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  1. #WeLoveYouYuzu

  2. General Yuzuru chat

  3. Carpe Diem - seize the moment. If he's going to establish FS in Spain he needs to drive home the momentum of that medal- not loll around the Olympic village. I read somewhere pages back that he intended to fly back for the gala.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Without removing the skate...
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    I don't have a problem with people finding fs through anime or any other medium, it doesn't matter how you found it. How you carry on afterwards does matter - the odd YOI reference doesn't bother me but the idiots who change the Wikipedia page etc do.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    It's the way he's always been - I'm astonished we're finding out now rather than in a book or an aside in an interview in 2 years time or something similar. Probably because he's going to have to skip the gala and possibly worlds. But he's not planning to retire so it's ok - he'll be back if he possibly can.
  7. Random Thought Theater

    It's so hard to explain the come down to non fs fans - even when they are rabid fans of another sport. I'm not moping precisely, just a bit preoccupied, and not especially interested in doing much, other than catching all the bits I missed after I gave in to sleep after the rink ceremony. I tried - ' remember when the Team won the EC after a difficult season - well imagine if they'd done it while the goalie had a broken wrist and the striker had crocked his ankle'. Didn't work - they don't understand the compulsion to rewatch, wanting to hear the different commentaries, watch interviews in a language I can't understand.....
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    All this negative stuff seems to be coming from one place. It may or may not be accurate - even if it is it's coming from an extremely tired emotional person who is probably in pain. Large pinch of that salt that tends to be lying around required I think.
  9. [2018] Olympic Games - Other Sports

    I'm mildly pleased that there have been some UK medals today, but for the first time I watched the BBC highlights programme which was AWFUL. Three ex GB Olympic competitors with Clare Balding doing some sort of 'UK girl power' presentation of the days events - more coverage of the commentators and interviewers with parents etc than the action, absolutely cringeworthy, and this is from a person who has listened to more hours of BESP figure skating commentary in the past week than would probably be regarded as medically advisable. I cannot in conscience criticise NBC when the BBC is putting out this drivel.
  10. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    I slept for 5 hours, was woken because I had to go out to a lunch thing and made conversation for a few hours about all sorts of things but not skating, and am now back looking at everything I missed. Thanks to everyone who has posted all the things that those of us who missed it didn't see. Can I recommend that some of us get some food/sleep/ shower/fresh air - you each probably know which you need- I don't think much new will emerge for a while, and it will all still be here when you come back to it.
  11. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    That was amazing - so pleased for all of them- now got to sleep..😴
  12. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    It's the only way - I dip in and get out quick when I feel my BP shooting up
  13. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    besp uncles think this is such a great programme for mikhail