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8 hours ago, SparkleSalad said:

Sorry if this has already been posted.




THANK YOU. OMG, I have never seen this before. I cannot find the words for how adorable this is in any language I know. :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

It's almost enough to make me want to watch Tokyo Ghoul so I can understand who Kaneki is and what's going on, but... I'm a total and complete wimp with scary stuff.

That's interesting that he hears the characters' voices when he reads manga. I do, too. (If it's a manga/game that hasn't been made into an anime, my brain just decides on voices that fit the characters. Then if it gets made into one, it really throws me for a loop for a while until the actual voice actor's voice inevitably overrides my made-up voice. I wonder if the same thing happens to Yuzu.)

I also hear Yuzu's voice when reading his quotes or interviews or screenshots with subtitles. :67638860:


8 hours ago, VyVy99 said:

Important tweet.

The second one and the last one gets me every damn time why is he so comical lol


Lol, I'm not sure that's entirely voluntary. I'm a music thief, too. I try to suppress it as much as I can, but it's soooooooooo hard not to skate to other people's music.


8 hours ago, BWOZWaltz said:




That definitely looks to be Yuzu visible off to the left a few times.


And wow, Zhenya is mesmerizing. :loveeyes: And Misha's choreography is stunning as usual. I really, really hope he choreographs something for Yuzu someday.

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10 hours ago, rockstaryuzu said:

I thought Jason Brown was Tigger...so bouncy! 


Jason's too happy go lucky to be Tigger.  I think Jason is Roo.  Consummately sweet but still bouncy.


I think Yuzu is Tigger  because Tigger goes back and forth from bouncy and happy to combative at the slightest challenge.  I can't see Jason scowling with his fists up over anything


Javi is Pooh because he seems to be Yuzu's best skating companion and has such a warm, relaxed personality 

Shoma is Piglet because of his meek personality but is brave when necessary

Tracy is Kanga - the wise, nurturing mother figure

Nathan is Rabbit - a little more serious than the rest

Mikhail is Eeyore - poor kid can't seem to get any confidence

Jun is Lumpy - exudes such a sweet nature

Maybe Brian would be Owl?  Vincent is the first person to come to mind for Owl but Brian needs to be someone and Owl is the closest that I can think of since Brian seems to have a more scholarly mindset

Ghislain as Christopher Robin?  I think Ghislain more than Brian because Ghislain seems to be a source of comfort as well as a mentor and they have a more affectionate relationship


...okay... I put way too much thought into this


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2 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:

IMO is Zu, bc of the waist and broad shoulders. :8232307::8788161:



I agree.  At the very least, it's definitely not Jun and I can't think of another male skater with Yuzu's shoulder/waist/hip ratio


Couldn't find a good pic from behind, but judging from the front, Jun has a blockier figure from waist to hip and I don't think his practice gear is as form fitting as Yuzu's... the depths we go to find the tiniest detail about Yuzu :redface:




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3 hours ago, Veveco said:

I love these videos where they follow a skater from so close. It's such a unique perspective. I know it's not going to happen, but can you imagine if anybody filmed Yuzu doing step or choreo sequence like that? :8788161::8788161:

It would be the death of me!

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14 hours ago, BWOZWaltz said:




I also think it has to be Yuzu. The body shape and posture...

Moreover, who else could it be when the ice is completely clear? No one else is skating except from the skater who wants to shoot a video. I think it has to be someone quite workaholic.


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