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  1. sweetwater

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I've read that there were a big earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia tonight. Is there any satellite in the affected area? Hope you are OK and aftershocks will subside soon.
  2. She was skating with such ease yesterday...
  3. Even though there were a few mistakes she's a good jumper. I love her 3Lz-3T especially.
  4. Mitsuki must have lost much in GOEs on jumps... but I like Mitsuki's program and believe it will get better later in the season. And Congrats, Sota!!! Welcome back to the podium!
  5. Well... I love Dory and Go Mitsuki!
  6. I guess he is team Dory He did pretty well and is currently in 1st place
  7. Actually, many skaters in Japan says the free program has become more tiring than when it was 4 and a half minutes long. They say 4 minutes free gives them less space to breathe. A jump doesn't take 30 seconds to execute so their program is more packed than before I guess.