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  1. Alena really enjoyed herself skating that programme. From the spins to the jumps and the Y spirals what can one say. Stunning. Well done lovely. Xxx
  2. Love Elizaveta. Those hands have their own musicality. Sultry, delicate n sexy. So expressive. Like that programme very much.
  3. Yuhana. What a gorgeous skate. I'm in love with her arms in that final spin.
  4. Couple of falls for Eva Lotta, the last one looked awkward and painful. That is a beautiful dress. Just wish the illusion net and tights matched more! Gosh what happened to her nose???
  5. Here for the final few ladies. Finally got a WiFi signal in our rain drenched cottage in Yorkshire. The others are reading newspapers.....time to plug in.
  6. Caught Christopher. Love that guy. Shoma. Well held on the first jump. Seemed to be having timing issues prior to Stsq??? Great cantelever. Like his costume n that programme.
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