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  1. or maybe he's going all-Prokofiev this season
  2. LadyLou

    General Yuzuru Chat

    and he makes people believe too
  3. LadyLou

    Team Spain

    that shot of the InaBauer is criminal
  4. LadyLou

    Team we're fewer but still good!

    oh good, we'll see our Gomez Addams again good luck Nikolaj!
  5. LadyLou

    Team Japan

    that's amazing, thank you for making it! also, it reminded me of how much I loved her first Skyfall costume
  6. LadyLou

    Team Russia

    she's s pure give her hugs! so what she wants from this season is calm... she must be feeling so much pressure (tbh I kinda had a moment from that Sasha segment where they mention Alina's need for support and Eteri says Sasha is strong. Sure she is, but...idk, maybe I'm reading too much, thinking that at least one of her current ladies will be cast aside next season) btw re: someone added eng sub to the video of the interview subber
  7. even among the less known skaters, Julian, Donovan, the pumpkin lord (is he going to have a new FS? He's kept that iconic program for two seasons already...I'll be sad to let it go, tho), so many interesting names! Kailani and Eliska, Alexia Paganini, Sofia (I have them in my last season list of faves, so gotta pay extra attention). I've also liked what I've seen of Bradie's SP, which was a pelasant surprise! And Wang/Liu and J/C! and of course the big names among men and ladies! The debut of Wakaba's new FS! and we'll see the missing choreo form Zhenya's + all the costumes! and of course Zu I'm not expecting wild layouts, just wild costumes and pancakes idk if I'll stay up for ladies tho
  8. LadyLou

    General Yuzuru Chat

    "Yuzuru is a champion because he believes" (also, Shae looks amazing as always)
  9. LadyLou

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    I wonder who else was one of the super-cautious satellites who voted for next season...the other would be me I'm trying to keep my expectations super-low, so if Nessie appears before it will be a pleasant surprise, but I won't be disappointed if Nessie doesn't show. No pressure from me, Yuzuru! If it appears at ACI, tho, it will be a shock But I really think it's too soon, it's unrealistic to expect that from him, even if he's still Yuzu... if it's really ready enough for him to try it this season, I would say COR, where he successfully debuted 4Lz and with Plushenko watching (talk about pressurehe'd hate to disappoint his idol...). I don't expect him to add it for a big comp like GPF or Worlds without trying it before...he's never done that, so it would be OOC And he wouldn't try it at Nats because for him it's a major comp and the jump wouldn't even be ratified, so if he landed the jump well at Nats and failed to land it at Worlds he'd be really kuyashii *conspiracy theory* I'm starting to think, what if the placeholder for 4A is 4S? I'm talking about the 4S in the SP. There are no rules agains using a 4A as solo jump, right? I know skaters should usually aim for a stable SP, but honestly, if his priority is 4A, not getting the gold, Yuzuru would risk messing the SP. The SP is a bit less packed than the FS, now the free skate is shortened, and it requires less energy. IMO he'd have harder time jumping 4A in that crazy FS of his, where he needs to have enough energy to complete 6 more jumping passes and all the other elements... while in the SP after Nessie he would go for twizzle-3A (yeah, that ain't easy either...but maybe easier than doing 3 more quads and three combinations...) and then in second half his 4Tcombo that he could do on busted ankle... and we haven't seen his SP yet *end of conspiracy theory* but he has never debuted a new jump in the SP only, so that would be OOC too idk what to expect
  10. LadyLou

    Team Korea

    I'm curious about the R&J they choose... and about Shae-Lynn's coreography OT: Has she ever done a R&J choreo?
  11. LadyLou

    Team Russia

    while "practice and pray" doesn't sound a very sound strategy, there is a percentage of risk you can't take away... for example, for all Yuzuru talked about avoiding injuries and being healthy, he also stated injuries could happen...that risk is part of skating, and part of athletes challenging themselves...and indeed he injured himself (even before NHK, with the knee pain and other things we knew later). I just hope and pray that Eteri is really trying to minimize the risks and isn't just leaving everything in the hands of fate (because chronic injuries can actually be reduced with good practice, and skating in optimal physical and mental condition also reduces the chances of acute injury) I have to say, tho, Sasha is truly amazing. Fearless. Hungry. I want to see her keep competing for many years, because her drive and ambition is certainly inspiring. "Then I would jump quints" She reminds me of a certain someone I wonder if, 8 years from now, we'll be reading all these discussions about quads and ladies and eyeroll at our unnecessary worrying... or maybe the fears will have been proved right... All depends on how the next few years will go...and it will tell us who was right. History is always written by the winner. If Sasha will have a successful senior career, these years will be remembered as the birth of a legend (tho in a way she's already in the figure sakting history, as the first lady to land 4T, and a quad combo and so on. But that's different from being a legend IMO)
  12. LadyLou

    General Yuzuru Chat

    well, that twitter thread comparing Yuzuru to cat exists for a reason... (I bet he's seen that too) unrelated, but when I opened the Planet homepage I almost had a heart attack reading 0 days on the countdown to ACI......my brain had failed to register the 3 next to the 0 exactly five minutes before that I was reasoning that I have no reasons to feel as anxious as last season because this time there are no OWG looming and Zu isn't betting his life on that gold, so both Zu and I can take it easy (LOL), but it looks like being zen is just an illusion
  13. LadyLou

    [2018] CS Lombardia Trophy (12.09-16.09)

    the combo of their costumes + Shoma's bouquet + their expressions make the picture so hilarious
  14. finally caught up with this comp so hard Men Ladies ID Pairs
  15. LadyLou

    [TV Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in SHIZUOKA

    those are 20 minutes of happiness ah, HYK is so amazing...there's always a moment in that program that moves me to tears, right after the first spin, when he isn't doing any big move, just steps, but idk, maybe it's my brain finally catching up up after a minute of beauty, or maybe just the purity of Yuzuru feeling the music that makes it so powerful (Requiem had that special moment, too) too bad these late broadcasts have no HD, that's a crime