEu3S tight
  7. Tomoki Hiwatashi 4S 4T step out 1A 4T step out REP 3AEu3F 3F2T 3Lo nice bielmann! He's very supple
  8. Mikhail Shaidorov 4T3T 4T SS are noticeably worse than with the previous guys 3Lz 3Lo tight 3AEu3S 3A 3F2A SEQ near a fall
  9. Jimmy Ma 4T3T turn 4T 3Lo tight 3A hand down slow after Joseph 3A REP fall 3LzEu3S 3F hangs on looks tired. But well done!
  10. Joseph Phan 3A3T 3F 3A< 2A 3LzEu3S 3Lz2T 3Lo a bit of staggering on StSq But beautiful SS will lead for now!
  11. Corey Circelli 3A step out 4T< 3Lz nice 3Lo nice spread eagle 3FEu3S 3S2T 2A3T beautiful arms! well done!!!
  12. Dias Jirenbaev Sergei Voronov the Coach!!! 2A3T tight 3Lz2T 3Lz a bit slow in spinning 3Lo nice 3F tf 2SEu3S 2A I quite liked his flow!
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