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  1. I actually have no idea if this costume is indeed Yuzu-inspired or if it’s just a coincidence but well, it might be!! 🥰 (are there any Fanyu kpop idols? We might have found one??)
  2. I know how you feel, I liked The Beast more too! Although, I can’t imagine Yuzu as The Beast/Prince Adam either 😆 For me, I think he would suit Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty) or Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid), what do you think?
  3. Yuzu is sooo cute playing with mascots!! He’s like a Disney prince I swear
  4. I’m broke, but if you’re really keen on buying you can try the pre-sale by downloading the Wechat app? I think you can make an account from any country, just search 西铁城腕表 to find Citizen and there’ll be a picture of Yuzu and the watch, and there’s a countdown timer to when the pre-sale starts! No idea if they would ship outside China though... I’ve never bought stuff from Taobao before but I know some people who managed to do it... I think if you just do a Google search you might find something? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Does anyone happen to know if there are any videos available?
  6. They really are!! It amazes me how much symbolic detail they can fit onto one watch... I wonder how much say Yuzu himself had in the design?? I think there may already be translations floating around in some of the twitter threads posted but I might just do a translation anyway... https://m.weibo.cn/2030123513/4553348039049532 Original post^ There really is so much meaning in that watch, although I’m confused what the 3-layered bezel has got to do with super slam... I still can’t think of a better translation for startled swan, no matter how I look at it it still sounds odd haha Eta: found yet another detail:
  7. Don’t worry, I didn’t realize it until some time later as well, and I think it was already all over the internet anyway heh
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