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    I've sent a donation via gofundme
  2. Marin: I hated the LLL news, but yeah, I think she could make it work even for me And I liked her Seven Nation SP (I loved the costume) so I'm fine with her keeping it. Sad to see her FS go tho Sasha T: OMG love the choice for her FS! (tho, weird enough, I see her more like an Arya than a Daenerys) Wakababy: I think I'm gonna love both SP and FS Wakaba and Poeta, I can already feel the epicness Also...will Sia be the new warhorse? (well, luckily it looks like skaters are picking different songs...) One GOAT set the example! (kidding... and Yuzu, you're free NOT to be environmentally friendly next season)
  3. LadyLou

    Fan project

    thank you @Veveco and everyone who helped set up everything I've done the poll but I'll take a bit more time for the form ('cause as always I'm writing wall-texts, so I need to do some serious cutting LOL) ahhhh choosing top 3 fave costumes and programs is always painful I feel bad for leaving out some of themI love you Swanyu bb, I'm so sorry that I couldn't pick you too btw, I was thinking that these days not many satellites seem to be online (since no competitions or iceshows with Yuzu), I hope everyone can see the thread, is there a way to have some kind of link in the homepage so everyone can see it? @sallycinnamon @Hydroblade (sorry you're the staff I see online atm)
  4. argh I have almost missed the anniversary HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE PLANET! may all of us keep having fun and being just as extra as our fave space kitten for a long long time! thank you, mods and admins, for keeping this place nice and cozy, and thank you to all satellites for making this place special and warm and a little bit crazy also, how nice that on this day we also had the monument unveiling all according to the plan? glad to know I wasn't the only one hey, that ticket popping up with fierce!Zu in that pose would suit the music amazingly (I had never thought gates opening could look that epic!) Me, me!!! should I add it to our Planet glossary? hopefully there will be many more cycles of happiness!!! (and less cycles of ranting)
  5. Tbh it's unclear to me if he means "cleanly by ISU standard" "with quality I deem worthy" or just "land it in competition"... Maybe more translations and input from satellites who speak japanese can give us more insights I find the final bit interesting, it sounds to me as: he will bring Nessie to comp, that's what he's aiming to, and he hopes to be the first one to get it ratified...but regardless, he wants that jump...I suppose he knows about those wtt attempts😅 guys I'm laughing at my autocorrect changing wtt in wtf can't say it's wrong tbh I'm impressed at him being so aware of many things happening in the world - France, Taiwan...Yes those are big news reported internationally, but it feels like those news weren't just "something happening somewhere to someone else", he has linked them to his own experience and Tohoku and focused on the efforts to help and rebuild
  6. Can't choose! and why choose? and agreed about emotional support I'll try to go back to sleep for now
  7. Yuzu always brings the best fanservice Rest well, Zuzu (after making them correct that spelling!) and enjoy home and family! We'll be waiting for you!
  8. Oh no, it ended too soon😭 (I suppose I could go back to sleep....but. you know..sleep is overrated...better crunchy smiles...I need more)
  9. Aw great design! And he's happy! And he SPEAKS AND HE'S REAL
  10. (Kinda) here and (idk if really)awake! Just woke up and not in total control of my fingers, so if I start typing incomprehensible things, you know why😁
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