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  1. Thank you so much @sweetwater for the info.
  2. Yes, there was an IG Storie a few days ago. I think he was on the way to the airport. And this is Roman's last post on instagram. His spin is so fast https://www.instagram.com/reel/CT7RKxZFLrE/?utm_medium=copy_link I wish him Good luck at the Nebelhorn Trophy
  3. Thank you @Paskud for the links. Trusova will also participate.
  4. Excerpt from the Asahi article (interview with Yuzu's first coach Mami Yamada) [NEWS]
  5. Wake up with a new beauty blog is the best way to start the day. Thank you Yuzu, I wish you a happy day too His laugh at the beginning of the video 😅 This seems to be a new photo [NEWS]
  6. To be honest I was hoping a little bit that Yuzu will compete. He will have his reasons, I accept his decision. But of course I am happy for the other skaters who will participate.
  7. Article and video (TV report) about the Notte Stellata Project exhibition in Miyazaki You can find the video on this page: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/eced5c8d15817fb97ddccf2b01836a991d80f948 Edit: Or here [NEWS]
  8. The last male skater for the Japan Open has been announced: Sena Miyake Here is the overview of the teams RED/BLUE Source: https://jocoi.jp/jo/ Now I'm waiting for the Asian Open Trophy entries. 🤔
  9. Thank you @Melodie for the videos. Wow, two fantastic performances. Her jumps look so effortless.
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