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  1. Happy 29th Birthday, Yuzu! May your next year be filled with a lot of warm memories May you and your loved ones stay healthy and live in peace Always sending you love and support from where swans travel
  2. Good Mezamashi morning, everyone! I came here after a while to say: Congratulations, Yuzu! May you and your partner have a blissful life ahead! Yesterday, I couldn't open Twitter (sorry I don't remember it's new name) much because I was very busy the whole day, but somehow miraculously found the news only several minutes after he posted it, and 羽生くん 結婚 (Hanyu kun marriage) was already trending by then It still feels a bit surreal, but I am so happy for him! I am also impressed that he, his pertner, and the people around him kept the secret so well. It must have been challenging, and they may have to face the same challenge in the future too, at least to some extent, so I think it is good that most people don't know the details at the moment. They will share when they feel safe. Haaaaaa. Yokattaaaa. Omedetou, Hanyu kun! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  3. Looks like Minoru watched the show with Tsuzuki sensei family This post has been tagged by Yuzu_legend as [NEWS].
  4. "According to the official announcement, the tickets were sold out and 35,000 people attended the show. Via live viewings held in Japan and abroad, a total of 30,000 people also watched the event. The size of the ice rink created in Tokyo Dome was 30 meters by 60 meters, and they started making it on Feb. 22." [NEWS] This post has been tagged by Yuzu_legend as [NEWS].
  5. Boku no koto is available on his channel! [NEWS] This post has been tagged by Yuzu_legend as [NEWS].
  6. A few more photo in this article [NEWS] This post has been tagged by Yuzu_legend as [NEWS].
  7. Yumi Matsutoya was there too [NEWS] This post has been tagged by Yuzu_legend as [NEWS].
  8. He also said the days of preparation for this show was really really tough and sometimes he thought his effort wasn't rewarded but now he is happy to have loved skating this far, and he hope this day will stay memorable for everyone, that today will keep being something to come back to
  9. Yuzu is asking the audience to cheer for MIKIKO and her team He thanked the audience and the people watching the stream saying GIFT has made because of them
  10. So this song is titled "Gift" originally composed for this occasion
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