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  1. I think it might actually be a modern haori of sorts — which explains why it was worn over the jacket (and haori is like an overcoat analogue for the whole kimono ensemble). Why the collar was tucked under the jacket's lapels, maybe because it's more aesthetically pleasing that way ;þ
  2. It's a foolproof cool hairdo for Yuzu, we all can be sure of that now! (And yes....that means that just because the advertising agency gets to do Yuzu's hair the LGC way, doesn't mean that any clothes he is going to wear along with his cool hairdo going to look effortlessly cool!)
  3. My middle school biology teacher lost all of her extended family in that tsunami in 2004. Even with all the aftermath photos published in the media it is sometimes still hard to register just how intensely the disaster had impacted the region. To my knowledge, the areas that did get rebuilt, they got rebuilt without even considering the disaster risk (ie. built as if the area wouldn't ever have another earthquake or tsunami), which definitely is not the wisest way to go about it. People like to think that the island of Sumatra is the island most often frazzled by the earthquake but frankly, all islands in Indonesia are at the risk of earthquake ...except maybe Borneo, but even that is a big maybe (and I am not a geophysicist so don't quote me on that!). I'd like to think that we are now somewhat better at doing what to do when earthquake or tsunami happened, if only marginally (eg. get to the safest open place whenever possible, take cover under tables/at the corner of rooms/under the door frame etc.), but this is a thing that takes continuous effort to do (not just a one-off PSA, but rather continuous learning in classes and meetings, etc.). And I haven't even talked about how to build an earthquake-proof building and all other things related to that... To tie it back to Yuzu's role in the recovery, I think a person analogous to Yuzu's role would be someone who is 1. Famous enough, at least at a national level (imo doesn't need to be an athlete, but it helps being an athlete), 2. Has a considerable financial worth (ties in to the capability to help the region in monetary terms), and 3. Is consciously community-minded. The one person closest to this role And this was actually stretching it was Martunis, the boy who survived the tsunami on a floating bed and ended up meeting Cristiano Ronaldo (because CR was his football idol and he was found wearing CR jersey by the SAR team). The last I heard of him, he went to a football school CMIIW , and I haven't heard from him again since. Of course, the presence of this one figure doesn't magically translate into immediate recovery of the region from the disaster (there are definitely other aspects to be considered as well), but as the case of Yuzu's role has pointed out, sometimes it takes an ambassador to point out that 1. Recovery from a disaster can take a long time, and 2. It helps to have an ambassador (of sorts) to keep raising awareness of this said recovery. Just my thoughts...
  4. I'm kinda thankful that the first and the last T*L video I watched didn't have Yuzu mentioned in it at all (it was about Karen Chen and other NA skaters, I think? In other disciplines as well...), and even then they took like 95683426 years to get to the point they were about to make A great turnoff for watching them, Yuzu dragging aside! (...and they were talking about NA skaters, why the heck not get to the point and straight up smother them with flattery and all that jazz (even when said NA skater was riddled with bad news(!) ))
  5. ....so, I presume that rEPoRt of Yuzu being *screwed* whatever the word means now, since it's T** that said it is just a false alarm? Good grief!
  6. So for the first two takes I got Swan Lake and the third time I got Astor Piazzolla Oh well, anything but Phantom :v
  7. Jessye Norman has passed away this Monday, and sure enough on Tuesday the almighty youtube algorithm showed this on my recommendation tab... *sigh* rest in heavenly peace dear Ms Norman , the heavenly chorus gains another angel
  8. Oh, you know the technicality of it, as in they were messing Nobu up not in their direct capacity as JSF officials, but *just* as Kansai Uni officials :v :v :v ...which ofc doesn't excuse JSF from handling this affair, because... shouldn't JSF be allowed to take over on regulating to speak of it in broad strokes a skating club if said skating club has a problem? (I mean, they ought to? As the organization with the highest level of authority regarding the sport and the management of it, surely they ought to straighten up things, should problems ever arise?) Oh wait, bold of me to assume that those impotent dullards even have authority to begin with!
  9. ....seems like he accidentally(??? lol) picked up that *habit* from someone
  10. A Japanese Jason fan account over at twitter said that he is recovering and gearing up for Skate America, so rabbit rabbit white rabbit for Jason as well!
  11. Apparently Hamada sensei suggested to Dai to try ice dance... ...welp now it doesn't turn into an embed tweet on its own -.- (Update: ...now it's showing properly! Oh well )
  12. I think it's actually coming up with another name? (...forgot the exact name though 😫) ...also with the rabbit rabbit white rabbit thing, I just think that (we) fans just wish him the best health no matter what...
  13. ...also Nobu, *whispers* go coach in Sendai, the Tohoku kids needs you, Nanami sensei surely can get a helping hand, especially from an Olympian as special as you! (I hope his immediate family (ie. wife and kids) is open to the idea of moving to a new place — I mean, I know that commuter marriages are common in Japan, but I can't bear the thought of Nobu being separated from his family should he take an offer to coach in another region, especially not after such a battered mental state
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