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  1. I don’t mind if they do - we get fancams from RC and they love Yuzuru in Russia, I’d rather he went there tbh. I hope Dai doesn’t swipe GP places from those promising young skaters who inspired him to return but JSF being what it is I expect it to happen.
  2. I wish he’d been a skating fan - imagine a book like ‘Unseen Academicals’ but about the ISU, and skating whilst American/Canadian/ Russian, and costumes and commentators and Olympics.....
  3. Aaah - I got so annoyed at (I think it was) the Olympics when they tried to make him speak in English . You’ll get a long, detailed, well thought out, illuminating response in Japanese which can then be translated in correct detail by qualified translators if you leave him to speak - if you ask him to talk in English in a PC you’ll get the usual platitudes- try asking Chen to speak French or Kolyada to speak mandarin. English may be the global default setting but at his level there are interpreters and what he has to say is significant and needs to be put across as accurately as possible. I am perfectly willing to wait for a true representation of his actual words rather than a cobbled together ‘english’ comment that doesn’t actually express what he wants to say. Possibly my patience is honed by years of Japanese gymnasts who don’t do English at all.
  4. Article about his odd behaviour. https://www.dancemagazine.com/sergei-polunin-2630952973.html
  5. I can imagine Deniss skating to this - it could be lovely if he can only nail his jumps. Won’t go over too well in the US tho.....
  6. I don’t think the negative reviews were related to his leaving the Royal Ballet - that was in 2012 and they’ve a far more reliable danseur noble in Vadim Muntagirov now. I think the UK press don’t like his politics, his homophobic and fat shaming posts on social media, which got him sacked from a freelance job at the Paris Opera, and his general attitude. The critical reviews I read found his show self indulgent and tedious. He’s a wonderful dancer but without the discipline of a company he’s free to do what he wants without anyone telling him - actually, that’s not very good, think again, and he lacks the self critical characteristic that might help him rein himself in. It’s a waste of a great talent because backers won’t bankroll him indefinitely if his shows disappoint the paying audiences.
  7. Yikes, I don’t like the sound of this. I felt that Patrick Chan after his comeback in 2015/16, though he had coaches in theory didn’t actually pay much attention to what (if anything) they said to him, and he was another one with a close relationship with his first coach. It really showed in his skating. I don’t think Shoma has PCs level of.... let’s call it self confidence, but I do think he will drift without back up from someone qualified to oversee his training. What about Keiji’s coach as stopgap while he’s shopping around ?
  8. Will Eteris language make it through translation or will a Japanese interpreter smooth it into polite directness?
  9. It’s a blurry image but it looks like whoever made Stephane’s costume (costume that ate Mura x HYK ) had enough left over for half the cast - so they pieced it out with black. No waste you see.
  10. Well Nobus jumps since retiring from comp have been fabulous so that might be very good for him.
  11. is pleather going to be a thing for Japanese costumes this season or is it just a show thing? Yuzuru, Kaori, now the whole cast - plus Rikas trashbag pants - sort of patent pleather.
  12. I’ve got a million things to do this morning - why am I caught up in this?
  13. Yellow....... flashback......
  14. Nah - no frills, no glitter, no floaty bits - not Faoi style at all.
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