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  1. Had a small catch up on the gala. So Shoma, Keiji and ??? doing cantilever. Loved Keiji's showpiece. Such energy. He's a great watch in Galas. Morgan how you do that body/head spin with Vanessa I'll never know but it's stunning. So season's end. Going to spend it sorting my hundreds of pics n vids from ice comps and computerising myself. I'm on book 12 of competition stats n details and no cross -referencing so it'll be a much better. Watching Yuzu vids and any streaming parties a kind soul might organise. Buying (hopefully) GP Final tickets and (possibly) Worlds ones too. Should fill up the gap!!!! Back to my hols. Will watch rest of gala later. Happy holidays to all. Cheers for your company.
  2. Ha ha ha.... and can we have a rubber one just for Keegan?
  3. I'm for adding Pewter, Alabaster and Concrete...... spread the love ... (I know I went from metallic to rocks .... who would be our concrete child I wonder?????)
  4. Must admit performance wise Sofia is my favourite of the two.
  5. Scoffing Cornish Fairings for comfort. So sad for Rika. They should of had her higher for sheer beauty.
  6. Second fall and my stream' s gone. Sooooooooh stressful. How you doing darling?
  7. Fab cantilever great energy. Love the music choices and apart from a slightly scratchy landing on one of her 3T like butter. Marvellous skate Darling.
  8. Standing ovation from me. . Goodbye seagulls I'll miss you. So looking forward to her programmes next season.
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