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  1. Here I am again : I just stumbled upon this and which dates from yesterday 09/21 and it talks about Canada and the opening of the borders and Rika and, of course, Yuzu and his "return"? to TCC (well I write what I understood, sorry) and you will understand better than me and that he is alone in Japan and Japanese comments translated and also, it would appear? that there is an incident at the 2014 Olympics gala, between Yuzu and P Chan and that the anti-Yuzu attacked him ..... : must see the video and read the "show more"
  2. HELLO fanyus : I went to see on Kosé France, if there is the "skin snow" range that Yuzu talks about and no, it is new and released this month on the 16th : https://japan.topnews.cloud/new-series-clear-wellness-from-kose-snow-skin-spirit/ and there are all the Sekkisei products and I found this one : https://shannonchow.com/secret-skin-white-snow-kose-sekkisei-lotion/ and it is, maybe? , Yuzu's secret to have such perfect skin and I also have this type of mask in another in another brand and then, anyway, no need to use this product to have this skin, mine is is
  3. BRAVO for your comment : you are musi cien? To analyze music so well and ALL that musical? and I would not be surprised to learn, one day, that Yuzu in perfect pitch, because we see him in practice when he counts with his hands, as I think? The musical movements and I saw Chopin 4 ° C, and I found one with the comments Yuzu and he talks a lot of music, and here I actually
  4. the fanyus : I wanted what I have in France in Yuzu, other than the fruit and which you know and I came across this : https://www.yuzushop.fr/ which sell air conditioners and it is written (which will be translated later) : "YUZU the comfort accessible to all and to feel good at home" : is not it and also : https://yuzu-sas.fr/ which sell kitchens and bathrooms and crafts : therefore a good product (is not Yuzu who wants ) and why "Yuzu"? they speak of citrus / lemon and which was originally used to perfume bath water in Japan (surely the Onsens?) and it
  5. Indeed, the color of the costumes of the Canadian couple are quite "flam boyant" !? if they like it .... and not bad the pants outfit for the women, I think it is more practical, than the normal and good medley of E JOHN and I put one for the 2 programs of this young (sorry I didn't understand her age) Marinela, looks like she has rubber arms and I think she has a future
  6. I also agree and misspoke, on my last write about this and this "need" to crush / eliminate it and with you fans I read with ALL and ALL of what you write and many twitter that I see: YES Yuzu is one and above all to admire him soon in this fluidity, which is his own and "heal his wounds alone", certainly it is an image, but he should not be alone and to be hyper surrounded and it is an essential support for his mind, especially and I read, with you the fanyus that have laugh at him in relation to his 4A : for what purpose, that he abandons? NAN and it's contempt at this point .....
  7. So, have you come to your senses , eh YES Yuzu has everything for him and even if he put a papatte bag, it would be PERFECT on him and app make the Japanese : it must be hard, but hang on and c 'is the same for French, not easy to learn ..... And there you go ....... and be careful while passing out and read the comments (the first 2 ) and I read the writing of Yuzuskatingisthetruth and especially from: "yet until the end" alone "and BRAVO it is a beautiful metaphor for what happens to him: to remove and even throw away the unwanted element / remove the worm from the fruit !! !! and wi
  8. Ah YES, the famous TURANDOT by Puccini and I listened to it sung by L Pavarotti = a TREASURE and I am the same to see what it will give on the choreography and in addition, by Junhawan Cha who must have seen Yuzu at the TCC
  9. You know that I am translating into French (and your time in Paris with it ) and I understood your metaphor well and we ALL know that Yuzu works hard ++++ and since his beginnings .... I read all your writings the fanyus (and even the long ones) and carefree for my part and I learned and done and Yuzu must have nerves of steel
  10. OK, so I'll start, but I'm not good at details and I'm not as "strong and expressive" as you ALL and ALL of you and generally the programs that make me WOOOO come from the heart : sorry My 1st is his FS Monde 2017 and which includes all the components that you wrote, because it is without any addicts and his look at the end says it all ... and since he had nothing to lose seen his delay on his SP, he gave everything and here is THE result and the LOUD BRAVO from the French commentator and the costume that goes with it My 2nd is his FS World 2012 : young Yuzu / senio
  11. Ah, is not it Henni and predictable and not hurt to have circled in red Nathan's views and everyone, does not include the German
  12. Discovery of "YUSUSHU " called Yuzu alcohol which is an alcoholic drink made from Yuzu, this name which inspires us so much : https://www.laboutiquedujapon.fr/product/liqueur-de-yuzu-12--50cl/120616/ and I hope you can translate it
  13. Good evening the Fanyus : I hope that Yuzu, since he returned to Japan found a physiotherapist who have a strong capacity to heal and I went to see their skills which are (I quote and which will be translated not you ALL and ALL) ) : relieve and prevent health problems and intervene in pathologies : muscular / articular / respiratory and sports injuries and Yuzu had them en masse ++++++ and also back pain / muscle injuries / ASTHME: yes and despite being a very high level athlete, he still needs help with his physique and, it is clear, his well-being (in my opinion) and I read that there is
  14. I know, of course, Arthur RIMBAUD who is a huge French poet and I went to see the wiki of D Horiguchi and I learn that he speaks French and therefore made translations (we learn every day ) and as I couldn't read T Suwa's article, I went to find out if H Rambo exists and it's a film that is the story of Alain who is disadvantaged and, who, to earn a little € recites poems by H Rimbaud to motorists stranded at red lights and the trailer is subtitled in English https://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm_gen_cfilm=275952.html
  15. Good evening and if we have written good comments, it is because you did a good job and for the hydrobla ding (OK all TOP, of course) but my best is that of Haru Yo Koi bent to the extreme (and costume ) and nose must fro the first ice, in my opinion and the last one, I think? , Is a practice last Skating Canada (there is a passage where he cut slips and falls) but always with grace
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