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  1. Happy birthday man, I just wish you the most robust health and spirit as you renew the universe of figure skating, time and time again... 🙏 🍄🎁
  2. ...at least he's not... (wait for it...) ...a loan shark 🦈 (I'll see myself out 🙈💀)
  3. Uh oh, Mejiron resembles an earlier design of Duo 😅😂🤣🙈 (...the Duolingo owl)
  4. Thanks to you I now remember that this (ie. unmemorable gold medallist) indeed, is a possibility 😏😉
  5. See that's where the problem lies. It just doesn't sit right when most Japanese fans of Yuzu, who love and care for him so deeply, weren't even aware of the injustice dealt to him from ISU and JSF (especially considering if they decided to make some noise about how Yuzu is always snubbed by JSF in one weird way or another, JSF would be very hard pressed to ignore their grievance). Obviously that wasn't the case with those who routinely pored over the protocols after comps, and starting from last season a few more Japanese fans were starting to be aware of this matter. Hope more fans are getting aware about it and press JSF about it, especially when the suitable occasion to do so arises...
  6. Welp, I guess the mere fact that that combo popped in mind shows that I forgot that that Xylitol costume existed (...until this comment reminded me 😅😂🤣🙈) I was thinking a shirt more in line with the one he wore when skating Hana wa Saku in past ice shows, so no not frilly in the way Xylitol costume was 😅🤣. But then again, however we predict his costume, he'd come up with something unexpected and beautiful (and we'd fawn over it all the same 😍😍💓)
  7. Something white and gold? That's what first pops into my mind anyway. Maybe a shirt but waaaaay frillier (yea I know, Yuzu and dress shirt?? Inconceivable. But think of regency era shirtwaist with ruffles etc...). White shirt with gold striping for accent, and then dark velvety trousers (...burgundy? Well, something deep red at least...) lmao this is quite the distraction for me 🙈
  8. I know he isn't going to perform anytime soon but hearing this announcement (or is it actually more of a leak? ) makes me feels like he'd (recover and) perform it sometime soon enough, and that makes me feel relieved and happy... Oh well. Don't worry, I still remember that he needs some time to recover. But this definitely helps me being more patient while waiting for his eventual recovery...
  9. Now that's Quality Journalism™ (...and from a student journal to boot(!))
  10. At this point I wouldn't be too surprised if Yuzu pulls a Jacob Collier (but in real life(!)) one day... (...or you know, there's always a sequencer pedal... (though that'd look less impressive(?) and hectic 😅😆🙈))
  11. I just...don't understand why some people don't even pretend to maintain a united front regarding support for Yuzu (which, for the record, is their absolute best men's skater still), like...what is even the use for them to do that.... 😒😒😒🙄🙄🤦🏾💀🔥
  12. @ the universe: are we the clowns or what?? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 I first saw the screenshot of the tweet somewhere else, hoping that it isn't true or something but hopping onto here I found out that of course it was true... 💀 If anything this shows that Yuzu still needs someone else besides him (ie. his coaches) to monitor him. (Obviously I hope he'd recover swiftly enough) (Further discussion put in spoiler due to its potentially upsetting nature)
  13. Since when him announcing 4A to be his (sole) goal translated into he'd only compete once? (...in which he'd successfully land it and then stop competing altogether??) Like, yes, Yuzu owes anyone (and that includes us his fans) nothing, he should do as he wishes, but I am more of the opinion that he'd like go a little further (after unleashing Nessie), even now in what is likely the late stage of his competitive career. At this point, I think competition is still what fires him the most (dodgy judging aside), so I don't see him being completely done with competing once he lands Nessie once (I mean, if I were him, I'd land Nessie in a few more comps after NHK Trophy (...and will that include the Olympics? Who knows...).) As for his Olympics participation, I see his comments on it so far as a way to fend off the hype and expectation from him (especially in the case of him actually participating). He managed to win under enormous pressure at Pyeongchang, but even that was a herculean task for him (and I definitely understand it if he tries to shake the expectation off of him if he decides to have a third go). All in all, I am also part of the people who are (somewhat) relieved to hear his Nessie announcement — just let her come, Yuzu...
  14. Hello, sorry for the late reply, but in case of you still needing this then here you go... I'd recommend checking the specification of your phone speaker/headset/earphone/other listening devices, and just calculate the volume manually (ie. (percentage×(max decibel-min decibel)) + min decibel ). Hope this helps. AFAIK most phones have a default limit of 70% volume for extended listening (~2 hours or more), and I think you could follow that guideline. (Other solution would be to get a decibelmeter but I don't think you can easily buy one, especially if you don't measure volume often 😅). Also don't forget to take breaks from listening with your earphone. Hope this helps
  15. However one feels about Nate, one just has to admit that his knee situation to this date is nothing short of miraculous — especially when his is that stiff when landing jumps Hip injury is the reason why Tara Lipinski retired so early, the reason why Yuna Kim didn't jump triple loop during her competition career. If you see a correlation between hip problem and loop jump, well, you see right. If not done with proper technique, loop jump is a hip buster jump Honestly though what other problem could it possibly be if not injury? (I don't blame you thinking that way — I thought similarly too). Nate's 4Lo was never that good to begin with, but with his insistence in bringing a new quad jump and suboptimal technique he is courting danger... (It's gonna catch up on him 👀)
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