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  1. this may be automated translation, but it definitely this part sounds very accurate, it's so Yuzu thank you for posting this as we wait for full translation! Rikako's part is so interesting too, I was a bit sad it had been cut int he first available translation (it made it look as if Yuzu had done all the talking while poor Rikako merely interjected LOL), but of course it was such a massive interview and translators choose on what to focus. I'm thankful that they take time to do so on our behalf I had read that at first they had Yuzu credited among "authors" (as his ot
  2. Oh well, thanks for clarifying this, it was fun letting my imagination run wild till it lasted I was indeed wondering how he could have arranged swimming sessions this past season, when he said he was avoiding contacts as much as he could for covid prevention (to the point of even limiting his physical treatment), and also with his nightly on-ice training arrangement... Apparently Axel with wings team is working on a translation too, so we might get more details...
  3. I haven't really seen the choreo, I was just thinking it would make for a very animated rinkside lipsyncing or something like that like the OneOkRock song in nhk15 (was it?) that featured in a Japanese show actually I know the song from this pre-WC17 fanvid and since then I've been curious what he'd think of the song, IMO it could meet Yuzuru's taste both musically and as lyrics (warning: the video includes COC14 footage) ETA: OMG the fanyu skating, really gotta admire the committent, even got the boot covers matching the outfit! Also, big YAY for adult skat
  4. ahhh I hope so, they looked so at ease with each other and Kikuchi's book is full of many lovely episodes too Since Yuzuru has kept good relationship with all the peaople he's worked with in the past (and he is a very thoughtful person with scarily good memory I'm still thinking about his DOI2012 reference LOL), I wouldn't be surprised if happens. From the preview of the interview with Rikako, it looks like it will be both and Yuzuru talking with fellow athletes is very nice in general and this time indeed he has something more in common with Rikako, beyond sport and co
  5. Kikuchi is retired now but, even before that, Yuzuru also had other physiotherapists in Toronto (more than one through the years. One of them back in 2014 had posted on social media about not working with Yuzu anymore, it was discussed iirc post COC14 in the GS thread, but I can't find it now). I guess that Kikuchi mainly travelled to comps and probably treated him when he was in Japan.
  6. I'm so not used to getting this much content from Yuzu in offseason for so many days, it feels kinda overhelming but also YES I'll enjoY it while it lasts like a cactus storing water away to surive the dry season... Zuzu looks very soft and floofy in that bucolic photoshoot and CM also slighty awkward (in some moments his toothy smile is not as crinkly as his usual toothy smiles are LOL idk if that makes sense, but he's still cute and it happens only at times during the CM. It just shows that if he ever wanted to get into modelling or acting he'd have some work to do but hey,
  7. too bad people couldn't scream, or it really would have blown the roof off... (I commed fans there for their mighty self-control efforts.. same for all of those who attended JNats, WTT and SOI, actually, Yuzu really gave plenty of reason to scream, so they were really good at holding everyhting inside) welcome! and thank you for your vid ah yes, it's a pity that camerawork wasn't as excellent as Yuzu's performance deserved...I too think that day 2 was better, but alas... we'll resign ourselves to the unfairness of life, just like we resigned to the available footage of h
  8. Screaming at the one foot exit out of hydroblade (And we get the desert again now sigh thank you for the reminder) These were fun and very intense 3days (who even remembers that we were all excited for chance of new SP? Zu may be a trollish trollZuzu be really, he never disappoints)! Thank you everyone and all the translators, clips&pics&gifs uploaded, and looking forward to the whole vids
  9. Here we go with the replay 🔥🔥🔥
  10. No idea, I guess online, since she got it 2 weeks ago and I don't think she could travel to Canada and go back train and then skate here without some quarantine?
  11. Watching replays and I really love M/K lift from kneeling position, so good! Also And
  12. I have such a gigantic grin on my face right now (Eta: that now is fighting with the feeling of nooooo Zuzuuuu come baaaack😢)
  13. Gosh I LOVE this song a 24h ago I kinda didn't know it existed why always like this with Yuzu?
  14. Yuzu!!! AHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH THAT EXIT FROM DELAYED 1A AHHHH and he kinda screamed and changed the glow throw wow (Sigh camerawork not as good as yesterday evening)
  15. The costume was so pretty too
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