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  1. Me too - won’t be during Yuzuru’s career or even YKs - but eventually they will have to face up to it. I think it will be like tennis and football- FIFA were dead set against technology but when tennis showed that it could work even that load of entitled sleazebags had to take it seriously. Gymnastics is beginning to use tech that could be adapted to skating, especially re floor routines. If it works in one it will eventually be adopted by the other, especially if the IOC were to get behind it.
  2. They were isolated at Tokyo airport, tested several times during their stay and had a chartered flight from Tokyo to Osaka to prevent them travelling on public transport- special transport to and from the rink and not allowed outside the rink/hotel - tbh the only bit of the journey that seems to have made him uncomfortable Covid wise was going through Chicago airport. Why ISU/ JSF couldn’t say that this was the case baffles me.🙄
  3. I know!!!! - how hard can it be to broadcast the competition without paying someone to babble uninformed, usually incorrect, often trivial ‘information’ in the background?
  4. They certainly don’t do their own research. Pre PC Olympics I watched a competition in which Simons commentary on Han Yan nearly drove me to smash my laptop through the tv - it was all ‘ so promising a few years ago - lost his way - confidence issues - whatever happened to him etc etc ‘ and I was screaming at the screen ‘ he’s just back from surgery on his shoulder you moron - do your bloody homework’. Idk what they pay him but I could sit there and misidentify jumps just as well, with the added bonus of learning how to pronounce names and doing a bit of basic online searching re ongoing he
  5. Eurosport used to have a no commentary stream alongside the other so you could choose no to listen to them - sadly gone now
  6. Eurosport not having the skating for a season has left Simon even more adrift than usual
  7. I just had a nice nap all through MotD so I’ll probably be awake for the practice- so he’ll probably do jump less run throughs twiddling his fingers in the air - but that’s ok
  8. I didn’t intend to watch this competition but I’m glad I did now. I still think it shouldn’t have happened and it definitely wasn’t worth Rika skating with an injury but there were good things. I’m thrilled that Kaori had such a good outing - I felt in the 2019/20 season as though she was losing interest in skating. I think she missed Mai and there are always critics - I wasn’t sure she had the tenacity of someone like Mao or Yuzuru to keep going, but she has and I love her programmes this season. Matrix blade aimed at the judges is very satisfying. I was glad Roman did such a g
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