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  1. It was fun re-watching this gala with you guys! Thank you (especially @Fay) for this streaming party See you again in 16.5 hours for GPF2015 FS!
  2. I am really happy that he concluded this Olympic season with this performance to that song. Because, by that time, he should have known that his effort was appreciated by so many people, that he had been encouraging many people and they truly love him back as the lyrics of the song.
  3. This G/G's program in my mind is connected to the memory of hell-ish seating of FaOI Niigata. I could only take a glimpse of all the programs including this one from between the heads of other spectators and imagine what was happening lol
  4. I still love this program so much. I loved the throwing-web Bauer too
  5. According to wiki, she is still competing. I think she is training in Korea.
  6. It's really nice these commentators don't speak during each performance
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