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  1. If Yuzu decided he did want/need more funding for his videos and projects, he could easily snap up more sponsors. The Share Practice was clearly a gift, his offered gift and thanks to his fans, and he wanted it to be just that no matter the cost. But I will always love how this tough, canny, seasoned, 27 year old multimillionaire sports star brings out such fiercely protective instincts.
  2. So many beautiful pictures, but this one has just catapulted into my absolute top tier... it's breathtaking and deeply moving.
  3. I knew it - proof positive that Yuzu himself didn't expect the reaction this week to be as huge as it has been. Hun, face it - you are loved.
  4. The speed that chat was going, I'd be surprised he was able to read any of it - I wasn't able to keep up and I like to think I'm a fast reader.
  5. Did anyone expect him to take it just a little easy on his first outing? Just to shake off the first time nerves and such? Silly us them...
  6. The comments alone on the two little videos are heading towards 100,000. I wonder if Yuzuru actually meant to start his channel/twitter account in a quiet (well, quiet for him, given his popularity) way, put them up and sort out any problems, have a bit of fun and feedback while he learned what works, built it up for the fans and worked on his livestream and filming. The way his first video was a nod back to that infamous, beloved white wall, the touches of non PR-gloss on everything, the delay on the logo going up, the way he isn't hiding his slight nerves and his excitement behind a public face, the lack of monetizing etc... it all adds up to someone who as he says is a professional athlete sharing his skating, not an idol or star looking to more celebrity. Maybe he is more surprised by how it's gone the last three days than his fans are.
  7. Now 2M and change. In two days flat.
  8. Maybe the general Japanese fans woke up to the headlines and the news... Regarding the Chinese fans who maybe can't work out how to access, maybe his team can come up with a way to duplicate the content on one of their available systems. If I were them {lovely thought, working with him every day} I'd certainly be looking into it.
  9. 102,000 subscribers in 4 hours, and that tiny message has over 12,000 lovely and loving comments and 55k likes. And apparently just one translated video in China has over 750,000 views. If he wasn't already aware that his fans all over the world are there for the journey, he will be by tomorrow morning...
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  11. He's trending in Australia, despite our almost total lack of FS news...
  12. I fell out of posting on boards due to... a lot of things, but I heard the news and simply have to say I am sorry for me but oh so glad that he is doing this for his own sake , his own reasons, he is clearly happy with the decision (happier than it seems he has been on ice for a while, which hurts) and looking forward to wondrous things. Wondrous things that his fans in Japan and the world will get to share.
  13. The SP video from Fuji has now hit the million views (the FS did yesterday), both in 4 days flat. What is also amazing is how many different languages are in the comments (and the sheer amount of Russian ones) proving yet again that his fan base is world-wide, not just Japanese or even Asian.
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  15. Oh yay! I have wanted a good copy of this for ages... it's on the video of all of his Olympic skates, but I'll save this as well. I LOVE White Legend
  16. So deserved, he is such an inspiration of high achievement.
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