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  1. honestly, good riddance! The very idea of IdF happening made me so angry, so I'm glad finally someone (not ISU, obviously) got their good sense back Now I won't have to worry about skaters crossing all over Europe (and an ocean) risking their health for a half-baked GP... I'm not expecting any more cancellations. CoC is gonna be by far the safest event, and officially things in Japan aren't as bad as in France so I don't think that JSF is even imagining about cancelling NHK (though I hope they'd consider at least no audience). I never had much expectations about RC and Sc
  2. Update about Italy: till september, I felt kind of proud that, despite one neighbour(France) faring not so well (and other countries, like Spain and UK, faring similarly not so well) Italy was doing almost as well as Germany...alas, that sadly didn't last, so after WHO praised Italy for being virtuous of course we had to ruin ourselves again. after a steady, but slow rise in cases, positivity rates, ICUs and deaths starting from mid August and continuing throughout September, here we are, in October, catching up eagerly! //sarcasm depressing details/rant under spoiler
  3. THANK YOU Canada for being sensible! I can't even bring myself to feel sorry for skaters missing on an oppurtunity, this will be for their safety too. What I am sorry about is that situation is that serious. It would have been better if ISU had given up on having a traditional GP and gone instead for digital no-stakes* GP (or heck, even just a weekly iceshow) open to as many skaters as possible *(till the issue of standard equipment, camera angles and such for filming won't be solved, I'll laugh at the idea of virtual comps counting for anything more than training and entertainm
  4. POLINAAAAA!!!!!!!! ahhh I had missed her so much, so happy to see he !! I wouldn't even mind if juges threw all the points at her :P I have watched only a few ladies, and my main comment is: why all those noses out of masks? Both audience and coaches (et, tu, Plushenko?)...like c'mon, y'all only have to stand still or sit in a cold rink, you cannot claim you have trouble breathing, or that's too hot, or whatever! I hadn't watched Anna Frolova this season yet. Liked both her programs <3 (she kept the SP from last seson, right?). The FS had some lovely pl
  5. actually, in the last (several) minutes I've been engaging in a fierce battle with some Shoma fans out there - and I've been losing, 'cause percentage is now below that (and lowering at quite an alarming pace, considering how many rounds of voting it takes to change a mere 0.1) but I gotta go to sleep, so leaving the task to whoever has the patience to open new private browsing tabs
  6. but also IMO, better no Alexa than a traitorous Alexa :P the comment about his warm up routine might come from some feature about his PyeongChang warm up? For sure TV commentators were rather WTF at Yuzu's exercises A good moment to re-read the translation of Kikuchi's book, PyeongChang chapter <3 https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/630328400852271105/continuing-kikuchi-senseis-book-strongly#notes
  7. So very sorry about Rylov's mother :(
  8. Uh, it will be weird to see a figure based on 2014 Zu wearing more recent costumes...especially the most tight ones... Yuzu did bulk up It would be especially funny to see LGC LMAO no way the PPOS would look as good on that model as on the real Zu (Speaking of bulking up and PPOS, I still wonder how on earth the people in the tv studio could keep a straight face, that one time that they were....comparing... certain muscles...while staring at at a huge pic of Yuzu in PPOS) anyway, to sweeter things: Lae translated some bits of the new special about IceJewel photobooks <
  9. Kurakova WD from SC :/ when giving out assignments, ISU really didn't bother with being up-to-date on borders matters, did they?
  10. So, Stephen WD from SA :/ given his training location, it's possible it has to do with his physical condition/preparedness more than anything else (I'm assuming he's there with Raf right now, if not, I'd be kind of relieved, it would mean I should have to worry less about his current condition) also linking to this post-JWC interview
  11. wishing swift recovery to Liza, must be so bad to get such a serious injury at this point of the season... hoping M/G will suffer minimum negative effect from his positivity. Hoping Rusfed wakes up and starts enforcing better protocols to protect its community. nooo Zhenya I expected her WD, but to know she's being examined in hospital...she must truly be in a lot of pain rn... it looks like, instead of improving, things got so much worse between test skates and now
  12. I wouldn't be so negative so early. I would have been more than happy if Rika had been able to follow her initial plan and go at TCC, where she would have had Ghislain as specialist and better live examples of quads (it's not like Shoma's 4sal has been much more rotated than hers thus far, sorrynotsorry). But one can hardly fault Rika for for the turn of events. We don't know the behind the scenes with Hamada, and while under her Rika could get all her triples, including a reliable 3A, Hamada has no no-URmagic anyway. With 4S Rika looks about where she was before going to Champery (a
  13. LOLsob, nevermind my correction. but also what are they waiting to decide in one sense of the other?
  14. mmh... I disagree about Nate knowing that he needs another quad. So if Nate is planning to bring back 4Lo it probably has little to do with what he needs and more to do with what he wants. But I dont' even try and predict his layout, it's definitely way too early for that. I was so sure he was working on having a consistent 2nd 3A last season, in combo, and for potential backloading, and yet he was ready to drop it to go back to a more trusted 1x3A in first half when it mattered. Not that it was a wrong move, since it brought him another WR, and it still gave him huge BV without ev
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