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  1. I thought Max was just saying that he hoped others would follow her even though the reward might not be big enough to match their effort...
  2. Probably from this site or this post on twitter? Looks like the photo was a screenshot from news footage aired after FaOI Makuhari Day 1, probably in Hodo Station.
  3. Matilda Algotsson: "I love this sport so much and I don't want to stop" http://absoluteskating.com/index.php?cat=interviews&id=2019algotsson
  4. I could not watch anyone but Sota because of my laggy stream but no one seems to have skated well today? But I should be thankful for having been able to watch FS safely tonight. I'm going to bed. Thanks, everyone!
  5. So chan... I thought of Yuzu at SA2012. He looked kuyashii in the kiss and cry. Hope he is OK.
  6. Hmm. The YT stream doesn't work well with me. The visual frequently stops and skips to the latest frame. It is hard to get what the skaters are doing.
  7. Joining in for the last group of men... though I am not sure if I will manage to see until the end because I am so sleepy because of the weather. Cheering for Voronov, Roman and Sota in advance...
  8. Bit OT, but if you are in Japan now, especially in Tokai, Kanto, Tohoku area, please be careful about the weather this weekend (Oct. 11-13 2019)since a very strong typhoon Hagibis is nearing Japan and likely to hit these areas. According to the weather forecast, a rainstorm will begin in Tokai and Kanto this evening and continue until 13th. In the Tohoku area, it will begin tomorrow around noon. Many railroad companies in Kanto have already announced that they are going to stop service from tomorrow afternoon. Many shops and restaurants will also close early. Please gather information and prepare for the storm. 'Explosive' Typhoon Hagibis has Tokyo area in its sights after rapidly gathering strength in Pacific https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/10/09/national/typhoon-no-19-likely-hit-japan-saturday-sunday-may-become-super-typhoon/#.XaAf71X7TIU Flights and trains canceled as Hagibis nears Tokyo https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/10/10/national/jr-east-considers-halting-tokyo-train-services-weekend-violent-typhoon-hagibis-approaches/#.XaAhBFX7TIU Typhoon Hagibis affecting Japan travel: what to know https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/typhoon-hagibis-travel-japan-intl-hnk/index.html Warning alert on Typhoon Hagibis (Typhoon No. 19) https://www.japan.travel/en/news/2019-10-09-typhoon-hagibis/ 台風19号「計画運休」新幹線・首都圏在来線・私鉄で実施決定 (News regarding the railroad companies' plan on suspending their service. It is in Japanese but you can get the important points via Google translation) https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20191011/k10012122151000.html
  9. Sota Yamamoto, Yuhana Yokoi, and Sara Hong in the practice rink, I guess? Looks like Finlandia Trophy has its mobile application with which you can send virtual flowers to the skaters. https://www.finlandiatrophy.com/fi/info/mobile-app/
  10. I am not trying to change the mood but let me post this as well since I originally came here to post this Keizo Nakanishi reunited with Yuzu after two years and talked about Rugby World Cup 2019 Two years ago
  11. Thank you for taking the time to explain. Although I haven't changed my initial opinion, I understand your point of view. While reading your reply, I realized the interpretation of the affordability of ACI might be affected by how attending it would cost each person on each occasion. For me, going to ACI this year wasn't affordable for multiple reasons, but for some, it was the most accessible event distance-wise and ticketing-wise. In that sense, we both may have misinterpreted what "who can afford it" meant, so I won't go further into this. I don't necessarily think there should be rules, but I hope we continue to have chances to talk about these things, to share opinions from time to time, since it is a matter of caring others.
  12. Tessa and Scott in Rock the Rink show filmed by a fan (I think) I wished that I could watch this show but it must be an emotionally tough experience as well as a great experience for their fans...
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