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  1. So will I. Always love his performances. Great guy.
  2. Booked the Air bnb I stayed in last time I went for Turin GPF. So staying 4 - 12 Dec. About 30 mins walk to the Palavela past a great little coffee shop where I can pick up breakfast. Coming a few days early as hubbie coming too and we want to have a look around. Fingers crossed no Covid issues as we go into the Winter months.
  3. Wow....these two are fantastic ...... Flying around the arena.
  4. Cutest fluffy topped outfit for Mai and lovely spiral. That was sweet.
  5. But that colour makes his legs look shorter.
  6. P&C always devine. So special on the ice.
  7. Poor Waka. Would have loved to see her skate to that.
  8. We had a fantastic meet up there. For me it was Yuzu all round...both a drink and a cake in the flavour.
  9. https://knsbfigureskatingresults.nl/2021-2022/20220224/ Challenge Cup Interactive Results
  10. Me too. I'm travelling from England and going regardless. With you on the French baking.
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