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  1. You have read what Canadian satellites explained about the border closure in the past few pages, haven't you? Also, when you enter Japan, you have to get tested and quarantine for 14days. But if you want to discuss protective measures against COVID-19 in general, we have a suitable thread in Space Junk.
  2. Why don't they just cancel GPS and let everyone focus on domestic competitions? Here we are wondering if our situation will allow JSF to hold nationals at the end of this year, even behind closed doors, and if our skaters will be able to travel to compete there...
  3. But aren't the videos on MEGA? I checked the links from PC and could open all five episodes, although it took a while to load some of them.
  4. It doesn't look like "as planned" at all Not sure how credible this is, but from P. Hersh: ETA: These tweets have already been shared in General Skating Thread. Sorry for double posting
  5. I would guess that she doesn't have a good sponsorship deal because she mentioned her plan on retirement after Beijing. I have the impression that large companies tend to make sponsorship deals with athletes that seem to have long competitive careers ahead. The only exception I can think of is Steiff Japan that made a last-minute sponsorship deal with Takahito Mura in December 2017. I don't remember the details, but I think I heard that they decided to support Mura after their CEO and Mura got to know each other through their hobby or something. Not sure how Russian skaters find their sponsors, though. Anyway, Alena hasn't said anything about this coaching change herself yet. She might have needed Rozanov's help to retrieve her 3A or have other reasons to leave Eteri or Sambo.
  6. Lotte "Gum For The Game" July 24, 2020 Gum For The Game (1minute special CM) BTS CM+BTS shared by moviecollectionjp Translations The narration of the CM translated by ShukoD on Twitter CM and BTS subtitled by Axel with Wings
  7. Lotte "Gum For The Game" Campaign 2019 Gum For The Game Gum For The Game -Unknown facts about gum Official BTS video Longer BTS video shared by TV LIFE
  8. Lotte Hot Ghana Campaign 2019 CM + Making Interview Making of Koyuzu muddler Making Hot Ghana
  9. Lotte "Take a bite of Ghana" Campaign 2019 *Web commercial CM BTS and interview
  10. 2020 Tokyo Summer Figure Skating Competition scheduled for August 29-30 has been canceled due to the spread of CV.
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