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  1. Louitunes

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Took me three attempts to see him live. So worth it.
  2. Louitunes

    General Yuzuru Chat

    What a lovely pick me up. Yuzu living his music as usual. That second jump I thought he was going to blast out the screen. Wonderful.... and great camera work whoever took this. The immediate change of character when he drew his arm down for R&J. He's truly amazing. So wish I had found him earlier... But thank goodness there are beauties like this video. Come out your cave occasionally to say hello our Darling. We humbly await your return. Xxx
  3. Are all those fingers pointed upward a reference to Yuzu????
  4. Yes ending was a lot better as was France. ❤️
  5. Austen.... Still in character. This is what I love. When they all do their best bits at the same time....... Except Shomes who just landed on his bum!!!
  6. Well he isn't our amazing Yuzu but he is really selling this programme. I loved that. He seems to be enjoying himself so much more lately.
  7. Look at the wattage on Vanessa's smile. Amazing ex programme. The headbanger though!!! Mind boggling no hand headspin lift!!! So much love and admiration for Vanessa and Morgan. They never disappoint.
  8. Love you Shomes... Little twinkly hair. Super cantelever. ❤️
  9. Love that music and programme. So dreamy.
  10. Beautiful and probably sewn shut. One hopes!