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[Streaming Party] #YuzuSkatingParty: Yuzu's Journey

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:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:due to the hard hard work of several satellites, we have a streaming schedule for English subbed Yuzu documentaries :tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw: thanks to the organization, editing, translation, and design work of @yuzuonice @LadyLou @sweetwater @Umebachi @rockstaryuzu @Wyell @Yuzu_legend @FlyingCamel @Kitty @Sapphiresushi @StrawberryChicago! and translators on twitter! (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone, if I did I'm sorry :tumblr_inline_mqt4gi2T9v1qz4rgp:)




24 Oct 2020 2006-12: Early Years
31 Oct 2020 2012-13: New Life in Canada
7 Nov 2020 2013-14: Road to Sochi
14 Nov 2020 2014: Sochi Olympics
21 Nov 2020 2014-15: Hardships of an Olympic Champion
28 Nov 2020 Yuzu's Cute and Funny Side
5 Dec 2020 2015: Kenji's Room
12 Dec 2020 2015-16: Making of Seimei 
19 Dec 2020 2016-17: Yuzuru's Hope & Legacy
16 Jan 2021 2017-18: Road to Pyeongchang
23 Jan 2021 2018: Pyeongchang Olympics
30 Jan 2021 2018-19: Return to his Origin
6 Feb 2021 2019: Saitama Comeback and Monument in Sendai
13 Feb 2021 Heart of Gold: Yuzu's Charitable Acts
20 Feb 2021 2019-20: Career Super Grand Slam


We will be attempting to stream at



Come join us! :chase::tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp::nod2:

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7 hours ago, yuzuangel said:

:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:due to the hard hard work of several satellites, we have a streaming schedule for English subbed Yuzu documentaries :tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw: thanks to the organization, editing, translation, and design work of @yuzuonice @LadyLou @sweetwater @Umebachi @rockstaryuzu @Wyell @Yuzu_legend @FlyingCamel @Kitty @Sapphiresushi @StrawberryChicago! and translators on twitter! (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone, if I did I'm sorry :tumblr_inline_mqt4gi2T9v1qz4rgp:)




24 Oct 2020 2006-12: Early Years
31 Oct 2020 2012-13: New Life in Canada
7 Nov 2020 2013-14: Road to Sochi
14 Nov 2020 2014: Sochi Olympics
21 Nov 2020 2014-15: Hardships of an Olympic Champion
28 Nov 2020 Yuzu's Cute and Funny Side
5 Dec 2020 2015: Kenji's Room
12 Dec 2020 2015-16: Making of Seimei 
19 Dec 2020 2016-17: Yuzuru's Hope & Legacy
9 Jan 2021 2017-18: Road to Pyeongchang
16 Jan 2021 2018: Pyeongchang Olympics
23 Jan 2021 2018-19: Return to his Origin
30 Jan 2021 2019: Saitama Comeback and Monument in Sendai
6 Feb 2021 Heart of Gold: Yuzu's Charitable Acts
13 Jan 2021 2019-20: Career Super Grand Slam


We will be attempting to stream at



Come join us! :chase::tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp::nod2:

Wow! What a huuuge work!

I must really register on Twitch, hoping I'll be there at the right time.

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If you missed the party or would like to rewatch, here is the playlist, including the newly subbed videos (they're also all in our video library!)

Thank you for joining and see you next week when we will be playing documentaries from 2012-2013, "New Life In Canada"! :tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg:

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Thanks for joining the stream yesterday!

Here's the chat from Twitch :tumblr_inline_n18qr7hmfk1qid2nw:


