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  1. Strangely, Ryuju and Nobu chose the same phrase to cheer for their friend on his birthday. Nikkan Sports published a three-parted long interview with Ryuju yesterday. (December 7th in Japan) The last part is about his relationship with his peers, especially Keiji and Yuzu, and it concluded like this: https://www.nikkansports.com/sports/news/202112030001266.html?mode=all Nobu's message was a bit cryptic. If you read this tweet normally, he says, "After all, I am not young, so it is not easy to continue skating, but anyway, I stay optimistic and try my best! Sometimes you stumble on your first step, but you can overcome if you are willing!" However, he breaks the lines in a strange way. It looks a bit like this: "After all, I am not young, so it is not easy to continue skating, but anyway, I stay optimistic and try my best! Sometimes you stumble on your first step, but you can overcome if you are wil ling!" If you notice Nobu's intention and try to read his tweet vertically, it says, "ゆづならできる" that means, "Yuzu can do it" or "It is possible if it is Yuzu." [NEWS]
  2. Some more birthday wishes Ice Rink Sendai Official Twitter "Happy 27th birthday, Hanyu senshu. First of all, we pray for your fast recovery from your injury to achieve your biggest goal. We are all looking forward to the day when we will be able to see your beautiful skating again." Kahoku Shinpo (A daily newspaper published in Sendai) "Today, December 7th, is the day Hanyu Yuzuru senshu was born. We wish you a happy 27th birthday. We, together with your fans, wish you a fast recovery from your right ankle injury. (Introduces an article about Yuzu fans praying at local shrines for his recovery)" [NEWS]
  3. Happy birthday, Yuzu!! May your 27th year be filled with light and happiness. May all the things you've gone through in your 26th year turn into your strength. Always supporting you through thick and thin! Get well soon and make your dream come true!
  4. December 7th in Japan is about to pass, but... Happy 27th birthday, Yuzu! Hope you've had a great day today, surrounded by your loved ones, feeling love sent from all over the world. May your 27th year be full of happiness. Always supporting you through thick and thin! Get well soon and make your dream come true!
  5. Interview with Max Aaron Max Aaron: ‘Always give 100 percent, every single day.’ https://figureskatersonline.com/news/2021/11/30/max-aaron-always-give-100-percent-every-single-day/
  6. So, Utaji has broken up... https://www.instagram.com/p/CW8PSaBp7d0/ Utana hasn't commented on this yet.
  7. LMEY is curious about Yuzu's new SP like us. Here is a translation: Frame 1: LMEY: Hey, you've met the new face (Ron-Cap) already, right? TTCT: Yeah. We've been training together. LMEY: What is he like? Frame 2: TTCT: ...Keep a secret because he hasn't made his debut yet, alright? LMEY: Yes. TTCT: Actually... (Explains in a whisper) LMEY: Wow! Really?! TTCT: (Explains some more in a whisper) LMEY: Is... Is he that bold...?!
  8. Let me make a slight correction. In this video, Yuzu said he wanted to go back to Sendai soon because he knew his family was in a difficult financial situation. As you know, at that time, he was continuing training while skating in many shows, but when there was no show, he had to train in Yokohama, staying in a hotel for business people at his family's expense. Even before 311, he had been worrying about traveling expenses for skating, so it must have been especially tough at that time to continue skating while being aware of the situation. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  9. Cross posting from the General Yuzu Chat: Japan to bar new foreign arrivals for 1 month over Omicron fears https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2021/11/e9e964505db6-breaking-news-japan-to-take-further-border-steps-over-omicron-variant-kishida.html Some media tried to interview JSF about it, but at the moment, it looks like they are waiting for directions from authorities. https://www.daily.co.jp/general/2021/11/29/0014878279.shtml To Tospo, they said, "At this point, we have nothing decided on a level that we can answer your questions." https://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/sports/figure-skating/3828662/ *OT, but to clarify: Japanese coming back from the areas where the Omicron variant has been found can come back, though they will be subjected to quarantine requirements.
  10. PM Kishida says it is a temporary measure until they get more info about the Omicron variant, so it depends on the characteristics of the variant, but it may affect many competitions that take place after this. Japan to revive ban on new foreign arrivals Tues. over COVID-19 variant https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20211129/p2g/00m/0na/016000c Another link https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2021/11/e9e964505db6-breaking-news-japan-to-take-further-border-steps-over-omicron-variant-kishida.html
  11. @Yuzu_legend, @tsubasanoyume, How about sharing a photo/photos of the specific missing banner/banners on Twitter asking people if they saw the banner/banners somewhere? Spreading the image of missing banner/banners would help people identify it and its owner, and it may also prevent the person who took them from using them anywhere. (Sorry if you have already done it. Hope the banners will be found.)
  12. So it wasn't the organizer. I'm so sorry to hear...
  13. Roman was smiling all through his BTS EX. He attempted 4S and landed 3F. Fun program.
  14. ISU stream is showing the gala live now. BS Asahi is also airing it now. Roman is on.
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