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  1. Monochrome virus spreading through Arutunians rink
  2. I hope Fentz has a good skate - he really landed everything in the SP when people were popping and splatting around him- never seen his jumps so secure
  3. This is where I hate the K&C - cruelty to skaters
  4. Can’t hear this music without thinking of my least favourite programme of Yuzuru
  5. @SparkleSalad Spooked by Grassl managing to land his jumps inc 4loop
  6. They called the Russians URs yesterday- Grassl technique makes me wince but he’s trying all these jumps which you have to give credit for when so many don’t even try. Matteo is a far more skilful skater but the attempted tech looks as though it’s worked out for Grassl this evening
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