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  1. I'm glad to know there is such a nice video because it shows the wonderful ness of his name to non Japanese speakers. I'm Japanese .Every time I see his name , I think his name is beautiful and stands for his life. I totally agree what he said "I was born to skate"
  2. The sentence is .... Many fireworks are cancelled because of Corona. However this is held by private sponcer. It's too wonderful to be held by individual. Thank you for the sponsor and Japanese Tohoku wireworks association. This firework is performed with the music SEIMEI Yuzuru Hanyu used at the Olinpics. The nalation at the beginning is ... The duram beats to the sky , the Japanese flute which respond them let all souls calm down . Then new world gonna be opened when it stomps the ground. It's as if wind blew through the darkness. My English isn't so good,so this is so rough but I hope it's helpful😄
  3. Second sentence( ◜‿◝ )♡ My English isn't so good, but I hope it will be helpful. In this competition, I could watch the leading skater and I think it's wonderful experience to me as one skater. I would like to keep going remembering what I learned from him.
  4. Actually it's about his day off. I watched his interview. The right cercle is the graf how he spends his day off. He takes sleep till noon like 12 o'clock. 1pm - 6pm study for University and research for skating. 6pm-7pm take a nap 7pm-9pm dinner 9pm-11pm training. 11pm take a bath ,eat something and go to bed. In the interview, he said that he's studying like sycology and others for his University , and he thinks they are useful for skating. When interviewer asked him what makes you relaxed, he answered it's games(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ Even in the day off, he's still trying to do his best , I think.
  5. I have one Friend ticket available. I'm already in venue. If someone is intrested in ,please let me know. I can sell it in front of the venue.
  6. I have 2 thursday tickets. One is what I got for me. Another one is from someone. But I couldn't join on Thursday. I will watch ACI on Friday and Saturday but I'm still in Japan and I'm gonna leave for Canada tomorrow. I have no time and means to sell those tickets So I decided to give them for free to anyone can watch on Thursday. Because I don't want to vein them. Please DM I can send you QR code. My English is poor , so if my comment is not easy to understand, so sorry. Thank you.
  7. I checked the schedule and I have a question. What is the gray colored? Are those practice time ?
  8. I'm looking for one saturday ticket. If anyone has available, please let me know. .
  9. Hi 

    I guess everyone wants the ticket.

    If possible,I want one Saturday ticket.

    I will stay in Oakville to watch Friday competition and I have no plan for Saturday.


    Thsnk you do much for your kindness.

    1. 07Nina


      Hello, I don't have Saturday ticket :( 

    2. Yukok


      Sorry !

      I made mistake !


      Anyway,thank you for reply!

  10. I found the news that I want to share. Yuzu is in the rice field. Some area in Japan,they create wonderful art with rice plants. The more they grow, the more you can see Yuzu clearly, I think. By yahoo news, Sendai broadcast https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190702-00010003-oxv-l04
  11. I'm just wondering how to sell and buy tickets from someone because those are e mail right? I'm just want to know though...
  12. Hello I'm looking for someone who kindly sell one Sutaurday ticket for me. I'm planning to Canada to watch Autam Classic from Japan becouse in Japan, getting ticket is lottery, so I never have a chance to get it. So this time I tried to buy tickets from skate Canada and I luckily got a Friday ticket. It's lucky for me but I still hope I could get a Sutaurday ticket too. I know the ticket is very precious ,but If anyone have extra, could you let me know ?
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