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  1. Aaaaargh - I don’t want documentaries, or popularity polls, or retrospectives, I want a competition, or failing that some sort of media day reveal……😩
  2. I haven’t watched tennis since Martina Navratilova’s heyday but Fernandez v Raducanu is a great match so far (battling for the first set) .
  3. Junior doctor child is on a rotation in the respiratory department- so the Covid ward. The vast majority of the patients on Cpap are under 30 and unvaccinated. Same goes for ICU. Health workers are fed up with working long hours and then facing aggro from the general public and friends and relatives who are anti vaxxers. A few weeks ago a young mother in NI died of Covid leaving small children and a new baby - her widower was interviewed urging people to see sense. I don’t long for the days when the doctors word was undisputed- every expert needs to be scrutinised and questioned- but the f
  4. Unfortunately in 2018 the Guardian took their line from NBC.
  5. BBC really irritating with their highlights coverage - pathetic jokey section on beach volleyball totally ignoring the ‘dress code’ controversy
  6. I just love Michael Johnson’s athletics commentary on the BBC - have done for some time now - he’s articulate, incisive and spares no one. Not at all surprising that he chooses to comment outside the US - I’ve only ever watched US commentary of figure skating and gymnastics and both were rabidly nationalistic. Today he’s skewering the US 4x100m relay, but he’s just as blunt about everyone. He’s refreshing in bbc coverage which is sketchy and focussed on GB success which is fine but often ignores the medalists who won/ got silver if GB is down the pecking order. Doesn’t happen with MJ in the
  7. My view on the lighting of the flame- it should have been someone from a sport in which an Olympic medal is the pinnacle of achievement rather than an add on. Tennis,golf, football etc all see the Olympics as an optional extra, for athletics, swimming etc it’s a crowning achievement. My candidate would have been Kato Sawao the gymnast.
  8. I find it extremely difficult to believe that a former training mate of poster boy Adam Rippon isn’t well aware of all these issues. The inarticulate ramble doesn’t say much for Ivy League education either.
  9. Given that he’s competing in the GP series, how can he go to Canada in the current situation re the rules on admission etc? They’re constantly changing - his best bet is to stay in Japan and travel with JSF - whatever their many failings may be they’ll get their allotted skaters to the competitions if at all possible. It’s not ideal but would you wish his 2021/22 season be like Roman Sadovskys 2020/21? I applaud Canada for their caution but a non Canadian skater might well choose to stay where they are guaranteed ice time.
  10. I agree that China will forge ahead with the Olympics if it is humanly possible to do so. I don’t know what to think about the GP. ISU and local feds are going to be desperate for the money, but across the countries in question there is such a huge disparity in how to deal with it, it’s hard to see how it can happen in the normal way. Maybe it will be localised with skaters being sent to the two nearest to their home/training base? They may have to drop the splitting of last years podium placed skaters if so. In a normal year I’d prefer Yuzuru to do SC and Rostelecom simply because we get
  11. Finally got my second jab. In this city the initial roll out was in the hands of GPs and they got the first dose out fast and efficiently. By the time the second dose was due other health systems were rolling out first doses for younger people and it took over a month to get a slot. Thankfully done now. A lot of exaggerated language being used round vaccination, masks etc. Health workers who think their ‘fundamental rights’ are being infringed by being asked to vaccinate, people on public transport with anti mask ‘rage’, holiday ‘apartheid’ dividing those who can go on holiday
  12. M Chopin and M van Dijk are one tomorrow - no longer kittens. https://imgur.com/a/phP5jF1
  13. Me too - won’t be during Yuzuru’s career or even YKs - but eventually they will have to face up to it. I think it will be like tennis and football- FIFA were dead set against technology but when tennis showed that it could work even that load of entitled sleazebags had to take it seriously. Gymnastics is beginning to use tech that could be adapted to skating, especially re floor routines. If it works in one it will eventually be adopted by the other, especially if the IOC were to get behind it.
  14. They were isolated at Tokyo airport, tested several times during their stay and had a chartered flight from Tokyo to Osaka to prevent them travelling on public transport- special transport to and from the rink and not allowed outside the rink/hotel - tbh the only bit of the journey that seems to have made him uncomfortable Covid wise was going through Chicago airport. Why ISU/ JSF couldn’t say that this was the case baffles me.🙄
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