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  1. the funniest thing is that on the FS day the flower girls went for a hug too (good girls, it would have been unfair if young Voronov had been be the only one allowed to slack off &get hugs while on duty ) since it was after Zu had injured himself, all those kids crowding Yuzu made me extra soft (edited for typos argh) yeah, that part made me roll my eyes HARD. All they've been doing for the past 5years (at least) has been to squander the incredible stroke of luck they got with someone like Yuzuru, who can do all of that unprompted. They've chosen to
  2. Sasha has been a groundbreaker in quads for ladies' field so I'm sure there's plenty to make a book about her life interesting, but I'm sideeyeing really hard how Gallagher chose to drop a Yuzu mention especially since the two aren't exactly close, and their vision of FS is very different. I'm willing to bet that quote is the main Hanyu quote in the whole book also kinda sideeyeing whoever put a pic of Sasha's gorgeous green costume right after mentioning Olga (who didn't design that particular costume) joining you for the WC Hana wa Saku as highlight - it really felt hea
  3. re: whose nose the right one was in the pool of my possible guesses, but I wasn't sure this means I have to study more re: sister Mary Joseph but also, I'm curious how of all the Yuzu programs it was Origin and the Origin at GPF19 in particular (not the cleanest he's done) the one that left a mark... (also, someone linked LMEY and BlindingLights Yokohama day3) a bit OT, but since I've been (kinda) updating (partially) the glossary, I've got a question: is the Hanyu Yuzuru Exhibition here the same as the Tomo ni, Mae e that so
  4. [NEWS] was the Hachinohe Yuzu cut posted?
  5. thank you @Wyell for the vids apologies in advance for my brain focusing on non-serious stuff, but I had to do this: does anyone notice anything in the background of his interview? ok, I'm so out of the loop kids growing so fast I'm sorry, but the superlong FTT sleeve overflowing form the jacket cuff is cracking me up they're really LONG, uh? (and I love them!) And FTT reminds me of Yuzu's gorgeous spiral, so gotta rewatch it some more ///on covid As usual, hoping that audience and s
  6. Lmao yeah and the funny thing was that when they lined up for the kick they had to wait for music to catch up Yuzu worrying for nothing Anyway, now the new Drought starts. Hoping skaters are healthy, audience is safe, and wishing Yuzu to happily go back to his highly social-distanced hermit cave safe&healthy and energized and tame his Nessie🙏🙏🙏 (but also, plz Zu rest and especially give your bruised knees a break) And thank you guys for the company during livestreaming🤗
  7. Yuzu is making them all run 😆😆 Eta: and he timed the kick Awww and he knelt to them🥺 (And then kinda volatilized backstage) Aww back on iceagain Last lap around the rink😭 (Oops he screamed the arigato)
  8. Yep, edge was deeper, improving his spiral too🥺
  9. OMGGGG the SE and the spiral and the IB ahhhhh😭😭😭😭😭😭 he smiles😭🥺💕
  10. Ok but happy Yuzu makes me so happy🥺🥺 And awww this time he stayed behind to put the others up front, so sweet🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰
  11. Nice throw! She's happy, fist pump🥰
  12. Lol Yuzu, when he was taking position I though why so nervous Zu (or maybe it was me the one who was nervous) Awwwww LGC I'm gonna miss you do much🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
  13. He will be kuyashii😅😆 eta: for the loop
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