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  1. Never seen this outing before. So few people in the crowd. Wasn't he glorious though.
  2. Thanks for the compilation video @Wyell and to all who helped organise this stream. Remembering my love for the Otonal 1 costume and bringing tears for Hope and Legacy. Fabulous feels in the Kiss and Cry and Brian on one leg following Yuzu in the jump. 😘
  3. If Kolyada can carry this programme into competition he will be up there with the best. Lovely SS.
  4. Finally got home after a lovely day in the sun in the countryside. Tuned in to see the last skater ....Meds having an awful time. That fall must of hurt like hell. She had a truly terrible showing thereafter. If she has injured her back she should be resting. Going to go and watch some of the FS....well Kolyada at least!! By the sound of thinkgs the SP for all was the better one to watch.
  5. Look at Goldilocks gritting her teeth. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. No secret Trusova hasn't been my fav of the Russian girls but that blew me away. Potential Olympic Gold for Plush right there.
  7. Aggghh ... Meds. Staggering out of jumps. Needs more waltzy moves and more dip and flow and dare I say it more drama. It has potential but needs work.
  8. Sofia: Liked her last programmes better. The hair does nothing for me.
  9. Tut: I love you. I love your over the top outfit, your gold boot, your emoting the heck out of that glorious music and your mad seagulls ? during the CFSSP. The jumps though. Can only get better. So graceful.
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