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  1. Can’t watch any of Europeans, but I am here with you. Intermittently.
  2. It IS an advertisement of 2021 4CC, but it was very tastefully done. Tracy brought me down to tears, really.
  3. The ABC podcast is on. I haven’t listened to it yet, though, so no idea whether it’s good or not. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/earshot/love,-obsession-and-fanyuism-in-figure-skating/11867136?fbclid=IwAR2bWW55cwYlq-ls-NtGOrecPv0qL4zFcisEuZTrT58e2hOQOrjjm7QAMsQ
  4. Entries for Bavarian Open Shun is trying out seniors, and another outing for Utana and Shingo, if all goes well! The Bavarian Open is February 3-9, and it promises to be interesting. Junior dances feature all top Canadian junior couples. Something to look forward to in the same week as 4CC https://www.bev-eissport.de/download/BO2020Entries.pdf
  5. Ok, can I indulge myself in further explaining what Ekaterina Bobrova had to say about UtaShin? First, she pointed out that it’s obvious they are training outside Japan and are absorbing a Canadian way of presentation as they are are much more extroverted and open to their emotions than what we can expect of Japanese dancers. She really was looking forward to seeing Don Quixote as while being a ballet piece, it’s also full of character and temperament, so could have been tricky to do for naturally reserved Japanese skaters, but UtaShin really nailed the programme . She also mentioned their musicality and the composition, good skating skills (those twizzles!). The Team event was commentated by another Russian skater Tikhonov, and beside repeating the same stuff he also mentioned how well UtaShin get on and the fact they have chemistry on ice, respect for each and real friendship. He was worried for that first lift though. Zhurankov, our customary commentator, apparently was clueless about how long they skated together. He pointed it out about the American couple that they’ve only been skating for a year, and before they skated with other partners... what about one of the partners coming from singles a year ago?
  6. Ok, I suppose it’ll be mostly interviews garnered at different times - what interests me is the angle they are going for. I don’t expect WE will hear anything new, but Australian listeners might learn a thing or two if they are not Fanyus already. Can there be any feedback about the programme!
  7. Anyway, if it gets any more Aussies interested in Yuzu and Pooh, I’ll be mighty happy!
  8. That sounds like an interesting programme, though perhaps could be not all complimentary towards Fanyus.
  9. A translation of Shingo’s interview - mantioning Yuzu quite a lot. Oh, and he studies at the same department of Waseda as Yuzu.
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