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  1. So why was she chosen as the final torchbearer?
  2. It was written by his agency. And it was his agency that had the video removed pronto after Fanyus found that “slip up”.
  3. I am quite amused by seeing some people turn the whole debacle into Fanyus’ fault.
  4. I can think of dozens of ways to answer that silly question in such a way that you emerge as a very intelligent person. But no, of course, it’s the question that was to blame, not the person who comes up with a rubbish answer.
  5. Is the whole hoohaa worth getting some extra popcorn, do you think?
  6. Pretty insensitive and dumb to come up with “homosexuality domination in FS” when you are asked about the the perception of FS as a “feminine” sport. Let alone the incoherence of the answer.
  7. it's a good thing Yuzu has nothing to do with this.
  8. Shizuka. Guess that's what FS is at these Olympics.
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