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1 hour ago, Anni said:


D'après les histoires IG d'Anna S, Johnny W. et Meryiceskater


De Max




Yuzu leaves the competition happy and  : iagree:with Mr Ambesi "the show is not over" and he will give us without pressure / judgment / contempt HIS WONDERFUL skate "made in YH" and  :thanks: for that and for my part, 10 years of fanyus competition (I don't know what to say, you have written so much all of you here  :grouphug: ) and I will continue to support and admire him, all in freedom and that's the most important :wink_star:


https://fr.sports.yahoo.com/news/yuzuru-hanyu-annonce-retraite-sportive-090900382.html   and if I could I would delete the word "retirement"  >:( and we are quoted as FANYUS 

https://www.sport365.fr/patinage-artistique-hanyu-annonce-retraite-10350665.html   and for the video, there are and  :sorry2: there are only Francophones who will understand and it's just the announcement of his 4A 


And that's it for HIM   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X_FpnZ4k1c   and I couldn't find an English translation  https://www.paroles.net/jeane-manson/paroles-ce-n- is-qu-un-au-revoir and I'm writing you the words that will be translated  : "it's only a GOODBYE, not a GOODBYE (NO) there remains hope in our eyes (he GIVES it to us YES) I'm not crying, it's rain, it's just goodbye, I'll be back" and that's the main thing expressed here 


Rest dear Yuzu and come back to us in all your SPENDOR :YuzuPoohLove:  


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There are a lot of smiling photos and footage of him laughing out there.  The last couple of seasons must have been like being chained to a treadmill by the limitations of ISU rules and JSF expectations.  Those Beijing gala practices are beginning to look almost like a physical manifestation of what was going through his mind- reviewing the past and maybe evaluating what would and would not be possible in the future under the new regs.  

As I’ve said before he owes us nothing - but he’s being very kind in the way he’s done this.  A written statement would have been easy but then there would be speculation about his state of mind etc etc.  Here we can see he’s happy - dare I say relieved?  We’ve seen from Ciontu that he has ideas beyond the usual ice show format.  And there’s the answer re the presence of ANA and the agency - he has the backing of his sponsors still.   I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes this.

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I feel relieved for Yuzu (despite everything), and as before, I will wish him the best for his new journey — his new flight if you will.


Of course I'd like it if the external circumstances were more satisfactory to him, but it was what it was, and seeing him looking relieved in the press conference soothed my heart. It admittedly helped that he termed it "going pro" instead of...the usual phrase of retiring from competition.


While I never have the chance to see him live in a competition, I take relief from the probability that I might just be able to catch him on his ice show (hopefully one of many! :tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg:). I also relish in the prospect of him exploring many things in life he now gets to do, and maybe share some of it too with us... (Like the continuation of his study, the one that was his undergraduate thesis topic, for example...).


And I wish him fluency in pursuing all he wishes to pursue (fair winds, following seas...) — wouldn't it be beautiful to see him continue accomplish everything he pursues, and be fruitfully rewarded in that too...


Again I reiterate — I wish him all the best in his new chapter of skating (remember, he is still skating after all!), and his new chapter in life in general.


Thank you for everything, and we will lovingly support you as always, Yuzu :YuzuPoohLove:



x FF

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Part of Lae's translation thread. He really gifted us the last four years and  I am glad that we were maybe able to pay him back at least some of it when he needed our support the most. This is not the end, his and our journey continues.



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3 hours ago, Mary_kyo said:

He basically retired to focus on his own figure skating ideals that is no more possible and awarded in today's competitive figure skating. This needs celebration not crying. I'm excited to see what he is going to offer very soon. So many iconic programs are on their way, without any stupid restrictions. 


I'm sad for myself. I'm not sad for him. 
My figure skating experience as I've lived it since 6 years is over. An era is over. I've been lucky to live and experience watching the GOAT of figure skating competing irl. And now it's over. 

I've been crying all morning at work without being able to tell anyone what it was about lol they were probably worried. The truth is, I'm stupid and I've been too dependant of Yuzu in my last years. I've got a degree in oriental languages for him, I've travelled the world for him... it feels like a love story coming to an end, in my heart. 


Oh, well. It will pass. I know it will. But I'm still in mourning..

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In the Interview by Shuzoㅡsan, Yuzu seemed like more  relaxed and natural.

He repeadly said he has  feeling look forward.


And if we feel lonely listening todays  his words, he thinks it's so  bad that he regards it as  misunderstanding.


So, all we have to do is just to  keep supporting him 🤗


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The news last night (Nikkan Sports :furious:) gave me the feeling something like I've lost even a straw to catch at :drowning:


But now Yuzuru has showed us his determination to move up to the next stage. No, he is already in the next stage. I thought so when he said he would keep striving for 4A.  When he said earlier that he would like to land it in front of us, we believed it meant competitions. But he said "it does not have to be there." 

He does not need any more record with ISU :jester:  We should have known that.


Go, Yuzu :chase: We will be with you   :grouphug:

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