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  1. LadyLou

    General Yuzuru Chat

    b-but judges didn't considered H&L the golden standard *still bitterly bemoaning those 97 PCS* btw I wanted to talk about Origin's 'reduced complexity' in Helsinki, I'll do it in more detail in the Origin thread (one day), but imo the most glaring thing was that what was there didn't looked executed with full committment...'cause saving energy to complete the program...but tbh other than sit twizzles gone, arching back gone and the obvious changes in the ChSq due to different placing of elements (what he did between solo 3A and hydroblade is of course gone now) most of Origin's content was still there... sure, what's missing were awesome elements, 'big' elements that stood out and left an impression, but it's not like Yuzu dropped all his steps and did only crossovers...especially in the second half, he's still doing a lot between jumps, before 3F3T and before 3A combo... under spoiler for OT re: T*L under spoiler since discussion moved on his stamina improved but I wouldn't say it's better than skaters who traditionally had better stamina...it probably has more to do with Yuzuru's short set up for jumps. Other skaters still need their long prep before jumps, that's time they can't cut, so the remaining time for everything else is quite reduced, hence they can't take much breath during the program compared to last season (hence the use of ChSq to take that breath)... of course Yuzuru has less time for other elements, too, compared to previous season, but at least he can chip away some precious seconds here and there thanks to his shorter prep. Just check the 10 seconds before the three-jumps combo Shoma and Yuzuru do, 3A-1Eu-triple: Shoma uses those 10 seconds to go up the rink to gain speed, then he goes down the rink as he enters his 3A from usual long backward glide. Yuzuru finishes his kinda-spiral, does some steps, a couple crossovers, and enters his 3A with counter rather quickly...it's still the same 10 seconds but Yuzuru can fill his 10 seconds with more varied skating content (and those 10 seconds look shorter to the viewer)... Yuzuru doesn't need to do many consecutive crossovers to gain speed before and after jumps, he can do other stuff. Maybe Yuzu's mentality has improved too, and in Helsinki he managed to pace himself better than he did for example in COR17 Seimei (let's also not forget he was already dying mid-program in ACI, and as has been pointed out he took his time to recover before getting up in Helsinki, he was spent). All of this leaves the impression that Yuzuru has more stamina, tho in truth I think he probably has pretty much the usual stamina for this time of the year and it's still not his best (as we can see from the lower quality of his jumps in Helsinki Origin compared to those in Helsinki H&L, when his stamina and general condition were likely at its top). It's just that the other skaters' stamina looks much worse because of time reduction everytime I see new Yuzumoticon I swoon a little thank you mods also, I still havent's officially appreciated the new theme, I love it ETA: tho now I have hard time recognizing the logo when switching tabs that PH looks so different
  2. LadyLou

    General Yuzuru Chat

    ITAEsp every time Yuzuru lands a beautiful 4S (so, many times LOL... always demanding max GOE) for sure I remember GPF16 FS the solo 4S, I believe there is a subtitled videos of the ItaEsp commentaries, Angelo says "when he lands it like that it's an amazing/awesome jump, wonderful 4S" (emphasis on wonderful). Later during the replay Angelo swoons a little more calling it enchanting aw that particular 4S reminds me of when I was just starting to realize different types of quads existed and that there are nice quads and gorgeous quads...that 4S was one of those I associate with pure beauty I love 4S (when it behaves! And I love all of you, Yuzu's jumps, don't get jealous!) Yuzu's best 4S look so large...I don't mean only the size, but just large as in airy, light, feather-like, suspended in time and space...the sweeping take off, weightless, and the beautiful air position, and the soft, soft, soft landing with free leg unwrapping without any rush, and the back so straight but relaxed... I also love you, 4T, but I'd love you more if you could be back to your faithful self...and 4Lo, I'd love you more if you didn't leave your best self in practice... 3A I love you so much, even if you were kinda unruly in Helsinki I have faith you're get all those +5 in a few days...show them all how a true +5 3A looks like! And 3F please keep that inside edge and keep being reliable and nice, 3Lo and -3T and -3S and 1Eu (you never know, I don't want to see 1Eu< on Yuzu's protocols) keep behaving (expecially you, 3T... and, if you'll be back being nice enough, Zuzu will make you even prettier wih a rippon...don't you want a pretty rippon? but you need to be good first!) 3Lz, my bb, I love you too (I miss 4Lz too, but Zuzu's foot comes first, so I'll survive without it, while watching that collection of last season COR 4Lzs on loop) so...have I covered all the jumps? I'll need to send my usual prayer to spins and steps before comp too... same but 3A in practice isn't suffering that much...I mean, in practice he's landed some of the most gorgeous 3A ever sandwiched between twizzles, that's not what I'd call a 3A suffering from Nessie training IMO Yuzuru's 3A in seq had troubled landing because, while quite good, the landing on 4T wasn't super-perfect (also, jumping that seq is probably harder than 3A from standill as he can't do much to adjust his balance after landing the 4T) and the one in the combo was the last jumping pass...and yet he still managed to do the whole combo... I think in comp his FS 3As are mainly suffering from stamina (and crazy sequences) and the SP twizzle one...well let's remember not long ago he used to creatively save the landings most of the time tbh I'm amazed at how good his 3A is, considering that with Nessie training his 3A got even bigger and he's still doing the craziest entries and exits...(also let's remember last season too Yuzuru had troubles landing 3A as last jumping pass, now he's doing that from counter and in combo with an even more packed program because of the time reduction)
  3. LOL in the previous rounds I've got at least one podium right but this time pairs didn't cooperate and ID let me down too don't wanna talk about ladies or men even when the names were right the order was wrong...well, Shoma aside! Thank you Shoma!
  4. I'm happy that more people enjoy this EX from Shoma! It's by far my fave program of his in a while I agree re: the theme, it could be sensitive, but the program is choreographed to look just fun&entertaining without going too deep with the meaning (tho I would avoid the face paint tbh, because that one looks like a bit of a cheap reference, IMO it's also unnecessary to 'get' the program...). Personally I don't see huge issues, but I'm not an interested part, so I'd like to know how an interested part perceives the program...
  5. I see it's not been posted yet,so here we go Aaaaand I failed my ID predictions too congrats to the medalists... sad for Wang/Liu ending in 6th after being in 4th after SD, and whoa Fear/Gibson second in the FD? Only half a point from first? Z/G fourth in the FD? (and both teams with deduction)? I thought top SD and FD were usually pretty much the same, things get a bit shaken up if the difference in scores is tiny, but this was so wild!
  6. LadyLou

