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  1. Kaori Sakomoto turned 20 today! Happy Birthday, you sunshine!
  2. There are quite a few deniers over here and people are skeptical. Many think it’s a ruse. Or just flu. Mind you, people started losing their friends and relatives, though. We’re in a sort of a lockdown, but it’s not strictly enforced, and quite a few people break it.
  3. Wish I had more space in my tiny room to try this out. I’d fail woefully though. Yuzu, can we have any off-ice practice from you?
  4. This is such a good program for Jason, no wonder it's well known!
  5. Jason Brown another baby. He looks so much younger here. Wow. I see it less with Yuzu.
  6. Peter Liebers Who Wants To Live Forever Can't get the costume - why a business-like suit? What does it have to do with this music?
  7. Patrick Chan, thank you ever so much for missing out on this gold opportunity. It was a very nice program, though it started falling apart on the second jump and went on. Too many little mistakes.
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