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  1. Canadian Nationals Keegan Messing wins his second Canadian Nationals with an FS of 163.38 and total score of 257.78. Massive 4T at the start of his programme but then a flat fall when he tried it again for a combo. Also fell on 3L. Everything else fine. Choreo sequence was a beauty spread eagles and his hydro. He was overcome by emotion at the programme's end. Crowd standing in appreciation. Hugs from his parents and a fab back flip for the crowd. Silver went to Conrad Orzel who fought hard throughout his programme with determination to get on that podium. FS of 151.30 Overall 237.46 Didn't actually see the third podium place of Wesley Chiu so must rewatch. However he had a massive climb up the leaderboard from 11th in the SP to 3rd overall and total points of 226.15. Stephen Gogolev also had a big leap up the board to fourth with 220.13 overall. Nice interview filled with love with Nam and Keegan following the competition. Must say I was very impressed with the commentary by Kevin Reynolds in the men's. Knows his stuff and how to talk about it eloquently. Hope all scores are correct. Its extremely late here. So late our road's family of foxes are out and about and barking....
  2. Gogolev: Oh crumbs... didn't land anything ... fall and pops. Ouch! 49.97 Orzel: Mistake on the 4S, 4T OK. Lots of arm waving in the STSQ 86.16 Into 2nd Place. Circelli: I love watching him skate. Only a 2A but very nice set and so expressive. Brian in kiss and cry clapping him. 75.73 Chiu: Popped first jump and fell on his axel. Spins are very nice. Apparently feeling sick so possibly off form. 65.44 Sadovsky: Hard watch. Fell on 4S and 3Lz. Axel pop. Agggghhhh! I could cry. 61.48 Messing: (Nam cheering him on as he did for Corey). After the first jump 4T foot down on landing Keegan was determined to give a show and crikey the 3A was huger than huge. Blast off! 3Lz plus 3T crowd going mad! Great spins. Crowd on their feet. Me almost in tears. Gonna so miss him. Into first 94.40 Must mention Matthew Newnham who went into 3rd with 79.75 Beautiful skate and well worth a watch.
  3. Final group on ice for Men's SP at Canadian Nationals. Good luck to Corey, Roman and have a blast Keegan.
  4. Quite some support he's getting there. Very nice interpretation and the music really suits him. Playing to his strengths and lots of the lovely Ina Bauer's. 😍
  5. Jia Shin wins Korean Nationals with Yelim in second Jia's scores SP 70.95 FS 142.06.
  6. Jun in first overall after his FS at Korean Nationals. Jun's FS 170.17
  7. Jun's SP Korean Nationals into first with 101.04
  8. As I was saying to you. They moved the people in the Gods down to the rink area. That's why it looks fuller.
  9. How tall is he? Do you know. We were wondering that earlier. He looks way taller than the other male skaters.
  10. Yes... I'm cross too Mai smash it tomorrow please.
  11. Watch her skate at Sheffield. Just as beautiful.
  12. Practices went well. Got there just in time for the start. No queue. Slipped into front row. Caught Camden's eye and said good luck. Keegan had a few falls and was rubbing his thigh after one ... seemed OK afterwards though. Kevin looked good, although I was filming for a friend and you can't really watch and film. Lucas, Tatsuya and Shun looked good. Illia was mainly marking jumps. Rika had a clean run through (I think.. got distracted by some people) but she skipped some. Mai and Mana both had a fall in their sets. Piper Gilles was Queen of rink when she was on it. Others moving out of the way of their fast pace. Love their set. Kaitlin and Jean Luc have a gorgeous routine. Shiyue and Xinyu got blocked twice during their set. The first time...inexcusable. I think he seemed put out by it. Love his batman costume. 😍 Rebecca and Filippo. The too Italian Italians. Seem on form. Good set. Rather liked the Crayfoord's some pretty moves. Remember Anastasiia and Daniil and their horizontal hold start from Sheffield. Also marking jumps in FS run-through. Cold in the front rows but few in attendance too so no body heat.
  13. I'm going too. Helsinki is an amazing place. Maybe see you at the rink .. or go for a coffee?
  14. Jun in more open slash to back now with black net. Good performance this time got his quads and first axel .. 2nd rough with "hey" ... I think from Brian ...when he landed it. Upped his game.
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