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  1. Yes, because I have 16:00 PM and with the delay it must be 8/12 in Japan !? and I have read all your Yuzu birthday wishes and I have nothing to add, because my thoughts are the same as yours and, also and for the top of the page with the age differences of Yuzu: more young until the present day and also that and despite that I made freeze frames, I did not understand everything ...... but the words of Nanami are STRONG and a wonderful thought for mom Yumi who has crafted his first costume and also one with a title of Mr BTS and sending him full of
  2. Ah YES it is 7/12 in Japan and I have 7:15 PM in France and I add + 12 H and, I think? it must be 7:15 or 8:15 AM in you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUZU and such that for you and our desire to be heard by
  3. for sharing this video with us because, in fact, the fans have a certain overflowing imagination in creation , yes 1 day before D-Day for Yuzu's 27th birthday I found a collaboration of Citizen and Yuzu on a woman's watch with a music box and I remember that the said music is (I think?) White legend and the price in € is very high https://www.ebay.fr/itm/294347556046?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200818143230%26meid%3D5047%3D6aid51624%3D5047%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200818143230%26meid%3D5047%3D86a516De%3D5047a26a5a51624 26rkt% 3D5% 26sd% 3D224506410429% 26itm% 3D294347556046% 26pmt% 3D1% 26noa% 3D1% 26pg% 3D2047675% 26algv% 3DDefault OrganicWeb% 26brand% 3DCitizen & _trksid = p2047675.c101224.m-1 and I had seen it on youtube and I cannot find it Ditto, I expect the Japanese nationals
  4. OUPPPSSS and desolate : google translate mistranslated what I wrote and NEVER put "that is not close to his best works" NAN and quite the opposite and you will see with your own eyes
  5. This is a Yuzu Christmas that great approach not in his best works and the song is called "Chrismas Eve" of Tatsuro Yamashita "and a thought for his birthday, also without Mr Winnie : impossible to forget
  6. , I read that EVERYONE admired the last Citizen Yuzu watch with its beautiful shades of blue / green, but it will stay in the dream box and I found the one from 2019 : https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/187468043372 : we see them up close and would go well for Mélodie, since there are quite big numbers the autographs of young Yuzu and those of 3/11 are symbolic and he has written "rabbit" on the one on the left
  7. Surely, because his autobiography in 2 parts, published in April 2012 is called : "blue flames" and he donated his procedure to rebuild the Sendai rink and for the blue soul, it is surely his thoughts and we can have blues (not the color) in the soul when we are very bad
  8. Same, the red would be perfect with all the details you wrote and I would add the belt image 1 with the perfect belt relative to the size of Yuzu
  9. Yes what memories between HABBII and Yuzu and, above all, a wonderful friendship and the chance that Javi had to train together and here is Javi and Yuzu in exhibition 2015 in Spain and duo
  10. ALL and ALL : yesterday I flew over the SP man and at the very beginning around 2:16 a close-up on a Yuzu banner and also around 3:06 a marked in Russian and rebelotte at 3:36 on the Yuzu and Winnie banner and for the cameraman and this proves that Yuzu is in the heart of ALL his fans
  11. Yes, ANNI, still have no doubts about the multiple views of this magnificent program and I had the words of G Moore translated and, indeed, he speaks well of Paris and of certain famous places and Beaujolais wine and I learned to the radio that this wine is enjoyed in Japan (in moderation, of course) all of them for posting these tweet from Sochi and admiring these flags / in honor of Yuzu and the birthday cake and a great idea from the pastry chef who happened to do some sort of "multiple turns" and his text is very moving also and on a banner I saw and read "YH hope and legacy" and it is really what ALL his fans wish him and the "rest"? ! and there is a French saying which says : "he is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see" and also: "he is not worse deaf than the one who does not want to hear" is not it
  12. I just ordered it and do you understand French for having done the translation into English? : it's a special issue that will appear in May 2022 and how did you manage to get it, then, before?
