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  1. Yuzuru and Sota https://www.nhk.or.jp/sports-story/detail/20190621_3821.html But this means all the tickets have gone instantly in a sense. It's good for me to withdraw from the battle as it's far away in Hokkaido
  2. I've sunk in the bloody bath of TOKYO Olympic tickets OK, I'll revenge with the Nationals
  3. I think it is by lottery, and carried out twice. I suppose it will be announced around September about the application for the ticket. You can just apply for 2 tickets for one day, although you can specify to the third choice. I tried two years ago as it took place in the suburb of Tokyo, but I could not make it for any day One of my friends just got the tickets for the day of ladies free program and I was able to go with her. As it was the year to decide who to go to the Olympics, it was so exciting and a heartfelt moment Of course I will try this year too, never mind how bloody it would be
  4. The Tsunami warning has been lifted. It seems some light casualties have been reported so far, but no serious ones, I hope. Thanks for your concerns for Japan, guys
  5. I can't already follow the thread. I've just come from the Kobe broadcast. Has this been already posted?
  6. It seems Sota's SP and FP are choreographed by Pasquale Camerlengo https://ameblo.jp/kmn-psn/entry-12464160187.html https://ameblo.jp/myra1010/entry-12461826956.html
  7. Sota's 4S attempt Then, Sota's "East of Eden" is choreographed by Tom Dickson, right?
  8. So frequently Yuzuru is said to be like an anime boy, but especially he has been referred to as real Shinji (main character of Evangelion). So many fans believe he can wear that battle suit and surely he can get on Evangelion EDIT: It's already 33 pages. Apparently I'm too late.
  9. TV Asahi has 3 types of broadcasting: terrestrial, broadcast satellite (BS) and communication satellite (CS). May 27 was BS, and June 6 9 (sorry) is terrestrial broadcasting both on Makuhari (edited one with the 1st day and 2nd day - I suppose no 3rd day) and finally from June 30, they will broadcast all three days of Makuhari on CS TV Asahi no doubt does better job than Fuji TV
  10. I think it's Onsen (hot spring resort) that restricts tattoos. Actually, Plushenko was also witnessed in a public bathhouse in Niigata (last year?) (Actually, I once heard from one of my colleagues in Osaka that he had seen frequently Yakuza-like men with tattoos on their back in public bathhouses in Kishiwada.)
  11. Daisuke Murakami once used "Anniversary" composed by YOSHIKI (also X JAPAN), and YOSHIKI said he had been always thinking his music would suit figure skating. Guys, can I expect something ?
  12. Plushenko was witnessed in a Sento/public bathhouse in Sendai I remembered "Yuri on Ice"
  13. The rest of the article was released. FYR. https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20190602-00000008-pseven-spo https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20190602-00000018-pseven-spo
  14. Thank you!! It's so fun and funny that I, living in Japan, am watching the broadcast in Japan through the website overseas It seems Yuzuru really cared about the people surrounding the parade with his excellent eyesight. It was very funny he found Yaginuma-san with the sign "Here!!" through the window far, and his mouth moved "Yaginuma-senpai !! " and bowed to her It was a great surprise even to those two ladies there who planned to hold the sign.
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