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  1. Listening to a lot of music, trawling back through old stuff, while threading cranes, came across Eddi Readers version of ‘Town without pity’. I’d really like someone like Wakaba to use this
  2. I’m glad she’s kept P&P for another season- it’s perfect music to skate to and ideal for a junior. Hope to see her in JGP
  3. Thank god - looks like they’ve got a specialist coaching camp - hope Deniss and co get back from Japan in time to benefit from it because they really need it.
  4. I think it’s a timing issue plus what people were saying earlier in this thread - there’s a lot of intensity and purposefulness (is that a word?) this summer. I don’t think he wants the distraction or the disruption of media day in the short time before ACI. And does he need to do it if it doesn’t fit with his personal schedule of how this season starts out? - everyone is primed and ready without an official unveiling these days, and his status is such that JSF and media will put up with whatever he chooses to do.
  5. Javi can tell him where to get one - remember the ice show Chaplin the summer before PC?
  6. You might well take refuge under a chair- that’s a very popular look among posters here
  7. Been watching Mukamedov doing Spartacus with the Bolshoi on YouTube this afternoon - now I want him to use Khatchaturian.
  8. Shane Lowry wins the Open in NI - not a big golf fan but I love it when there’s a local underdog winner and the big names choke - McIlroy, Woods and so on. Nice to see Tommy Fleetwood in second. I also like to see it played in bad weather on an old fashioned links course - takes it back to its roots. It shouldn’t always be on a manicured course designed by a big name in perfect weather somewhere like Florida.
  9. Wish him the best in the 1500 free.
  10. Agreed - but if there must be Roxanne let it be the Police- MR is moore than I can staaaand - to coin a phrase.
  11. Nope- at least I could watch PotO film all the way through (complaining all the while). When they heard Phantom coming from my iPad I got teased mercilessly. I switched Moulin Rouge off after 20 mins - I’d never hear the end of it if he picked that. unless he picked the Police original - if you must have Roxanne stick to that, which I am old enough to remember as new, dinosaur that I am
  12. I cant join in this weekend but I hope it’s very successful - and thank you for doing all the work to find out about it.
  13. I only just noticed this question- I’m so sorry! I don’t take exams - my teacher is quite exam focused but accepts that I’ve sat enough exams thank you and prefer to doodle around with stuff I’ve always wanted to be able to play ( principally Bach) and stuff that catches my fancy like the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack and my new Japanese book. My ability to practice is limited but I do love it when I crack a piece.
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