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  1. https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/stories/news/detail/japan-s-kohei-uchimura-reveals-everything-from-the-neck-down-is-painful/
  2. This is terrifying https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47965467
  3. @liv I am saying this in a totally non confrontational spirit - you don’t want the ‘signature moves’ - fair enough - so what do you think should replace them?
  4. I’m sure it’s been done but I’d like Yuzuru to do ‘Perfect Day’ - Lou Reid version - “you’re going to reap what you sow “ good message to the powers that be ..
  5. This is pretty much what no 2 son said when he came in this evening but with a ton of bad language mixed in - less prestige in those things I suppose...
  6. He will do whatever he wants, but I hope it’s two new ones. Enough tribute. I’d like an upbeat short and a non warhorse classical long - been listening to Schubert lately and enjoying it though possibly a better fit for P/C than Yuzuru.
  7. I don’t see why he should abandon layback IB and hydroblade - it’s not as though anyone else is doing them better or indeed much at all. Lot of SE, few anywhere near the quality of his, the odd cantilever, the rest is pretty pedestrian stuff outside spins and jumps, step sequences seem to be meh too again aside from the odd exception. To someone who is bored by them I would say “what is it you want to see then? “. To which the answer is probably quality crossovers or balletic ankles/arms or a nice rink long lead into a big jump like Brian Boitano used to do or something similar..
  8. I don’t think they pull the likes of Federer/Biles/Uchimura down in the UK either- but if there is a contender from the uk they do talk them up - Murray/Downie/Whitlock - not as much as the US but there is a flag waving component. Just not the sense of being entitled to do well and justification (injury, local bias) or blame (the athlete/the coaching programme) when they don’t that you get with US media.
  9. I’m afraid that western cultures tend more to the patriotic and less to the quality of individuals when it comes to sport, at least as far as the casual ‘fan’ is concerned. Someone who knows a lot about a particular sport, especially in individual rather than team sports, is more likely to ignore nationalism in favour of excellence- my husband would never support Murray over Federer for example. Costumes you get that toxic masculinity thing but it’s a lot worse as far as I can see as regards both attitudes in the US. In the sports I have followed, tennis, gymnastics, skating, there seems to be a presumption that the US will be successful and almost bewilderment when they’re not. MAG for example I remember a heated discussion a few years ago about why the men are not as successful as the women - the answer is obviously that boys with the quick twitch reflexes in USA will end up in more lucrative sports - but some US commentators just could not understand, they were certain that Leyva or Mikulak could dethrone Uchimura, and they really didn’t understand when GB ended up above them in the team event. Also sportsmanship is way down the list of what they look for - you need to do something really bad to get called out on it like that swimmer in Rio.
  10. I find the preference for the “double eyelid” odd- is that a long-standing phenomenon or a recent one? I believe some people have cosmetic surgery to achieve it? For me the scrunchy eyed smile is very endearing, not just with Yuzuru, look at Kaori
  11. According to the bbc Laurent Nunez says that the shell of the building including the north tower have been saved, which was in doubt mid evening and a lot of the artwork was retrieved. If they restore it, and surely they will, this American professors work will be an invaluable resource. Such a tragedy... https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/06/150622-andrew-tallon-notre-dame-cathedral-laser-scan-art-history-medieval-gothic/
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