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  1. sweetwater

    Mascot Fest

    Gachapin came back as Kumachapin!
  2. sweetwater

    Team USA

    Get well soon, Karen!
  3. sweetwater

    Team Japan

    8Rinks has two Japanese coaches. One of them is Megumu Seki who used to teach Yuka Nagai. According to this article, he'll be in Rika's coaching team, so the language barrier will not be a big problem for her. Rika's former coach Hiroshi Nagakubo was known as a good jump coach, (though I am not a huge fan of Nagakubo-style jumps because their set-up often stick out and break the flow of the choreography) but he retired from coaching a while ago, so the skating club Rika belonged to wasn't ideal for reworking jumps anyway. Don't know how she made this decision, but wishing her best of luck. I loved her Frida last year and am hoping to see her skating strong again. ETA: Re-wrote this post because it was written when I was about to fall asleep...
  4. I'll be working next weekend so won't be able to follow this event live, but looking forward to seeing Nam, Kevin, Michal, Julian, Voronov, Loena, Elena, Polina and girls from Japan later. Looking forward to seeing Nathan's SP too.
  5. sweetwater


    A cat and swans by Mitsuaki Iwago Iwago is an animal photographer and a cat charmer. You can see many of his cat photos taken all over the world here.
  6. sweetwater


    Yutaka Nagakubo's cat with YUZURU I and II *Yutaka Nagakubo is a photographer belongs to Sponichi and the author of 長久保豊の撮っても?いい話 series. Many of the planet members must have already known him but if you don't, you can read translations of his columns by @gladi here.
  7. sweetwater

    Media Link Requests

    This is a moment before they began press conference of Yuzu on Nov. 30, 2014, sometime before/after the exhibition of NHK Trophy 2014. This footage was probably filmed and aired by NHK or TV Asahi though I could not find the source which is online...
  8. sweetwater

    Team USA

  9. sweetwater

    Team Japan

    Another photo of Kaori skating for GQ Japan https://gqjapan.jp/magazine/backnumber/20181010/gq-special-edition
  10. sweetwater

    Team Japan

    A backstage clip of Satoko performing her FP off the ice for the opening video of TV Asahi's GPS 2018