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  1. Oh! Bandesu YT channel just posted a clip from their latest show with Yuzu (and it includes a little bit of BTS in the beginning!). This features mostly the POV from the TV broadcast. And here's a clip from the beginning of the show. [NEWS]
  2. I don't exactly follow chess closely, but with the drama currently brewing I can't help but keep an eye on it 🙈 https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2022/sep/20/carlsen-v-niemann-the-cheating-row-that-is-rocking-chess-explained I don't really have much to say — Magnus Carlsen's complaint does seem like a tantrum after he pulled out from the latest match after just two moves. That said, I am also of the opinion that it is hard to look at H. Niemann (challenger to Carlsen) as someone who's playing clean and fairly now, especially after known record of cheating earlier in his career.
  3. Re: new ice rink in Sendai — I hope the rink foundation could be constructed similarly to the one in Toronto Cricket Club rink (IIRC the ice rink there has a sand layer for its foundation, so that it could absorb landing shocks from jumps better. It will also make a softer impact on the skaters' joints too...). That would be such a great support for the skaters. Of course there are other things one needs to refine in FS (other than jumps), but so much the better if this can be facilitated by the new rink...
  4. To think that this is (another thing that) I have in common with Yuzu... (Aside from being born in the same year )
  5. Aaand this particular opponent also has a track record of cheating too, so whoa... way to stain your standing, kid
  6. ...and more recently, Magnus Carlsen. (because apparently his opponent from his last match cheated??)
  7. Same I am only able to access it today on the browser Opera (with VPN turned off and the option "I am aware of the risk" checked and clicked "Go to the website anyway"). Even then, it's not like there's no hiccups when I go around here now (I can't like comments as usual ). Hopefully the certificate gets renewed soon
  8. Oh I think this is what I remembered when I wrote my comment, eeep... I just wonder why... Towa's style for their ads is so frumpy... (or is this actually for matching the other star?? )
  9. Really? It's all *only* from Aoi Honoo now??
  10. Irene is the mascot of Ice Rink Sendai, with every purchase of Irene merch you help Ice Rink Sendai with your financial support
  11. @YuDai move-wise? ofc it's propaganda. Content-wise, let's just see how much they put in the event — this is just my foolish naive thought, but they are smart enough to put it lightly at times (ie. don't always go hard with the propaganda) — this might be one of those times they'd tread lightly
  12. Came across this acc on twt, and ofc it reminds me of Yuzu...
  13. They are already opening order for osechi in... September??? 🤯
  14. Yeah, that's what I meant with the pants being secret — it's under the skirt. There are many ways to make the lower half of a unisex dress, this is one of them (with pants) — other designers would approach it differently, and come up with a different look
  15. Oooh, so it's a secret pants design? I thought it was just a full-length dress (ie. the lower half is just a skirt). Yeah, I reserve my judgement until we get the whole photoshoot . I mean the two photos we already saw were already beautiful, but I want to see the whole *thing*... Also...
  16. I know what you mean , but as far as my quick reading tell, Yuima Nakazato uses a sustainable method to develop his garment, cutting-edge material (eg. Brewed Protein — a new biosynthetic material developed from studying how spiders make their silk(!!!)), and traditional dying method — so even if the aesthetic is a bit hard to grasp, material wise it is more than a fitting match for our Ice Emperor
  17. Another explanation for the haute couture collection from Yuima Nakazato here↓ ETA: I thought the arm ruffles were made by the photobook's wardrobe team or something (ie. something made apart from the hc garment itself), but it seems like it was made by the designer as well 😲😲 This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  18. I love the second version the most! I mean, the first one isn't shabby by any means, but the second version kept the framing at full-body, so we can always see the entirety of Yuzu's posture/pose at any point in his SP. That is not the case with the first version, where it will sometime switch to a half-body shot (and it's the upper half one ). It should be possible to maintain full-body framing with multiple camera POVs too, and yet...why the heck the editing team was intent on closing up just on the upper body ahskfjdkhfkfjfkfgjlf (truly my pet peeve on FS broadcast recording — at least with skycam you get to see the whole body(!) (...even from a distance(!!))) Anyway, I'll rewatch this as much as I can, truly the footage of Rondo worthy to be admired and wept on
  19. I couldn't catch up live since I was on the road, but now that I have caught up I am relieved that Yuzu was able to skate Rondo with all jumps landed (to say the least from this showing...). Seimei StSq was also a nice touch , I am sure Miura-san (the girl invited by YH for this special showing) will cherish this performance in her heart for the rest of her life 💙💙💙💙💙
  20. How mindful of Yuzu (...ooops, I mean Sekkisei, ehehe ) to be thinking of men's facial care as well, didn't think they'd cater to this demographic as well but here we are
  21. I sure hope she feeds them well , though judging from their size they should still be nursed by their mom...
  22. After we fed them, a gift shopkeeper's child seemed a bit sour (maybe because there were other people playing with her cats ), so after we finished feeding them she took both kitties and put them in a box under a table (covered with a tablecloth that touched the floor). The spotted kitty went out from under the table again though, and we fed it again with the last squeeze of the cat treat
  23. Re: Lotte sponsorship — It was nice while it lasted — I'm curious who'd pick up Yuzu as a sponsor after this (and whoever it would be, hopefully they'd make it rain in regards of his appearance in media etc. etc... )
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