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  1. Japanese: Lily*さん、お疲れ様です! 本当にそうですね。アプリを通して世界中の方々が言葉を交わせれば有難いですが、Google翻訳は日本語を上手く訳してくれないのが残念です... English(sort of translation): Lily* Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I agree with you!It would be nice if we could all easily access Translation Apps, but Japanese seems to be a particularly difficult language to translate. I find it takes too much effort to compose Japanese sentences in order to avoid odd and sometimes hilarious translations. In any case, I am glad to find many people, esp on twitter, willing to offer almost instantaneous translations of Yuzu's words
  2. Yuzu as Ashura. The artist Azusa Nakazawa (twitter handle @azusanakazawa) uses traditional Japanese painting technique to depict historic scenes and horses. He painted this depiction of Yuzu as Ashura (buddhist god warrior) just before the Worlds 2021 - to wish him well. There is a common theme running through Ashura and Lord Uesugi Kenshin - warriors who wish to stop fighting and seek the golden way. The same artist recently had an exhibition, which included this lovely piece: "Hiding behind flowers" - a depiction of Yuzu as Ushiwakamaru, youthful Minamotono Yoshi
  3. I fully agree with all that you say above about the Olympics. I also wanted to leave the topic out of this forum, but as we are approaching the Olympics I think it's important to share what is going on so that the satellites can understand and be prepared for the heart twisting that is going on in Japan rn. The situation in Japan wrt the Olympics is only superficially covered in international media, and they don't go far enough into explaining the outright politicization by the government (who couldn't care less about Tohoku recovery) and bullying by the IOC. This is a common theme that i
  4. Thank you for sharing! The Ashura statue at Kofukuji Temple in Nara is my absolute favorite religious artwork of all times! My mother took me there when I was small as it was her favorite statue, and I have returned to view it many times ever since her passing... The statue is a masterpiece that captures the expression of emotional conflict and its resolution - from anger and aggression towards repentance and compassion. There is a poignancy in the expressions of the statue that is similar to Uesugi Kenshin's musings/reflections. These are very difficult concepts to express in art, but it s
  5. Yes I was wondering about that, thanks! グダグダ(Gudaguda)is not a new term nor specific to SNS. The meaning is not quite dilly-dallying (which implies some playfulness) - I think it's closer to: slow, sluggish, dithering without a clear direction. I see the term being these days to describe the Covid vaccination program in Japan - really グダグダ!
  6. Thank you for doing the translation! I hope this will get wider readership among the general Figure Skating community. Despite the large amount of Japanese to English translations being generated by the fan community, I have noticed a relatively high "wall" that divides this community from the English-speaking FS /sports journalists who seem to know so little about Yuzu's background or his way of thinking. They can no longer use the "language barrier" as an excuse for the ignorance when so much material is made available online. They seem unable (or unwilling) to do the minimum
  7. Congrats to @Henni147 and everyone who contributed to the project! Thanks for taking the time and making that extra special effort - all for the public good! This is an important moment to have the wiki pages in good shape as we start to move toward the Winter Olympic season.
  8. For those of you with ForjoyTV subscription, you can access Nittere Plus (channel 56 on my subscription). I assume there is access on iSakura...? In case you are looking for the channel, it is written in Japanese as: 日テレプラス
  9. This is the ice show "Luxe" which is the third in the series of ice shows starring Daisuke Takahashi. Last two years' production were focused on combining Japanese historic/literary dramas/Kabuki with skating, but they are now taking a totally different track. In this year's production, they worked on IT and projection mapping with body sensors attached to the skaters to synchronize the light projections with the movement of the skaters. In this TV segment, Dai-chan explains that he challenged Keiji to perform to a dance of two men in love - another way of pushing the boundaries of fi
  10. Indeed! And he will continue to find and meet new challenges head on! As I have said before, I believe he will continue to develop in amazing and unexpected ways, way beyond and past the Olympics. As an athlete, he appears to be a late bloomer and is only now coming into full maturity: 4A will be a great crowning achievement. Intellectually, he is only just begun, barely dabbling his toes in the water, and I am looking forward to him getting much more deeply involved in complex systems research. Ultimately, my fervent hope (and prayers) is that at a later stage in his life he
  11. I think TCC offers a much safer and richer training environment than working alone in Sendai Ice Rink at midnight (the rink has to be open to public during the day for their business/revenues). I agree that Yuzu has benefited greatly from working on his own this past season, and learned to manage his training and his physical conditions on his own. This must have given him greater confidence and will no doubt lead to new and different ways of training. But I expect he would also want inputs from the diverse team of coaches available at TCC - not just Brian but Ghizlain, Tracy, spin coaches
  12. Thanks for doing the AI translation - that’s really quite good! So much better than the Google translation that is such a disaster zone! The only missing aspect is the nuance and tone of Brian’s “voice” which doesn’t quite come through. Here is my interpretation: When Brian realized that Yuzu was not doing the usual routine he knew something was up. But instead of asking “what’s happening/what’s wrong?” he contained/held back this thought tightly in his heart and tried to say “let’s go” with as much lightness (not quite casualness but rather an effort to maintain normality in an ex
  13. To be clear, that is not his thesis but an article in an academic journal which summarizes the first part of his thesis. As far I know, his full thesis is not yet made publicly available by Waseda U.
  14. Oh that's brave of you to translate, Thank you!! It's so difficult to convey the emotion because we can't quite carry the onomatopaeia into English. We will need to be like Jabberwocky level of craziness to be able to convey Vanessa's intensity!
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