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Guest Mary_kyo
2 minutes ago, Muffinator said:

@Mary_kyo Are you still willing to work on the letter campaign? Henni and Perelandra say yes. It is a tribute to Yuzu.


Can you give me a little time? Honestly my motivation was to pay my personal debt to Yuzu because he loves this sport. I need few days to digest, it happened so fast and unexpectedly. 

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I'm proud of him. It's a big step to take after the long long career he's had, but he seems resolute and excited about the future. I was very happy to hear (read translations...) him talk about taking care of himself the way others have always cared for him. Now he won't be held back anymore and his horizons are truly limitless, and he can do what he wants without all the emotional pressure and disappointment that affected his mental health. I'm so eager to see what he does next! Thanks, kid :devilYuzu:

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2 minutes ago, yumeaki said:

Are all the TV stations located close to each other? He's going to appear live on all these news later? 

I know people said he's a superhero that can fly but... 





does it say that all of these appearances are live? maybe only some are live and others are exclusive interviews for those particular tv stations,but they are in fact pre-recorded today after the press-conference

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To everyone here: we are doing a letter campaign to the ISU called ICE: International Correspondence Event. It calls the ISU out for abandoning artistry for ice jumping, and it proposes better judging through technology. See our thread under the main Yuzu thread called “ISU Letter Action”. We are currently writing the letter and building a website. I hope you will participate by printing and mailing our letter to the ISU. Thank you. 

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Yuzuru doesn't want to use the word,retirement, since it's a new beginning as pro athelete.
He is healthy and leaving ISU/JSU. He's sure he won't miss competitions because he has plans.

He guaranteed to make us nervous as a competition. So he won't let us just relax and enjoy. We're still on the roller coaster.

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Daily Spread Eagle


Announcement from Prime Minister Pooh


The Planet Hanyu Court Physician has issued the following decree exempting all who have suffered emotional trauma due to the Ice Emperor's recent announcement


To whom it may concern:

(Insert Name) had a serious Yuzu crisis last night and cannot be expected to function today.

I, Perelandra, Court Physician to the Ice Emperor and inhabitants of Palace Hanyu, believe that Muffinator should be excused from all duties today.


Doctor Perelandra, winner of the Pooh Perseverance Award



Honey cakes


Beverage of choice

Snuggling Kittens or other small, furry creatures

Sympathy broadcasts from planetary satellites 

( ranting in the salt mines )

Gazing at pictures of Pooh san

Ensure adequate supplies of tissues


Take in large quantities, whenever tear duct activation ensues. Repeat as necessary

Alternative therapies include salt spreading. Prime Minister Pooh will be releasing salt from the stockpiles in case of emergency

Avoid  'Paporika' and excess reading of a Terrestrial social platform known as Twitter

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Thank you wonder boy.  It’s been an incredible eight years for me.  
From the CoC crash which first drew my attention, through discovering the back catalogue so to speak of Sochi, R&J1, the wealth of old footage of competitions going back to the junior ones and the documentaries, and the regret that I hadn’t noticed him earlier.  I adored both the programmes of my first season as a fan, his Phantom was the best ever.


Then the roller coaster of the seasons- the ups (Barcelona x2) the downs (Shanghai,Boston),  the droughts, the searching for Japanese links for ice shows, the media days, the costume reveals, the search for someone live-streaming practices.  Becoming active on the internet.  Fretting about the ankle.  Staying up to watch competitions in the middle of the night, sometimes abroad, on one memorable occasion under the covers on a family trip to the west of Ireland with a terrible Wi-Fi link.   Sitting in a sports bar in Malta trying to get a link to work for ACI, surrounded by  football fans watching the Italian, Spanish and English league games on really loud screens all round the room.  The annoyance of social obligations that clashed with his competitions.


The stunning performances.  The back to back triumph of 2016 NHK and GPF.  The 2017 Worlds FP comeback that I watched on my phone in the ladies loos (not for the first or last time).   Pretty much every minute of screen time of PC from the arrival at the airport, through that first practice, the utter perfection of the SP, the triumph of the ankle holding out through the free, the fun jokey atmosphere of gala practices and the sublime Notte Stellata at the gala.  The whole of PC was a perfectly judged performance.  The 4A quest, and the heart stopping moment at the GPF practice when I realised he was going to go for it in public for the first time. 


Its been amazing.  I can’t wait to see what he does next.  :peekapooh:


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ah so he is leaving competitive skating...and going on to a different kind of competitive skating because let's be honest, he is always competing lol 

tbh it doesn't hit as much when it was first leaked by a certain news agency, im glad i don't have any stakes in the sport other than rika kihira lol. isu and jsf and all that have treated him badly enough, so it's good he won't have to deal with the three component score system. anyways, yuzuru we will continue to support you! go on to do great things and most of all REST THAT ANKLE MISTER. 

sucks that his last comp was beijing but ah well what can one do. 

and he is continuing to skate which is the good thing! 

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