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  1. ehhh no plz don't tempt me (I mean, I already have the photobook in wishlist together with way too much stuff, but if they release a digital bersion too I won't have the excuse of the shipping costs...) @Veveco I think a fan then shared the screenshot of the reply they got when they asked organizers if gala would be gala or.. like in Montreal. But otherwise, organizers keep mum on their website. It costed nothing to add one line mentioning the format. Not all fans will think about mailing organizers, or know that other fans did..and not all fans know about the awards, if they haven't been on social media. Organizers "forgetting" this rather important detail(*) doesn't bode well You'd think that, if awards were such a GREAT hit with fans, they'd want to use them to promote the gala... but alas Between this and the no-refund policy, it feels too similar to the Montreal scam, with the aggravating circumstances of being amidst a pandemic. Selling non-refundable tickets in August, when borders can get closed in matters of weeks or even days... This kind of behaviour says a lot about how much organizers(&ISU that let them organize their event like this) care about the audience *(instead of a 2-hours long ice show --> skaters in formal attire waiting to get some award and only a few of performances in a corner of the rink that might as well be on the opposite side of where one buys a seat, depending on sheer luck) re: clearfiles I didn't know what they were LMAO it's another knowledge I got after becoming a Yuzu fan I use one of those I got in Turin (to keep more Yuzu stuff I got there) The rest are for contemplation only and I'm scared I'll scratch them, so I just keep them stored away most of the time LOL
  2. @sweetwater thank you for the info about the pics
  3. idk how they can even make JGP work if skaters won't be free to travel internationally by then, and without mandatory quarantine... it's true that right now Europe isn't the worst hit continent anymore and is lifting some travel restictions within its borders and to/from some Countries, so I could see e.g. European skaters travelling within Europe to attend a JGP (of course, if current situation holds). (I'm not familiar with situation in Uzbekistan, where the only non-european JGP is being held) But skaters from other continents still need to be able to cross borders, or they'll de-facto be excluded from JGP and not by their own choice
  4. thank you for translating this commentary to the pic it's so lovely and thoughtful and Wakasugi-san is absolutely right: it's such a beautiful pic, it feels so serene, it's dynamic but peaceful ETA: and I've just realized it's the pic in the forum theme I'm currently using as for pic to prove Yuzuru is beautiful...well there's a lot but right now I'd go for H&L Yuzu
  5. Ok, I was not expecting good ol' recommendation letters to be the real reason Jason could return to Canada😶😅 Eta: it looks like he wasn't the only skater who did this. I suppose borders officials are given some discretion in deciding which reasons are "good enough" to cross the border In these circumstances, it makes all the more sense that Yuzuru might not even want to ask JSF to take this kind of initiative and he would, instead, prefer to just stay wherever he is (which now we know it's his cave in Japan). I hope he manages to lay low has he's done thus far also, comforting to know he&mama Hanyu spent these past months, so full of uncertainties and dread, "close" to their loved ones. I hope they are all fine
  6. and I'm glad that my memory is still somehow (sometimes) working
  7. this is probably the best guess we can do at the moment. Though of course the skaters who have always lived in Canada with a parent "taking care" of them need to also figure out how to bring their parents with them. If the choice is between being in Canada on their own and staying where they are now (in a place where they can train on the ice anyway, even if without coaches), the choice would probably be to wait a bit more to see if some travel restrictions are lifted...
  8. indeed, I had completely removed that and I was sure his last comp had been Euros LMAO
  9. ok, I got the event wrong for Nobu. Still, JapanOpen doesn't count :PPPPPPPPPPP LMAO I always forget JO exists, sorry Nobu... I feel a deja vu, pretty sure this isn't the first time I forgot what he did, my brain is just impervious to JO and even then, we're still counting people who landed backcounter3A on...3/5 of one hand And it looks like the girls want to show the boys who's the real boss (it could be because for ladies landing 3A is *still* a big deal, ergo landing it out of TR is *still* an even bigger deal and a way to distinguish themselves?)
