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    Shuttling between Japan and Canada
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    Dressage (equestrian), caring for horses, dogs, Kabuki, mathematics, philosophy and Social Mindfulness
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    Health Economist

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  1. Umebachi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hydroblade, Thank you for your tireless efforts in setting up the Forum, and for creating this safe space for the Family!
  2. Umebachi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Greetings to my fellow Planet Hanyu denizens! I am finally making my first post - after all these years of following FS and Hanyu-kun - to celebrate my freedom from corporate serfdom (I am taking early retiremen) this week and to share the joy with my fellow fanyus! I am so grateful for those who worked hard to set up this forum and for the lively and supportive community brought together by our favorite alien boy. Now that I have slipped the bonds of servitude, I rejoice in being able to let loose on this forum and look forward to joining you on the continuation of our journey, our pilgrimmage, of discovery. I will introduce myself on the other thread, but let me just briefly note that the first live FS event I attended was the World Championship 1977 in Tokyo - Yoyogi National Stadeum - where Minoru Sano won the first bronze medal for single men's skating (I am dating myself...). I recall being mesmerized by Rodnina and Zaitsev, and Vladimir Kovolev who skated like a ballet dancer (I mean, for real). Since then, I got busy with school and work, and only picked up FS when Mao and Daisuke emerged, and with Yuzu I have fallen deeply like the rest of you. Following Yuzu is an emotional roller coaster, but what is life without feeling the depths and intensity of emotions? I am sure he will continue to explore the limits of athletic abilities and artistic expression, with equal measure of intelligence and passion, and I would not want to miss a single minute of that ride. I look forward sharing that experience with all of you on this fabulous forum! BTW, I am a dressage rider, so I like making analogies between FS and dressage events (especially the freestyle dressage with music). With that in mind, I would like to present the golden horse of the Iranian steppes, Akhal Teke - as the appropriate gift to propitiate the gods of ice and wish all the best of health and happiness to our golden boy!