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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    I heard that general customers cannot stay at the hotel during COR, so hopefully, he won't be bothered by them once he gets inside. Hope he can take a good rest.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    another article (with a new photo)
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Brian also confirmed that his right knee is in good condition.
  4. Random Thought Theater

    Busy taking care of a family matter and don't have much time to follow FS related news. The good thing about this is that I don't have much time to worry about small things regarding bad news. I could also see my beloved cat and my friends of winter, traveling swans. The bad thing about this is that I'm not sure if I can see COR and NHK. Wishing our space kitten and the swan king the best of luck in both.
  5. Random Thought Theater

    Hearing many swans flying across above my home. I didn't know that they could also travel at night even though I grew up near their wintering grounds. Or I forgot that I have heard them at night? Winter is near and it's cold tonight.
  6. [2017] Japan Open 07.10.

    According to her comment after men's event Anna Karenina will be her FP. It looked great as a competitive program.
  7. [2017] Japan Open 07.10.

    Zambo time. Evgenia skated Anna Karenina. I love FP of Mai and Karen. Tatsuki's Don Quixote was like a celebration. Next up is Men Ganbatte, Nobu!
  8. [2017] Japan Open 07.10.

    Nobu said this is going to be his last competition
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    It's an Ina Bauer but a special one
  10. [2017] Japan Open 07.10.

    TV Tokyo will cover this event but it will not be live-broadcasted. The event will be aired by TV Tokyo on Oct. 7th 18:30-20:54(JST), and by BS Japan Oct. 15th 18:30-20:54(JST).
  11. [2017] Japan Open 07.10.

    I’m going to Saitama mostly to see Nobu skating a competitive program. He says that he wants to attempt 2 quads this time so I’m crossing my fingers for him I’m also looking forward to see Alina live for the first time.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Hey, even in this video, he carries a bag of letters and presents!
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    What made me his fan was not his face or skating, but his spirit that came through his skating. White Legend in NHK 2010 was the first performance I saw of Yuzu, and I loved the way he tried to show the swan in his mind without any fear even though it was his first senior competition. I also loved the way he went into the 3A, with no hesitation, like nothing. So I don’t know if I loved him as an athlete or something else, at first. However, when I started following FS more closely (he was one of the biggest reasons,) I soon realized that I needed to learn more about the sport, because otherwise, I could not appreciate what he and other skaters were doing. Like, they all dedicate their life to skating and they are given only a few minutes to show the result of their effort, several times in each year, and not every performance is recorded and seen by many people. If the audience doesn’t care about what they really do, how cruel is it for them? Even if you start loving a skater not because of his/her skills, you cannot stay purely ignorant about them when you care for him/her too much, I think. When someone who loves FS says that some fans love a skater simply because of his/her looks, I seriously wonder how he/she loves FS or a skater. As for things happening regarding GPF, Nats, the magazine, I have nothing to say. Some of the things happened during 2012-2014 seasons were truly sad and ugly, but those skaters who loved what they were doing survived and bloomed in their own way. So I want to trust Yuzu who loves figure skating and support him.
  14. SEIMEI

    Yeah, when I saw the embroidery on his new costume, the first thing that came to my mind was a Chinese phoenix’s long tail.