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  1. thank you @SuzyQ for your translation I especially love this sentence form Yano-san and I'm moved that a professional whose work is with sounds has such words for Yuzuru I imagine how much more fullfilling it is to know your work is appreciated and understood in all its complexity and nuances. Small things that maybe someone else would overlook, Yuzuru can pick them up and he even contributes to the creative process in a way that shows how much the small details matter to him as well. I'm glad that Yano-san could find such a special understanding with Yuzuru, and that
  2. off topic about Beijing, tbh postponment/cancellation would surpise me a lot. Olys are matter of reputation and power and finding a way to host safe and grand OWG even with a still ongoing pandemic would be a huge flex. Of course a lot will depend on the vaccine rollout and efficacy, and one hopes by then we'll all be in a much better situation... but with will and money, even a giant OWG in a bubble wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities. In the meanwhile, I hope Zu stays safe and that he finds a way to get all the physio he needs. Knowing he wasn't getting h
  3. added streamable link after getting permission from nonchan1023
  4. I don't know yet if we have permission for that from nonchan, so I'm waiting to know for sure, in case I'll upload on streamable too
  5. Data Man Part 1: measuring jumps and other technical insights about jumps and layouts. Credits to nonchan1023 http://yuzuru-hanyu-translations.weebly.com/2014-2015.html mediafire link https://www.mediafire.com/file/cqoi2ylq7rwznz3/Data_man_%5B1-2%5D.AVI/file (from nonchan's masterlist season 2014-15)
  6. Happy New Year! 2020 has been an extraordinarily tough year... but still there was some good in there, and Yuzu and this Planet are part of that, so I'm gonna hold that close to my heart. Thank you, dear satellites, stay safe and may 2021 bring lots of joy And the happiest New Year to Yuzu too! May he keep moving forward with that unyielding spirit of his, and may this new year be kind to him
  7. that isn't a jump, it's a monster (if only she had more control/consistency on her gorgeous jumps sigh) by the way, don't we have any icescope on Rika's sal? (to compare it with some other 4S *cough* like Shoma's *cough*). Jpn media should seriously iscope more than one jump per program, I want more data! I really thought the comparison wiht Yuzu was becuase his is the clear (and declared) model of Rika's and it's noce to see the take off side by side (I think Rika has one of her arms at a slightly different height at take off and she also has a different way to pull her
  8. special 90 seconds SP recap montage by FujiTV + skaters reading tweets after Men's SP now available! I hadn't seen the SP recap so I'm tagging as [NEWS]
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