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  1. Here part 2 Thank you to the Axel with wings team for the translation. There are also new Yuzu pics: Seimei pose Credit Credit Credit [NEWS]
  2. Shoko Nakagawa and Fumiya Sashida tweeted this: [NEWS] You could translate this with the twitter translation.
  3. Translation of the article from sports.yahoo More in this thread ⬆️ He always thinks of his fans. ...and another translation [NEWS]
  4. Thank you for finding. Here more pictures Credit: @mainichi.jp His smilie X Source: nikkansports [NEWS] By the way Yuzu has currently 562.000 subscribers.
  5. Another translation [NEWS] So maybe we will see TenChi or a new program with 4A.
  6. More Yuzu photos Source: @Yaguchi-san [NEWS]
  7. More Yuzu pictures Credit:@Sponichi.co.jp Credit:@Sponichi.co.jp Credit:@Sponichi.co.jp [NEWS] By the way @jijisports uses a header photo on twitter with Yuzu & Pooh.
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