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  1. I mean Alina is being (not-so-quietly) disposed by the powers that be™, but to do her like that....they are really being shameless 😒😒😒
  2. ...is it bad if I say I am not surprised seeing that similar thing unfolded in the K-pop industry at large unfolded at the triathlete sphere (...and possibly other branches of sports as well) in S. Korea?
  3. I was a bit confused before playing the clip (I mean in this episode Mr. Bean ends up peeping the man's work, so why is he Yuzu?), but then I played it and....
  4. Yeah, same. Outrage marketing works a little too well unfortunately :v ...also agree with those who say that Nate realized his complicity in this whole situation — it flatters him (and handed on a silver platter too!) so why wouldn't he savor it while it last??? (As hollow as it actually is....)
  5. ...and how many of the gullible newbies who got this narrative stream first will come around and realize the truth? What's also concerning is that there would be a considerable amount of these first time fans that might dig their heel deeper rather than reckoning the truth when it is shown to them. We cannot just let that happen — especially if one claims to care for the truth, honesty and integrity.
  6. That omission of Yuzu's achievement on the awards bio only reflects poorly on those who desperately wants another skater of their choice to be seen as the tiptop skater today — that kind of omission would never cast Yuzu in a poor light, as those dullards desire, because people know the truth, the truth that Yuzu is simply unmatchable by any other skaters before, now, and probably after this era of FS we are in. The only problem is that those who are completely new to FS and they see this and they straight up believe it. I'd like to think that this is not going to be a legitimate issue, but the fact that this is still a possibility bothers me...😒 Generally I am down for just ignoring those stupid antics by I**, U**S* and the rest of the goons but there has to be an active way to stop them fooling around like that, because seriously, it benefits no one (not even themselves)...
  7. I've said this and I'll say it again — when one says Yuzu has fans from Asia, it doesn't just mean the East Asian sphere, it literally means all across Asia, from Japan to Turkey, from Mongolia to Indonesia. (...and that's *just* from Asia! )
  8. I think this stems from the assumption that figure skating is such a niche sport, there are not that many spectators to begin with, to the point where it seems like if a certain skater amasses a large percentage of supporters from the available spectators, there wouldn't be many people left to be other skaters' supporters, if supporting skaters works exclusively the way it works in other sports (football, cricket, hockey, what have you). Hence the message (mostly directed to this large percentage of supporters of this certain skater lbr) "support all skaters equally". As @rockstaryuzu pointed out once you are at the rink you can't help but feel for all skaters to do their best, so you cheer for all of them, sending each of them the moral support. Outside the rink though? For me at least, while I have other favorites in FS, I still have my ultimate favorite, and it is him that I'll root for the most. Also people seem to forget this but wanting Yuzu to win ≠ wanting other skaters to do badly (because you know, other skaters can do well but Yuzu does better and it ends up with him winning the comp).
  9. ...or you know, you measure in metric system 😏
  10. Same 😂 now I kinda wish they'd react to Yuzu's programs (the "classical" ones at least (eg. Chopin, Origin, Seimei etc)) Look I know it's not much but at the very least it could be of use for some... 😏
  11. ...slightly OoT but you know you are a dehydrated cactus 🌵 when you are relieved by a brief glimpse of Yuzu (...and an old photo at that too 😅😫🙈) in a video you'd least expect him to be in...
  12. I don't exactly follow tennis closely but I vaguely know for a long while that Novak Djokovic is disliked by many people for his *antics* including apparently by the Serbs themselves??? whoa , but this incident just drives the point home of how much of a mess™ he is... O_o
  13. ...who was her (now) former coach? Anyway, doesn't really matter now, and I hope she is able to maintain a healthier physical condition with her new training situation.
  14. ....in case you didn't know, Sputnik is trash, just as trashy as RT (if not more), so...don't take their word for it (or for anything of importance, for that matter).
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