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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    color of rainbow or olympics...?
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Including 5 quads is confirmed. It is not clear which type of quads he included.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Brian says that Yuzu has been training hard this summer doing many run-throughs to do 5-quads FS. He doesn’t reveal actual layout or the music/choreographer of the FS here though....
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Finally caught up! Scared to come back later thinking how many pages I would have to check...
  5. Thank you @sallycinnamon for hosting the party, and thank you @kaeryth for providing scores. I seldom re-watch this season for many reasons, but I realized how much he had improved in this season while watching it with you. I’ll probably have to miss next two seasons to visit my family, but am looking forward to see the season of SEIMEI with everyone! (or are we going into another season of SEIMEI? lol)
  6. Hey, remember us?

    Seems like this person has met Viktor Pfeifer at Philadelphia Summer Championships. I sometimes miss his challenging spins.
  7. Mascot Fest

    Yeah, I saw it too while searching for the source of that scary Kumamon. I didn’t know that there were many fake-mons and look-alikes. Some of them were kind of cute but some of them were quite scary. I wonder why mascots with longer legs tend to look wrong…
  8. Mascot Fest

    Maybe it was a fake-mon because his eyebrows seem to be placed bit lower than them of the throwing-kisses Kumamon… and this is how Kumamon is supposed to play guitar.
  9. Mascot Fest

    Sorry for having posted an atrocious photo. Kumamon trying to take a photo of a girl who said she loved Kumamon. When she says she loves his face he throws kisses and tries to brush his imaginary hair back.
  10. Mascot Fest

    no...... kumamon you shouldn't do that
  11. Team Japan

    Satoko Miyahara will miss The Ice Nagoya due to sprain in left foot (could be left leg. The details of her injury hasn’t been shared in this tweet). Hope she will get well soon.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    I can’t provide a link to the source now, but it’s from his comment after FS in NHK Trophy 2014, taken in the back stage. Probably included only in a recap aired by NHK BS in December 2014.
  13. Media Link Requests

    Probably not. I searched for it in April and could not find it. I’ve been translating this whole show as part of my English training and just finished half of it now, so maybe I would be able to provide a rough translation in the near future if no one would do it before me.
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    There are so many Japanese fans with different points of view, so it’s impossible to know how we generally took this news, but I saw many fans who are taking his decision seriously. The fact that he has asthma is no secret among fans, but he hasn’t talked about it so much in the past. This time he will do so to encourage others, like speed skater Hiroyasu Shimizu encouraged him when he was a kid. So it’s natural to respect his choice. Here’s an article written by Shimizu in 2015. Someone might have already translated and shared somewhere, but it’s a good article so let me share a rough summery of first half where he wrote about when he met young Yuzu. : After winning OGM in Nagano 1998, Shimizu went to Sendai to participate in an event. There was a boy who asked him for an autograph on his backpack. On the backpack there was an autograph by Plushenko, and after Shimizu finished writing his autograph the boy was happy saying “Now I have autographs of my two heroes”. The boy was Yuzuru Hanyu. Shimizu still remembers what his mother said to him. She said, “He has asthma. I heard you have asthma, too, but nevertheless you won the gold medal. Do you think he’ll be OK continuing figure skating?” Shimizu answered, “Yes, he’ll be alright. His lung is weak, so he has to keep working hard, but once he overcomes the challenge, he’ll be strong enough to compete internationally for having had worked harder than others”. Next time Shimizu met Yuzu, he had already won a OGM in Sochi. Shimizu said “Great job! You see? Didn’t I say you would be alright?” Yuzu looked surprised to hear that and said, “Do you remember me?”
  15. Hey, remember us?

    That's what he wore in Torino 2006...it's great he still can wear it (sizewise)