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  1. Dear Fay - Wishing you a speedy and robust recovery! (Are you taking your Vitamin D?)
  2. I hope you will be able get the booster shot soon and the test results all come back negative! Why would they not vaccinate when there is an outbreak??! So much confusion about dealing with outbreaks, even in Canada!
  3. [NEWS] On this morning's NHK Asaichi program. The guest was Shinya Kiyozuka, pianist, who collaborated with Yuzu on Haru-yo-Koi. Tweet with a brief summary translation, below.
  4. Sadly, this is nothing new. They have to work so hard and late into the evening, even during Covid pandemic. PM Suga, Olympic Minister Hashimoto (yes, the same one who used to head the JSF, was caught very tipsy coming out of a michelin star sushi restaurant), and other senior LDP members have been caught dining with more than 5 persons at expensive restaurants. Apparently, elite political leaders are exempt from the restrictions posed on the plebs.
  5. We are all speculating here, but I would guess that he will not add 4Lz in Tenchi for reasons we have discussed about the aesthetic appropriateness of this jump. When he is able to do so, I expect he would add 4A here. This would be an appropriate, humongous edge jump at the start of the program, when Lord Kenshin is charging into battle and he swirls around like crashing waves in a storm. He could add 4Lz for LMEY, which fits well with the sharp staccatto and energetic feel of the music. With these elements, his BV will be sufficient to bring him on par or above his competit
  6. And now, for something totally light and amusing: Shoma is starting to "learn" English from his manager, and he had a hilarous video about their first attempt at class. The long and the short of it is that Shoma couldn't spell his coach, Stephane's name - and ended up writing "Stepen". So a creative soul produced a vision of the real "Stepen". Those of you familiar with Stephane's famous zebra costume will understand (hehehe). (The OP says: please don't look too closely because the construction is a bit rough.)
  7. Japanese government's response to Covid has been outdated and lacking in any strategic thinking. Just old fashioned track and trace using the very limited Public Health capacities - which long ago lost the ability to keep up with the community-wide infection. The authorities have also been very slow and late in preparing for the vaccination. PM Suga has just woken up to the dire situation in this front, and appointed Kono Taro as the one in charge of vaccination strategy. Kono is US educated and often appears on CSIS (American DC based think tank), was most recently Minister of Defense und
  8. [NEWS} From a Japanese blogger YuzuChopin about some reflections on Lord Kenshin's life and its relevance for Yuzuru Hanyu. She notes that Kenshin "left the world" = became a Buddhist monk when he was 27 years old. Later, at the insistence of his followers, he returned to "this world" of warfare and became known as one of the fiercest warriors in Japanese history. What were some of Kenshin's thoughts behind this transformative process? How do these relate to Yuzu's competitive life? I have translated selected parts from this article, below. Here is th
  9. Top Illustration- Nobu approaches Yuzu saying “I watched it - a divine performance!” On the left side bubble he says “You are godly!” as his hand grabs Yuzu’s shoulder with the sound “Gussa!l” which is the sound we make when something gets impaled on a sharp object. Bottom illustration- Nobu is shown zooming away to the sound “Zusaaaaa” as he cries out “(I knew it) you are a Satan after all!!!” and the top text says “Iteeeee” which means “That hurts!!” Yuzu turns around innocently saying, “ Ah, Nobu-kun! Look, my new SP costume! It’s Toge-toge (full of thorns).” So much d
  10. Roman - So happy to see him skate so well! FS was not perfect but shows great promise, and his 3A has stabilized so much! (Costume: Mmm, I wish the Canadian skaters would commission Japanese costume designers - but assume they are very expensive... ) I really loved his SP, so fittingly elegant and such gorgeous skating! Nam - Love the choice of music for his FS - powerful and emotive, it highlights the smoothness of his movements and the potential for emotional skating. I wonder why he chose to skate in his training gear? To feel less nervous? Lovely performance but the casual loo
  11. I finally watched Jason's SP - which is lovely and has great skating. Good for Jason!
  12. Yay to Canadian men! Finally, we have a growing crop of very fine and skilled skaters, with both artistic and technical capabilities! Also, good to see tall men succeeding in this competition. Diversity is important! And so, so happy for Roman - he skating is majestic and elegant! He projects well and appears to be mentally centred and focused. I just mentioned in the Yuzu livestream section, but Roman's Short program may become one of the legacy performances that I will watch and rewatch for years to come. Looking forward to the next season when he can bring this forward!
  13. Thank you for the streaming and I agree with you, @Henni147! Nathan is a great athlete and I have a lot of respect for him, but it is unlikely that he will continue to compete after Beijing 2022 as he turns his attention to the "rest of his life". He deserves all the accolades for his achievements. Yet it is unlikely that his performances will be remembered like this H&L 2017, or Seimei, Chopin and the future Tenchi performances. Even now, I don't go back to see his past performances for pure enjoyment... do you? It's too bad he didn't polish Nemesis, which could have become a legac
  14. YouTube has a number of uploads already. here is Roman!! Nam Nguyen Conrad Orzel Corey Cirelli
  15. Fabulous skating by Roman Sadovsky - his spins show his incredible flexibility and elegance, especially the A-spin which usually doesn't look so aesthetically pleasing on most men but Roman manages to turn it into a thing of beauty! The top four skaters ended up all in the first group! Corey Cirelli - what a fabulous, artistic skater! His lay-back Inabauer is gorgeous! And Conrad Orzel finally manages to skate clean and with confidence! Nam is always fun to watch. These are all fabulous skaters! I am not watching the US Nationals.
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