[0:00:57] <fayfalcon> Hiya
[0:01:06] <spacekittylei> Hi!
[0:01:07] <lemingway91> Hello!
[0:01:08] <ratanyaaaa> hello!
[0:01:16] <thwlittleswan> hi!
[0:01:18] <yuzulegend> Hi everyone!!
[0:01:21] <arataaa__> helloo
[0:01:23] <TwoXElle> Hi, LadyLou here! #YuzuSkatingParty :D
[0:01:32] <msemilyc> Hello from HK!
[0:01:35] <TwoXElle> soooo excited!
[0:01:46] <hydrobladeking> hello!
[0:02:01] <yuzulegend> Where are you from guys?! Switzerland here!
[0:02:02] <delayedaxelyuzu> Hello, #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:02:05] <delayedaxelyuzu> s
[0:02:08] <delayedaxelyuzu> damn
[0:02:10] <delayedaxelyuzu> spain
[0:02:13] <hydrobladeking> Philippines :)
[0:02:13] <delayedaxelyuzu> akfkvkvj
[0:02:13] <ratanyaaaa> I’m from the Philippines!
[0:02:18] <TeaFrida> Hi
[0:02:22] <fayfalcon> Moscow, Russia
[0:02:25] <angelonice1207> Hello everybody! AngelOnIce here :) #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:02:29] <tafattsbarn> hellooo everyone!
[0:02:34] <shozuzu> wow~~ party started:)
[0:02:34] <tafattsbarn> from sweden
[0:02:35] <anjaheyheyhey> Hello!! <3
[0:02:36] <frenchkiss70> Hello from France #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:02:36] <delayedaxelyuzu> #YuzuSkatingParty Twitter: SilviAoiDream
[0:02:37] <hydrobladeking> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:02:37] <yuzulegend> @delayedaxelyuzu hola entonces!!
[0:02:39] <shozuzu> hello all:)
[0:02:43] <ratanyaaaa> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: @thisainttanya
[0:02:55] <lemingway91> Mushroom-zu time
[0:03:01] <4mine4> Hi everyone~
[0:03:02] <eruchan_desu> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter : @eruchan_desu
[0:03:09] <fayfalcon> A very small Yuzu skating
[0:03:10] <hydrobladeking> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: @hydrobladeking
[0:03:10] <shozuzu> yea mushroom zuzu
[0:03:15] <chikaleo777> Hello all
[0:03:23] <ratanyaaaa> mushroom zuzu!
[0:03:33] <yuzulegend> I can't read and type! lol
[0:03:43] <anjaheyheyhey> haha same
[0:03:48] <arataaa__> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @arataaa__)
[0:03:48] <rinrinchan__> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: @Rezemter
[0:03:52] <4mine4> #YuzuSkatingParty Twitter:@MineeQuartz
[0:03:53] <heyitsgabie_> Hello everyone! 🌸 #YuzuSkatingParty Twitter: hiroicsinner
[0:03:54] <shozuzu> so cute
[0:03:54] <spacekittylei> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter : @spacekittyyuzu~
[0:03:58] <~PlanetHanyu> oh no, it's skipping a bit
[0:04:01] <yuzulegend> awwwww
[0:04:06] <saltatoryconduction> MUshroom Yuzu!! #YuzuSkatingParty twitter @saltatorybund
[0:04:08] <TwoXElle> mushroom Zu!
[0:04:10] <arataaa__> aaaaaaaa
[0:04:14] <tafattsbarn> lmao he's so cute
[0:04:15] <ratanyaaaa> he’s such a cutie!
[0:04:17] <angelonice1207> cutie mushroom zuzu! #YuzuSkatingParty PH Username = AngelOnIce
[0:04:18] <thwlittleswan> baby zuzu aaaaa
[0:04:24] <hydrobladeking> mushroom zuzu with pinkish chubby cheeks
[0:04:24] <fayfalcon> It doesn’t matter, you can read most stuff
[0:04:38] <anjaheyheyhey> it's not too bad, put it in lower quality if 720p 60 os skipping!
[0:05:34] <TwoXElle> he does uses his hands in beautiful way <3
[0:05:34] <angelonice1207> i want to squeeze his cheeks
[0:05:40] <anjaheyheyhey> ikr
[0:05:41] <hydrobladeking> baby yuzu smile
[0:05:51] <4mine4> Mushroom Yuzu is so cute with his squishy cheeks~
[0:05:58] <marianargentin> Hiiii!!!
[0:06:03] <arataaa__> i'm dying
[0:06:06] <yuzulegend> he's so cute!!!!
[0:06:07] <anjaheyheyhey> Hiii, Marian is that you? :D
[0:06:08] <thwlittleswan> he is so cute
[0:06:11] <iceprinceyuzu> Hello #YuzuSkatingParty~ twitter: @IcePrinceYuzu
[0:06:15] <marianargentin> Yesss Anja!!
[0:06:20] <bwozwaltz> hello everyone :)
[0:06:23] <mayqueen880516> Baby Yuzu!
[0:06:30] <louitunes> #YuzuSkatingParty Hello from Louitunes and a blustery chilly UK.
[0:06:33] <TwoXElle> LOL
[0:06:40] <lemingway91> Is this where his obsession with audio gear began? LOL
[0:06:49] <anjaheyheyhey> magine if haha
[0:06:51] <marianargentin> @anjaheyheyhey yess Anja!!
[0:06:54] <arataaa__> lmaoooo
[0:06:55] <hydrobladeking> the start of the documentation of his love for earphones
[0:06:57] <yuzulegend> Hello everyone!! So glad to see so many of you joining!!!
[0:07:01] <bwozwaltz> Baby Zuuuu
[0:07:04] <saltatoryconduction> Omg baby earphone nerd
[0:07:10] <milagros17z> baby Yuzu🤧
[0:07:13] <ratanyaaaa> How can someone be such a cutie aAaaaa
[0:07:18] <o_meleta> 🥺
[0:07:20] <TeaFrida> #YuzuSkatingParty, TeaFrida at PH
[0:07:21] <albagrigori> hii, thanks for doing this! #YuzuSkatingParty @rinxnezha
[0:07:28] <~PlanetHanyu> sorry transitioning to next video
[0:07:29] <hanyu_axel> babie mushroom #YuzuSkatingParty PH: Patch
[0:07:40] <TeaFrida> Mushroom Zu is too cute
[0:07:48] <eruchan_desu> kawaiii \(>_<\)
[0:07:49] <anjaheyheyhey> oh, @yuzulegend that's yours xD
[0:08:01] <mayqueen880516> #YuzuSkatingParty ; twitter: mayqueen_880516
[0:08:02] <angelonice1207> yup, thanks so much to the organizers! #YuzuSkatingParty (AngelOnIce on PH)
[0:08:07] <arataaa__> yes king
[0:08:09] <milagros17z> everybody laughing but he did it twice😎
[0:08:10] <TwoXElle> there could be future medallists....LOL no one could imagine....
[0:08:25] <o_meleta> babie yuzu 🥺 #YuzuSkatingParty @squishyyjks
[0:08:34] <milagros17z> the interviewer😂😂
[0:08:41] <spacekittylei> OMG yuzu called it hahahaha medal at the olympics!
[0:08:42] <TwoXElle> he definitely learned how to put his leg down better :P
[0:08:44] <anjaheyheyhey> he could comment soccer hahaha
[0:08:50] <swanyu> #YuzuSkatingParty @notttestellata
[0:08:55] <hanyu_axel> love this video so much <3 #YuzuSkatingParty PH: Patch
[0:08:55] <~PlanetHanyu> @anjaheyheyhey how do i put it on 720p?
[0:08:55] <arataaa__> it is indeed beautiful sdhasgd
[0:08:59] <hydrobladeking> future medallists... actually back to back OGM 😂
[0:09:00] <TwoXElle> Shizuka<3
[0:09:04] <y_uzu> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter:@ydreamer5 <3
[0:09:10] <yuzubun12> Halo 💓
[0:09:18] <TwoXElle> bb shy mushroom
[0:09:26] <arataaa__> @yuzubun12 hiii
[0:09:27] <anjaheyheyhey> @anjaheyheyhey no idea about you, i just mant the viewers... but maybe there's a way? hmm
[0:09:28] <raven_deidei> hello MercyWing1 MercyWing2 #YuzuSkatingParty twitter @Raven_on_ice
[0:09:30] <yuzubun12> How’s everyone ? #yuzuskatingparty
[0:09:37] <marianargentin> "we will keep a look on him"
[0:09:38] <lemingway91> @anjaheyheyhey I don't think you can. You always stream at the highest quality that your internet can handle. Everyone watching and adjust the quality on their own stream
[0:09:46] <~PlanetHanyu> oic
[0:09:56] <val_hny> Yuzuru-kun is a promising skater 😭
[0:10:09] <heyitsgabie_> Smile
[0:10:15] <anjaheyheyhey> this is after Junior Worlds gold medal!
[0:10:37] <TwoXElle> so well spoken so young <3
[0:10:41] <yuzubun12> He’s so eloquent
[0:10:42] <apqaria> #YuzuSkatingParty @apqaria
[0:10:46] <fayfalcon> He’s incredibly composed and natural in front of a camera
[0:10:47] <yuzulegend> It's so impressive how much he has achieved, never gave up his goals or dreams.
[0:10:50] <yuzubun12> I would have been stuttering
[0:11:07] <heyitsgabie_> So smol 😩 #YuzuSkatingParty Twitter: @heyitsgabie
[0:11:33] <bwozwaltz> Yuzu never had skin problem even in his teenage years...not fair!
[0:11:38] <arataaa__> help i love him so much???
[0:11:38] <hanyu_axel> #YuzuSkatingParty PH: Patch
[0:11:38] <angelonice1207> he has so much dignity for such a young person. very charming, indeed! #YuzuSkatingParty (AngelOnIce on PH)
[0:11:47] <TwoXElle> it's endearing how many little things and facial expressions are still the same now, 10 years later...
[0:11:47] <yuzulegend> Thank you to his Grandparents and family!
[0:11:59] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[0:12:00] <anjaheyheyhey> LOL
[0:12:01] <~PlanetHanyu> LOL
[0:12:05] <hydrobladeking> wait this is where he said that the medal is small 😂
[0:12:05] <lemingway91> "Too small"
