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  1. such a pity, she's a beautiful skater and the program is lovely for her
  2. Marin did she miss her jump? Or did I miss it? Please tell me she didn't miss her jump
  3. oh no Rika (sorry i'm dropping here all of a sudden for jpn ladies)
  4. Sasha Trusova is already doing her quads in the first half, so it's reasonable that the backloading issue will sort itself out as soon ladies start adding harder elements they are now going though the start of men quads era, with the only difference that men quads era started with a different judging system so there was no gain in going through backloading all triples instead of leaping for quads directly. I'm more interested in seeing some change in rules that can somehow make ladies career a bit longer (tho even this could happen on itself once the technical content will reach a new plateau and quality, ss and interpretation will be valued again). Some skills usually take time to develop, it's a pity that we might never see talented ladies come close to their potential in competition. Not many people follow skaters in their professional careers and some skaters will quit skating completely it really feels like a huge loss for the sport. IMO it also makes harder for more casual viewers to grow fond of skaters, it's only natural to root more for people you see time and time again, but if general audience sees completely different persons every year the emotional attachement just won't be there (and they won't be willing to travel across the world to see them)
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh, so the guy for whom 4Lz was deemed "too much" was actually jumping rippon combos just like Vincent (with the difference that Yuzuru actually made all the rotations in the air...). It really makes you wonder what would have happened if Yuzuru had been healthy. Tbh all Yuzuru's career makes you wonder what could have happened, if only he had been spared a few injuries, starting from the COC ones that were really only bad luck. I have faith that Yuzuru will do his best to heal and get what he wants (his 4Lo and 4Lz back, and of course Nessie). So happy to hear him looking forward to his competititive future so much! Please heal well and habe fun, zuzu That footage also makes much more believable Ambesi's words about Yuzuru training 4Lz for the SP, it had to be reliable enough if he could tackle a 3T rippon even on a not ideal landing (I confess when I heard that Yuzuru was training 4Lz for SP I had this kind of thought, that 4Lz would have felt wrong in the first half of Ballade but it would fit well in place of 4T3T, being a toe jump...and he used to do 3Lz3T there in Ballade 1.0... sorry I expect anything from Yuzu now ) I love how he always praises everyone but he really gushes about Boyang's Lutz Yuzu single-handedly defying Boyang media erasure And his comments about ladies are both on point and very sweet (I'm sure once he r***** there will be a bloodbath among broadcasters to have him as a commentator...If he isn't too busy touring around the word, restoring world peace and watering our crops with his awesomeness while raising next generation of legends of course)
  6. So no Nathan at gala? Is he still sick? But I'm outrageously happy Misha and Valentina&Ondrej got invited, the gala will be lit (tho for me Yuzuru alone would be enough ) I'm looking forward to more fluff and squish, after all we'll likely need to survive on this for many many months I'm happy I'll see Boyangman and S/M and Jun and Kaetlyn's ex that are so much fun I hope Zhenya will skate to her Euro's ex but I also want to see her beautiful dress from COR... just please be happy and have fun, you amazing skaters, you've deserved it
  7. Ok, after a good sleep and a bit if reading interviews and watching post competition footage I feel better Good to see sportsmanship between the two top ladies, it reminds me how great athletes are! A few additional notes: to me Kaori looked a bit slower than usual but she managed to land her jumps and her breakthrough this season was really something no one had seen it coming! Kudos to her and her jumps are soooooo beautiful to watch. Caro's opening Lutz was beautiful too, too bad she had troubles on the other jumps but she has twice the age of her competitors so she's amazing Satoko was lovely from start to finish and her jumps were probably the best I've seen from her this season, I have some real hope she can improve even further (and I'm glad she overcame the troubles she had at 4CC). Camerawork didn't do her spiral justice tho... I'm sad for Karen's jumps, so much wasted