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  1. I'm so sorry about your family. You have our deepest sympathy. And l appreciate your kindness despite of your hard experience. I was supposed to go to Montreal to watch the world competition last year.We still don't know the next one. As you said we need to care each other and make the world peace. I wish everyone stay healthy😌
  2. I would like to learn chinese because I want to know what chinese fan say about Yuzuru😉
  3. I love to see him smiling all the time, but this time it seems like he smiles brighter. I'm happy to see it 😊
  4. Thank you everyone 😊 I have to say one more thing. You can buy some goods there a nd they are thoughtful and great. For example, there are solar lights, whitsles, folding fans , handy radios with usb tub. You know those are useful in case you are in emergency . We can imagine how Yuzuru prepare for this exhibit. All the more for there are hair accessories,hand mirrors imitated by his skating costume like requiem ,notre stellata and sadness. When you need to e vacuate and if it last long time, possibly you would be tired and wouldn't care about your fassion. I gu
  5. Today l went to the Hanyu Yuzuru exhibition. It's not just about skating but about the earthquake in Japan in 2011. I think he gave us the chance to reconsider it. It consists of pictures of the disaster and some costumus he wore after it. The pictures are from when it's happened to now. Some places are getting as usuall, but some are still under hard situation. He visited the place and meet people who experienced it. After he got the gold medal in Olympic and visited the people it makes them so happy. I'm a Japanese and this exhibition reminds m
  6. ✨羽生結弦選手 お誕生日おめでとうございます✨🤗 感動的なスケート⛸と素敵な生き方、 私達のヒーロー✨ 幸せでありますように🥰 Happy birthday Yuzuru🤗 Wonderful skating and humanity, you're our hero✨ Always be happy🥰
  7. I'm glad to know there is such a nice video because it shows the wonderful ness of his name to non Japanese speakers. I'm Japanese .Every time I see his name , I think his name is beautiful and stands for his life. I totally agree what he said "I was born to skate"
  8. The sentence is .... Many fireworks are cancelled because of Corona. However this is held by private sponcer. It's too wonderful to be held by individual. Thank you for the sponsor and Japanese Tohoku wireworks association. This firework is performed with the music SEIMEI Yuzuru Hanyu used at the Olinpics. The nalation at the beginning is ... The duram beats to the sky , the Japanese flute which respond them let all souls calm down . Then new world gonna be opened when it stomps the ground. It's as if wind blew through the darkness.
  9. Hi 

    I guess everyone wants the ticket.

    If possible,I want one Saturday ticket.

    I will stay in Oakville to watch Friday competition and I have no plan for Saturday.


    Thsnk you do much for your kindness.

    1. 07Nina


      Hello, I don't have Saturday ticket :( 

    2. Yukok


      Sorry !

      I made mistake !


      Anyway,thank you for reply!

  10. I found the news that I want to share. Yuzu is in the rice field. Some area in Japan,they create wonderful art with rice plants. The more they grow, the more you can see Yuzu clearly, I think. By yahoo news, Sendai broadcast https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190702-00010003-oxv-l04
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