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  1. General Skating Chat

    Let's hope judges will suddenly remember to read the rulebook and check their eyesight properly before handling those +/-5 GOE. For now, imo judging needs more fixing than rules. I think before making any crazy change of rules themselves, they should start applying them strictly and consistently. You can't expect to fix scoring by changing rules randomly, you need to address the rules that don't work, but you can't know which rules doesn't work if you don't apply fully all the rules first. From what we've seen thus far, it does look like limiting quads could do some good to overall programs. But no one can rule out that it is physically possible for a skater to do 7 quads while still being awesome on all the rest. i think before Sochi people would rule out that possibility with 4 quads, but we saw it is possible. So here the problem lies in what the current scoring is saying to skaters: do a bunch of quads and you've got the win in your pocket, you just have to look like you're rotating them, I don't care if you don't do anything between them, or that you barely hang on the landing, or that you are pivoting on your blade instead than in the air. (please forgive my long rambling) If they started applying the no step rule, for example, we wouldn't see many quads in the SP, or at least we would see for some skaters scores that are more in the range of quadless people. A quad with no step is worth a -4, so for example a 4F would be worth less than 9 points, which is still a lot, but easier to be balanced out with spins and steps (or PCS). If they didn't awarded goe just because the jump is difficult, we would see skaters minding more entries and exits, music, height and distance, flow. Nathan's jumps, while they can look effortless and (people tell me so) they've gotten bigger (but still not that huge), have no difficult entries, no varied arm position, no creative exit and tbh I would even say that some of them don't even really match the music, so at best they might deserve +2 but in no way they should get any +3. I don't care if 4Lz3T is the hardest combo ever, you're already getting the bv for that, if you don't hit the bullets for +3 than you don't. What is someone does a 4Lz3T out of steps, huge, matched to music, with double tano and does a SE after it? Then are we going to give the same score to two combos that are so clearly different in execution? It look like some judges have lost sight of both what they see right now and what they still haven't seen. Poor takeoff is worth deductions, too, and it irritates me to no end to hear Shoma's 4flip called masterclass, I'm even be a bit when someone calls him a good jumper. Nathan is a good jumper (a great jumper). Mika is a good jumper, Boyang (Yuzuru of course oh no now I'm thinking again about the latest news, oh nuooooo). Shoma jumps lots of quads, but he doesn't jump big, and he can have rather poor take off, and sometimes poor landings too. His Axel right now it's his best jump (with 4T), looking effortless and stable and he can do difficult entries and exits, but while it's a big jump for his standard, it isn't exactly a big jump per se. I really hope no coach uses those jumps and that jumping technique to teach his skaters how to jump. They could also start lowering PCS when a program is barren of choreo between jumps. Lower TR and CO, but also IN. When a skater is disconnected with the music for a large chunk of the program because he's busy with jumps, he isn't giving a good interpretation. It's not like only step sequence or choreo sequence can count when evaluing IN, the whole program count, so if one part is outstanding and the other is abysmal, it should be marked as "average". And a single arm movement here or there doesn't mean a skater is interpreting the music. It might fool a casual viewer that just enjoys the music and only cares about landed jumps, but not a judge. Judges seem still quite good at evaluing all of this with some skaters, so why they can't get this right when it comes to others? Of course PCS are worth less than BV right now, but scores more in tune with what's being displayed could make the difference among top skaters, and so push them to work on that too. Right now, judges are telling (some) skaters they shouldn't care about working on pcs at all, so of course they won't work on that (unless they have some other inner motivation). Skaters would be eager to correct their strategy if judges told them they need to do more than hitting their tech to win. Maybe skaters would still go for a lot of quads but they'd know that, unless they are absolutely foot perfect, they won't ever edge out the guy that goes cleanish with a BV 10-15 points lower but better overall program (thus getting higher goe and pcs). It would mean betting on others making a few mistakes, and at the same time betting on himself being flawless. Given how hard is to be flawless on so many quads, pure BV wouldn't be anymore the sounder strategy to win. Right now, the BV strategy IS the sounder one, because goe and pcs are still awarded and they are quite generous, so the guy with lower BV has hardly any way left to close the BV gap.
