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  1. I don't know about indecisive... It's complete incompetence. We need a Boyang helpline.... Beautiful, Bouncing Boards Boyang needs his correct accreditation.
  2. I've sent you a DM... Hope it helps you understand.
  3. Oh I don't know. This isn't the usual Yuzu demeanor.
  4. Thanks for that . Assumed it was a similar narrative to the statements other fan groups had put out. 👍
  5. Is anyone able to translate the Latino statement please?
  6. Seen four episodes of Its OK to not be OK and still loving it..... totally.
  7. Yes really. It was supurb in all aspects. Story, acting, chemistry, animation, cinematography, music, costume, amazing voice overs. I just adored it. Not seen second ep yet but apparently as good as first. Do watch. Its fab. Let me know what you think.
  8. 'It's OK to Not be OK' . As far as I'm concerned the best first ep in a drama I've ever seen in the whole of my Kdrama watching life. ❤️
  9. Wonder how Nobu is doing at the moment. He's a little ray of sunshine. Always makes me laugh.
  10. Agree about ageism. Youngsters... I have news for you. You too will get old and surprise surprise will feel no different than you do today.
  11. Not seen SM but am watching and loving Diner Mate. Hopefully the usage of diverse characters will continue. Cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed the characterisation of the trans character in Itewon Class. ❤️
  12. This is a brilliant video - Yuzu seen through the eyes of a ballet dancer who obviously adores him. Especially interesting re how Yuzu commands the ice and the relevance if how he holds his head and shoulders.
  13. A young Koshiro Shimada?????
  14. Yes if he'd been on a purple Premier Inn carpet - speculation would have been rife..... As if he'd EVER go to Premier Inn. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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