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  1. We don’t know what contracts she or her team may have signed.
  2. I am fed up with being sensible, going out once a week to shop, spending ages on the phone explaining and re explaining rinse and repeat to old people who don’t comprehend the crisis very well or at all. It’s very difficult to tell an old man he can’t go to the pub or for his paper, especially when his memory barely holds the information long enough for you to complete a sentence. Aaaaaargh
  3. In the uk there seem to be spikes that are being attributed by some people to mass events, like the Cheltenham horse racing festival, and the last set of football matches before the lockdown. Japan may get the same effect from the late March festival @Umebachi refers to. I also think a lot of countries will have higher death tolls later, because certainly in Europe we only seem to be counting hospital deaths, not those who die at home or in care homes- those will only get counted in when the statisticians look at causes of death on death certificates after it all calms down.
  4. If anyone is looking for something a bit different to watch the National Theatre in London is showing a play from its archive every Thursday on YouTube during the shut down - tomorrow’s is James Corden in the farce ‘One man, two guvnors’. https://www.timeout.com/london/news/the-national-theatre-is-going-to-stream-a-free-play-every-thursday-night-032620
  5. National Trust is encouraging people to post pictures of blossom - sort of virtual hanami - here is the plum blossom in my garden https://imgur.com/gallery/qXQXplK
  6. That must be incredibly frustrating
  7. I’ve just been assuming that the prices won’t go down given that it’s in Sweden and I have relatives who live there and it’s expensive
  8. I thought I might make my first trip to a competition in Stockholm but not at those prices on those terms - do they think we can’t read or comprehend the terms after the last year? As soon as I claw back a bit of cash from the ever open beaks of my children the ISU shifts the goalposts again and I have a rooted objection to daylight robbery. Maybe he will go to Grenoble though I’d prefer it if he didn’t risk the ice tbh.
  9. If he ever decided to have a go at ice dance a la Takahashi, when he’s older Satoko would be a great partner - her lines are as lovely as his are.
  10. It seems likely that they would involve him in some capacity if not the actual lighting - I think Kohei Uchimura is hoping to compete, so would be ineligible. Sawao Kato is a gymnast who won 12 medals at three olympics, 1968- 1972, 8 of them gold - I imagine he would be a contender and I’m sure there are other Japanese Olympic champions who would be in the running. I didn’t find it surprising that he took a low profile at PC - his ankle must have been killing him and the freezing air is really bad for asthma.
  11. Thankfully mine aren’t computer literate which makes it harder to stay in touch but means they rely on terrestrial tv and newspapers - the Daily Mail is bad enough, I shudder to think what my dad would be like with all his filters gone ( not that he had many to start with) and a daily diet of some of the stuff you can access online - you have my profoundest sympathy.
  12. My father can still read and his tabloid of choice has the most lurid headlines which at the moment fully support a lockdown - of course as soon as that gets boring they could easily switch track but at the moment that’s a real help - every time he wants to go to the pub I just tell him to look at the paper. My father in law can no longer read and thinks we’re all talking rubbish, and says so loudly and is extremely resentful of anyone trying to tell him what to do
  13. Now we have lockdown because the general public can’t resist nice spring weather and flocked en masse to beaches and beauty spots, to the point where Snowdonia in Wales had a record number of visitors in the middle of a bloody pandemic . We had a family celebration at our house planned for last weekend but cancelled it. No one travelled. Everyone but our key workers is working from home ( though one vulnerable family member had to wait several days to be ‘cleared’ to do so for a decidedly non essential office job - some retail companies have skewed priorities 😡). Med student child passed finals and is being fast tracked onto the wards. Demented relatives are proving very difficult to lock down. Feeling super resentful of these selfish idiots. Taking it out on the brambles and ivy in the garden - bit too vigorously, my shoulders and arms are killing me.
  14. I think maybe it’s a touchstone for him - it must be so familiar that it might cheer him up when things aren’t going well and put him back into the winning groove. I love murderface Chopin from NHK 2015
  15. Had emails today to tell me the Tate art gallery and the British Museum were closing because of the virus. As far as I know both stayed open for the blitz and certainly during the various terrorist campaigns since. Depressing times .
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