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  1. Why would consistency be a factor though? Aren't the scores only supposed to be based on the current performance and not previous ones? Or am I mistaken haha
  2. If google translate is not wrong, it seems there will be a new Yuzu photo collection released on June 17
  3. Not sure what thread this belongs in but: Yasunobu Matsuo posted a video of himself playing "Requiem of Heaven and Earth", dedicated to those who have lost their lives due to COVID-19.
  4. Found someone who translated Yuzu’s handwritten message on page 127 of the Ice Jewels season photobook to Chinese and I’ll try my best to translate to english with my limited abilities: ”During the 2019-2020 season, everyone supported me with all their strength, thank you very much! Thanks to everyone’s support, I could welcome the end of the season without great pain. To “Yuzuru Hanyu”, what exactly is “figure skating”? I previously had days when I questioned myself like this. But, after revisiting all different kinds of programmes, I realized once again, such programmes are created because it is exactly those moments that create such programmes (T/N: not sure what exactly he means here, and I’m not sure how to word it nicely in English, but I personally think it means every different moment back in time creates each programme) As for the 2020-2021 season, exactly what form it will take, I don’t know too to be honest. But no matter what happens, I will carry feelings and emotions unique to each moment, and skate to the end with all my ability! April 21, 2020 Yuzuru Hanyu” Not exactly the best translation since it’s Japanese —> Chinese —> English but I tried my best to stick as closely as possible to the Chinese translation and again there are some parts I don’t exactly know how to word nicely... hope the meaning doesn’t get butchered too much with my bad translation skills haha If anyone has a better translation/can do a better job at translating it will be good too!
  5. Woah... I knew Yuzu increases ticket sales but I never knew it was by THIS much!!! Is there even any other skater with similar influence? (Yuna? Mao? Plushenko?) Also I can't read this... does anyone know what this is about?
  6. Also IMO... I think Ballade is more of both hot and cool haha like the step sequence was very passionate! I think cool programmes make me think more of Haru yo koi, Hana ni Nare and Notte Stellata
  7. Yuzu is one of the rare skaters that can really pull anything off!
  8. He wants to have a Youtube collab with Yuzuru... Can I have hope it will happen someday?
  9. This is an old tweet from 2018 but I think it’s that ballet dancer who was praising Yuzu! He was imitating Yuzu’s jump on the ground haha (or so google translate says)
  10. Hmm... really not sure... in non-pandemic days, would he be in Japan to rest during this time of the year? Or would be be training? also if he is in Japan, would he have to quarantine upon returning to Canada?
  11. Man I know in K-Pop culture people like watching videos where non kpop fans react to kpop videos... wish we had one for non-FS fans reacting to Yuzu haha
  12. Yuzu and bees 🐝 Why is his “okayyy” at the end the cutest yet funniest thing ever haha
  13. don’t understand anything but... A pro ballet dancer praising Yuzu!
  14. Sorry I think OP deleted the original tweet from just now but they posted a new update with all the translations and screenshots:
  15. Also regarding the Q&A apparently they haven’t received replies yet hahaha
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