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  1. I'm glad that he let us know, most of the time we can only assume that he reads (and knows) all that are posted on the internet...
  2. I first saw the news on instagram, and then I saw the news on other SNS I am on as well — it is so heart-wrenching just to think of it — I hope everyone in the vicinity of Notre Dame is safe... Notre Dame has been rebuilt several times (most recently in 19th century). It can be rebuilt again, I am sure, it's just that, there are other things in the cathedral that might be irretrievable due to the fire... ._.
  3. I wish you swift way to recovery , hope everything will be well again soon
  4. Well he had his Prince Igor costume, no? About as colorful as Nathan could be...
  5. If I wasn't mistaken Liza was helping with the bra's promotion so I think you should ask her
  6. This is such a beautiful thing to write down, I really felt* what you meant with the beauty of the flower. Amidst all the chaos to be able to still witness Yuzu's skating is such a privilege to have
  7. baldlettic hair Man, the level of tHOugHt, who would have predicted that they would go to such lows... ... really makes me wonder if the last election really made the USFSA propaganda machine ran amok huh... anyhow I turned out not really following WTT, glad that I did that anyway 😅. I will try to maintain my hope somehow, as long as Yuzu still skates on...
  8. I just found out that Yale is a hair school/school for barbers as well
  9. This is about to sound like a broken record but at least Team Eteri attempted to follow standards laid out by IJS as closely as possible, rAf doesn't even bother to do so. Yes the overscoring for Zhenya (and later Alina) is outrageous, but they have something to justify it (can't really say the same for Nate or Vince). Also I get it if people are only joking about Yuzu's flip edge, but seriously though, his flip edge has been alright for a few seasons until now, I had enough of people joking about it yeah I took it too seriously so don't point this out to me, I just...had enough of it ....also, I sure hope that every doom and gloom, nightmarish future scenario written on this thread is a reverse jinx of sorts. Else a purge by fire for ISU is sorely in order
  10. WTT who? I don't know her :v Anyhow have a picture of baby Yuzu goat ...with bonus llamas! (Yes the brown one is a llama too)
  11. I don't wanna be that negative nancy but now since we are starting to enter the desert I feel like I need to comment on this WTT thread just so that I can catch some FS content of any sorts (...and I am not even that pumped up on WTT )...
  12. At this point I feel like all the boys' crazy PPCs are just for kicks — fill out for the sake of filling out aka dgaf to giving proper PPC which will actually be executed at the comp. Here's to hoping for every YOLOers at WTT to leave the comp with their limbs intact ;þ, I don't wanna hear news of aggravated injuries from anyone else...
  13. Curious about how Chiitan does in the kitchen making pancakes? Now you know!
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