  2. [2017] GPF - Ice Dance SD & FD

    Re: V/M and P/C I don't know enough about the technical elements and levels of ID, so I honestly can only tell if a twizzle is fast and in sync, or think "that lift looks great" and "wow those spins really match the music". My preference for P/C is only due to their style being more appealing to me. I see in them a sort of delicate and flowy quality that reminds me a lot of Yuzuru. Like Yuzuru, I feel they are just "skating together in their own world" and because they are skating beautifully, expressing the music through their bodies, they "drive me in" instead or "reaching out at me", and that's what makes me prefer them and their FD in particular to Moulin Rouge, though I do love Tango de Roxanne and V/M are maybe skating the most convincing MR ever (tho I have a soft spot for young Yuna Kim skating to that music). About versatility, at first I kinda had the same impression of P/C remaining in their comfort zone when I started searching for their programs (I started from Boston FD, then got to Helsinki, then back to their Mozart FD. My absolute favourite was the 2015-2016, but the current FD is now up there with it. I've loved it from Finlandia Thropy, tho there the magic was broken by Guillame falling) Now I'm not bothered at all by them going for FD with similar "atmosphere". In Olympic season. And tbh I don't see the necessity for them to show any more versatility in their FD, when all ID pairs are forced to "show versatility" every season in the SD. When I learnt they had to do rumba I thought "no way P/C are going to sell me that" but they did, a bit more each time they performed it (I think Gabby in particular is letting herself get more loose, she's gaining confidence). Maybe I'd still give the edge to V/M in the SD on a perfect skate, but P/C did show they can manage something that was not their style at all. Overall, I'd agree Tessa and Scott have more versatility, if we mean that they can be very convincing on a wider range of styles, but it doesn't mean that P/C can't do anything different, and it doesn't change that I do enjoy to watch programs with the same "atmosphere" from P/C and each one of them has a unique "feeling" to me. Asfaik, last season P/C had repeatedly been left behind because they made mistakes and lost levels on their elements, so their BV was often way lower, while GOE and PCS weren't that much different. Apparently they've managed to fix this problem and now V/M are losing the edge they they used to have on TES. And it's not surprising the difference in PCS reduced or even reversed. This time they were beaten in the SD too. Again, I don't know is it's fair or not, because the teams had same BV and were mighty close in PCS,. GOE made the difference and it was only half a point. I cannot judge who was better. But P/C looked as if they were enjoying their dance a lot, imo they looked carefree and at ease, so that might have played a role. As for why the judges would edge P/C over V/M, Ambesi and Dolfini have commented (some podcasts ago) that maybe athleticism could sway the judges, as it's happened in Sochi, where the higher "athleticism" of D/W won. I think by athleticism they mean higher stamina that could help to minimize mistakes, while still keeping great overall speed throughout the whole program. P/C might have the advantage there of being younger, while V/M, while more experienced as a pair, might pay a bit on the athletic side now, being a bit older. They were also commenting that (this is about CoC and SC) apparently P/C had an edge on goe of choreographic elements, that have received maybe more attention. IMO what's really impressive about Moonlight Sonata is the attention to music timing, nuances and detail. Still, both are magnificent teams and I think the ogm will depend on how they'll perform on the day. And on judges' personal tastes about music and "style", you can't really rule it out completely when it comes to some components, more so in ID. When I said that P/C looks like the favourites for OGM I meant that it looks like judges might like (or "feel") their FD more, and might prefer their lyric skating style, not that they're going to underscore V/M for the rest of the season. Let's just hope all the teams will skate at their best in PyeongChang