[0:12:06] <yuzulegend> small...lol
[0:12:12] <~PlanetHanyu> it is very small..
[0:12:13] <y_uzu> omg he's too cute lol
[0:12:13] <albagrigori> hahahahah
[0:12:14] <thwlittleswan> lol
[0:12:19] <fayfalcon> He would have made a perfect TV presenter
[0:12:25] <anjaheyheyhey> he would!
[0:12:30] <milagros17z> Hi ❤ #YuzuSkatingParty twitter @milagroszeva7
[0:12:53] <TwoXElle> that jump...so high!
[0:12:59] <arataaa__> baby yuzu;'
[0:13:02] <milagros17z> cute🤧
[0:13:08] <theenyz> hi! excited to watch some lovely yuzu content <3 #yuzuskatingparty @birdiewings02
[0:13:08] <ratanyaaaa> he’s such a babie 😭
[0:13:12] <fayfalcon> Not time to play, oh dear
[0:13:17] <TwoXElle> bb T_T
[0:13:19] <o_meleta> Hello! #YuzuSkatingParty twt: squishyyjks
[0:13:23] <sh00tursh0t2020> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: sh00tursh0t2020
[0:13:31] <angelonice1207> baby ryuju as well
[0:13:36] <milagros17z> always determinate uu
[0:13:52] <hydrobladeking> he didn't have an awkward phase 😭
[0:13:53] <fayfalcon> a huge 3A
[0:14:01] <sh00tursh0t2020> Also hi everyone!!! And he is so adorable omg
[0:14:05] <lemingway91> Where were you when you were 15? Rip me
[0:14:23] <yuzubun12> I’m always amazed at how well and extensive Japanese media covered their up and coming young athletes
[0:14:24] <elisanovijedini> ❤❤❤❤❤
[0:14:34] <fayfalcon> 15 cm?
[0:14:47] <TwoXElle> whoa he didn't really show difficulty in adjusting...
[0:15:09] <marianargentin> #YuzuSkatingParty @javifanarg
[0:15:23] <TwoXElle> <3<3 XD
[0:15:39] <angelonice1207> back when 147 was an SB :P
[0:15:46] <TwoXElle> LOL
[0:15:57] <lemingway91> Jesus. I feel old.
[0:16:15] <anjaheyheyhey> LOL
[0:16:24] <yaseinohana> Hi everyone and thank you so much PH team for this great translating work ! VirtualHug
[0:16:27] <milagros17z> He's almost 26 now:(
[0:16:27] <fayfalcon> Once upon a time when Japanese male skaters ruled the world
[0:16:32] <yuzulegend> @lemingway91 what am I then if you are old?!!! hahaha
[0:16:40] <anjaheyheyhey> HIS TEEF
[0:16:42] <esther793> #YuzuSkatingParty @got7ailee(twitter)
[0:16:49] <angelonice1207> don't worry, baby... you'll win it twice over by the time you're 23...
[0:16:52] <lemingway91> @yuzulegend The Yuzu stress keeps us young
[0:16:54] <TwoXElle> LOL he had made his maths very well for OWG...
[0:17:10] <yaseinohana> he did !
[0:17:21] <milagros17z> Now for the third Gold Olympic Medal
[0:17:25] <angelonice1207> ahh love the background music
[0:17:28] <~PlanetHanyu> @milagros17z :D
[0:17:42] <fayfalcon> he didn’t get to stay in Sendai all the time, but he did so much for his rink
[0:17:46] <anjaheyheyhey> yonkaiten
[0:18:09] <angelonice1207> English! lol
[0:18:14] <anjaheyheyhey> ENGLISH
[0:18:15] <TwoXElle> @fayfalcon true, his heart is there no matter what (and he did got his awesome basics there!)
[0:18:16] <yuzulegend> LOL...English....
[0:18:17] <bwozwaltz> He sounds so grown up as 15 really
[0:18:24] <~PlanetHanyu> his voice is the same haha
[0:18:28] <hydrobladeking> english lol
[0:18:43] <shozuzu> and he translated his own words in 2020 hehe
[0:18:52] <thwlittleswan> well english he said... lol
[0:18:56] <~PlanetHanyu> he looks so baby
[0:18:56] <TwoXElle> awww Yuzu you could verbalize all right even then...
[0:18:58] <angelonice1207> big sigh :)
[0:18:58] <marianargentin> and yuo will get it baby!!
[0:19:06] <TwoXElle> aww his uwu smile
[0:19:16] <yuzulegend> Jesus, who states something like that on TV? AND HE DID GET HIS OLY GOLD TWICE!!
[0:19:39] <milagros17z> This interview is really good😂
[0:19:40] <bwozwaltz> Ice prince
[0:19:57] <angelonice1207> @yuzulegend Only Yuzuru
[0:20:10] <yuzurutheking> the little wave 🥺🥺
[0:20:14] <louitunes> The relief at the end of the programme.
[0:20:26] <milagros17z> He still looks the same...How??😅
[0:20:44] <angelonice1207> He doesn't age....
[0:20:52] <arataaa__> he doesn't age
[0:21:14] <lemingway91> LOL
[0:21:18] <albagrigori> hahahha
[0:21:19] <~PlanetHanyu> currently 170 LOL
[0:21:20] <milagros17z> I think he didn't grow that much
[0:21:25] <yuzulegend> HAHAHA
[0:21:26] <~PlanetHanyu> i think hei s 178 now?
[0:21:26] <angelonice1207> only 2 more cm, dearie
[0:21:26] <yuzubun12> Haha aww
[0:21:28] <milagros17z> just 2 cm
[0:21:28] <TwoXElle> gosh so many on the ice...
[0:21:32] <~PlanetHanyu> oh 172
[0:21:34] <~PlanetHanyu> hahaha
[0:21:40] <anjaheyheyhey> HAHAHA
[0:21:43] <anjaheyheyhey> yeah about 172
[0:21:45] <milagros17z> But for me, he IS really tall tho
[0:21:53] <fayfalcon> Flexible
[0:21:57] <angelonice1207> same here. i'm short haha
[0:21:57] <lemingway91> Flashforward to Romsky: "Why are you so tall"
[0:21:58] <~PlanetHanyu> ouch!
[0:21:59] <albagrigori> wow
[0:22:00] <anjaheyheyhey> wow
[0:22:02] <~PlanetHanyu> wow split
[0:22:03] <yuzubun12> Wow
[0:22:05] <TwoXElle> LMAO I don't even touch the ground, he has hands to spare..
[0:22:08] <yuzulegend> @milagros17z SAME HERE
[0:22:26] <milagros17z> He is the perfect height for me👀
[0:22:29] <~PlanetHanyu> what a cutie
[0:22:51] <angelonice1207> thank the heavens for sister Saya
[0:22:58] <TwoXElle> yeah
[0:23:04] <lemingway91> Diet consists of: Gold medal
[0:23:11] <lemingway91> and rice
[0:23:11] <albagrigori> jajajajajja
[0:23:13] <milagros17z> hahaha yes
[0:23:17] <angelonice1207> lol lol lol
[0:23:18] <TwoXElle> @lemingway91 abd kuyashii XD
[0:23:19] <bwozwaltz> Love his mum's gyoza
[0:23:19] <buutbuutchibi> #yuzuskatingparty twitter: buutbuutchibi
[0:23:20] <albagrigori> so lucky
[0:23:21] <milagros17z> and dumplings
[0:23:22] <~PlanetHanyu> he already looks pretty grown up here
[0:23:35] <anjaheyheyhey> PAPRIKA
[0:23:38] <anjaheyheyhey> HE HAS A TRAUMA XD
[0:23:39] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[0:23:43] <milagros17z> HAHAHA YEAHHH
[0:23:44] <bwozwaltz> pickles no no
[0:23:44] <hydrobladeking> the trauma
[0:23:45] <fayfalcon> Paprika meme grew out of here
[0:23:48] <yuzulegend> famous/infamous paprika...lol
[0:23:50] <yaseinohana> hahhaha
[0:23:52] <TwoXElle> that was even before the trauma...
[0:23:54] <angelonice1207> paprika trauma
[0:23:55] <lemingway91> Same. Pickles have no place in burgers.
[0:23:58] <~PlanetHanyu> he takes it out hahaha
[0:24:05] <milagros17z> I won't ever taste it for respect😂
[0:24:07] <hydrobladeking> lol
[0:24:27] <fayfalcon> a very easy 4T
[0:24:35] <~PlanetHanyu> wow that was a 4T?
[0:24:40] <~PlanetHanyu> yes
[0:24:43] <~PlanetHanyu> looks too easy
[0:24:45] <TwoXElle> LMAO the host experiencing Yuzu's duality
[0:24:47] <hydrobladeking> 4T like a butter
[0:25:01] <anjaheyheyhey> did they really call Plushenko ikemen.... lol
[0:25:11] <TwoXElle> well, tbh he became much better than Plu :P
[0:25:13] <yuzubun12> They did lol
[0:25:25] <hydrobladeking> fs prince and now he is the GOAT
[0:25:29] <milagros17z> Yes!! @twoxelle Yuzu's duality is unbelievable
[0:25:47] <angelonice1207> this interviewer looks familiar. was he there when Yuzu had his presscon after the 2018 Sendai parade?
[0:25:51] <anjaheyheyhey> more serious topics.... like earphones. hahaha
[0:25:57] <~PlanetHanyu> gotta think v hard
[0:26:23] <TwoXElle> Of course, the Plu fanboy...pretends he has to think about it...
[0:26:38] <bwozwaltz> kuyashii boy
[0:26:42] <anjaheyheyhey> "I'm not good at sports"
[0:26:48] <ratanyaaaa> kuyashii
[0:26:49] <anjaheyheyhey> says a 2X OLYMPIC CHAMPION
[0:26:53] <fayfalcon> hahaha
[0:26:54] <TwoXElle> perfectionist boy
[0:26:56] <yuzulegend> LOOOOOOLLL
[0:27:09] <milagros17z> If Yuzu were a baseball player, would he be famous in the sport? What do you think, guys?
[0:27:16] <louitunes> He's even critical about his pitching same as his skating. All has to be the best.
[0:27:24] <thwlittleswan> 2X OLYMPIC CHAMPION i can't
[0:27:28] <anjaheyheyhey> lollll
[0:27:43] <angelonice1207> appreciation of yen... i can't
[0:27:48] <yuzulegend> Hahaha...yeah, well...finances are important!!
[0:27:49] <anjaheyheyhey> oh he still used that model back then
[0:27:54] <TwoXElle> wow a boy mostly watching news....
