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  1. I was surprised so I checked on a travel site, Delta and Air France still have direct flights between New York and Paris. The only thing is, you must take a test before the flight, or, if it is not available in the country of origin, at the arrival. (This, from 16 countries where there is still an epidemic.)
  2. Does this mean they don't want a quarantine at all, or that they want adapted safety measures allowing them to practice? You are right, if rules are not clear and efficient, some will feel forced to play, with stress — and stress makes it all more dangerous.
  3. They may also have got some of those VIP seats, unavailable to the general public? What are they, by the way? Who will sit on if they are really not sold? Though, if this is the case, the price tag is still 1,67 times that of Montréal Golden Circle, as you notice. I doubt "Golden Circle" was not as good as "VIP" seats. Maybe the tour-operator is trying to cash in a maximum for exclusivity, maybe it's ISU who try to recover from Montréal losses and still pay a new crap-fakeshow? They do have cash though, for what I read.
  4. And as they are not high enough in rankings, they don't have the means to train elsewhere and will drown in said rankings... A vicious circle.
  5. This is certainly in their minds. Yet they can do a red-carpet fakewards ceremony after a regular gala. It will certainly be cheaper. But maybe they still hope to "make money" with the crap fakeshow added. Or something else — as they still refuse to announce if there will be a regular gala or not, they must somehow understand that people want such a regular gala, and want them to pay dearly and get something they don't want; but maybe some people at ISU know it and still want to promote the fakeshow, while "selling" the "money making" false argument to the others?
  6. CoViD-related answer. I do hope lack of money will prevent them from buying a made-in-Zakarian fakewards show, though the odds are not very good (particularly if all-event tickets are pure robbery, it may be to finance that crap, I'm not in then). The skaters who have just competed are better but they don't mind, and cheaper and this they may mind.
  7. Maybe are they implicitly acknowledging there will be no 4CC in Sydney? But what about EC? I agree with @LadyLou : better no GPF and normal EC and 4CC (somewhere else if Australia don't want to let them in and out, then China seems to fit), than a mock GP and no 4CC. Well, better all of them, even with a somehow different GP, but... only if safety is really efficiently promoted. Well, maybe should it not be called GP, rather "special GP" or something approaching?
  8. There's a good deal of videos of "cute interactions between Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno", but this one, though it has few explanations, has longer extracts and some I had never seen. This is not a video of Yuzuru Hanyu, but a video from a visitor to Sendai, showing particularly the monument to figure skating, with Shizuka Arakawa and Yuzuru Hanyu.
  9. I never read she had not had offers. She may have had offers she didn't want, for instance requiring her to wear everyday training gear which don't really fit on her, or for morally dubious companies, etc. I don't think we will know until her, or her parents make public comments about that matter (If they have done, I never saw it, yet I tend to follow her whereabouts). She has already modelled, though.
  10. Thank you so much for this awesome work! A little precision though. 160,000 is the population of the city of Grenoble itself, in France cities tend to be just the centre of an urban area. For Grenoble for instance, this excludes Échirolles (35,000 inhabitants), hometown of Kévin Aymoz, the third city in the urban area; the skating rink is at the "border" between Grenoble and Échirolles. The total population of the urban area must be near 700,000 now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grenoble_metropolitan_area This is directly related to the thread, but mention CoViD nevertheless.
  11. Yes, and that Jason Brown managed to make his way. But it was by a terrestrial border, not at an airport. This is why my question was formulated in a negative way.
  12. I don't think they tempted fate with 4CC, they did all what mattered. Unlike Synchronised Worlds for instance. But how to rely on federations (except Korean, and probably Japanese and Chinese) or on ISU? Then don't even seem able to ask Korean federation how they did? Or ask specialists?
  13. If this recovery include enough training, she won't miss much with GP this year, and she may have a try for Europeans?
  14. In the sense of false positive, they are less and less reliable because more and more people have had it without being ill and kept a reserve and will test positive for long (plus those who have been recently out of it and keep some fragments of RNA) without being contagious, but this is not a public health problem in matters of quarantine. In the sense of false negative, this can happen either at a moment when the part of the body searched have no virus while another has, or just before death, when the body has got rid of the virus but is dying of the inflammatory reaction. The latter situation being excluded, the former can be adverted by a series of tests at several days (usually day 1, day 2, and one or two others by the end). It can be expensive but I think it should be an option for people who greatly benefit of a shorter quarantine. And it is probably way safer than a 14 days quarantine without test.
  15. From this tweet, yesterday was her last at Champéry. I suppose she's going back to Japan and self-isolate one more time? There's no way for her to reach Toronto? By the way, self-isolation could be safely reduced to 10 days or even less with tests along, why is this not an option (at a cost, as it is more expensive) available to travellers, in countries requiring self-isolation?