  13. ANNI, we should expect it isn't it YES bravo Yuzu, you can be proud of yourself and I have 2 videos of which 1 has a title that fits him like a glove (like his Irene) and the 2nd will do us good, because his lyrics are sometimes funny and : but of course he's cool and especially takes care of you and I really think he feels the support from his fans around the world
  14. Once again for your HENNI writing and we could tell you that you are a great professional to write such an analysis and there is nothing to add = it is PERFECT as you describe Yuzu and also think that with this career of exceptional skating and he was able to do VERY high university studies and a thesis that will mark the spirits in the analysis of the jumps (well you know what I mean?) and you are written the word "GENIE" and that is what that it is . Yes, a guy like that "annoys" in fact, because he has a more forward vision / wants to "dust off" all that is harmful and it is like everywhere unfortunately, that people precursor / too intelligent and who dare to speak , are very frowned upon and beautiful quote from your mother = BRAVO mom HENNI
  15. Ah oui effectivement , heureux anniversaire Ghislain pour tes 59 ans et que tu as toujours ce sourire et je ne le fait pas traduire , car il est né au Québec ( ce sera la seule fois que je poste en Français )
  16. This program (and I think I wrote it quite a bit) always balances my heart, because here we feel a young Yuzu who puts all his passion / strength into it and really pulls out his guts (French expression) and we Really guess the future HYPER champion who will become and that emotion at the end and Nanami's tears and I also watched everything the posting? put in video from 2011 and of course it has a difference (1 year less it shows) and Nanami refined this program for 2012 and we saw the result and let's imagine that he goes to the worlds 2022 in Montpellier (France too) and the start of his 1st bronze medal has his 1st French worlds (corrected me if I make a mistake) and it would be the chance that all 2 start in France and finish ? in France too ..... and I watched his 2014 world gala on the same program and there it is really maturity and more strength (2 years more that feels) and Olympic champion This afternoon, I saw the gala of internationals from France in Grenoble live on TV =
  17. YES it is clear that the players in team sport are VERY well paid and here is a comparison with the footballers of league 1 and their salaries and, already, per day = daily is HUGE : https://votresalaire.fr/salaire / vip / sport-football-players and it is very good to compare baseball and skating (individual sport) and I find out that Shohei starts at 26 years old and Yuzu, at the same age, is an "old / veteran" and I know that we, have admired their programs perfect and behind the curtain, the reality of learning is something else and all skaters' bodies go to the extreme of resistance and, as it is written, they fall on very hard and, of course, it You need a hardened steel mind YES and the same for classical dancers (I saw a report where 1 showed his feet full of red bruises and deformation of the toes with the points and surround their toes with cotton ..... ) and Yuzu who has ice packs on one knee and ankles (and surely others too) And with your last sentence, but I think of Kikuchi san, and even if he is retired, can be of great help to all the caregivers, he who has known Yuzu so well for a very long time
  18. I know absolutely nothing about baseball and went to see and he does have a French baseball federation, but anyway, Shohei is a force of nature and as talented as Yuzu and at the start of the video at the stop, he has the same determined and focused gaze as Yuzu's and Yuzu next to him is tiny and let's not talk about the weight ..... And it's clear that he looks like his father. The Tokyo Tower has a false air of resemblance to the Eiffel Tower in Paris ...... !!!!!
  19. You did a great job and I wish I had 1 (I would pay for it of course) but I don't know what a DM is, maybe as a private message? I only see that and I already see a (and 2 if possible also) Yuzu keychain and a sticker and it would be a real gift and this would be the only opportunity, for me, to have a souvenir Yuzu.
  20. Oh HENNI, it's just great what you did and I can better see the slow-motion stages of a jump and, indeed, how not to fall under the spell and the extreme precision and the tensions on Yuzu's face and which shows that it is difficult and have admired the result and I copy a comment: "where are the judges looking" ??? the ceiling can be : eh Yuzu you still have my support.
  21. Of course it does us good to read that it is getting better and better and I had to take a magnifying glass to read the lowercase and, of course, I think it is possible in 5 weeks, because ALL athletes are entitled to advanced technology (sports physiotherapist / rehabilitation every day) and I found an article that explains it better : https://ween-hub.org/la-reeducation-du-sportif-une-phase-necessaire/ must think of the mind that is necessary in healing (for the financier Yuzu have no problem) and we, the non high level athlete do not have the same rehabilitation and I rely on me who had surgery on the right shoulder last year (a tendon of the rotator cuff that had come off and it hurts) and I had 7 months before regaining full motor skills in my arm and 7 weeks with very strong opium-based analgesics, because touching the bone hurts a lot ...., but no competition and objective sports like Yuzu, and of course with your last sentence and patiently await his return
  22. He is still mentioned in the male list with K Tanaka and K Tomono https://actupatinage.com/grand-prix-2021-22-rostelecom-cup-sochi : will go where will not go ????
  23. I savored this vimeo of all the fanyus around the world and it's very moving : yes the light will shine at the bottom of the tunnel and GANBATTE Yuzu and here is a video that confirms his coming to NHK, but ...... and Shoma and Kaori won these NHK which will give a little balm to the hearts of the Japanese people
  24. Ah yes, indeed : but I have not found the video and for G & G, I saw and BOUHHHHH notes, even 6.0 richly deserved and I saw 5.6
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