[0:27:54] <louitunes> Yes he'd be famous in whatever he did I think. Baseball or whatever 150% commitment.
[0:27:56] <msemilyc> Because of his attitude, there's nothing he would do it badly, to be honest.
[0:28:03] <yuzubun12> This is off topic but I’m so thankful for these subs and PH team for having this watch party!
[0:28:16] <angelonice1207> @yuzubun12 same here
[0:28:18] <saltatoryconduction> Yuzu saying he thinks Haruma Miura is cool, now I'm sad :'(
[0:28:24] <milagros17z> Yes!! Thank you
[0:28:25] <TwoXElle> one per year, wow...
[0:28:49] <milagros17z> bullet proof:000
[0:28:53] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[0:28:56] <anjaheyheyhey> FULL OF MOLD
[0:28:59] <TwoXElle> what a detail
[0:29:05] <yuzubun12> For a new fan like me, I’m always looking for new documentaries to watch , so yes thank you 💓
[0:29:05] <~PlanetHanyu> wow
[0:29:10] <anjaheyheyhey> HAHAHHAHAHAHA, yuzu museum,,, full of moldy boots
[0:29:12] <milagros17z> I'm waiting for the museum
[0:29:15] <bwozwaltz> Yes they should definitely make museum
[0:29:16] <lemingway91> The foreshadowing
[0:29:18] <~PlanetHanyu> wow yuzu has a sense of humor
[0:29:22] <lemingway91> Am I watching an anime?
[0:29:27] <milagros17z> weir habit😂
[0:29:28] <yuzubun12> I wonder how many times he change his skates a year ?
[0:29:40] <spacekittylei> "well if i get famous one day" hahahahaha
[0:29:45] <yuzulegend> weird habit!! hahaha
[0:29:45] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzubun12 2-3?
[0:29:47] <milagros17z> Yes! He still does that😂😂😂
[0:29:54] <TwoXElle> training even while waiting LOL
[0:30:07] <yuzubun12> @planethanyu is that the usual amount for skaters?
[0:30:12] <anjaheyheyhey> @yuzubun12 didn't he say about once a year here? Not sure about now but I heard he keeps them for quite a long time, thanks to his perfect technique
[0:30:15] <louitunes> The jumping though....right on top of that podium. xxx
[0:30:24] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzubun12 i think nathan changes them like every few weeks
[0:30:26] <~PlanetHanyu> :P
[0:30:40] <4mine4> So cute
[0:30:41] <lemingway91> Jumping quads destroy boots pretty quickly
[0:30:50] <TwoXElle> and then he WON yeahhhh
[0:30:56] <yuzubun12> @anjaheyheyhey sounds about right 💯
[0:31:02] <spacekittylei> @yuzubun12 this. never heard of him having any boot problems.
[0:31:09] <thwlittleswan> boy you did great kkkk
[0:31:10] <saltatoryconduction> Will the newly subbed videos from today be archived in PH website?
[0:31:14] <angelonice1207> and then he won TWICE yeahhhh
[0:31:19] <yuzubun12> 🙊
[0:31:22] <anjaheyheyhey> @saltatoryconduction yes
[0:31:29] <saltatoryconduction> Thanks!
[0:31:39] <louitunes> Yes many thanks.
[0:31:42] <shozuzu> omg he did what he said!
[0:32:03] <lemingway91> BUMP OF CHICKEN is awesome! Great taste <3
[0:32:03] <milagros17z> Yuzu requested songs?😂 It sounds very likely
[0:32:07] <4mine4> Rocker Yuzu
[0:32:15] <yaseinohana> the light of hope is not gone VirtualHug VirtualHug VirtualHug
[0:32:37] <milagros17z> Please new sp...be one of Yuzu's favorite songs
[0:32:52] <saltatoryconduction> So young yet so articulate already.
[0:33:03] <TwoXElle> I love that he's doing so much to make Sendai rink a better location for local skaters...
[0:33:22] <yuzulegend> lol "compares everything to figure skating" well...still the same!
[0:33:25] <4mine4> It would be awesome it his new so is a rock song
[0:33:36] <TwoXElle> and he's always giving back to his hometown
[0:33:43] <milagros17z> yes:(
[0:33:43] <fayfalcon> lovely section
[0:33:51] <yuzubun12> Sometimes I lie down and wonder, what did we do to deserve a Yuzuru Hanyu
[0:33:58] <spacekittylei> it warms my heart how much he is loved by the people of miyagi
[0:34:19] <yaseinohana> they love him so much
[0:34:21] <milagros17z> The epic music🙌
[0:34:28] <anjaheyheyhey> awwwwwww
[0:34:33] <yuzulegend> @yuzubun12 we don't deserve him.. BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:34:34] <milagros17z> Owwwww
[0:34:39] <ratanyaaaa> Pooh!
[0:34:53] <yuzubun12> We don’t BibleThump
[0:34:54] <bwozwaltz> cutie zuzu
[0:34:55] <milagros17z> @yuzubun12 Yes:( he is our light in this darkness:(
[0:35:02] <fayfalcon> Pooh stays with him even now, don’t dub him a child because of that
[0:35:03] <anjaheyheyhey> this is his first senior competition, NHK, in 2010, exactly 10 years ago!!
[0:35:09] <TwoXElle> awww going sr so young! (and that Zig costume is so much more lovely in HD!)
[0:35:13] <fayfalcon> painful...
[0:35:18] <angelonice1207> aww, baby, it hurts me when you fall :(
[0:35:22] <arataaa__> i miss him even more now
[0:35:28] <milagros17z> Me too🤧
[0:35:47] <TwoXElle> @anjaheyheyhey this is an awesome way to celebrate the anniversary!
[0:35:47] <yaseinohana> we all
[0:35:47] <yuzubun12> @milagros17z 💓
[0:35:48] <bwozwaltz> Honda san
[0:35:48] <milagros17z> Missing Yuzu hours start
[0:35:54] <anjaheyheyhey> haha, those winter jackets
[0:35:55] <shozuzu> miss him
[0:35:56] <lemingway91> Her outfit tho... WOW
[0:36:00] <TwoXElle> Aww Honda too!
[0:36:03] <yuzurutheking> Yuzu can truly find a connection to figure skating in everything...our extra boy has planned his education and thesis around figure skating too .....we stan a genius boi who adores his sport
[0:36:22] <yuzubun12> Look at him showing off 🤣
[0:36:26] <anjaheyheyhey> kuyashii desu
[0:36:27] <arataaa__> we stan the right man
[0:36:27] <anjaheyheyhey> hahaha
[0:36:28] <TwoXElle> wow he looks almost the same and it's been 10 years HOW
[0:36:30] <spacekittylei> 10 years later and he still looks the same omg
[0:36:34] <milagros17z> @yuzurutheking Yes
[0:36:38] <hydrobladeking> always extra 😂
[0:36:47] <arataaa__> he really doesn't age
[0:36:50] <TwoXElle> always kuyashii,,,
[0:36:57] <milagros17z> I love him, guys😢
[0:37:08] <~PlanetHanyu> he has been wearing the same training outfit since he was bb 😂
[0:37:29] <yuzubun12> Now with his name embroidered on the side
[0:37:36] <~PlanetHanyu> favorite time is lunch 😂
[0:37:37] <milagros17z> The anime's protagonist seat😂
[0:37:37] <angelonice1207> math and science? my kind of guy haha
[0:37:40] <ratanyaaaa> he sits where anime protagonists sit in a class
[0:37:40] <TwoXElle> awww bb at school...
[0:37:42] <albagrigori> top class
[0:37:45] <albagrigori> wow
[0:37:52] <anjaheyheyhey> lol his classmates hahahaha
[0:37:55] <TwoXElle> LOL
[0:37:57] <milagros17z> that guy😂😂😂
[0:37:57] <arataaa__> lmaoo
[0:37:59] <anjaheyheyhey> LOL
[0:38:04] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[0:38:05] <milagros17z> Hahahhahaha
[0:38:07] <angelonice1207> LOL
[0:38:08] <~PlanetHanyu> lmfaoo
[0:38:09] <marianargentin> jajjajajaja
[0:38:10] <yuzulegend> loool
[0:38:12] <anjaheyheyhey> "Hanyu Yuzuru image"...... ahahaha
[0:38:14] <TwoXElle> Zuzu's competitive strike...
[0:38:19] <thwlittleswan> lool
[0:38:27] <kat0nice> this is so cute seeing him in his HS
[0:38:27] <anjaheyheyhey> at that age, he already had his private and public persona! :O wow
[0:38:36] <TwoXElle> so crowded :(
[0:38:46] <arataaa__> awww
[0:38:47] <mayqueen880516> Yuzu with babies 😍😍😍
[0:38:47] <saltatoryconduction> Awww Yuzu and babies
[0:38:48] <fayfalcon> Yuzu and babes, Yuzu and kids
[0:38:54] <spacekittylei> the wings in his sig!
[0:38:57] <angelonice1207> is this where he said he's popular with girls?
[0:38:58] <TwoXElle> awwww the fave big bro to children of all ages...
[0:38:58] <anjaheyheyhey> little girls HAHAHA
[0:39:05] <milagros17z> Yesss @angelonice1207
[0:39:06] <yuzubun12> Oh popular Yuzuru 😏
[0:39:09] <angelonice1207> LOL
[0:39:11] <lemingway91> "jUL tHiRtEeN?" - Yuzuru Hanyu
[0:39:11] <TwoXElle> LOL this is so funny
[0:39:15] <arataaa__> LMAO DAT 'YEY'
[0:39:17] <kat0nice> lololol so popular with the little girls
[0:39:21] <milagros17z> To be one of those kids:,(
[0:39:21] <yuzulegend> he's so endearing!
[0:39:27] <milagros17z> CUTEEE
[0:39:27] <TwoXElle> imagine those girls now...
[0:39:30] <anjaheyheyhey> he'd probably say hi and wave to those kiddies now if he saw them and they'd die from shame LOL
