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  1. At last, broadcasting of the Skate America (Men and Ladies SP) has just begun here in Japan (2:00 am now), just for one and a half hours. Come on, TV Asahi, you have 3 broadcasting channels
  2. I didn't notice he was saying よいしょ (Yoisho) It's so difficult to explain about this phrase in English. My dictionaries say; https://ejje.weblio.jp/content/よいしょ https://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=よいしょ (expression of effort or strain) huff!; yo-heave-ho!; heigh-ho, or alley-oop Or, upsy-daisy But, I don't think this explains correctly
  3. This is my vague memory, but I think I've heard that, in Olympic games where the ice rink is used for both figure skating and ice hockey, the schedule for ice making always an unavoidable issue for the organizing committee. (Sorry for misspelling) https://www.mhiair.co.jp/contents/15-column/20090402.html オリンピックをはじめとした競技用からレジャー施設まで、スケートリンクの氷床はその利用目的により、異なる状態をつくりあげる必要があります。 例えば、スピードにあふれ機敏な動きが要求されるアイスホッケーの場合は、ブレーキがかけやすくパットが正確に滑るよう、堅い氷をつくります。一方、スケートの場合はホッケーよりも柔らかい氷がよいとされますが、フィギュアスケートなら滑りがよく、トレース跡が残るように乾いた氷を、一般のスケート場では氷が削られにくいよう、湿った氷をつくります。 一般に、湿球温度(注)7℃、氷厚25mmのときの氷の中心温度は、ホッケーが−5℃、フィギュアが−3℃、大衆スケートで−4℃くらいが適温とされ、微妙な温度コントロールによって目的にあった滑りに適した氷がつくられます。 (注)湿度を測るとき用いる乾湿計のうち、布を巻いて湿らせたほうの温度。 From Olympics and other competitions to leisure facilities, ice rinks need to create different conditions depending on the purpose of use. For example, in the case of ice hockey, which requires speed and agility, the ice should be hard so that it is easy to brake and the pads can slide accurately. On the other hand, ice that is softer than for hockey is better for skating, but figure skating requires dry ice so that the skaters can skate smoothly and leave traces on it, and general skating rinks make the ice wet so that it is difficult to scrape off. In general, when the wet-bulb temperature (*) is 7℃ and the ice thickness is 25mm, the optimum temperature for the center of the ice is -5℃ for ice hockey, -3℃ for figure skating, and -4℃ for general skating rinks. The temperature of the ice is controlled delicately to make ice suitable for the purpose. (*) The temperature of the wet side (wrapped in cloth) of a moisture meter used to measure humidity. (Translated with DeepL)
  4. Sorry, if already posted. Digital Camera Magazine. Photo by Nobuaki Tanaka. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B09HFXFQQ3/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_Y6ZBDWV31EQS59C7G6CF?language=en_US This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. Give me the black and white proofs My husband has bought the issue for me today. Thank you dear This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. Immigration thing has happened to Japanese fans abroad. I wonder which countries they are. Maybe Russia? or Canada?
  7. Yuzuru commented through TV Asahi. https://post.tv-asahi.co.jp/post-167168/ https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/e292e204c3d27e14b8ea468ea8f34f219cf5299c https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/d6cce14d4d8800d1988bd1ba30cb37f228841610 https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/c392a106d69667452fd7db77159c505637ebfe61 (Rough translation by me) 「できること、一つずつ。」One thing at a time as I can. 「自分の中ですごく大切にしている言葉のひとつで、自分が今まで出会ってきた言葉の中でも、凄く大切にしている言葉です。今まで『進化』とか『挑戦』とか言ってきましたが、毎日出来ることは違うし、苦しんだり、楽しかったり、幸せを感じたり、悲しみを感じたり、いろんな感情がありますが、できることを一つずつ丁寧に積み重ねていきたいと思っています。自分の一番の目標は4回転半を成功させたいということなので、そこに向かって今、全神経と、全気力を使ってる感じです。」 This is one of the words I have cherished myself, and one of the most important words I have ever encountered in my life. I have been talking about "evolution" and "challenge," but what I can do is different every day, and there are many emotions, such as suffering, joy, happiness, and sadness, but I want to carefully accumulate what I can do one by one. My main goal is to make 4A a success, so I'm using all of my nerves and energy to achieve it. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  8. It seems there are many theories about the origin of counting rabbits as "羽". What I heard when I was a child was that in the days when eating (four-footed) animal flesh was not allowed or forbidden because of Buddhist commandments, it was given as a kind of excuse to eat rabbits as "looking like a bird". Other main theories of counting rabbits as "羽 (wa)" according to the site below (roughly translated by DeepL and me). https://www.benricho.org/kazu/column_usagi-2yurai.html (1) Their long ears look like bird feathers. (2) The skeleton resembles that of a bird. (3) Rabbits stand on two legs, were thought to be birds and eaten as such. (4) "Rabbit うさぎ (Usagi)" is pronounced by breaking it down into "u and sagi", which are both bird names; "鵜" and "鷺".  (In this case, however, the counting method assumes that there are two birds at once.) (5) The way a rabbit jumps around is like a bird in flight. (6) The meat resembles bird meat. (7) As rabbits are sometimes held by tying their ears, the word "1羽 (wa)" was derived from "1把 (wa)", which is used to count things that are tied up or bundled, and it resembles a bird. (8) There is a method of catching rabbits using a net, which is similar to the method of catching birds. (9) In regions where rabbits are considered sacred animals, the counting method was changed to distinguish them from other animals. Edit: There are other ways to count rabbits, including "匹 hiki" like other animals.
