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  1. It was- indoors it felt a though the shortest day of the year was early, until you looked outside and saw the weird colour of the sky. Some of these named storms have been nothing but that one - I have relatives in Belfast and it pretty much ground to a halt in terms of normal activities.
  2. Not quite sure where to put this - hope this is the correct place- Storm Brian is due to hit the UK and Ireland this weekend with disruption forecast!
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Well - he was a bit lukewarm about him and very positive about Javi which some people find upsetting. I posted - yesterday I think(?)- that it's a question of age and taste rather than anything more sinister.
  4. Books and Literature

    Rereading Terry Pratchetts Nightwatch - very soothing.
  5. One might almost think they thought 'No one is going to want to watch figure skating - better go overboard on the packages to bring them in'
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Speaking for myself the diet will be a goner by this time tomorrow- just have to hit it extra hard next week- something has to give.
  7. I totally forgot how Seimei really sounds looking at it on my iPad until it accidentally connected to a Bluetooth speaker and I got the full force of the drums!
  8. Team China

    I think it's very beneficial sometimes to have different choreographers for free and SP - variety is good and if you always work with one person it's possible to get stale. Also one size doesn't fit all - I wish they would try a few different people instead of relying on one person. I'm glad EM is using Anna Karenina for the same reason - it's good to switch it around a bit and try some different people, especially when you're young. It would be amazing but unlikely to find the perfect choreographer at the first time of trying as Y did with Jeff, and even then he used someone else for the FP and after trying out DW eventually found SB. I know JF sticking with DW makes his work a bit formulaic - I don't know whether that's a comfort zone after a less than stellar junior career, or DWs style, or that he simply can't do anything else but it would be nice to see something different occasionally. And those are carefully put together programmes - SW is just a mess.
  9. I always got the impression from the vids that Machida was the driving force behind that uncharacteristic interest in his surroundings.
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    They use his photos as click bait- don't take it
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    TSL is a spent force- if it ever had much standing in the first place. It's just a bitchfest and they've bitten the hands that have fed them often enough to have lost their contacts so no one interesting is on there any more- maybe I'm feeling zen today but I find it perfectly easy to ignore them - I don't recall being particularly impressed with their interviewing when they had the likes of Tracey Wilson on there, I'm certainly not interested in their own views
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    @SSS The important thing to remember is that Dick Button is 88. He's been retired for ages and he almost certainly belongs to that august grouping of old timers who admire 'manly' skating. So he won't like the young ones because they're new and tbh often boring when they do too much jumping. He won't like Patrick Chan because lyrical skating isn't sufficiently masculine, and he won't appreciate Yuzuru because the sparkles will get between him and the quality of the skating, and he definitely won't appreciate a lot of his music choices. Javier skates to music he can enjoy (Sinatra, Elvis, classic film stuff) and in a way that he understands- it's slightly old fashioned and charming and the old boy can relate to it- it's perfectly comprehensible that he should enjoy his skating best, it's probably closest to what he tried to do himself. His opinions on the field are largely irrelevant. No one would have even thought of asking him what he thought if he weren't the last one to get consecutive golds. Whatever else you allow to upset you, chill out over this one.
  13. Took a cable and an adaptor - our tv though large (house full of football fans) is too old according to the children- their father gets his football fine and has no plans to replace it !!!
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    No - the black shirt with the stylised white flowers down one shoulder - with the live band
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Change - with the black jeans and the chrysanthemum patterned T-shirt