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  1. When I see him drained like that I become more worried about his stamina rather than his ankles of course his ankles are still a cause of concern for us satellites but now seeing him drained after performing a 4:30 minutes program (more or less) I am somehow worried again about it (I sure hope I was only overreacting on this one) Can we (well, especially those who live in Japan) start a petition of sorts to make Fuji TV air FaOI Toyama? Is that too much of a demand? (... surely not???)
  2. This hairdo might have happened more by chance rather than by design but I like it, I have soft spot for *wild* hair
  3. If I were Yuzu I might even be willing to fund the latest research in earphone development 😏 Apologies for being debbie downer but I won't hold my breath on that one...(even if they were financially capable of doing so (ie. sending the giveaway prize worldwide)) Then again it's already a good thing to have him doing this kind of engagement...
  4. As shocking the quad attempts could be, at least the quads he attempted at FaOI were quads that have been jumped (occasionally successfully) by other skaters, and afterwards.... Brace yourself for the monster....
  5. Mayhaps this pose is the secret to the eternal youth
  6. You know what, maybe instead of presiding over figure skating the ISU should preside over this *sport* instead But that's not the only newsworthy thing, this office chair race was first held in the Hanyu town, Saitama... Yes, that Hanyu town, Hanyu (羽生) town!! (...and it has been held for 10 years no less! ) This news is just so hilarious in many levels
  7. I knooooowww, which is why I am now more torn than before... Like, let Yuzu speak Japanese by all means (especially during interviews), but then I don't want him to always feel uncomfortable either when he speaks English, even when speaking only short sentences (and especially outside interviews). ...and this isn't exactly a trade-off of sorts either, not always anyway... Though now I hope that he does feel somewhat more comfortable speaking just teeny bit of English in daily settings... Alright I'll stop at this >_<
  8. I've been learning Japanese for a while and while I am now able to understand TV broadcasts a bit better (including the ones Yuzu is in ) I still need a translation to make sure that I understand him correctly. On one hand I want him to be at his most comfortable during interviews (ie. he conducts his interview in Japanese whenever possible, wherever in the world), but on the other hand I hope he gets less and less uncomfortable speaking English... I know this seems a bit selfish especially after the recent P&G talk show but I just hope that he always feels his most comfortable in communication... During this time of the year we often wish that he'd go to rehab in private rather than having some more public engagements (eg. ice shows, talk shows with your sponsor company, what have you), but it seems that this kind of engagement is beneficial to his physical recovery after all. The rehab process in private could feel a bit lonely, and while Yuzu is the type used to solitude, he could definitely use some direct support in form of the audience in the ice shows. There are other things to be mindful of (ice conditions, audience expectations weighing in your mind), but on the whole it still turns out as a positive thing for him. Here's hoping to the soundness of both of your ankles, Yuzu
  9. My first thought was that it kinda feels like we're back to the age when camera was yet to be invented and people had to draw things down to visually record it...except that, the information flow is fiendishly fast, and... Yea I am rambling and it doesn't make any sense P&G doesn't really release press stuffs other than for Yuzu days, huh? ...also....
  10. So I was about to post a new story on instagram and when I search for gifs to add on it I tried searching for "yuzuru" and look what I got there...😏 Whoever you are, kudos to you, dear uploader! Skating GOAT indeed 😏😏 BTW, this also shows up when you search "hanyu", too bad there hasn't been any gifs of his own image on giphy.com , but we can change that I think?
  11. ... good luck to Shoma, I guess??? (May he leave the camp physically unscathed ) ....btw is that Eteri's official IG account? (Just to make sure...)
  12. Reading other choreographers' names on Shoma's competitive programs truly feels like a breath of fresh air... yeah I know it's so exaggerated but hey don't you feel the same way too ;þ
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