  9. Has this been already posted? https://www.nikkansports.com/sports/news/202110100000330.html Mao Shimada / Kinki Regionals Novice A 120.83, with 4T
  10. Asian Open Trophy They did great Site: Figure Skate YouTube https://www.fgsk8.com/ Yuma Kagiyama SP 97.80 Shun Sato SP 90.77 Kaori Sakamoto SP 76.70 Mai Mihara SP 67.83
  11. Not the whole program, but it seems they will talk about the music of Yuzuru's programs "The Grand Prix Series is about to start. Figure Skater Yuzuru Hanyu's obsession with "sound". What is the greatness of Hanyu's performance structure discovering from the music...? " October 22 (Fri) 9:00 pm at TV Asahi https://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/imishin/ This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  12. NHK World https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20211008_13/ Good night, everyone
  13. Almost all transportation has resumed operation in Tokyo. Small fires seem to have occurred in Chiba and Saitama Prefectures. And some water pipes broke in Tokyo. Not so serious incidents so far. Thank you guys for your concern
  14. Can you watch the live TV broadcast? https://www.news24.jp/
  15. I'm living near the epicenter, marked X on the map. I was just about to take a bath. The bottom of bath tub started jolting. It was so scary I jumped out from the bathroom and put on clothes so quickly. Now I'm at a loss thinking whether I should take a bath again. But can you believe? My husband did not wake up! He is still sleeping without noticing anything I hear some ambulance running outside. The news says there are some people injured, but no worry about tsunami.
  16. Mmm... a furihaba (gap) skater in a suit
  17. Commercials with making videos of Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. https://hochi.news/articles/20211004-OHT1T51016.html?page=2 https://hochi.news/articles/20211004-OHT1T51016.html Ah, already @Yuzu_legend has posted the information
  18. A big bowl of crumbs Takeo Konno, guitarist, talking and introducing the rehearsal of Parisian Walkway at FaOI 2017 (Niigata)
  19. This might have been already posted. Yuzuru is so cute comparing his height with Shohei Ohtani They are the most popular athletes (born in the same year) in Japan at the moment.
  20. For those who are interested. Prospectus video of Tohoku High School. Famous graduates: Shizuka Arakawa, Takeshi Honda, Yu Darvish, Ai Miyazato, and of course Yuzuru Hanyu
  21. I think the poet Tetsushi Suwa mentioned in the article is Arthur Rimbaud, not Rambo. He is one of my favorite poets, although I read his poems in Japanese translated by HORIGUCHI Daigaku, a famous Japanese poet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Rimbaud https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daigaku_Horiguchi Leonardo DiCaprio played Rimbaud in the film Total Eclipse. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_Eclipse_(film) Sorry for
  22. Figure Skate TV tomorrow, Sep. 5, 17:00 - 17:55 (Japan time) We can watch some clips of Kinoshita Trophy, Gensan Summer Cup, Kanto Summer Trophy, and some novice/junior skaters https://www.bsfuji.tv/figuretv/pub/index.html
  23. Actually, he is showing his tips for those who want to try paper cutting. But I confess, it just makes me feel dizzy
  24. Try his other videos. His works are all so beautiful. The creator, Shigeru Uchiyama is Professor of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and he is using a dental scalpel (I'm not sure this is the right word) to cut out such beautiful works. https://www.facebook.com/pomp.fruits/videos/399181011474040/ https://hirobook.hatenablog.jp/entry/fruits_pomp
  25. This might have been already posted, but I really want the Masquerade one Yuzuru Hanyu - paper cutting
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