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  1. Sorry if someone has already translated but this is a transcription and a very rough translation of Yuzu's comment after EX [NEWS]
  2. I guess that was when Yuzu was spinning. Liu lifted Yuzu a bit later. Looking for a footage online...
  3. I guess Japanese fans will share it on twitter later! This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  4. "This "Haru yo Koi" is a musical piece I wrote guided by the sense/sensibilities of Hanyu senshu, a masterpiece that I would have never been able to create by myself. As a musician, I am truly grateful to Hanyu senshu for letting me create this one. Today, I cannot go to Beijing, but my heart will be there." [NEWS]
  5. In TV Tokyo version of Gala, he talked about his gratitude towards 3A as it never left him at Olympics and helped him, so I guess the latter was his intention
  6. At the end of Haru yo Koi, Akiko Suzuki shared a message from Kiyozuka san, in which he says Haru yo Koi is the music he arranged/composed guided by Yuzu's sense/sensibilities, and that his thoughts are with Yuzu even though he is not in Beijing today. I cannot share a full translation of the message now but it was really nice
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