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    I'm not sure if this japanese TES box turns red...or green... I remember wondering during ladies why there were no colours... (unless ladies have fried my brain completely and can't see colours anymore) So, I've watched again Shoma first out of curiosity Kinda surprised at the TES around 100 with a couple of clear step outs and two missing combo well, rightfully score went down after call, but really, I can't understand GOE anymore...(or have I, like, ever?) just some (longish) opinions, for reference I watched this video under spoiler 4S and 4F for who's interested, tho nothing much more that hasn't been already said 4T take off looks very nice to me, I'm happy, it's clear he's been working on that again a bit too much time before tightening his air position, but no issues with rotation there, he gets plenty of time. On the landing, the torsion of the ankle, compared to the where the rest of the body is, looks kinda painful in slow-mo tho(around 6.33-6.37 in the video I linked, I slowed more than the slowmo tho) I've paid particular attention to the two 3A...I like the placement of solo 3A, it lands in the silence and makes a big impact. Second 3A is probably supposed to be landed on the note? tho this time it wasn't... so I'm not sure about that... but the rest of the combo could probably fit the moment of the other axel too...so I still don't know the answer to my layout questions Overall, there are many moments when I think music could have been used better, using more subtle moves... as for the stsq I love the part around 4.09-4.14 in the video I've linked, that's what I like, I think it really goes well with music. More than going well, it gives the music substance, and I wish the rest of stsq was built like that... (I also kinda like the arm movement with the brief IB around 4.29) fun fact: I love Shoma's CCoSp, but just like last season, I think it looks much more impressive in the SP rather than in the FS...I don't know why (tho I thought in Loco it was amazing) overall, my highlighs of this version of MS are definitely placement of solo 3A and that part of the stsq edited for corrections
  7. both Alina and Rika are still so young, I wish they could be spared a bit of media circus selfishly thinking about predictions right now, and because Lz were called I fear I've lost a lot of points on the bonus questions too...NHK round might be my worse prediction to date....but it was worth it! Rika & Satoko! Liza raising again! but Mai!
  8. LadyLou

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Pairs SP & FS

    Congrats to the medalists! I think I've bombed this podium, too, but I'm happy both Peng/Jin and Z/E are in the final... crossing fingers for J/C to join them and I'll have my GP faves in Vancouver!
  9. Gala (ID names are of course still to be decided, but I'm happy team KoKo will 100% be there to skate their ex, I love it!) do we know which ex programs will be skated at the Gala? (please somebody tell me it's Great Spirit turn!)
  10. LadyLou

