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  1. This blog shows how the bus stop in Sendai looked like I wanted to pull out the bus stop too, if I could https://ameblo.jp/yuzuemon1207/entry-12258426853.html
  2. The original phrases are more poetic. Sorry, no poet in me 王子の共演 Co-starring of princes 銀盤を熱狂で溶かせ Melt the silver rink with excitement 凛々しく鮮やかに Valiantly and vividly 希望は着氷する Hopes land on the ice 舞人うるわし Graceful dancer あまねく響け Resound far and wide やまとの音 Sound of Yamato (ancient name of Japan) 奏でるように As it plays music 氷上に刻む Carved on the ice 一夜限りの譜面 A score for the night only 伝説は続く The legend continues 新章の扉よ、開け Open the door to a new chapter 羽ばたくたびに Every time wings flap 星が降る夜 Stars fall in the night 翔如春雷 (This seems to be Chinese) (春雷の如く翔べ)Soar like spring thunder 昇如春光 (春の光の如く昇れ) Rise like spring light この戦いで、世界はまた進化する In this battle, the world will evolve again
  3. I always loved the posters Sendai TV made every year. I wanted to visit their exhibition of posters but couldn't make it. The choice of pictures as well as the phrases on the posters are exquisite. I want them to publish a poster book
  4. Wasn't someone asking for ANA commercials? I've found this video.
  5. All are speculations including the following
  6. I think you are right. The event will be held at Tokyo Opera City, which does not seem to have facilities for skating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Opera_City_Tower https://www.operacity.jp/en/
  7. Rinka's 3A was fabulous Conglats for the first place I still watch this video from time to time.
  8. Thank you for your concern It's such a gigantic typhoon this time. I pray for the safe of people in Korea too . A big earthquake happened in Taiwan. I'm concerned about people in Taiwan too. God bless our region https://news.yahoo.co.jp/byline/morisayaka/20220917-00315579
  9. I've just read the following blog in Japanese and found interesting. http://pianetahanyu.altervista.org/sportlandiaより「エレガンスと姿勢」/ This is a translation of the following article by Ms. Martina Flammartino, a non-fiction writer and journalist. https://sportlandiamartina.wpcomstaging.com/2022/05/01/elegance-and-carriage/ Sorry, if this has been already posted.
  10. Yes, this is him. When Yuzuru succeeded 4Lo in the Autumn Classics 2016 for the first time in the world, he wasn't at all excited and said, "I was not interested in whether it was a world-first or not. I think all jumps will definitely be piled up, so, how good I'm going to be with every jump is what I should be aiming for."
  11. Miyakawa-kun's hometown, Shikine-jima. Seems to be a nice place for vacation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shikine-jima https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/式根島
  12. I don't know why, but it is displayed like a deleted video. Try the "RUN" mark. I confirmed that it works. I guess the uploader did something not to be deleted due to the broadcasting right. He/she seems to be careful not to be revealed as the title does not include Yuzuru's name or TV station name.
  13. Has this been already posted? Yuzuru appeared on the local TV.
  14. It's a late reply, so you might have already found out, but this is 2018-2019 Junior Grand Prix - Richmond, Canada.
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