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  1. using the last few minutes of December 7th in my part of the world to send a big hug and thank you to all satellites and fanyus for always making this day special and bright, no matter everything else And once more, happy 27th birthday Yuzu! may this new year of yours be a joyous one for you, and may you make all your dreams come true, one by one @Henni147
  2. Happy 27th birthday Yuzuru! With much love and gratitude Lou from Italy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mJ2Qrzgisa8RRDFigpJ3Lq0ok0mBAeA-/view?usp=sharing 🍄🎁 it's a video, in case it wasn't clear (I hope I haven't forgotten how to share stuff on GD) also, thank you for organizing this
  3. my advice, especially when emotions are as raw as they are right now, is to keep yourself to "safe" circles. Use the muting and blocking features and refrain from poking into places notorious for being full of trash more USA (or whatever other competitor)-oriented (like GS and reddit, the trash lessons etc). Oly season was (and always is) full of s*it even without Yuzuru being injured, but of course the vultures always rush to gloat twice more gleefully when he's down. They just qualify themselves. And tbh the fact that they even think that, going into this season, Yuzuru valued getting to OWG more than getting 4A, also shows that they don't know anything about him, have never read a single interview of his in the last quadriennium and don't have the faintest idea of the kind of person and athlete Yuzuru is. So, this is how much value their words have: absolute zero. Yuzuru is a challenger, an explorer, he has hunger and ambition that many probably can't even start to fathom, because it's so far from their experience. 12 years of senior career and Yuzuru is still relentlessly reaching higher, while other competitors are contnet floating at sea level with what they already have. Which is a legit choice, of course, but it's exactly what separates Yuzuru from them, and what makes him and not them the 2xOGM, holder of 19 records across different systems, and a Legend. Has Yuzuru sometimes been reckless in the past? Yes, of course. He isn't immune from being young and overconfident, from being inexperienced, from being human. Maturing he improved a lot on this, and anyone who's been following his journey to 4A knows he didn't go into that challenge recklessly. But he went into it bravely, knowing the risks, knowing his condition and the condition of his ankle, and doing his absolute best to minimze those risks, but still accepting them because 4A means that much to him. People viewing the jump merely as the technical element with a measly 1 points more than 4Lz in BV can't understand why it would be so special for him and what he's willing to sacrifice so much for it. As for the post-NHK17
  4. Thank you for conveying this nuance - it made me smile a bit I thought so, it sounded weird that they'd be so confident (more so with how the WDs after previous injuries were announced gradually, and likely decided gradually too) It might feel that RC is a long way from now, but in terms of recovery and rehab, it's rather close,less than 3 weeks, and you gotta include the travel to get there. Add covid cases, and I am already operating under the assumption he won't be there. I'm sorry RC satellites☹ if, in the end, he'll still go, it would really mean it's a smallish injury, and that would be GREAT news of course, but feels too good to be true😔 I do believe he can overcome this... in time. Praying for that to happen as early as possible.🙏
  5. I...wish it could be the former, I really do😅(but...) So sorry for all the fans who were going to NHK and RC (cursed GP combo in oly season, apparently. One more thing to blame darned WC21 for, maybe). I suppose it's marginally better to know beforehand, but it's still heartbreaking I don't wanna think how he's feeling right now, yet I do think about that and I can't even begin to fathom how awful it must be for him, being stopped like this. Maybe the fact that he's not aiming to absolutely win OGM makes it slightly slightly less is-the-world-ending? for me (deadline and momentum felt more ominous and pressing then), but recovering again that right ankle and going back to the form necessary to jump again 4A and fulfill his dream will be so hard. His jumps had been looking so strong and secure after two years without major injuries(that we know of), now it feels like he's back to square 0 (not even to square1), and any additional injury in that poor battered ankle makes things harder. I want to believe he can come back and blow our minds again like he's gone after nhk17 and cor18, but ngl I've got plenty of what ifs in the back of my mind. I hope his body can match his strong will to come back Even if this is a result of training 4A, I can't regret him going for the jump. He chose that path, there was always the chance that one of the many, many falls would be a bad one (I was holding my breath for the longest moment at gpf19, when he wouldn't immediately get up), and well... it's happened. I just... need to see him healthy again, skating, doing what he loves on the ice Hugs to fellow satellites and all fanyus
  6. The way I'm here again on a rainy November morning crying over damned NHK Why always the right ankle? Of course the risk was inherent in that monster jump, but this is cruel, stopped one step before possibly achieving his dream
