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  1. This is what I remember about 2016 injury. It really started to bother him after JN 2015. He went to see doctors in Japan but they only offered him painkillers. He skated some shows in January with painkillers and after that just waited the pain to go away. It didn´t and eventually he had to get back to Toronto to prepare for the Worlds. In Toronto he went to a doctor who gave him the right diagnose and began the treatment. Of course the Worlds was too close for treatment to really help, but after the Worlds Yuzu returned to Toronto very quickly to continue the treatment.
  2. There are links to WTT ISU Youtube streams. Are they really going forward with the competition? This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  3. I remember watching PW for the first time and I didn´t like it. For me it was the music because I didn´t like blues and jazz in general. Yuzu made me forget the music and for me it was a sign of how good he already was. But it took me awhile before I could really appreciate the program. And I think it took awhile for Yuzu too to really absorb the program and make it his own. For me the turning point was somewhere between GP France and GPF 2013 when I really fell for the program. Now it is one of my favorites and my music taste is broader because of him.
  4. [NEWS] SOI broadcasting information If I am understanding this right, there will be live (?) broadcast on Friday and Saturday and they will broadcast Sunday too with some special content on 5/30. Hopefully someone with better Japanese will correct me and explain more...
  5. Yuzu's message in three parts. [NEWS]
  6. Happy H&L day and April Fools' day. I wish this could be a real news...
  7. Do anyone know if they are holding WTT at the same arena as NHK Trophy 2017? I just like to be mentally prepared if so...
  8. If I remember right, Asian Open will be the test event for Olympics. I don´t remember when it is, somewhere in October I guess. I think it is the one competition in the next season which will tell us whether he thinks the Olympics as a possibility or not. My English is very bad and I don´t know if I can convey my thoughts properly, but I try. Since Saitama I have had this worry when I think about Yuzu. After last week I no longer have it and I feel so light. Of course I still worry but they are normal stuff (health, ankles etc). I feel that he is now in the right place regarding th
  9. video from the gaala rehersal (?) [NEWS] This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  10. Now both videos are geoblocked for me too. Did you manage to get the interview too? If not, I have it.
  11. No commentary but no kiss&cry Plus the interview from the same channel [NEWS]
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