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  1. Thank you for your translations! I really appreciate your efforts to introduce information in Japanese to fanyus in the world. I want to believe satellites here are at least aware of what you have remarked about automatic translation. It's a shame there are some who exploit your efforts without having your permission or even any credit or note. Just FYI, 羽衣 hagoromo means a dress which angel-like spiritual beings wear and fly in the sky, but not particularly with feathers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hagoromo The picture below is an image that Japanese have for 天女Tennyo (heaven maiden) wearing Hagoromo https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/天女
  2. Thank you everyone for your sending me "Congrats" for FaOI ticket I really looking forward to seeing what program Yuzuru will choose for the show. I love the videos you have posted, especially "Hall of Fame" and "Empire of Angels" ones, which I think are describing his elegance and delicacy. I also believe "Titanium" is good to express his strength.
  3. I survived the battle for Makuhari and won the ticket on Saturday, 28th Tries for Sunday ticket failed.
  4. Happy Anniversary, Planet Hanyu Thank you, all the admins. Your ability to organize the forum always impresses me. I still remember how quickly it was built up 5 years ago with cooperation of fanyus in the world. It was like a miracle to me. Thank you again for our sweet home
  5. I looked for videos of JGP Merano 2008, and found two private ones. Thank you for the uploader, but I felt a bit dizzy watching them LOL SP: could not be embedded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7CRPUoK-ys FP: I learned that this was the first time Massimiliano Ambesi saw Yuzuru. And this young one would become the GOAT as we all know
  6. Tohoku Shinkansen resumed its operation for the entire line yesterday, although it is not in normal time table yet. Just in time for sakura season in Tohoku https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/e37674a4d785cc1288768cb1aedb4564c8980442
  7. You all are so quick to the news of Yuzuru in FaOI I wonder if he will be in Dreams on Ice too (July 1, 2, and 3) in Yokohama, if he stays healthy. The two shows may be too close. No detailed information yet. https://www.onice.jp/
  8. Unfortunately I don't know much about how to get tickets of ice shows or competitions in Japan from abroad. It's so tough to get them even in Japan when Yuzuru is in, to be honest. So, Japanese fans go to competitions abroad if they can afford, where they can get tickets easier, although I have not tried myself. The ticket system for NHK and the Nationals was E-ticket only, but Fantasy on Ice will be held with E-ticket/paper ticket depending on the venue. The application system really depends on the venue with different ticket agencies. Some venues will do pre-sale, but Makuhari won't. (E-mail I received, with Makuhari part translated by DeepL) ◆P&G Presents Fantasy on Ice 2022 in MAKUHARI ≪5月27日(金)~29日(日)≫ チケット販売期間: 4月23日(土)~26日(火)※抽選販売 プレイガイド: ローソンチケット URL: https://l-tike.com/sports/foi2022/ Ticket sales period: April 23 (Sat.) - 26 (Tue.) *Sales by lottery Play guide: Lawson Ticket ※上記URLは受付開始日から閲覧可能です。 The URL above can be viewed from the starting date of application. ※先行販売の予定はございません。 There are no plans for pre-sales. ◇お問い合わせ◇ キョードー東京 電話0570-550-799(平日11:00~18:00、土日祝10:00~18:00) ◆Fantasy on Ice 2022 in NAGOYA ≪6月3日(金)~5日(日)≫ チケット販売期間: 4月23日(土)11:00~5月8日(日)11:00 ※抽選販売 プレイガイド: チケットぴあ URL: https://w.pia.jp/t/fantasy-on-ice-nagoya/ ◇先行販売情報◇ 【ぴあ最速抽選いち早プレリザーブ】 受付期間: 4月2日(土)11:00~10日(日)11:00 受付URL: https://w.pia.jp/t/fantasy-on-ice-nagoya/ ※ぴあプレミアム会員への登録が必要です。詳しくはお申込み画面をご確認ください。 【ファミリーマートWEB抽選先行】 受付期間: 4月8日(金)11:00~17日(日)11:00 受付URL: https://w.pia.jp/t/fantasy-on-ice-nagoya/ ◇お問い合わせ◇ Fantasy on Ice 名古屋インフォメーション 電話0570-00-3838(平日11:00~17:00) ◇名古屋公演特設ウェブサイト◇ URL: https://www.nagoyatv.com/faoi2022nagoya/ ◆P&G Presents Fantasy on Ice 2022 in KOBE ≪6月17日(金)~19日(日)≫ チケット販売期間: 5月6日(金)~9日(月)※抽選販売 プレイガイド: チケットぴあ Pコード: 647-835 URL: https://w.pia.jp/t/fantasy-on-ice/ ※上記URLは受付開始日から閲覧可能です。 ◇お問い合わせ◇ キョードーインフォメーション 電話0570-200-888(平日11:00~16:00) ◆Fantasy on Ice 2022 in SHIZUOKA ≪6月24日(金)~26日(日)≫ チケット販売期間: 5月6日(金)~9日(月)※抽選販売 プレイガイド: チケットぴあ Pコード: 647-849 URL: https://w.pia.jp/t/fantasy-on-ice-shizuoka/ ◇お問い合わせ◇ Fantasy on Ice 静岡インフォメーション 電話0570-00-3838(平日11:00~17:00)