[0:39:43] <angelonice1207> sister is so pretty. so is mama :)
[0:39:44] <yaseinohana> awww VirtualHug
[0:39:46] <yuzulegend> @TwoXElle he would be running for his life! lol
[0:39:48] <saltatoryconduction> Mama Yumi <3
[0:39:51] <bwozwaltz> yumi san
[0:39:52] <fayfalcon> Yumi
[0:39:55] <milagros17z> so suppotive uu
[0:40:01] <kat0nice> yumi san
[0:40:02] <milagros17z> owwwww
[0:40:06] <anjaheyheyhey> AWW THIS PROGRAM!!! <3
[0:40:08] <milagros17z> ❤❤❤
[0:40:08] <TwoXElle> awww so sweet...
[0:40:09] <kat0nice> he kind of looks like his mom
[0:40:30] <milagros17z> I love this program tho
[0:40:40] <milagros17z> well all of them😂
[0:40:57] <TwoXElle> aww Zuzu being happy when he won...
[0:41:01] <angelonice1207> @kat0nice yup, he sure does...
[0:41:02] <TwoXElle> of course
[0:41:35] <anjaheyheyhey> wow, that combo was rly smooth
[0:41:38] <~PlanetHanyu> pretty combo
[0:41:43] <yaseinohana> goosebumps
[0:41:52] <kat0nice> i really love this program
[0:42:03] <TwoXElle> he really had it all already at 15yo...
[0:42:03] <angelonice1207> me, too
[0:42:17] <anjaheyheyhey> wow, his focus
[0:42:45] <anjaheyheyhey> lol this narration............ now..... nobody cares UGH
[0:42:57] <fayfalcon> yeah, right, nowadays they do without transition elements
[0:42:59] <TwoXElle> Zig was such a taxing program for his stamina...
[0:43:24] <~PlanetHanyu> not anymore...
[0:43:25] <~PlanetHanyu> ol
[0:43:27] <~PlanetHanyu> lol*
[0:43:27] <saltatoryconduction> HIs stamina back then wasn't what it is now either
[0:43:36] <TwoXElle> no worries, now they cut those 30secs...
[0:43:57] <anjaheyheyhey> :| :|
[0:44:11] <TwoXElle> (I was referencing to the narration about the 30secs more)
[0:44:14] <bwozwaltz> that face
[0:44:16] <~PlanetHanyu> he tired
[0:44:18] <fayfalcon> poor boy
[0:44:22] <TwoXElle> nooo poor bb...
[0:44:24] <angelonice1207> poor tired boi
[0:44:36] <~PlanetHanyu> ouch this part
[0:44:37] <milagros17z> Hoping he is training with her
[0:44:40] <anjaheyheyhey> hell-like hahah
[0:44:43] <angelonice1207> hell-like lol
[0:44:46] <yuzulegend> oh Yuzu, so much effort and work, your precious boy!!
[0:44:55] <TwoXElle> awww bb...
[0:44:57] <~PlanetHanyu> all the other skaters are so slow and in his way
[0:45:04] <anjaheyheyhey> ouch :(
[0:45:06] <saltatoryconduction> Omg to have to do that in such a crowded rink
[0:45:07] <fayfalcon> ouch
[0:45:17] <TwoXElle> and he had to avoid everyone else while doing so... no bb:(
[0:45:18] <kat0nice> wow coach nanami
[0:45:22] <angelonice1207> oh my
[0:45:31] <~PlanetHanyu> wow
[0:45:37] <yaseinohana> Nanami Coach VirtualHug
[0:46:07] <TwoXElle> competition among sibilings... LMAO
[0:46:17] <~PlanetHanyu> lucky
[0:46:22] <milagros17z> imagine if she is in charge of the fp
[0:46:40] <TwoXElle> there would not be Yuzuru Hanyu, figure skater without Saya <3
[0:46:53] <yaseinohana> who knows ....
[0:47:18] <yuzubun12> @twoxelle yasss imagine if she never went to that skating class
[0:47:20] <~PlanetHanyu> maybe he would have still skated
[0:47:21] <milagros17z> I hope so, I really like Etude
[0:48:05] <TwoXElle> yes to everthing Honda says!
[0:48:08] <~PlanetHanyu> yonkaiten!
[0:48:44] <TwoXElle> he challenged the quad because he strategized long term...
[0:48:47] <anjaheyheyhey> awww i wonder if he still does that"
[0:48:55] <lemingway91> 240 points. How quaint.
[0:48:59] <yaseinohana> @milagros17z me too VirtualHug
[0:49:00] <TwoXElle> "land the quad axel..."
[0:49:06] <anjaheyheyhey> T__T
[0:49:10] <~PlanetHanyu> jump then land! duh!
[0:49:43] <~PlanetHanyu> oww
[0:49:44] <fayfalcon> ouch
[0:49:44] <milagros17z> no uu
[0:49:53] <TwoXElle> ouch :(
[0:49:55] <~PlanetHanyu> yay
[0:49:56] <milagros17z> yay
[0:50:02] <milagros17z> noo
[0:50:04] <~PlanetHanyu> owww
[0:50:08] <~PlanetHanyu> ouchie
[0:50:20] <~PlanetHanyu> poor bb
[0:50:21] <fayfalcon> oh lord
[0:50:26] <angelonice1207> i can't look
[0:50:35] <TwoXElle> (in the meanwhile, that poor ankle...)
[0:51:06] <yuzulegend> it hurts so much to watch it and at the same time appreciate again his hard work! Oh Yuzu!
[0:51:14] <TwoXElle> yeah
[0:51:29] <milagros17z> the 4A , maybe Nanami is also helping...
[0:51:34] <~PlanetHanyu> oh wow, that angle is very nice
[0:51:45] <lemingway91> lol this horror soundtrack
[0:52:06] <milagros17z> Now, I watch a llt of skaters with the axis like blue
[0:52:22] <milagros17z> it's not so pleasing to watch
[0:52:32] <~PlanetHanyu> too many
[0:52:38] <spacekittylei> @milagros17z rip their knees and ankles
[0:52:39] <yuzulegend> what?! ohhhhh 60?!!!!
[0:52:41] <fayfalcon> the axis is still better than with most men now
[0:52:48] <TwoXElle> :( it was so tough...
[0:52:50] <milagros17z> yess
[0:53:01] <~PlanetHanyu> OUCH
[0:53:10] <yaseinohana> @milagros17z who knows...:)
[0:53:11] <tafattsbarn> ouch ouch
[0:53:12] <bwozwaltz> he's so angry
[0:53:24] <arataaa__> ;-;
[0:53:26] <angelonice1207> poor bb
[0:53:45] <angelonice1207> so very hard-working, so focused
[0:53:49] <fayfalcon> he never changed in that aspect
[0:53:55] <milagros17z> never
[0:54:02] <~PlanetHanyu> yes you will
[0:54:05] <~PlanetHanyu> wow still jumping
[0:54:11] <~PlanetHanyu> take a break yuzu
[0:54:16] <esther793> :((
[0:54:21] <angelonice1207> so stubborn... and i love him for it
[0:54:30] <yuzulegend> Jesus...
[0:54:40] <~PlanetHanyu> sometimes taking a break helps
[0:54:56] <milagros17z> yes:')
[0:55:00] <anjaheyheyhey> awwwwww T__T
[0:55:08] <yaseinohana> ARIGATO NANAMI
[0:55:09] <TwoXElle> analytical boy trying to find out what he needed to improve <3 I can only imagine how much some tech equipment he's studying now would have helped him...
[0:55:12] <milagros17z> crying
[0:55:25] <spacekittylei> genius + hardworking, no wonder he's at the top
[0:55:28] <TwoXElle> Nanami!!!! <3<3<3
[0:55:30] <yuzubun12> Nanami sensei :(
[0:55:36] <saltatoryconduction> Kikuchi!!
[0:55:43] <angelonice1207> kikuchi-san
[0:55:43] <TwoXElle> Kikuchiiiiii!!!! <3<3<3
[0:55:43] <milagros17z> KIKUCHI❤
[0:55:44] <eruchan_desu> kikuchi-san :))
[0:55:45] <anjaheyheyhey> Kikuchi san!!!!!
[0:55:46] <bwozwaltz> kiku jii!
[0:55:49] <fayfalcon> Kikuchi Sam now
[0:55:53] <anjaheyheyhey> awwwww <3
[0:55:54] <yuzubun12> Love that Yuzu has people who believes in him and still do
[0:56:03] <~PlanetHanyu> what happened to his wrist
[0:56:05] <angelonice1207> his poor wrist
[0:56:16] <TwoXElle> :( :( :( <3
[0:56:18] <milagros17z> oww:(
[0:56:23] <anjaheyheyhey> <3 <3 <3
[0:56:31] <TwoXElle> "I must not care much about results"...yeah, no LOL
[0:56:37] <spacekittylei> i will follow you - he really did!
[0:56:51] <~PlanetHanyu> mom!
[0:56:53] <TwoXElle> @spacekittylei :( <3
[0:56:53] <angelonice1207> mama yumi
[0:57:03] <~PlanetHanyu> strawberry
[0:57:11] <angelonice1207> he even got her graceful limbs
[0:57:12] <anjaheyheyhey> JWeir design lol
[0:57:12] <yuzulegend> God and the universe bless his mom!!
[0:57:15] <milagros17z> in 2018, he looked really good with that costume
[0:57:23] <milagros17z> ngl
[0:57:30] <TwoXElle> Zig costume! That owuld still fit 8 years later...
[0:57:44] <TwoXElle> so much patient... <3
[0:57:51] <angelonice1207> so soft-spoken
[0:57:51] <~PlanetHanyu> didn't he need to cut the sleeves haha
[0:58:07] <milagros17z> Idk😂 but he looked great
[0:58:12] <yaseinohana> she told everything <3
[0:58:13] <TwoXElle> @PlanetHanyu yes but who cares LOL
[0:58:40] <~PlanetHanyu> it's a bit see thru
[0:58:51] <milagros17z> Yuzu like: English...help
[0:58:52] <fayfalcon> it’s quite transparent
[0:59:19] <anjaheyheyhey> @PlanetHanyu not just a bit.... hahaha... remember CiONTU backstage :p
[0:59:21] <TwoXElle> <3
[0:59:27] <anjaheyheyhey> that's DIma Bilan lol
[0:59:33] <anjaheyheyhey> i mean his song
[0:59:45] <milagros17z> owwww
[0:59:50] <fayfalcon> gosh, is it really Bilan?
[0:59:54] <anjaheyheyhey> YES
[0:59:57] <~PlanetHanyu> he's always nervous haha
[0:59:58] <bwozwaltz> do mo kun
[1:00:13] <anjaheyheyhey> i bet Johnny had some word in chosing a Dima song pff
[1:00:18] <fayfalcon> Ouch
[1:00:29] <~PlanetHanyu> URed
