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  1. Yuzu tells here little about his diet, about 53 minutes onward. He likes chips and soft drinks and goes to McDonald's.
  2. Last time he competed in Finland the member of the competition organization told about the special security mesures that they provided for Yuzu. Basically they planned his every step from the hotel to the ice rink and back. And back in 2017 WC I remember seeing videos from his arrival and there were bodyguards around him who looked very Finnish. So I guess it depends also on the competition organization and their responsibility to provide adequate security for all the skaters. That being said I don´t think it would have been that hard for the JSF to contact the organization and ask about the airport security. And maybe they did, we can´t know for sure. Hopefully today´s chaos won´t happen ever again. By the way, I remember seeing Yuzu also with other Marimekko backpack some years (?) ago. Looks like he likes the brand and as a Finn I couldn´t be happier.
  3. Very irrelevant, but at Finnish nationals one of the junior ladies had a pooh tissuecover. It looked like a handmade which made it even cuter.
  4. It was Alexei Yagudin´s free program when he won the Olympics and WC in 2002. There are surely others too, but when I hear the music I remember his program.
  5. About NDP I remember very vaguely this story how Wilson just gave the choreography to Yuzu and when Yuzu asked what the theme of the program was, they gave him a French movie with English subtitles, so Yuzu had basically no idea what he was skating to. Then when he returned to Japan, he found Japanese subtitles and began to understand the program better. Don´t ask for any sources because I don´t have them. I just have this tendency to remember these weird things about Yuzu and my memory could be wrong. I just remember thinking like “oh, poor baby” when hearing/reading this story many years ago.
  6. I just read Valtteri´s recent interview. He hasn´t specialized yet but is doing kind of freelance job in the public health care (sorry, I don´t know the right terms for this). He is actually living in my hometown so I kind of wonder if I ever get a chance to be his patient although I don´t want to be sick. He is working in order to pay his skating and after Finlandia Trophy he wants to go to Germany to train with Michael Huth for two months. He has studied and trained in Germany so the country is familiar to him plus it is his wife´s home country. I got the impression that he is very analytical and knows what he wants to achieve in skating. He has tried to do just skating but discovered that that was too hard for him. The dual roles as a doctor and a skater suit him better. Right now Valtteri is working to stabilize the 3A and 4T, and after seeing how Roman Galay is progressing, I would say that he needs them if he wants to compete for the Finnish spot for the EC and WC.
  7. The latest NHK Trophy video message and Yuzu´s reference to the 2015 NHK Trophy made me checking some things. 2015 NHK Trophy was held in the rink that was built for the Olympics in Nagano (remember how after the perfect Seimei Yuzu pointed at the Olympic rings). This happened two and half years before the 2018 Olympics. This year’s NHK Trophy is held in the rink that was built for the 1972 Olympics in Sapporo and the competition is held two and half years before the next Olympics. Of course, this doesn´t mean anything but it is interesting that these kinds of random coincidences seem to happen around Yuzu quite often.
  8. They talk about the Finnish skating federation´s profit. And when you consider how they organized the event at short notice, you could say that the GP Helsinki was a true jackpot for the federation. They don´t know yet how to use the money but personally I would put it to the junior work and some other developement projects which would benefit the Finnish figure skating in the long-term. But this is just my personal opinion.
  9. I remember that before GPF 2013 I kept thinking that the Olympics would be a great learning experience for Yuzu. Of course I dreamed about him winning but at that time I felt that his time would be at the next Olympics. GPF 2013 really changed that. Over one night my dream became a real possibility. When I look back, I really think that Yuzu winnning the GPF had a big impact on what happened at the Olympics couple months later. Also it was the last Yuzu competition that I could watch without having a nervous breakdown. Sometimes I miss that carefree feeling... Also the Japanese men field was really deep at that time. Oda was third at the GPF and didn´t make to the Olympic team.
  10. I feel that I should post this here since I recently wrote about him in this thread. The Finnish ski jumping legend Matti Nykänen has passed away. He was way too young (55 years old) to go and is greatly missed. In recent years his life seemed to calm down and he had much to look forward, so it is really sad to see it end so soon.
  11. Yuzu spoke about his childhood dreams in one of the early P&G interviews. Translation can be found here https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/126496961412/yuzu-days-interview-on-pg-website-hanyu-talks I remember one story that at first he wanted to win one gold medal but then he thought that it would be too easy. If he wanted to be remembered as a legend, he would have to win the gold twice. And it was a very young Yuzu thinking about this. I can´t find the source, I just have this memory. Maybe someone remembers it better. On the other hand, it is easy to dream about things that are way beyond the reach at the time. What counts is making them a reality when you have a chance to do it.
  12. Oh, Finland and our ski jumpers! It has been kind of our national duty to follow ski jumping and it has turned very sad story lately. I was too little to follow Matti Nykänen´s career, I only know him as he is now, which is really sad. You can check his English wikipedia page for updates. Just read "personal life"-section and you get the picture. My own memories begin with Toni Nieminen. He won olympic gold at the age of sixteen. He became a national hero, there were parties, sponsors, media and screaming fan girls. It was too much too soon for him, and his time at the top was kind of short. Later he has been very open about his mental health issues, financial troubles and later divorce. Right now he seems to be doing much better in his life. Matti Hautamäki was very private person during his career and later he became the train driver (I don´t know the proper term, but he drives the trains at the Finnish railways). My personal favorite is Janne Ahonen. I just read a very good article about him where he sums up his later career. He has been doing ski jumping just for fun for many years now as his son is also a ski jumper. This summer his son was leaving for national summer competition and asked him to come along. Janne jumped also and won the competition. He was offered the spot for the national team but he turned it down. Maybe this story tells how talented he is as a ski jumper or maybe it tells about the sad state of the sport in Finland at this moment, I don´t know. He has always liked to make the jump suits and he has developed successful little business around it. When Ahonen was on the top form I followed ski jumping very closely, but now my interest has moved to other sport (obviously). After the doping scandal in cross-country skiing in 2001, the Finnish ski federation lost some major sponsor deals and the financial trouble did affect on also ski jumping. Cross-country skiing was able to rise again but ski jumping has been doing poorly ever since and nobody seems to know why.
  13. Thank you! It is very good document about the fans. I downloaded it but I don´t want to put it on Youtube or any other video sites. Mostly the fans speak English but there is two girls speaking Swedish. First girl (finnish figure skater) says how Yuzuru´s skating is entirely captivating and second girl admires his jumps. My Swedish is very very poor so hopefully someone can correct this. There is also the famous press conference lady (she is also a ex-figure skater) explaining the special arrangements for Yuzuru´s safety in the icerink and hotel. I haven´t seen this interview anywhere. It is done after the free skate. Sorry for the low quality, I recorded it on my phone. Also, Yuzuru is saying how he tries to be healthy, so be prepared.
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