  16. Unless they are allowed to attend GP NHK. But there are many other skaters who would be barred from this GP-ersatz.
  17. Unless they protect the skaters from a contamination from the audience, by setting boards on the ceiling over the rink boards, because if they set such boards, the air from the stands would keep a convection on and over the stands, and the air from the rink would have its own circulation over the rink, with very little exchange. Otherwise I think you're right : the air from the audience goes up along the stands, then along the ceiling towards over the centre of the rink, then to the centre of the rink, this while I believe skaters are made particularly vulnerable to contamination because 1) they get exhausted, 2) they breathe very deep. Too dangerous.
  18. Thank you! , Floor-chan was not made to marry Yuzu-kun if she wasn't ready to share his insane active rhythm.
  19. I understand from this, that unless decided otherwise in September, Sambo 70 will continue to get funded by the Federation in 2020-2021. But, had the switch taken place on time, would Evgeny Plushenko have been (even partly) funded by the Fed, as his is a private school? Evgenia Medvedeva had to get a special permission to be funded at TCC. And, what is the usual tuition at Angels of Plushenko? I know it is really different on many items, but when they have a year at Vaganova Academy (one of the top-two Russian ballet schools with Bolshoi's; and the historical feeder of Mariinsky Ballet), foreign students pay something like 17.000€, boarding included, it has nothing to do with Western ballet schools. I saw an ad for a two-week-camp of theirs, by the sea, at 70.000RUB, that is around 1000€ by then. So, if annual tuition in his school is around 15.000€, plus the same for a program by a great choreographer, maybe less for the second program and little for the gala, three costumes (about 3000€), skates and commuting, and if she hasn't spent anything of her prize money from last year, she may just be able to pay for it... which would explain why she didn't ask any financial question when she called Evgueny Plushenko, just wanted to be sure he would take her at his school. @yuzuangel I don't think Sambo 70 would have the power of preventing her from skating, but they may chose the best GP spots for other skaters rather than her, and they may also be irksome if they manage plane and hotel bookings, if they are in charge of doing it.
  20. I wouldn't protest against a new episode of the Soap Opera by the way... (Understatement. It was so well found!)
  21. The problem with excess of mortality numbers is, indeed, that they are in average about a month after the contamination? (I don't know if there's a survey on this topic.) Anyway, weeks after it. While hospitalisations are in-between. BUT hospitalisations, as you underline, are a number easier to manipulate than mortality. So I tend to think we will have to wait a few weeks to know how it is now... In fact I meant Skate America, announced to be held in Las Vegas again. Sorry for the mistake (Freudian slip?) And I do too, worry about athletes' safety as, as you say, there can be long term damage. What about a French joke about statisticians? A recruitment agency is searching the best candidate for a management position, and selects three men on its shortlist (I had never noticed before, the joke was somehow sexist). There's a young graduate of École Polytechnique (or shorter : X, an elite university/school), a middle aged statistician from ENSAE (less elite) and an old engineer from the Arts-et-Métiers (closer to mid-tier). The latter is interviewed first, all goes well, at the end the recruiter asks him : how much is 2 + 2? He answers : 4, of course. Then the X. The interview goes well, then the recruiter asks : how much is 2 + 2? The candidate starts very complex calculations and after a quarter hour, proudly announces : 3.999999 to the infinite. At last, the ENSAE alumnus. The interview goes as well as for the others, then the recruiter asks the same question. The candidate gets up, checks the windows and the door, then whispers in the recruiter's ear : how much do you want it to be?
  22. I see. Given the result, indeed he doesn't have to train them more. Even with the same positions, his spins are so varied because he models them to suit his programs. As very few skaters do so, I have the impression that it must be very difficult to move the arms or model the back during a spin? @yuzuangel I am always shocked at how small his GOEs are for otherwordly spins. 1 point robbed at every spin, make 3 points at the end of a program. Of course there may be faults I don't see.
  23. So, Stéphane Lambiel's hair are still rather short, Rika Kihira is still in Champéry, and Stéphane Lambiel and Alexia Paganini are going Pairs?
  24. Wow! I hope they had an interpreter though. For the spins, I read nothing positive, even less first hand, just some little jokes, even on this forum, suggesting a dislike. @Lunna If he just doesn't like to train them, maybe, when he's a coach, he will find a method to teach them pleasantly?
  25. Oh, thank you! And thanks to @Fay! So this was maybe the first time he met Evgeny Plushenko? I have a rather stupid question, please forgive a dummie. I have read hints that Yuzuru Hanyu doesn't like spins. Yet his spins are such masterpieces! How can it be? Am I a bad fanyu if I love his spins, if I dream of his spins?
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