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  1. I am living with someone who had an accident and sustained a leg injury which required surgery and we are now in the looong process of recovery. Everyone is sympathetic, but it’s now the third month and this person is an impatient patient. The recovery schedule is slow- it was spelled out in terms that it’s going to be 12 months minimum to full recovery - fretting and sulking about it won’t alter that, and it really erodes the sympathy quotient like nothing else. The ‘I’m fine, let me hit the physio til I drop’ / ‘I feel terrible, peel me a grape ‘ cycle is wearing me down and due to the in
  2. If Kolyada can perform consistently the way he did in the SP in Euros 2019 now that he’s had his sinuses fixed he will be a much worthier opponent than Chen, and will probably get some Rusfed uplift, if there are enough competitions to build up some impetus. I always hoped Boyang would get the rest of the package but for whatever reason that has never happened. Kolyada has that elegant line - I don’t think he’s as good as Yuzuru obviously 🙄- who is, or will be in the immediate future, but he’s a lot nicer to watch than Chen or Zhou or any of his Russian contemporaries.
  3. I have fallen down the rabbit hole that is The Untamed. It is saving my sanity during this ‘tier3’ lockdown. I have always enjoyed Jacobean revenge tragedy and spaghetti westerns and it reminds me of certain aspects of those, with gorgeous scenery and much better looking actors. One of Webster’s anti heros would fit right in.
  4. I’m having trouble uploading a photo to be the cover photo on my profile? Probably user error?
  5. It’s Ok - that’s as much as you can say. ‘ Pretty decent’ is what you expect of reasonable mid level skaters - surely a champion should be more than that. They all work hard - the likes of Harry Mattick and Conor Stakelum work very hard with no big fed support, no cash and at the moment no ice. Working hard isn’t enough, according to ISUs own guidelines they have to perform wonderful correct jumps with height, beautiful landings and the appearance of effortlessness — on paper. In fact if your face and flag and coach fit ( and I’m not just talking about the men or NC now ) you can get away
  6. Because it’s competent, workmanlike, and totally lacking any wow factor. You’re not on the edge of your seat hoping his 4ltz doesn’t propel him into the boards and rejoicing when he lands it with enormous height and amplitude like Boyang. He doesn’t have the charm of Fernandez, the edges of Patrick Chan, the elegance of Kolyada, the appeal of Uno. I don’t myself rave about the appeal of all those skaters, but I can recognise it when I see it and watch others fall under the spell. He’s pedestrian.
  7. I’m hoping Mai’s return will help Kaori regain her composure - matrix is a good fit for her when she’s storming round the rink with those powerful strokes, full of confidence. But it’s only just October and with Mai at NHK ( which I’m thrilled about for her own sake) the Kobe girls will be competing together again. Mai looks very fragile but hopefully is on the mend 🤞🏻
  8. I’m so glad to see Mai back - and I LOVE the green dress
  9. I watched a David Bowie concert from around 2003 on tv tonight - very good. I saw him live only once, in Manchester in the late 80s - his voice was rough from a long tour and he hadn’t resorted to delegating some of the vocals to others as he had by the time of the concert in Dublin that I watched tonight. He probably should have. I’ve said I’d like Yuzuru to skate to something by Bowie, and I still would like to see that, but in the present climate I’d just like him to find something that calls to him, like Seimei, and something that fits him perfectly like Ballade no 1, or Pa
  10. BoJo tried to play down his encounter with the virus at first - or his team did - but he appears to have lost some of his usual vim and vigour, and he’s hired a personal trainer Not talking sense apart from trying to improve his own personal circumstance, but he had a virus, not a common sense transplant - one can’t expect miracles.
  11. I wonder which bits of the NWS they’re using? Satoko’s NWS was one of my favourites- I was sad it didn’t get much of an airing.
  12. With Rika in France, Satoko in Canada and a full list of Japanese ladies at NHK there must be an excellent chance of three Japanese ladies in the final if it ever actually gets off the ground.
  13. I hope everyone will be safe and that locals will pull the plug if it looks dodgy. Perhaps the Nevada Gaming Board will prove a better guardian of the health of those concerned than various local and national politicians have proved to be worldwide.
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