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  1. Good luck, Francis and Nadine!
  2. Sorry for interrupting again... Sendai Iroha (mini program produced and aired by Sendai Hoso) featuring Ice Rink Sendai: The footage was probably filmed on April 1st, on which Takeshi Honda gave a special skating lesson to children. You can find Nanami Sensei helping Takeshi. They are also promoting FaOI Sendai and Javi's skating lesson in the second half.
  3. Update on the broadcasting schedule for FaOI 2019: -FaOI Makuhari BS Asahi: May 27th, 21:00-22:54 TV Asahi: June 10th, as a segment of a sports program "GET SPORTS" aired from 1:25 TV Asahi Ch2: June 30th, 14:00-18:00 (FaOI Makuhari Day 1) July 7th, 17:00-21:00 (FaOI Makuhari Day 2) July 28th, 17:00-21:00 (FaOI Makuhari Day 3) -FaOI Sendai Sendai Hoso: June 14th, 19:00-20:00 -FaOI Kobe ABC (Asahi Hoso TV or Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation, based on Osaka): June 15th, 15:00-16:30 BS Asahi: June 22nd, 13:00-15:54 TV Asahi Ch2: Sometime in August Source: https://www.fantasy-on-ice.com/broadcast.html
  4. Thank you for sharing the translation! This is one of the very first Yuzu interviews done by non-figure-skating magazines. At that time, we knew that he was going to TCC but did not have much chance to hear about how he made the decision and how he felt about leaving Sendai and Nanami sensei, so this article and his smile attached to it lightened our anxiety a bit. The original article is titled "恩返しの旅は続く", published in Sports Graphic Number Vol. 803 on May 10th, 2012. https://number.bunshun.jp/articles/-/223662 You can find the first half of it here.
  5. Lovely cat photo from Michal Brezina The other account he mentioned in this post is filled with cute photos...!
  6. According to his Instagram post, Mitsuki Sumoto has finished making his new SP with Nanami Abe. Although he hasn't revealed the music, he said the program turned out really nice and fun to skate. As to the FS, he will keep Mi Mancherai.
  7. See update on May 15th here. Some broadcasters have announced that they are going to air FaOI this year: -FaOI Makuhari Will be aired by BS Asahi on May 27th, from 21:00 (JST) source -FaOI Sendai Will be aired by Sendai Hoso (the Sendai-based TV station which always makes a beautiful Yuzu poster to promote Worlds and JNats) on July 14th, from 19:00 source -FaOI Kobe Will also be aired by BS Asahi. They will announce the date and time later. source -FaOI Toyama No announcement yet but Toyama TV aired FaOI Toyama in 2014 and they are one of the organizers this year. I think it is possible that they will air the show this year as well. They aired the news of Yuzu joining the show yesterday.
  8. According to the article, Narumi has been playing hockey since last spring and has already taken part in competitions. She said she had been interested in the sport since when she started skating at the age of 3. She loves the speed, playing with teammates, the way players strategically change their playing style according to their opponent. Although she's a hockey player now, she worked for Fuji as a commentator for pairs' event at Worlds Saitama. She is a very brilliant person with many talents so I think we still have a chance of seeing her getting involved with figure skating in the future. Former singles skater Miyu Nakashio, on the other hand, is joining Cirque du Soleil this summer. Wishing her good luck!
  9. So it was actually good timing to quote you? I'm relieved Actually, I used to be curious about the hand too, although from a different perspective, wondering how he would deal with such cultural differences, especially after he moved to Canada. The way he keeps his habit and has no problem making friends with others looks very much like him. Yes, I heard that Finnish and Japanese are a little bit like each other. Maybe the person who said so was mentioning such tendency...? I was in the orchestra club when I was an elementary school student and we practiced Finlandia for a year for a yearly competition. Finland is one of the countries I want to visit sometime since then. It must have been a very special moment! The Japanese lady sitting next to me during Saitama didn't give me such a hug even though she got teary eyed when she saw me crying like Nobu after Yuzu finished his FS... she gave me an onigiri though.
  10. Sorry for quoting you after more than one month, but I think the hovering hand is something related to our culture, not the tabloids because he's been doing it since long time ago. Here is the banquet photos of GPF2013. You can find the hovering hand in the photo of him with Radionova and Lipnitskaia. We cannot see his hands in the photo next to it, but we can see it hovering in this one. (sorry, I can't find the source) This is a banquet photo of 4CC2013. Can you see his hand hovering behind Chris's waist? Not like in other parts of the world where hugging and hand-shaking are the norms, we tend to avoid physical contact with other people until we get close to each other. Traditionally in Japan, keeping a distance is a way to respect others, so we often start from bowing to each other. Also, when the person is of a different gender, you may annoy them by touching them casually, so the hovering hand is a safer choice. Here is another example. This is another banquet photo of 4CC2013, in which Akiko and Mao are doing the same while posing with other girls.
  11. Banquet photos by David W. Carmichael http://davecskatingphoto.com/photos_2019_worlds_banquet.html Other banquet photos shared by skaters (You may have seen most of them but let me post them here as a record) ETA: Just found many banquet photos in Gala thread... no wonder I couldn't find much in here!
  12. Not sure whether I should post this in this thread or Mascot Fest, but I really need this food stall in my neighborhood!!! (The cat is selling baked sweet potatoes)
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