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  1. Sombreuil

    General Skating Chat

    I began to answer this but stopped because it was pointless. We know what the problem is and where it lies and we know that there is no desire/ will / call it what you like, in the ISU to tackle the issue. I have no words for Mr Lakernik and his minions polite enough to use on this forum.
  2. Sombreuil

    This or That (New Questions)

    1. H&L's biellman spin OR Chopin's ba3Ackcounter 2. Seimei's one leg entry into a camel spin OR The Swan's combination sit spins 3. First person to land 4A in competition OR Win perfect streak in a season 4. 3Peat Olym Champion OR WR holder in SP, FS, and Total under the new system for another 5 years (this means even after another successive Olympic season) 5. Hana Yo Koi and Requiem of Heaven and Earth OR The Swan and White Legend - can’t decide 6. Sexiness: PW 2.0's running-through-hair OR Chopin 3.0's Ina Bauer 7. Costume and hair: LGC or Seimei 8. First person to land a 4T-loop-4T combo in competition OR first person to land a Quint Toe in competition ( @makebelieveup there's no half loop there, it's just 4T-4T) 9. Change coach and compete for another 4 years OR Retire before the 19/20 season and go on a hiatus before returning as a coach in 2022 (can't choose) 10. Skate clean to LGC in competition or land a Quad Flip in competition can’t choose - don’t want a repeat of LGC in comp and don’t believe 4flip is meant to be. 11. Yuzu's program choreo: Jeffrey Buttle OR Shae-Lynn Bourne (cannot choose because equal to me) 12. Favorite rawness/passion: RJ 2012 World or Seimei NHK 13. Chopin's ending pose and reaction: GPF/World/ACI/Pyeonchang - none - NHK murderface 14. Yuzu's struggling with English moments OR Yuzu's laughing sound 15. ITA commentaries OR No commentary 16. Yuzu guest starring in a new movie OR Yuzu guest starring in Tokyo Ghoul no preference 17. New hair color OR Stage make up 18. Drama: Skate to YOI's EROS for an exhibition OR Get an IG account neither 19. earphones OR pooh let him have both ffs 20. If YUZU were not a figure skater: would you want him to be a baseball player OR soccer player- neither - a gymnast bonus: Music choice: Shoma's Moonlight or Alina's POTO
  3. Sombreuil

    Other Sports

    Aaaargh - cricket still on, football season started, gymnastics that I can’t watch ticking over but no news.......
  4. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

  5. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I would love commentary that just gave me the facts. TBH I don’t mind the ott Tara/Johnny stuff because I only catch it later - it’s the BBC and BESP that drive me mad - and I’ve said it all before and won’t repeat, but honestly be glad you have down to earth factual commentary.
  6. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    There are light hearted posts as well as serious ones on this thread, and indeed most of them. It’s best to ignore and pass over anything which is not to your taste. Its nice to think of those +100,+200, and + 300 records permanently there, unbeaten under the previous system.
  7. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I wish we could clone Ted and spread him across the English speaking tv networks.
  8. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Matthew Bournes fairies don’t wear tutus - and his lilac fairy is male
  9. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    How about Prokofiev- Cinderella- the wicked stepmother?
  10. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I don’t mind lilac but no more bloody tutus on the ice please - actually I want Carabosse in black and purple.
  11. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    That would work for me....
  12. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Like a 70s footballer - perhaps a moustache as well.
  13. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He could go radically shorter as Kohei did before Rio - or blond like Dice
  14. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It’s not just Yuzuru. I can’t remember which competition it was, but BESP were waffling on about Han Yan, and how he’d gone off the boil and what a shame he wasn’t fulfilling the promise of his earlier seasons blah blah blah and I wanted a hotline to the commentary box to remind them that he’d just come back from surgery on his shoulder - a tiny bit of internet research would have given them that information. I think it was the same time that they were blithering on about Shoma ‘possibly’ being injured.
  15. Sombreuil

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Mistakes are a part of life - if it were one or two fair enough. But there are loads of them and often about the top ten. If I made as many mistakes and did as little research as these people do I would have been out of a job years ago. I am someone who occasionally watches with non skating fans, namely my family. It is extremely annoying to have to add them taking the commentators word for it to all their other odd conceptions and weird biases that annoy me. The likes of Robin Cousins and Hanratty should be putting their non skating colleagues straight not joining in with them.