  3. A wonderful ladies' event for 6 wonderful young ladies Happy podium!!!! My favourite wild child, all passion and fire, got a medal! Yay! And I love Alena's program, aethereal beauty. Sasha went for the 4S (I should thank her because she UR her 4S, more points for me to make up a bit for what she made me lose getting gold) and as always such gut to land all her jumps, skating last in that field I'd have liked to see Rika up there too...couldn't they add a pedestal for her? She landed that 3A3T after all... they need to upgrade podiums asap And these fierce skater are so amazing and talented and with nerves of stainless steel, but turn into adorable little girls after their skate! They were so cute in the interviews, and Aliona speaking english make me become a puddle of squishiness Hopefully we can have another competition like this at Worlds (how many spots has Russia for Jr Worlds? If they're 3, there's still going to be one of these ladies left at home Also, Sasha forgetting to use her microphone and talking about wanting to land 4T and 3A too. Senior ladies are warned. Alyona wanting Carolina's skating and Nastya wanting to do something new and improve her spins. Your spins are already insane, girl so scary exciting I really hope they can survive puberty, so we can have ladies bloodbath in 2022 And I've become 4Lo a few posts ago...I've missed the upgrade again
  4. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    then you were spared a bit of craziness if this makes you a coward, then I don't know what I am Before Helsinki Worlds I completely cut out all figure skating-related stuff (like visiting FS forums and YT video surfing) for a whole week until I was positive Worlds had ended, so I could just check the final results. I thought I'd have a heart attack watching Yuzu losing anoother gold live (btw watching competitions where he's skating I always hyperventilate, I'm still debating if I can stomach to watch Olys live...) and I didn't watch live both Men NHK and Men GPF because I'd felt too sad about Yuzuru... so I guess I'm the most coward here. (and this is quite like me) About Wakaba's 2A, I wonder if the strategy to go for a reliable layout has been really the best. Before the final, I would have said absolutely yes, but among top competitors that have higher TES cushion or higher PCS cushion or both, maybe she'd have to go for the BV of a 3A. Here she made two pops that hurt her TES a lot, and of course got the lowest pcs unlike for example Caro who can still score fairly high despite pops. Wakaba tried to built a reputation through clean skates but apparently judges aren't so keen on her skating as on others'. Of course we don't know how stable is her 3A, but if it's never been in the plan for the season I wonder why the heck her programs have been built as they are, with 2A as opening jump when Wakaba could move it to the second half and squeeze a little more points out of it in both SP and FS (sadly, it wouldn't be her team's first debatable strategy. We saw that her flip, while not called sometimes, is an unnecessary risk in the SP, when tech panel is strict about edges). Also, I wonder why she removed the back counter entry into her 2A combo. She did it in COC and it was so beautiful. I'm sure Waka could do a creative entry and exit for that opening 2A, too, if she's gonna keep it double... I hope the kuyashii will make for great skates at Nats.
  5. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Are you computing only quads in the free skate? In GPF 2016 Yuzu landed only 3 clean quads, iirc he fell on second 4S (and got the +REP). I remember 4CC was the first time he managed to land 4 quads. ETA: I'm also confused about GOEs. In the scoresheet from ISU they are different http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1617/gpf1617/gpf1617_Men_FS_Scores.pdf
  6. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    well, I was counting the jr too
  7. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Russia can be quite happy with this gpf, got lots of medals and deserved them (a pity for Sr pairs tbh I would have given Stolbova-Klimov bronze sorry D-R)
  8. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    the audience was as shook as me at the score Well... my podium is a mess anyway, but at least I got Alina... so Eteri swept ladies golds (plus two other medals) And again, what's happened to the tech panel overnight? And wow Caro almost got to the podium Poor Waka, and Satoko kept her poise despite the shock. Not a brilliant gpf for jpn, across disciplines. Jr ladies stole the show (and Alina is barely out of juniors herself ) And Maria got silver, as everytime I place her out of podium I bring her luck Now her chances for the third only spot are even higher Please russians at Olys please
  9. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Gorgeous spiral, lovely skate (But call UR) They called the UR
  10. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Not her best, but wow she managed to control her nerves I love her 3-2-2 combo (tho some tight landings?) And SB for her!
  11. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    And Maria on podium, as always when I predict she won't medal
  12. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    And Kaetlyn making some mistakes after a wonderful start Also, stsq 3
  13. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Wakaba but still my favourite fs
  14. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    I was expecting higher pcs Still, SB Maria!