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  1. For me the really irritating comments are along the lines of ‘ he’s just recycling Seimei’ as if there is only one ‘Japanese’ style to use. No one blinks if a skater uses a range of western classical music, or several different rock bands/performers - that’s fine, but all Japanese music is the same and you can only use it once as some sort of novelty? If a second John Curry were to miraculously appear and use a Merlin theme one season and a Henry V the next would he get criticised for repeating? But for a lot of those people it’s ok for Shoma to use his Great Spirit SP, and for NC to
  2. I have a fantasy in which Kaori eviscerates the judging panel with her skates. Re Mai it’s the usual - judging on things that don’t happen on the ice in front of them.
  3. Benefit of no one being able to get home for Christmas is clear up is short enough to fit in the zamboni break. Has anyone skated clean so far?
  4. Feels a bit surreal after all this time waking at 5 to watch a competition in the spare room ....... Clean short, new programme, trash bag pants, in first place - what better Christmas present could there be? Not a fan of RW but probably a good choice re tempo etc. Hope we get to see it with a full on excited audience some day. (Edit:- outside Japan) I’m not going to dignify the ‘judging’ with a comment. Also really enjoyed Kazukis performance- pity about the mistake, but this is probably the most challenging piece of music being used at the moment and it lo
  5. That first practice..... https://youtu.be/qrOzbFW7HkU
  6. Joy of Life is another excellent series for lockdown - fighting and poetry and politics with a spot of time displacement and a surprising amount of comedy involved.
  7. I am living with someone who had an accident and sustained a leg injury which required surgery and we are now in the looong process of recovery. Everyone is sympathetic, but it’s now the third month and this person is an impatient patient. The recovery schedule is slow- it was spelled out in terms that it’s going to be 12 months minimum to full recovery - fretting and sulking about it won’t alter that, and it really erodes the sympathy quotient like nothing else. The ‘I’m fine, let me hit the physio til I drop’ / ‘I feel terrible, peel me a grape ‘ cycle is wearing me down and due to the in
  8. If Kolyada can perform consistently the way he did in the SP in Euros 2019 now that he’s had his sinuses fixed he will be a much worthier opponent than Chen, and will probably get some Rusfed uplift, if there are enough competitions to build up some impetus. I always hoped Boyang would get the rest of the package but for whatever reason that has never happened. Kolyada has that elegant line - I don’t think he’s as good as Yuzuru obviously 🙄- who is, or will be in the immediate future, but he’s a lot nicer to watch than Chen or Zhou or any of his Russian contemporaries.
  9. I have fallen down the rabbit hole that is The Untamed. It is saving my sanity during this ‘tier3’ lockdown. I have always enjoyed Jacobean revenge tragedy and spaghetti westerns and it reminds me of certain aspects of those, with gorgeous scenery and much better looking actors. One of Webster’s anti heros would fit right in.
  10. I’m having trouble uploading a photo to be the cover photo on my profile? Probably user error?
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