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  1. Can I say I am fretting more about his graduation than I did about either of my own??????
  2. Just a glimpse...? We can hope. It'll be all over the web if he appears for a nanosecond
  3. Sounds dodgy as all getout. Damn it, is there anyone in the Russian ladies discipline, skater, coach, team, whatever, who I don't have to side-eye????
  4. I think it'll be a cold day in hell before another major singles star from Russia tries for overseas training. On the other hand, if this doesn't work for Med... the fallout will not be pretty.
  5. Badly, I expect, but it'll set Medvedeva up better for a post-skating career if her Olympic obsession falls short (as I expect it will). Look at Alina Zagitova right now. (I wonder if that Ice Age cohost slot will suddenly open up again?) I wonder what Alina is thinking now? And Anna S - not only is she being overshadowed by the already-called-next-OGM Valieva, but now an ex-student who needs a lot of work, but is still a more popular star in Russia, is back and also overshadowing her. Not that it's either girl's fault precisely, though it must sting... I think she'll just keep her head down and keep working away, but if I could barrack for any of the Sambo girls now it would be her.
  6. Actually, I was impressed by how many people Tutberidze managed to shade in that one release.
  7. She seems to be fixated on the OGM she thought was hers and running roughshod over anyone and anything in her way for the next one. Again sorry, but I'm finally and totally fed up by all her dramatics since March.
  8. Holy... if it's true I'm sorry, but I do think Brian is better off. She's made his life more difficult from the minute he took her on, and with everything this year... And also, if it's true and given the way she was going around with him on the phone at the test skates - I'm done with making allowances for her behaviour.
  9. But the fact that many of the people of Sendai must have known for months that he was there and never breathed a word - and from all indications are still leaving him be - is reassuring. When you think of it, it's both infuriating and rather funny. Huge megastar and the most exciting news the tabloids can dig up on him? "He's at home and... and... practicising!!!"
  10. Whoever had the idea to give Valieva Bolero should be strung up by their toe nails. And this from someone who agrees she is brilliant, but now sees her going the Lipnitskaia route come the Olympics, I'm not sure why maybe the coldness and stretched highwire feeling. But Bolero deserves real feeling, not a brilliant automata.
  11. I know what you mean, it's not the world's most Yuzu-friendly place and I have to step back sometimes. Mind you, I think all the NA sites are insular that way - FSUniverse is way worse, absolutely toxic, and I gave up on it (even Twitter is less biased!) This is a much warmer and better place with places for general skating too.
  12. I know! You look atall that, plus his generosity of spirit and humanitarism, and his courage, and everything that he's faced and overcome... I sort of remember a professional writer on twitter who is a fan saying that she would never base a character or story on him, because who would believe in a fictional character like Yuzuru?
  13. Part of me does still suspect that were it only his own health, he'd still be thinking about going...
  14. One thing to remember is that many of the skaters cannot afford to miss a chance at a medal and the money attached, or - for the Russian ladies especially - anything that might lose them the slightest edge in the federation's eyes. Yuzuru has earned the right to put himself, his team and his fans ahead of other considerations, even ahead of what the JSF may want (and since his statement came through them, even if they didn't like it it appears they accept it), and he doesn't need the money or the medals. I wouldn't be surprised if Alina ends up bowing out too, especially if the warmer weather starts the covid figures rising again. She doesn't need to take the risk, any more than he does.
  15. Given the recent news that Usain Bolt - along with several of the sports star guests at his birthday party - have tested positive... Good for Yuzu.
  16. Yuzu's appearances this year have mostly been to try and encourage people to act safe, take precautions and slow down the spread. He is practicing what he preaches, whatever the cost. We know he wants to compete more - only a few days ago he mentioned the blessed 4A again - but I think he's giving notice to the ISU that he is not risking his, Brian's and his fan's health to do so, no matter how much they may want him to fill the coffers.
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