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  1. Fay

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    Make sure to watch junior ladies, senior men and senior ladies today. Should be fun watching!
  2. I am biting back what I really want to write here. Ok, if the respected members of the Laureus Academy decided he is the winner, so be it.
  3. What exactly did Tiger Woods come back from, may one ask?
  4. Not watching this cheesefest ever again, be Yuzu nominated again or not. Utterly disappointed about where their choice went.
  5. Happy you can find something positive in this drag of a ceremony... Any zamboni is a lot more entertaining than this!
  6. my iPad is running out of its battery...
  7. They're mocking us. They are making fools of us. And we are falling for it...
  8. Indian girls we watched on the red carpet get that.
  9. Gosh, this is cringeworthy... putting playing cards into people's mouths. Give me Mezameshi anyway!
  10. Hey, there's yet forty five minutes of the torture, so... I wouldn't raise my hopes too high. take some more magic!