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  1. Just tiptoeing in to say: I'm so sorry, Nastya, that you aren't one of the chosen ones I had some hope you could still qualify and I hate that this is another huge blow to your confidence and joy for skating. This time you did everything right, it's the scoring that sucks (and sadly that's also the only thing that matters, at the end of the day) Tomoe, I know that having hard time controlling your jumps is the downside of having gorgeous jumps, but please bb can you skate two clean(ish) programs next time?
  2. I've seen GOE for Daniil's 3A.... I wanna cry (especially less than one week after the most beautiful twizzle sandwich 3A not getting the respect it deserved) how to stop hurting? and how to stop reading those darn protocols? (also, I just knew they would have called only Yuma's lz...with proper calls and proper goe and proper pcs for everyone he would be in the lead, but of course we can't allow that, right? God forbidden Eteri's boy doesn't make it to the final, we gotta make sure to give him all the help and who cares for the other boys, it's not like they deserve a fair chance... and sorry for Daniil, he's cute and insanely good at doing that complex program etc etc, but those scores are ridiculous and if they will end making the difference between the better skater going into the final and staying at home...) (edit: just changed back to default rank. Quad-quad combo.... I... I think I love it)
  3. That's a pretty good score with one fall...also lmao is that -1 (on top of the -1 deduction fall) for finishing late?😅 Ok I'm going back to my dinner now
  4. Joseph Oh please! Nice loop Ok got the combo Very nice positions in combo spin That axel... he has so much potential 🙁
  5. Filip 3A! Rippon on 3T Aww too bad he lost balance on spin Wow 3Lo very late in the program
  6. Jakub He doesn't lack passion for sure! Among knee slides his was very good, very in character
  7. Block judging, crazy spread in the scores... it sucks And ISU should seriously worry but we know they don't
  8. Andrea's full of sparkles! Uhhh going for a strong cool!vibe Good job not falling! (Would have been uncool😜) I have again Brezina vibes, I guess to me he is the standard of rockish cool
  9. Dinh Me loves another US boy with sparkles cool music! Wild axis on 3A Aw too bad jumps were flawed Nice sit spin!
  10. Ivan Nice 3A clean! Nice and outfit+smile really brought some uplifting feeling to the program (Lol the Ted for ISU president)
  11. Tomoe deserves all the fangirling Hers might be my fave ladies short of the season to date... (I...wasn't missing Despacito, gimme polish music please)
  12. You're resisting the need to bother him too?😅 But also awwwww he already looks smol in vid, can't imagine irl I wonder if when he'll grow he'll stay on the shorter side like Misha and Kevin...if he suddenly started growing into a giant like Koshiro or Jun it would be so weird😱 can't really imagine that... (ETA: ops for some reason I thought Misha was way shorter sorry) (ETA 2: lmao checking isu bios. Reading 10h/week in Yuzuru's profile won't ever stop being shocking)
  13. Oh nooo I've missed bb Sota 😭 darn laptop Eta: why did I have to look at that score after watching today's scoring thouhh?
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