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  1. Has anyone not woken up yet?? I hope Yuzu with the minty eyeshadow is every bit as invigorating as it could be to those who just woke up
  2. About time, congrats on the website launch! It looks sleek and gorgeous
  3. Yeah... empowerment takes many forms. For some it's wielding your popularity for a worthy cause, for others it's spurning them altogether and work on your cause in peace and quiet. His spouse seems to choose for the second path, as far as we can tell. Really, who's to say that it was solely his decision? It could very well be a mutual decision (again, we know very little!). As for the phrasing, I believe it's because Yuzu is the public figure here, so in the public eye he is the only one who counts (sounds harsh but that's the situation 🤷🏽), hence he referring only to himself in his latest public statement. Sure, women's invisibility is a worthy cause to talk about, but I think the author missed the whole picture here (like, really missed it, Big Time 🤦🏾🤦🏾🙈). Sure, one could view this event through a feminist lens, but if it ends up confusing the view rather than clarifying it (as I believe to be the case here), then I think one should rethink what's the underlying motive behind the situation. (I mean if she really wants to insist on her argument, why not talk about Gakki staying silent about her own marriage status? Because really, I don't think men (in this case Yuzu) or women (...yup) who are public figure not bringing up their own spouse/marriage status is motivated by antifeminist motives, but rather...a desire to protect their own privacy). Anyhow, big Big L for the so-called fEmInIst online article writer 🤷🏽, maybe read the room first.
  4. We win either way! (...okay our wallets gonna lose looots of money but hey, just take our money Yuzu! )
  5. Oooough it's been a long while since I last commented here 🙈 — I was away from the phone malware app the app formerly known as twitter the day Yuzu announced his marriage. On one hand we know that this will eventually happen (...remember all the time he said he'd be married by 25/26 on his TV appearances? Good times ), on the other hand...it still shocked everyone (me included) the moment he announced it (Also why do you gotta remind me of my singleness this way Yuzu???? So cruel ). Though it wouldn't be him if he doesn't surprise anyone like this, no? Congratulations to Yuzu and his spouse , may their marriage be filled by a lifetime of love and bliss , and we'll support you as always
  6. Have you tried downloading it? (the uploader said that if you couldn't play it straight from the drive) (PS: ope nvm, others have commented more swiftly than I do and showed a better spot for this 🙈
  7. Well I did shed tears , but I was on my bed (the head of it), and the puddle was on the foot of my bed, so how did it even make its way there?? (...unless.... /j /j)
  8. Yuzu, Pyeongchang sealed the deal for me...you are seared into my brain forever since
  9. Wanna know how I got back to real life after GIFT? There was a water patch on my bedroom's floor, and it was of mysterious origins! At first I thought it was seeping in from the windows, I checked the windows — bone dry. Then I checked the walls — also bone dry. The ceiling? Seemed dry, no visible leak patches either(!) (I also checked if it was the AC and again...the answer is no.) So there I went moving things around and wiping the floor dry and clean. (yes, it was as weird as you read it here ) ETA: yeeesh forgot to say this — it was raining heavily right after the show, hence the mystery water puddle on the floor 🤦🏾 (and yeah, I rechecked every part of the room, and all of them were dry, except for that part of the floor).
  10. Hey, at the very least he could carry a tune!
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