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  1. Sombreuil

    Random Thought Theater

    Went to a very posh restaurant for lunch today - this was on the menu, unfortunately on the a la carte rather than the prix fixe which we were having, and on the cheeseboard a goats cheese with yuzu peel in the rind which we did have- delicious. Seared King scallop with Southport smoked pork, Granny Smith apple, Yuzu gel, Romanesco cous cous & Butcher’s Wife black pudding
  2. Sombreuil

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Couldn’t resist watching the ladies - Rika was great, glad she’s first. Alina- I totally disapprove of the personal attacks levied at her and despise the morons making them. However, I dislike pretty much everything about this SP. the music sounds like it was cut with a lawnmower, the choreo is frantic and rushed, the dress is awful...... surely T& co can do better for their Olympic champion than this mess. Liza didn’t look as though she was putting this across to the audience as well as she did last time I saw it. For the others - I love Kaori’s speed across the ice - she makes the others look slow on tv at least - would be interested to know whether it’s the same in the audience at the rink. Sofia drives me mad with all those blasted tanos and rippons - don’t like them and they look frantic - one as an accent in the programme is fine but can’t bear the ballerina on the music box look. Satoko - hope she pulls something back in the FS. Mishins sourpuss in the k&c always amuses me.
  3. Just woken up to an expected set of results for the men, though low scores- none of you seem blown away by the performances, and it sounds as though the costumes were meh. Ladies - Rika did so well- poor Satoko- looking forward to watching them later. Playing catch up irl so couldn’t lose sleep to watch - sorry I missed the ladies.
  4. Sombreuil

    Random Thought Theater

    I’m back after 18 days on and off looking after an 89 year old after a knee replacement op. After applying ice packs every time the new knee was in action I have a newfound respect for the people fixing the ice and the athletes who use it on their aches and pains on a daily basis. Ive watched more snooker in the last couple of weeks than is good for anyone, but it gave me a bit of insight into the argument that figure skaters should wear practice gear instead of costumes. Last time I watched snooker in the dark ages they all wore fancy waistcoats and there was a bit of pzazz about it - now they all wear black waistcoats with the sponsors logo on them, like waiters in a chain restaurant. I don’t want to watch skaters emblazoned with sponsors logos in competition- the training gear/ tracksuits fair enough but not in competition.
  5. Home for the weekend - done my predictions- wishful thinking rather than sensible forecast - would love Japanese ladies to clean sweep.
  6. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well, I managed to watch the SP on my phone in the back of a car. I’m clearly brainwashed because I woke at 5 am just in time to watch his practice..... ended up sneakily reading some of the fallout, trying to decide how much to panic. Watched his FS on my phone sitting on an iron bench in a freezing garden. I don’t know what to say at this stage. We’ve been here before, we got through it. The pessimists may prove to be right, but if that ends up being the case I hope it’s because he chooses to rather than having to. The injury doesn’t sound as bad as last year, he said he doesn’t plan to retire, I hope he gives it a good long recovery time and comes back when he’s ready. I’d think Japanese Nationals will be more of a priority for him than GPF - his appearance on the podium with crutches encourages me to hope that he’ll make his health the real priority. I am about to disappear into a WiFi desert - i can’t pretend that my interest in the GP is quite what it was but I shall follow with interest as best I can and will try and get my predictions for I de F in - probably from a cafe. Will be watching the Hanyu grapevine with interest for any bits of news that might get through.
  7. Off to the airport 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 hope everyone skates well and no injuries 🤞🏻
  8. Sorry - mad split packing whilst reading made me misread the article . I also thought I read a tag line somewhere on a video about being ‘proud supporters of team USA’ but I don’t have time to check - could have been a shared gymnastics post.
  9. Cant link this properly but US media are at it again - apparently Yuzuru won GPF in 2011?? (2013 surely - not to mention 14,15 and 16, which they don’t) but ‘finished behind the winner NC who is the reigning WC’. Talk about cherry picking your facts and then still getting it wrong! Bet Patrick who did win in 2011 will be thrilled. The injury gets mentioned later but not in connection with the result. Olympic channel article Fans dressed as Winnie the Pooh can only mean one thing: Yuzuru Hanyu is in town. #FigureSkating #FigureSkating #RostelecomCup Edit - wrong end of stick - they were referring to RC not GPF
  10. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    How many of these shows are personal vehicles? Javier's possibly as he’s the only one likely to pull in the Spanish audience so RoI probably is. Plushy's in Russia? As I understand it, the Japanese shows are sponsored and feature the skaters the sponsors back - ex Fantasy on Ice =P&G = Yuzuru currently but in the past Takahashi, a back up to their ad campaigns. No idea about NA shows which seem to only involve their own skaters or the arty European ones that use the likes of Arakawa, Lambiel etc. Continues with wings was a new thing - a present from his sponsors to Yuzuru, and a good commercial bet on the back of a 2 nd OGM.
  11. Sombreuil

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    I agree - as long as no one gets injured in the attempt or in any attempt to respond to the challenge....
  12. Sombreuil

    General Skating Chat

    I think it’s like Nathan’s FS to Polovtsian Dances in 16/17 season - US media were raving about how balletic and artistic he was and someone capable of critical thought - can’t remember who - wrote ‘Borodin is doing the heavy lifting for him in this piece’. In other words people were reacting to a fabulous piece of music rather than the actual skating of the actual choreography- a few balletic arm waves at the right points and what are transitions? Moonlight Sonata casts its own spell and Shoma is the beneficiary. Its a pity because his ex by SLB shows he can do something besides the usual. I know that not everyone can be like Yuzuru and Machida or would necessarily want to be - iirc Tanaka said he preferred to let his coach pick the music because he didn’t want to risk getting fed up with something he chose himself because he liked it, and he has a point- JW said towards the end of 16/17/season that Javier Fernandez was looking tired of Elvis, and I think we all were by the time poor Kolyada had slogged through the Olympic season with his version. I just think Shoma would benefit from a change of choreographers, if only for the SP.
  13. I didn’t get the right ladies in the wrong order - nor did I get the men- should have had more faith in Rika and Uncle Voronov, though I still wouldn’t have put Rika in first or Sergei in second, so it doesn’t really matter. Really must learn to make a note of what I’m putting in next time.
  14. Hoping for fan cams on Thursday when I should be able to watch in between sorting out a complex packing exercise - 2 back to back trips with very different clothes requirements and little time on Sunday evening to do more than switch essentials from one bag to another. Relying on your comments to keep me in the know for the actual competition sadly.