  10. among "top" men Kevin is probably the skater with more types of entries into 3A (Yuzu aside), iirc he aso did some besti squat into 3A (well, contrary to some other top skaters, he knows TR into jumps are a thing). So it looks like 3A it's one of his most comfortable jumps (not surpisingly, the ice scope stats of his 3A were good too, with both very good height&distance) In his earlier attempts you could see he was still in the process of building control(and confidence) so he used to do the counter a bit tentatively and he didn't swiftly switch from LBO to LFO. Now his control has improved and he can execute it well afaik no one other than Kevin and of course Yuzu tried it in comp Mura tried it too when he was bullied by Yuzu and Sano-san during CiONTU iirc Nobu once did a counter-axel side by side with Yuzu at the end of a FaOI but I don't remember, was it 3A or 1A? (and was it sbs? Maybe I'm getting confused with the sbs 1A with V/M but I would have sworn there was a sbs 3A with Nobu...) Considering Yuzu has been using it for 9 years, it's pretty surprising so few have tried it on video and even less have incorporated it in their programs On the other hand, backcounter 2A is instead more "popular", a few ladies (Mai among them) have included it in their programs (I like to think Yuzu has helped popularizing the counter entry into axel a bit, but idk how popular it already was before him) @yuzupon tbh I don't think Yuzu brought twizzle sandwich to claim some kind of exclusivity on an entry, he had been basically training it in NS for two years so it makes sense he wanted to bring it to comp (and without doubt it fit Otonal wonderfully, too bad judges were always stingy with it, it got full GOE only once and that's nothing short of a CRIME) Anyway, as I said, that in 9 years we are still counting on (2/5 of)one hand the skaters doing it in comp speaks volumes. Of course in part it could that there's no real reward for doing a difficult entry into a 3A, but since boys these days like to post all the cool things they try in practices and ice shows... ok, maybe it speaks more about how utterly incompetent ISU is, if skaters prefer posting awful quad attempts(even clear <<) instead of playing with a counter3A good thing axel is mandatory in both SP and FS or it would risk extinction like proper Lz) x2 re: Nessie I think it's quite likely the first Nessie Yuzu will try in a program will be entered with the traditional long glide he also used in Turin. Let's not underestimate the difficulty of the jump. Yuzuru should reach an amazing consistency on it before also adding a difficult entry that would make an extremely dangerous element (with a very, very tricky timing) even more dangerous. He's gonna need more speed and control than going into the 4Lz, and looking at his 4Lz, however short his preparation is(and that's on his own a feat), he still isn't playing with different entries. I don't doubt Yuzuru has his own (very high)standard about how a good jump should be like, but it's not like all his new jumps were always debuted out of transitions. In this sense, 4Lo was probably an outlier in his "modus operandi" From how Yuzu has been talking about 4A, it feels that the aim is landing a fully rotated jump safely
  11. taking this chance to make some shameless self-promotion you can search to your heart's content here
  12. ahhhh I made it, finally! I caught up with the thread, yeah!!! Now I can be up to date with the rest of you! probably the first time since March understandable, but if he's in Japan, no doubt he is able to make proper arrangements for ice time but I'd feel better knowing he had someone watching over him (well, besides mama Hanyu who probably is tasked with recording duties) especially if at some point he wants to bring Nessie out to play again As for choreo, he probably has already chosen music (after all, he had months to think about that ), but will he get choreo like with Masquerade on video? (not that I am complaining, it turned out quite well) ngl, right now the chances of seeing Yuzu in September seems to be getting slimmer... (on the other hand, if he is in Japan, Jpn tv could actually organize some kind of media day, with smallish crew... gosh idk what to hope) The idea of zoom media day doesn't sound half bad... unrelated but I've been updating the Glossary a bit and I'm trying to see if I can make the list more readable: could you tell me if you prefer the layout of the entries changed? like, do you prefer to have them coloured or should I just stick with default color? vs ETA: AHHHHH NEW YUZUMOTICON YASSSS GIMME GIMME THEM ALL!!!! ...says the one who has reached the emojis limit in the Glossary
  13. re: Zhenya, after the April/May blunder, I'm here second guessing the motives behind even the nicest things she says or does and I hate this. Well, the quotations about Yuzuru and Mao were nice, and wow the timeline of her movements was confirmed (Jpn fans who had raised the issue were absolutely right) still wish she had handled things in a different way glad to know she is in Russia now, probably also easier to find ice there compared to a foreign country, with her being on national team and all (and I hope that she's self-isolating for real, however frustrating it might be to be forced to stay inside while feeling perfectly fine) what she says in the first post is sad not unexpected: FS requires such an early specialization and young skaters need to make some very harsh choices and sacrifice things so early in their lives. It looks like Betina now feels she wished she had done some things in a different way. It made me think about the recent interview to Shcherbakova's parents: pursuing competitive FS was Anya's own choice and I admire her for her committment (gosh, to have a sliver of that kind of determination!) She clearly loves competitive FS and not even a serious injury could stop her, so pretty sure she is happy with her choice right now...but I also wonder, is she always going to feel it was all worth it? I constantly wonder the same about Yuzuru too, but at least with him I know he's an adult know, with more experience than many people of his age, even in FS, and I know that figure skating has, in some measure, given him back something. Well, it sounds like she has a nice, caring and supportive family that stands by her side but isn't interested in "gaining" something out of her career, so I know she isn't being forced to devote herself to FS as for Betina's second post... well, it's a well-known truth that there's a huge power imbalance in partnerships, and it's been linked to a whole series of other issues, sexual abuse included. I remember SafeSport talking about how in US pairs skating there was an environment that fostered abuse, and Betina's is a first-hand description of a similar situation. I'm happy to know that she has realized the toxicity of that kind of thinking and very proud that she's also taking another step - speaking out in public about this. I hope her words can help stir a bit the usually lethargic world of FS (where some things are widely know but are just accepted because that's how they have been for decades)
  14. I'm pretty hopeful about Misha's move to Mishin, he already has the tech skills and good basics so Mishin can probably work well with him, and maybe help him with controlling his jumps. Maybe we'll see another glorious 4Lz come back! On the other hand, I hope we won't get another set of signature Mishin programs
  15. That was short but lovely No matter how mamny times I watch Ballade, I can still rewatch every performance again and again! And that was on of the last times we saw Yuzu skate to LCG sob I really hope one day we'll see it again with music and on ice (the little teaser in his off ice vid wasn't nearly enough) bb Mai, Kaori and Marin...they all give me a bit of heartbreak. Especially Mai Thank you for the streaming party!!!!! As for the next one, I suggest going on with Kobe 2018 and then one FaOI 2019 maybe the broadcast where we both Masquerade and KuriMemo?
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