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  1. Some more photos of the ceremony and press conference after it (many of them may have already been shared on twitter by fans) https://mainichi.jp/graphs/20190420/hpj/00m/050/002000g/13 https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2019/04/20/kiji/20190420s00079000132000c.html https://www.sankei.com/photo/story/news/190420/sty1904200004-n1.html
  2. Nekomasamune yesterday: "Today in Sendai, the cherry blossoms are dancing on the wind and the sky above us is so clear and blue." Hydroblading-on-Goshikinuma Nekomasamune key chain and... Zunda-Neko Masamune?
  3. IIRC, he has never said that he had landed the jump cleanly, although there have been some people who said or implied that they witnessed or heard about him practicing it. There are other articles reporting his comments with more details and I guess they might have already been translated and shared in the thread made by yuzuangel, but in Japanese, he said he wants to master the jump, not just to land it. He wants to make it one of his reliable weapons, or reliable friends like 3A, 4T, etc. Just to land it is no longer his dream, but his goal, and now to execute it beautifully in a competition for the first time in history is his dream. ETA: @ralucutzagy has already shared one of the other articles above. Should have read this thread more carefully
  4. After he finishes this spin, the phantom puts his mask back on and goes into the final spin. Look carefully at his mouth before he hides his face with his hand.
  5. 1. I sprained my right ankle a few days ago. It is not serious and I can live without crutches and gypsum, but when I try to put my weight on my right foot without wearing a supporter, all the names of the ligaments and tendons written on the anatomical charts I saw when the news of the injury came out flash back in my head. May all these ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones of Yuzu get healed and stronger and support him always... 2. During Worlds, I often bought Sakura anpan as emergency food. Now it seems to have gone with real sakura blossoms. I feel sad because it tasted really good and it was a reminder of the event.
  6. Actually, the monument unveiling is going to be held on April 29th, in which Yuzu won't participate. However, The City of Sendai will release its design on 20th with Yuzu, and the event will be live streamed. Source I think we will hear more about his condition and plans for next season later, but anyway hope he will be able to take time and heal and get better soon.
  7. Interview with Koshiro Shimada, Tatsuya Tsuboi, Mitsuki Sumoto taken in the venue of Worlds 2019 by Ice Time Podcast run by Jack Gallagher of Japan Times and Ayano, co-host of the show and interpreter. (Begins from about 35:40, after an interview with Michal Brezina)
  8. Interview with Michal Brezina presented by Ice Time Podcast run by Jack Gallagher of Japan Times and Ayano, co-host of the show and interpreter. He is talking about his comeback in this season, how he trains with Rafael, impression on Worlds 2019, etc. It was interesting to hear how he feels about competing with someone like Yuzu, how he thinks about program music. (he is also talking about how his Who Wants to Live Forever SP was created)
  9. Javi is now taking part in Stars on Ice Japan tour and skated Prometo today. Source: https://digital.asahi.com/articles/ASM3Y5CHNM3YPTQP01Y.html According to this article, there was a small ceremony to celebrate his retirement held between the first and the second part of the show. Javi made a short speech and received a bouquet from Satoko.
  10. I thought that it would hurt his lips because I remember once he said that hydroblading hurts his palms as the surface of the ice is quite rough. But I think he actually did here, like when he actually said "bye-bye" to Christine while he was skating POTO for the last time.
  11. Might have already been shared in WFC fluff thread (I haven't checked most of WFC2019 threads yet...)
  12. Saitama Super Arena (the venue of Worlds Saitama) has a mascot ...who is not so good at skating
  13. Hmm... it was a trigger for the strong-comeback-3A-3T but... aaaa I don't know what to do
  14. OK... then I will. Thanks for suggestion! ETA: Oh no, I guess I misread your comment. Yes, our titles won't affect Yuzu but I feel uneasy every time I see mine, haha.
  15. Haven't read most of the post in this thread nor protocols and all the info given by the media yet but I'm rather excited than feeling sad or disappointed about Yuzu's SP. This was probably the only chance for me to see Otonal live, so it must have been great if it was perfect, but I felt so natsukasii seeing his angry face, hearing him speaking fast analyzing what happened. I missed his beautiful performance but I also missed this personality as well. He'll come back strong in the FS. It may be a little more difficult to beat Nathan as he beat Tatsuki 5 years ago, but I know he will. I'm already happy just to have seen him came back from the injury. Now I just want him to enjoy competing as much as he wants. I'll just cheer for it. By the way, thank you for all the info and analysis. I'm looking forward to reading all after the competition. ETA: I seriously want to move on to something from "popstar"... but what is the next title? I should rather keep this title?
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