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  1. I am so with you...the lyrics say "Shake that Ass" so flipping skake it Yuzu..... not a side to side sway.
  2. Congratulations to Victoria and Nikita but Paul and Piper so deserved that silver. Crying into my coffee.
  3. Piper and Paul. Crying with love. So special so in touch with each other.
  4. Beautiful set by the Italian couple. Such glorious lifts.
  5. W O W Lilah and Lewis that was brilliant. Apparently Lilah's hairpiece is called Sheila! Ha Ha Ha. Throwing virtual flowers. So happy for them.
  6. Family commitments... so joining from H & B. Hoping they have a good skate.
  7. Thought Yuma would prodium just never thought it would be for a silver.
  8. Good job Keegan. How taped up are those boots!!!!!!
  9. Fabulous Shoma well done. No slap from Stephane after that.
  10. Costly error Jun but so beautiful I'm crying. Seemed to wait just before some jumps. That EB was devine.
  11. Stunning interpretation of that programme from Kevin. I think he's marvellous. One of the skaters that always gives me the feels.
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