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I have been flooding the forum so much lol but also a huge hug and thanks to all of you that it made the whole thing more bearable. People encouraging each other that this is just the start of an exciting path for Yuzu has made tonight so bearable and you got me excited now too. I’ll allow myself some moments to cry still but my excitement and happiness for Yuzu trumps the sadness that I’ve been feeling. Happy independence day to Yuzu! And Thank you everyone see you all later! 💕

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5 hours ago, Perelandra said:

Daily Spread Eagle


Announcement from Prime Minister Pooh


The Planet Hanyu Court Physician has issued the following decree exempting all who have suffered emotional trauma due to the Ice Emperor's recent announcement


To whom it may concern:

(Insert Name) had a serious Yuzu crisis last night and cannot be expected to function today.

I, Perelandra, Court Physician to the Ice Emperor and inhabitants of Palace Hanyu, believe that Muffinator should be excused from all duties today.


Doctor Perelandra, winner of the Pooh Perseverance Award



Honey cakes


Beverage of choice

Snuggling Kittens or other small, furry creatures

Sympathy broadcasts from planetary satellites 

( ranting in the salt mines )

Gazing at pictures of Pooh san

Ensure adequate supplies of tissues


Take in large quantities, whenever tear duct activation ensues. Repeat as necessary

Alternative therapies include salt spreading. Prime Minister Pooh will be releasing salt from the stockpiles in case of emergency

Avoid  'Paporika' and excess reading of a Terrestrial social platform known as Twitter

Aaah, thank you for taking over the Daily Spread Eagle, our Planet's Favorite Newspaper!

1 hour ago, wildstrawberry said:


the word has been banned for many years among us tho.....

IIRC, the first version of Planet Hanyu was the wild west and we put a filter on "retirement" hahahaha

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38 minutes ago, Sombreuil said:

No - it’s good to hear him voicing what he’s probably been thinking for years.  No longer any need to pussyfoot around those incompetent politicians 


And I hope he will voice more of his opinions in the future! He started to hint at things even during some of his last comp.interviews, but now, no need to hold back.

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Normally I am a silent reader but now I try to put my emotions into words. After seeing Yuzu in Beijing at the gala performance and seeing him touch my heart, I watched everything I could find of his on youtube, taking a journey through his incredible career over the past five months. It was a very intense time. But in the process, I've also realized that he hasn't been fairly valued in recent years. On the one hand, I'm sad because now I don't have the opportunity to experience a competitive season with him, but on the other hand, I'm much happier for him that now he doesn't have to feel this constant pressure, which would break him in the long run. My heart breaks when I read that he couldn't eat after Beijing. I just hope now that we will have a lot of opportunity to see Yuzu on the ice. And I am so glad to have found a community here that shares my feelings. Thank you very much!
On to a new era with a happy and liberated Yuzu :heart:


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29 minutes ago, TokyoDream said:

Mary_kyo is right. The sadness I briefly felt reading the R news is infinitely smaller than seeing him cry, facing the wall during the last Olympics. Because that was an absolute heartbreaker. 




If Yuzu ever has to need to cry again, let it be for something truly worth shedding tears over - like fans travelling from all over the world to see Yuzu starring in his own show, or cutting the ribbon to 'Yutopia' Skating World or something else incredibly meaningful, a PhD from Waseda, meeting the love of his life and my personal favourite - hypoallergenic cats

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24 minutes ago, Kizuna said:

So Yuzu is continuing to compete, just refusing to compete under ISU's banner anymore. No wonder they haven't posted a word on his going professional.

They are probably all incapacitated with fear of what a future without Yuzu paying their bills, salaries, rent looks like. 4.5Million CHF debt!!! The accountants have most likely fallen unconscious, gone bald, turned to hard alcohol or just run away ( after all their delegation to Ice Palace Sendai failed - or maybe Nessie ate them after all )

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