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  1. Lockdown is something of a joke. Am taxiing a family member who has had a knee op around atm- passed a student pub I remember well from my own student days - courtyard jam packed without a mask in sight - and this is supposed to be safer than meeting a friend in her garden for coffee?
  2. It’s the US - all Spanish/ Portuguese speakers are just ‘hispanic’ to large groups of the population and presumably their varied cultures are subject to the same careless attitude.
  3. There are also the versions made by his sister Bronislava Nijinska who worked alongside him on L’apres midi d’un faun etc and was a choreographer in her own right (Les noces) . She worked with western ballet companies In the 1960s to recreate their work from the 1920s. On YouTube there is a vid with a sequence of photos which give you an idea of what Nijinsky ‘s movement might have looked like, especially if you read the eyewitness accounts of actual performances beforehand.
  4. Here we go with lockdown no.2. Extremely depressing but not surprising. I managed to squeeze a few social meetings with friends in during the time we had some limited freedom. Glad I grabbed the opportunity I had.
  5. I’m sure Waseda is better equipped than a lot of western universities, but just in case , please consider not crashing the graduation? One of my children graduated this year, the only ceremony was an online presentation with token student involvement and it was unwatchable because it kept crashing because too many friends and family were trying to watch.
  6. Amazon/Netflix style fly on the wall? I’m not sure I could bear to watch but glancing at social media they’d definitely have an audience.
  7. Russian test skates have precipitated the move of EM back to ET - what of the other foreign skaters left without coaches by the Canadian border closure? They may not be going to GP like Yuzuru but what about nationals at the end of the year? If TCC coaches can’t travel to Japan Korea and Poland, who will be there for Yuzuru, Jun and Ekaterina? There doesn’t seem to be any sign of opening that border any time soon, and I don’t blame them given the situation in the US. Will the skaters at Gadbois go home for nationals or will their feds give them a bye into Euros/4CC/Worlds, if indeed those competitions take place at all this season?
  8. Don’t they train in Florida? Iirc it was a hotspot?
  9. If - and it’s a big if imo- she is to go to Beijing Olympics she can’t afford to drop out of sight, or risk being sidelined - so with Canada closed to her she has to train in Russia. Beijing is February 2022 - not very far off - and there is no end to Canada’s border closure in sight.
  10. Pandemic led decisions. She can’t go to Canada, has to compete in Russia so needs a Russian coach. Eteri has space, it’s probably better PR wise for both than Med going to another Russian coach. Can’t say it sounds like the best choice for her health but the pandemic has boxed her in.
  11. It gives hope that NHK at least might be possible whilst taking adequate precautions.....
  12. My little Chopin likes PotO - purring like a traction engine. https://imgur.com/a/RhgayAR
  13. I ventured into the city centre yesterday to actually get out of the car and walk round, as opposed to driving through, for the first time since March. Won’t be going again in a hurry. Lots of signage concerning one way foot traffic, entering shops by one entrance and exiting by another, all ignored, and for every person wearing a mask, four or five who weren’t. No wonder everyone thinks a local lockdown is imminent.
  14. I have to weigh in on the Jane Austen P&P argument. There were a lot of things I didn’t like about that version but the soundtrack was lovely. For once, as in the book, Jane was the beautiful sister - Rosamond Pike is older and more classically beautiful than Keira K. Also they made Charlotte a rounded character - she’s not just a cardboard cut out , desperate woman grabbing a husband , she articulates the fate for an unmarried daughter with small expectations of an inheritance in those days- a fate which it was worth marrying a malleable man to avoid. In the same way, Mrs Bennett, whilst foolish and outspoken and embarrassing to her daughters, has real fears, because in those days without money her daughters would have had a very tough time if they didn’t make suitable marriages. One cannot import 21st century sensibilities to an 18th century story.
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