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  1. Better that media stays out of it until the investigation is complete. There is nothing worse than a case of this sort being compromised by irresponsible reporting.
  2. It’s NBC employing Hersh to extract sound bites from TCC. I don’t think one needs any more information than that. As for TSL, there is an unpleasant vulpine avidity with which they pick over their scraps of information that I find deeply distasteful whether or not there eventually turns out to be a grain of truth in whatever they dig up. If they are trying to sow seeds of discord in a friendship as old as that of BO and GB then that is just despicable. From the moment Yuzuru went to Canada there was a hysterical element who were sure it would be disastrous, and a hard core still flips out every time there is the slightest suggestion of discord and NBC is probably poking at this soft spot , TSL regularly does so. Yuzuru chose to go to Canada, to a very different country from his own for the sake of his training, at a young age. He’s stayed there presumably because it works for him - if it didn’t I’m sure adult Yuzuru would be just as resolute in making the best decision for his skating career as the teenager was. I do think that TCC could probably do with a PR rep from the generation to whom social media is as natural as breathing to do the media stuff and let the coaches do what they do best.
  3. I think JSF might prefer to give Shoma a chance to pick his season up a bit if he’s got himself together after the GP series. I don’t know how many skaters Japan can send?
  4. This is very irritating. I hate it when people become fans of a particular athlete without any previous knowledge of the sport and assume that their way of performing skills is correct and actual correct technique is wrong or old fashioned. I saw it in gymnastics - a fans footage of the HB with their favourite American gymnast who was so much more ‘athletic ‘ and ‘exciting’ than the Japanese ( who won the event) who did the same skills. He wasn’t either, what he was was sloppy and uncontrolled and sloppiness and lack of control only beats beautiful perfect movements when the gymnast is doing really difficult skills where BV makes up for deductions on the quality of the movements, like Epke Zonderland. Sound familiar?
  5. My son has very severe asthma, the needing to be admitted to hospital from time to time kind, and he described trying to breathe on a very cold day as like hitting a wall of ice - the lungs seize up and literally won’t function.
  6. I really hope media don’t publicise too much detail and jeopardise any legal proceedings - I also hope they don’t dig out any of that poor child’s details and track her down.
  7. I agree - two of my children, my husband and one of my siblings have asthma and swimming is really quite aggressively encouraged in the uk. However if your asthma is accompanied by allergies as is the case with one of my children, the chlorine can be a problem. Also the body fat percentage is a problem for buoyancy- there is a documentary about Kenzo Shirai at NSSU with a bit showing him trying hard to pass the swimming component of his course and struggling to stay afloat
  8. Doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Russian. And as I said before - they are a national tv company, not the international representative body’s broadcast which ought to be impartial.
  9. Ted is too Canadian nice for his own good sometimes. Lots of commentators are biased usually because they are employed by national tv networks, it would be amazing if Tara, Johnny, Tat, the Spanish ladies didn’t root for their own. Chris is a special pleader for US skating - it drove me mad on BESP and even more so on ISU because the skating authorities broadcasting, if they’re going to do it themselves should be neutral, not big Fed driven. It’s not surprising that it’s biased, but I don’t think we should just accept it. I voted with my vpn and watched the Russian coverage.
  10. No I’d say he’s just as biased as the most biased fans on here - but with him it seems to be related to his allegiance to his adopted country, whereas we are fans of all sorts of individual skaters from all sorts of countries as well as our overriding love for Yuzuru Hanyu. It makes him a great mouthpiece for ISU because he still sounds English and therefore to the casual observer has no axe to grind. and we are fans- he is in theory employed to give informed, unbiased commentary to assist the viewer.
  11. I have to agree with you there - definitely not a hypnotist. But capable of driving normal people into a frenzy of helpless aggravation with his ramblings - I was a subscriber to Eurosport player before they lost the skating and it was a relief when they didn’t bother with commentary or ran a non commentary stream on the player- their ignorance of issues in various elite skaters careers, and their idle speculations used to drive me nuts.
  12. CH is biased. He was even pushing the narrative in the gala - there was an MC, no need for commentary- but there he was. I was particularly annoyed by his comments about the American junior ice dancers who were narrowly beaten by the Georgian couple - those two won their gold medal and didn’t deserve to have ISU chosen commentator casting shade at them for daring to break the expected outcome.
  13. Well that chimes with what I’ve said elsewhere about ISU wanting to be rid of the large knowledgeable fanbase that is vociferous in its criticism and a return to the good old days when the fans didn’t question what the ‘experts’ fed them. Certainly as a method of getting rid of any fan capable of independent thought the employment of Chris Howarth as sole commentator was a master stroke.
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