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  1. This rumour was started by Josei Seven - that most horrible gossip magazine "for women" (ugh) - so please avoid this magazine. Their reporters went as far as interviewing former high school classmates who indicated that "Ms A" and Hanyu had been classmates and they were very friendly with each other (since Yuzu actually had very few close friends at school). Apparently, she would call him "Yuzuru" (which is quite intimate) when everyone else called him "Yuzu" (nickname) - a very thin piece of evidence. The magazine went as far as suggesting that they had "hot trysts" during the spring of 2015 and that summer they had become betrothed. Some fanciful imagination of an overheated brain of a journalist desperate for sales, but it made the story appear "true" because of all these alleged details that turned out to be a complete fabrication, as we all know. It caused a lot of stress for Ms A who had to deal with the tabloid press - as bad as the British tabloids. I believe some of their reporters were also among those who hung around Sendai looking for "scoops" (worse than J**k G). This is one of the few times Hanyu really showed his anger openly - e.g., being very curt at the throng of journalists who caught him getting on Shinkansen. Since that time, the tabloids appear to be leaving him alone - treating him more like they treat the imperial family - off limits from the usual idol (and idle) gossips.
  2. Thank you for your fantastic obsession! This is very-stimulating and enriching. I love detailed technical discussions and happy to learn by reading up on science. If only he could find a way to speed up his spin a smidgen without losing height! The pull-in motion of the arms will be critical but even a very subtle and slight change can throw the body off axis and with so much angular momentum the tiniest deviation will amplify rapidly. Also, his slightly slower entry speed with wider elbow angle and relaxed shoulders result in an aesthetically pleasing motion. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why his entry into jumps look so much more dynamic and organic than Nathan's entry - which is smaller and more efficient but mechanical (we are not even talking about the landing!). To jump the 4A Yuzu may need to go all out for that efficient spinning motion from the start of the jump. He will probably need greater ab strength to keep the body in that tight but resilient coil!
  3. I live on Vancouver Island near ground zero, and the situation is continuing to be very tense and intense. Our BC Ferry has also been disrupted between Vancouver and the Island. This is the issue where Canadians have a heavy cross to bear: centuries of injustice are boiling over onto the surface and it is not likely to settle soon. In addition to Covid-19, this will have an impact on the Worlds, both directly and indirectly through the mood of the country. PS PM Trudeau has cancelled his overseas trip to address this growing insurrection at home.
  4. Celebration of the second OGM anniversary, from the calligrapher fanyu koho. This time, with the term 躍進 = YakuShin = Breakthrough (literally "dancing forward"). Thanking Hanyu-senshu for giving courage and sharing moving moments, and wishing from the bottom of his/her heart for Hanyu-senshu to be true to Hanyu-senshu and to continue making breakthroughs (yakushin).
  5. Oh, no! Is this happening to other members of Team China??
  6. Yuma and Shun will be competing with Keiji Tanaka and Kazuki Tomono for the third spot, and they might actually do better than these two given their recent trajectory. Going to seniors next season will also give the two youngsters the chance to acclimatize in the senior environment for a couple of seasons before the Olympics. Kao Miura is only 14 - he will have more time to develop - and there are a number of promising ones in the novice ranks. Here is Kao in a recent competition.
  7. In Japanese, he speaks using very masculine slangs and expressions in informal settings, sometimes with Tohoku dialect that makes it even more tough sounding (to a Tokyo-ite). That's why Nobu calls him "S", the domineering character, versus Nobu's omega (non-dominant/submissive) character. Nobu needs Yuzu to protect him from the rough and tumble of this world... I hope Nobu is doing OK following his spat with Hamada-sensei (another dominant character). Nobu is kind and gentle, unlike his famous predecessor (Oda Nobunaga) who had absolutely no qualms massacring thousands of men, women and children (and monks, to boot).
  8. Sendai TV's live interview of Shun Sato, his very first live TV appearance! This thread has the full segment. Shun said in this interview that from next season he will start to compete at the senior level.
  9. Love this post: alpha dominant Yuzu!
  10. Celebrating 100,000 posts on Yuzu topic!
  11. My German doctor was ahead of his times. These days, we have much better understanding of developmental biology and how the different parts of body are closely inter-related and this is changing how we examine the body (speaking as a biochemist/molecular biologist). Medical science is advancing but medical practice is lagging... To give another example: our pelvis is also closely linked to our jaws and imbalances in one will be reflected in similar imbalances in the other. The relatively new practice of Somatics draws upon this new knowledge. To bring it back to topic, Yuzu should be aware of these new developments in biomedical sciences as a student of Human Sciences at Waseda U. They have quite an advanced program on these subjects as well as progressive professors. It will be interesting to see what papers/articles Yuzu will write in the next stages of his life!
  12. Also, sometimes people with asthma have more elastic skin - because during embryonic development the skin cells and internal lining of the lungs emerge from closely related stem cells. When I had asthma as a child, a German doctor prescribed dry towel massage to strengthen and stimulate my outer skin - which, he said, will also strengthen the lining of my lungs. At age 60, I am still blessed with soft elastic skin, but live in constant fear of another asthmatic attack...
  13. TV Asahi describes the event as sharing the moment when Hanyu-senshu becomes one with the sound (literally - becomes clothed with the sound) 音を纏う Oto-wo-matou. Love the use of the term which is much more intense than just "wearing" the sound, which would be ”着る“kiru.纏う has a regal connotation, like putting on an imperial mantle. https://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/ch/recommend/musicwithwings/
  14. Cartoon for Music with Wings! The artist has a great sense of humour. Trans: Haru-chan "uzu-uzu" (wriggle wriggle) hey, hey, when is it Haru's turn?... oh now! "chiiiin" (tiiing) Seimei "Pyuoooo" on the Japanese flute Chopin pianist (with Pooh on his head playing the castanet "shaka-shaka") is playing Ballade #1 Origin: "Can't play so he's doing air-violin" Toshl: "Extremely beautiful voice" Conductor cat: "Noo...the meaning of conducting is..." Hope&Legacy (sitting in the audience): Non-harmonious sound... (holding Ghana hot chocolate with the rabbit on his head)
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