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  1. In that case think she's being a bit daft to go.
  2. Wonder how much say she actually has in the matter.
  3. Watching: When the Weather is Fine....Amazing Rugal..... Bloodthirsty Love Lasts Forever....Warm and funny Welcome......a soft blanket Eccentric Chief Moon....Cute.
  4. I read the 'one time phenomenon' comment as he thought Yuzu was the only one capable of doing it at the moment. 😁
  5. Thank you @Henni147 Some of the most wonderful Yuzuru moments. The first ice kiss perfectly timed to the music. ❤️
  6. I got the Email too. Will be happy when I get the refund however will loose £100 booking fees as all the tickets were individual ones.
  7. https://youtu.be/IfJcwDaZrsA Hope this link works for any that would like further information on this topic.
  8. We had a recent very good press conf with our Chief Med Officer Proff Chris Whitty. Spread through sneezing n touch, which is why always wash hands. Virus stays on surfaces for 48 hrs gone in 72. Gone off soft surfaces quicker than hard. Touching won't give you virus it's if you touch n then touch your face. 3.4 % WHO mortality rate incorrect as it's based only on the % who died and were identified, not those actually infected and not diagnosed. So 1% is actual figure. He thinks we are missing a lot of very mild cases which show no symptoms so poss lower than 1%.
  9. Alot of us booked to go to Montreal way before the virus broke in Chinaand put plans in place. My second week was to explore Montreal poss Niagra.
  10. Many have extremely long journeys, others go early for a holiday pre event. Personally I have a holiday after the event. Each person decides whether it is a risk they wish to take to go.
  11. Lovely romance wasn't it. Shame about the 2nd leads 😭.
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