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  1. I have seen one tweet by jfanyu with speculation of possible broadcasting slots on tv Asahi channels. There seems to be empty places titled in a way that refers maybe to figure skating and one timing fits perfectly for Makuhari Sunday show, but since it is speculation at this point and since Asahi shows old FS programs quite regularly, I have not posted the tweet. I have faith that they will show us something, but I am impatient too.
  2. New Citizen and translation. Question 7: What will you say to your future self? [NEWS]
  3. This week I have been in the Eurovision bubble like every year. Anyone else who has watched semi-finals and is planning to watch the finale tomorrow? Yesterday Il Volo was performing as we were waiting for the voting results. They were really good even if one member had to stay at home due to covid. Once again I could picture them at FaOI stage performing Notte Stellata and Yuzu skating on the ice. This is my favorite song this year though it is unlikely that Italy would win again after last year. And they had to shorten the song so now it ends kind of abruptly. But I will listen to this version a lot in the future.
  4. And now we have a new Citizen content. My best guess is that he is answering the question number 5. I have missed him so much Adding the translation [NEWS]
  5. Here are the new Lotte clear files [NEWS]
  6. You can see the layout changes in this great video along with some other his emergency layouts. Video is made by @Henni147
  7. Speaking of Shinya Kiyozuka [NEWS]
  8. Since the chat is moving slowly, here are the official FaOI goods for the image training. It is just three weeks, we can do it! This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  9. Pino from twitter has uploaded the radio program for us foreign fans. I hope it is okay to share the link here. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  10. When did you become a fan of Yuzu? It was the exact same moment as @Suzu above. It must have been a magical moment on Finnish television. Although my process had begun earlier in autumn 2011 while watching GP series. I remember how my Christmas was filled with anxiety when I tried to get some sense to Japanese Nationals result page written in Japanese with a slow computer and bad internet connection. At some point it had become the most important thing that this young talent would be chosen to WC team so I could watch his skating some more. It was my first experience of being a fan of a real person (before Yuzu there was this horse when I was a teenager, everyone else had band/singer/actor posters on their walls, I collected scrapbook for a horse), so it took me a while to understand what was happening. When and why did you sign up for Planet Hanyu? I was lurking on the other forum when the thread was closed. It really hit me hard and I didn't want to loose our little community, so I contacted @Fay on another platform and she guided me here. This day is my official 5th anniversary on the Planet. First I was just lurking but for a couple years I have posted more regularly. Did you make any irl friends through Planet Hanyu? No. Have you participated in any group projects on planet Hanyu? Yes. At least in birthday projects. Did you attend any meetups with other satellites at competitions? No, I am a really shy person in real life, sorry. What do you like the most about this forum? This sense of community and how Yuzu brings us all together. The last five years have been a rollercoaster in many ways but we are still here, we still have our little online community, and the most important, amazing thing is that we still have Yuzu and he is still skating. So it's time to celebrate! Would you like to participate in the giveaway? No. Good luck to everyone participating!
  11. I thought to add here some of my favorite MADs from the past month or so. Actually, this video/song made me so interested that I sought the English translation of the lyrics. You can find them here https://christinesunflower.com/2022/01/20/an-english-translation-of-you-are-the-hero-by-eason-chan-arcane-leagueoflegends-imaginedragons-easonchan-chinese-englishtranslation-youarethehero-陳奕迅/ And finally, a weibo link to my current favorite https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4743730897551491?from=old_pc_videoshow
  12. It is from Ice Jewel magazine that was released today (27th). As when was the interview made, I would say some time ago. This magazine has some history to manage to get his interviews at times when he is otherwise unavailable. Also he mentions how his ankle is not healing so quickly as he would have liked and wondering if it needs some more time, so I guess it was definitely at the time when he was already in Japan. On the other hand, FaOI announcement came at the beginning of April, so my best guess would be some time in March (maybe).
  13. Some more translations of the same interview (new Ice Jewel). Bring some tissues Second edit: the long translation threads have been deleted. I think both were done using the same Chinese translation I am only linking this thread but the account has many more threads about the interview Edit. translation was removed at the request of the original Chinese translator. About continuing or not: even though there has been a strong indication towards continuing in recent days, I believe only when he starts to talk about the next season. Interviews at FaOI would be a natural setting for that. I am so hesitant because it is very important to me and I need something more than just couple cryptic sentences that could be interpreted that way.
