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  1. OP shares this from Japan Olympic museum credit:@enmi_g on twitter I have never seen this photo of Yuzu. Maybe for the introduction of the Olympic team [NEWS]
  2. Tzu-Han Ting from Taiwan is currently taking part at the 4CC. She admires Yuzu as her future goal and especially likes his "Hope and Legacy" From her wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ting_Tzu-Han [NEWS] This MAD makes me very emotional I wish Yuzu only the best for the Olympics.
  3. Jason shares letter to his younger self ahead of Olympic return: 'Dream big' Source: https://people.com/sports/beijing-olympics-jason-brown-letter-to-younger-self/
  4. Thank you for the video. Great performance. I like his SP, this suits him perfectly. So good to see him at the K&C with Brian. Good luck for the FS.
  5. A really nice interview with Roman. Regarding the Olympics he worries (understandably) when he arrives in China and tests positive. I hope he and the team stay safe and healthy. By the way he will fly to Beijing next week Friday. Good and safe flight Roman!!!
  6. From Spanish Olympics twitter account Here the video [NEWS] .....but we cannot purchase this online
  7. Nice day everyone Unfortunately I still have to work 1 hour. Here the link for the small medals ceremony and press conference
  8. Hello everyone That was a really good skate from Kao and this speed on the ice
  9. Thanks for sharing the videos By the way because you mentioned the tie This is from JOC Sports award 2018 backstage. From Maison KOSÉ IG Stories The Origin 2.0 costume will be on display at the Maison KOSÉ Ginza store until 26th January, if a Japanese Fanyu still wants to watch this. [NEWS]
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