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  1. The following is only my opinion and I don´t want to criticize any posters in this thread, but as a person who is doing academic research and using different sources (unofficial and official) and valuating their trustworthy, I want to point out something. The sources that I myself trust with Yuzu news is himself, his coaches, and JSF. To me these three are the official sources. So far we as a fan group have the unofficial information that he is back in Japan. This unofficial information is very probably true and if he is in Japan, he is probably in Sendai, because it is just logical and basically the only option for him. But this information is not confirmed by any official source. Brian has spoken about his international skaters generally and we can assume that Yuzu is part of this group. But he has not said anything direct about Yuzu, his whereabouts or his training. There is no official statement by JSF and we all know about Yuzu and his tale of white walls. I have the impression that he doesn´t want to reveal his location and he probably has very good reasons for that. And I think that as a fan group we should respect this wish, as hard as it is to not guessing his whereabouts and training facilities. This is just my own opinion and I sincerely wish that we are able to see him again soon and hear from himself how his training is going, wherever he may be.
  2. COC 2014 was a turning point for me. I couldn´t watch Yuzu´s skate. The stream was playing and I heard the music and audience but I just couldn´t watch. After that I made a promise to myself that if Yuzu is brave enough to skate, I will be brave enough to watch. That promise has helped me to get through some bad skates and competitions because I know that my suffering is nothing compered to his own. I think that COC showed us what kind of athlete and person Yuzu is. When COR 18 injury happened I think that we all were positive that he would skate no matter what. And when NHK 17 happened we knew that the injury was really bad, otherwise he would have skated.
  3. These are some fan videos that I have been watching lately Warning!!! This one has the COR fall at 0.33 This has the aftermath of the COR fall, but not the actual fall at 3.03 and all three Nessie attempts at 3.48
  4. I don´t know if this belongs to this thread, but my other hobby is horse racing and while reading news about it I found this article. https://www.maaseuduntulevaisuus.fi/ravinetti/uutiset/artikkeli-1.1143401 Article is in Finnish but google translate does ok job. It says that for now the Swedish sport events are not allowed to take public. They are hopeful that the ban will be lifted at some time in the near future. I didn´t know this and knowing that the selling of the WC tickets should start in late August, this makes me feel a bit uneasy. Selling tickets under these circumstances is a gamble and buying those tickets is even more so.
  5. Update! The Finnish government has just announced that all the restrictions for public gatherings will be lifted in the beginning of October (providing that the situation stays calm). I take this as a big green light for Finlandia Trophy.
  6. The translation is very poor on this spot. She is saying that the technical development is a positive thing and shouldn´t be restricted too much. Yuzuru is just an example of this technical development along side with the ladies quads. Otherwise the translation is pretty good. In other news the situation in Finland is progressing really good and I am more optimistic about Finlandia Trophy. We are opening our borders to other Nordic countries excluding Sweden without guarantine times and if the situation in Europe keeps getting better, we could open our borders even more. The outside sport events are opening more and more for the audience, but the problem with figure skating is that it happens in indoors. The good thing is that the ice hockey season should start well before the event and if they can come up with some solutions how to organize the event safely, then figure skating can copy those. Ice hockey is the number one sport in Finland and I think that the economic pressure to bring the sport (and the audience) back is quite strong.
  7. This book is once again available for pre-order on Amazon.
  8. Mine has been H&L since autumn 2016 and I don't see any reason to change it. Hearing it makes me so happy.
  9. I read this as "we would love to hold the event if it is possible". Situation is quite calm right now and things are starting to open in the beginning of June (restaurants with limitations, sports leagues, gatherings of max 50 people). But the atmosphere is quiet and everybody is like "let´s wait and see". Events of 500 people and over are forbidden until the end of July and it can continue still. Some say that the second wave is coming sometime in autumn, some say it won´t come, but we just have to wait and see.
  10. I was watching WC 2017 pairs SP and remembered Yu/Zhang. Are there any recent news about them? I can´t even remember what happened to them? Were they both injured?
  11. Wasn´t there earlier this year an interview with Laternik where he said that they don´t expect the proposition to pass but want to use it as an opener to wider discussion or something like that? Or did I dream about it?
  12. Yuzu tells here little about his diet, about 53 minutes onward. He likes chips and soft drinks and goes to McDonald's.
  13. Last time he competed in Finland the member of the competition organization told about the special security mesures that they provided for Yuzu. Basically they planned his every step from the hotel to the ice rink and back. And back in 2017 WC I remember seeing videos from his arrival and there were bodyguards around him who looked very Finnish. So I guess it depends also on the competition organization and their responsibility to provide adequate security for all the skaters. That being said I don´t think it would have been that hard for the JSF to contact the organization and ask about the airport security. And maybe they did, we can´t know for sure. Hopefully today´s chaos won´t happen ever again. By the way, I remember seeing Yuzu also with other Marimekko backpack some years (?) ago. Looks like he likes the brand and as a Finn I couldn´t be happier.
  14. Very irrelevant, but at Finnish nationals one of the junior ladies had a pooh tissuecover. It looked like a handmade which made it even cuter.
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