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  1. Yuma is back SP 91.47 FS 174.12 Total 265.59
  2. The scope and amount of your information are amazing Thank you As Yuzuru says, "This "RE_PRAY" also includes ethics and values from the world of games, which is a big part of my experience," the show including the title seems to have so many metaphors from games, animes, and so on. Cannot wait. Anyway, we have to survive the bloodbath ticket battle first. OK, Saitama looks to have the largest capacity
  3. We only have one pronunciation for R and L in Japanese. So, generally, RE-PLAY and RE-PRAY (both リプレイ in katakana characters) sound the same to our ears, unless the person is particularly sensitive to differences in sound (EDIT: or, they are often regarded as the same or confused). Taking this into consideration as well, I suppose Yuzuru wanted to include the meaning of "PRAY" in the show. I'm not sure this idea is his or not, but I have been amazed by his being an excellent producer of himself
  4. After the media's (and haters) saying, "his popularity seems to have been down after his marriage announcement", "It is heard that his ice show in Sept. has been cancelled (without any evidence)", blah blah blah Look, Yuzuru's names (羽生結弦 Hanyu Yuzuru, 羽生くん Hanyu-kun, 羽生さん Hanyu-san) are overwhelming the trending as usual after Kose released his photos and video. It is easily back to normal business for Fanyus It is still hot and humid here too. But his beauty brings us some refreshing breeze
  5. Back to normal Yuzu on the trend.
  6. Grand Finale for the exhibition at Gucci Ginza
  7. She participated in the "One Piece on Ice" in Yokohama last weekend, so it might be the reason. Another OPI show will be held in Nagoya on Sep. 2 and 3. The members including Shoma and Koshiro will have to prepare for competitions late, I'm afraid. https://www.nikkansports.com/sports/news/202308190000921.html
  8. Congrats, Kao for his second victory And, Takeru, his skating is so beautiful
  9. Subsc-Do: https://twitter.com/hashtag/サブスク堂?src=hashtag_click Yuzu's toe Really deep in talks by the way. Ho-Ho san: 「変態性の方向性が似ている」Hentaisei no Houkousei ga niteiru (Yuzuru and Gen-san's) directions of pervertedness are similar. Edit:
  10. Kao, it's super ! This was his second competition on the same day, wasn't it? Incredible. Addition: Yes, this was the first one, Gensan Summer Cup.
  11. I like Takeru's skating, although he does not have a quad. I hope his beautiful 3A will stay with him to the end of this season
  12. I look forward to Sabusuku (Subsc)-Do tomorrow on NHK Koi-dance again please
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