[1:00:41] <fayfalcon> badly ured
[1:00:49] <thwlittleswan> was Johnny wearing his otonal costume?
[1:01:14] <~PlanetHanyu> :P
[1:01:31] <~PlanetHanyu> aww
[1:01:44] <fayfalcon> that cowboy costume is funny. And cute
[1:01:48] <TwoXElle> awwwwww the cowboy one <3
[1:02:03] <~PlanetHanyu> it looks really well done
[1:02:08] <shozuzu> kirakira
[1:02:29] <yuzulegend> awww
[1:02:43] <yaseinohana> yes she is amazing <3
[1:02:52] <milagros17z> his bunny teeth:3
[1:03:16] <angelonice1207> his floppy hair <3
[1:04:09] <anjaheyheyhey> 10 year anniversary! <3
[1:04:17] <TwoXElle> <3 <3 <3
[1:04:37] <yuzulegend> so amazing, 10 years already!
[1:04:42] <fayfalcon> oh yes, it’s the tenth anniversary of this performance, isn’t it?
[1:04:56] <~PlanetHanyu> indeed
[1:05:04] <TwoXElle> 5th after the SP at his senior GP debut at 15 was good!
[1:05:44] <TwoXElle> he still has the same exact expression when jumping off ice <3
[1:06:02] <anjaheyheyhey> Hanyu Yuzuru-san, NiPPON!
[1:06:11] <TwoXElle> (his looong neck)
[1:06:18] <saltatoryconduction> Happy anniversary of your senior debut Yuzuuu <3
[1:06:30] <yaseinohana> "keep calm and focus till the end" <3
[1:06:30] <TwoXElle> happy anniversary!!!!
[1:06:37] <milagros17z> Happy Anniversary!!❤
[1:06:42] <TwoXElle> look at that expression!
[1:06:54] <~PlanetHanyu> YASSS
[1:06:58] <anjaheyheyhey> CONGRATSSSS
[1:06:59] <angelonice1207> wow!
[1:07:02] <TwoXElle> WOWWWW
[1:07:05] <~PlanetHanyu> GORGEOUS!!!
[1:07:07] <saltatoryconduction> FIRST QUAD LANDED
[1:07:11] <anjaheyheyhey> And fully rotated as well!!!!
[1:07:14] <fayfalcon> That was a buttery soft landing
[1:07:20] <y_uzu> ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!
[1:07:21] <TwoXElle> such a beautiful extension on landing too...
[1:07:39] <TwoXElle> big 3A...
[1:07:47] <angelonice1207> yatta1
[1:07:47] <anjaheyheyhey> awwwww those jumps!! <3
[1:07:49] <yuzulegend> musicality!
[1:07:57] <milagros17z> deep meaning in the costume
[1:08:12] <TwoXElle> such a soft toe tap...
[1:08:18] <yuzurutheking> that wonderful knee bend saved his axel there
[1:08:35] <milagros17z> the stamina:(
[1:08:36] <anjaheyheyhey> Ltz the snake as usual xD
[1:08:41] <~PlanetHanyu> awwww
[1:08:42] <TwoXElle> he starts being tired, poor boy...
[1:08:45] <~PlanetHanyu> singled the loop
[1:08:48] <anjaheyheyhey> yeah
[1:09:05] <TwoXElle> the pace of that part of the program is insane...
[1:09:30] <~PlanetHanyu> the step sq is insane
[1:09:37] <~PlanetHanyu> so many quick movements
[1:09:46] <fayfalcon> growing sloppy with fatigue, Yuzu. Totally understandable
[1:09:52] <TwoXElle> (me clapping and encouraging Yuzu in front of a screen, 10 years later...)
[1:09:57] <angelonice1207> so challenging for one who has stamina issues
[1:09:59] <milagros17z> ye
[1:10:03] <milagros17z> samee
[1:10:07] <anjaheyheyhey> btw, this broadcast won't include some documentaries and charity events after the earthquake - we'll play all those in a separate session. There's a lot of them!
[1:10:07] <MinTy148> <3 <3 <3
[1:10:11] <milagros17z> ❤❤
[1:10:11] <yuzulegend> @TwoXElle WE ALL!!
[1:10:13] <fayfalcon> well done!
[1:10:18] <milagros17z> BRAVOOOO
[1:10:18] <yuzubun12> He’s always had this level of crazy hard programs from the get go
[1:10:20] <yuzulegend> BRAVO!!!
[1:10:24] <~PlanetHanyu> good job, yuzu
[1:10:32] <angelonice1207> Kinenbi omedetō, Yuzu!
[1:10:32] <yuzubun12> No wonder his level is so high
[1:10:35] <bwozwaltz> baby strawberry
[1:10:45] <yaseinohana> BRAVO !
[1:10:52] <TwoXElle> and yet he didn't think about dropping anything...not a single part of the choreo...
[1:10:53] <yuzulegend> Well done Yuzu!!! Happy smiles!
[1:10:54] <louitunes> Wonderful. xxx
[1:11:00] <yuzubun12> Awww
[1:11:07] <milagros17z> owww
[1:11:15] <milagros17z> always so thankful ui
[1:11:19] <anjaheyheyhey> his face liek "we robbed Nanami-san"
[1:11:20] <arataaa__> his smile
[1:11:28] <fayfalcon> Did he get to 240 that season?
[1:11:31] <TwoXElle> Well done yuzu! (though still far from 240 :P)
[1:11:55] <angelonice1207> lol
[1:11:56] <anjaheyheyhey> hahahaha
[1:11:59] <TwoXElle> LOL good boy! It was a grewat GP debut!
[1:11:59] <cutepets95> @fayfalcon No I think his first 240 was 2011 Rostelecom if I'm not wrong
[1:12:03] <yaseinohana> !!!!
[1:12:11] <milagros17z> Yuzu like: I wanted the gol but it's ok by now
[1:12:14] <fayfalcon> Hahaha, you would have given yourself a standing ovation?
[1:12:17] <yuzulegend> hahaha that is something we don't hear often from him!!!
[1:12:38] <anjaheyheyhey> HAHAHAHAHAH
[1:12:52] <yaseinohana> you can, bby ,you always can
[1:12:52] <angelonice1207> sassy yuzu LOL
[1:12:54] <anjaheyheyhey> shindo, pff
[1:13:03] <TwoXElle> @yuzulegend sad tbh, but at least now there are plenty of people who'll give him the standing ovations he deserves... :)
[1:13:31] <yuzubun12> Gotta thank Tracey for building up stamina with the dumbbells at tcc lol
[1:14:54] <yaseinohana> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:15:02] <yuzulegend> aww his proud eyes when talking about Sendai!!
[1:15:09] <MinTy148> haha awn
[1:15:12] <TwoXElle> well, growing helped too, he could build more muscles and his movements and training became much more efficient... training conditions and specialists do change things...
[1:15:15] <angelonice1207> yes, bb, you will get that goal
[1:15:21] <fayfalcon> Final goal, eh?
[1:15:50] <esther793> He accomplished his goal twice 🥺
[1:15:50] <leaseydouxak3> "i feel as if i was rised by it"😭
[1:15:50] <yuzubun12> Yep all those hard work paid off
[1:15:57] <TwoXElle> his cute signature...
[1:16:12] <hanyu_axel> <3 he got two olympic gold already
[1:16:12] <yuzulegend> i wonder if people at that time really took seriously his words?!
[1:16:23] <anjaheyheyhey> probably not lol
[1:16:25] <TwoXElle> ;___;
[1:16:28] <anjaheyheyhey> but Shuzo san knew...
[1:16:35] <anjaheyheyhey> you'll see an interview from him soon!
[1:16:39] <esther793> maybe not, but he definitely showed them
[1:16:43] <TwoXElle> he made it!!! <3
[1:16:50] <angelonice1207> his smile... it hasn't changed uwu <3
[1:16:54] <yuzulegend> bless Shuzo-san!
[1:17:06] <TwoXElle> awww wonderful doc
[1:17:10] <shozuzu> yeah Shuzo san
[1:17:14] <anjaheyheyhey> there he is!!!!!
[1:17:18] <leaseydouxak3> ahh forget to enter the giveaway 🙈 #YuzuSkatingParty twitter @leaseydouxa
[1:17:28] <hanyu_axel> it's so endearing that he still has the same facial expressions and habits uwu
[1:17:33] <TwoXElle> this was post the quake...
[1:17:40] <~PlanetHanyu> LOL
[1:17:48] <MinTy148> ahahsha
[1:17:52] <yaseinohana> BibleThump
[1:17:55] <fayfalcon> Love this costume
[1:17:57] <shozuzu> this costume is so beautiful
[1:17:57] <~PlanetHanyu> oh :(
[1:18:03] <milagros17z> love the program
[1:18:03] <yuzubun12> Costume 💯
[1:18:12] <milagros17z> the ss
[1:18:12] <yuzulegend> Etude my love!!
[1:18:16] <angelonice1207> gorgeous costume
[1:18:25] <hanyu_axel> :(
[1:18:28] <TwoXElle> beautiful Etude, form music to choreo to costume to first backcounter3A to Yuzu's ability to really express the music...
[1:18:32] <~PlanetHanyu> pattrick
[1:18:50] <~PlanetHanyu> at the time yuzu was chasing patrick hard haha
[1:18:56] <TwoXElle> his 4T was already so good!
[1:18:58] <firajja> ah the etude costume ;;
[1:19:01] <angelonice1207> back when patrick was the gold standard
[1:19:09] <milagros17z> CUTE:3
[1:19:13] <TwoXElle> poor Patrick ddin't know what was about to hit him...
[1:19:15] <milagros17z> Hehe😂😂😂
[1:19:18] <angelonice1207> LOL
[1:19:24] <milagros17z> cuteeee
[1:19:33] <arataaa__> the giggles :'
[1:19:34] <TwoXElle> awww cute giggle
[1:19:36] <anjaheyheyhey> xDDDD
[1:19:37] <MinTy148> cuteeee
[1:19:42] <bwozwaltz> his laugh
[1:19:45] <yuzulegend> he GIGGLES!
[1:19:46] <angelonice1207> for patrick, everything went downhill starting from GPF 2013
[1:19:49] <cutepets95> I remember seeing this interview on You Tube somewhere
[1:19:59] <milagros17z> me top
[1:20:02] <leaseydouxak3> this program is just n.1 when it comes to embodying emotion 💚 💙
[1:20:03] <milagros17z> too*
