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Listening to twitter space of English speaking fanyus and those who know Japanese shared a few of his words during the interview. Yuzu said something along the lines that if people feel sad about his announcement then he thinks that he made the wrong decision. He also doesn’t want people to say “Otsukaresama” because it feels like people are saying goodbye to him which is not the case since he’s not retiring. He’s so against the word “retire.”


I feel a bit better now after hearing all this and can’t wait for proper translations of his interviews. 


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I want to cry, but at the same I'm happy for him. Now he can continue skating in his own terms, and under less pressure. I hope this new chapter of his life brings him as much happiness as his previous chapters brought to me and so many others. I will always support him. Thank you, Yuzu.

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4 minutes ago, wildstrawberry said:

of course...




This made me laugh because I remember watching him in Ballade's starting pose and he sneezed. I was freaking out and so sure something was wrong. Then he skated two perfect programs and I felt like a clown. Glad to know now, seven years later, that I was right.

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It's been a while I posted here. Lots of things happen in my life these past few years. But I still follow Yuzu from time to time. The news flooded my FB & IG pages today. We know that day will come, and today is the day. It really feels the end of an era. As long as he is happy, I'm also happy with it. He has blessed us with lots of splendid performances and is generous enough to share his feelings/emotions on the ice.  I will always treasure those moments. His skating even helped me during my difficult times. Thank you very much for the journey, Yuzu. 


I can't wait to see the next chapter of his journey. I've been a fan since 2014 and I will continue to support him. and ready to empty my wallet for him

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If there are enough Yuzu shows and tours, perhaps there will be enough tickets to see him. Perhaps, maybe, hoping that because Yuzu understands that there are fans outside of Japan, there can be tickets for ice shows sold as holiday packages.

Seriously, one of the best ways to boost the economy in Tohoku would be for Yuzu to have an ice arena for shows with a hotel and leisure complex attached. The financial injection from shows, tourism, merchandising, publications would give people jobs and people would visit from all over the world to skate there, see a show, join a skating masterclass and generally spend their money in the region that Yuzu loves the most.

A fool's ideal vision of a 'Yutopia', but there's no harm in having a dream.

"If you build it, they will come"

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On a lighter note, he couldn't sleep before the press conference AND (SO?) he practiced late at night (whichever came first).


Classic Yuzu LOL


Edit: So he practiced until very late last night and only arrived in Tokyo today. Perhaps this is why the press conference was held in the afternoon. Even more classic Yuzu LOL

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I'm working near the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo, and passed by the hotel today after work. I cannot find out where the press conference took place today.  Was it the place?  Of course I could not do anything with it, but that's what's bothers me, as I saw two patrol cars in front of the hotel and noticed it might be the place. Were they, by any chance, for the conference for security purposes?  You can laugh at me, as I know myself I'm silly :sparkles.001: 



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