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  1. The short segment Yuzu and Nobu skate together in this opening was choreographed by Yuzu
  2. Papa Tako, a mascot of Akashi, Hyogo, the home of Akashiyaki reacted to a Yuzu fan hoping to see him (Papa Taco) again beside Yuzu having Akashiyaki in Kobe during Fantasy on Ice next year. He says, "It is already three years since then... Wish he will have Akashiyaki again..."
  3. Well... Keyakki is probably already pretty successful. His Japanese account has thirty-six thousand followers while Nekomasamune is followed by thirty-eight thousand. https://twitter.com/oimyg https://twitter.com/nekomasamunecom He can skate He has sat beside Yuzu........'s autograph and he is edible
  4. Satoko's update from Canada. She is quoting a phrase from a poem by Kenji Miyazawa, titled, "雨ニモマケズ (Ame ni mo Makezu)" The poem in Japanese Translation by Roger Pulvers
  5. Oh! So the pianist and his muse won! (I should definitely look up all the skaters' names later ) It was fun to watch. Thank you, @Paskud !
  6. R&J Gosh, I thought they were replaying the team skated to Midnight Waltz for a moment and missed a large part of their program (ETA: Vasilisa KAGANOVSKAYA / Valery ANGELOPOL)
  7. The next team seemed to have used some of Two Feet's songs. The music cuts were kind of weird, but they were so good! (ETA: Sofia TYUTYUNINA / Alexander SHUSTITSKY)
  8. What is this music? A jazzy Toccata and Fugue? Funny and kind of intriguing program (ETA: Irina KHAVRONINA / Dario CHIRIZANO)
  9. Leftovers OST This program sounds and looks somehow very Russian (ETA: Elizaveta SHICHINA / Gordey KHUBULOV)
  10. Midnight Waltz A bit rough but super fast and powerful (ETA: Sofia LEONTIEVA / Daniil GORELKIN)
  11. Thanks! Then I will stay up as much as I can.
  12. Is that it? Guessing from the replay, the first half I missed must have been interesting as well. Will try to find the videos later...
  13. Lemon Tree Surprised by the sudden death of the stream but glad it came back. They were so cute! Really fun program (ETA: Anna RUMAK / Gleb GONCHAROV)
  14. Prince of Egypt Twizzle was a bit messy (ETA: Anna DAVYDENKO / Ivan GALAEV)
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