[1:20:03] <yaseinohana> these gigles are everthing!
[1:20:07] <TwoXElle> YESSS
[1:20:14] <angelonice1207> LOL
[1:20:21] <TwoXElle> quads part of expression <3
[1:20:25] <yuzulegend> Hahaha
[1:20:26] <yuzurutheking> etude #Yuzuskatingparty @OOdriscoll1
[1:20:27] <fayfalcon> This is just orecious
[1:20:28] <MinTy148> this boi XDD
[1:20:34] <TwoXElle> MAtsuoka being like WAIT WHAT
[1:20:35] <angelonice1207> the same giggles as what he did on Ciontu
[1:20:38] <~PlanetHanyu> wow!!
[1:20:56] <TwoXElle> wow
[1:20:58] <firajja> he really used to wear a lot of bracelets!
[1:20:59] <~PlanetHanyu> gorgeous 4t
[1:21:00] <~PlanetHanyu> wow
[1:21:02] <angelonice1207> perfect jump
[1:21:06] <fayfalcon> this is beautiful
[1:21:10] <milagros17z> the body position in the air😔
[1:21:13] <yaseinohana> @angelonice1207 with the same programs <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:21:14] <yuzubun12> His jumps are so pretty 😍
[1:21:21] <milagros17z> It's perfect
[1:21:27] <hanyu_axel> the quality! *chef's kiss*
[1:21:44] <TwoXElle> loving his super-analytical mind...
[1:21:47] <milagros17z> look at that
[1:21:56] <milagros17z> ❤_❤
[1:21:59] <angelonice1207> @yaseinohana you're so right :)
[1:22:28] <saltatoryconduction> So interesting how he describes maintaining his axis during the jump.
[1:22:28] <~PlanetHanyu> :(
[1:22:29] <anjaheyheyhey> :'(
[1:22:31] <firajja> love how analytical all the documentaries are about fs tech #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter @firajja)
[1:22:32] <bwozwaltz> He's instinctive but also very intellectual skater
[1:22:40] <TwoXElle> that's why his jumps are both light and big, he relies on perfect timing more than mere strenght....
[1:22:41] <milagros17z> oh:'l
[1:23:00] <TwoXElle> @bwozwaltz yes! A perfect blend!
[1:23:03] <MinTy148> :c
[1:23:07] <~PlanetHanyu> :'(
[1:23:10] <~PlanetHanyu> raining rental skates
[1:23:13] <~PlanetHanyu> he has a way with words
[1:23:18] <TwoXElle> :(
[1:23:31] <milagros17z> :c
[1:23:39] <arataaa__> BibleThump
[1:24:03] <angelonice1207> so heartbreaking :9
[1:24:07] <TwoXElle> ;______;
[1:24:08] <angelonice1207> :(
[1:24:11] <firajja> aw ;;;
[1:24:15] <yaseinohana> Thank you Shuzo for listening to him all these years BibleThump
[1:24:15] <MinTy148> he's so strong at a young age :(
[1:24:18] <esther793> :((
[1:24:21] <fayfalcon> Oh dear
[1:24:51] <leaseydouxak3> @angelonice1207 yes ! this interview is hard for me to watch 🥺
[1:25:05] <bwozwaltz> I can see Shuzo was genuinely amazed by this 16 yo Yuzu
[1:25:11] <TwoXElle> gosh not even a month...
[1:25:13] <yuzulegend> <3 <3 <3
[1:25:16] <yuzurutheking> his mind even at this young age #YuzuSkatingParty @OOdriscoll1
[1:25:23] <milagros17z> White Legend uu❤
[1:25:35] <TwoXElle> WhiteLegend :( <3
[1:26:07] <yaseinohana> BibleThump <3
[1:26:09] <bwozwaltz> At this show, Yuzu has come to realise that skating can heal people
[1:26:16] <yuzulegend> Yuzu...
[1:26:19] <cutepets95> Got to go, is this staying up on Twitch and bye
[1:26:23] <milagros17z> Yes:'l
[1:26:25] <TwoXElle> BibleThump BibleThump
[1:26:35] <yuzubun12> BibleThump
[1:26:39] <anjaheyheyhey> it's not staying up, but we'll put the newly subbed videos in our library!
[1:26:41] <anjaheyheyhey> bye ybe!
[1:26:43] <~PlanetHanyu> @cutepets95 we'll upload later hopefully
[1:26:45] <yuzulegend> Thank you million times to the persons who gave him a standing ovation and encouraged him!!
[1:26:55] <yaseinohana> @bwozwaltz it still does... <3 <3 <3
[1:26:57] <angelonice1207> thank the heavens he never gave up on this sport
[1:27:19] <MinTy148> omg
[1:28:06] <anjaheyheyhey> Stephaneeeeee!!!! <3
[1:28:06] <angelonice1207> and he did this in shows, where the rink was smaller and the lighting darker...
[1:28:22] <leaseydouxak3> stephane <3
[1:28:28] <~PlanetHanyu> shuzo always has this extremely surprised expression lmo
[1:28:29] <TwoXElle> (flashforward to Zuzu doing 4Lz in iceshows and 4T-3A3A3A3A....)
[1:28:29] <angelonice1207> love stephane
[1:28:29] <milagros17z> 😂😂😂
[1:28:30] <leaseydouxak3> aww uwu so cute
[1:28:32] <anjaheyheyhey> ADBAISO PURISZU!!!
[1:28:38] <milagros17z> 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
[1:28:45] <milagros17z> HOW CUTE
[1:28:46] <yuzubun12> >(
[1:29:06] <TwoXElle> lmao Zu shamelessly going to Lambiel for advice but then he get shyrecounting that...
[1:29:20] <~PlanetHanyu> w o w
[1:29:22] <anjaheyheyhey> "hihi"
[1:29:25] <TwoXElle> YOU DIDI!
[1:29:28] <angelonice1207> giggles
[1:29:31] <TwoXElle> *did
[1:29:38] <yuzubun12> VoHiYo
[1:29:39] <kat0nice> he's such an inspiring kid
[1:29:43] <yaseinohana> those two !!!
[1:29:46] <angelonice1207> this is when shuzo fell so hard LOL
[1:29:49] <TwoXElle> TRUE! Matsuoka understand us! (and him)
[1:29:53] <MinTy148> hahaa
[1:29:55] <bwozwaltz> Thank you Shuzo san for your support!
[1:30:04] <milagros17z> He did it great:')
[1:30:09] <anjaheyheyhey> YESSS, he was really able to tell he's special from the get go!
[1:30:12] <TwoXElle> he's kept true to his word <3
[1:30:41] <angelonice1207> analytical. yeah. you got it.
[1:31:06] <esther793> I'm glad that there was someone who really supported him before everything
[1:31:12] <lemingway91> From failing 60 attempts a day to this level of consistency in just a year
[1:31:15] <milagros17z> Yes, he is special:')
[1:31:18] <anjaheyheyhey> !!
[1:31:20] <bwozwaltz> Even Furutachi san can tell the flow after the jump
[1:31:27] <TwoXElle> Matsuoka <3 <3 so glad he had and has so many sincere people supporting him and understanding him ;___; <3
[1:31:27] <hanan_11721> I'm a bit late 😅 #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:31:32] <fayfalcon> Matsuoka becoming his fan..
[1:31:41] <yaseinohana> @milagros17z I was so moved when I saw him and Nobu (& Shisuka) live at GPF they really came to support him more than comment <3
[1:31:48] <yuzurumuse_kit> #YuzuSkatingParty @YuzuruHanyuMuse
[1:31:54] <angelonice1207> photoshoot
[1:32:05] <milagros17z> I have never seen thàt
[1:32:10] <MinTy148> :'''
[1:32:11] <yuzubun12> Model ;p
[1:32:14] <fayfalcon> him learning ENGLISH, RIGHT?
[1:32:29] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[1:32:29] <anjaheyheyhey> AWWWWWW
[1:32:31] <bwozwaltz> earphones baby
[1:32:38] <angelonice1207> awwww
[1:32:45] <ratanyaaaa> He’s so cuteeeee
[1:32:49] <TwoXElle> He was just so happy being there in that shop LOL
[1:32:50] <arataaa__> ahh yes of course
[1:32:50] <esther793> he should get sponsored by a earphone brand XD
[1:32:50] <~PlanetHanyu> a loop combo!!
[1:33:16] <angelonice1207> the look of determination on his face hasn't changed at all
[1:33:30] <MinTy148> @esther793 he really should XD
[1:33:58] <TwoXElle> ;____;
[1:34:38] <fayfalcon> Gachinsky, thank you!
[1:34:43] <anjaheyheyhey> T______T
[1:34:58] <angelonice1207> competitive yuzu. never fails.
[1:35:03] <~PlanetHanyu> wasn't gachinsky trying to return to competition recently
[1:36:19] <TwoXElle> (sit twizzles!!!!)
[1:36:47] <anjaheyheyhey> ohh bestemianova
[1:37:08] <TwoXElle> RUSSIA!
[1:37:19] <fayfalcon> Besti...
[1:37:46] <anjaheyheyhey> He probably would have ended up with a Russian coach if it wasn0t for Javi's 4S dfhverhff
[1:38:21] <~PlanetHanyu> eteri? 😏 (just kidding)
[1:38:24] <angelonice1207> baby romeo
[1:38:45] <TwoXElle> one thing I love: he keeps having warm relationships with all his previous coaches and choreographers...like he greeted Besti when he met her at RC <3
[1:38:52] <marianargentin> @anjaheyheyhey true!! bless Javi existence
[1:38:53] <leaseydouxak3> mao!!!! 😌😌😌
[1:39:05] <anjaheyheyhey> @anjaheyheyhey VirtualHug
[1:39:14] <TwoXElle> YES!!
[1:39:22] <anjaheyheyhey> i meant to reply to marian hehe
[1:40:03] <fayfalcon> Weird seeing him practise in such loose clothes
[1:40:18] <TwoXElle> anotyher exercise to add to our Yuzu routine (after the planks) LOL
[1:41:05] <anjaheyheyhey> this is 2012, after the move to Canada!
[1:41:19] <TwoXElle> wow we've jumped!
[1:41:23] <angelonice1207> fanboy shuzo-san :)
[1:41:44] <anjaheyheyhey> no documentaries from after 2012 worlds, weirdly enough