  7. I need emotional support😭😭😭 Why the f*ck this awful luck, all the time, skating gods WTF????
  8. Ok now that I'm capable of rational thoughts: Yuzu has always been "not yet, not yet, but will work hard, I absolutely want to land it" and he's talked about the power of saying something out loud to make it happen (or rather, to push himself to make it happen). That said, it would be very out of character from him to say he "wants to land 4A at NHK" which is in a little more than one week (GASP) without having ever landed a proper 4A. So, looking forward to seeing Nessie! (My nerves tho😵 we'revalready waiting for the mysterious piano SP that only Yuzuru can do...) In the meanwhile, praying really hard for continued health, because that's the only thing that would keep him from showing us 4A next week ("Next week" feels lowkey ominous now, how is it possible that it felt there were still months of drought before us, and now it's so friggin' close already?) I really want Yuzuru to achieve 4A. Healthy happy Yuzu landing 4A and showing his ideal skating: this isn't too much to ask, isn't it, skating gods?🥺🥺🥺🥺 plz
  9. Sorrynotsorry for dropping here just to scream, but I need it AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH x4
  10. Anya's neck tape worries me, considering the choices that were made in the past about her skating when really she shouldn't have...(plus it gives me flashbacks of Kinayu Yokoi skating with neck brace and of all those instances of skaters falling headfirst on the ice and not even being checked for concussion). Really hoping it's something mild like, idk, a passing stiff neck, tho even that must not be something comfortable to skate with so, it looks like panel called some stuff, I guess whoever was in charge of calls won't have many chances to be in major comps it's refreshing to see that there still are people with some integrity in the sport, tho they probably won't ever make to highest ranks... I'm curious about the skates, so I'm gonna search for Maiia and Anya. I kinda liked Anya's program more than most of those I saw back at test skates, but I also skipped Maiia and I've been hearing many good things about her programs this season... I wonder if she might manage to grab a oly spot at nats, iirc she has been quite favored in domestic comps in previous seasons too, even despite not being as consistent as some of her other teammates thank you @sallycinnamon for your commentary!
  11. So happy for Mai tbh she's already come farther than I dared hope with her competition comeback, but now I'm crossing fingers for more... (darn the lack of streaming, I don't get to watch happy Mai getting her medal, just a still pic ) I saw Kaori's sp, I like some moments but I feel like it isn't a program that leaves the mark. Sad that Kao struggled with her free (a part of me still rootes for Piano comeback), I now worry whether she's gonna arrive to SA tired physically and mentally I love S/H, they are the embodiment of skating as one and Pairs' best advocates for "technical elements are part of the choreo" Really hoping that skating gods will let them get to Olys healthy, they have certainly already got more than their fair share of injuries and bad luck... in the meanwhile they are certainly doing their part in building their path to OGM, their programs scream Olympic moment & crowd pleasing judges better not screw things up. Sad that Boyang struggled again, but considering he is also coming back from additional health issue, maybe not surprising. But I want to see him at the level he used to be, and for him to be proud and happy of himself watched Yuma's and Shun's sp. Shun might have the most warhorse of Olympic warhorses, but I really like the program, the choreo, the built and it's clear he's been improving on his components too. A pity the edge call, if he had declared it was a 4F it would have been a good one, the landing was so nice. He's in position where his flaws are gonna be used to hold him back whenever needed, while there are comparable or worse lz and f edges out there that get showered in points... but kudos for him, it might be in part that the scores force him to do so, but I like to think that Yuzu's influence, too, is inspiring him to become a stronger and more well-rounded skater. Yuma's sp...it feels like dozens of other fs programs I've seen he still