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  1. I got the lady gaga post. Is it just me? :o
  2. Hold on is the song called " paprika"?
  3. I like how they totally misspell his name in the headers then get it right in the article itself
  4. Hm idk too Someone pls enlighten us!
  5. The person might have meant "all kinds of major events"
  6. Maybe it's the emotional roller-coaster? A long nap might help ><
  7. I bet I'm the odd one out in my circle of friends during cny cuz I'm liking yuzu related stuff on ig instead of ootds And I can foresee myself barely surviving the week thanks to the emotional roller-coaster the Olympics is giving medoes anyone mind sharing tips with a junior college student
  8. With pleasure True 😂 sometimes i forget to check the forum and bam! 10+ pgs for me to catch up on lol
  9. Hiiii yeah this thread is so crazily funny that I can just lurk and laugh my head off in my own little corner i bet im still a mushrm given how little i post lol
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