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  1. I don't see why Jack had to write such an article. Her coach has denied that Mai was anorexic, and the disease she is suffering sometimes causes weight loss. Jack may have some information sources in the Japanese figure skating community but are they knowledgeable enough to tell what she is actually going through? I doubt that those who are close enough to know her current status would give someone like Jack the detailed information about her private life and I doubt medical specialists would assert that someone is suffering from this and that without actually examining the person. More than anything else, what's the use in spreading such a rumor? How does it contribute to society? It is just hurting someone who is already suffering. This is coach Nakano's comment given to Nikkan in November. I've already shared this article several pages ago but this time I will attach a translation of paragraph 1 and 2. (Paragraph 3 is about Kaori): https://www.nikkansports.com/sports/news/201911040000003.html Translation: "Sonoko Nakano, who is coaching ladies' singles figure skater Mai Mihara (20 years old, belongs to Sysmex) gave an interview on 3rd (t/n: of November) in Grenoble where IdF, the third competition of GPS was held. Mihara has withdrawn from GPS and domestic competitions this season for not feeling well. On how she is doing now, the coach explained, "When I left, (Japan for the competition) she was still in the hospital, so I can't tell until I get back and talk with her. I heard that she had switched medications. Although I don't know how it turned out, it sounded like things are changing for the better. What I heard is that what she is going through now is not anorexia, but her body can not absorb nutrients. Everyone worries about her losing weight, but she is eating properly.""
  2. Dice's new vlog is about his birthday this year and how he appreciates birthday wishes from fans. Many Yuzu fans were celebrating his birthday as well and he found them and thanked them as well. This time, he made this video bilingual for Japanese speakers and English speakers as well.
  3. This is Yuzu footage excerpted from a promo clip for a TV show called "Otakara Library." It looks like a show to introduce un-released footage related to sports and athletes filmed by Nittere and their next episode which will be aired on 25th includes footage of Yuzu in Atsuma-cho filmed last summer for 24hr TV. Guess whom he is talking to and who is touching his foot...
  4. What a beautiful interpretation of Haru yo koi. Thought of how rapidly cherry blossoms change the scenery and how wildly the petals dance in the winds.
  5. The capacity of Japanese venues should be smaller because these are the maximum capacity when they use the whole arena as spectators' seats. For ice shows, their capacity will probably be like this: Makuhari - 5000-6000 Kobe - 4000 Shizuoka - 6000-7000 *Not sure about Niigata since they always build the spectators' stands purely for FaOI Shanghai Oriental Sports Center will be the biggest-ever venue for FaOI.
  6. Not very new, but let me share some Javi contents shared or released these few weeks A documentary features Javi aired in Japan at the beginning of this month. It is an episode of a series called 奇跡のレッスン. (Miracle Lesson) Aomori doesn't have an ice rink available all year round, (the venue of SOI Hachinohe to be opened this spring will be available all year round) so the young skaters training there are having difficulties in continuing skating despite having the passion for it. Having grown up in a country where figure skating wasn't popular, Javi wanted to help such young skaters, so he accepted NHK's offer and visited Aomori sometime in the last autumn. Since Javi doesn't have much experience in coaching yet, he sometimes needs to figure out how he can teach what he wants to teach while teaching the kids, but in the end, he successfully helps the kids overcome their challenges and some of them achieved good results in regional competitions. Javi posting a photo of local newspaper reporting Nonoka, one of his students winning Aomori championships Nonoka surprised and excited to find Javi's post The program is about 2 hours long so it is hard to summarize or translate the contents, but Javi is a very creative and supportive coach here and the program is moving. Maybe Spanish speakers would get what is happening since Javi is mostly speaking Spanish although he sometimes casually says tsukareta (疲れた=tired) and otsukare-sama (お疲れさま= "we/you worked hard" or "Thank you for your hard work") ETA: Forgot to add this one:
  7. At first, I thought it might be something to promote 4CC2021 since it will be held in Sydney, but reading the description, it sounds more about Yuzu himself. Seems like the audio will be available on the website as well. Looking forward to listening to it!
  8. The tweet says "Looks like I've found a baby in pink" so it is probably pink, not orange. I guess it is because of the lighting, like the photo of the clear files was taken under incandescent light or something. 
 By the way, it is already the mid-January but happy new year, everyone. Hope everyone's having a good beginning of a year and have a healthy, safe and peaceful, exciting, fruitful year ahead. May Yuzu stay healthy and have a great year that is much much happier than 2019. 
 By the way no.2, for those who want to take a look back at GPF2019 without commentary, TV Asahi channel 2 will air it tomorrow (JST) 
 Broadcasting Schedule (JST): Men's and Ladies' singles: Sunday, Jan. 19, 10:00-14:05 Ice Dance and Pairs: Sunday, Jan. 19, 14:05-18:05 Exhibition: Sunday, Jan. 19, 18:05-20:25 
 Source 1: https://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/ch/contents/sports/0409/ Source 2 confirms that it will be without commentary (会場音 means in-venue sound):
  9. Interview with Yuzu after his performance during MOI: How do you feel now after performing your program? -Actually, I was very tensed. After all, I myself have a deep attachment to the program, so it took enormous courage to perform it from the beginning even if it was a shortened version because I didn't want to ruin good memories. So I was pretty much tensed. However, in the end, I could deliver a performance that I could feel good to have performed it, so I am very happy. -Next year, I will do my best to make it a good year for those who support me as well, and ultimately for myself, to be able to do what I want to do, to satisfy myself, to show what I can do to the full, in as much competition as possible. Thank you very much. It was Hanyu senshu. -Thank you very much. Wish you a happy new year!
  10. Reminded of how much I love this program again... Live performed soundtrack was also nice.
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