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  1. Without Orser and his team, Yuzu will not have built up the fantastic skating skills. Yuzu himself knew he needed to develop new skills that he could not get while skating in Japan, so he personally chose Orser and TCC as the place to continue his growth. NHK documentary on Yuzu's early days at TCC in 2013 offers great inside look at this story. I am deeply deeply sorry you feel this way and recommend that you watch this (must be in the PH video archives).
  2. Sendai does not have anywhere near the kind of diverse professional support that he can get at TCC. Also, Canadian sports medicine is superb (I am benefiting from them myself after decades of unresolved physical issues) and he would need them badly as he intensifies his training on 4A, which is quite risky and should be done with experienced professionals close at hand. I am very impressed by TCC's management philosophy which emphasizes a very respectful and team-oriented approach toward their athletes. Unfortunately, this is such a rare and precious phenomenon in high-level sports clubs,
  3. The traffic poster is deliberately using the word yuzuru = to “give way” ( as in letting others pass or cross) which is written as ゆずる〜譲る。。It’s a pun on his name which is pronounced the same way but his name is written as yudzuru ゆづる 結弦。The second character in his name is pronounced “tsuru” on its own and means a twine or a bow. With the character Yu 結 coming just before it, the sound is transformed to dzu =zu.
  4. This is quite an emotional depiction of what this Osaka resident is feeling about the WTT coming to the city. Extremely worried and having nightmares about Yuzu competing at WTT. This person is a manga illustrator - and reveals quite a complex and nightmarish depiction of the upcoming event. Will try to translate later - it's quite long! It is a depiction of a dream (nightmare). Starts with the scene of a carp fish peaking in from another dimension (clearly covid virus infected side) and the carp on this side wondering what is going on. Then goes on to remember the past performances by
  5. Here is a website that gives a fairly comprehensive history of "purin" arriving in Japan (19th c "Podding") plus modern variations (which include some of your examples) and the detailed step-by-step recipe for making the Japanese "purin". It's in Japanese but I think google can translate well enough? https://www.glico.com/nutrition/tabemono/food/25/index.html [NEWS] Since this is turning a bit off topic, let me make amends by sharing the SBS Uchimura Kohei and Hanyu Yuzuru. Two purin princes in motion.
  6. It's not on Spotify probably because the song wasn't produced for commercial purposes - it was created as an act of pure love for the young athletes and I think there is only this video that they made publicly available. This fits so well with Yuzu's values and world view... Some of the fans are now asking the band to produce the song as an album.
  7. This is one of my recent favorite Japanese songs, by back number. So glad to see it getting more attention, thanks to Yuzu who mentioned it as his favorite song on WTT announcement. Apparently, the song is trending now in Japan. The video is so moving - I wanted to shout to the girl in the video - don't go into the water - don't die, don't give up! Suicide rates have been going up in Japan, as in so many countries... Please reach out to your loved ones!
  8. This may be old news and might have already been posted here before the Worlds. ICYMI, here is the TV program S-park (Mar 21 2021) where Yuzu talks about his admiration for Uchimura Kohei, starting around 3:07 mark on the vimeo video (attached to the thread). He is impressed and inspired by Uchimura pushing himself at age 31 and learning to perform the H-level ("Bretschneider") move - a release with two flips and two twists in the tucked position - on the horizontal bar. Perhaps not quite the level of quad axel in FS, but it is considered the most difficult release on the horizontal bar.
  9. Hi! Not to dispute or challenge you, but I do recall enjoying "purin" for dessert in my childhood days in the mid 1960's in Tokyo. Ginza Fujiya (with Peko-chan at the entrance) had strawberry shortcake and purin, which were among the favorites of children back in those days (along with Omu-rice, Sadaharu Oh for baseball and Taiho for Sumo wrestling - oh dear, I am dating myself!) Purin is the soft version of flan/ creme caramel and never referred to the that stolid English pudding, which I hated - ugh (deep apologies to the British satellites for this cultural savagery). Anyw
  10. It's a common saying in Japan. literally, it means "Don't forget the feeling when you first began (as in being an apprentice or novice)". "Shoshin" 初心 - it reminds us to be humble and not to lose the awe and wonderment when you first began the journey, and not to become jaded or arrogant, complacent, etc. Just for fun - All new drivers in Japan have to place the "Shoshinsha" mark on their cars. We are reminded to drive carefully and mindfully, like a shoshin-sha (but with better skills, lol): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoshinsha_mark
  11. Recent TV Asahi coverage on Yuzu made reference to Uchimura and his respect for Yuzu's PC Olympics comeback (after injury). It follows that Yuzu now refers to Uchimura as the athlete he admires and respects... The question was not "which figure skater?" but rather which athlete do you admire... Yuzu's favorite song/music selection is heart-wrenching... "Horizon" by back number. It's a song calling out to those who have lost hope and are heading towards self-destruction in this time of pandemic. This song was written in response to all the high school students who wrote to the
  12. I don't recall any particularly negative discussions in the Japanese media about Yuzu's programs for 2012/2013 season. I never paid attention to FS forum like GS, so I have no idea about what was discussed back then among the die-hard Japanese fans. In the mainstream media, there was more concern about his asthma and lack of stamina, while there was a lot more intensity and interest around Daisuke back then. No one thought Yuzu would be ready for the 2014 Olympics, (including me!) although we were certain he will rise up and be ready for the next Olympics (PC). I only started realizing t
  13. Yes, they will broadcast SOI live on TBS Cable Channel (CS TBS) on April 23 and 24. Sunday April 25 performance and interviews plus backstage specials will be shown on May 30. I will watch it on ForJoyTV - which includes both CS TBS channels in the package.
  14. Sorry this is Off Topic - but I wanted to leave this info on this General thread about another option to watch WTT on TV Asahi. Perhaps the Admins can also add this info in the WTT thread?
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