potential. Mirai managed to fight despite her initial mistake and goes home with the team medal so I guess she's stil very happy, and Bradie made a good debut, too, considering no one had even thought of her getting here at the start of the season Poor Gabby Yay Kaetlyn! Not my fave but when she's on her jumps are beautiful. Lilibet did her best and Dabin was lovely I thought Alina was quite good in the first half of the program, less rushed than other times. Zhenya didn't had the Lz called, as I thought, so it makes me a bit less sad tbh I'm surprised she doesn't get more +3 on her Lo, if judges want to give +3 that's imo the jump that usually deserves it the most... but I guess it's a minor issue in the big scheme of scoring My predictions went down the drain but that's hardly new Congrats to all the medalists, and now everyone can have a bit of fun (Still, imo the best and happiest and most emotional podium of Olympic games goes to men)
  8. In the next season I'll probabily be more incested in ladies, unless some upcoming jr steals my fanyu heart I'more into Kostornaia and Tarakanova, and miss 3A Rika, too, but Sasha is a little monster too... and Anna who did outrageously well in the last comp too. Jr words will be in a few weeks, if swan won't kill us we can die then (but no Tarakanova, I'm so sad)
  9. Hush,,don't talk, Worlds are still a month away and who knows how panels will be
  10. I think many of us were rooting for Zhenya more because she's been delivering under pressure for so long, it's easy to feel she "deserves" it more and she remind us of Yuzu too (not talking about skating qualitis here, only personality and achievements) But all the ladies in the last group were amazing, they saved the competition! Kaetlyn delivered when it counted so congrats! The jpn ladies did better than we could hope too, both placing in top 6 no blatant robbing here (tho I'd rather have Kaori above Caro). Alina and Zhenya both have proved they are amazing ladies and amazing fighters, out of this world for their mental strenght. Now I would really like to know if Alina can be totally happy with her gold, I hope she will but she admires Zhenya a lot too and seeing her like this must feel awful, more so because it was a win on a few points. I honestly think she would have been still quite happy with silver, certainly more than Zhenya can be with hers. (Also, what's with judges handling out WR in the SP as if there was no tomorrow and suddenly holding back in the FS?) I hope both Alina and Zhenya will find the motivation to go on and that they can stay around and develop even more. What really makes me sad is that Zhenya was finally growing into a real queen of ladies skating but the already messed scores of the last seasons ended messing everything ten times more and now we have this. It would have been enough if judges had given even only a couple less points in pcs to Alina over two programs and I don't think anyone would have complained that much (it would have been something like half a point less in PE IN and CO. If we talk about glo, even SS and TR). What were they expecting to happen, bumping pcs up of 15 points in a few months? All of this with Zhenya being out with an injury... Tbh it is even scarier because judges were totally ready to do the same in men but the young guns flopped too much in the first half of the season to give them a pcs boost like for Alina, and then Nathan bombed the sp twice at olys. I don't even want to think about what would have happened otherwise, I'm just grateful some skating god make things right at least in that event. And people dare to complain about backloading and quads. It's the judging that lead to these kind of things, not the skaters nor their strategies. But I guess ISU will just write some new rule to limit backloading and quads and let the elephant in the room to its own devices.
  11. Oh poor Zhenya so close (Tbh judges could have made either of them win if they wanted, they went for Alina. Given how probably Zhenya's Lz was probably not called I will make peace with this...eventually) Zuzu please make Zhenya smile in the gala and I'm glad we won't have strange tiger as last gala ex, but a graceful swan
  12. Zhenya the steel queen TES are too low tho, I don't think she will get it, but I'm so proud of her Rai commentators saying they expected she went for harder tech. Man, she was freaking injured!
  13. Lol Rai commentator saying look at her Lutz but...it didn't really looked like a Lutz
  14. Whoa Kaetlyn surprised us!!!
  15. @Yatagarasusaid Zhenya has tendonitis so I'll just hope she manages to land all her jumps Go Kaetlyn, surprise us!!!