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  1. Ложа is a box, basically. You sit in an enclosed place and get serviced
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Toe loop is a left toe pick jump though...
  3. Both are flutzers - and the unfairness of the situation is that one gets an edge call, the other doesn't... ooops, sorry, Mai got an an edge call for her lip, not flutz.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Guys, it was 3lz so far.
  5. Why did you have to hack the lovely song that much though?
  6. Ross, you're skating to Love of My Life. gosh, can I kiss you?
  7. Well, if he can do this at the start of the season, I'll take him. Compared to Seimei 0.1 this is an upgrade indeed.
  8. Yuzu, whether you jump or not, you're the most beautiful skater in the world - and you're a dream to watch.
  9. It did, momentarily, hope it won't happen again... the forum couldn't take that much brilliance at once...
  10. The second Schindler's List, thank you. I'm sobbing for the girl in red...