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  1. Oh my goodness sound terrifying. Look after yourself @KatjaThera hope all is OK now.
  2. Thought prices haven't been confirmed yet. There was some talk in an Email a while back but didn't think that was official.
  3. I too spotted Yoo Seung-ho in 'Arang and the Magistrate'. He was an absolutely beautiful God with that long hair. My favourite k-drama at the moment, for some reason, is 'Perfume'. Shin Sung-rok just cracks me up with his facial expressions. It's getting funnier episode by episode.
  4. It's been raining so much in UK I joked with a friend via txt that, never mind garden furniture, I'm sending my hubbie out to buy an Ark. She said could I reserve a place for herself and her husband. I replied OK but only if there was still room for Yuzu in PPOS and Yuzu in UA. She also asked me to make room for our other close friend. To which I replied. OK I'll just have to sit on Yuzu's knee. She came back with. Poor you, I guess I could do that for you. All those clips of jumping passes and step sequences I've been systematically showing her have worked. Think I have converted her!!
  5. Woke up really late today and missed everything. Just ploughed through all the thread pages. A well watered
  6. @airi I tried unsucessfully to personal message you. Please could you pm.me. Cheers.
  7. My first impression was that they just looked like two guys having a laugh.
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