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  1. Ah YES, a touch of Yuzu when you wake up, I say OK and to make this long-awaited FOI 2022 wait, here is a compilation of Yuzu and other skaters and focus on slow motion and "WAKU WAKU"? and also to be able to admire the SUPERB photobook "Be the Light" from 2011 to 2020 YES our light and I take up a comment: "these are ART photos" and ALIGATO to you Yuzu to bring us dreams
  2. the fanyus and ANNIE: ditto I couldn't open the page ...... but I found an article on this Tohoku tour which dates from 2019 (maybe there was none between time) it is a bit long and we learn that this tour is for profit for post 2011 reconstruction and to raise money and we read that Yuzu participated in an advertising campaign to promote this race, since it is from Sendai and it is clear that its name appears on that of 2022 and I learned there that the inspiration for the name of "Tour" comes from "my" Tour de France which is a non-profit cycling sports race and the 1st edition took place in 1903 and the arrival is always in Paris https://lepetitjournal.com/tokyo/evenements-tohoku-reconstruction-japon (sorry it's in French) to ALL fanyus for your tweets: the pink Sakura watch that I would like to have ....... / to be able to leaf through magazines with Yuzu in photos and I laughed like a little girl with Yuzu's and voice (found for me) Here are the appearances of Yuzu (among other skaters) at the FOI between 2013 / 2015 part 1 and the end phrase on ROCK music since we are counting down to 2022
  3. ANNI you spoiled us with your tweets and especially that of this talented artist in extreme flexibility and her choice of music COOL is not it and I just understood the WOOOOOAHHHH of the presenter and well deserved and with Caramelicht : you did an excellent find that no one had been able to make and here is a Yuzu all in joy and joker and another who speaks of NOTO who "I think"? is a professional photographer who has been following Yuzu since he was young and who must be Yuzu's official photographer (well, of course that's what I think? and if there is a mistake : say so) and who tells his work and wait for FAITH which is fast approaching
  4. for the discoveries of the making of the costumes of Yuzu and Yuzurella has a real talent (which I do not have) in her writings and it is that of 1 H ago And here is Yuzu at the airport polite and humble, but I recognized the music that was a success in 1962 : "I hear the train whistle" and here it is (it's not the VO) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xyhrbtlR3w and the VO is called "500 miles" and is performed by a Japanese group with ease (found by chance) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sVYfrsaais
  5. WOOOOOOO I would never have seen these details if these very close photographs of PW had not been posted and with Yuzurella and the fine detail and here he is in parts and one where he could teach yoga with COOL and ZEN music and the delicacy of his gestures up close
  6. Here is fresh Yuzu and these are the reactions of the fanyus and it's a 2nd one, on the other hand surprising and especially the beginning that I don't understand well and you still wonder why Yuzu has his sad words? and what do I "understand"? it was smeared and criticized in bad newspapers ? and I had "burden" translated and when I saw this expression and I can write that YES some harsh / horrible words can destroy, alas and anyway there will always be criticism of its success from jealous and embittered people and the end is more reassuring and anyway ALL of us here the fanyus have supported you
  7. You were very clear to warn us and above all what hurts my heart is Shuzika's interview (she's from Sendai too) and to turn around with her tears , but we're ALL with you Yuzu I also keep my "hummm" opinions from the BO interview/answers!!!!!!!!
  8. My message at the beginning was "eaten"!? : THANK YOU Annie for answering me and for making me feel good, saw the FOI 2022 poster, Ah YES, this sentence (the "angel" emoticon and Yuzu)
  9. A and even a researcher talks about Yuzu, because it is really apart and unique
  10. ALL fanyus, here is a Dailymotion video that shows Yuzu and the participants and also see the lady on the left (I don't know her name on the right who did an advertisement with Yuzu too) and when he scares Darth Vader and, indeed Toshi and Yoshiki from X Japan and who YES would have said that 4 years later, there would be this SUPERB and MOVING Masquerade ......
  11. Hello / Good evening : here is Yuzu who announces : "aligato okasan" and she is an essential help for her champion son and on the video, she appears quite a few times and she dates from May 8th and it is marked "happy birthday of the mothers " who is the Japanese date? , because in my country it is celebrated on May 29 and another with "Haru yo Koi" with English
  12. Je suis très fière pour eux 2 et entendre la voix du Président E Macron les nommer Chevalier de la légion d'honneur et ce n'est pas donné à tout le monde : BRAVO les G&G
  13. This is the correct translation : but it is Nobu who writes that?????
  14. This is the horrible affair that S Abitbol suffered and this title : "such a long silence" says it all: say nothing about what was happening and suffered and she created an association : "the voice of Sarah" to continue her fight : BRAVO Sarah you have a lot of courage and your awareness against this "horror" will bear fruit https://www.msn.com/fr-fr/divertissement/celebrites/“-un-si-long-silence-”-la-patineuse-sarah-abitbol-raconte-le-viol-dont-elle-a- summer-victim/ar-AAX8C95?li=BBoJvSH and I'm going to watch this documentary carefully tonight and it has 4 "likes" which is rare.... and I quote part of the opinion : "it is just as BRAVE to come back to the story of his trauma and worst nightmare the time of this striking documentary, which reminds again and again that the voice of the victims must never cease to be freed and to be HEARD "
  15. When I read "Keiji" I said to myself Tanaka? : I went to see his wiki and I saw for his retirement which dates from April 11 and his intention to skate in shows on ice (Yes Annie, I think? that he is on the poster for FOI 2022 ) and will do others and work as an assistant coach and he was born the same year as Yuzu and I saw that he had Nanami Abé as a former choreographer I just found on youtube, the (I think?) Keiji's retirement ceremony and the intervention of T Koleto and his wife ice dance partner M Komatsubara and Daisuke who gives him a bouquet, but all the lyrics are in Japanese and maybe? that there will be a translation ...... and another titled : "farewell K Tanaka" and his performance at the 2018 Olympics
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