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  1. Yorkshire. My sister lives in Sheffield. Used to go as a teenager to the ice rink. Never got beyond skating forward.
  2. Ha ha ha recognise the Sheffield accent.
  3. Piper and Paul: Spent so long listing the delights of Olivia and Adrian missed part of P and G. Light and magical with fabulous flow and what a beautiful feeling to the whole piece. It seemed like they are skating on their own private lake, in love and no one else watching.
  4. Olivia and Adrian: Wow what a start and that first lift fab. Twizzles were so quick and looked great. Side by side STSQ good and very close. When she went onto his hip and the both lay back it was soo cool with fab hand moves and fingers very expressive. First side by side spin position had the most glorious moves and she held a beautiful frame with back arched. Slightly slow into the prow or the ship (I think its called) move. Again the kneel on his hip and she laid back. Fencing move and fab floor work with slides and spins very fitting to the music. Me LOVE!
  5. Caroline and Michael: The start was a bit of a laborious watch for me and the choreo a very modern take. She needs to straighten her standing leg in the side by side spins. Better for me after the pace changed up a little. Some of the lifts were beautiful the waist high one was lovely and the to shoulder rotational was sweet too. Loved the ending where she did a vertical handstand over his shoulder and they had a nice wrap round each other. Really well interpreted there.
  6. Marjorie and Zachary: Oh I absolutely loved that. The costumes and the choreo which was a perfect choice for this programme. Nice and upbeat throughout. Not sure if some of the twizzles were en point seemed late in some. The lifts were super especially the well timed and pretty low spun lift. Her dress with its flowing skirt like bird feathers suited the spins amazingly. Fab.
  7. Carolane and Shane: Trying hard and concentrating. Think the first lift was a bit slow getting into. Side by side spins produced some very nice poses and their swizzles seemed close and good.
  8. Haley and Nikolas: I really like this couple. I like their connection especially the eye contact. They commit to the choreo and it was lovely. Good start with rotational lift and spins and most of their side by sides looked good. Their lifts are exciting and I love the moves they put into the programme and especially the leaps into their lifts.
  9. Charlotte and Richard: Richard the better performer of the two I feel. Lifts not particularly exciting but believe they are a relatively new pair. They skate nicely together though and are very likeable.
  10. Conrad: Prefered his SP. Jumps are not his friend today. One fall and one two hands down.
  11. Bennet: More pace than Beres but still issues with jumps some falls and a pop. Quite committed to the STSQ and seemed more comfortable after the music change.
  12. Three men on the ice. How sad is it to type that. Beres: Seemed to rally after the initial fall but the name for that programme was ..... measured.... then two more falls towards the end of the programme. Everything seemed on slow mo and I can't get invested.
  13. Marielena: Love the way she moves on the ice with such grace and energy. She spun out of one jump and slight loss of balance on another I think. Gorgeous interpretation of choreography. Dancing in lilac sleeveless dress with one thin one thicker strap and glitter detail. Georgette skirt. She's done it. She got the Gold.
  14. Seoyeon: Stumbled out of jump 1 but 2, 3 and 4 good. Jump 5 she seemed to wait for the music and again in the next spin there were maybe slight timing issues. Nice EB and one leg glide J 6 ok 7 had a slight lean but landed. 9 and 10 landed ok. Her layback to Bielman was nice too. Dancing in a deep purple and black bustier dress falling from a heavy silver collar with cut outs to the waist sides also in silver detailing.
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