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  1. Dang, 20 years already??? That's such a long time ago akugdhjfwsvjsjbdjbh I know that, that the knock off is where the real thing happens, but if you happen to follow a team or two (even if very casually 😅) you'd want to watch their qualifying matches too at least
  2. ...and Saudi Arabia NT is usually a team that gets butchered by the bigger teams 😅 (I mean I still remember the time (in 2002 I think...) when Germany NT just straight up butchered them 8-0(!). This time not only did they win, they won against Argentina too(!!) The schedule is actually pretty convenient for my timezone, but I haven't managed to catch any of the matches live ― oh well, did I tell you that I am a lapsed football fan?? (anyhow, we're still in the qualifying round so there are still many others to catch live...)
  3. Bon Anniversaire Ghislain Briand! Thank you for taking care of Yuzu all this time Happy birthday to Keiji "the Detective" Tanaka too!
  4. I usually root for Germany during World Cup, though in the last one I rooted for Belgium instead (...they made it to the third place though! ). I'd probably root for both (sort of) this time... Let's just see which team gets the furthest along this time
  5. Agree, this is such a legendary cat thread!
  6. Then in this case "morning" is whenever he first wakes up in the day, and "breakfast" the first meal he has after waking up
  7. https://www.chessdom.com/gm-christopher-yoo-i-felt-disrespected-on-every-level-by-hans-niemann/ Congratulations to Christopher Yoo! Though ngl...
  8. LMAO apologies for the gaucheness of quoting myself 🙈, but I have an important addition to this dream(!!!) So, the mall in question? I always assumed that it was just a fantasy mall, a mall that only existed in my dream (because honestly, the dimensions of the building were simply improbable — there's no way a mall that big would be built here (where land availability is scarce), or even in other parts of the world if we're being honest... ). But today, me together with my sister and my cousin just came home from visiting a mall in the city, and when I looked around the building, I looked at a corner (a gate leading to the parking lot from the first floor¹), it seemed familiar to me and... ...I realized I saw this spot first in my dream. It was smaller than the one in my dream, but it looked really close (if not exactly similar). And as I strolled along the first floor...I saw a skating rink on my right (at this time there were a few skaters with their coaches learning about skating). I was delighted at the sight of the skating rink (it's been a while since I last skated :'3 ), but even more than that... I realized that my dream could become reality, however slim the possibility is. ...because it turned out that the mall actually exists in reality!! ...and I don't know how many of you have experienced déjà vu but I do, and I (used to) experience it quite often, and could you guess where I first saw the things I saw in all my déjà vus? Yup, that's right... I saw them first in my dreams. Okay okay, apologies for the woo woo, I know it make little to no sense at all, but as I strolled around the mall I just felt so full of fondness in my heart — no matter how remote it is, could it be that Yuzu do an ice show here in Indonesia eventually? In the end, who really knows, but it's okay to hope and daydream (well, more daydream really 🙈) about it I suppose . Whatever happens, I am thankful for what Yuzu does now, reaching to our hearts with his stellar skating... I ended up really feeling delighted from the trip to the mall (though the trip in itself was rather pleasant — we had sushi for dinner! ). Can't wait to go to that particular mall again (and dare I say, to skate there after a long while not skating?? 🙈) PS: special note to fanyus who live in Greater Jakarta Region↓
  9. https://www.chess.com/news/view/carlsen-niemann-fide-investigatory-panel FIDE (the worldwide chess federation) is officially moving onto the cheating investigation between Carlsen and Niemann. ISU could never :v
  10. Oh! Bandesu YT channel just posted a clip from their latest show with Yuzu (and it includes a little bit of BTS in the beginning!). This features mostly the POV from the TV broadcast. And here's a clip from the beginning of the show. [NEWS]
  11. I don't exactly follow chess closely, but with the drama currently brewing I can't help but keep an eye on it 🙈 https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2022/sep/20/carlsen-v-niemann-the-cheating-row-that-is-rocking-chess-explained I don't really have much to say — Magnus Carlsen's complaint does seem like a tantrum after he pulled out from the latest match after just two moves. That said, I am also of the opinion that it is hard to look at H. Niemann (challenger to Carlsen) as someone who's playing clean and fairly now, especially after known record of cheating earlier in his career.
  12. Re: new ice rink in Sendai — I hope the rink foundation could be constructed similarly to the one in Toronto Cricket Club rink (IIRC the ice rink there has a sand layer for its foundation, so that it could absorb landing shocks from jumps better. It will also make a softer impact on the skaters' joints too...). That would be such a great support for the skaters. Of course there are other things one needs to refine in FS (other than jumps), but so much the better if this can be facilitated by the new rink...
  13. To think that this is (another thing that) I have in common with Yuzu... (Aside from being born in the same year )
  14. Aaand this particular opponent also has a track record of cheating too, so whoa... way to stain your standing, kid
  15. ...and more recently, Magnus Carlsen. (because apparently his opponent from his last match cheated??)
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