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  1. I found 高嶺の花子さん Takane no Hanako-san (with English subtitles) that Yuzu enjoyed at Kohaku on New Year's eve. 高嶺の花 literally means "flower on lofty heights or mountain", implying a woman who is as unattainable as the moon, plus girl's name Hanako, jokingly. You can watch the above Aoi Haru with English subtitles too.
  2. I didn't record it, but as far as I remember, 高嶺の花子さん Takane no Hanako-san 水平線 Suiheisen 黄色 Kiiro (yellow) 怪盗 Kaito (mysterious thief) SISTER アイラブユー I love you I wanted to listen 青い春 Aoi Haru too. It's my favorite
  3. Back number on NHK now Oh, I didn't expect this. I hope Yuzu is watching the program.
  4. Happy New Year from Japan, everyone
  5. Has this been already posted? The 51st Tamiya Figure Remodeling Contest https://www.tamiya.com/japan/scale/figures/2022_51th/index.html
  6. Here is your #ケツの力 ketsu no chikara https://twitter.com/hashtag/ケツの力?src=hashtag_click EDIT: Someone says that ketsu is a dialect in Tohoku for buttocks. Not confirmed though.
  7. It was not my mishearing It seems he tried to say it needs to strain your buttocks to stand like he does. Usually we say o-shiri or just shiri for buttocks, but he said ketsu, which is really rough and normally not used in public He said ketsu no chikara, power of buttocks. Likewise, normally hisshini for desperately, but he was about to say hisshi-koi(te) Never expected to hear from such noble one. So funny, and it's Yuzuru we love
  8. I haven't watched the Fuji program, but Nikkan Sports had a title on their paper as "Only two (champions) in the last 10 years, Hanyu and him" So, I suppose the TV program might have reported with the same meaning, that is, the last decade. Even so, I agree that it was not fair or accurate
  9. So many Yuzu appearances I love the song Yuzu requested in Yumin (Yumi Matsutoya)'s radio show, "Yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara" (used in Kiki's Delivery Service) The lyrics are so nice and sweet. The lyrics of Yumin's songs are really touching, including Haru yo koi. Yumin's original version: Covered by Ayaka with English subtitles:
  10. As it is very cold today in Japan, the ice surface condition seems to have been different and hard. It may be the reason why there were so many falls end failures. But anyway, I'm happy for Koshiro as I have seen his good performance this season so far and expected him very much. It may be tough mentally, but I hope he will do well again on Sunday Of course I wish good performance for others, especially Sota. I believe he can make it to the Worlds next March I'm going to Saitama
  11. A bit but I found a video of "Suiheisen" sung in Japanese/English/French. Enjoy
  12. Due to my own schedule in February 2023, I did not apply for the lottery myself , but a friend of mine won the ticket of the GIFT, SS Seat How lucky she is. Enjoy everyone who have won the platinum seat Someone said on the net, "The Tokyo Dome was not big enough after all. Why has not the National Stadium (Tokyo Olympic venue) been built with the roof! Shame!" Another said, "I don't need a seat! Even hanging from the roof with a rope, I want to see it!"
  13. What will we see at the Tokyo Dome (with what hanyuconomy, hehe) Will MIKIKO be really involved in the Dome show too? Nothing but great expectation. She was engaged in the Tokyo Olympic introduction at the closing ceremony of Rio Olympics, and she also choreographed the Nigehaji dance. Sorry if already posted. https://weekly-economist.mainichi.jp/articles/20210326/se1/00m/020/004000d
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