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  1. Yes As you said, the exhibition I watched was the one Tomoni Mae e . Rethinking about the 3.11 was its concept. But they hadn't mentioned about donation yet. That was presented by the TV station named Nihon TV. Others were held by different firms like publishings or newspaper publishings. As to the Hikari , it's not officially said, but I think it linked to 3.11 . But it's just my thought☺️
  2. Keisuke Kuwaka is one of my favorite singers. This song's lyrics is so good☺️ It's a supporting song for athletes, and at the same time for all of us I think. It saids like , Go for the future! Live and do everything in your power. Lonely hero, don't shoulder a burden alone! Fight with your respectable players! Kuwata is the vacal of the group of Southern all stars. I like there songs 🤗 Yuzuru hummed the tune at the final yesterday😊
  3. I watched SOI taday😄 I heard someone who must be the one who saw Yuzurus's skate for the first time said like "his aura was different from others." I said "yes!!!!"in my mind. Day by day he got new fans ☺️
  4. It's just talking maself. This week's work have finished now, I'm drinking coffee at the cafe on the way my home which is located in Shinyokohama station. It's near Yokohama arena SOI is held. I can feel happy that I can feel Yuzu close.Todays show was over and I wish him having comfortable time right time. I'm one of big fan of him with good manered🤣so I'm just thinking about it and healing tired myself . All of you guys, have a good weekend😊
  5. Yukok


    Thank you !
  6. Yukok


    I've just watched SOI in Yokohama Japan. Yuzuru performed the let's go crazy!!! So excited 😆😆😆😆😆
  7. Yuzuru came back to Japan safely. Happy news☺️
  8. I love him after all. No matter how he is. I have been impressed and cheered up right up to now by him . We are all concerned for his health and safety.
  9. Nihongo no benkyo Ganbatte! World competition is coming soon. Let's cheer him up together!
  10. Today I went to the exhibit about East Japan disaster which is held from yesterday. I couldn't see it without tear because it reminds me of that time and I reimagined how victims went though the hard experience watching the pictures. However at the last of the exhibit there are Yuzu 's costume and skating picture which he did wishing for the recovery. Seeing them, I was healed. Actually,not only me but so many people I guess.
  11. It's heartwarming post. I want your father watch Yuzuru skating !
  12. Sure. To my surprise,I think this was the poll fixing your eyes on the coming summer Olympics. Even so, we think of him as soon as being asked favorite athlete🤗
  13. I'm so sorry about your family. You have our deepest sympathy. And l appreciate your kindness despite of your hard experience. I was supposed to go to Montreal to watch the world competition last year.We still don't know the next one. As you said we need to care each other and make the world peace. I wish everyone stay healthy😌
  14. I would like to learn chinese because I want to know what chinese fan say about Yuzuru😉
  15. Thank you everyone 😊 I have to say one more thing. You can buy some goods there a nd they are thoughtful and great. For example, there are solar lights, whitsles, folding fans , handy radios with usb tub. You know those are useful in case you are in emergency . We can imagine how Yuzuru prepare for this exhibit. All the more for there are hair accessories,hand mirrors imitated by his skating costume like requiem ,notre stellata and sadness. When you need to e vacuate and if it last long time, possibly you would be tired and wouldn't care about your fassion. I guess these items gonna cheer you up. So, Yuzu are gentle as all we know. The national is coming soon, we pray for him😊
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