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  1. Just look at these Here are the close ups of these two cuties [NEWS]
  2. Fuji has uploaded runthrough videos (without sound) and interviews of all Japanese skaters on their youtube channel. There seems to be no geoblock at least for me. https://www.youtube.com/c/フジテレビSPORTS
  3. Quoting myself here to add this translation. Go to Instagram to watch the video Kenzo posted. I have never seen something like that. Here is the link although the tweet has it also https://www.instagram.com/p/CY1PZovPBzK/?utm_medium=copy_link [NEWS]
  4. I think I have written here before about Finnish ski jumpers and the sport in here. Today 44-years old Janne Ahonen won bronze at the national championships. He did it without any training. About two weeks ago he jumped two test jumps to see if he still dared to jump from the large hill and that was his only preparation. He got his skies and costume from his 20-years old son who also participated on competition finishing 15th. I haven't really followed ski jumping in recent years and the general interest in it has been declining. But now this is our number one sport news. Typical article concentrates on Ahonen and his comments and the actual winner is mentioned in one paragraph as an afterthought. It highlights how important it is for a sport discipline to have at least one charismatic star who can draw general public into the sport and how easy it is to lose public interest without one. Without Ahonen I wouldn't have known anything about today's competition and I can't name any of the ski jumpers we will have soon in Olympics. Somehow all this has made me think of figure skating and Yuzuru's role in it. For a long time I haven't taken him granted, but now on I'm going to enjoy every moment with him even more, no matter how bittersweet it may be.
  5. There is a very good mini-documentary of Valtter Virtanen in Finnish. Unfortunately there is no eng sub, but Swedish sub is available, if it helps anyone. They show his cute little daughter several times. In the documentary Virtanen speaks about how it is to be a male skater in Finland. He speaks well and brings up many good points so I truly regret that there is no English subtitles. He speaks about how the sport has evolved so fast during the last decade. When he was learning jumps 20 years ago, three rotations were enough to be successful in the competition and he stopped there instead of going for four rotations. Now he kind of regrets that, but at the same time he couldn't have known then what he knows now and besides he wonders, if he had trained quads earlier, would his body been able to handle the training and would he still be skating now. He mentions briefly Yuzu and his quest for 4A and calls the whole idea absurd (in positive way). He is very direct and honest about his life choices. His best years as a skater collided with his studies and at the time he prioritized his studies. When he looks back now, he would still make the same choices. He is now working couple of weeks per month as a doctor in Mikkeli, which is hour and half drive away where he is currently living and then he is training in two different ice rinks where it also takes half an hour-hour by car (that's why so much time spend in the car in documentary). Addition to this, he also works as a doctor for fairly famous and successful ice hockey team. He remembers how he was mocked by the junior hockey players as a child and sometimes even now, but how the team respects him not only as a doctor but also as a fellow athlete and he is happy about that. He enjoys being part of the team after so many lonely years as a single skater Also he says that his wife is his main coach at this moment. He goes to Oberstdorf time to time to train with other skaters, but lesser now when he has a little girl and he hates to be away from her. He acknowledges how bad situation is for men single skaters in Finland and says that it would take many actions and much time to change it so he is not optimistic about it. Often the lack of funding and life realities ends male skater's career early on. He himself is able to fund his skating (he calls it hobby) by his own work of which he is proud as he is now responsible only to himself. https://areena.yle.fi/1-50628447 (you should be able to watch without vpn)
  6. New Ajinomoto ad. If you go to the Ajinomoto's YouTube channel there is 4 short videos with different punch lines. Kohei Uchimura speaks about Yuzuru and Shohei Ohtani. [NEWS]
  7. There is link to Yle https://areena.yle.fi/1-61229223 You will need vpn and there is commentary on and off.
  8. Does anyone know what kind of medal ceremony Beijing will have? I have been thinking about the team event and the men's competition schedule. Previously medal ceremonies have been on the same night with the competition and at least in 2018 it was held in different place than the actual competition. The team event will end on 7th and the men's short program is going to be on the following day with early morning practices. Is it mandatory for all team to participate on the medal ceremony or can some skaters (men) choose whether or not to participate? I just think that whoever man ends up on the podium in the team competition, will have a disadvantage for the individual competition just because of this schedule. I checked the schedule and the last team event ends by 12.30 pm, so if they could held it earlier, it could help somewhat. Sorry to bring my own worry to you all, maybe I am worrying too much. I just think that Japan has a real chance for the medal and the schedule could also affect on who the other countries (mainly US) choose for their teams.
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