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  1. lajoitko

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Thank you! It is very good document about the fans. I downloaded it but I don´t want to put it on Youtube or any other video sites. Mostly the fans speak English but there is two girls speaking Swedish. First girl (finnish figure skater) says how Yuzuru´s skating is entirely captivating and second girl admires his jumps. My Swedish is very very poor so hopefully someone can correct this. There is also the famous press conference lady (she is also a ex-figure skater) explaining the special arrangements for Yuzuru´s safety in the icerink and hotel. I haven´t seen this interview anywhere. It is done after the free skate. Sorry for the low quality, I recorded it on my phone. Also, Yuzuru is saying how he tries to be healthy, so be prepared.
  2. lajoitko

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I want to share very personal story. It is kind of sad and if you have lost someone very recently, you probably don´t want to read further. This is also very long, so feel free to skip this.
  3. lajoitko

    The post Hanyu era

    I have thought a lot what will happen when Yuzuru is no longer skating competitively. I was a skating fan before I found Yuzuru. I wasn´t exactly a casual viewer, I had opinions and favorite skaters, but I wasn´t so into it as I am now because of Yuzuru. A lot will change, for example I won´t be waking up in the middle of the night just to watch figure skating competition, and I won´t order expensive magazines only for the pretty pictures. I do those things only for Yuzuru. But I will still have other skaters to follow. I won´t know every little detail of their programs and I won´t be having a nervous breakdown during their performances, but it will still be a fun experience, just different. Maybe for a time it will be too painful to watch men´s competition. If that happens I will focus more on other disciplines. And I see myself going to the big figure skating competitions if the opportunity comes, because I love watching figure skating live. The bigger issue for me are the changes that ISU is considering after the next olympics. If they come true, I don´t know what will happen to my interest. But now there is still time to enjoy the sport and then we will see what happens. But whatever happens I will always be a Yuzuru fan. It will be intresting to see what role he will be taking after competitive skating. I have this feeling that he has already great plans for the future and we just have to wait patiently for him to reveal them.
  4. At Finlandia Trophy the friday-sunday practices will be open for the all-event-ticket holders. I think it has been the same policy for other years too, but I am not sure. Also the organizers have experience from WC 2017 and know how popular open practices are. So based on this I would expect the practices be open at least some of the days, but this is pure speculation. July is the favorite summerholiday month in FInland, so it can be little challenging to start event-planning at this time. I would give the organizers a little more time to plan everything. I trust that they will make announcement when all things are clear and probably open an event website - at least that is how these things are normally done in Finland.
  5. lajoitko


    Hello! I have been a long time lurker in GS fan feast. I´m not sure if I want to de-lurk here (I´m not a very social person, sorry), but I thought it would be polite to introduce myself and thank all the beautiful persons who have created this amazing place. I have been a casual viewer of figure skating very long time. Then one friday afternoon in november 2011 I was watching the GP-series and I saw this young boy. It was like a lightning had struck and my whole life changed. At that time it was hard to find info about Yuzuru in english but sometime during the season 2012-2013 I found GS and fan feast. Since then it has been like my second home. I never wrote anything, but I did read all 4700 + pages. And now I have immigrated here - thanks Fay for guiding me - and this place is simply amazing. I am so happy to be a part of this planet. Sorry for the long post, but I want to add one more thing. WC in Helsinki was my first live competition. At free program my seat was in the section where Yuzuru jumped his 4S+3T. When he approached the jump I said: "You can do it, you can do it." It was the most beautiful jump I have ever seen. That moment is something I will always remember. And before I forget, I want to thank every fan who has shared videos and photos during these years. When I saw Yuzuru in practices and especially during competition, my hands were shaking so bad, it was impossible to take good photos or videos. I don´t understand how you do it and I am forever grateful.