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  1. can’t find the original to link but this one was lovely https://imgur.com/a/1tYUFV4
  2. I don’t support all skaters - to have no preferences at all seems weirdly detached to me. Even in performance arts I have preferences. When new skaters emerge I watch and form opinions - I prefer Boyang Jin to Nathan Chen because his jumps are more exciting:- initially I was impressed with Kevin Aymoz, but quickly came to realise that I preferred Roman Sadovsky’s more elegant polished style:- I love Satoko’s stylishness despite her jumps, but when Kaori came along I really loved her quite different style, and enjoy both of them more than Rika tbh. To like all of them without preferences appears to be detached and not really invested at all in the sport - bit like me watching football.
  3. Really hope this leads to good results for him.
  4. I really hope they survive the fallout from this pandemic. 🙏🏻
  5. If they’ve lifted the categories wholesale from ice hockey ( which really wouldn’t be at all surprising, perfectly in keeping with ISU’s general lack of competence and professionalism ) then it explains that one. As for awarding skaters not costume designers for best costume etc - was this whole thing the result of a long liquid lunch, in which the idea was born, hashed out on a paper table napkin, and issued to the media before anyone sobered up enough to veto it?
  6. For the first time in months the roar of ‘YEESSSS’ erupts from below as the nearest rivals concede a goal - will this be The Teams night - and will the fans be sensible if it is ...... and it’s over - fireworks and hooters all over the city
  7. The ‘most valuable skater’ award - reminds me of some of the interviews/comments we read that have made it through several translations, for example English to Japanese to Russian, and end up garbled in meaning. Its probably not the case here because if it were I expect some of our multilinguists would have worked it out, but that’s how it sounds.
  8. They all use different things - chalk certainly, but sticky things like honey, beer, syrup and I believe ....... saliva 🦠
  9. Rewatching the 2013 MAG WC - wanted the 2015 Glasgow one but only the FIG version seems to be on YouTube these days and the commentator was soooo bad. I can’t see how gymnastics can come back in the near future- too hard to keep the equipment clean between competitors, especially the parallel bars with all the custom gunk they all plaster on to get a good grip. ☹️
  10. Laureus is at least raising money for sports projects round the world. This is more like an oscars style vanity project for ISU
  11. Nooooooo - I’ve bought several lovely things from them
  12. I was wondering that. Got to go and Skype the family - will try and watch the last group.
  13. The little toe rag is probably hoping to use his name to stay in the media spotlight.
  14. The mashing together of bits of music without much connection seems old fashioned - I know it still happens a bit but not to this extent? wow this is quite a costume
  15. It’s weird watching telegraphed double jumps now
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