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  1. AyuShin won the competition today with over 159 points
  2. oh wow, someone from the technical panel was bold enough to call the flat edges of Shcherbkova!
  3. I'd have thought Maia would lose through zayaking.
  4. Wow, now the youngster wins over the 'veteran'? Who would have thought!
  5. Anna Shcherbakova 4F fall 3F3T 2A 2A 3Lz3Lo - no slow 3LzEu3S 3F Not my cup of tea still, but better than at the practice.
  6. Maia Khromykh What a name to pronounce to anyone but Russians! 4T step out 4T3T 3Lo 2A 3Lz3T 3FEu3S 3Lz - non valid, why? - ah, she bloody zayaked. 2 4T, 2 3T.
  7. Sofia Samodurova an... interesting dress 3Lz, 2Aeu3S, 3F<?, 3Lo, 2A3T<, 3F2T, 3S<? fall The weakest SS in this group so far.
  8. Ekaterina Ryabova NDP 3Lz3T tight, 3Lo, 3F, 3S<, her SS are worse tnan Urushadze's, 2A2T, 2A2T2Lo, 3Lz (she has a very weird way of jumping a lutz!).
  9. They called quite a few UR, - she lost around 9 points in TES
  10. Alina Urushadze Anna Karenina 3Lz, 3F, 2AEu3F, 3Lo, nice spin, 2A3T, 3T, 3S2T a bit tight. Oh, she'll give a fight to Gubanova! Nice! Her SS could be improved.
  11. Yulia's got a nice choice of music. And very nice SS. Shame about her technical set, won't let her be competitive.
  12. They were stricter than previous panels!
  13. AyuShin got another competition under their belt just now. No idea what the scores were, they were unavailable
  14. Well, consider me surprised the current World Champion didn’t end up being in the high 70s. Something’s up?
  15. She had another competition last week. And is having another next week. She’s stretching herself too thin.
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