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  1. noooooo I wanted recycled Piano nuooooo good luck to Kaori for new Free, I didn't love Kaorix (contrary to many) but it had its iconic moments, so I hope she inspired Benoit something at least as good for oly season. About 3A... tbh I'm doubtful on the chances of a cleanly rotated &somewhat reliable 3A at this stage. idk, it looks very hard. It would be great if she succeeded though, the BV increase from a single 3A isn't much but it could still compensate for some selective edge call on her Lz. But only if she can rotate it semi-cleany and execute the rest of the program.
  2. [NEWS] another translation/summary of the free part of the interview to Mami Yamada bb mushroom was both funny and frightening so restless and headstrong and fearless... I have no trouble believing he was a "handful" for parents and caches alike, but I'm sure it paid off. And I love how Yuzuru has somehow kept in touch with all his past coaches, how he never forgets any of them and that he likes giving back collaborating with them e.g. for 24htv collabs
  3. Excuse me, Yuzu is cool and kakkoi ok, the artist got his I'm a cool senpai side very well, now I'm curious how they'd portray his goofier side that's what I thought too😅 Last season we had to wait till late December, and he left us hanging and wondering even during official practices Well, of course it was also fun... I mean, what else could you do, if not laugh at the collective meltdown? Especially after you woke up in the dead of the night because your sixth sense told you Yuzuru's practice time was up, only to find out that no one in the arena had recognize
  4. oops, I guess I was mixing up the minimum requirements for a competition to be a Challenger with the min. requirements for disciplines to count towards WS: I thought that at least 3 disciplines had to meet the additional criteria for minimum number of teams/countries (like ACI did), but apparently that's not the case, a Challenger only needs to be at least 3 disciplines + 10 countries overall. Well, I'm glad, thank you for pointing it out, I feel so much better now (well not about the no Yuzuru part, but about Kaori and Rika)
  5. women's and men's field have quite a number of Countries, but ID has only 3 at the moment and Pairs just two, so two fields out of 4 are insufficient. Asian Throphy risks not being considered a challenger and that would suck so much (especially for singles' skaters who could have been sent to ACI, or Finlandia Throphy) if fields stays like this, no PB and no points for world standings. Just a good opportunity to get some comp experience, but that would be all I was sad for Yuzuru staying hermit till GP, but all considered at the moment Asian Throphy doesn't offer many pros, and the
  6. I don't think I've seen this shared here, an article on a dinasty of FS US judges that gave us the unfamous Lorrie Parker and apparently a Peggy Graham who was part of the awful WC21 Ladies' panel (and might be in Beijing panel, where I'm sure she'd do her best to finish what her cousin Lorrie started in PyeongChang). direct link to the article here: https://www.usfigureskating.org/news/article/graham-familys-skating-legacy-continues-flourish?utm_campaign=later-linkinbio-usfigureskating&utm_content=later-20615874&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkin.bio it
  7. Lilibet's announcement is far from unexpected, sadly. She had been having recurring back issues already when at TCC, before moving back to Eteri, and then a training regimen based on intensive repetitions and quad training certainly didn't made her back any healtier. Iirc the last time she competed, in Shangai Throphy 2019, she was competing while still in severe pain I'm glad she now won't be pressuring herself anymore into hard training for competitions. Back injuries can be so nasty and can really affect you long-term. No matter what I think of her quad and her scores at WC19, sh
  8. thank you! It seems to have disappeared from YT or maybe I'm searching the wrong thing (I found many many versions of the fs instead😅) ETA: the SP was lovely, I especially like the beginning
  9. Congrats to the medallists, sad that L/L didn't made it there tho. I enjoyed L/L a lot. In an year with latin RD and plenty of fringed costumes I would have probably hated this program, but we're safe from that and it actually feels very refreshing, considering that everyone else seems to be going for lyrical FD instead. If they made it to OWG (they should, being canadian top3) they'll certainly provide a much needed break inbetween the other programs I love the colorful costumes, they're so beautiful. Also, the beginning bird-like choreo was so interesting! Green/
  10. I'm already so sick with Eteri politicking in ID too, and it's not like ID scoring wasn't already a major dumpster fire🙄 It looks like Sasha was very solid in practices and even warm up but less so in competition. Not surprising nor new, and it says little about her chances to skate cleanly in the future. It's still a 5quads programa fter all, no matter the intrinsic quality of the jumps, so it isn't realistic to expect her to land everything all the time. Anyway, this comp wasn't a challenger so, even if she had landed all the jumps, her score wouldn't have coun
  11. I watched the last group of Ladies Women: Not a nice toepick to be found among all of them, but at least Samodelkina seem to have a nice 1Eu! Second best I think Ananstasia's. Since basically all top5 share much of the same technical flaws, I guess that the placements are fine. Additional remarks: I'm annoyed at Plu's nose still being out of that darn mask. Jeez, Anastasia was still recovering her breath but could keep the mask on just fine I admit that watching him hugging her in the K&C was cute, but I don't forget he also looked extra supportive of Serafima Sakhanovich
  12. SofiaA.'s score is mindblowing... and 8 "quads" among the podium girls alone They are all 14yo. I wish ISU pulled the brake here, or at least started addressing rotations properly, it would certainly tip the pros/cons scale quite a lot (not discourage entirely but also really making coaches focus on cleaning up the quality which can only be good for skaters' hips and backs. We've seen how much good it did to jr boys quadding that much so young... Like, good that first generation of ladies quadsters still (kinda, in Anya's case)have them at 17yo, but we're still in the dark about so m
  13. thank you for this comment, I went and watched and I agree. There are some skaters that just give happinness watching them do something they love and put passion into, no matter the level of difficulty or ss skills Now onto the russian ladies (5 of them whoa, really not a chance for anyone else): I quite liked Sofia A. Her packaging reminds me a lot of Anya's in her jr season, but Sofia looks overall better to me. Congrats on her 3A, it looked good! Idk what to think about AnastasiaZ., she obviously tries to sell the choreo since the opening but I felt puzz
  14. I LOVED M/K, their lift from kneeling position is always so impressive, their entry into the throw, the placement of the death spiral, the lovely synced sbs jumps.... They had lovely unison and flow (and the sbs were landed so well!) and their stsq is in part skated in hold, so that adds difficulty but also looks good, highlights their unison even more. I'll never support J/R. Honestly glad they didn't have good sbs jumps, or SkateCanada would have pushed them even more, and it's already crazy they've gotten those pcs. SkateCanada obvioulsy wants their investment to yield results.
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