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  1. Will be away with very spotty WiFi for the next 8 days so I’ll wish Sota the very best now and look forward with interest to seeing the footage of them all when I get back.
  2. I don’t remember where I saved those photos from so I can’t ask permission which is why I hid it - does anyone recognise it?
  3. I love all of them but I still want a masquerade....so I hashed one together.
  4. Team Japan WAG are missing Mai - scraped through the Olympic qualifier. MAG have only qualified one gymnast to the AA - looking scary for Tokyo. On the tech side they are planning to use the robot judges for certain things - hope this will spread to skating. https://illyria-and-her-pet.tumblr.com/post/188070283764/the-scanning-for-robot-judging-im-excited-to-see
  5. Katarina Johnson Thompson - an encouragement for Jason, Evgenia, Shoma, anyone who grasps the nettle, makes big changes, takes themselves out of their comfort zone. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/athletics/49929206
  6. Barring disaster, Skate Canada and NHK trophy then hopefully the GPF. Then Japanese nationals. Simone Biles is lucky that she can speak her frustrations without fear - she’s American, she’s survived Nassar, her Fed is on the back foot after consecutive failures to deal with serious safeguarding issues going back years - they have to support her. Whether she, with their backing, can sway FIG is another matter.
  7. They pay for an actual costume if he actually skates in the ad - the Ghana red one was very nice and had quite a following here for those of us who like red, and some very good behind the scenes footage. I’m with those who think this one was photoshopped ( badly) - the proportions are weird, and the hands too chunky. 🙏🏻 Advice on VPN for Skate Canada would be very welcome - especially as it looks as though I am going to miss NHK due to commitments in a wi fi free zone that weekend. 😩
  8. Just caught Utana and Shingo - Ted called it - they’re very new - just need mileage. Marvellous to see young Japanese ice dancers - now if they can only dredge up a young pair.....
  9. Hope this treatment/ surgery provides a permanent solution and that he will be back full force next year
  10. Am I alone in finding it odd that if they are aiming for Beijing he is going to carry on with singles this season and switch next season with such a short time left? If they were really serious wouldn’t they start now?
  11. I remember thinking when I looked at the footage from Sochi and the group interviews that there was a decided lack of enthusiasm about the gold medal, and preference and air time given to the senior skaters over the medal winner. Only when he was interviewed on his own by Shizuka was there any animation about it. When I looked further back at 2012 I thought it might be a situation where Takahashi was the adored ‘ace’, Machida the expected heir and Hanyu was expected to wait his turn or even make up the numbers until a more usual candidate for the top spot came along but of course he was too much of a force of nature for that to be the outcome. This seems to be borne out by those photos and what @Umebachi and @Geo1 are saying here and on the general thread. Very disheartening .
  12. Speaking as someone who has been to a couple of weddings this year flower petals are a lot more difficult to clear up than soft toys....
  13. Doing a 3A from a standstill is a bit of fun, fooling around with friends. His pride is in beautiful skating with gorgeous jumps all of which are timed to the music . The problem is that ISU have shortened the FS to the extent that it’s difficult to achieve that perfect meld of tech and ‘artistry’ ( hard to think of the right word, that’s not perfect but it will do for now) , but he will do his utmost to show just that. Only hope his ankle will hold out ....
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