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  1. Poor Kao Miura. He is so disappointed that he will not be able to compete in JGP. Others are commenting to try to console him.
  2. I was somewhat surprised by the recent discussions about TTCT (Heaven & Earth), so I am bringing back my earlier post under the H&E subject which has become buried in layers of threads. As I noted before, I am probably one of the few who remember watching the original NHK Taiga drama, Ten-to-Chi-to - with the famous (in Japan) actor, Ishizaka Kouji, playing the iconic role of Uesugi Kenshin. I was still very young (it was back in 1967), so I only have a vague memory of the series, but Lord Kenshin in white and blue buddhist monasterial robe riding a white horse has been seared into my
  3. Just watching the Olympics dressage freestyle on Japanese satellite Channel (BS Green channel グリーンチャンネル). The Japanese commentators at the start of the competition was explaining how they set the order saying “it’s just like the Free Program for figure skating - top ranking competitors are grouped into categories, with highest performers at the end, randomly selected within each group!” I wish one of them would perform to Seimei. Perhaps one day…. Japanese dressage will take another decade to get to this level but my hope is that Tokyo Olympics will raise the profile. Yuzu could
  4. Naomi understands and speaks Japanese, just not fluently for public interviews. She speaks Japanese in an adorable child like manner and her expressions and gestures are very Japanese - shy and floppy at times. In Japan they have shown her chatting with her grandfather who has now fully accepted her and embraces her with love and kindness. So proud to have her represent Japan - she is helping our society evolve and progress and become more open to different ways of being Japanese. I am glad she was the one to light the torch. Also I am relieved Yuzu avoided being associated with this Olympic
  5. Yes, the TBS Kanto is available on Forjoytv.
  6. What a passionate skate! He screamed at the end. (Camera work was terrible!)
  7. Oh, I am not fond of Rika's costume - too fussy and heavy. They need to trim it down to the minimal to free her arms and let her hands show more expression!
  8. Well, it's not consistent yet but Yuma has a charming pixie smile during some moments. He will need more time and experience to work that facial expression through the performance.
  9. Oh, the commentator said Kaori's only been skating to this new program for one week. I like this theme for Kaori - portraying a strong woman - but her skating hasn't been convincing so far... I hope the program will grow and become a memorable one for this Olympic season.
  10. I love Satoko skating to this music. She is a beautiful little sparrow! Probably one of my favorite among her programs. Riku landed her jump again! Haleluja!
  11. Oh, I love this song for Yuma! It brings out such a charming side of him!
  12. I love Riku Ryu pair - so much joy and sunshine!
  13. Yes, Keiji skating to Evangelion! Great energy!
  14. Lovely Mai, so glad she is doing better but still so fragile looking... This is a good musical selection for her.
  15. Shun has been working on his lines and extensions! Oh, whoops - fall. Still needs to work on his spins.
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