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  1. Figure_Frenzy

    Team Russia

    Or just get a plushie dog? Easier to maintain
  2. Figure_Frenzy

    Team Russia

    For Worlds team, I of course wish that Zhenya can make the team, though I definitely won't hold my breath for it — I feel pretty much resigned about it as long as they don't send Stasya (now that's madness I tell you!) to Worlds — I won't think too much of it
  3. Figure_Frenzy

    Team Russia

    Akita dogs can grow real big, I think they can measure up to 70 cms (toe to shoulder) for male dogs and 64 cms for female dogs once matured :o :o
  4. Figure_Frenzy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    As for the 4S size being smaller than 3A, it's pretty plausible to me, since the energy needed for the rotation of a quad is "taking" more on the energy needed for the translational jump, and this is the norm across all skaters. So yeah, if you see someone's jump got even bigger as they add one more rotation, you are looking at a unicorn...
  5. Figure_Frenzy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    The thing is, if you are talking about comparing accuracy(: closeness of the measuring instrument's result to the actual measurand value — in this case, Yuzu's jump), you can't even compare two different measuring systems (at least that's what I see here with the Dataman and the twitter measurement — can anyone check if the measurement system is really identical?). If you are comparing two different measurement systems, then what you do is measure one thing (which has known value(: in this case Yuzu's jump distance)) with those two different systems and compare which one has the closest result to the known value. Yes, it is a comparison, those two instances, but don't call it accuracy comparison, because accuracy comparison doesn't work that way. Sorry for being pedantic, but as someone who learned measurement theory during undergrad and grad study I felt the need to point that out. Also, for what its worth, both measurement instances could be both accurate or inaccurate, there's no telling — we don't know the exact distance or height from those moments.
  6. Figure_Frenzy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    ....but these are two different instances? I mean, for what it's worth, both measurement could actually be accurate enough, and the second measurement doesn't necessarily invalidate the first one (it can really be that Yuzu happened to jump bigger on the second instance compared to the first instance). I'd really like to know the measurement setup for ice scope...
  7. Figure_Frenzy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    now playing: I Want It All - Queen
  8. Figure_Frenzy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    ...dangit, I forgot to account for his kuyashisa — makes for better shenanigans though 😏
  9. Figure_Frenzy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Okay, this bit of info is *reassuring* to know
  10. Figure_Frenzy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He might not drink but that doesn't mean no shenanigans wouldn't happen at. all. ...and while we are at it let's have other Cricket boys (Jason, Jun, Javi too) in tow as well
  11. I get having one extra costume, but 30??!?!? Just way overkill 😅😅😅
  12. Figure_Frenzy

    Team USA

    Unrelated to Gracie's issue but I didn't know she has a twin sister but that bit on her father's though, yikes... I didn't follow her closely either but when you were only vaguely aware of her condition after 2015/16 season, by the time the Olys season came I think that assumption (ie. she, as a US athlete, still counts in the race for the gold in the next Olys) from the reporter is understandable :v :þ Here's to hoping she makes it through the recovery well, it is a long way ahead. You can do it Gracie
  13. Jason was absolutely delightful with his SP (also his hair , even better done and so slick and chic ), flawless flow through and through. Just all the heartshearts for Jason... Nathan's also nice as well. He still committed to his performance at this point of the season and that was enough for me ;p Also folks, it's Nationals, and a US one at that, no need to be pressed that much about the protocols , just enjoy the programs...
  14. I just commented here hehe don't wanna miss out on writing down my thoughts Javi — that was surely a performance to be remembered! PCS inflation and rough edges on the execution aside I am glad that he did well enough to land on top of the podium, way to go to perfect it all, such a heartfelt performance . Vamos Javi! Gracias por todos! PS: it was hard to write my remark without mentioning *that* word, especially in the last sentences 😅 Matteo — blessings from St Frederick L Mercurius be with him! . It was a nice performance, and yes, his skating was smooth as butter, I concur. His jump technique can be better, and I agree with those who said that he should improve it. He should perform more in the first half of the program, just more living in the mood of the program in general. Also that cheeky knee slide when he went to the boards after the performance Sasha Samarin — it is a miracle that he could land all his jumps like that yes, even more miraculous (or should I say infernal instead?) than Javi's usual miraculous saves. I mean, wonky midair axis, stilted flow coming out from the jump... How??? Good music choice with a drab program construction Misha K — oh dear, that was such a rough skate . What should he do to be able to have a stellar performance he is actually capable of? I am not too sure about how grave his physical condition currently is (to the point that it significantly influenced his performance? I mean, true, he got sinusitis around RusNats, and he seemed to have recovered enough (?) to be able to compete, but other than that I don't know if he has some sort of leftover from any sort of injury that had affected him previously.) I hope his wrist is okay Also I guess it's safe to say that the ghost of angry Georges Bizet descended in Minsk and lashed out on everyone who skated to Carmen — JUST CUT IT OUT ALREADY!
  15. Just watched the top three ladies' FS programs Alyssa — well done girl! Though now it is clear to me that she went to all her jumps with low speed, it's a wonder she still managed to land all her jumps o_O. I really wish for her continued improvement — she might be good enough already in some aspects, though she can be better. Composition of the program left a lot to be desired, but that's more on the choreographer ofc. Bradie — *sigh* why did I have to watch her again? Oh right, just to see how she did compared to other ladies That was...alright I guess? I didn't expect much from her still stiff as ever. I still feel that her FS performance at ACI is the best performance she did. ...and let's not talk about her scores :v Mariah — that was such a delightful FS . Should place above Bradie tbh (yeah, even with her fall at the 3Lz — it wasn't like Bradie's performance was flawless either :v ). Between the two, Mariah is the one more solidly committed to the performance. But hey, doesn't matter anymore does it? She and Bradie are now guaranteed the Worlds spots. ...now trying to catch other performances I care about....