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  14. Dear fellow satellites and friends Yuzu’s Birthday is approaching and we would like to start preparing the celebration! This year we have planned two parts: 1) 24h "Happy birthday wishes event" and giveaways Starting at 0:00am JST on the 7th of December (Beware: 4pm CET, 6th of December), you have 24 hours to participate in the #BdayWishesForYuzu event via: Planet Hanyu by posting your wish in this special thread (maximal text length: 100 words). It would be nice if you could include a photo, video or fanart too, however it's not mandatory. OR E-mail by sending us a birthday wish for Yuzu on [email protected] including a photo, video or fanart to go with it. OR Twitter by tweeting with your wish and a photo, video or gif; using the hashtag #BdayWishesForYuzu AND tag @theplanethanyu Please refrain from reposting fanart and fan photography if not yours! GIVEAWAYS: If you'd like to enter the giveaway, please add 🎁🍄 emojis at the end of your wish! 2) Special YuzuSkatingParty On Sunday 12th of December at 23:00 pm JST (3pm CET) we’ll be back with a special edition of our YuzuSkatingParty to celebrate Yuzu’s birthday. We'll enjoy his performances, show a selection of the received wishes during the 24h #BdayWishesForYuzu period and announce the giveaway winners! Join us via twitch.tv/planethanyu or planethanyu.com/tv We are also looking for help for our team! If you have edit skills, please send a dm! Let’s get our wishes ready and celebrate Yuzu’s birthday together! YuzuSkatingParty team
  15. Join our special birthday edition of #YuzuSkatingParty this Sunday, Dec 12! 📅11pm JST/3pm CET 🌐twitch.tv/planethanyu 📺planethanyu.com/tv
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    Here's the event thread:
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    Event thread:
  18. Hello dear satellites! It's less than a month until Yuzuru's birthday and we are opening this thread to present and discuss this year's birthday project from Planet Hanyu! For this special occasion we will host a special birthday #YuzuSkatingParty stream in PH's Twitch channel! We have also planned really cool giveaways for fans participating! The date is also already decided (), it is 7 December, 0:00 JST! As for the content of the stream, we plan to include and play received fan's messages between the Yuzu's videos and performances that will be showed on that day. HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? We would love to see everyone participating and helping us make this one awesome streaming party! For that purpose, we encourage you to send us any of the following: 1. Birthday wishes We will be accepting birthday wishes in various forms: simple text message video or picture of you (or just a landscape) showing a sign that says #HappyBirthdayYuzu. Since we are an international forum, it would be great if you could also add where you're from! 2. Fanart / fan videos We are also very happy to include your fanart and other types of fan works (fan music videos, edits, gifs, etc.) You can choose either to post your birthday wishes and/or fan works in this thread, or send it via email to [email protected] . Please include your name/nickname/username in case you'd like your birthday wish and/or Fan work to be credited! 3. Birthday themed icons for Planet Hanyu We are opening a design contest for creating Birthday themed icons for Planet Hanyu and Twitter users! Submitted designs (accepted only via email, to [email protected] ) will be posted anonymously on December 1st in this thread with a link to a poll where you can chose your favourite! The winning designer will receive a small present from #YuzuSkatingParty team! Please submit a square and a circular icon in PNG format (at least 800x800 pixels) and include both hashtags #HappyBirthdayYuzu and #YuzuSkatingParty onto the image! Example: The deadline for all submissions is November 30! If you would like to suggest videos to be played during the stream, here's a Google Doc Spreadsheet where you can submit your suggestions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D4-lro2TEF0sHjIlWDDkQBmQtmNFjvr2/edit#gid=1902281857 We would like to focus on: - Yuzu's exhibitions - Cute and funny clips/montages - Fan music videos If you can't add your suggestions in the spreadsheet, please remember that replying in this thread with a link works too! We'll make a shortlist to fit around 2 hours in length (after the birthday wishes are included!). And one last thing! We are also planning to shortly open a special website that our dear @yuzuangel bought the domain for! Once the domain is open, we will put your birthday wishes and other messages of support on it, to create an endless-scrolling timeline of love and support for Yuzu! Looking forward to receive many wishes from all fans! Let us celebrate Yuzu's birthday and spread the joy and love! Planet Hanyu and the YuzuSkatingParty Team!
  19. Check out our birthday icon design submissions and vote for your favourite! Feel free to change your icon or add a badge/twibbon to it (Designs 4 & 7) in preperation for our celebration of Yuzu's birthday! Reminder to our dear satelites that by VOTING for your favourite icon you are helping your favourite designer win the contest prize! Design 1: Design 2: Design 3: Design 4: (Twibbon/Badge version): link to add it as Twibbon on Twitter: https://twibbon.com/Support/yuzuskatingparty-4 Design 5: Design 6: Design 7 (Badge/Twibbon only): link to add it as Twibbon on Twitter: https://twibbon.com/Support/yuzuskatingparty-5 Design 8: Design 9: Design 10: Design 11: Design 12: Design 13: Design 14: Design 15: Design 16: Design 17: Design 18: Design 19: Thank you to all the designers who participated in our contest for their beautiful submissions! Reminder to our dear satelites that by VOTING for your favourite icon you are helping your favourite designer win the contest prize!
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    this week's giveaways: Event Therad: https://planethanyu.com/forum/43-2020-2021-other-events/
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    this week's giveaways: Event Therad: https://planethanyu.com/forum/43-2020-2021-other-events/
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