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  1. sweetwater

    Hey, remember us?

    Julia Lipnitskaia giving skating lesson in Tokyo more photos
  2. sweetwater

    Random Thought Theater

    @Sombreuil @Figure_Frenzy @sallycinnamon Thank you for your kind words. It is really nice and helpful to be able to interact with someone outside of our family like this sometimes. I could see my situation a bit more objectively and felt revived because of you. Sombreuil, actually, I thought of you at the hospital remembering myself reading one of your posts mentioned a situation a bit like mine. What hard work you've done! Thank you for your advise too. I'll try to find a balance to get through this.
  3. sweetwater

    Random Thought Theater

    Spent half of January at a hospital taking care of a family member who was hospitalized and now taking care of him at home after he left the hospital. The patient is grumpy and sometimes so hard to deal with but at least I don't have to sleep on a small couch anymore and now have some time to catch up with Yuzu news (thanks everyone for updates) and Javi at Euros, hopefully. Vamos, Javi chan and wishing you good luck with your recovery, Yuzu!
  4. sweetwater


    @utsukushii3Aさん、初めまして。日本語で話そうスレッドへようこそ! 動画の紹介ありがとうございます。この日のウォームアップエリアの長い動画初めて見ました。 ブライアンとの雑談まで聞こえてきて面白かった 「行ぐべ」言ってるように聞こえますね。その割にどこにも行かないけど、その後動きが早くなってエア熱唱が始まるから「ここから本番に向けてギアを上げるよ」的な意味で言ってるのかな…? 羽生くんが方言で話している動画、今思いつくのがないのですが、以前よくコメントに混じっていた「〜とかって」という言い回しは東北弁かも知れないです。私も東北出身でよく使っていたのですが、標準語だと「〜とか」のみで「って」が付かない気がします。
  5. sweetwater

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! May the year 2019 be happy and peaceful for everyone and may our dearest Yuzu make a smooth recovery from the injury and have a great year. One of my happiest moments in 2018 and the 下手くそ選手権 worthy pictures I took this year
  6. sweetwater


  7. Haven't read most of the past 66 pages yet, but congrats, medalists! I'm so happy to have been able to see Kaori skating strong in both SP and FS and winning the event for the first time! Also happy for Rika K. I was so scared to see her performances this time after hearing about her boots problem. So glad she made it through unscathed. Hope she will solve the problem as soon as possible! I have mixed feelings about Satoko and Mai. As much as I love Satoko's skating skills, exquisite spins, and beautiful programs, I think her 3Lz in this competition should have been called. Mai, on the other hand, did very well in both SP and FS, but her programs look a bit weaker than Satoko's. But I would place her above Satoko this time... Sad for Wakaba but she fought well. I hope she will take good care of herself and get well soon. Her edge jumps and non-jump elements looked good as always so once she gets healed, she'll come back strong. I really loved her Energia. I wonder how Raf and his team are working on Marin's jumps. The axis of her jumps often tilted forward and this was not characteristic of Marin. I loved her programs though. Hope Yuna S. will stay strong and come out of her slump. I think her FS is getting better and better since last season in terms of interpretation. Nice to have had a glimpse of coach Nobunari. Since Riko Takino left team Oda, I thought I would not see him at nationals this year. What a huge jumper his student was! Also nice to have been able to see Ayaka Hosoda also landed 3As! Hope JSF will give her a chance to land them in international competition...
  8. sweetwater

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Wow beautiful banner with Sendai-hira Yuzu Thank you, mods!
  9. sweetwater

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I am not sure how reliable these data are because in all cases, (Data-man, Sunday Station, (the news show calculated the height and distance required for a 4A) Ice scope) they didn't go into details about how they measure jumps. They probably think that viewers don't care much about such things but it would be fascinating if there is a program which analyses the physics of figure skating, wouldn't it? Fuji will cover Worlds, though I'm not sure if they can use ice scope when they cover ISU competitions because they will have to use ISU footage mostly. At Jnats they can decide when to announce the scores considering the timing of the commercial breaks but they won't have much freedom when airing ISU championships.
  10. The numbers displayed here are: distance height his speed when he exited from this jump
  11. sweetwater

    General Yuzuru Chat

    @asiacheetah replied to you in JNats thread.
  12. sweetwater

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It's "ice scope," a special feature Fuji incorporated in their figure skating programs. Yuzu's jump hasn't been analyzed yet since GPS was aired by TV Asahi.
  13. sweetwater

    Team Japan

    Actually, in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 seasons, a Japanese singles skater had to have TES minimum before nationals to compete at Worlds. If they were a pairs skater/ice dancer they could take part in an ISU competition after nationals to earn it, but there wasn't such relief measure for singles skaters going to Worlds. They could go to 4CC or Junior Worlds earning TES minimum after nationals, though. However, this year, this relief measure is applied to singles skaters going to Worlds as well, so some people are guessing this amendment was made for Daisuke, but it could be because Japanese men's field is a bit weaker than before. As to the schedule of the announcement regarding team Japan members, it's probably because of the venue. Ractab dome is away from the center of the city of Osaka and the station is a bit small and inconvenient to transport a large number of people swiftly after the competition which ends late at night. Anyway, I expect many unpleasant things around nationals this year. Hoping everything turns out OK in the end.
  14. sweetwater

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Here is a photo: Source: 羽生が66年ぶり2連覇 平昌五輪フィギュア総集編 by BEHIND (Photo site by Kyodo Tsushin) http://behindphotos.com/showcases.html?id=363 By the way, in Japan, we have a tradition to put yuzu (the fruit) in bath and eat pumpkin on Wnter Solstice. Now I can find the word "YUZU" on so many labels on all kinds of products (mainly foods and cosmetics) because of that