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  1. In a post CLOY haze. Watching "My Holo Love" which is rather good. Cannot decide whether I like or dislike "Tell Me What you Saw." Some bits make me feel very uncomfortable esp when young children are involved as victims. I just want to rescue them immediately.
  2. Do you mean OMG Harry.. That was quite a performance..... OMG Harry why the fall or OMG Harry medals.... Not seen any footage so need clarity. 😂. ❤️ Harry.
  3. I could just watch this forever. ❤️
  4. Obviously been to IDF one too many times n heading for Les Plastique Medal! 😜
  5. I'm following my avatar and if you are lurking Yuzu. LET'S GO CRAZY AT MONTREAL PLEASE XXX
  6. Oh Yuzuru Hanyu you are the most perfect performer ever. So very emotional, totally connection to the music. Every nuance exquisite. An honour to watch that performance. An absolute honour.
  7. The new ex by Rika was etherial. So much better than the former ex piece. Her interpretation of the music is second to none.
  8. Not over-keen on Chock n Bates Cowboy number. Just not for me.
  9. Always love everything Peng and Jin do. That was just amazing. The lift was never-ending and just wonderful.
  10. The alternative swann. Always entertaining every time makes me chuckle!!!! Fantastic. They should be a permanent feature at ALL GALAS ..... or Awards things!!
  11. Starry starry night one beautifully put together and emotional performance.
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