  14. We don't have broadcasting news yet so no idea how it's going to be. In previous years we have had Makuhari show (usually Saturday show) aired right after (like next Monday or so) and later in the summer/fall the rest of Makuhari shows. Even now tv Asahi airs the old shows regularly. Then we have had a recap of Kobe show with interviews and funny backstage clips two-three weeks after the show. I think they have sometimes aired some Shizuoka shows but not always. And Nagoya is a new city or at least it hasn't had FaOI in the recent years so no idea what will happen. Don't worry, if Yuzu is skating on Japanese tv, we fanyus have our ways to watch. But first we need the broadcasting news. And of course we will have news reports while the tour is happening. And there's going to be active live-tweeting by the audience which can be at times confusing but always fun. Visit the old FaOI threads to read how Dory -costume got its name or how all the audience absolutely died watching Masquerade for the first time.
  15. This made me laugh. How fanyus recognize each other without any words needed.
  16. Sorry, I don't have answers to all of your questions but regarding the GP series I know this. The spots are assigned based on Worlds results so that top 1-12 are guaranteed two spots. Top three can express their hope and wishes where to compete, but if all three wants to have the same competition, compromises are made. Usually the 1-3 and 4-6 are kept on separate competitions. The rest of the spots are given according to world standings and season best scores. ISU has not yet updated the world standings for the next season, but Yuzu will be quite low in the standings due to not competing much during the last two seasons. But if he chooses to compete, there should be no problem for him to get two competitions. Overall, many things are still open regarding the next season. We know that Chen and Zhou are likely to skip at least GP season and concentrating on their studies. There is huge uncertainty if the Russian skaters are able to compete at all and how the possible Russian ban will affect on other skaters (mainly on Kvitelashvili who has been training with Eteri). Also who will host Russia's GP competition? And was there some rumor how China would loose their GP due to COVID restrictions or was I just dreaming? And the biggest question mark is Yuzuru himself. There are too many missing pieces right now and thinking about it just makes my head hurt.
  17. Internet Museum is providing us this virtual mini tour [NEWS]
  18. Hey and welcome to the Planet! Yes, DIY Pooh looks very endearing. As for your question, I really like the second (white) POTO costume just because my mind associates the red one with COC accident. Although if we count in Masquerade costume (because it has some mask choreo and the beginning of the music), it is harder to choose. Maybe someone else can offer their opinion and provide the next question.
  19. This interview excerpt from year 2013 made me feel many conflicting feelings and think about various things that I don't have enough vocabulary to describe. Maybe the biggest feeling is gratefulness to have been able to witness his journey to this point.
  20. Yuzu Pooh-san has had its moments and has done amazing job, but I still miss old man Pooh-san. I have two questions. Relating to two Poohs: 2018 Olympics cake tissue box cover or 2022 DIY version? The second has FaOI thame: Toshi or pianist Shinya Kiyozuka?
  21. There are no repeated photos because all three photobooks are from different photographers, but all are covering the same competitions and programs. Do you feel you have had enough photos for that season? Then maybe try some other season. Lately I have been making more space for my Yuzu books and realized how I have been concentrating on certain seasons and/or competitions without even noticing it. When I purchase Yuzu merchandise, I do it because it means something to me. Either I love the programs or costumes of that season or there is a special competition from which I want to have professional photos as a way of cherishing the memory. Maybe you could think what are those kind of programs/costumes/competitions for yourself. Once you make some sort of ranking, you can decide, what to buy. One thing I can say for sure is that whatever you decide to purchase, you won't be disappointed. You only find beautiful photos in every book.
  22. Let me know when you publish the whole book. I want to buy a copy.
  23. Sakura mystery has been solved Exhibition online store is now open and taking orders from 4/20. New Ice Jewels cover [NEWS]
  24. Evolution of Yuzu's cherry tree. Hopefully this is some kind of sign that better times are ahead 🙏
  25. Some information about exhibition goods and their shipping schedule This proxy thread has been posted before but I post it again for those who are considering buying Also Nishikawa has a new campaing. The pillowcase must be something extraordinary with that price. [NEWS]
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