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  1. Are they skating to OST for Pina by any chance...? The second song is one of the songs I have been wanting Yuzu to skate sometime when he gets older. But it's a cute FD!
  2. Longer footage of senior training camp
  3. Thank you for the video! 4S attempt was by Yuna.
  4. Saw Koshiro's 4Lz attempt in Team Japan training camp in Figure Skating TV. It was UR but his technique did not look bad. He took off tapping with his toe pick and with not-so-much pre-rotation. If he had a little more speed going into the jump and his jump had a little more distance, maybe he could have landed a fully-rotated one, I thought. They aired snippets of Wakaba's Poeta and Kaori's Matrix too, and both looked nice. (Kao chan fell while trying to dodge an invisible bullet though ) According to the commentator, Wakaba loves Flamenco and she was the one who asked Scali to make a program with Flamenco. They show the Stsq and it looked pretty good. Wakaba said she was depressed at the end of the last season. So she took three-weeks off to not to think about FS. During the time off the ice, she focused on school life and exchanging ideas with people she met there helped her to refresh and enjoy the sport again. Ladies were attempting a lot of 3As but all of them were UR or DG...
  5. I agree with you on various points but I think there is a few misunderstanding here. Firstly, in FaOI, there is a rule that the audience cannot hand a gift to a skater while they are on the ice. In FaOI, there is no time for a skater to collect gifts between performances. Besides, there are no boards between the ice and the audience, so allowing it is a bit dangerous both for skaters and the audience. FaOI organizer always asks fans to hand the gifts by putting them into the gift boxes until the end of the Zamboni time before the 2nd half. So, Johnny is breaking a rule when he receives the flower crown during the finale. However, I think it is probably overlooked because the giver seems to be more than a fan for Johnny. I have seen photos of Johnny and her having dinner with other skaters on Johnny's Instagram. The tradition of giving/receiving the crown can be traced back to Vancouver 2010, so it may be seen as a tradition between longtime friends or something. Secondly, Yuzu has never said that he doesn't accept gifts from fans. He just stopped reacting to each gift publicly to avoid troubles among fans. He half-jokingly said that if he gives a fan a special treatment, other fans may leave him/her out. When he was younger and had fewer fans, he sent hand-written thank you letter to fans who gave him fan letters and gifts. It wasn't rare to see him using some of the fan gifts until several years ago. Pooh is one of such gifts given a long time ago and now his comrade. I doubt any fan (whether older or newer) would attack Yuzu or the giver for Pooh being there. I doubt any fan would get mad at Yuzu for how he handles the gifts now either because obviously, it's the best he can. Since I don't know what happened between Johnny and Yuzu's team, I don't want to comment on the photo incident itself. I don't feel that I need to anyway because I know Yuzu is in no way afraid of wearing flowers (see FTT costume) and if he and his team asked Johnny to take down the photo there should be a good reason to do so. It's too bad that Johnny wasn't happy about it, but since they are two different persons there can be a disagreement. Also, Johnny might have had a good reason to act that way.
  6. Wakaba has been struggling with her exams lately, so maybe she could not have trained enough because of that? I think she'll do well later in the season.
  7. Cute Wakaba Yuna Aoki with Caro
  8. According to this post, Mariko Kihara and JinSeo Kim are both working as coaches in Nishinomiya, Japan. Wishing them good luck on their new career!
  9. Found a long interview with Sergei Voronov Sergei Voronov: “I am now looking ahead and not looking backwards” http://www.figureskating-online.com/sergei-voronov.html Original in Russian: https://fsrussia.ru/intervyu/4439-sergej-voronov-u-kazhdogo-svoj-srok-svoe-zhelanie-terpenie-i-volya.html
  10. I heard that Atsumacho (the place Yuzu visited for 24-hour-TV this year) has a mascot so I did a little research and made some interesting discoveries. The green one is Atsumaru kun from Atsumacho. He grows haskap on his head and carries a surfboard on his back. Seems like Atsuma is a surf spot. The bear is Yabeebeya (comes from Yabai bear) who is also from Hokkaido. He is almost naked but very gracious. Then while searching for more info about them, I found these mysterious beings The white one is Zooshiihokkii from Hokkaido, who seems to be a mutant of sushi and he/she can take out a grain of rice from his/her chest and give it to his/her friend. The mushroomy one is Unamo from Shizuoka, who seems to be derived from eels This one is Manbekun from Oshamanbe, Hokkaido, who is a mixture of a crab, scallop, and iris. Hokkaido is a land of yabai mascots...
  11. Translation of his interveiw after day 3 https://notebookfilledwithscrabbles.tumblr.com/post/186648951927/2652019-faoi-makuhari-day-3-interview-with
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