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  1. Never! That would be cowardly, if you’re being an idiot, it only worth being one full blast and throttle! It’s pretty hard explaining to Russians what understatement is. There’s literally no good translations for the word.
  2. This is really over the top. Ok, TeamTutberidze quietly deleted their stories, they tried to film and interview Eteri about it, she refused, but now they unleashed Laishev, who passed a final sentence on a complete nobody Plushenko. Eteri’s sister published a story in her insta saying “STOP THE RAIDERS!” This is better than any TV reality show, isn’t it? But I can no longer eat popcorn, this is getting too much.
  3. “Plushenko, who’s never done anything special apart from his athletic career” and Laishev. That’s a pure gem.
  4. What Plush said was this: “We we’re just doing our business, have you gone mad there? (referring to TeamTutberidze). Shall I riposte (or answer that in kind) that so that you felt embarrassed/ashamed?” Rudkovskaya spoke to a newspaper and Laishev called Plushenko a lazybones who just steals other people’s glory. https://tnv.ru/news/sport/127366-direktor-sambo-70-layshev-plyushchenko-bezdelnik-emu-dolzhno-byt-stydno/
  5. It’s not over yet... it’s getting uglier and uglier
  6. What he means is that Evgenia doesn’t have the technical arsenal to overcome younger girls with 3A and quads, so he doesn’t believe Zhenya can hope for anything unless she starts landing quads.
  7. So they implicate Alina in this that she revealed private correspondence with Rudkovskaya?
  8. Yes, it does, he just says that he doesn’t think anyone can win a Lysachek type of victory now, and so you need to get technically stronger. He speaks of Medvedeva then.
  9. Wow. Plushenko gave a great interview. Really, one of the best ever. My respect to him. Whatever his political affiliations, he sounds like a caring coach and person. https://russian.rt.com/sport/article/783731-plyuschenko-mishin-medvedeva
  10. She also gave a pretty candid interview about her struggles with weight. Poor girl.
  11. Vaitsekhovskaya has just put out a book of hers on our lady skaters - I am now thinking whether to get it or not. Liked one part - a Japanese journalist arrived at the Nationals last year expressly to see Alina Zagitova, and was sorely disappointed to see her withdraw. So when she asked what he thought of the Russian ladies, he became agitated, asked the interpreter not to translate. It seems to have transpired, according to him, that the Japanese forum started to use one word referring to the Russian ladies field - “disposable”. Don’t know how much truth this account holds - Vaitsekhovskaya is notorious for bending the truth.
  12. 90 TES with one quad, no 3A, a step out, underrotations etc? Men can only dream of such leniency.
  13. Bonus is a Russian invention of making sure the chosen ones win. and you can repeat doubles without having to repeat them in a combo. It’s triples and quads that create a problem for me. Stupid, but there you are.
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