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  1. It was a hell of a tough decision between the three of them, wasn't it? There's a good case for any of them... Canada may be the only major country where the number 1 man wasn't pretty clear, and who didn't run a Nationals to make it a little clearer. I am happy for Keegan, and so sad for Nam and Roman.
  2. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  3. You're a braver woman than me, I'd die dithering
  4. And when he does leave competition, we'll follow him to his next stage...
  5. Has this been posted? A video simply of Yuzuru's taking off his jacket/costume reveals... in 3 weeks has over 190,000 views
  6. Heading for 15 million views...
  7. There's a clip on youtube, one of the Russian Sochi team watching Yuzu's SP in the team event, and you can see it on most of the faces but especially Plushy's, I think he realised then that even if he could beat Patrick, Yuzu could well be beyond them both. It's likely he still intended to try - the man has courage, whatever else people think - but once he got on the ice he really knew. I don't think they therefore ever competed against each other...?
  8. Yuzu's ability to find and blithely appear in suits that do not fit is legendary... especially given the care and detail he pays to his on-ice costumes.
  9. How dreadful... sending thoughts and prayers to everyone specially Yuzu and his family. I hope we can hear soon about him, I'm sure the press will think of him...
  10. This is just so.... oh god, someone really should write epic fantasy based round our boy, he pretty much belongs there...
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if he did. And if he does, there will be tears all over the world but especially in Japan. The emotional nuances and expressiveness he brings to everything, intensified by the anniversary and his own memories... Mind you, he may also decide to go for something more uplifting and hopeful. The anniversary will be hard on all affected, but Yuzuru has always been one of the focal points in Japan for the memories and honouring of that terrible event, I hope he has good emotional support around him if - as I suspect will happen - many Japanese look to
  12. That was such a great moment, in his unique, graceful way, the slight and gentle-faced badass ice prince. Mind you, I can't help wondering how he felt when he realised he was getting a bodyguard fit for a visiting dignitary!
  13. So many happy returns to Yuzu and the whole fandom in this week, where he achieved what no other man has ever done with Career Golden Super Slam. Our legend.
  14. This is so simple and so so beautiful... and another by the same artist
  15. You gotta laugh... the Olympic Channel decided to tweet a 'Who's your favourite?' for Bobblehead (???) Day and to no one's surprise (including, no doubt theirs), guess who was runaway winner yet again.....
  16. One of my favourite artists.....
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