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  1. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    trollzuzu please don't troll us plz
  2. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    more like an evolutionary demand, actually. Adapting to circumstances to survive Dory is going to stay (well, at least for a few FaOI stops), so we gotta learn dealing with it, you know Also, welcome!!!! (I'll tell you, I was just like you when I started where is my sanity now)
  3. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    this is too much, I'm choking I lost it at the frog, Yuzuru still has a long way to go following his idol's steps, Dory is crazy but not as crazy
  4. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    WELCOME WELCOME you know what they say, you gotta rip the band-aid off they mercifully gave us the worst first and then they slowly showed: you see, it wasn't that bad it wasn't funny you media guys
  5. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    reading through all the post after the first Dory pic helped a lot ot cope with the harsh reality So this is all your fault Tbh even if I go and at extra costumes, to see all those drab casual outfits makes me prefer the former give me thrills, make me cry, make me laugh, give me heart attacks but gosh it's so funny and emotional! Laughing is good for the mood and for health, welcome madness! Also, that's how you get people talk about you for ages to come days and flood twitter... never underestimate Mr Hanyu! hey, don't forget Misha! They were practicing their skills at COR whoa, this actually doesn't look that bad... too many emotions in the span of a few hours, help I'm scared oooooh this is gooooood! the ladies' dresses for the finale actully pale in comparison, too simple, almost basic and very similar to other years. And among Men, I think I like Yuzu's colour pattern more, and it goes really well with his smile He may not like silver in competitions, but in ice-shows it looks good on him I feel dizzy, barely a few hours since I got my eyes burnt from half a sec of Dory (I closed the tab asap) and I'm already kind of cool about that ruffle...true, lighting and angle matter a lot and there are a few good shots where it looks quite bearable...I don't think I'm ever gonna love it, nope, but I half-get the concept and bb looks he's enjoying so...with Yuzuru it's always a whole package of extraness, you gotta take him or leave him, so costumes are part of the deal (speaking of which, is @meoima alive or she had her cats eat her to escape the Dory nightmare?)
  6. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    re: THAT costume the yellow is what really gets me had it been all white or a softer shade of yellow it would look less...cringey, lbut as it is it double burns my pupils both with the colour contrast and the design... Waiting for a new nickname for that costume My vote is for Dory costume also, I'm working on that Planet glossary, I think I'll post it soon so people unleash your imagination and come up with more Yuzu lingo!!! BUT I love Princey Zu in the finale, soft soft, tho not his usual style of ruffles. I guess FaOI stylists knew we would need something to cleanse our eyes
  7. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    re: costume guys I'm laughing so hard my tummy hurts on a side note, maybe Yuzu planned this to give our abdominal muscles some work to do...we'll get fab abs thanks to him! always so kind
  8. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    (well i like it so I won't complain) Javi that isn't a costume (tho it looks like someone else like showing off his abs ) OMG is the only thing I can think rn I need a moment to calm down, I guess I'm not that strong re:new crazy costumes reveal
  9. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    Late to comment because you guys just keep moving the goalpost LOL (even as I type there are already 15 new posts!) but I NEED TO GUSH ABOUT THAT 3A SO HAPPY That costume is...interesting? LOL but it has some... nice qualities OMG it's true
  10. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    I'm learning from our Master
  11. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    yes, there is searching in kaeryth's super ice-shows compilation I found this for the samba while pirates are here (at minute 3.45) (also dailymotion link @kaeryth maybe you could add the dailymotion link, too? I think the video looks higher quality) for people who need some more vintage wildin' Yuzu I recommend this group number because he looks soooo cool and he was still so young! ( DM link starting from 4.31) and to stay on topic: I CAN'T WAIT FOR YUZU NEW PROGRAM REVEAL (watch the trollmaster go for POTO&NDP medley... or LGCnot that I would complain)