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    sooo.....in the end Dima did bomb himself out of podium and my predictions are, of course, utterly ruined because of that... oh well it loos like it wasn't a very good event (and kinda expected, after ladies was so lit) with some moderate scoring angst again (and now I feel judges are willing to score clean Shoma over clean Yuzuru, but that's another issue). Well, I didn't jinx uncle Sergei, so at least that's good, and *moment of national pride* congrats to Matteo for his first senior GP podium glad the panel called some UR today too... I'm kinda lolling at how italian judge (J2) quickly aligned himself on Shoma's PCS...weird enough, Canadian one (J1) was by far the stingiest in the FS... it almost looks like they have switched bodies tho sorry, J1 giving same SS to Shoma and Voronov... that isn't right... but hey, she actually gave highly different components to Sergei! Amazing! Unbelievable! Distinguishing SS from TR from PE I can't believe my eyes! Also, she gave 8.50 to Sota's SS I might cry! 8.25 to Dima's...mmmmmmmh sorry IMO Dima's SS are better than Voronov's, but well, she still scored Dima slightly above the average he got, and despite a seriously flawed skate (just going by the TES there). I've only read protocols so take this with loads of salt...but I'm quite (positively) impressed at how J1 gave PCS overall... Now, someone must explain me the rationale of Shoma's layout. Why don't they put 3T on the first 4T? both 4T don't get the backloading bonus anyway it's an unnecessary risk, as we've seen with the +REP. Why doesn't Shoma does his first 3A in combo? both 3A are in the bonus, it would be wiser strategy to try combo on the very first one...I'll pay attention to the structure of the program now that I watch it, it's possible they felt music-wise it was necessary to do solo 3A first and combo later... true, keepin gtow combo as last jumps gives a crescendo towards the end of the program, so that could be the reason, but idk, it still looks like unnecessary risk to me... tho iirc Shoma's always jumped his 3A-lo-3F on his last 3A...I wonder why? I guess at this point might also be a matter of rythm ingrained in the body, but idk, Shoma has been able to adapt to quite big changes of layout in the past, I wonder why they risk... (I wonder the same with Yuzuru all the time too, I guess Team Japan just needs sto be extra af and not good for our hearts) but most of all, I'm really curious about the 4T combo... I'm sorry to hear that Vincent was injured again, so it explains why he comepted here with kinda watered down layout...but still, why don't they focus on correcting jumping technique? OWG are faaaaar away and to be competitive in four years one needs something sound and reliable, more reliable than jumps subject to the whim of judges (tho true, sometimes panels can give unconditional love to some, but then the next day they can always change idea...it's happened a lot with ladies...it's happened to Patrick's PCS...and so on). Landing jumps with UR most of the time means the body (ankle-knee-hip-back) is not were it should be at the moment the blade touches the ice, and all those torsions and strains and the way the impact is absorbed by the body are NOT optimal. Sure, better technique doesn't save skaters from being injured, as we know all too well but skaters' body will say a huge 'thanks' in the long term... (I had found a Swedish paper studing different kind of boots and how one type or the other can help reduce the damage on the body, they talked a bit about what kind of forces skaters feel...gotta find it again and post in gen skating chat...)
  11. Rika's reputation of inconsistency is mainly linked to her not having 'delivered' in her biggest events, like JGPF (but that event was insane) and JrW. She's always had the BV and the goods to win almost every event she went in... while in The past she was considered mainly a jumper, she's really improved A LOT in the last couple of seasons and now she's such a well rounded skater (Hamada's strenght is polishing) with no obvious flaws... other than not having delivered on the big stage true, she did well at JNats last season but there she had the least pressure, compared to the ladies fighting for OWG. Here her only mistake was on the 3A and that's ok in a way, but it won't be ok against Alina at her best and wouldn't have been here against Satton, with different tech panel...And in the FS she was the chaser, she wanted revenge, she wasn't the one expected to deliver, in the SP there were expectations, sue, And Hyde for her 3A, but not above anyone else. Now she's gonna be the favourite in IdF in a very stressful event with maybe the deepest field, so how she'll cope with that pressure might be a hint to how she's growing in that regard too...of course she's gutsy and tough and doesn't back up from challenges but now she's learning how to be on when she needs that. For me the best thing at the moment is that last season's struggles look like are starting to pay off now... and I'm sure they'll pay off in the long run too (so yeah bb, keep going for that SP 3A...and keep training quads, they'll probabile be useful in the near future)
  12. I thought the same, if Rika is cleanish (big if, IdF will be a test of her mental strenght) even clean Med won't have the TES to beat her...I love both and I love Mai who'll be there too so it will be tough either way @liv I think Satoko's URs were called, TES dropped of 6 points...fair calls imo, some URs were quite easy to spot this time, in general her jumps were better yesterday... Congrats to the medalists and to all the ladies who made this event SO AMAZING
  13. Ahhhh I'm so happy! Great podium with great skaters with great skates! The best ladies event of gp till now! (but Mai! 4th againthat's one real curse)
  14. Whoa no I was wrong they called some URs..... ETA sorry but I'm HAPPY OMG BB RIKA DID IT! My predictions are burning in flames but ok! Sad forse Mai but At least one of my bbs is happy!