[1:42:11] <TwoXElle> @anjaheyheyhey yeah, that's so weird...
[1:42:39] <TwoXElle> though there are quite a lot from 2012-13
[1:42:45] <anjaheyheyhey> yes
[1:43:04] <angelonice1207> this is the greatest regret of my life. i was in helsinki in 2012. but i didn't know about him yet. i wish i could have watched finlandia trophy then :(
[1:43:07] <TwoXElle> LOL
[1:43:27] <TwoXElle> how's your english XD
[1:43:31] <anjaheyheyhey> Javiiiiiii <3
[1:43:39] <TwoXElle> (Yuna!!!!)
[1:43:40] <marianargentin> JAVIIIIIIIIIIII
[1:43:41] <MinTy148> Briann <3
[1:43:43] <hanyu_axel> JAVII
[1:43:48] <milagros17z> the quads😂
[1:43:51] <spacekittylei> javiii
[1:43:52] <angelonice1207> Habiiii
[1:43:53] <bwozwaltz> habi babi
[1:43:54] <arataaa__> JAVII
[1:44:05] <marianargentin> HABIIIIIIIIII
[1:44:06] <MinTy148> JAVIIIIIII
[1:44:12] <TwoXElle> LOL only Yuzu could move halway across the word for a 4S XD
[1:44:21] <milagros17z> Yuzu always looking for quads
[1:44:23] <TwoXElle> and hegot so much moe than that...
[1:44:31] <TwoXElle> *more
[1:44:36] <yuzulegend> crying!
[1:44:49] <esther793> @TwoXElle he got a family 🥺🥺
[1:44:58] <milagros17z> knew it😂
[1:44:59] <anjaheyheyhey> @TwoXElle T____T <3
[1:45:09] <esther793> wait i meant another family
[1:45:52] <TwoXElle> LOL imagine poor Zu moving to Canada to get quds and being made do SS training instead XD but it paid back, all that training...
[1:46:02] <TwoXElle> *quads
[1:46:39] <milagros17z> Yes😂😂 he went for quads but Brian, no no, that will be later
[1:46:47] <TwoXElle> gosh, I've missed yuzu skating...look how at him!<3
[1:47:10] <bwozwaltz> I think he's got his braces on around this period
[1:47:52] <TwoXElle> and now he flies on the ice BibleThump BibleThump
[1:47:54] <leaseydouxak3> he is so smart, love his analogy 😇
[1:48:25] <angelonice1207> and now he's so smooth, graceful and natural on the ice uwu <3
[1:49:49] <anjaheyheyhey> lol, Javi hype xDD
[1:50:03] <kat0nice> thank you tcc for teaching him how to improve his skating skills
[1:50:04] <albagrigori> its true
[1:50:16] <marianargentin> GOD, i miss old times....
[1:50:38] <fayfalcon> I miss him skating
[1:50:45] <leaseydouxak3> HUGE
[1:50:54] <marianargentin> beautifull
[1:50:57] <TwoXElle> Anyway, I love Zuzu explaining why gaining speed with 1 crrssover is better than with 100 crossovers... somme experts truly should watch this doc...
[1:51:10] <anjaheyheyhey> @TwoXElle SO TRUE!!!!!
[1:51:19] <TwoXElle> and he wouldn't land 4S agian for the whole season LOLsob (minus WC)
[1:52:23] <TwoXElle> (that was the start of Yuzu's friendhsip with fussy 4S XD)
[1:52:34] <milagros17z> BEAUTIFUL
[1:52:39] <TwoXElle> YAY!
[1:52:51] <marianargentin> so beautiful!!
[1:52:55] <TwoXElle> I want to rewatch more NDP...
[1:53:04] <milagros17z> I haven't seen this program in a while
[1:53:18] <~PlanetHanyu> wait which competition was it? that he landed 4s
[1:53:23] <~PlanetHanyu> finlandia?
[1:53:23] <fayfalcon> He looks so mature for a 17-year old
[1:53:28] <milagros17z> Always so great to see him skating:')
[1:53:29] <anjaheyheyhey> Finlandia Trophy yup
[1:53:40] <TwoXElle> @milagros17z have you watched the EX version for TEB2013?
[1:53:58] <leaseydouxak3> GOTTA GO! wish you all great weekend, stay safe 🥰🥰🥰 will watch the rest when you post them up in the archive ^__^
[1:54:13] <anjaheyheyhey> bye bye!! this is the last video btw :)
[1:54:13] <TwoXElle> @PlanetHanyu wasn't it Finlandia trophy?
[1:54:26] <angelonice1207> @leaseydouxak3 bye! happy weekend
[1:54:43] <hanyu_axel> happy weekend!
[1:54:52] <marianargentin> thank you to all of u for this!!
[1:54:56] <msemilyc> Thank you all! A nice weekend !
[1:54:56] <TwoXElle> Matsuoka <3
[1:54:57] <lemingway91> Thank you dearly to everyone involved for the great effort putting this together! <3
[1:54:58] <ratanyaaaa> @planethanyu thank you for the stream!
[1:55:02] <milagros17z> Thank you
[1:55:05] <anjaheyheyhey> bye bye!
[1:55:06] <bwozwaltz> thank you @PlanetHanyu
[1:55:07] <hanyu_axel> thank you!
[1:55:09] <spacekittylei> happy weekend everyone! Thank you for the stream, PH team! <3
[1:55:11] <hanan_11721> Thank you!
[1:55:14] <freeyafanfan> Thanks for organizing PH team!
[1:55:14] <kat0nice> aww thank you @planethanyu!!
[1:55:14] <y_uzu> thx for organising this! <3 bye~
[1:55:15] <fayfalcon> right, time to go...
[1:55:15] <apqaria> Thanks for the stream
[1:55:16] <saltatoryconduction> Thank you so much Planet Hanyu admins for doing this!
[1:55:17] <angelonice1207> thanks @PlanetHanyu
[1:55:18] <anjaheyheyhey> videos will be posted on Plaet Hanyu in next few days! <3
[1:55:18] <raven_deidei> thank you
[1:55:19] <yuzurumuse_kit> Thank you!
[1:55:19] <~PlanetHanyu> thanks for joining!!
[1:55:20] <MinTy148> Yess, thanks a lot !!!
[1:55:21] <kat0nice> that was a great watch!
[1:55:21] <shozuzu> Thank you so much!
[1:55:21] <bwozwaltz> see you next week :D
[1:55:22] <freeyafanfan> <3 <3 <3
[1:55:22] <joresht> thank you❤❤
[1:55:24] <ratanyaaaa> See you next Saturday!
[1:55:25] <shozuzu> see you all next week
[1:55:25] <fayfalcon> Thank you!
[1:55:26] <angelonice1207> loved it
[1:55:27] <apqaria> Really enjoyed it
[1:55:27] <~PlanetHanyu> see you guys next week!
[1:55:29] <chikaleo777> Thank you!
[1:55:30] <freeyafanfan> see you next week! happy weekend everyone!
[1:55:32] <delayedaxelyuzu> thank you 🌈💜🌈💜🌈
[1:55:32] <yuzulegend> Just a little reminder: use the Hashtag if you want to participate in the draw for giveaways!
[1:55:32] <val_hny> Thank you so much! That was a great idea.
[1:55:33] <angelonice1207> see you next week
[1:55:33] <anjaheyheyhey> see you! <3
[1:55:35] <y_uzu> See youx
[1:55:36] <noelle_blue> Thank you! <3
[1:55:36] <MinTy148> See youu!!!
[1:55:37] <eruchan_desu> thank youuuu
[1:55:38] <esther793> thank you for the live stream!
[1:55:40] <arataaa__> thank you so much for the stream! <3
[1:55:47] <TwoXElle> thank you everyone <3 and thanl you @PlanetHanyu for organizing this, I'm so happy!!
[1:55:51] <albagrigori> thanks!!!
[1:55:52] <TeaFrida> Thank you!
[1:55:57] <val_hny> Can we have a list of the videos streamed? I’d love to rewatch them
[1:55:58] <yuzulegend> Thank you!!!
[1:56:08] <angelonice1207> See you again next week! #YuzuSkatingParty (AngelOnIce on PH)
[1:56:09] <anjaheyheyhey> we'll post the list yep!
[1:56:09] <chieko55> arigato-
[1:56:11] <yuzubun12> Thank so much @planethanyu 😍💓
[1:56:36] <yuzubun12> Thank you subbers 💯💓
[1:56:40] <louitunes> Thank you Planet Hanyu and all who helped organise this stream. Really enjoyed the old footage of Yuzu as a child and young adult.
[1:56:55] <thwlittleswan> see you next weekend thank you so much @PlanetHanyu 💖💖
[1:57:26] <TwoXElle> see you next week (and on the planet before then) :)
[1:57:43] <esther793> Have a good day/night everyone! #YuzuSkatingParty got7ailee(twitter)


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thank you for this streaming, loved it :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw: and the new Shizuka vid!! Shizuka saw him grow from smol mushroom ("cute haircut" LOL) to who he is now so her perspective is so unique! I remeber how happy she was in Nice2012 :)  What a lovely yuzu crumb!:loveshower: :loveshower::loveshower:

(though I hope the overlord will provide somereally new crumbs in November because self-watering isn't as effective as Yuzu watering LMAO)

stay safe everyone, see you next streaming party (and till then, see you around the planet)!:10742289:

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On 31/10/2020 at 18:13, Louitunes said:

Brilliant stream as usual.  Thanks guys.  In these awful times it's such a nice break to watch Yuzu.

Thanks to you and everyone joining! It is really so interesting to watch and specially to hear young Yuzu's words and thoughts. Very impressive!


See you all next week for the next streaming party!




ETA: Also congratulations to the winners of the second week! :tumblr_inline_mi7tcqZmot1qdlkyg:




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