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  1. Highlights of Kyoto Prefectural Skating Championships held March 28th Highlights of Waseda On Ice held on March 13th and Meiji-Hosei On Ice held on March 15th
  2. Utana Yoshida teamed up with Seiji Urano as "Utaji." I don't know much about Seiji, but he seems to have been skating in the USA with Olivia Dietrich and Anna Lewis in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, respectively. Not sure for which country they are going to skate together, but happy that Utana also found a new partner. Good luck, Utaji!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/COrtwvuDsdR/ https://www.instagram.com/p/COrtB-GpPen/ https://www.instagram.com/p/COrtB-Hn9po/
  3. Another small correction: In the English subtitle, after Yuzu named tonkatsu and gyoza as his favorite foods at that time, the reporter asks him, "Roasted? Boiled?" However, the real question is "Rosu ga ii? Hire ga ii? (ロースがいい? ヒレがいい?)" which means "Which do you prefer, loin or tenderloin?" and Yuzu answers "I prefer loin. I like fatty meat quite a bit." He was 15 years old back then, as old as Kao is now.
  4. I am afraid that both translations contain some mistranslations here and there, so let me share a full translation. Kao kun's comments from his Insta-live: "I was surprised to hear "RISE" at the opening of the last show of SOI tour. I guess it perplexed Hanyu kun the most. He (T/n: or everyone) was like, "Whose music is it?" and I was like, "Oh no, that's my music " As to the choreography Hanyu kun did for himself, I was impressed by the way he did it on the ice putting many thoughts into it. I finally bought MONSTER HUNTER RISE recently. Hanyu kun said to me, "You
  5. A few more days... Ganbatte, Roman
  6. That's my reaction to PW in the team event at Sochi. I always get nervous at the beginning of his performance feeling, "AAAgggghhh finallyyyyyy, it's Olympiiiccccsss!!!!!" while fully recognizing that it is past and even thinking that he looks so young back then. For SEIMEI, on the other hand, I had a strange feeling when I watched his performance in real-time. I was super nervous until he reached his starting position, but the moment I heard the sound of ryuteki (the Japanese flute) I felt that I was witnessing a moment in history, and as if I knew every moment after that beforehand. I think
  7. Sorry for being late to reply. How is the cat? I hope she is OK. I thought this page might be helpful https://resources.bestfriends.org/article/cat-vomiting-types-causes-and-treatments
  8. I was away from the epicenter, but it was a long earthquake. There was no threat of a tsunami, and there seems to have been no power outage either. Three have been reported injured so far. In some places in Sendai, water pipes got broken by the shock. Public transportations are affected as they were in March. Hope Yuzu is safe at home with his family, and Ice Rink Sendai stays intact. Praying that the aftershocks subside quickly and everyone in the affected area stays safe and can live worry-free.
  9. News clips and photos Looks like Koshiro replaced Shoma in the group number https://www.nikkansports.com/sports/photonews/photonews_nsInc_202104280001446-2.html [NEWS]
  10. I have been trying to comment on this topic since Monday but keep failing to finish my post because of numerous trivial problems that occurred at home, so I am going to make just a few points. On testing, I agree with @yuzuangel. I found an article about SOI Hachinohe published by NHK last week, which says that the Kinoshita group is going to hold SOI Hachinohe having all the cast and staff members tested beforehand. Kinoshita wasn't involved in SOI Yokohama, but the SOI-Y organizers probably had to do the same, as they are on the same boat with Kinoshita--if a cluster infection oc
  11. TV Asahi is airing EX now, focusing mostly on TJ, inserting fluff here and there
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