  9. I really wanted to see this live
  10. Enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo I hope Yuzuru will enjoy them in full bloom in Sendai probably next week. Cherry blossom forecast: https://www.japan-guide.com/sakura/
  11. Second announcement on the skaters of FaOI. https://www.fantasy-on-ice.com/skaters.html Papa-Cize No Yuzu yet This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  12. As her 3A was not in good shape, Wakaba was trying to do 2A, but the height was too much and could not control it. Maybe she could not decide until the very last moment I hope she will perform good FS with a perfect 3A!! EDIT: I'm concerned about her spins. Why LEVEL3 for all ? I checked the protocol. Two spins have been changed to LEVEL 4
  13. Fantasy on Ice: First announcement of skaters and detailed schedule. https://www.fantasy-on-ice.com/skaters.html https://www.fantasy-on-ice.com/schedule.html This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  14. Japanese buildings have good earthquake resistance, so if any big tsunami does not hit the coast, I hope there would not be so much serious damage Now I'm going to bed. Good night everyone. Thank you for your concern
  15. It reported that Tohoku Shinkansen has been derailed No one was injured though.
  16. It seems blackout happened in Tokyo too.
  17. A big earthquake just hit Tohoku area. Kanto area where I live also quaked really hard https://news.yahoo.co.jp/pickup/6421109 https://emergency-weather.yahoo.co.jp/weather/en/earthquake/20220316233646/
  18. You can see other ideal jumps.
  19. The name of Yuzuru's home rink is "Ice Rink Sendai", which is shortened to "Ai-rin" in Japanese. (Japanese tend to shorten words/phrases with two syllables.) I suppose the name of the character "Irene" (ɑɪríːn / άɪ(ə)riːn) was selected because it sounds similar to "Ai-rin"
  20. The number of Japanese media to report the Worlds in Montpellier, France seems to have decreased from 18 to 12 We knew it.
  21. This video always makes me cry . I can't believe it's already 6 years since this was released. Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbqkQKBOtN0
  22. 油断禁物! 今はまだ冬 Be on your guard! It's still winter now. 車のスピンは命とり Spins of car are deadly. 4回転半は羽生選手だけ Only Hanyu senshu can do 4.5 rotations. 路面凍結にご注意を Beware of icy road surfaces. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  23. Why Satomi feels stomachache on the competition day 3:22 着る方が着る方なので kirukata ga kirukata nanode. Since the person who wears it is him (Yuzuru Hanyu), you know. Must be a great pressure
  24. As the costume of Yuma at the Olympic gala is on the topic, just for your information. His costume of the gala was designed by a designer who was in charge of the costume of MISIA (the singer of the gala program), who was also the National anthem singer in the opening of Tokyo Olympics. The Opening of Tokyo Olympics was unpopular even in Japan, or I would say especially among Japanese. The choreo was also done by the person who was in charge of the same opening (he is not familiar with figure skating choreos, and Akiko Suzuki helped the arrangement). So, I feel there might be some kind of politics, in relation to the ad agency or something. Seeing MISIA's dress at the Olympic opening, I don't think Yuma's costume was imitating Yuzuru's. It's just the designer's characteristics. https://www.vogue.co.jp/fashion/article/tokyo-olympic-tomokoizumi-dress-interview And after all, Yuma's gala program was disfavored by figure skating fans including me. I'm afraid when designers who are famous but not well aware of figure skating are involved in the figure skating costumes, It often comes to devastation Takahito Mura 2015-2016 (by KOSHINO Yuma) https://www.sports.ru/tribuna/blogs/goldenice/936823.html Miki Ando at Torino Olympics (by WADA Emi) https://twitter.com/sweet_summer_9/status/1129917076011798528
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