doesn't have the charisma to stand out with it IMO... not that it will matter, he already has backing where it matters the most. His nice qualities come out in stsq and choreo is detailed enough to make him look like he's engaged in the music. Still a meh program for me, overall. Junhwan... I haven't seen the program but ouch It feels like Men's tech panel was stricter than ladies, lots of < q edges and the fall called for Boyang's sp (tho it looks like half the judges disagreed with it). Still weird that organizers had all their fancy cameras in place + it was Olys test event, but they still couldn't provide a measly livestreaming, contrary to the smallest and more obscure comp in other places... I bet that liveqq and russian streamers were all ready to provide content even if it was behind paywall... only, there was no whatsoever source to pirate
  12. I like Samodelkina but also Zinina and have soft spot for Zhilina too so I guess I'm gonna be 2/3 sad and 1/3 happy either way tho ngl I especially wanted Samo in 😔 out of the ladies I've watched and are going to jgpf, SofiaA. Is probably the one that leaves me cold, but she's earned her spot (two actually😅) so I can't rant Samo tho, she could have probably won an event with a more conservative SP. What a missed opportunity Now off to watch
  13. it makes sense, both with the travelling needed (and Rika only moved to Canada one month ago) and most important if Rika is still recovering her jumping arsenal: better no showing than a poor one that can backfire for her health too though of course I worry about just how much she's recovered darn the trash lessons and darn whoever their tcc "insider" is, leave Rika alone! Happy for Mai, hoping for a good showing for her It looks like there was quite a number of WDs from Asian Throphy...
  14. Wait, so why was Yuma not at JO, if he was able to compete (and as WC medallist wouldn't he be already qualified for national too)? Re: (ladies)costumes OMG I love so many of them, embarrassment of riches! I especially love Wakaba's and Mana's, I'll miss Mai's fairy costume, it was a bit more peculiar, but this one is so gorgeous too and uses some unusual colors! And I love Kaori's vibrant indigo too (will see how it looks in the program) Re: Kaori's fs, still haven't watched it and I must be careful not letting what I read about it influence me (because most of what I've read was despair)😅 but tbh, if the choice of fs was so heavily influenced by Benoit... idk how to feel. What's the point of choreographing a program about the power of women only to tell a woman that you know better and she should absolutely do as you say? like, if it was a I believe you can do that! advice ok, but maybe let her choose for herself (Benoit doesn't exactly have a track record of putting himself at other's service, he's more of a it's all about ME type of person, as far as I can tell). So I hope Kaori is 100% behind the choice because she really loves it and believes in it. She abdolutely can't lose motivation again, not in oly season (even more so when it's likely that international panels will score in a most demotivating way) Slightly OT, but the Women documentary is quite hard to find So, I am wondering wheter Kaori was able to actually watch the full documentary (possibly in language she understand, idk how proficient she is in English), since it isn't exactly as easily accessible as e.g. a Disney movie, Titanic or The Matrix Re:Wakaba's 3A YAY!!!! Too bad that JO isn't an international comp, but it must still be a confidence booster! That score, on the other hand, ain't it. I saw in protocols she popped second Lz + she didn't do a 2nd 3T, so that hurt her bv a bit, but wtf are those pcs? Tho the same could be said for others too Congrats to Shun for a clean lz, apparently panel left the lz alone and only went after the F (3! iirc), but I'm still pissed that internal scoring made it so that he must go for the quad version of his lz and f. Looking forward to catching up with his skates and a bunch of others'
  15. apparently yes, going by her wiki... I am mindblown, I would have sworn she had been in some challenger I guess that the messy past season is be to blame, she was competing internationally as Jr till 2019-20, so 2020-21 supposed to be her senior international debut...
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