  12. True, it has a whole half rotation more, so in theory it should be half way between a 4Lz and a hypotetic 5T... There are many things I don't like in these changes, first of all that they are A LOT and there might be even more if the other proposals are approved. I know that when COP replaced 6.0 there were more, but if they want to keep the COP imo tweaks here and there would allow for better and better pondered changes and if things don't work out it's easy enough to find the culprit. But now we have change in BV, change in GOE range, change in GOE bullets (that become even more generic and foggy), change in SOV, one jump less for Men, shorter FS for Men and iirc Pairs too, and possibly no repeated quad rule, no -1 deduction on falls, change in PCS factoring and so on Has ISU run some simulations? Apparently they tested things already but could they please share those simulations? So they don't drive crazy the very audience they want to appeal?(simulations from an event like Tallin Trophy should be fine, if GPF would be too controversial, with top skaters from all major skating feds involved...) I'm not quite sold on GOE being so much more dependent on BV. For example, it only makes the gap between average 4T and average 4Lz bigger. WHY? You are already taking into account the added difficulty in the BV, why award the same difficulty twice? And let's not kid ourselves, merely landing a 4Lz is really what it takes to get inflated goe, while merely landing a 4T won't. How is this supposed to reward quality? No step before jumps in SP is ridiculous, do you want to push people to show mastery on their jumps or not? Doing a jump out of steps that can still check first 3 bullets deserves more than just one added goe, in particular if you don't force skaters to show IF they can even jump out of steps. Then ISU could as well stop asking for Axel-type of jump in SP, too. Or certain type of combo. Why would having steps into your triple be any less prove of technical ability than showing you can jump a 3-2? (Also the bullet for steps preceding jumps has become even more generic, as if it wasn't generic enough) I don't like the reduced score for max goe lv4 stsq and spins. If you want to push for jump contests, ISU, just say so and spare us the whole fake worry about artistry and balanced programs and grabbing more audience. Audience, generic audience more so, LOVES pretty spins. And they LOVE pretty stsq too, because, you know, pretty stsq actually work with music and tbh music and pretty things are a BIG reason why generic audience watches FS, as they really can't tell a quad from a triple, or a lutz from a toe. Making skaters shift even more of their focus on jumps won't get you well-rounded skaters who can skate and spin and grab generic audience. I don't like that ChSq, which can consist of a single move in the field (it shouldn't, but oh well) can score higher than a technically harder and physically much more demanding element like stsq. I don't like 4Lo becoming a cinderella compared to 4F, given that the reasoning loop jump is easier because of more natural PR is BS, as there are very prerotated flip out there that are still getting full credit. So, considering the added strain to the hips, the lack of toe pick assistance to get the vault (so harder to get decent time of flight) and the greater degree of mastery required to get the timing right (because timing is what makes the jump possible), in which world 4Lo is so much easier than a 4F just as prerotated? (Now, if PR was addressed and extremely prerotated flip had BV chopped it would be different, maybe). I also don't like that the BV of 3Lo will be lowered, too. -Lo combo are harder and with higher risk of UR than -3T combo and ISU is making going for loop combo even less convenient... I would be ok with a bonus for variety of clean quad AND triples but I don't like that skaters can't repeat quads. Then the next step would be telling ladies can't repeat triples, right, ISU? Maybe just try not to shoot sky high goe for ugly quads first? Because a 4F that takes the whole rink for the preparation should be in the range of a good 4T, if you really value quality. But if you say skaters they NEED a barely minimum 4F because their high quality 4T CAN'T be repeated, you're not exactly promoting quality! As for the Axel, why they dislike the poor jump so much? I guess they went: hey, let's make 3A score less, it's obviusly so easy that skaters don't feel challenged anymore...only that, wait, quads kings still have troubles on that more often than not And 4A...well, it's not like we hadn't seen it coming. I wish I could believe ISU aims to protect reckless skaters, lacking the proper technical foundations, from pursuing such a dangerous jump... But no.
  13. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    Zuzu looks happy! Everyone looks happy! I'm happy! also, finally I find myself when the explosion is starting, it only took me something like one (1) year to succeed
  14. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    Waiting for the thread to c'mon Zu come out and play! It's been a month already
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    this reminds me of this thread ah, it feels like yesterday that we made crazy predictions about the season...before it turned into a nightmare we were like sweet summer children, weren't we? (well, at least there were some good things) Where should we open the thread for Fanyu vocabulary? Should it be pinned? Maybe it could be like the one @KatjaThera made for Yuzuru's chances at the Olympics where everyone made contribution and then everything was compiled in the first posts? (or like @GraceAndPower suggested) Could we call it something like The Great Glittery Glossary Thread? sorry I'm not good at making up names... AND we can't forget to add the shu and pa and all the Yuzu onomatopoeias!!!